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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  June 4, 2017 11:45pm-12:00am EDT

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♪ tonight on sports sunday: the phillies have been a giant mess until the little bulls big weekend. >> that is the third extra base hit of the day for odubel herrera, fifth in two games. >> should the eagles catch a familiar face on the free agent market? jeremy maclin is available. plus the sixers would have a ball come draft night. sports sunday starts right here, right now. >> this is action news sports sunday. sponsored by audi. >> finally, a series win. the phillies have been a giant disappointment until the last two days. i'm jeff skversky with mike. things have been so bad for the
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phillys. people have been calling for the manager's job. but did he handle the franco and herrera situation well, considering they're coming out of the slumps. >> i don't think he handle it is well. herrera had a big game, and several in a row where he's produced. but i would have sent them to the minor leagues. thing they're big leaguers before they're actually big leaguers. and a trip to the minor league, aaa, a couple of bus rides may have gotten them into perspective. >> just gave herrera a big contract. >> what's a big contract? $6 million? is that big for this year? in this day and age? you know, even if he's making $6 million, treat everyone in aaa to ice cream. send him down there, give men and women a wakeup call. >> that's a lot of ice cream. a giant weekend against the giants. herrera ties his career high with three rbis. here in the fifth, the solo homer. he's a little more selective at the plate today. >> i can't figure this guy out
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at all. he swings at everything. never takes pitches. never in an advantageous count. needs better plate discipline. they have been up too long to keep flailing away. that's why they need a remedial. >> tied it up in the seventh. franco puts them up in the eighth with a solo homer. he's been red hot the last four. and freddy galvis, second of the game. from each side of the plate jimmy raul lins the last to do it. 9-7, first series win in five and a half weeks. >> the whole key to success, in my opinion, is to have quality at bats consistently. when a guy comes to the plate, you got to feel good as if he's going to do something good. and when these guys get in these slumps, you don't always feel that way. you kind of hope that they come out of it. but, you know, if you want to win a lot of games, you have to have consistent at bats throughout the lineup. and that's what we're striving
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for. >> not only is herrera heating up, but he's taking heat for this bat flip that he's been doing. game in and game out. why is this such a big deal? it's a little flair? >> i don't think a bat flip is a big deal. there are other unwritten rules to baseball. >> what's with the unwritten rules? >> it's a problem when he hits a sacrifice fly and they're down by five runs. he's done that, by the way, with the bat flip. you know, you hit the ball and you hit it out of the park and into the gap. you can flip the bat, i don't care. you're excited. flip it. but don't do it on a sacrifice fly. all i ask. >> he said he's going to keep doing it even though he may get hit by a pitch. today he cut down on it. he didn't do it as much. on the home run, didn't flip. >> just dropped. >> just dropped in the home run in the fifth like he has been here before. >> tossed it, do you think? got in his ear, possibly? >> he's an old school baseball
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guy >> yes, he is. >> perhaps larry got to him. let's move on. talk football. a lot of people caught offguard. andy reid cuts jeremy maclin in kansas city two weeks after his wedding. maclin gets married. two weeks later, andy reid cuts him. worst wedding gift. >> if you're going to cut the guy, you have to cancel going to the wedding. really, you can't go to the wedding and cut him. >> if i invited you to my wedding and you were going to cut me, should i have not invited you? should i take it back? >> andy reid should have said no on the check box. no, will not be attending. if he knew he was going to cut him. you had to know. how go to a wedding and cut him a couple weeks later? >> okay. let's get to the more important note, should the eagles bring jeremy maclin back? >> no. the stage of his career, he's a possession receiver. that's not what they need.
