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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 1, 2017 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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to help moms overcome shoulder and hip pain after birth. >> right, right. >> but also because swaddling apparently is very relaxing. as parents well know that kids just sleep so well. it's like being back in the womb. so michelle and her assistant madeline give it a go. they go looking for where this place is. it's a bit sketchy. >> city court 201? is it an apartment? >> looks like it's in an apartment building. they go up this dark staircase. they don't quite know what's going on. >> this is a little weird. >> should we do this? >> and eventually they're like, all right, just ring the bell. >> hi. >> fortunately this aren't about to get murdered. there's a lovely lady inside. brings them into her apartment and that's where it all begins. it's clearly working for the baby. >> my gosh. look at him. like a yoga position. >> now it's michelle's turn.
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starts getting wrapped up. >> i fidget so much, my nose might itch. then i'm stuck. >> that's the point. the swaddling takes away the fidgeting. she lays down on her back. >> now i'm in this strange position but pretty relaxed. i actually feel very peaceful right now. >> even now nick is like i can see it. >> i'm kind of into it now. thinking that looks cozy. >> helps keep you calm. there's more. then they drape you in different colors and these are supposed to manipulate your mood in a more happy state. it's right about this point that i decided i want to do it. look at her face here. >> i still don't fully understand everything that happens, but i feel phenomenal. like this incredible inner piece.
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>> adult swaddling, give it a go you weirdos! last a look at some of today's best viral videos. for more go to rightt check it out. new high-speed train operating in kenya. the train's nearly 400 mile route stretches from port city to kenya's capital. built by chinese company, costing more than $3 billion. the new railway is kenya's largest infrastructure project since it gained independence from britain in 1963. >> hoping to have a train system for the entire east africa. >> very cool. >> scientists exploring the deep seas near australia. good god, what's that? found a species of fish. with no face. they look like lumpy blobs, with puffy head and flat body. the faceless fish were found 2 1/2 miles below the surface of the ocean.
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living nearly completely in the dark. >> the mouth. >> freezing. cold. >> i would not want to run into that during a swim. >> no, not, not even for, for breakfast or dinner. >> ooh. >> learning new details now about one of nasa's most ambitious missions to date. flying a spacecraft directly into the atmosphere of the sun. >> unmanned probe will travel closer to the sun than any spacecraft in human history. you know aliens have been there. here is abc's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: a motion of extremes. >> reporter: it may seem like the trailer for a sci-fi blockbuster. >> humanity's first mission to touch the sun. >> reporter: but there is nothing fictional about this, nasa's unveiled plan to enter the sun's atmosphere. >> solar probe is going to be the hottest, fastest mission. >> the parker solar probe named after honoring, dr. eugene parker.
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>> hooray for solar probe. >> reporter: will launch from florida summer 2018. at its fastest traveling at 430,000 miles an hour. >> that's like traveling to tokyo in a minute. >> unmanned probe will get seven times closer to the sun than any spacecraft in history. breaching the outer atmosphere called the corona to study why it is even hotter than the surface of the sun. collecting data to give scientists a better understanding of how stars work, and to help predict major space weather events that impact technology, and satellites. until you actually go there and touch, the sun, you really can't answer these questions. >> they are questions nasa scientists have been freeing to answer for 60 years. but materials that can with stand the extreme temperatures and radiation, didn't exist until now. testing is still under way ahead of next year's launch. kendis, diane. >> cool stuff. >> marci, thank you. >> coming up, the clock is running down on the leftovers.
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>> why justin thoreaux says his hit hbo series may not end the way fans might be expecting. next. t hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x.
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for years now fans of the hbo series leftovers have been waiting for this moment. and this weekend, we finally get it. the series finale. >> sunday night, all will finally be revealed. or will it? abc's nick watt sat down with the show's star justin thoreaux says the ending may surprise. >> i want answers. [ screaming ] >> reporter: here its the leftovers elevator pitch. in an in the stand, 2% of the earth's population vanishes. massive. mournful. >> sam. >> the show follows those left behind. >> going to come out of the corner. >> there is justin, as police
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chief. >> that 2% of the population appearing as just the landscape that we start with. or the springboard for everything else. >> damon lindeloff co-creator of the leftovers, previously co-creator of the lost. and, stars cary and my kids are just gone. >> lost her family and works as a government investigator into the disappearance. >> did you understand what was going on as you were shooting it? >> yes and no. nora is mysterious to me. >> no. no. stop. >> we are talking possible apocalypse with sweeteners thrown in. >> you try to make people feel happy. >> look, also that. you know, it was also just like not enough of justin's naked rear end.
