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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  June 1, 2017 11:30pm-12:06am EDT

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to 1-7 in game ones of the nba finals he's participated in. and that included last year, where golden state won by 15. and remember, golden state won by 15 and then by 33. in the first two games. before the series returned to cleveland. the cavs won by 30 in game three. mccaw's shot won't go. some of the fans are starting to head for the exits, but the majority wanting to cheer right until the very final buzzer. a whistle and a foul, with 10.8
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remaining. the final offensive numbers for cleveland, 35% from the field. and 20 turnovers. just 89 points. this is a team that has been scoring at an unbelievable rate, coming into these nba finals, averaging almost 117 a game. and the turnovers, again, they will tie the all-time record for fewest turnovers in an nba finals game. 31 assists, four turnovers. livingston will dribble it out. the applause will commence. as the golden state warriors remain perfect in the 2017 postseason.
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golden state, 13-0, including 7-0 here at oracle arena. as lebron james' cavs lose on the road for the first time in this postseason and only their second loss of the playoffs. kevin durant was brilliant. he's with doris. >> doris: kevin, the last time you stepped off the floor of an nba finals, you were in tears. so, can you describe what you're feeling with the start that you just had in this game one? forgive me for that reminder. >> it's all right. i think to start the game, we were a little too anxious, you know, we missed some lay-ups, we gave up some open shots. i think we just locked in from the second quarter on and -- we're playing a great team. we're playing the champs right now. they're not going to give up at all.
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game two is going to be different. but just felt good. >> doris: kevin, knowing what you bring in terms of your offensive arsenal, what is it like to play in this space that both the personnel and the system gives you and the kind of looks you get? >> i'm only as good as my teammates. i'm just trying to help them and contribute in any way that i can. i might not be able to get those shots next game. if i do, i got to continue to knock them down. just trying to play as hard as i can every minute i'm out there. >> doris: you are looking opposite and quite often matched up against lebron james, a guy that will go down as one of the all-time greats. what is it about embracing that challenge that gives you motivation here? >> it's basketball, you know? i have no other choice. and it's for all the marbles. both teams are going to play hard. i don't want to be on the outside looking in wishing i played harder. just trying to, you know, buckle up my boots and go to work. >> doris: we talk often about you and steph, but can you describe the influence of klay
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and draymond on the overall success of this team? >> well, defensively, you know, those two guys, all-defensive players, i think, in this league. and draymond is defensive player of the year and he covers up so much. i think klay does a good job, making it tough on guys. we have to help him out next game if we want to win. >> doris: thank you, kevin. mike? >> mike: all right, doris. 38, eight assists, as well. and a big hug from mom as golden state takes a 1-0 lead in these nba finals. >> jeff: my mom would love me, too, if i could have shot like that. >> mike: and defensively, another masterpiece for the warriors. so, game one goes to the home team, golden state. we'll be back with more at oracle arena after this time-out.
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>> mike: late night tonight, kimmel's got sarah silverman and jimmy butler of the chicago bulls. and stay tuned after the game on the west coast, when kevin hart joins jimmy for "game night." final score here in game one of these nba finals, warriors, 113, the cavs, 91. "sportscenter" currently airing on espn. we'll have full postgame coverage. so, for producer tim corrigan, director jimmy moore, of course, for jeff van gundy, mark jackson, doris burke and our entire abc crew, mike breen saying thank you so much for watching abc, home of the nba finals. see you game two. ♪ i got joy inside my dna ♪ i got hustle ♪ ambition ♪ flow inside my dna cavs and dubs. game two sunday at 8:00 eastern on abc. ♪
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♪ ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. >> ♪ >> all may be well that ends well accept philadelphia police want to find the bandit that stabbed city councilman david oh. oh returned home from the hospital in good spirits and good shape that after his first hand experience last night with violent crime. it's thursday night and the big story is a sigh of relief by the friend, family, colleagues of
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david oh. he is okay, but a few inches to the right or left and it could have been a different story. dann cuellar has the latest from oh's house in southwest philadelphia. >> i'm doing fine. >> david oh wanted to sa assure everyone he's doing all right. he says the man mumbled, then demanded. >> keys, car, wallet, cash, everything. >> oh says he tried to calm the man down, to no avail. >> he punched me in the lower rib. i know what that is. i said did you just stab me? >> the former military person fought back. >> then two young men showed up
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with smart phones. >> when they saw all of the blood, i think they got the idef something else. they took off. >> police would like to get their hands on videos. >> they started taping because they thought it was funny and interesting. if you have the video, this is a serious assault. it might be on facebook pretty soon. could be identifying. my concern is this, he's a guy who stabs thirst and then takes. that's a din dangerous kind of person. >> police believe he came from the cob's creek area to a crime of opportunity. in the end, he got nothing. southwest detectives, dann cuellar, channel6 "action news." >> president trump has withdrawn the united states from the landmark paris agreement.
