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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  June 1, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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tacker still on the loose tonight. thursday night and the big story on "action news" is the manhunt for the attempted robbery suspect. >> now the police have their hands on several videos that they hope will help them track down the person responsible. >> this happened at 10:00 last night at the 5800 block of thomas avenue in the same neighborhood that oh has lived for more than four decades. >> john rawlins is live there tonight. >> reporter: he is home and recuperating rick. he got here before 3:00 if the afternoon. and he says he is doing well. he said he was coming home last night unloading his car of things he brought from the office when he was confronted by a would be robber and in the midst of this incident a white car rolled out and several men got out and they had cell phones and started to video the incident. >> heading home from the hospital. david oh stopped to thank an
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officer this afternoon posted outside of his home where he was stabbed last night. the man came up and first mumbled and then de >> the keys to your car, the car, the car. and i'm thinking is there an accident and does he need my car and then punched i lower rib and i said dou stab ed to disengage wh the me kept keys car, money. >> he was wild and swinging and lunging and at one time he lunged at my face and hi to put my hand up. >> and then oh says an odd twist a car pulls up and young men come in with smart phones and record the incident. i saw them calling and jeering and then when they saw all the
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blood. there was a lot of blood, they got the idea this is not -- we are in the middle of something else and they took off. >> the men leave and he was taken to the hospital. >> it may be on the facebook soon. these guys. >> could be identifying. my concern is this, he is a guy that stabs first and then takesment and i just think that is a very dangerous kind of person. >> well with, back to that car. with the men inside with the cell phones. if they make the video available. there is no questions asked. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you john. >> police say while the attack on councilmen oh was random his colleagues at city call are calling for an end to violence
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in the city. and that some officials need a new perspective on the situation in philadelphia. >> it's no longer okay to say, the violence in the numbers in terms of homicide are under 300. and we act like that is okay. that is not okay. i don't want to hear about ten years ago what the numbers were. when we get to a point where it's okay to have 300 homicides in the city of philadelphia we have a problem. >> and can you follow all the latest developments in this store on our 6 abc app. there we have the full details and the investigation plus john rawlins with a full interview after his release from the hospital. now to a controversial decision announced today by president trump the united states is pulling out of the paris climate accord. a mass of global climate agreement. live in washington where reaction is still coming in at this hour. >> reporter: absolutely, washington is just beginning to
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react as the president kept a major campaign promise in his decision to pull the united states out of the paris climate agreement. another campaign promise kept. >> we are getting out. but we'll start to negotiate and we will see if we can make a deal that is fair and if we can that is great. and if we can't that is fine. >> president trump announcing in the rose garden that the united states will withdraw and join nicaragua and syria in not being a part. a commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions, trump wants to increase fossil fuel output to increase coal production. and even arby's has more workers than the coal industry. >> global warming, a lot of it is a hoax. >> the president had strong
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opinions on both sides of the issue from the inner circle. it's seems a win for chief strategist steve bannon and mark a loss for ivanka trump and jared kushner and even the pope. they all lobbied to stay. >> i think withdrawing from it's paris accord is a historic monumental mistake that we will pay the price for for the next several generations. >> and withdrawing from the deal won't happen overnight. the u.s. has to wait three years to be eligible to withdraw and wait another year until it takes affect. and he is stuck with it until just after the 2020 election. channel 6 "action news." monica back to you. >> we are following developing news from the philippines tonight where gunshots and explosions sent people running for their lives at a hotel and casino complex. it happened local time at a
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resort next to the international terminal at the airport in manilla, several people were reported injured and there was an estimate on how badly or how many were hurt. isis has taken responsibility and that comes against amid a fight against militants in the country's southern islands. 100 militants and soldiers have been killed in the fighting there that broke out last week. parts of bucks county are on alert after a bear was spotted wa wandering in backyards. an antique shop owner snapped this shot of the bear up in a tree on his property. according to officials that is the second time this bear has been cited. and "action news" reporter, nora muchanic, saw the bear firsthand and you can hear his story coming up tonight at 6:00. >> and police are looking to
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make an arrest. in all more than 30 bullets were fired. three people were hit and two of them died. janet reyes has the story from police headquarters. >> it woke me up out of my sleep. a stream of bullets jolted wayne harris out of his bed last night. harris would later learn the sound was a deadly shootout down the street. and that is happened on the 1300 block of west rush street in philadelphia. witnesses say that two men on bikes approached the victims and fired 30 times at close range. officers arrived at the scene to find two men, 24-year-old dominic gainy and 37-year-old derrell williams. they had multiple gunshot wounds to their torsos and were surrounded by shell casings. >> one was on the ground pumping and pumping for hours. he was gone.