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>> thoreaux appears immortal. there are heavy religious overtones. >> the whole justin jesus thing is -- >> look at the guy. yes. right. >> do you accept jesus christ as your lord and savior? >> or, not religious. >> i just don't know. >> we regionally wrote kevin as an angry guy. when justin started playing him. i was like, justin doesn't strike me as being angry. we course corrected as writers. >> we are talking about it as if it is a grueling watch. it is not. it is engrossing. people, you know, want to relate to, to a number of subjects. grief, sadness, whatever. because in some way, that sort of story telling, illuminates parts of your own life. the reason it is compelling it can be cathartic at times. those moments of earned happiness in our show reflect that as well. >> mind expanding, thought provoking entertainment, nearly
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all now there ready to be binged on hbo. >> you can knock that off in a weekend the i've wouldn't recommend it. you will be suicidal. >> hang on. don't binge? >> we should be responsible, doctors, and say, here is the prescription. you know, i would take two of these at a time. then let a day or two go by. you can take two more. >> does the name kevin mean anything to you? >> the leftovers, cult following in tow is coming toward the end of its third and final season. >> no. >> we are not going to be one of the shows, in year eight trying to wring story lean out of it. >> there is a wacky cousin. >> wacky cousin. >> i feel this is a show that will be -- i think people will pay attention to it. history will be kind. >> seems like a grand statement. to make. >> it does. i mean television history can i be clear. >> so what does happen in the end? >> unexpected. >> if you are a super religious person watching the leftovers and atheist watching the leftovers you will have a very
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different take away front final episode of the show. >> is it all going to be -- not all going to be neatly wrapped up for us by the end. >> much like life, things don't wrap up in the way you expect them to. for me it was gratifying to sort of, see the way that, where they, sort of chose to put the last stroke on the painting. >> do we get an answer to, why you don't die? >> uh, i don't want to answer that question. >> didn't want to answer either. >> if everybody loves the leftovers finale. there is universal acclaim. then i am not sure that we have done our jobs right. >> definitely discussion about it. much rather have that. than, than just sort of like that was pleasant. >> how long does this usually take? >> pleasant is not a word, i would ever use for the leftovers. >> nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> yeah, pleasant is not the frequent emotion if you are watching the show. i am in a desperate race to catch up. >> draining. >> so i can get there by the finale. don't know if i will.
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season one. >> i want answers. better not pull the sopranos. none of this don't stop believing and the screen goes black. i am not having it.
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it is time to check the wnn inbox, when we get to hear -- >> take it out. >> from you guys. >> usual position in the trash. >> we start with, might remember, national wine day. kendis and i decided to put elbow grease in and make our wine. >> or toe grease into it. first didn't get the memo you needed your socks off. so, then we were, i was making a white wine. a version of the running man. >> trying not to fall. and you are dancing. >> came so close to falling. >> my goodness. >> so, i think i spit up in my mouth. now i need real wine. >> this was good wine. i did drink it. it tasted pretty sweet.
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it looks more like toe jam than, than kendis noir. >> said hopefully the grapes didn't get thrown out. sure there's a winery out there that would release a limited run of macedo merlot or gibson blanc. >> we did the story on the romper catching on. many demanded kendis wear one. and twitter. looked like your campaign worked out. >> exactly. >> there you go. >> ha-ha-ha. >> ha-ha-ha. >> we did address it last week. but there it is. you have a little romper. i think we should do that for every insomniac theater. so, patrick wrote. is kendis wearing a onesy. duh. >> not everybody got the memo. i do like you took it seriously. now play who wore it better?
