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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  June 4, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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i've taken on the powerful - from the mafia, to the nra, to the dark money that poisons our politics. i'll be nobody's governor but yours. >> good afternoon it is sunday, june 4 i'm nydia han along with gray hall. >> here's a look at the stories we're following on "action news." police make multiple arrests in connection with the deadly terror attack in london. >> 24 hours after the attack what it means for the benefit concert in manchester. a two-year-old boy is dead after accidentally shooting
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himself. we have an update on the ongoing investigation. >> let's go outside to chris sowers, you're smiling, what a day, we have clouds upstairs, north of allentown it's cloudy and we're starting to see showers move in. here's satellite and radar, this is the 6 hour loop we've set it in motion for you, you can kind of see how the system at the top of the screen is skirting on by, we were expecting this, a couple of showers in the poconos and the lehigh valley, all areas south of their, we're seeing a mixture of sun and clouds. what i have done i've drawn the red line north of harrisburg through allentown and off the coast of new york city. areas north of there expected to see showers developing in the next couple of hours. all areas south of that line more than likely you're staying dry with a combination of sun
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and clouds. call from accuweather in the lehigh valley expect mostly cloudy skies, showers around, temperature-wise not bad, up to 77. we're not looking at a washout. the poconos have a greater chance of seeing the steadier stuff. the immediate surrounding suburbs, looking good, clouds and sun warmer day, comfortable highs around 82 degrees. well, we've got an unsettled weather pattern heading this way. i sound like a broken record here. monday showers and heavier thunderstorms. upper level low sits overtop us of tuesday and wednesday. the new computer guidance has come in, i've lord the temperatures to the -- lowered the temperatures down to 60s. and both days could feature showers and rain. i'll have the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> security cordons remains in place around london bridge after a terror attack last night.
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you can see security officials there, this is a live look. everyone on edge and security is on heightened alert. the attack started when a van plowed into a crowd of people followed by a stabbing rampage. >> seven victims were killed and three attackers were shot by police. 1 people have been arrested in connection with the attack. >> reporter: gray and nydia, this was the third terror attack in the uk since march. it started on the london bridge not far from where i'm standing at the ending at the borough market two busy attractions, especially on a saturday night. a saturday night stroll on london bridge turned into mayhem and murder when this white van plowed into a crowd into helpless pedestrians. one person tweeting a photo of the immediate aftermath people trying to give aid to the injured. police and ambulance workers swarming the scene.
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witnesses describing a chaotic disaster zone. >> once they crashed the van, three men got out and they were armed with long knives. the suspect left the vehicle attempting to stab a number of people. >> move out of the area. >> reporter: people were ordered to evacuate. >> keep moving. >> reporter: police asking radio stations to tell those in the area run and hide. word came from borough market of the knife attack. >> they said this is for allaw, they ran out and -- allah and they ran out and established a girl ten times, maybe 15 times. >> reporter: heavily armed police gunned down the three suspects. the attackers were wearing what looked like an explosive vest, but they were not real. prime minister teresa may condemning the attack. we believe we are experiencing the new trend we faces a
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terrorism breeds terrorism and perpetrators are inspired to attack. >> reporter: president trump tweeted whatever the united states can do to help out in london and the uk we'll be there, we're with you, god bless. president trump tweeted this is another reason for the controversial travel ban we need to be smart, vigilant and tough. in london channel 6 "action news." >> the attack in london comes two weeks after a suicide bombing left 22 people dead at the end of a ariana grande concert in manchester. tonight the singer returns to the city joined by justin bieber and cold play and katie perry. she said the show will not only go on despite the attack, it will go on with greater purpose. all proceeds go to an emergency fund set up by the city of manchester and the british red cross. abc will bring you the entire concert at 2:00 p.m. on our free