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he insists it was a bad deal for america and the american worker. trump made the announcement at the rose garden this afternoon. >> the paris agreement would undermine our economy, hamstring our worker, impose unacceptable legal risk and put us at a permanent disadvantage to the other countries of the world. it is time to exit the paris athe clerk will record the vote. >> former president obama agreed that the u.s. would reduce polluting emissions more than a quarter to 2005 levels by 200 2. president obama said trump is rejecting the future. it was a sad day for the global
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community. scientists say the earth is likely to reach more dangerous levels sooner because america's pollution contributes so much to rising temperatures. disney ceo bob ieger announced he is quitting the president's council over trump's decision today. christie ileto sought local reaction tonight. >> main street was abuzz over three words "paris climate agreement." >> he pulled out. i'm upset about that. >> some learned from us that president trump gave up america's seat at the table for an initiative trying to curve global warming. >> if we don't have a seat at
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the table, that's a problem for me. >> they say this i decision is worse for the ecosystem. >> flooding at the shore is going to get worse. >> do you feel this impacts your day to day routine? >> i'm not sure. >> i would rather see him do stuff to climate change rather than being in a useless agreement. i'm not going to get all up in arms. >> believers remain worried. >> regardless of president trump's decision, he plans to uphold the agreement at a local level. on the parkway, christie ileto, channel6 "action news." >> philadelphia homicide detectives are on the hunt for a gunman who shot a victim ten times today at 24th and cecil b moore avenue in strawberry
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mansion. authorities have not identified the 31-year-old killed. meanwhile homicide detectives are questioning a person of interest in the double murder of a brother and sister. florence pompe known around the neighborhood as tina and her 54-year-old brother raymond finny were found executed in their home on sunday. police say it appears they were killed by someone they knew. >> bucks county residents are looking for a bear in the woods. ed thought the dog was sniffing at the door of his business, but it was not his dog. >> i reached out to touch my dog, and then that's where the bear was. i jumped back and hit him. i punched the door in the nose
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and closed the door. i was backing o banging on the . >> the bear ran off and climbed a tree. place say a bear was spotted last night. until they are caught, it's unclear if they are one and the same animal. smyrna police arrested a employee on the rape of a underaged boy. brooks admitted to having sex with the boy several times when her children and husband were away in april. >> the judge in the bill cosby assault case says he will wait until the jury is sworn in before issuing rules about evidence that can and can't be
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used. cosby's defense team sparred about expert testimony regarding the sedative quaaludes. >> a fast-spreading fire left a trail of destruction in burlington county today. the flames incinerated an old barn and two parked cars. the fire caused damage to the side of the home before firefighters were able to get it under control. there is no word on what sparked the blaze. no one was hurt. 41 years of service called for a celebration. residents were called to honor police chief mul chief.
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>> the hero bowl in springfield tonight, dozens of football players took the field for a friendly game. 35 children have received scholarships through the hero scholarship fund. >> a make overfrom inside out. they cut the ribbon on the new plum bow recreation center. more than a million dollars in capital improvements were made to this facility, including a new floor and kitchen. young guests were treated to a pizza party. congratulations were in order in haddonfield. they entered the graduation ceremony as seniors and left as alumni. the baccalaureate commencement was held on the football field. >> we told you about the quintuplets of montgomery county
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earlier this week. we have been following them since 1998 when they were born. they graduate from high school next week. the five siblings work at meadow brook senior center and have for the past three years. tonight, the center gave back preventing each of the griffin kids with a scholarship to the montgomery county college. still to come on "action news" tonight, an unusual admission from vladimir putin about russian hackers. plus panicked moments while a gunman storms an international casino. also, researchers reveal how much compression a tire can help your workout. and billy pen gets up close
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attention at city hall. >> we had temperature in the low 80s. i'll let you know how long it sticked around in the accuweather forecast. >> the winning word in tonight's national spelling bee, and ducis rogers with the eagles taking a deal, when "action news" continues. ♪ ♪ tomorrow on "action news" morning, what it took for a competitor to become the champion of the scrips spelling bee. >> ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network,
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>> officials believe the motivate of the attack on a hotel casino complex in the philippines was robbery not terrorism. the gunman who stormed the casino in manila was found dead of an apparent suicide. the suspect walked in, shot up a television screen, stuffed his backpack with casino chips and witnesses heard an explosion. >> i can hear gunshots. >> he started a huge fire.
