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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  June 3, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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you, 6:00 a.m., saturday, june 3. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news," some breaking news, police now know who they are looking for in the vicious attack on a philadelphia city councilman this week. a man was shot sitting on his front porch. right now the police are searching for the suspects. plus, a new place to call home, a bucks county family is handed the keys from habitat for humanity. first, we would like to help you plan your weekend, chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. we saw the start outside, a beautiful morning. >> reporter: we're expecting sunshine later on, looks like a nice start to the weekend, mr. william penn standing tall, just a couple of clouds for now, a few spritzes and sprinkles
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around the immediate suburbs farther north and west in the lehigh valley and the poconos, we have steadier stuff falling. trenton, 57. millville, 350 degrees, you see this lighter shade of blue, temperatures in the upper 40s down there. the numbers are comfortable cool this morning. we'll be warmer this afternoon. satellite and radar there it is, that finger of moisture if you will, you can see how tiny this is, it's racing off to the east at 40 miles per hour. by 10:30 a.m., most of this is long gone. from that point on it's full sun. note nothing going on. western pennsylvania, charleston, roanoke it's sunny there. this is racing out to sea, all the sunshine sneaks in this afternoon setting up a nice day. jersey shore, 73 degrees, partly sunny skies, more clouds this morning, sunshine developing this afternoon, a bit breezy on
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the sand. philadelphia, morning shower, lots of sunshine this afternoon, 77. for the poconos, lots of clouds this morning numerous showers around after lunchtime you'll get the sunshine, 65 degrees. i'll be back along in just a few minutes, i'll have the details, the timing on the next round of showers that rolls in sunday night into monday, the return of warmer weather next week all coming up in ten minutes. >> it is now 6:02 a.m., breaking news we're following for you, police put a name and fails to the man accused of stabbing city councilman david oh. they are looking for 24-year-old shawn yarbrea, he used to live near councilman oh's home. we learned about the charges he is facing in wednesday's attack. we apologize, we don't have that sound for you, we can tell you at this point police believe he
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may be homeless or living from house to house, the councilman is recovering at home. here's the sound for you. >> attempt to commit murder, robbery, aggravated assault and simple assault. at this point he is a fugitive. we have searched his home we cannot find him, he consider him to be armed and extremely dangerous. >> we'll follow this story for you this morning, the gunman who shot and killed a 16-year-old girl as he walked to school in the city of chester remains on the run. investigators say the victim, psy i don't know -- zion abdella was on his way to school when he was shot and killed. the shooting is one of four incidents involving gunfire in the city yesterday. officials have vowed to step up their efforts to end the
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violence. >> police officers working in every division they are out on the street. >> reporter: authorities do not believe the killing is connected to the other incidents. it is possible that the other three incidents are related. police are questioning three persons of interest and recovered two guns. police in southwest philadelphia are searching for the gunman who left a 24-year-old man critically injured. "action news" has learned the victim was sitting on his porch if the 2100 block of gold street around 1:00 a.m. when the gunman ran downed the street and opened fire. the victim was hit in his groin area abbey taken to penn presbyterian hospital to have surgery. no word on a motive. closing arguments will begin on monday in the trial of lee kap plan, the bucks county man accused of sexually assaulting 6 girls from an amish family and father children from one of them. the parents quote gifted the girls to kaplan as thanks for
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financial help. the prosecution rested its case yesterday. the defense did not present a case. russian president vladimir putin blamed the democrats over russian hysteria over russian hacking. the russian president said there's no proof that russia is responsible for any hacking. u.s. intelligence agencies disagree. investigators say there is not only proof, but evidence of possible attempts to influence the trump campaign county white house. the special counsel investigating ties between president trump and russian's government has taken over a probe into paul manad ford amid questions over his business
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dealings in ukraine. they may include the attorney general and deputy attorney general in the firing of james comey. prince william offereds gratitude to -- offered his gratitude to the police officers who responded in the manchester bombing. the future king of england visited the children's hospital where dozens of kids who were injured are being treated. grand grand will head a star-studded benefit for the victims and their families in manchester. abc is privileged to broadcast the one love manchester show in its entirety at 2:00 p.m. on cable channel. our special of highlights from the concert will air on 6abc, it all happens tomorrow night, that's following the nba finals and the late edition of "action news" at 11:00 p.m. a bucks county family was
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handed the keys for the habitat for humanity home in bucks county. they have sweet equity in their humble abode. >> i would like to present roslyn and her family with the key to her new home. >> it's like a dream come true. >> reporter: a home 12-year-old tabetha shows off. the three bedroom colonial was b by habitat for humanity of bucks county. 70-year-old brooks and her five children she adopted from foster care will move in next week. >> i build this house from the ground up. >> i helped lay the foundation and cement spackled the walls and paint.