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form channel. you can see hits on 6abc. the one hour special will air late tonight following the nba finals, the late edition of "action news" at 11:00 p.m. and "action news" sports sunday. >> back here at home, the man accused of stabbing city council david oh was in court. 24-year-old turned himself in yesterday. he faces charges of attempted robbery and murder for the stabbing outside oh's home in philadelphia. his stepfather said this is a mistake of mistaken identity. >> a portion of the schuylkill expressway is back open after a crash led to its closure this morning. one vehicle overturned between belmont exit and gladwyn exit. the road was back open two hours later. tragedy in delaware county after a toddler shot and killed himself. police say the 2-year-old found a handgun under the bed
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yesterday in the home in the corner of bethel and green streets in chester township. they say the child died after shooting himself while playing with the gun. dozens of shocked loved ones gathered outside while police took bags of evidence from the home. township leaders were in disbelief. >> i can't believe that a gun would be accessible to a 2-year-old, from what i am being told the gun was under the bed. i can't believe that a child would be able to gain access to a gun under a bed. there's no word if there will be any charges filed in the shooting. friends, family and colleagues are remembering an influential and renown trail blazer who died. amena young died on tuesday, she was the first african-american woman president of the ceo. she was pointed as a commissioner of pennsylvania gaming control board. she is known for her many
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achievements and her heart and helped those who followed in her footsteps. young was 69 years old. children's hospital is hosting 400 verdicts of the fetal program -- 400 veterans of their fetal surgery program who were operated on in the womb. bob brooks has more. >> reporter: i'm having a hard time hearing out here, people are having so much fun. what an incredible place, not only do they perform life-saving procedures, most of of bhom are not born yet. they are bringing back all the children and families they helped throughout the year. they do a celebration throughout the years they bring the kids back to let them be kids. it's nothing short of a miracle that little luale is able to
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walk. before she was born she was told she would never walk. >> they told us she was a little girl with spina bifida. for the family a gram outlook for 17 yrbled robert was born ---year-old robert was born. >> a mass on his neck. >> every child you see here at chop are living miracles because of the incredible work by the doctors and staff here at the center for fetal diagnosis and treatment. >> are you going to do any of the rides? >> i'm not going to do any of the rides. >> all joking aside with robert this is the 21st am meeting between the children's day and their families and staff. it's a day to celebrate all that's been accomplished. kids get to be kids. they get a chance to say hello to dr. scott performing operations on the children before they are born or just
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immediately after. >> there's a variety of things that can be taken care of by fetal surgery. most of them life threatening big picture defects. with more time in research he wants to treat more children. the hopes to have the crowd of two thousand grow to much more. >> don't give up, get more options and more opinions and never give up. >> reporter: another live look out here, the sight of the mummers they were just out here playing a tune having a great time here. getting the message from the families who might be going through a difficult situation, don't ever give up a such a wonderful message. reporting live university city, bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> a good message fore all of us. thank you bob. >> indeed it is. there's much more to come on "action news," there's a warning for parents before children hit the playground this summer. >> what we're learning about the suspect behind the deadly
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casino attack in the philippines, plus, chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when we come right back. >> wow, indeed, nydia.
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sky6 live hd taking you live overlooking dilworth park where a huge structure has appeared. the people's to your made of cardboard boxes and masking tape. it was developed in partnership with the kimmel center as a way to celebrate the international festival of the arts in 2018. >> those are cardboard boxes? what happens if it rains? >> don't let it rain. >> reporter: i say that because there's rain out there. let's get you outside, i hate to
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be debby downer here. this is the live shot in cape may, this is one location that doesn't have to worry about rain or much in the way of clouds. it's a gorgeous day on the sands. sea breeze kicking in. they have a gust off the water 15 to 0 miles per hour it's keeping the temperatures around 70 degrees, you're seeing a ton of sunshine. it's very, very nice. as you flip it over to storm tracker 6 live here come the showers we were talking about all morning long. we were thinking the major of this stays up here across the lehigh valley county poconos maybe getting as far south as upper bucks and northern portions of berks county. that should be about it. i think everybody else stays dry. we're looking at combination of sun and clouds today. 77 degrees already in philadelphia. your dewpoint is 54. so the air is nice and dry, very comfortable. pressure 29.96 inches falling, wind out of the south at 8 miles per hour. cooler to the north thanks to
