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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  June 5, 2017 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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classes as a result. bill cosby goes on trial in norristown with opening statementsness sex assault -- statement in his sex assault trial this morning. >> looking live at the ben franklin bridge. accuweather is tracking an unsettled workweek. >> let's go over to karen rogers and david murphy is outside live. >> reporter: we have a cloudy start. distracter shows -- storm tracker 6 live shows you we have showers by gettysburg. we have storms pushing to the east. satellite shows you a fair amount of cloud cover overall. sunny breaks and morning sprinkles and showers, the stuff south and west of washington will make a run at southern delaware and southern south jersey later on in the morning and afternoon. at the same time we'll be on the
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look out for thunderstorms popping up north and west of philadelphia late today and tonight. 65 degrees in the city. under mainly cloudy skies, 59 in allentown. down the shore, 69. a coupled around 70 degrees including millville and dover. as we go through the day, looks like it's going to be warm. 66 by 7:00. noon up to about 77 degrees, mostly cloudy skies and sunny breaks in the morning, maybe a sprinkle. later in the afternoon, 79 degrees by 3:00 p.m. that's likely the high today. as we gt 3, 4:00 p.m., we'll be on the look out for thunderstorms north ailadelphia. the best chance toward the poconos lehigh valley and berks county. anybody up west that wants to hear a rumble of thunder from t. down the shore, 73 degrees under mostly cloudy skies and s this unsettled pattern continues for the next several days you'll karen what have you got on the
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moorestown, new jersey, route 38 eastbound past nololl road. we have an accident that we are learning that brought down a pole it's blocking the right lane blocked 38 e morris town, blue route, northbound traffic heading toward the schuylkill expressway. there. we're tracking showers comingree moment and not causing any few s york road atially blocking the n screngen -- jenkintown. drivingd jenkintown be aware of that. ben franklin bridge heading towr city no major delays just ts
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morning, the continue search for the escaped bucks county. chopper 6 hd is live over a wooded area. they have the dogs out trying to pick up the scent of a prisoner who escaped overnight whose been on the loose for hours now. they are doing everything they can to roust him out of whatever hiding space he may be in. as of yet they have not been able to find him. that's why the central bucks school district has decided to close for safety regions. residents told to stay in their homes to shelter in place, we saw last night that they were looking in the area there in warrington and chalfonte being told to stay within their homes. again, the central bucks county school district has cancelinged classes today. . we have details on a crash on i-95 pennsylvania state police say one person was killed
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in the crash in tinicum township, delaware county. it happened along the northbound lanes near exit 10 last night. two vehicles smashed into each other, sending one a gmc yukon airborne it rolled over a third car. three people in the yukon who were 18 years old or under were not wearing seat belts. one of them was killed, two others rushed to the hospital. other people including juveniles in the two other vehicles suffered minor injuries. also new, a gunman shot a man twice in the ear -- rear alleyy way of the home on farrington road. investigators are trying to figure out who shot the man and why. happening today after months of build up,
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cosby sexual assault trial is going to takes place in norristown. it will be the first time we hear andrea constan tell her story in public. she maintains she was drugged and sexually assaulted in 2004. the 79-year-old actor said the encounter was consensual. coming up we'll have a full previe courthouse. closing arguments begin in the trial ever lee kaplan, the bucks county man accused of sexually assaulting 6 girls from an amish family. the parents quote gifted the girls to kaplan as thanks for the prosecution rested their case on friday. the defense did not present a case. fire destroyed a home in south philadelphia. flames broke out on the 2600 block of sheridan street yesterday afternoon. heavy fire was rising from the
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second floor. yews gained the upper hand quickly and everybody got out safely, but the home is a total loss. residents in bucks county are hoping a bear will leave the community and soon. the bear was spotted running in feasterville. animal control officers cornered him when he climbed up a tree. they tried shooting it with a tranquilizer dart, it grazed the bear. >> our best plan for his safety is to let him come down out of the tree on his own tonight that's why we don't want anyone around. we don't you to get hurt or him to get nervous, because he is a wild animal. >> authorities say it was too dangerous to continue to try to shoot the bear in the dark. they have confirmed it was the same 100-pound bear spotted in doylestown three days ago. political among important oil producers in the middle east could lead to the
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rice at the pump hear. maribel aber is live nasdaq in time square. >> reporter: good morning, tension in the middle east escalates saudi arabia and three other middle east countries have cut ties with can qatar. oil jumped one% to $40 a barrel. meanwhile, stocks closed at another record high. factor orders and consumer jobs are due out this week. toyota is looking at flying cars. aerial solutions is one of the areas of research and development. they put $400,000 into a start up company. they hope to wishing a driver through the -- whisk a driver through the air to light the olympic torch in tokyo.