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kendis or these guys? >> well. >> well, cam newton looking pretty good in his romper. >> that one is good. >> oh. >> somebody pointed out where are your eyes? >> my eyes are up here, lady. ha-ha. >> i was, i was trying to take, take in the whole romper situation. but my eyes were here. >> they were. >> here. >> all right. dirty dancing might remember, talked about that last week as well. even -- attempted our own lift. wrote on face book. kendis made hundreds of men extremely jealous. >> hundreds. only hundreds? >> two. >> ha-ha. then there was, we, we did get some assist there. if you notice. jonathan, one of our editors, several viewers notice heed was particularly gentlemanly in this whole thing. you might notice him frantically looking away throughout the situation. jonathan, thank you. very much for that. >> what's over
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this morning on "world news now" -- will the u.s. turn away from the world on the issue of climate change? >> pulling out of the pair ace agreement was a key campaign promise for donald trump. but that would make the u.s. one of only three countries in the world not to be part of the agreement to curb pollution. does the location of the president's announcement today give us a hint of which way he will go? >> meanwhile, there is no love lost between president trump and former campaign rival, the two got into a twitter spat overnight following clinton's onstage comments about the trump campaign alleged involvement with russia. >> tanker truck explosion on a colorado interstate forcing the driver of the vehicle to jump from the flames and roll into traffic. the highway then shutting down for several hours in both directions. >> and, this hour we could use a
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little help, right? we are launching a brand new series, exclusively for our viewers, called insomni-hacks, own little personal life hacks on how we manage to, i don't know, eat healthy, decorate, do the stuff that we need to do at home. when we sleep like vampires. all coming up for you on this thursday, the first of june. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> look we were going for, pippy longstocking. >> lumberjack. hot lumberjack. >> sixy lumberjack. maryanne from gilligan's island. >> casual. keeping it real. no cooking studio. me, my kitchen, showing you what goes down. >> can't wait to see it. going to got to see what diane has been cooking up. we know what, cooking. but diane is cooking up. the president, there you go, has been cooking up a little bit of
3:02 am
trouble with world leaders. expected to pull the united states out of the paris climate accord. >> the president tweeted last night that he will announce his decision this afternoon in the white house rose garden. under the deal the u.s. pledged to cut green house gas emissions by 30% by 2025. nearly 200 countries signed on. and even major companies like exxon mobile, shell, wal-mart embraced it. >> critics say the deal is too rigid and will cost american jobs. sources say the president is listening to both sides. and nothing is final though until that announcement. cecelia vega at the white house. >> reporter: president trump said he is class to making that much anticipated decision. >> behind the scenes, sources tell abc news, the president is likely to pull out of the landmark deal. inside the white house, feverish last minute negotiations on both sides. chief strategist, steve ban
3:03 am
nonpushing for withdrawal along with 22 republican senators. daughter ivanka pushing to stay in the deal. big names like apple, tim cook, and elon musk, calling to lobby trump too. musk threatening to resign from advisory councils if the president backs out of the deal. that was president trump on global warming during the campaign. aide now say his views are evolving. if the u.s. withdraws from the climate accord, it would join the company of nicaragua and syria which haven't signed and create a test for already strained relations with germany's angela merkel and france's macron. but the president seems poised to dismiss the advice of even the pope. to make good on that campaign promise. >> we are going to cancel the paris climate agreement. >> cecelia vega, abc news. former fbi chief, comey to break his silence. abc news learned comey will
3:04 am
testify in an open congressional hearing as early as next week. sources say special counsel robert mueller approved comey's testimony if he doesn't discuss the trump russia probe evidence. comey expected to talk private meetings with the president and that could include memos that comey wrote after the discussions. >> congress is looking into another possible meeting between attorney general jech sessions and the russian ambassador. the lawmakers wan't to know if the men spoke during an april 2016 trump event in washington, d.c. department of justice denied sessions met privately with any russian officials at the event. but during his confirmation hearings, sessions failed to disclose two meetings. >> more than 200 days since the presidential election. we are still apparently talking about it. hillary clinton says she believes, russian interference was one key factor behind her loss. and she says, that they likely had help from inside the u.s. all playing out at the conference in california. clinton laid out factors she believes cost her the election including focus on her private
3:05 am
e-mail server. what she bleeftz that, she took the biggest hit from russians who stole potentially damaging information, and then got help on how best to use that info against her. >> the russians in my opinion, and based on, the intel and counter intel, people i talked to, could not have known how best to weaponize that information. unless they had been guided. >> guided by americans th. >> guided by americans. >> fighting words for president trump. who didn't waste any time, responding to his former opponent. he sent out the tweet saying -- but, wait. there's more to this back and forth. we'll get to that in a moment. but first, more on the fallo fo comedienne kathy griffin. she posted video holding a likeness of president trump's severed head. cnn says griffin will no long ear peer on the network big new
3:06 am
year's eve broadcast. trump called the comedienne sick. while melania questioned her mental health. griffin apologized admitting she went too far. >> video of tiger woods arrest, shows him dazed, disoriented unable to keep his balance. police dash cam video shot as officers in jupiter, florida put wood through a sobriety test. in it hear woods slurring his speech and appearing to lose his balance. tests prove he had not been drinking. woods says his condition was caused by a combination of prescription medications, his next court appearance schedule ford july. >> pittsburgh penguins two wins away from the second straight stanley cup championship. the pens and the nashville predators were tied at one starting third period last night. and then -- pittsburgh scored three goals. in just over three minutes. that was too much for nashville to handle. pittsburgh 4-1 win gives them a 2-0 lead in the series. game three, saturday night in nashville.