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all the cloud cover and the showers that are starting to move in. a lot milder to the south. slatington, 63. bethlehem, 65. quakertown, 66. center city, 77 degrees, look at the warmth down to the south. smyrna, 83. dover, 77. all is quiet for the race later today. fortescue, 79. millville, 79. glassboro, 76 degrees. satellite and radar this is the first of three systems that we're watching over the next 48 hours or so. this is passing on by west to east across new england getting as far south as interstate 78. from that point north you'll see showers and brief period of rain. from that point south looking at the combination of sun and clouds. system number two is right here, system number 3 is right there. the problem with this it's an upper level low it will be consult off from the main flow of traffic or the steering current aloft. the jet stream lifts to the north an forgets about it that
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low sits here for days, that means clouds, monday, tuesday, wednesday, cooler temperatures knocked the highs down for tuesday and wednesday. and an easterly breeze. rain to the north in the lehigh valley county poconos. everybody sun and clouds. overnight tonight showers around, it's difficult to pinpoint who sees them who doesn't. everybody is fair game for a shower overnight tonight. tomorrow morning could be steadier stuff around the delaware bay and cape may county those areas around there. during the afternoon we'll get pop-up showers and downpours. winds 55 miles per hour possible and small hail. tomorrow, clouds and sun, warm warmer. cooler along the water, cape may, 72. atlantic city, 72. in the lehigh valley and the poconos, 77 in allentown there could showers developing
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briefly. poconos same thing mostly cloudy, periods of rain, showers, 65. that's the only travel trouble spot in the entire viewing area. jersey shore, sunshine, mix of clouds breezy, 72 degrees is the forecasted high. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast here come the cooler numbers, remember the normal is 80. 82 degrees, 76 afternoon thunderstorms tomorrow some of them strong, tuesday, cloudy damp and cool, showers and periods of rain, 66. wednesday it stays chilly with a shower or two, 67. thursday partly sunny, 72. friday we start to clear out, clouds and sun, 75. saturday next weekend looks all right right now, but we'll see there's a system we're watching, 80 degrees saturday, perhaps a shower during the afternoon. i've seen worse. temperatures are not bad, but we're sick and tired of the rain. >> thank you chris. in "health check" a warning for parents as summer approaches. as the weather heats up, experts say be careful and
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watch where your kids are playing. plastic metal and rubber playground equipment heats in the sun and can burn your child. 140 degrees a child can suffer second degree burns in three seconds and third degree burns in five seconds. children under two are most at risk because of their sensitive skin. it is barbecue season and one in 6 americans get food borne illnesses. all giewnd beef -- ground beef should be cooked until well done. the mayo clinic recommends washing your hands every time you handle your st. patrick's s. louisville honors the greatest with a six week long festival i'll have the details straight ahead.
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>> a new york city police officer is in critical condition after being dragged by a car for two blocks in brooklyn responding to a report of shots fired. he was talking to three people in the car when the vehicle started to move dragging him along with it. it is believed he fired the weapon twice while being dragged. the people in the car ran away, but police are talking to
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several potential suspects. there's new information on the friday deadly attack on the casino and shopping complex in the philippines. police say the lone suspect behind the attack was a gambling addict who was in debt, a married father of three and former finance department employee owing $80,000. the attack it was not terrorism despite a claim by isis that it was responsible. >> this weekend marks one year since the death of boxing great muhammad ali. he died last june after a long battle with parkinsons dweez. disease. a crowd gathered to honor and remember him and what he stood for. the 6 week festival includes events to highlight his 6 core principles, confidence, dedication and respect and spirit at. >> the greatest.
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>> much more to come on "action news," ben lively makes his major league debut with the phillies a look at how he performed coming up in sports.