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let's go over tolittle bit. >> reporter: the storm tracker 6 live shows the bulk of the rain is off to the east of us. two dimensional view shows a sprinkle or shower out by gettysburg. there was a former shower by lancaster. that's falling a part. whether or not that guy out by gettysburg gets here it's a bit of a question. sky6 live hd is showing us the commodore barry bridge with a little brightening in the heavens above the bridge. a lot of clouds around overall. 65 in the city. 64 in wilmington. 61 in trenton. 59 in allentown. a little bit milder south toward the shore. some spots closer to 70. future tracker 6 shows you during the morning hours we'll see sun and showers pushing into the shore as a wave of low pressure develops off the delmarva peninsula. the other area we're looking for is off to the north and west where they will be gusty
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thunderstorms developing. the latest future tracker 6 run holds most of this up toward the poconos. i think it could make it to allentown and reading. in any event later today and this evening, if you hear a rumble of thunder in the northern and western suburbs you want to take cover because there's a slight chance of a severe weather up there. the storm prediction center has allentown and northern berks and lancaster in the area where any storm that forms has the potential of producing damaging wind gusts up north and west later today and tonight an issue there. in the lehigh valley we'll call for mostly cloudy skieses, chany shower or gusty thunderstorm. down the shore looks like it will be a mostly cloudy day with late showers later this morning and into the afternoon abbey maybe aimes at the shore and 73. in philadelphia, 79 is the high, lots of clouds, spott sthunderst times. most of the action is likely to be up north and west of
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philadelphia. you keep that accuweather app on the phone, check outbefore you d be in good shape. overnight tonight, cloudy, 61 degrees, a spotty shower or rumble of thunder north and wes. winds or the light side 6 to 12 miles per hour. tomorrow we start out cloudy as an area of low pressure is stuas and showers into the region. midday afternoon chance of showers or odd thunderstorm rolling through and bit of that in the before it starts to die down. the cl warm, 79 clouds and sunny breaks and shower or thunderstorm can't be ruled out at times in spots. 68r rotating in the region particularly in the afternoon and evening you just saw that on >> reporter: wednesday, more of the same, cloudy, showers, a cooler high on thursday, clouds and sun, 67
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we start to get on the other side of this sun. there could be a spotty shower, but thursday rent a transition day to better times. friday, milder and nice high of 75. saturday, clouds and sun, 80. we have to reintroduce the chance of a late-day shower or thunderstorm on saturday. sunday looks dry, warmer high of 86. by monday we could be back you mean to 90 and everybody is complaining about the higher humidity. >> 6:11 a.m., former l.a. laker star and ex-knicks coach has been arrested. chinese lantern festival has been extended for those who still want to check it out. >> reporter: it's such a cool festival. we'll check the accident in new jersey when we come back.
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>> 6:14 a.m., let's update you on a breaking news story, a scare situation for -- scary situation for several communities in the doylestown area. this is chopper 6 hd along the edison furlong road looking for an inmate who escaped custody last night. this is not far from bucks county jail and a mile and a half away from where the inmate escaped from. the central bucks school district has canceled classes,
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police trying to finds the inmate who may be in the woods have. we don't know, as we get new information for you we'll pass it along. >> let's go over to karen rogers she's taking a look at the commute, good morning. >> reporter: good morning everybody we have an accident in morristown, burlington county new jersey, an accident brought down a pole. you have pole and wires down, 38 eastbound in bowrlg -- burlington county you want to watch for the right lane blocked this morning. 422 kind of a quiet scene look at this an easy 6 minute ride in each direction as we look live at oaks, hardly any volume building as you head toward king of prussia. jenkintown a disabled vehicle washington lane partially blocking the roadway. travel time, green traffic flow,
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i-95, schuylkill expressway good to go. checking the commuter report with the waze app. if you're coming in from marple township, the best way is to head i-95, an easy 38 minute ride taking i-95. let's take a look at temperatures through the area and visibility reports we have a touch of low clouds and 1.3-mile new numbers in allentown and 1.7 in reading. that's the only spot. trenton, 3 miles, philadelphia an easy ten mile visibility. satellite and radar showing sprinkles trying to pop up, but we have the chance of a expect it to be wet matt. >> >> happening today opening statements to begin in the trial of a police officer who shot a black man. he shot and killed the man during a traffic stop back in july of last year. castile informed the officer that he had a licensed gun. his girlfriend was in the car