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>> they looked on as they desperately tried to save the victim's lives. >> i said it's over but they tried. >> a victim a 20-year-old male showed up at temple hospital, by private auto. >> this is the second teen to be gunned down this week. and some of the older men expressed the hopelessness. >> there nothing we can do. nothing in the world we can do. these young guys have to stop and put the guns down and go to school. half of them 13 and 12 out here selling drugs. >> someone lost their child how do you get used to that? >> a third victim is in the hospital in critical condition. they did interview witnesses overnight and are looking over surveillance video at this hour. no arrests have been made and no motive identified.
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channel 6 "action news"ment. new jersey governor, chris christie, signed an executive order today to better secure the computers in the garden state's networks, in trenton he signed it at the office of information technology to deliver more secure and efficient services across the entire state branch of the state government and he talked about the risk of viber threats and new jersey residents. this will streamline the way the systems are run with one person in charge. and time for a check of the "action news" traffic report thursday night. one person is in charge. now the traffic report with matt pellman. >> this is a one man operation but better fuse at delaware county at the state line. 95 southbound has reopened and the crash is gone and you don't have to use 495 at this point. 95 northbound coming out of delaware into pennsylvania is heavy as you can see heading up
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to the blue route 476, and on the big picture the broken down mega bus by girard partially blocking the right lane heavy from montgomery to that point and several accidents in camden county on the shoulder but look for them past atlantic avenue and southbound approaching 295 and 295 itself approaching the and in doylestown, still a crash on the 202 parkway northbound and use butler avenue business 202 instead. we'll check it again in the next half hour. still ahead at 5:00 a surprising piece of clothing in almost every athletes wardrobe. >> and an explosion at a corn mill. the workers whose crews are desperately trying to find them tonight. and the local student hoping to spell victory in the national spotlight tonight. >> well can another beautiful
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day second sunny bright day in a row. i'll let you know how long this dry streak will continue in the accuweather forecast. when "action news" returns. ♪ having a baby. caring for your parents. learning you have a condition. these are moments when people realize that where you get your medicine matters. and they look to us. cvs pharmacy. for advice. and ways to save money. plus, get up to fifty extrabucks each year just for filling prescriptions. switching is easy. we're here for you. join us. at cvs pharmacy. ♪
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a sailboat is engulfed in
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blames off the coast of florida. that the captain jumped in the water once the flames started spreading. the toe boat went to shore but the boat is a total loss. recovery crews are searching for two missing workers after an explosion at a wisconsin corn mill. it was reported at 11:00 last night killing one pleaing and injuries others. the same plant was cited in 2011 for exposing workers to explosion hazardeds. another day for the record books on wall street ahead of tomorrow's jobs report. that monthly jobs report is expected to be good news for the economy pushing all three major indexes into positive territory.
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one local girl is just a few word as way from being the top speller in the country. >> bodhran. >> correct. >> thank you. >> that is 11-year-old from cherry hill. she will compete in the finals of the scripts national spelling bee tonight. she is in the top 15 from a starting field of 291 after spelling correctly. she will compete tonight for the cash prizes and you see it on our sister network on espn. >> did i spell that right espn monica? >> you did. a new mural will brighten up the cvs pharmacisy. it will be installd this summer. outside of the pharmacy on east
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lehigh avenue. and it's time for a new mural thereafter years of wear and tear damage the the current one on the building. >> and there is a lot on tap. the so-called hammer of glory relay took place as part of a bar crawl. from there this group boarded a double decker bus and spent the day visiting popular pubs and taverns in the area. the ceremony opening tap will happen tonight. >> sounds like fun. >> health check and a brand new study on a popular article of clothing. the compression tights are used from the exerciser to professional athletes. now it's put to the test. but that didn't stop you. you traveled far and wide, and others followed.
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mothers, daughters, sisters, lions. and because together you roared so loud, i know my voice matters today. this summer, come celebrate new york state's equal rights history. download our guide to plan your trip.