3:07 am
>> national spelling bee winner decided tonight. the competition started with 291 kids. now down to 40. >> the youngest speller who we were supporting, edith fuller of oklahoma was second to the last. participant to go. there you go. bend that microphone down. she had the word -- -- not a description how the knicks have been playing here in new york past couple years. it is the movement of plants in response to the onset of darkness. >> duh. n-y-c-t-i-n-a-s-t, y, nyctinasty. >> correct. >> wow. >> yea! >> nailed it. >> edith got little easy one for her second word. also, nailed it. she spelled, tapas correctly. >> tapas. nice. delicious. >> expensive. then you feel hungry after ten
3:08 am
minutes. >> become to the spelling bee? >> the score on preliminary written tests weren't high enough to keep her in the competiti competition. >> no, though she spelled both of her word right, in a competition, she still got kwut. >> she did. >> apparently did written skpam before. she didn't quite make the cut. >> favorite part about that, you see like the graphic at the bottom. one point. getting ready to spell. and it lists like what dwrad you are in. and where in high school you are. hers said kindergarten. >> that's the beauty of it all. just turned 6 years old. plenty of time to return to the competition. good luck to you, edith. good luck to come pelt tors in the running. >> in another matter of spelling. the white house offering no explanation for president trump's midnight message nearly broke twitter. >> this jumbled tweet introduced the world to newly coined word covfefe. wasn't taken down until six hours later. the president, made light of the tweet. with his follow-up one.
3:09 am
who can figure out the true meaning of covfefe? enjoy. >> press secretary sean spicer decleaned ined to elaborate in camera briefing. seemed to suggest the tweet was deliberate. do you think people should be concerned that the president posted somewhat of an incoherent tweet last night. and that it then stayed up for hours? >> no. >> why did it stay up so long? is no one watching this? >> i think the -- the president and a small group of people no exactly what he meant. >> what is covfefe? what does it mean? what is covfefe? >> i guess an inside joke. part of. the white house press corps. >> hilarious. >> hear the white house press corps laughing, during the whole conference. covfefe, the president's number
3:10 am
one retweet. >> hillary clinton joked she thought, covfefe, hidden message to the russians. later tweeted. people in covfefe houses shouldn't throw covfefe. >> not glass houses throw glass. glass houses throw stones. has to be different for one of them. >> none makes sense. >> they're playing with our head. >> they are. coming up. deadly shootout inside a car dealership. two bounty hunters try to capture a fugitive. gunfire erupts. 20 shots in just six second. we'll show you how it all ended. >> later, if you are anything us, up all night. your idea of cooking probably involves a microwave or telephone. or seamless or grub hub. check out -- diane's ininsomni-hack to make quick easy eggplant lasagna. can be done. >> check out our behind the scene picks on instagram. you are watching "world news now." ♪ ♪
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we are back with some spectacular video of a fuel tanker crash outside of denver. they shut down both side of interstate 25 there. the northbound side is expected to reopen however this morning. the driver was injured jumping from the vehicle, his condition hasn't been released. >> an investigation under way this morning into a deadly shootout inside a texas car dealership. >> it happened as two bounty hunters trying to catch a fugitive. here is abc's clayton sandell with the latest. >> reporter: shootout in the show room. it happened as two bounty hunters arrived at this greenville, texas, nissan dealer to capture ramon hutchinson wanted on a drug charge. see bounty hunters, guns drawn, corner him in an office. customers close by. then a struggle. fugitive pulls a gun.
3:15 am
then -- a total of 20 shots in six second. >> i'm hiding in a bathroom. please hurry. >> in the chaos, all three men are killed. hutchinson and the bounty hinters. 33-year-old gabrielle bernard and garcia. >> dealership was the scene of a traj gic cop trun tags. all our employees and customers are safe and unhurt. >> the dealership remains closed. clay top sandal, abc news, denver. >> when we come back, we'll switch gears. this will be the key to surviving the skrefr night shift. no doubt. >> i'm going to show you one of my insomni-hacks with a segment. tackle eggplant lasagna coming up next. >> we're eating. everybody eating. >> on "world news now." everything. i love you, but sometimes you stink. ♪ new febreze fabric refresher with odorclear technology...
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♪ that's why i'm easy ♪ easy like sunday morning >> so, eating healthy isn't easy. no matter what day of the week. especially if you work odd hours. >> many asked how do we do it. i am inviting you into my kitchen to show you with first edition of insomni-hacks. ♪ ♪ >> meat, cheese,ed into lds, sauce, what is not to love about lasagna, right? the answer preparing it can be a huge pain and the calorie count.
3:18 am
so we are going to tackle that with new version of lasagna with believe it or not. eggplant. not that eggplant. start cutting it into thin slices. i like to use the mandolin >> you get pretty, perfect slices. >> or sometimes not so much. >> all right. eggplant noodles are done. prep the meat. we'll start off with -- green pepper. or, really, any bell pepper you like. and onion. now i cut a little flat spot on the onion. you know how tv people magically chop onions without crying. i didn't get the memo. i'm just so sad. i love lasagna. >> to get around the tears, chop onions and peppers in bulk. freeze them in ice cubes. next time. thaw in the microwave. good to go. waiting for onions to soften. try to clean as i go. in the end, the kitchen is pretty clean.