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>> reporter: the brooks is 104th family held by habitat. it's a hand up for low income families. >> they have to pay a mortgage and taxes on the full value of the home and they have to put in the sweat equity hours before they become a homeowner. roslyn who adopted 12 children from foster care over the years has lived in the cramped public housing project. she said this is the answer to prayers. >> i knew in my heart i would get my own single home. >> reporter: that fate paying off for her family. a woman with a big heart now has a home to match. in levittown, jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> great story there, they share a unique bond this that wl last a lifetime. seniors at this philadelphia school have a lot of to be proud
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of. we'll explain an accomplishment they all share. a man is rescued from a creek in the nick of time thanks to a pair in the right place at the right time. >> reporter: we have showers out there, i'll take a closer look at it on future tracker 6 and we'll have a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when we come right back. >> 6:11 a.m., breaking news
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we're following for you, we have got into the newsroom, the
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pennsylvania turnpike is closed web at bensalem exit because of a fatal crash that happened in the area. once again, the pennsylvania turnpike, southeastern pennsylvania, exit 276 is closed westbound between the bensalem exit 351 and the willow grove exit 343 because of a fatal accident involving multiple vehicles. we'll tbol this throughout the -- we'll follow this throughout the morning. the area bensalem to willow grove is closed because of the fatal accident. check our website 6abc.commentle. a burlington county man showed "action news" where he discovered a man nearly drowning in the creek in downtown trenton. the victim was barely keeping afloat at south broad street. jean covington and her son were in the right place at the right
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time to hear the man crying for help. >> i heard a guy, yelling help help help help, i'm looking, i didn't see anybody, he spotted him, and he went down the and dragged him out of the water. >> he was like help, help, i ran down there, he hit his head and i dragged him in the woods. >> crews arrived and they were able to pull the victim out creek and get him help. a philadelphia police officer is being honored for risking his life to save his 1-year-old nephew. rudy edwards ran into a burning home last weekend to rescue his nephew from the fire. a proclamation was read from city council that described his unselfish and life threatening efforts of the actions of an everyday hero. 17-year-old did a brave thing
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yesterday. i talked to rudy, a humble young man, he said he didn't think about himself, but his one-year-old nephew. >> reporter: switching gears, we have nice weather on the way. a couple of showers this morning, as we go live on sky6 live hd, just enough to water the lawn or the flower bed. by afternoon it's full sun. it is a gorgeous day, high temperatures in the mid to upper 70s with a nice gentle breeze. it should be a nice start to the weekend. storm tracker 6 live you can see green out there, just a few sprinkles for most locations. every now and then we pick up perhaps a steadier shower, but all is on the lighter side. there's pottstown, reading, the pennsylvania turnpike, just some light stuff enough to get the roads wet, take it easy don't drive too crazy.
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honeybrook, malvern, norristown getting a little bit wet. temperatures this week were chilly to start, and then they warmed up nicely during the second half of the week. monday and tuesday, it was cloudy and damp and dreary with lots of rain. wednesday, 80, thursday, 82. yesterday, comfortable high of 82 degrees, we're showing a comfortable temperature of 57. pottstown, 50. malvern, 53. warminster, 56. millville, 48 degrees, same number for gandys beach. we have a pocket of cooler air you on here. sewell, 52. cinnaminson, 55. hammonton, 51 degrees. clear skies for most of the mid atlantic states. nothing going on south and west, we have a ribbon of clouds we have an upper level piece of energy racing off to the east so
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quickly, within a couple of hours this is long gone, we'll get into the full sunshine. future tracker 6, we'll time it out for you, 10:30 we're looking at clouds and maybe a few leftover showers. the sun returned for the lehigh valley and the poconos, stop the clock at 4:00 p.m., everybody is clear, jersey shore, city of philadelphia, poconos everybody. clear skies overnight tonight. that sets up sunday. sunday is different it's quite the opposite of what we'll see today. we'll start out with full sun and clouds increase. during the afternoon we'll see showers move in. a lot of this should stay north of the pennsylvania turnpike during the afternoon, by evening that line collapses farther to the south. everybody gets in on the act after 7:00 p.m. in the afternoon, sunday doesn't look all that bad either, especially if you're heading to dover for the races. it should be dry for that this weekend. forecast today, reading, 76 degrees.