11:56 pm
>> a guard was shot during the melee but survived. more than 70 others suffered minor injuries in a stampede to get out. >> viral video of this scene as several bounce houses were blown over at a birthday party in mexico. they snapped free from the state osafety lines an went into the air. one girl had serts head trauma. >> vladimir putin acknowledged that patriotic russians may have engaged in hacking but only as individuals and russia as a country has never done it. putin addressed news agencies saying we never engage in that at the state level. >> u.s. intelligence si agencies
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insist russia engaged in that to help donald trump win the presidency. russia said it was possible some individuals could have launched cyberattacks. the court's newest and at 49 the youngest member, justice neil gorsuch appeared to enjoy taking his picture with justice sotomayor. >> kelloggs switching from a distribution system to warehouses. >> wal-mart workers may be coming to you. the latest strategy from the largest retailor to compete with
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amazon, to have store workers deliver packages on the way home from work. right now the service is just being tested at three stores, new jersey and arkansas. the company says it's optional for workers. >> health check your workout routine may be getting less expensive. the exercise clothes are marketed as a way for athletes to exercise longer with less fatigue. the study found no difference between those that used expression tights and those that did not. researchers found no harm in wearing the clothing. there is no downside but they can be expensive. a clean up is taking place over center city philadelphia. crews are cleaning the william
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penn statue. the schat chew is treated like this every ten years. work should be done by the end of june. >> after a grueling 13 hours of competition, the scrips national spelling became down to a lot of suspense within the last half hour. >> correct. >> congratulations. she nailed the winning word. the 12-year-old girl from fresno, california spelled 35 difficult words to win the title as the nation's top speller. she's a golden state warrior fan.
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while we haven't told you yet, she has a lot to be happy about. a lot of you saw the game on channel6. she wins the big one. >> big night for her. >> what about the forecast? >> looking good into the weekend. we are dry out there after a gorgeous day to start the month of june. sky 6, looking at the center city skyline, fair skies and temperatures still mild. what a turn around. it was cloudy. we had rain yesterday and today in the 80s. right now, 70 in philadelphia. millville dropped to 56. cape may, land breeze, 67. reading currently 60. satellite and radar showing not a cloud in the sky.
12:01 am
high pressure is over us. that brings us loads of sunshine as we start the morning. the bus stop forecast, 63 at 6:00. 8:00, 67-degrees. the next two days, we can thank the high pressure bringing plenty of sunshine, low humidity and comfortable temperatures. saturday, 77. clouds in the morning on saturday. perhaps showers south of philadelphia, partly sunny skies. the weather goes downhill sunday. we have a trough upper level low cut off and meandering over us moving in sunday night late and doesn't move out until probably wednesday or thursday. that keeps us in with a lot of clouds and showers from time to time. if you are heading to the beach, 75-degrees, bright and breezy. saturday, early morning shower.
12:02 am
sunshine by the afternoon, 74-degrees. sunday, a sea breeze kicks up, dropping temperatures in the 60s. 69 for increasing clouds. big race weekend tomorrow for the truck races, sunny, 8 82-degrees. sunday, the showers will be moving in from the north. i think -- a possibility of a late shower by the end of the race, 79-degrees. the exclusive forecast, 80-degrees. a weak front, most areas dry. saturday, cloud in the morning, south philadelphia, sunshine, 77 and sunday, clouds up with showers developmenting. rain free, 83-degrees. monday, 82. tuesday and wednesday, we cool off to the low 70s with more
12:03 am
showers. thursday, improving conditions with a high of 77. all in all, the weekend nice. saturday better than sunday. >> thank you, cecily. seems a bensalem senior is perfect. brian quarterman received perfect attendance all 13 years of school. he never missed a day. the award program also awarded students for their academic success. >> the sorority graduate chapter of philadelphia held its 22nd annual day of sharing. the ceremony was held at the blue cross of center city. they awarded $30,000 scholarships to seniors and grants to local organizations.
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