3:19 am
just make sure you remember to check on the pan. oops. i let the onions cook longer than i wanted. that's okay. pop in the peppers. and, we can add in our meat. this is 96% lean ground beef. most lasagnas you have, have a fatty cut of beef. you don't need it. once the meat starts to brown, add two cups of low calorie tomato sauce if you can get the jar open. >> hallelujah. hallelujah. hallelujah. >> next step. layer. you want to get your trays out. i like using glass baking dishes. go in the freezer and in the oven as well as the the microwave when you want to reheat this. now we start assembly line. remember the ugly pieces. throw them at the bottom. no within is going to see them.
3:20 am
no one will know they're there. from here, we go meat. now it is time for the cottage cheese. and the prep here can be pretty tough. so watch closely. ready. that's it. whew. traditional lasagna, use ricotta, with cottage cheese, lower the calorie count significantly, get ton of nutritional value out of it. extra protein. repeat same steps, second layer. top with layer of egg plant, sauce, low mat mozarella. baek it. 350, 30 minutes. we'll be done. kitchen is clean. and we have. 7 minutes left. however sthal we pass the time? ♪ dancing with myself ♪ dancing with myself ♪ ♪ ready to see the final product?
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tah-dah. probably should have remembered to clean it off before putting it in the toaster oven. now the fun part. a little hot. little hot. but really good. traditional slice of lasagna, looking at 30 carbs, 20 fat, 400 calories. our vegs has 10 grams of carbs, 6 grams of fat and 170 calories. not talking kendis sized serving. a real slice of la van yeah. which means -- i can have second. ♪ ♪ >> so because i am having second. that means you get zero. >> because. >> nobody else. >> i did. >> what do you think? honest taste test review? >> really great. >> delicious. >> amazing. >> really good. >> amazing. amazing. >> learned so much. freezer friendly.
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we have breaking news atop the mix on this thursday morning. this is huge. you know, the new york mets had such a horrible loss, last night. >> all right over there, kev. >> such a horrible loss that even the mascot had had enough. mr. met, who has been with the organization, since 1962. >> whoa! >> seen walking out. flipping off a fan. >> love that we had to blur out the heand of a mascot. >> here is the deal. here is the deal. >> middle finger. >> he has four fingers, so really? he went full on for this flipping. it was. >> pointing to the sky. >> pointing to the sky. >> hyperaspirations. >> the met organization offered an apology said the guy inside
3:26 am
the costume right now which blows my mind there is somebody inside of the costume, that he will -- you will never, he is out. >> he is not allowed to wear the costume any more. >> one strike. he is out. >> all right. that's it. >> on to a girl with, presumably brighter future than the nowified mr. met. a girl after my own heart. carolina williams now headed to yale university because of the essay she wrote on papa john's pizza. yeah, asked to right about something they loved. she explaned the emotions that come with ordering pizza. read you one line too. long. when the delivery person rings my doorbell i morph into one of pavlov's dog, sam vating to the sound that signals the cheesy circular glory. it smells like celebration. >> that is poetry right there. >> i feel you. >> she got accepted into yale, not harvard, princeton, colombia, that is, just jean
3:27 am
just writing here. >> now another sort of college story. the couple met at florida state university game. tailgating. years and years and years ago. so they date the since then. decided the guy involved here, decided what better way to propose to my girlfriend, than, than similar to how we melt. during a flip cup competition. so she flips the cup. and on the bottom, it said, marry me. >> think she is good at flip cup. >> yeah. >> could have taken a while. >> question mark. then got down on one knee. brian cross and chelsea maloney. congratulations. >> very, very cute. >> and now to a golf earl who probably wishes he was at good at golf as flip cup. trevor sheehan of cork, ireland. just check this out. ha-ha. so his club actually went backwar backwards. on the swing.
3:28 am
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- new video of tiger woods dui arrest, the dash-cam showing an inability to follow police commands, slurred speech despite tests showing no alcohol in his system. >> more on the big announcement expected today from president trump on whether the u.s. will remain part of the global pact to fight climate change. some companies are speaking out, asking the country to stay in the agreement. we will have more on this debate coming up. >> new this half-hour, passenger, charging the cockpit trying to break in. the man threatened the plane trying to break in. a new response from the airline. >> the amazing spiderman like we have never seen him before. just wait until you see what happens when andrew garfield takes the stage at a drag show.