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allentown, 7 6. look out for showers between 7 and 10:00 a.m. philadelphia, 77. millville, 75. cooler at the jersey shore, 73 for cape may, wildwood and atlantic city, as well. cloud cover this morning, sunshine this afternoon, 70s popping up afternoon. 1:00 p.m., 74, 3:00 p.m., 77. without for a steadier shower in the afternoon. sunday increasing clouds in the poconos, 68. jersey shore, sunday and seven clouds and breezy, high of 72. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, looking good, not too bad, right? showers this morning, sunshine this afternoon partly sunny and warm sunderland, 82 degrees, it will be cooler on the sand, if you're down the jersey shore
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subtract ten, maybe 12 from that number. monday, clouds return, showers and thunderstorms developing. tuesday, loads of clouds and shower or two, wednesday, thursday, friday, comfortable, sun and clouds, temperatures in the 70s. not a bad forecast. a few showers around that's about it. >> thank you so much. there was a lot to celebrate in logan, all seven 7 gratts of the class of 2017 have been acceptedded to a four year university or college. they need awarded 8 $.5 million in scholarships. some students will stay close to home attacked drexel, and villanova. ♪
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6:21 a.m., home prices have increased at the strongest pace in 2 or 3 years. they are up 6% since march. home values are increasing at more than double the pace at the average hourly earnings making it fewer difficult for many to buy a home. a dwindling supply is pacing homes. netflix the streaming service is worth $70 billion.
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netflix topped 100 million subscribers worldwide in july. it is predicted they will have 112 million by the end of the year, and 130 million by the end of 2018. they have award winning movie series and thousands of films and tv shows. if your child uses the amazon app to purchase something without your permission. you may be able to get your money back. the federal trade commission said refunds are available that includes buying upgrades in mobile games purchased through the amazon app store. last year a court found amazon was responsible for items kids bought without their parents' permission. $70 million in charges may be eligible for full refund. >> reporter: welcome back
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everyone, 6:25 a.m., saturday morning, you're probably looking at this and saying oh, no, like last weekend, clouds and rain, this is racing off to the east at 40 miles per hour, by 10:30 a.m. this is gone and we're looking at clouds giving way to sunshine. down the jersey shore, cloudy skies through lunchtime and they give way to sunny skies. we have a sea breeze coming up later on. we'll get to 70 in beach haven before we pull back. atlantic city, 73, ocean city, same number. we'll have clouds and sun and breezy, low risk for rip
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currents. if you're staying in the city today, heading to citizens bank park, 405 start time look for mostly sunny skies, first pitch 77. 9th pitch 72. >> sports now, the phillies and giants play this afternoon in south philly. the giants crushed the phils last night. here's jeff skeverski. >> reporter: after being a giant disappointment in the month of may their worst may in nearly 09 years, how did the phillies start the month of june in well, let's put it this way, it feels like may. phils dig a giant hole starting in the first, hernandez, whoops, phils down 1-zip. the manager is not happy. starter, jared icoff doesn't get
6:27 am
out of the third. first batter, walks in a run, phils walk ten guys including the pitcher 3 times. they have not done that in 81 years, phils lose 10-0. they have dropped 26 of their last 32. this is becoming a giant mess. >> i don't have a lot to say, i'm at a loss for words, bad way to start the month, three guys have two hits we got shut out. not p hopefully they can figuret his wedding jeremy mac agent. this may worst wedding present was two years his 5ea tg
6:28 am
season. the unioning into another . they arek at i can't care keyyork city fcf theie many quality punish. they get a chance we get a chance, we're going to lose. you can see the union on 6abc starting at 1:00 p.m. finally we know he can dribble a basketball and joel embiid he can dribble a soccer ball, check out the sixers star kicking it around in the united kingdom. he grew up his entire life playing soccer, when asked what nba player would make the best soccer player, joel embiid said joel embiid. that's sports, i'm jeff
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skeverski have a great day. >> breaking overnight this is
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the man philadelphia police say they are looking for in the stabbing of councilman david oh. we'll have the latest on the investigation straight ahead. police in chester delaware county are trying to control the violence as they search for a gunman who killed a 16-year-old on his way to school. if you see rain this
6:31 am