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and live streamed the aftermath an facebook. she said castile told the officer he was reaching for i.d. when he opened fire. authorities later confirmed that castile had a permit to carry. foremanner los angeles -- former los angeles laker star and ex-knicks coach has been arrested for dui. heas injured. remember the movie forest gump when he keeps onning. 98-year-old woman shattered record. she ranl a marathon in san diego at the age of 92. that was another record. she beaten cancer twice, she keeps on running to raise money for cancer research. i thought i something for
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running four miles yesterday. i'm no harriet. >> she keeps running and running. gordon ramsey is spotted at the dover speedways, he didn't like the smell of what was cooking there. >> need to restart your weight loss efforts we have tips to help you drop the pounds. >> reporter: a little cooler this morning, you may neat a jacket. this afternoon warm enough for shorts and ts. late thunderstorm possible in the northern and western suburbs. we'll give you the 12-hour forecast up next. >> reporter: in tech bytes one love manchester dominates twitter. >> reporter: the concert generated more than 6 million tweets. ariana grande and justin bieber were the most tweeted performers.
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nurse ali gorman this is your "action news" health tip. if you're trying to lose weight and hit a plateau.
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first make sure you're eating enough calories, but try to cutback on the carbohydrates. make sure you're eating lots of fiber from vegetables. as for the workout increase the intensity or try something new. you want to make sure your workout regiment includes at least a few days of strength training. >> make sure you're eating enough calories. i have a feeling most people are, that's good advice. i'll eat a little more. >> reporter: there you go. >> reporter: let's look outside and check i-95 getting busy southbound from the betsy ross bridge to girard. a live look at i-95 approaching allegheny right here. let's check mass transit, everything is looking good, on time no issues just yet. that's a good way to start monday. >> reporter: it is, karen. a little bit unsettled in the 12 hour forecast. 66 by 7:00 a.m. noon, 77 getting warm and mainly
6:23 am
dry through the morning down the shore you might have late morning and afternoon showers. in philadelphia, 79 degrees by 3:00 p.m. 78 by 5:00 p.m. there's a chance of a spotty shower or thunderstorm later this afternoon or evening. the best chance of that is in the northern suburbs places like the lehigh valley and the poconos. >> golden state warriors remain perfect in the nba players. they beat the 132-112. this gave us them a 2-0 lead in the besteven series and 114 post game wins in a row that's a record. you can watch it on 6abc. phillies open a four game series with the braves. they beat the giants 9-7 yesterday. the in 6 weeks and the first time they have won two in a row since april. baby steps we're getting there. >> in the right direction.
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6:23 a.m. jeanette reyes is live in doylestown bucks county where police are searching for an escaped inmate. gentleman -- jennette. >> reporter: central bucks school district is closed as the search for an escaped prisoner intensifies what police know and where they are searching coming up after the break. ♪
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it's here. ughter stays out way too late. but after three years of specialist cancer care, to guide her into remission, you couldn't be happier about it. aetna. you don't join us, we join you. chinese lantern festival another week due to the rainy spring
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season. the event at frank will run through june 18. >> gordon ramsey cooked breakfast for a nascar team at dover international speedway. he whipped up omelet and hash. he balked at eating the usual tailgating fare. he said you could smell the overcooked hot dogs and gray burgers. >> we continue to follow breaking news, a an inmate escapes from bucks county a man hunt is underway. >> a driver is credited for saving lives after literally jumping into a car there he goes through the side. it was out of control. see the rescue. we're following several
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breaking news stories this morning police in bucks county are looking for an escaped prisoner. >> a man on his couch is ambushed with intruders firing nearly a dozen shots at close range. we have the details on the latest homicide in philadelphia. >> comedian bill cosby is back in the courtroom as the trial for sexual assault gets going. good morning, everybody, monday, june 5. ready for a little bit of rain, let's go outside to david and karen. >> reporter: we have sunshine breaking through the clouds early on. you'll see a sunny break or two today. thunderstorms formed east of trenton are pushing out to sea. out by gettysburg you'll see sprinkles a showers that's possible through the morning and afternoon. a lot of clouds out there, too, there will be sunny breaks, but