3:31 am
he dons a wig, pops a hip, and lets the music rip. screaming out "i am every woman." not sure that's what he screamed out. it is in "the skinny," thursday, june 1st. >> ladies and gentlemen, the one, the only, the voice. >> announcer: from abc news, this "world news now." he has quite a history. good character actor there. >> we see why. puts on a great performance. >> wait till you see transformation from spiderman into this artist that we are all familiar with. we will talk about somebody else familiar with. tiger woods and the dui arrest. it apparently shows him unable to follow simple instructions or keep his balance. >> in the individually hear him telling officers he doesn't remember being asleep in his mercedes as police approached. marci gonzalez has more. >> reporter: tiger woods struggling to keep his balance. >> still here for me. feet together. >> appearing disoriented in
3:32 am
newly released police dash cam video from early memorial day morning near his home in jupiter. >> place your hand behind your back. >> arrest under suspicion of driving under the influence, shortly after 2:00 a.m. when a patrol officer spotted mercedes in the road, engines running, both front tires flat. >> there it is! a win for the ages! >> police say one of the world any most recognizable athletes was asleep at the wheel. and had to be woken up. the responding officer reporting the golfing legend's speech was slow and slurred and he did not know where he was. >> do you know where you are going? >> no. >> then that field sobriety test showing woods wobbling and stumbling. >> have you had anything to drink tonight? >> no. >> sure?
3:33 am
>> yes. >> breathalyzer test supporting the claim. woods blew triple 0s, no alcohol in his system. woods telling officers he takes several prescriptions and in a statement to abc news, woods is apologetic and says he blames an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications. marci gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. >> woods says the police department treated him fairly well. ohio suing five drugmakerers accusing them of creating the state's opioid epidemic. while announcing the suit, ohio attorney general, mike dewine said the company's intentionally misled patients about the dangers of painkillers and claim they'd promoted the benefits of the drugs without scientific backing. the company is being sued, make oxycontin, perk set, and pain pillars. most declined to comment about the suit. >> appears roll back of the birth control mandate is in the works. a draft resolution would allow any employer to deny the free birth control for moral or religious issues. hundreds of thousand of women receive free contraception under aca. >> president trump will make a big announcement on paris
3:34 am
climate accord. sources say likely to pull out of the landmark deal. under it the u.s. pledged to cut green house gas emissions by 30% by 2025. some top aides want the u.s. to withdraw saying it will hurt economy. others are lobbying to stay along with big companies lake apple, wal-mart, and exxon mobile. nearly every country has signed that agreement to fight global warming. experts say it could take years to formally withdraw from the deal. >> abc news learned former fbi director james comey will testify in an open congressional hearing. we could hear his first public comment since his firing since early next week. comey's testimony expected to center on private conversations with president trump that would include memos comey reportedly wrote about the discussions. >> overseas security is extra tight in the capital of afghanistan. following that suicide bomb massacre we first told you about yesterday morning. a massive truck bomb killed at least 90 people, wounded 400 others. the blast left that 15-foot crater, look at those images,
3:35 am
coming out of kabul. there has been no claim of responsibility. 11 american contractors among those hurt, but we are told not seriously injured. >> malaysia airlines plane few minutes into a flight when forced to turn back after a passenger stormed the cockpit. threatening to detonate a bomb. abc's david kerley has the details. >> australian airport security, heavily armed, quickly carrying the hogtied passenger off the jetliner. a dramatic end to a short flight. just after takeoff from melbourne, malaysian airlines crew tells the captain a passenger trying to breach the cockpit door as the pilot recounted to controllers. >> that device, apparently some kind of power pack. a half-hour after taking off, the jet is back in melbourne, with security officers barking commands to passengers. >> everyone in their seats.
3:36 am
put your heads down. >> police suggest the suspect has a history of mental illness. david kerley, abc new, washington. >> back in the country, delta air lines is testing new technology that could replace boarding passes. delta is testing a system that would allow travelers to use their fingerprints to check bags and board flights as well. for now, the fingerprint system is only available at washington reagan national airport. for certain delta sky mile members. >> southwest airlines is using two doors to deplane, some california airports. they're trying to hope to, hoping to speed up the process. the airline is testing that plan for the next two weeks. so far the airline says the idea is getting rave reviews. >> police officer in southern new jersey is getting attention for what he didn't do. >> officer tom sherman, pulled a woman over for a vehicle violation. she told him about some bad
3:37 am
things happening in her life. so, officer sherman decided not to issue a ticket. >> last thing i want to do is give you a ticket. i've don't think you need. you are going to get it taken care of. >> can i give you a hug? >> sure, you can give a hug. >> what kind of soda are you going to get? >> a root beer. >> do you want one? >> no. >> i think from the commercial she was supposed to give him a pepsi. not a root beer. apparently, little compassion goes a long way. >> officer sherman did get assurances from the driver sunny would take care of her vehicle violations. >> that was nice. >> sweet moment. >> absolutely. now money for the root beer. no need to pay the fine. all right, coming up. venus williams outs her sister's unborn baby. the pronoun she dropped accidentally during a television interview. that revealed the sex. so is it a boy? is it a girl? we have the answer ahead in "the skinny." >> first, why lebron james is speaking out about family and race, and what's it like to be black in america? first, here is a look at today's forecast. ♪ ♪
3:38 am
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3:41 am
here is here is a classic don't try this at home stunt. these daredevils jumping, partially collapsed bridge, north of charlotte, north carolina, of course. they used dirt bikes and home made ramp to jump a gap, apparently no one got hurt. police are now looking for the men who could now face charges. >> former vice president joe biden launching a political action committee today. this could mean he is considering a run for the white house in 2020. the pac will allow him to remain active in the democratic party, raise money for candidates and maintain relationships with donors. biden is 74 years old. he has said in the past he probably won't run. but he hasn't ruled it out. to disturbing discovery at national museum of african history and culture in d.c.