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>> so glad you stayed with us, sports now, the phillies can do something they have not accomplished since april 27. win two games in a row. >> a young pitcher helped them win last night. here's jeff skeverski. >> reporter: since he was a little kid ben lively has been dreaming about this day when the phillies starter was in 5th grade he wrote down he wented to be a -- he wanted to be a professional baseball player. ben lively making his major league debut against the giants,
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he twirled around that's a balk. he goes 7, gives up four hits no strikeouts, lively jokes he could not strike out his sister. behind lively, the phillies are breaking bad in the 7th. freddie galvis rbi single. phils take the lead. bases clearing triple, the little bull comes up big ties his career high with 3rbis. lively is crossing his fingers in the 9th. phillies won 5-3 their first since last saturday and the first for lively. his mom tears up, he calls her a cry baby, come on kid this feels great. >> needless to say lively is my favorite pitcher, he did heck of a good job, got three double plays. the thing that impressed me the most he showed no fear. >> i didn't have any
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strikeouts, i couldn't strike out my sister, they were swinging putting the ball on the ground, i'll keep doing it. >> reporter: it is race weekend at the monster mile in dover, delaware. the trip a drive starts at 1:15 p.m. final practice at the monster mile, dale earn heart junior starts 11th. jimmy johnson who won three of last five races will start 14th. kyle bush fine tuning his ride after his upset second place finish a week ago. martin truex starts next to bush on the front row. he said he is looking forward to racing what he considers his home track. >> winning is huge, here it's and a special because i have more friends and family at this race than any race i go to, just a lot of good memories, honestly. it's special to win, it's hard
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everywhere, but here it's a little bit sweeter. >> truex junior among the favorites today. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a great day. >> another half-hour of "action news" is just ahead. here's a look at the stories we're working on for you. >> hundreds of people make a splash in cape may. montgomery county quintuplets heading to college. >> those stories and accuweather forecast and more when "action news" continues.
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>> happening right now on "action news," terror in london after an attack leaves seven people dead. the latest on the investigation. >> president trump supporters rally outside the white house in support of a controversial move by the president. >> heartwarming reunion at chop as former fetal surgery patients reunite with the staff members who saved their lives. >> those stories, but first meteorologist chris sowers is outside live with the forecast how we doing. >> reporter: we have clouds upstairs, temperature-wise very, very comfortable, numbers in the 70s and nice gentle breeze. let's flip it over to the temperature across the mid atlantic. we have two different air masses cutting in half the state of pennsylvania. you see the reds and oranges, warm temperatures there. that light shade of blue and
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green to the north that's a chilly air mass. 50s and 60s in williamsport and the poconos. 77 in philadelphia. 83 in richmond you can see the dividing line here. rain-cooled, the system is pushing west to east across the northern portions of the state of pennsylvania along the new york-pennsylvania state line. we're expecting showers and period of rain to push into the poconos and the lehigh valley later this afternoon. like i showed you earlier in the broadcast, we think the majority of this should stay north of the red line i've drawn north of harrisburg through easton and allentown and central portions of the state of new jersey. all areas north of the line be on the look out for showers and brief period of rain in the next few hours, south of there looking okay, combination of sun and clouds and comfortable temperatures. citizens bank park 1 5:00 p.m. start time, phillies taking on the giants.