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they have jeffrey. they have all possession receivers other than tory smith. >> he's better than him. >> smith takes the deep end -- that's a cliche. his speed ownerships the field. jeremy maclin doesn't have the speed. he would be another possession receiver. a good year last year, don't get my wrong. i don't think i would spend the money for jeremy maclin at this stage. >> maclin is off his career worst year in yards and touchdowns. but still better numbers than tory smith. but one guy who wants to team up with maclin. lesean mccoy. and shady says he has been talking to maclin about coming to buffalo with him. listen to this. >> not to brag, but i was the first guy he talked to. i kind of understand. i have been there. maybe not to the extreme of maybe being released, but traded. that's saying, hey, you're not good enough for us. so i understand that. i mean, he was hurt. but i played with him. and i know the guy in the locker
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room. he could help us out tremendously. >> i think he could help out the eagles. but you disagree. >> banged up. plus, jeremy, it's cold in buffalo. don't listen to shady. >> cold around andy reid. tomorrow, who will be there, who will be mia. voluntary. do you have an issue when fletcher cox and jason smith not showing up? >> i have a problem with cox, smith is okay. and jason peters is put together with tape and string. he doesn't have throb. he knows the lay of the land. cox is the highest paid player on the team. therefore he is a leader. you sign the check, there is a certain responsibility that comes with that check. and you have to show up and set the tone and tell your teammates you're all in to win something. and when you don't, when a vacation is more important than that, you're not invested. but he did come back to otas. he took a family vacation. >> why taking a family vacation
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when otas are starting? why pick that time. i don't care about his family. everything revolves around fletcher cox. it's on his time. when it says otas begin this particular week, that's not the time to book a vacation. >> if you had a family vacation, would you show up to a voluntary thing. >> i wouldn't book the vacation. i would put on the calendar, otas, i can't book that week. >> all right. >> you can't take off on sweeps. if it's sweeps, can you take off? >> no. >> voluntary work or going to aruba or puerto rico. i don't know. >> all right. still to come on sports sunday, game two of the nba finals. first a final look at the forecast with melissa mcgee. >> here's the exclusive accuweather seven day forecast. showers, even a gusty rumble of thunder on monday. stays unsettled. high temperature at 76. on tuesday, cool for june. a high of just 70 and a few isolated showers. some sun on wednesday, a stray
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shower likely in at 67. thursday, clouds and some sun. 69. getting a little warmer on friday, a high of 75. that's a look at your accuweather forecast. ♪ action news sports sunday continues right after this. it takes a lot of people to make a good school day.
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♪ action news sports sunday, sponsored by audi. challenge all givens. back here on sports sunday. look whose back in the winners circle in dover. jimmie johnson from worst to first on the restart in overtime. johnson takes the lead and the win. about half the field crashes. johnson is a monster. a record 11th win in dover. he is now tied for the most wins all time in nascar. speaking of dominating. nba finals, the golden state warriors, monsters. 14-0 in the playoffs. and lesean mccoy is confident they're going to win. he placed a $200,000 bet that
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they're going to beat the cavs. >> hide the money in the closet and you wake up with extra money. >> the best in nba history after watching game two? >> it's like this -- this series is like watching a car trying to get out of the mud. the cleveland cavaliers just can't do it. their defense has been broken down by this team. this team is just from stem to stern better than the cleveland cavaliers. their cast is amazing. they get contributions from players. doesn't miss a shot. what can cleveland do? >> unreal. 132-113 the final in game two. the cavs outscored by 41 so far. game three will be wednesday here on 6abc. all right, the nba draft in two and a half weeks. the sixers bring in prospects tomorrow. no word if ucla guard ball will be here to work. he's number two, is this a no brainer? >> i think they're going to
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pass. i think take josh jackson. would i take him? no, i would not. >> why? >> that's one reason. see him shoot the ball from his ear? i don't think he fits in as an nba shooter. and i think he would mess up the back court chemistry if they're planning to play ben simmons at the one. he can't play for that. he's a creator, sees the floor. does that well. but if ben is going to be the one, there's no room for ball. >> any concern about his father? >> i don't care about his father. you can keep the father under control. he's had experience in this town with the parents. they were overzealous, ai's mom. put the guy in a box and forget about him. >> did they tell you that? >> yeah. >> well, that is almost it for action news sports sunday. we leave you tonight, west chester, congratulations. winning the division ii national championship. congratulations.
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