3:42 am
visitors found a noose on the floor in a gallery and exhibit on segregation. condemned as an act of hatred and intolerance. this the second noose found at the smithsonian museum there on the mall in less than a week. the other one found friday at nearby hirschorn museum. >> a symbol spray painted on the home of one of america's biggest athletes. >> as he prepares for the nba finals tonight, lebron james took time to speak out about family, race, and how tough tip is to be black in america. here is abc's linsey davis. >> on the eve of game one of the nba finals, cleveland cavaliers star lebron james is speaking out about vandalism at his l.a. home. >> my family is safe. at the end of the day they're safe. that's most important. >> the front gate spray painted with the n word. >> racism will always be a part of the world, part of america. you know, hate, in america, especially for african-americans, is -- is living every day. >> the graffiti on lebron's $20
3:43 am
million brentwood estate since been covered up. >> no matter how many people admire you, being black in america is -- is tough. and we got a long way to go. you know, for us as a society, and for us as african-americans until we feel equal in america. >> lapd investigating the incident as an act of vandalism and possible hate crime. they also believe that the entire incident was captured on surveillance video. linsey davis, abc news, new york. so history will be made tonight when lebron and the cavaliers tip off against the warriors. they become the first two teams to ever meet in three straight nba finals. >> the cavaliers are the defending champs. dramatic come back to win the title in seven games last year will be pretty difficult to beat. >> steph curry and warriors are looking for some revenge. game one tonight in oakland. starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. we are kind of excited to see the guys once again.
3:44 am
>> always a good game. that's the thing. >> yeah, like the rubber match. >> kept us on our toes last time. >> despite temperatures in the 60s. there was a heat wave in duluth, minnesota. >> helicopter carrying dorito's, heat wave flavored chips, dropped a pallet of doritos in one of the city's parks. now duluth was chosen it registered one of the coldest temperature thousands in the country on memorial day. just 59 degrees. >> then looked like district 13 of the hunger games. everybody just came out. >> there you go. >> dorito's to warm you up on a cold day. does it work that way, i don't know. >> don't know. >> huh. >> we could. where is our drop? >> cold here memorial day. >> when we come back the really big purchase the obamas just made. >> what we are now learning about serena william's baby. the "the skinny" is next. i did everything i could to make her party perfect.
3:45 am
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♪ skinny ♪ skinny so skinny time now for "the skinny," starting with the obamas. setting down new roots. >> yes, they are, same place they have been setting down roots. they have been renting this mansion in the exclusive neighborhood of washington, d.c. for an estimated $22,000 a month. and now, they have purchased it for $8.1 million. my description, victorian, tudor, colonial, georgian, style. >> pretty, brick, big. >> house with a roof. fixer upper. but, in other word, our expert on everything, descriptive, what is it? >> kendis and diane, a 1928 english tudor revival not confused with english tudor built of stone or half timbers with windows. this is brick with square paned windows. >> i got the brick part.
3:48 am
>> i got the -- >> forgot to mention it has windows. there you go. >> we actually understand it has eight bed rooms. it has nine and a half bathrooms. beautiful hardwood floors. updated kitchen. also, lots of space upstairs. they have got their own ensuite. >> yes, for mrs. obama's mother. mrs. robertson, and as well as his/hers master bathrooms. >> i like that. key to a happy marriage right there. you stay in your bathroom. i will stay in mine. >> sure we are screwing up the description of that as well. >> sorry, matt. >> something deeper to his/her bathroom. next, to a big, oops, from venus williams. >> while venus was busy winning second round at a french open. a reporter asked her what her sister serena's baby will call her? >> when she responded, she is
3:49 am
going to call me favorite aunt. she is going to call me. >> yeah, favorite aunt. >> key word in that sentence. she. that was new information. no one knew the gender of the baby. venus went on to say we are all like, baby v, baby lynn, baby cher. we all want the baby named after us. >> i could see that. >> not the first oops. serena revealed her public pregnancy announcement itself was also an accident. she confessed in snapchat, that revealed she was 20 weeks along was sent out by mistake. >> see, we just have to stop, the lesson here. tell us everything, serena. we want to know. >> serena and her fiance, reddit co-founder expecting their first child this fall. we know it is a girl. >> yeah. >> next, to that spiderman star. andrew garfield. like we have never seen him before. apparently multitalented. >> yes, he is. garfield is doing theater in
3:50 am
london. and he recently dropped by the london stop of the drag review. work the world. that's work, with werk, and q. werq. and then this happened. >> the voice. ♪ ♪ i'm every woman ♪ ♪ it's all in me ♪ ♪ >> whoa! oh. >> wow. >> shut the front door. >> so if this whole, you know, academy award nominee, act thing doesn't work out. he has a future as a drag queen i think. by the way this segment of the drag snow was called wig in a box. >> ha-ha-ha. >> look at that. bravo. bravo. andrew garfield. man, he has got it down pat.