morning, don't cancel those outdoor plans just yet. it will get brighter as the day continues. meteorologist chris sowers is here to help you plan your weekend with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. don't be scared away by the rain. >> reporter: i wouldn't call it rain, just a shower or two, if you see that this morning, don't let it scare we'll get into full sunshine this afternoon it will be a nice day. there's the view overlooking the commodore barry bridge. we have the clouds lowering and thickening, we have showers rolling in, again all this is on the lighter side. future tracker 6 you can see yellows here, the bark is worse than the bite, it is very light stuff. along the pennsylvania turnpike this is running parallel to the pennsylvania turnpike from king of prussia west to harrisburg. this is racing off to the east, note we're drying already in northwestern portions of berks
6:32 am
county. this is racing along 10:30, 11:00 a.m., it's long gone an we're seeing clouds and sunshine. honeybrook to reading, light rain, green lane you're seeing drops falling, as well here, spritzes and sprinkles in the lehigh valley. quakertown reporting sprinkles, as well. future tracker 6, 1:00 p.m., sunny, north and west, completely sunny in the lehigh valley. western suburbs, philadelphia, mostly sunny, most of south jersey starting to see the sun peak through, as well. delaware bay region holding on to a few few clouds they are gone from 2:00 p.m. from that point on the rest of the day is very, very nice. 4:00 p.m., full sunshine. forecast today if you have a tee time, showers around this morning, lunchtime on full sun. 66 degrees by 9:00. 1:00 p.m., 74. >> thank you for the update. breaking news, right now philadelphia police have identified the man they say stabbed city councilman david oh. the councilman told police this
6:33 am
man you're looking at right here, 24-year-old attacked and robbed him outside his home. else not in custody yet. police say he is armed and extremely dangerous. he is charged with attempted murder and robbery. >> he has been a live long resident of the area, people know whose, he may be homeless and moving from house to house. >> if you have any information about him police say give them a call immediately. he used to live two blocks from councilman oh, who is at home recovering. new information to tell you about this morning, a south jersey firefighter was rushed to the hospital after he was hurt battling a fire this morning. the home caught fire on south 10th and durbin street around 4:00 a.m. both floors of the home were engulfed. look at the image you see the
6:34 am
flames shooting from the roof there. everybody got out okay, one firefighter taken to the hospital for minor injuries. an outbreak of gun violence in chester claimed the life of a teenager who was walking to school when it happened. that was one of three shootings in the city yesterday. "action news" reporter, dann cuellar has the details. [sirens] >> every police officer who is currently working from every division whether it is the inside personnel records room, they are out on the streets. >> reporter: the sense of urgency was palpable by police in the city of chester. 16-year-old a football player from chester high was walking to school when he was gunned down at 10th and fulton. >> this is a horrendous loss of life this is devastating a 16-year-old child could be walking to his high school and be gunned down.
6:35 am
>> reporter: the smoke barely cleared at 9:18 another shooting nearby 9th and curlin men in two cars were shooting at each other. one drove himself to the hospital. his grand marquis riddled with bullets. >> we are going to give the all clear at 10:45 p.m. there were more shots fired at west 23rd street. >> reporter: when police got there there were bullet casings that littered the street. 1:28 police were attempted to stop a man with a gun in the 1300 block of west 9th. >> subject leveled a weapon at a police officer, there was a brief foot pursuit and shots were fired. >> reporter: nobody was injured and the man was taken into custody, officials pledged to double and triple their efforts to stem the tide of gun violence in the troubled city. >> all of us have a handny
6:36 am
trying a hand in this back to the community. >> it's important for together and end this. icult to see an end of this anytime soon especially as we approach the beginning of summer in one of america's most cities. dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> 6:36 a.m., breaking news to tell you about right now, the pennsylvania turnpike is closed that is because of a fatal crash involving several vehicles on the westbound side of the turnpike. the turnpike is shut down right now between the bensalem and it and the willow grove exit the wf the turnpike, if you'r may wanto find a detour, no word on when the turnpike will reopen stay with "action news" for the latest information on the closure. three former administrators at penn state will serve jail
6:37 am
time for handling the sex abuse allegations against jerry sandusky. a judge in harrisburg sentenced gram spanier 4 to 12 months yesterday. we learned he will spend the first two months in jail the rest of the time under house arrest. gary shultz will spend two months in jail before finishinged sentence under house arrest. former athletic director tim curly will spend 3 months in jail before his house arrested for failing to report sex abuse allegations against sandusky ten years before he was arrested. penn state announced new initiative for fraternities and sororities. a new response team will oversee greek life on campus, strict restrictions will be placed on social events and zero tolerance for hazing. new measures were put into place
6:38 am
