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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  June 6, 2017 2:07am-2:46am EDT

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to the stanley cup final, the predators looked to get steam rolled by the penguins but they are back in the series. game four, second period. predators win 4-1, game five
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thursday night in pittsburg. >> sixers brought in a handful of prospects for the workout, draft is june 22nd. sixers have the third over all pick. they have a decision to make. >> sitting at three, we are in a good position to add a talented player, a player to help this organization short and long term. i think that should we move or if there is a transaction that comes up, that gives us a chance to increase what impact number three can have in terms of its return, we'll look at it. a programming note, wednesday night in cleveland, warriors lead the calves. coverage begins 8:30. >> there is football and then there's champion indoor football. the receiver for the dodge city law goes all out for the catch.
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take another peek. he takes out a fan and a table full of food. table for one, please. if you are wondering, jim, that was ruled a good catch. >> "jimmy kimmel live" live next on channel6 followed by "nightline." gueststonight, gwyneth paltrow and sean diddy combs. >> for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. ♪ ♪
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it's an all-new show with great viral videos "right this minute." ♪ >> she may only be 12 years old -- >> but she's going to be a star. >> why this internet sensation singing the hits is sure to have one of her own soon. >> she is good! the try guys trace their ancestry. >> makes sense that i'm not asian at all. >> now see what happens when oli gets his results and we reveal -- >> that you are 98% nerd. sometimes on the road you
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have a chance -- >> of slowing down in time, right? >> why other times, you don't. and little mason's chilling out -- >> in those cool little sun shades. >> but find out the surprise that brings on the waterworks. >> i'm so happy, i'm going to cry. >> look at him. he cracked. affirmly believe in my heart of hearts five years from now everybody at this table and watching at home will remember this was the very first time they saw ali sherlock. ♪ this video of her on the streets of dublin in ireland has racked up close to a million views.
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it's her playing a cover of "supermarket flowers" by ed sheeran but, you know, doing it better. ♪ >> get the offering bucket right now. she is good! >> i've got goose bumps all over again, man. she's 12 years old, but she's going to be a star. then i take the video, guess what she's singing. adele. ♪ >> she knows how to invoke emotion in her voice and just blend it with the guitar. this is next level stuff. >> there's another video she uploaded which was the first song she ever wrote. that's where i got the major
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goose bumps. ♪ >> honestly, ali cher lasherloc heard it here first. but i'll let her play us off. ♪ [ applause ] this is the moment in the show where you can be happy that you're sitting back on your couch relaxing and not having to deal with incidents like this on the road. dash cam, car up ahead pulls away kind of slow. it's like, come on, bro, you're in the left lane. let's move it. look out! >> oh! >> dude, that's happened to me in los angeles. >> really? >> in front of my car. >> there it is. >> that came from that car right there. you can see it kind of grinding along the ground. either way the wheel comes
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flying off. that car just misses it. it isn't without damage. smashes that car and then bounces off the car right in front of the dash cam. >> there's an important lesson here. the car that was driving slowly basically avoided the incident and the guy that was tailgating ended up getting punished. >> arguments could be made that that could have been avoided. this could have definitely been avoided. in south wales, australia, you see it coming, don't you? don't you? >> oh! >> what are you thinking? >> unbelievable what this bus driver was thinking. especially when i tell you there were 20 school children on board that bus. >> come on! >> i am not kidding. that bus continues to just drive away like nothing even happened. sadly, it caused the truck to jackknife there. >> could you imagine being the kids on the back seat? >> yeah. >> 20 sets of parents are looking for this guy. >> police were looking for this
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guy too. once the video was released, they were able to track down the 59-year-old bus driver and say what were you thinking. since then they've commenced an investigation. they were also able to talk to the truck driver as well. police are also asking any other witnesses that happened to see this, come forward. they want all the information they can get. imagine this. you're a photographer who just enjoys taking beautiful pictures of the locations you visit. especially switzerland. you can't take a bad picture there. which is why people were outraged when this village in switzerland decided to ban photographs, actually votes and passed a law that said no photographs in our village. >> so the people of the things or just nothing at all? >> no photos, charity, unless you want to be fined $5. no instagram. no facebook. no nothing. not even for your own personal library.