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it's warm, 5 fivment -- pitch temperature 79. in the 9th inning the low 80s. looking ahead here, turning unsettled, monday, tuesday, wednesday. we had cooler temperatures this morning, i've lowered them now. there's a possibility of severe weather tomorrow. i'll be back along in just a few minutes with the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. guys? >> heightens secured will remain in place around the famed london bridge as england deals with another act of terror. after suicide bombing killed 22 people, tryst -- terrorists killed seven people. >> authorities are investigating to find out if others are involved in the planning. >> reporter: 12 people have been arrested in one london
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neighborhood in connection with last night's attack. the british prime minister wants a review of the country as counterterrorism strategy saying britain is too to to tolerant wh extremism. after 10:00 p.m. on the busy streets of london, heavy armed police officers swarmed the london bridge area. police say a white van caused panic as it struck people leaving bodies lying in the roadway. then place say the suspect ran to borough market a popular night life spot and stabbed patrons inside restaurants. >> all three were wearing what appeared to be explosive vests. they are warn to spread panic and fear, they were fake. >> reporter: many fought off the attackers uses chairs and bottles. >> many, many people risked their own safety to help others and treat those seriously injured and indeed to confront
12:34 pm
the suspects involved. >> reporter: others hid behind tables and in bathrooms or ran to safety. >> i heard like police like riot control language direct orders. >> reporter: the armed officers responded killing the three suspected terrorists. >> our officers confronted the suspect and brought this terrible incident to a conclusion within 8 minutes. clear to me that the courage that those people during and following the attacks was extraordinary and i pay tribute to all of them. >> reporter: in addition to the seven people killed 48 are in hospital some with life threatening injuries, we know two of the injured were police officers. roorpting -- reporting from london, riley carlson, back to you. >> 24 hours after the terror attack in london, ariana grande said her benefit concert will go
12:35 pm
on in manchester. the one love manchester concert was in response to the terror attack at her show last month. today security is on high alert as 50,000 fans are expected to attend the concert. abc will bring you the entire concert at 2:00 p.m. on our free form channel. you can see the hits on 6abc, the one hour special will air late tonight and follow the nba finals the late edition of "action news" at 11 and sports sunday. a group of president trump supporters rallied in front of the white house to show support for the withdrawal from the climate agreement. stands for pittsburgh not paris was a nod to the president last week that he would exit the agreement, during which he said quote i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh not paris. he under the supporters to
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attend the event. this week james comey is set to testify during the senate intelligence committee. it's expected to focus on the probes between the ties of the rush i can't even an trump campaign. there is worries that trump could invoke executive privilege the president's right to with hold information. 24-year-old has been arraigned and charged in the stabbing of david oh. he faces a list of charges attempted robbery and murder outside oh's home in southwest philadelphia. his bail was set $750,000. the next hearing is set for june 19. his stepfather said this is a case of mistaken identity. he said his stepson was not involved. police are looking for the person who shot and killed a man
12:37 pm
in west philadelphia overnight. a 24-year-old man was shot twice in the chest at the corner of 56th and market about 4:00 a.m. they also the victim walked into a local pizza shop to get help. he was driven to a nearby firehouse and transported to penn presbyterian where he later died. no word about a suspect in the case. police are searching for the person who shot a 21-year-old man last night in the city's tioga nicetown section. "action news" learned that the man was walking in the 2600 block of west toronto street at 11:45 p.m. when someone shot him on the left side of his face and shoulder. the victim was taken to temple where's listed in critical condition. it is unclear what led to the shooting. >> more than ten years after a former temple university employee said she was sexually assaulted by bill crosby, the trial is set to begin. bill cosby said -- was said to
12:38 pm
which drugged her cosby could get ten years if convicted. police questioned four people in connection with a drug raid in east norton. undercover officers conducted a sting operation at 7:00 a.m. they discovered a drug operation in the basement of the home. but they have not said what types of drugs or materials were found. the bomb squad along with a bomb removing robot were on the scene removing a jar filled with an unknown liquid. from our new jersey newsroom there's a warning for those in ocean county. if you live in the area, you may hear a test of emergency sirens from a nuclear plant this week, 42 sirens within a tile mile radius of the forked river eyes eyes -- oyster creek station
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will be on the noon. >> families from 24 states have converged on university city to celebrate a special bond. they all have children diagnosed with serious medical problems who had surgery even before they were born. "action news" reporter, bob brooks is live at children's hospital for this reunion, an emotional day, bob. >> reporter: a very emotional day, i'm having a hard time hearing it's a little loud because so many people have gathered and having fun. what an amazing place chop is. teenagers are here, people are waving to the camera having a good time. we have slides and bag tosses, great food in celebration of the kids most of which were operated on while in the womb. i want to bring up video here, more than two thousand people are here today from just about
12:40 pm
every state in the country because of the incredible work by the doctors and staff here at the center for fetal diagnosis and treatment. now, most of the kids here were operated on before they were born, not only is it a great day to see the staff, but to raise awareness that this kind of medicine is available to people everywhere. >> the variety of things that can be taken care of by fetal surgery, most of which are life threatening birth defects that causes progressive damage before birth. lung tumors, tumors on the tailbone, spina bifida is one of the big ones. >> reporter: it's great to see the young kids and teenagers come out and share their stories with one another. we spoke with a boy who is not a boy any more, he is 17 years old. his message, don't ever give up, continue to look for more options to help, because they
12:41 pm
for sure you are out there. reporting live in university city, bob brooks channel 6 "action news." >> important advice, bob. thank you. there's much more to come on "action news" sunday. tony-award winning music hits the stage in philadelphia. we'll look at fun house coming up in the 6abc loves the arts. >> a plane veered off the runway while taking over in texas. >> taking a live look right now via sky6 live hd at center city. meteorologist chris sowers will have the full accuweather forecast when "action news" continues.