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health check tonight compression tights they are suppose to make you run faster but do they work. ali gorman is here with the results. >> athletes and runners, they swear by these guys. they say that compression tights help them run longer.ut that do
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at. >>att ln his marathon how hard it is to ph through the final miles, after hearing other runners rave about compression tights and he gave them a try. >> was wearing the tights and i felt like i had better support and was not getting as fatigues and had better endurance. >> researchers say that the theory is that the tights reduce vibrations when the muscles contract and that helps to conserve energy and they put it to the test. a team monitor the runners during a high intensity workout both with and without the tights. after each 30 minute run they measured jumping height and -- >> there was the reduction in vibration that didn't have any affect on their fatigue,
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strength or jump height. or any of those factors. >> although he says that the science isn't there they shouldn't give them up if they make them feel better. >> that is not a placebo affect but a real effect, one we can't machine your. >> it's not just physical but psychological endurance and the tights provided that a little bit. >> the researchers will continue their work to look for a possible benefits i say if it's working for you and it's not harmful stick with it. >> absolutely. >> coming up a check of the forecast for you on this first day of june. sky 6 hd showing you the center city skyline washed in sunshine. accuweather coming up next.
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time now for the accuweather forecast. >> cecily tynan is here with the forecast. and today is beautiful and the weekend is looking pretty nice. the storm on sunday looked slower and that is pretty good news. we are live on sky 6 hd take a look at the beach in cape may. we have sunshine and a land breeze not a sea breeze. pretty nice and not a lot of people out there quite yet.
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this is june 1st, the start of meteorological summer, the beginning of hurricane season it runs through the end of november. no storms are imminent. this is a good time to make an emergency plan if you live along the shore if you have a beach house it's a good idea to have an evacuation plan. all of us should have a supply kit and if you are prone to flooding buy the flood insurance now, you can't buy it before a storm and expect it to work at that point. have you to do it ahead of time. what a change monday and tuesday cloudy and cool and temperatures own in the 60s. and yesterday and today bright sunshine and temperatures in the low 80s and we'll keep this sunny streak as we head into the weekend. right now 80 in philadelphia, the same in dover and 77 in allentown and reading and getting that land breeze and the atlantic city airport 82 and cape may currently 76. satellite 6 along with action
5:26 pm
radar showing we have high pressure building in that is what brought us the bright sunshine and clear skies tonight and that high pressure will try to maintain control for the first half of the weekend. lots of stars and comfortably cool and 49 in allentown and 59 philadelphia and low humidity if you don't have allergies, open up the windows and let the breeze blow in. future tracker 6 showing tomorrow afternoon a lot of sunshine and some fair weather cumulous clouded bubbling up and then saturday morning a weak disturbance moving through and that dives south of philadelphia. and it will bring clouds and showers to parts of delaware and south jersey. and from you going down to the shore on saturday, you wake up with clouds and afternoon sunshine and 74 and philadelphia saturday nice and turning sunny after a few morning clouds and the poconos mostly sunny all day long with a high of 68. the five-day at 5:00 showing tomorrow a gorgeous day 80
5:27 pm
degrees on saturday a few clouded early and sunshine 77 and sunday looks like the low pressure is slow to move in and clouded up and showers late in the day and 81 and that low pressure meanders over us for several days and gusty thunderstorms and 82 and tuesday cooler with showers and high of 71. not that great early next week but beautiful today and great day to head to ocean city, new jersey, and buy a slice from melissa who is making some pies. it looks good. >> it's all about the sauce too. you get a big scoop and dump it in the middle and spread it around. i'm still learning. and it's all about 6 and street pizza and about fun this weekend down at the shore we'll have all the hot happenings and the all important shore forecast, and very to tell you a secret. it's a better weekend than last weekend. details are coming up in just a little bit. i'll senit back inside to you.
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you like plain or pepperoni. >> pepperoni and sausage. see you in a bit. >> we won't see that.