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[ speaking in foreign language ] >> the mayor of the village decided to address this negative attention. they do want to encourage people to still come. maybe it's their attempt to get people away from technology and just enjoy the blue skies. some of the scenery that he shares here with us. look at this shot right here. with the flowers and the mountain in the back. >> so you can take video, just not pictures. >> no, no. he can take video. he's the mayor. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> there was such a backlash on social media that they decided maybe we'll lift the ban, but between now and then, if you come and you want to take pictures, we'll just issue you a friendly permit that allows you to take pictures without getting the fine. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> it's very possible this started legitimately and they really did intend to have no pictures taken of their town and
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because of the backlash, they're saying it was just a marketing ploy to get attention. >> they could have paid a marketing firm to come up with something, instead they came up with a law. >> now i can't forget it. there are just some places you do not want a fail to happen. >> one of those places? >> the school cafeteria? >> no. up in the sky. you've got this guy paragliding. he said the winds shifted. >> that's not right. he misjudged. >> oh, no. >> that was a lot worse than i thought it was going to be. was he hurt? >> he is okay. he said he got pretty lucky. but it did take him about 30 minutes to get him out of there. the title of this video is paragliding epic fails.
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he's all twisted up there. >> this started bad. >> it's going to end worse. >> and he's trying to untangle and unwind. >> you got it, bro. grab the toggles. >> okay. panic setting in. you can see the panic. >> yeah. suddenly this is just not working. >> how do you get out of this when you can't control your little flying machine? >> you just start to pull strings. okay. well -- >> it's got worse. oh, no. i thought he had it. oh, going down. >> watch out for the trees! >> remember how we always say we want to try this? >> yeah. >> not so sure anymore. >> i thought i'd change your mind. a precious moment caught on camera. >> the birth in captivity of a porpoise. >> witness the magical birth next. plus furious pete is taking on another challenge. >> excellent. >> he's going try the world's
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closed captioning provided by --s here's to the 99%. gold bond powder spray. anytime. anywhere. stay cool, america. animals are always fascinating. it doesn't matter where they are. and in this first video, we have the birth in captivity of a harbor porpoise. this is at an aquarium in japan. you see that momma there has little porpoise hanging out and before you know it, it's all out. >> what i find fascinating with that. with dolphins, whales, things like that. when they give birth, they're born and immediately it's like they know exactly a what to do. like okay i'm in the ocean now. >> they're keeping a close eye on it so it survives and has a
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chance. but they also believe this is the first time a harbor porpoise has been born successfully in captivity. over to tucson, arizona, where this video comes from to get its picture taken. more for a drink of water. but it's not the only one. there's a group of them. the owner of the video camera set it up, went off for a walk, came back, and realized that the camera had now fallen over. there was parts of the stand missing. so i think we can say this is cute in its own little way. like you've never seen them before. buzzfeed's try guys are in for quite a ride. they're taking one of these with things that send back your genealogy he seems confident about knowing where he's from. >> you are 99.6% european. you're 88.7% jewish.
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>> not quite 100%. up next, keith. >> i'm a white dude, you know. >> he's sure he is the whitest dude on earth. >> 99.8% european. >> ridiculously european white. >> you have 0.2% african. >> i will pay you a million dollars if you have anything african. >> ooh! >> cash him out. >> write that check, baby. >> up next, ned. >> i know down to the 32nd. >> he has confidents. >> you are 99.9% -- >> maybe the whitest human being on earth. however -- >> you are 18.4% italian. >> what? >> not quite half like he thought. >> eugene, however, is pretty much certain he knows what's going on. >> my parents are 100% korean. >> he's like i'm korean. everyone's korean. >> you are not 100% korean.