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goldman sachs was one of those companies whose illegal activity helped destroy our economy... vo: as a goldman sachs president, phil murphy made his fortune in a rigged system. now the jersey machine has lined up with murphy and his millions. leaders should stand for the people, not the political machine. as a prosecutor, at treasury, and as head of the brennan center, i've taken on the powerful - from the mafia, to the nra, to the dark money that poisons our politics. i'll be nobody's governor but yours.
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theaters participated in the cape to cape triathlon they started aboard the cape may lewis ferry, participants jumped off the vessel 1 feet to the bay. then she had to swim, bike and run, this is the 5th year for cape to cape. >> we should all do that together, what do you say? >> reporter: i'll do one part try to get through the biking part. let's get you outside, by the way bay temperatures nowhere near 73 degrees, it's in the upper 50s, low 60s. it is very, very chilly, but we have -- there are some years early in the season where the bay is in the upper 60s and close to 70. this is not one of these years,
12:44 pm
as we go live you can see there's lots of clouds upstairs. as we look at philadelphia international airport, rain to the north, sunny skies to the south. looks like a nice day overall unless you're in the lehigh valley county poconos. that's where we have the drops falling at this point. zoom into the poconos, allentown, the lehigh valley, easton, bethlehem seeing showers developing as expected. lake harmony, mount pocono this will transition over into a steady rain pushing off to the east 25 to 30 miles per hour. south of the lehigh valley we're looking at a combination of sun and clouds the rest of the way. 82 degrees is the high temperature we're shooting for which is close to average. the seasonal average is 80. 56 is where we started out this morning, the normal 60. poconos in the 50s, wilks-berre scranton area, rain-cooled 50s there, as well. philadelphia, 77 you can see how the numbers are milder and
12:45 pm
milder the farther south we go because we're getting more sunshine down there. bay breeze along kent county, 80 in millville. winds are picking up out of the east southeast 5 to 15 miles per hour. 61 miles per -- 16 miles per hoa isle city and ten in dover. on the beach, a nice day, mostly sunny skies, a few clouds mixed in later on. low risk rip currents, waves are two to three feet. we have a comfortable surf conditions. atlantic city, 72. ocean city, 72. cape may, same number. numbers will start to pull back in the next couple of hours now that the sea breeze cikdz -- kicked in. bethany beach 77. rehoboth beach 76 degrees. satellite and radar this is the first system we're watching upstate new york getting wet. binghamton, buffalo showers,
12:46 pm
poconos same thing. along the p-a turnpike, we have the thick overcast. south of that line we're seeing a combination of sun and clouds pushing off to the east. showers in the lehigh valley county poconos. everybody else you can see how far north this is, everybody else looking at this combination of sun and clouds. overnight cloudy conditions there could showers developing for some, doesn't look like that big of a deal. tomorrow morning, the model is picking up on heavier downpours for kent county and cape may county and southern new jersey. that pulls through in the afternoon with how unstable the atmosphere will become. dewpoints are climbing, temperatures in the 70s, you'll see a little bit of sun. all of a sudden you get the pop-up showers and thunderstorms. the only concern with the storms some of them could be on the stronger side. winds gusting, 50 to 55 miles per hour. maybe small hail that's tomorrow. today, clouds and sun, warmer, high of 82 degrees, nice finish to the weekend. overnight tonight cloudy and showers around, very, very mild.