6:31 am
mostly cloudy overall. you see the rain south anne west of washington that may make a run to southern new jersey and south jersey in the afternoon. the other big issue will be the possibility of thunderstorms north and west of philadelphia later today and tonight. 65 degrees is your current temperature under mainly cloudy skies with some sun trying to break through. still in the upper 50s in allentown and reading, closer to 70 in cape may and up the coast in brigantine. here's how it will roll today, 66 degrees by 7:00 a.m. noon, 77 degrees, mostly cloudy skies and sunny breaks in the morning. in the afternoon, 795 high at 3:00 p.m. in philadelphia, some spots getting up to 80 or so particularly in urban centers. 5:00 p.m., 78. 6:00 p.m., 76 down the shore showers possible and northern and western suburbs could see afternoon and evening thunderstorms. karen, when i step inside we'll talk about the seven-day forecast, a little unsettled
6:32 am
over the next couple of days before things get better. what have you got on the roads. >> reporter: a big accident breaking news in the tacony section state road at cottman avenue near i-95. you can see how badly the damage is. as i step aside there's vehicle flipped over on its side. there's debris all over. police pulled up to the scene. we can see a big accident state road at cottman avenue. police and fire on the scene. the intersection partially blocked state road at cottman avenue near i-95. on the bicker that's the accident scene, i-95 itself seeing slower speeds 22 miles per hour as you head toward girard. starting to slow don the schuylkill expressway westbound 18 miles per hour approach approaching the boulevard. burlington county, route 38 eastbound you can see the flashing lights. they have an accident that brought down the pole.
6:33 am
they are waiting for peco to arrive on the scene. 38 eastbound in burlington county morristown. watch for that on the scene partially blocking traffic. disabled vehicle blocking york road at washington lane in jenkintown. one live look on 42. no problems here david mentioned showers around, 42 is nice and dry matt. >> breaking this morning, a manhunt continues fore an escaped inmate in bucks county. police are telling residence to stay in their homes and school district has canceled classes for the day. jeanette reyes is live in doylestown where the search is taking place. jennette? >> reporter: matt, thousands of kids will be home from school today as the central bucks school district announced they will be closed as the search for the i know mate intensifies. take a live look behind me, i want to show you why. there's a heavy police preference as they search for the inmate along edison road.
6:34 am
we're told this happened, the escape happened last night as the inmate was being transported in the area of bristol and lower state road. the inmate was being held at the bucks county correctional center less than a mile away. residents were told to shelter in place, they first learned of the police activities through a reverse 911 call and asked to stay in their homes and lock their doors, but not much information was given and that caused some alarm. since then, the state police have descend upon neighboring streets including this one here. police, sheriff and k-9 have been enlisted in the on going search. we saw activity pick up 30 minutes ago, we're not sure if there was a scieght or -- sighting or the k-9 picked up a scent. no word if they are getting
6:35 am
closer to finding an inmate. jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> breaking news now, a man is shot dead inside a philadelphia home during a home invasion, the intruders kicked in the back door of the home overnight and fired off 11 shots while the victim was on the couch. the house is on the 6500 block of north 16th street in west oak lane. the 29-year-old victim was shot at pointblank range. his grandmother was you must the whole time. it is not clear if the intruders stole anything. for decades bill cosby cultivated the persona of america's favorite dad. that image shall be shattered as dozens came forward to accuse him of drugging and sexually assaulting them. today he faces a an accuser in court. katherine scott is live in norristown with a preview on what to expect today. >> reporter: good morning, tam, after a year and half of
6:36 am
pretrial hearings, the trial is set to begin with opening statements starting around 9:30 a.m. montgomery county courthouse is set up for the crowds of people expected. there's a lot of time fencing outside for the sheer number of reporters a spectators expected. no cameras allowed inside the courtroom. bill cosby and is defense team have tried to get the criminal case thrown out. cosby who will be 80 next month is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting andrea constan at his home in cheltenham in 2004. she filed a police report a year later. bruce castor thought the case was too weak to prosecute. instead constan sued cosby for sexual battery and reached a settlement in 2006. 2014 a federal judge granted a
6:37 am