3:51 am
>> back flip and everything. awesome. >> sort of like michael jackson and then some. wouldn't you say. >> moves. >> well, finally hopefully do beyonce soon. mark your calendars. beyonce is coming back. we know the dates for next year's coachella. >> more importantly the dates that beyonce will perform. her pregnancy forced her to drop out of this year's coachella, replaced by lady gaga. already announced, as one of next year's headliners. >> yeah, so next year, coachella dates. weekend one, we now know, friday, april 13. little earlier this year than last year. this one. through sunday april 15th. weekend two, friday april 20th through sunday april 22nd. >> tickets go on sale tomorrow. because beyonce is headlining now they're expect to go fast. if you want them, going to have to do that thing where you hover over the mouse. try to click. >> doesn't matter. people are going to get the tickets any way. be thousand of dollars.
3:52 am
then she is going to drop out. >> did she call you for a refresher for single ladies dance. >> i'm choreographing it. shh. shh. ♪ let me go out you know how your hair tangles the minute you wash it? new pantene. the first shampoo with active pro-v nutrient blends fueling hair 100% stronger that's instantly smoother and tangle free. because strong is beautiful.
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crest pro-health... ...really brought my mouth... the next level. ♪ let me go out >> i am loving this song choice. very relevant. next story. june after all, sun is brighter. stays out longer and time to stock up on sunscreen and sun block so we don't blister in the sun. >> yes, had that happen so many times. the worst. how high of an spf should you choose? and how much lotion should you put on? here is abc's becky worley with the answers. >> damage from the sun is hard to see. but new technology shows the cumulative effect of burns at a cellular level. the brown spots, showing skin damage. >> do you remember getting sun burned as a kid? really bad ones? >> yes, yes.
3:56 am
at the beach in delaware. i remember, being pink like a lobster. >> report by mayo clinic says skin cancer on the rise. a 191% jump for women between 30 and 39 years old. and a 246% jump for women, 40-49. and that jump happened while there are more products than ever promising protection. like this moisturizer with spf 25 that libby alkali applies every morning. >> i want to protect my complexion. figure if there is something else i should be doing. >> according to derl toll gist whitney bow she says moisturizers with spf offer incidental coverage but not protection. and even when we do pull out the dedicated sunscreen. >> typical american uses about half of what they need. when it comes to sun protection. >> as a result, spf number matters. if you are using spf 60 or 80,
3:57 am
you are getting spf 30 and 40. rule of thumb. apply double what you think you need reach for the higher spfs. >> finally, application is vital when it comes to sun protection. after applying spf 50 we scanned her face again. results she its getting great coverage but missing key areas like her eyelids and lips that are very sensitive to sun damage. while you may think using a spray gets everything covered perfectly. >> catch with the spray is after you spray it, you have to rub it in with your hands. or else you don't get even protection on the skin. double your usual spf and double how much you use. typically shot glass full for your body. rub it in. becky worley, abc news, new york. >> becky knows how to get our attention. that would make sense. >> shot glass, we are listening. can't they make a booth you walk in. and turn. >> didn't they do that. >> talks care of it. >> that's what i want. >> what's your spf? >> 15. >> 30. >> if i use 30 like wearing a blanket. nothing happens. >> isn't that the idea. spf? >> 15.
3:58 am
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making news in america this morning, president trump says he'll announce today if the u.s. will withdraw from the paris accord. nearly 200 countries have signed on to the landmark climate agreement. so will the u.s. break rank? we're live in washington. breaking overnight a massive explosion rocks an ethanol plant in america's heartland. new pictures in showing the leveled building. what we're learning about injuries. tiger woods, dazed and confused. police released dash cam video. see what he told officers and the damage to his car. plus, developing overnight, mr. met gets fired. the lovable mascot goes rogue after a major loss. see the video of that cost him his job. >


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