12:47 pm
60 degrees outlying suburbs, 66 for center city. that takes us into the exclusive accuweather forecast, more changes arrive tomorrow. afternoon thunderstorm, it's warm and sticky, 76 degrees, some of the on the stronger side. tuesday and wednesday, the upper level low sits on top of us, easterly breeze, cloudy and cool, 66 tuesday, 67 wednesday, we pull out of it thursday and friday. >> broadway philadelphia is bringing to town a tony-award winner for best musical. karen rogers has more in this week's loves the arts. >> reporter: fun home was named best musical in 2015 bootiondz based bootiondz -- based on the graphic memoir about a story of a woman from pennsylvania. allison bectdal wrote the story. >> all about coming of age in the town and her understanding
12:48 pm
of her homosexuality and understanding more about her family and more about her father. >> the show introduces allison at three different ages. the memoir was named best book of 2006. when the musical debuted on broadway in 2015 it won five tony awards. >> in the end it's about findings love and understanding within your family and within yourself. the musical took home a tony for best original score, the song string of keys represents her point of discovery. >> it's a beautiful almost like a monologue about seeing someone and immediately having that spark inside wow that's me or what i think i am. >> allison's character is played by miss america 19 9#. she grew up in -- 1998. she grew up in brigantine, new
12:49 pm
jersey. >> we're excited she'll be here on the tour. >> it's a very intense loving piece, but it has a lot of universal truth if it. it's about love and acceptance. >> fun home runs june 13th through the 18th at the frost theater. for the tickets and showtime visit arts in for 6abc loves the arts, i'm karen rogers. in about an hour, the one
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love manchester benefit concert will begin in the old stadium where you're looking right now. 50,000 fans are expected. ariana grande will be performing less than two weeks after the attack in manchester after the end of the concert that killed 22 people. money raised during the benefit concert will help victims of the of the attack. you can watch the entire concert at 2:00 p.m. on our sister network free form. highlights air at midnight. flights in san antonio were canceled after a plane veered off the runway and got stuck in the mud. 36 passengers and crew members on the plane at the time. no injuries reported. dozens of people spent the day walking in memory of the late amy perez and her children the walk was held at tyler state
12:52 pm
park. they were murdered by her estranged husband in october 2011. money raised from the event will go toward books, scholarships in four states. 19 years ago, five siblings entered the world. they are considered the favorite sons and daughters of harleysville montgomery county. they are about to hit a milestone in their young lives. annie mccormick caught up with the five teens. >> >> reporter: the griffin quintuplets are graduating souderton area high school in one week. "action news" was there in 1998 when the harleyville family arrived home three months after they were born. they do everything token including working here at meadow wood senior living. >> they make suggestions what's better on the menu and come over
12:53 pm
with a smile. >> they are lovely young people and delayeded to have them here. >> reporter: thursday the residents will present the kids with a clipper a little over one thousand dollars each. >> they helped us out financially, it's good to see them having a loving and caring heart. >> reporter: up next montgomery county community college before applying to another school, the five have a variety of majors. >> geology or environmental scientists. >> i took a lot of film in high school, digital media, classes where you make posters and stuff. >> we'll be together, after that, kind of it will be different because we'll go our separate ways. >> we've been together for so long, we need to separate and find our own self, our own path. >> until then the siblings will live at home and work together.
12:54 pm
>> you always have a buddy. >> reporter: wore chester, and channel 6 "action news." >> when "action news" continues an update of the final stories, plus a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll see you in just a moment.
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>> recapping our top stories on "action news," the focus of the investigators in london is behind -- on the men behind the terror attack. 7 people died and 48 were hurt in the van and knife attack
12:57 pm
yesterday. more than ten careers after a former temple university employee said she was sexually abused by bill cosby will takes place in norristown. he said the contact was consent consental. combination of sun and clouds, warmer, temperatures in the low 80s across south jersey and delaware. 82 degrees in philadelphia. clouds and sun, showers are possible for the lehigh valley county poconos, but everybody else should stay dry, tomorrow, more humid, combines of sun and clouds, look out for an afternoon thunderstorm. >> look out. "action news" continues at 6:00 p.m. for gray hall, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han have a great sunday
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