associated press motion to unseal the deposition and 2015 cosby was arrested days before the statue of limitations was set to expire. constan and one other accuser is expected to take the stand. cosby is not expected to testify, though the jury will hear parts of the deposition given in the 2005 lawsuit. he pleaded not guilty. due to the per vasive pre-- pervasive pretrial, the case become an election issue in the campaign for prosecutor. we'll bring you all the developments throughout the day. matt. >> two people were shot anne killed in the east mount airy section of philadelphia. a neighbor discovered a man and woman sitting in the car with gunshot wounds to the head. the car with the 23-year-old man
6:38 am
and 21 woman was parked on the ten hundred block of sydney streets. police believe the victims knew their killer. now to the latest on the terror attack in london. authorities say they know the identity of attackers who killed seven people and injured 50 others. on saturday a van pedestrians on the london bridge before the three men jumped out and went on a stabbing spree. the attackers were shot and killed by police. investigators are questioning 11 people now after conducting a raid at one of the attackers possible homes. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. 24 hours after that terror attack it was a message of defines as thousands of people teafnedded -- attended a concert to honor the victims of the terror attack in manchester. ♪
6:39 am
ariana grande hosted the concert after 22 people were killed in the manchester bombing. during her performance she praised the crowd for their bravery in coming out. >> been through a lot there. not a washout. >> reporter: spotty sprinkles and showers, a couple of people might see more steady activity, but not everybody. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we're dry across the region. for the most part, thunderstorms off to the east continuing to pull away from long island. out in gettysburg there's a light shower trying to get its act together cruising toward the east. we had earlier activity that fell a part before it got hear. we'll allow for a spotty sprinkle or shower through the morning, most of us will not see up much of that. outside we have sky6 live hd there's a fair amount of cloud cover over center city philadelphia. sunny breaks, that's the way it will go with sun breaking through an otherwise cloudy sky
6:40 am
cover. 65 degrees in philadelphia. winds running out of the north over the last hour or so. they are calm now. future tracker 6 shows you between now and noon we're mainly dry with just a sprinkle. we get up to midday there's a wave of low pressure off the delmarva that could throw showers or rumble of thunder in southern delaware and extreme south jersey. that continues off and on through the afternoon. another area of precipitation north and west of philadelphia. thunderstorms are liable to start popping in the afternoon and evening. there's a chance some of this comes into allentown and reading and lancaster. right now the model has the up in the poconos later tonight. if you hear any rumbles of thunder in the northern and western areas take cover because there's a chance of strong thunderstorms up there. in fact severe thunderstorm possibility of them in around allentown and reading and lancaster. there's a chance in north
6:41 am
hampton and lehigh valley. you hear rumble of thunders indoors lower floors 69 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 75 by 10:00 a.m. noon, 77. 3:00 p.m., 79 that's the high, a couple of spots might hit 80 or so. 77 by 6:00 p.m. in the afternoon hours in the northern and western suburbs we'll look out for thunderstorm activity. down there shore you could get a shower maybe a drencher occasionally. 77 in allentown. up closer to the i-95 corridor, low 70s at the shore this afternoon. unsettled pattern continues. today, 79 clouds an sunny breaks and thunderstorms at time. tomorrow, cloudy and shower possible. mostly cloudy on wednesday, again showers are possible at times. cooler hierl -- cooler high of
6:42 am
65. thursday, clouds and sun, 67. bring dry on friday, 75. for the weekend, 80s. saturday afternoon or evening a thunderstorm is possible. >> thank you, david. 6:42 a.m., a brutal attack is caught on video next details about a random attack that left a 90-year-old man with bumps and bruises. a man dives into a moving car because the driver suffered a medical emergency. see the dramatic video later. >> reporter: we have an accident in taconyy partially blocking state road and cottman avenue. one vehicle on the side. we'll have the latest on the accident and update on the accident in morristown that's been all there all morning when we come right back.
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>> welcome back taking a live look here, the commodore barry bridge, it's 6:44 a.m., 65 degrees on it there. >> what you got in traffic, karen? >> reporter: big accident in tacony partially blocking the intersection. i'll step aside so you can seem the vehicle flipped over on its side. there's broken glass and debris on the road. police are there, and fire crews out there earlier. you can see the damage from the vehicle, as well. a serious accident at tacony partially blocking the intersection of state road and cottman avenue watch for this on the scene. this accident in morristown cleared. the right lane looking better, we have peco here they are getting ready to pull away. traffic is moving better. we had a downed pole.