after the death of tim piazza in february. 18 fraternity brothers face charges in his death. happening today, protesters in philadelphia and nearly 100 other cities across the u.s. will gather for a march for truth calling for the release of trump's tax returns and deeper probes into alleged russian interference in the presidential election. special counsel robert muller is expanding the scope of his investigation into the possible links of the trump campaign and russia. the associated press reports that muller is taking over a special criminal probe involving paul mana ford who was fired amid his business dealings with pro russian officials in ukraine. muller may investigate jeff sessions and deputy attorney
6:39 am
general for firing of james comey. james come is expected to testify. white house could invoke executive privilege to keep him from testifying. a north philadelphia community came together to bring attention to the so-called stop and go stores. protesters voiced their oppositions to businesses that are classified as restaurants, but according to community leaders they don't operate as such. community members claim some of the stores are known to sell shots of alcohol and contribute to a negative environment in their neighborhood. >> the city, the state and the people of philadelphia have to take a standing. this is not something that just started. for years stop and goes have inundated poor neighborhoods. >> that event was organized by civic leaders and residents and
6:40 am
united methodist church. they say they want businesses to follow the law and do their part in making the community a safer place to live. time 6:40 a.m., happening today, hms host will hold a job fair at their travel plazas. they are looking to fill 500 full and part-time jobs on the new jersey turnpike, garden state parkway and atlantic city expressway. interested candidates should arrive at any of the travel plazas today between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. this weekend anglers are invited to drop their line in delaware all free of charge. division of fish and wildwood is offering free fishing crabbing and clamming in any delaware waters today and tomorrow, so take advantage. you do not need a fishing license, but you will need a fisherman identification network
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number you can you can get that online at what happens when two kids with an overactive imagination turn their principal into a super hero? you get captain underpants. we'll have preview of the film. dramatic body cam show the moments when firefighters rescue a child who got stuck in a florida boat dock. chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast "action news" saturday morning continues right after this you knew when you cast it they'd lock you up. but that didn't stop you.
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visit your volvo dealer to take advantage 8-year-old boy missing in the susquehanna river. the search is being hampered by murky and fast moving water. the child vanished playing with his friend. body cam video shows a florida police officer and volunteer firefighter scrambling into a lake, they are trying to save a child. the boy was trapped under the boat dock. the police officer lifted the dock, the firefighter had enough room to get the child free. this was the first rescue for the firefighter. >> he said thank you. it makes me wanted to it even more saving people. >> glad they were there to save the boy. the child was playing a game with his friends and we are told he got halfway under the dog
6:45 am
dock and debris scared and couldn't move. the good news he is okay thank to the firefighter and the police officer there for helping him. >> 6:45 let's get you caught up on the forecast, with the one, the only meteorologist chris sowers. >> reporter: with an intro like that, i better. we have showers out there, but they will work over the coast and we'll see lots of sunshine later this afternoon. if you're waking up, that's the view in cape may. not too bad, a spritz or sprinkle around for areas north of ocean city or so. south of their we're seeing cloudy skies. storm tracker 6 live as we sweep the area you can see the showers are very, very light north of ocean city from that point stretching through big teen and atlantic city and seaside heights spritzes and sprinkles and stuff out here west of philadelphia. we're picking up darker shades of green, it's light rain,
6:46 am
norristown, malvern, lansdale, sprinkles or light rain shower. 57 in trenton. reading, 53. poconos 47. dover, 53. 55 in wilmington, millville, 50. satellite and radar you can see just how tiny this little disturbance is rushing across the mid atlantic states. pittsburgh full sunshine. buffalo, mostly sunny conditions a couple of clouds and even state college, the clouds are thinning out a little bit. this is racing off to the east, 10:30 we'll see the clouds lighten up a little bit and the sun peek through and by lunchtime full sun for everybody. not much in the way of rain expected with the system. surface maps high pressure in control into the afternoon, that
6:47 am
brings the sunshine. we're watching a warm front approaching from the west. there's an area of low pressure that should cut north into the great lake states, the front will swing through. during the day, we'll start out with sun, this is sunday, now. we'll have showers push in at 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., we'll see wet weather north and west of philadelphia. today we start out with clouds and showers, tomorrow, we have clouds and showers late in the day and at night. sunday night into monday, those when the showers could transition over to heavier downpours with thunderstorms. 10:30 cloudy for areas south of the pennsylvania turnpike, maybe a leftover shower or sprinkle for some, but again that works out to sea, lunchtime, most of us are seeing full sun, full clouds down the jersey shore, they won't be sticking around long, 4:00 p.m. everybody enjoying sunny skies. overnight tonight, clear, tomorrow we start out with sun before the clouds start to roll on in, 1:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m., the