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"action news" continues with
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meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again. here is what is happening on "action news" thursday night. a philadelphia city councilman is attacked by an armed strapg stranger outside of his home and shares his ordeal some hours later. you'll hear from councilman oh in just a minute. a woman is beaten unconscious outside of a local hospital and police are searching for the suspect before he strikes again. >> and an incident involving the popular bounce houses. it move add cross the ground with children trapped inside. we are following the latest developments of the stabbing of philadelphia councilman david oh. he is resting comfortably at his home in southwest philadelphia. "action news" was there as the councilman and his family returned this afternoon. it was last night oh was approached by a stranger that
5:31 pm
tried to engage him in conversation and oh tells "action news" that he felt a blow to his stomach and realized he had been stabbed. he remained calm and tried to deescalate the situation as the man demanded his car keys and wallet and bag. what he did next -- >> i got my phone and called 911 and gave a description and asked for an ambulance and my daughter 10 answered the door and i said get mom and my daughter was excited to see me. i said get mom i need an ambulance and my daughter saw all the blood and she was crying and what not. and my wife came down and he went into the street waiting for the ambulance and the police officers came and the ambulance and they took me to the hospital. >> we'll have more on the search for councilman oh's attacker coming up in the next half hour
5:32 pm
but home and doing well tonight. you can follow all the developments on the story onning 6 abc app. we have the full details of this incident and the investigation and watch raw video of our interview with the councilman after his release from the hospital. >> a woman was viciously beaten outside of frankford hospital. police said the brutality would have continued if someone had not stepped in. gray hall is live with more on that. >> reporter: monica, this was a vicious crime. one that police even admit took a strange twist bought at the center of this investigation is a trash bag and right now detectives are hoping to lift fingerprints and dna from it. >> now i'm scared. very scared. >> fear has grip the area along the 4900 block of frankford avenue, neighbors are on high alert after a man beat a woman and left her in critical condition last night around 11:00. >> beating her unknown if
5:33 pm
objects were used however at one point the female went unconscious. >> and after the attacker beat the victim to unconsciousness he did not leave the scene but the crime got bizarre. the male tore open a full trash bag that was on the curb. and he emptied the contents of the trash bag out and tried to put the female in the trash bag. >> some reads are still in shock by the brutal crime. >> i don't think i could have done anything to stop that man from hurting her however i would hope that if that hatched to me someone would have intervened. >> it happened feet from frankford hospital and employees saw the man beating the woman and yelled at him and he ran away. and that likely saved her life. >> when employees from the hospital actually rendered aid to her and carried her body that was unconscious and brought her to the hospital she never
5:34 pm
regained consciousness. >> the victim's identity is not released but that she had a 29-year-old woman and fighting for her life and this neighborhood is hoping she pulls through. >> i will pray for her. i will pray for her. i am very scared now. i really am and quite frankly i will not be going out at night. >> back out live hours after the crime police tell us that the victim is still unconscious and suffered trauma to the head and face and there is no good description of the suspect police are searching surveillance cameras hoping to find a good image of the mand behind the attack. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the reward for information leading to the arrest of men that opened fire on a father and his toddler is up to $25,000. they hope that the extra dollars they added today will lead to more tip as long with this surveillance video.
5:35 pm
these are the suspects riding up to a house in the 3300 block of malta street last month and 2-year-old price johnson was hit four timed and his 25-year-old dad was shot in the knee and they believe the shooting was a case of mistaken identity because the johnsons only lived in this house a few months. and a fire in burlington county spread through the backyard of a home. this is what is left of the property in new lisbon and this damaged the side of a home before the crews got it under control. investigators are trying to figure out what started the blaze. nobody was hurt. the ship building industry is alive and thriving at the naval shipyard in philadelphia. than is what governor wolf said today during the hard hat tour of the entrepreneurship program facilities. the program is around since 2004 but the training academy just opened last year. we'll see how the training puts
5:36 pm
more philadelphians to work and the next budget includes a grab for this entrepreneurship program. it's that time again to see what is going on down the shore this weekend. >> melissa magee is live in ocean city to tell us about it. >> hey there monica. hey rick i'm making progress here with my pizza pie, i'm going to add pepperoni to it. it's 6th street pizza and grill and their first full summer down at the shore. bill is hiding and flipping pies and bill is the owner. it's all about pizza down at the shore. have you to have a boardwalk staple. it's not just about the pizza there is a lot of fun happening at the shore whether you are in ocean city or wherever your shore destination will take you. check it out. >> reporter: put your creative to the test during the annual ocean city flower show. it's the 45th year as guests are
5:37 pm
invited to see exhibiters put their green thumb on display. flowers and sweet aromas take over the music pier and it starts friday and lasts through the weekend. grab some fresh produce and stroll the streets in tonight harbor, every sunday the beach community hosts a farmers market full of local ingredients and one of a kind finds. take the family and start shopping at the water tower plaza. it runs through september. >> and it's the ultimate camping experience in wildwood. boy scouts and girl scouts are invited to morey's pier. prizes are awarded. and it includes endless rides and free tram rides and bonfires and a smores station and school entertainment. enance fees are necessary for