6:46 am
peco is getting ready to clear the scene in burlington county. ben franklin bridge start to slow down, westbound traffic coming into the city already jammed approaching 8th and vine from the mid span to 8th and vine slowing down on the ben franklin bridge. looking at the travel times slow on i-95 24 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine. schuylkill expressway eastbound not bad. westbound 22 minute ride toward the blue route. 42 slowing no major jams, but it's that time of the morning. waze app we found a problem a big accident on the northeast extension, power went out on that, at any rate the northeast extension an accident scene as you head out. >> president trump will announce that he move to privatize the nation's air traffic control system. he will hold multiple efforts about the infrastructure reform. james comey is set to
6:47 am
testify on thursday about aspects of the russia probe that lading the white house. shocking surveillance video shows the moment a teenager beats a 90-year-old with a cane in a random attack. he walked to the 90-year-old in new york city, kicks the shopping cart and hits him on the side of the head with the cane. good samaritans stopped the assault. >> he is a nice man, everybody sees him on regular bases, he cleghts cans, he is locally known here. >> the unprovoked assault left him with cuts to his ear and head. he faces assault charges. ♪ ♪ award winning interface.
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when dove asked me to try out this body wash... i was excited that it was foam. it was so light and soft... not sticky. it's light. it's different. it's foam. welcome to maxx you. you are whimsical, vibrant, statement making. we see what makes you unique. so we have something for everyone, at a price that's just right for you. maxx you. maxx life. "g.m.a." >> amy robach joins us live from the "g.m.a." studios with the run down of what's going on today. >> reporter: that's right, matt and tam, coming up next on "g.m.a." we're talking about the arrests for those connected to the suspects in london. a teen that cared for severely injured man and witnessed so much what happened as well as the aftermath. we learn more about the heros and the victims of the deadly
6:51 am
rampage. we're live in london with the latest. it's a big week for president trump james comey set to testify what he will reveal about his meetings with the president. we're live from the white house. ariana grande powerful one love manchester concert joins support and tears from around the world. our back stage interviews with the superstar performers and the best moments of that incredible event coming up on monday, on "g.m.a.," matt and tam. >> thank you amy. >> reporter: as you try to go to work this morning let me help you out. i-95 southbound traffic heavy woodhaven to the vine 24 minute ride. you can see the shot there, as well, where the roads are dry at the moment on i-95. mass transit looking good, too dave. >> reporter: some suburbs in the 60s and upper 50s, in some cases a light jacket might be good for the kids on the way in. this afternoon shorts and ts
6:52 am
not a lot of rain around, hopefully an umbrella not necessary. we can't rule out a shower during the morning hours down by the shore. 3:00 p.m., 79. after 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., especially in the northern and western areas like the lehigh valley we'll be on the look out for pop-up thunderstorms some of which could be strong and gusty, tam take cover from a storm north and west this afternoon or evening. >> will do. an illinois man risked his life to save a driver having a seizure. this dash cam video shows the man dive into a car that was driving the wrong way down the street. the man stopped the car and put it into park. police police officers were behind the car. they started following it when the driver disobeyed a red traffic signal. police thanked the truck driver for stopping the car and preventing an accidentle we'll b right back.
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even though the search continues for an escaped inmate in bucks county. authorities have decided to lift a shelter in place order. police sent out a reverse 911 call in warrington and chalfonte
6:56 am
telling people to stay in their homes. central bucks school district canceled classes for safety reasons. police say intruders barged into a back door in west oak lane section of philadelphia overnight and fired 11 shots killing the man. bill cosby sexual assault trial begins this morning. can -- andrea constan claims he drugged and sexually assaulted her in his tomorrow -- home in 2004. we have police and fire crews on the scene cottman avenue and state road. happens e majors, dave. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan shows sprinkles and showers out west. it might be a part of the package later on this morning. overall we're going for a
6:57 am
afternoon high of 79 degrees climbing from the 60s right now. that's around average for this time of the year. there's a shower around and sunny breaks otherwise. late today lookut thunderstorms north and west of philadelphia. >> that's it for us we'll send you to "g.m.a.," have a good monday. karen, i'm tam, have a good one. donald tmeet phil murphy,by former goldman sachs bankers. another wa whose firm helped trigger the financial meltdown that put millions out of work and out of their homes.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. brealondon terrorovernight show police hunting down claiming rey for that brutal assault on lo then jumped out stabbing and se. taki omorning. what we're now learning about the terrorists' past and theo mm as the uk's prime minister theresa may says it's time for things to change. >> enough is overnight, preside speaking out about the attack. >> this bloodshed must end. >> vowing to help the uk bring the terrorists to justice but comingtacking


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