6:48 am
sun shares the skies with a lot of the clouds. 4:30 p.m. here come showers and thunderstorms developing. the ladder half of the day, especially the evening hours look at the model, we could have gusty thunderstorms firing up as the front slides through. very, very late, the jersey shore you're clear is a bell. wildwood to atlantic city nothing going on down there. morning shower lots of clouds around until lunchtime or so. afternoon sunshine, 77 degrees is the forecasted high. again, the idea cloudy start, lots of sun later on, maybe one or two showers before 10:00 a.m., the forecasted high 77. if you're heading to dover for the races this weekend looks good, dry today and tomorrow, 77, sun and clouds this afternoon, partly sunny, 81 degrees for your sunday. jersey shore it should stay dry there, as well. maybe a spritz or sprinkle or a shower, north of atlantic city partly sunny and 73. sun and clouds, sunday, high of
6:49 am
72. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, more unsettled weather moves in here, the beginning of next week, showers and storms monday, highs around 78. tuesday is a lot cooler with an easterly breeze and clouds, high temperatures barely hitting 70. wednesday, thursday, friday all look good, clouds and sun, temperatures in the 70s nothing to worry about this weekend. we should be okay. >> i trust you. >> reporter: i hope so. >> i would like to remind you, you can you can get the seven-day forecast and check double scan radar we're back after this break
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>> reporter: all right, welcome back everyone, 655 saturday morning, storm tracker 6 live showing a few showers this morning just a couple of sprinkles mainly across south jersey. showers philadelphia west and running parallel to the pennsylvania turnpike through lancaster county and getting into harrisburg. this is racing off to the east. it will not ruin any plans you have, once we get past 10:30 a.m., everything should be okay with brightening skies. jersey shore, clouds sticking around until lunchtime. 73 in ocean city. ocean city, same temperature, delaware beaches 72. >> thank you for the update. add stylish molding to any room for less than $100. here's a do it yourself tip.
6:56 am
>> reporter: beautiful custom architectural details can make or break the design of a room, but they could break your budget. here's a cool insider tip to get the same look for a whole lot less it's straight pieces of molding we'll do squares combined withngles. >> reporter: we'll use mds and create a chair rail effect to separate the green from the white and after that we'll put in virtuical slats and do a combination of rectangles and squares. >> we'll go down 11 inches and secure that all right one wall done what do you think? >> i see the potential.
6:57 am
>> reporter: to finish up we're painting the walls and wood a crisp white in semi gloss finish. we did it for 80 bucks. like we say why pay full price when you can knock it off. for more budget friendly project ideas going on to live well not work income. >> students at a new york state high school are combating bullying with positivity. they are making positive changes one post-it notate. kids have been writing positive messages on the sticky notes and placing them on bathroom mirrors. it started with a one bathroom and spread to others and students have begun leaving their messages at their own and
6:58 am
he knows. >> here's some of the stories we're following for you, new information from overnight. three texas police officers are hurt in a shootout with the suspected killer. getting out on a historical journey, we'll show you how a local museum are helping seniors with dementia enjoy inter active exhibits. those stories and more when "action news" continues after the break. goldman sachs was one of those companies whose illegal activity helped destroy our economy... vo: as a goldman sachs president,
6:59 am
phil murphy made his fortune in a rigged system. now the jersey machine has lined up with murphy and his millions. leaders should stand for the people, not the political machine. as a prosecutor, at treasury, and as head of the brennan center, i've taken on the powerful - from the mafia, to the nra, to the dark money that poisons our politics. i'll be nobody's governor but yours. one hero was on a mission to pasave snack time., watch babybel in the great snack rescue. you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious. creamy, delicious, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger.
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>> a pleasant good morning to you, 7:00 a.m., saturday, june 3. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." some breaking news. police know who they are looking for in the vicious attack on philadelphia city councilman this week. a man was shot while sitting on his front porch and right now police are searching for the suspect. a new place to call home arc bucks county family is handed the keys from habitat to humanity. those stories, but first, outside we go, you have an umbrella out there. >> reporter: i know what you're thinking, don't worry i didn't mess up your weekend. we have showers right now, but it will clear up by afternoon and it will be a nice start to the weekend. what you're seeing in front of you, a lot of this when we first went on the air


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