5:38 pm
participants. have fun hope to see you down at the shore. >> reporter: and we hope to see you this weekend down at the shore with a slice of pie. i am kind of a basic girl when it comes to pizza i like my plain but we have pepperoni and we have folks enjoying their pizza, there is a lot happening this weekend down at the shore. gillans wonderland pier they are celebrating their birthday bash and i have to head outside. coming up we'll be up on ton of the ferris wheel. i'll save you a slice but for now i'm digging into the plain. >> you made the pepperoni? >> she is trying her own. >> i made the pepperoni. >> i want the plain. >> you did just fine thank you. all right from our delaware newsroom historic ash trees in
5:39 pm
brandywine creek are getting environmentally sound trunk injection treatments against the dreaded emerald ash borer. it's a tree pest that currently threatens the trees, it was first found in minnesota in 2009 and continues to spread across the u.s. and canada. it can control the borer for up to two years. june is national pet preparedness month and officials gave advice to keep your four-legged friends safe in an emergency. they talked about how important it is to keep your pets in your evacuation plans, one thing to do is train your animal to meet you at the front door if the fire alarm goes off and have food and water with your family money supplies. in the meantime matt pellman has an update for you thursday night. >> hey we are getting prepared
5:40 pm
for more overnight krubs on the vine street expressway. at 9:00 it will close, not lane closures just traffic on the vine. eastbound side stacking along the length and westbound stacking from broad street to the schuylkill expressway. and on that schuylkill expressway we still have not gotten this mega bus to run. eastbound the right lane partially blocked the exit for the zoo. it's extra heavy from eastbound past the boulevard to that scene by girard avenue. a crash in woodland delco at bullins lane by the wawa and a broken down vehicle at roosevelt boulevard at rising sun single digit speeds north of the schuylkill on up to rising sun avenue, and a truck stuck near bristol pike, use tennis avenue instead. and construction coming to haddonfield and kings highway closes from 9:00 until 6:30
5:41 pm
tomorrow morning for the work. also, shuttle busing from the cynwyd line tomorrow. more coming up. >> thank you. still to come on "action news" a day filled with fun quickly turns to an all out emergency because of the popular inflatable bounce houses used at childrens parties. we'll show you what happened in mexico over the weekend. and several classic childrens books got a makeover at the please touch museum. >> a beautiful start to the month of june and temperatures are back above normal in the low 80s and we'll duplicate the forecast for a couple of days for changes late in the weekend. plus, ducis rogers with the eagles and phillies and game one of the nba finals here on 6 abc.
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in central mexico four children were injured after being thrown in a freak accident involving a bouncy castle it happened during the party when a
5:45 pm
gust of wind sent four huge inflatables three through the air and horrifies parents watched the castles hit the pavement. and one girl was trapped in the tunnel and moments later she plummeted into the parking lot. and she is the most serious injured reportedly suffering from head trauma. and ducis is here with sports. what is the latest with the birds. >> another eagles ota is in the books and the team will convene for another round of work youtss. 70 days until the first preseason contest. a big focus was to improve the secondary. this year the birds plan to go with patrick robinson and mills. and he is entering his second year in the nfl and he has the confidence of his teammates. >> playing corner in this league is not easy and have you to be confident and he has that since he stepped in the building, he
5:46 pm
has the confidence and that desire to always want the number one guy to be challenged. >> my level of play has to be high regardless, that is the type and style of football i want to play. and that is what the coaches that is what they want the back end to play especially me. -- >> it's june. why is that significant? from the phillies perspective it's no longer may. they just completed their worst month of may since 1928 they went 6-22 and got swept by the lowly marlins, the tenth straight series loss. and they host the giants tomorrow. >> and the second base man has 17 homers that is tied for most in pro baseball and yankees slugger aaron judge. they text each other regularly
5:47 pm
and see each other in the offseason. and the warriors host the cavaliers in game one tonight. they are trying to revenge last year's loss to cleveland and acting coach mike brown filling in for steve curon medical leave and he used to coach the cavs. >> and a lot of people said this to me maybe i'm made up deliverly, i'm not look agent cleveland fired me twice it's time to get back at them. is there extra incentive. i just want to win, i don't care who it is i want to be part of a winning program and the last team standing. >> once against game one is tonight watch it here coverage begins at 8:30, you can catch every game here on 6 abc. the pittsburgh penguins are two win as way from making it back to back stanley cups and pittsburgh scored two goals in a span of 15 seconds in the third
5:48 pm
period and they have out scored the preds 9-4 in two games and predators coach peter laviolette is now panicking. >> the atmosphere is great and i'm sure there will be energy in the building and we have done good things there is five and a half periods we like things we did but more consistency certainly we are happy to get home. >> the preds can't afford to lose game three. >> thank you. some delightful classic childhood stories are coming alive at the please touch museum. they got to preview the books from seven of their favorite works, peter rabbit and the snowy day and more. the bilingual exhibit is designed to get kids excited about reading. introducing fios gigabit connection.
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drone 6 is live on the 36 block of 202 bucks county. a pretty picture and blue skies for your first night of june. nicest day of the week so far. adam joseph is here. >> from start to finish pretty perfect here. a fresh start to the new season hopefully.
5:52 pm
>> yes. >> may was not very nice and changes coming in at the end of the weekend. stormtracker 6 live double scan all that sunshine a few cumulous clouds on drone 6, you see the deep blue sky as well. temperatures are responding with that full sunshine today and also that down sloping westerly wind. it comes off the appalachians and warms as it heads into our area. it's really 78 in trenton and 80 in philadelphia and 81 if millville and with that west wind there is no sea breeze so temperatures at the shore. 82 in brigantine and long beach island 78 degrees. we had a few cumulous clouded at times today. philadelphia down to the south, late this afternoon up to the north toward the poconos and all and all a pretty nice evening on tap. that will spill into the overnight hours and a lot of stars and comfortable and 49 in the suburbs and 59 in center city with the light wind 3 to 6 miles per hour. and definitely turning that wind
5:53 pm
down from this afternoon. so through the next few days, high pressure is to the west. a perfect position to have a couple of different ingredients, sunshine number one and a light wind out of the northwest and low humidity. and throw in number three there. 80 degrees for your friday and then as we start the weekend 77 degrees on your saturday. but then things slowly change as we get into the second half of the weekend. we are going to mimic the pattern we saw during the month of may where we saw the trough setting up and the jet stream setting up to the south for the north eastern part of the united states. the low will be over the great lakes and that sinks to the south and east monday, tuesday and into wednesday, unsettled means it's not a washout but a lot of clouds and cooler than average temperatures and on and off showers. until that period comes it's a good start to the weekend at the shore.
5:54 pm
and meteorologist, melissa magee, is already there and you are on top of ferris wheel in ocean city. one of my favorite parts of the shore to be there and wind blown as well. especially with the strong west wind. is it shaking a little? >> yes. it's definitely wind whipped up here. a beautiful day to be at the shore. we are at wonderland pier we have fantastic weather. and lots of beautiful water too. we'll show you the forecast. that is a lot of w's to say at once. bright and breezy and high temperature of 75 degrees, on saturday an early shower and then some sun a high temperature in at 74. it looks to be pretty nice for saturday afternoon. and then on sunday like adam was mentioning an upper level low at the coast by then and then a nice mix of sunshine and clouds and a high temperature of 69 degrees. it's a gorgeous day to head to
5:55 pm
the shore in ocean city and a lot of activity to do too. we have the beach and surfers in the water and a lot of fun on ton of the ferris wheel as well. >> by the way i paid the operator to go take a break and he may be back in an hour or two. he may be up there for a little while. just letting you know. >> thanks for that. >> enjoy yourself melissa. as we take a look at the dover races nascar is back in town starting tomorrow 82 degrees sunny and nice no problems with water on the track. 77 on saturday, a qualifying round and races on saturday. and still dry. and on sunday for the big race, partly sunny and a shower. and most of it should be dry and looking good with temperatures at 79. as we look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 80 tomorrow and sunny and warm and an isolated storm late in the day and brief clouds in the morning and ripple of energy coming through and early morning shower saturday and sun takes
5:56 pm
control and 77 and sunny to start and clouds take over and there could be a late day shower around and the low drops down to the great lakes at 81 and gusty thunderstorms in and monday afternoon 82 and cool 71, tuesday and wednesday with the clouds and a shower or two. and maybe break that pattern by thursday of next week with an improving sky of 77 degrees. >> today was a winner that is for sure. >> thank you. more news when we come right back.
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that is i t for us "action news" at 6:00 is next. >> good night, see you tomorrow. your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's over 6 times faster than slow internet from the phone company.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. thursday night and officials are tracking bear sightings in bucks county and a tractor trailer filled with lighters and butane catched fire in north happen hamilton county but the big story is the relief filled homecoming for city councilman david oh. we were there as oh returns from presbyterian hospital this afternoon. he was stabbed last night unloading items from his car on the 5800 block of thomas avenue in southwest philadelphia. vernon odom and john rawlins are covering this story tonight. john lets start with you outside of the councilman's home. >> where the councilman is recovering and surrounded by
6:01 pm
members of his family


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