2:28 am
>> it gets more interesting. >> you are 63.1% korean. >> wow. that's pretty low. >> 19.9% japanese. 13.1% chinese. >> what? >> and he had no idea. which means my palms are sweaty. my results have come in. nick calderone has them. as far as i understand, i'm a quarter irish, one eighth -- >> 2% asian? >> how? >> great britain, 19%. you have 11% ireland. 7% scandinavia. little bit of finnish. and a little bit of india. >> i would recommend that you all try doing this. because it does get fascinating. it's time for real or fake starting with an insane balloon trick. >> it's going to make me sick. >> then -- >> it's a ghost. >> it's a ghost!
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that is awesome. >> so, wait. did he just make a schnauzer? >> there it is. a beautiful swan. >> i've seen people do this before, so i say it's real. >> you've seen people do that before? >> it seems it would work. >> we know the back of the nose and the throat is all connected so i'm going real, but how do you discover you can do that? >> he's a professional. >> we're all in agreement it's real. we're going real. >> really shocked. >> so this one's courtesy of viral video uk. i'm going real on this one. 100% real. weird trick, but good viral video. >> i'm bummed i didn't see him hand it off to a little kid. >> video number two. >> maybe it was just that particular glass was in the right place.
2:33 am
i say it's real. >> funny something like that happened in my house when the washer is on. only at specific times at specific moments will it suddenly start making noise. so i think it's totally real. nothing to be scared of. >> it's a ghost. >> it's a ghost! >> yeah, i call real. >> so we're going real, real, real, ghost? >> real. >> five on the real train. >> it could be such an easy fake. but i don't know why they would do it. i'm not going against the grain here. this one's real. >> let's see if we get real vibrations on the last video. video three. >> oh, that's pretty epic. >> a trick shot? >> get out. wow. >> no, no. >> you can practice enough, you know where it's going to go. so i say it's real. >> this feels real. just someone who spent a lot of time doing this. >> because there's not so many steps, i'm going with real. >> i'm going with fake just
2:34 am
because there is a shadow of a doubt. >> i'm going with fake so vera is not on her own. >> three real, two fake. what say you? >> so the owner of a bar in bristol is claiming that this is definitely real. i'm still going to go against the grain. i still think this is possibly fake. we're split on this one. what do you guys think? >> wow. we are divided. >> so it's a tie breaker. which means we're going to put this one to our viewers on facebook. let us know what you think this last video is. is it real? is it fake? our buddy serious pete has decided to take on a new challenge. >> excellent. >> yeah. he's going to try the world's largest pizza slice down at pizza barn in yonkers outside of new york city. in this case it looks like he has sliced his into two. >> this is gigantic. huge, huge, huge.
2:35 am
about to take it down. >> he hasn't set a timer or anything like that. just wants to try it. >> what a unique for him. i'm going to actually eat at my leisure. >> i can actually taste this pizza. >> when he first starts, he says it's really hot. >> it's burning me. >> this is serious pete. it's like saying i'm going to take out this lamborghini but i'm going to drive slowly. eventually he's going to fourth and fifth. there we go! >> yeah, buddy. >> let's give pete a big shoutout and congratulations. because i saw it in social media the other day, he had his last chemotherapy treatment. his scans look good. looks like pete is finally out of the woods. we're very happy for him. >> yeah. i was excited to see him back doing what he loves to do and entertaining all of us, quite frankly. >> do we know the equivalent of that giant slice of pizza? like basically an actual pizza
2:36 am
shaped into a triangle. >> no. it's the world's largest pizza slice. >> only if they cut it off a gigantic circle one. they're on the road and mommy has a surprise for the kiddos. >> where do you guys think we're going right now? >> find out
2:37 am
two kids barfed in class today. it was so gross. lysol disinfectant spray kills 99.9% of bacteria,
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even those that cause stomach bugs. one more way you've got what it takes to protect.
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homemade fidget spinner. >> those fidget spinners are like five bucks. all right, kiddos. hop in the car. we're going somewhere.
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>> where do you think we're going right now? >> that's 5-year-old mason in those cool stunner chads and little lilly over there in her car seat. >> let me give you a hint. look inside that bag. >> then mom hands a bag to mason. >> disney world? >> we're going to disney world! n yea! >> i'm so happy i'm going to cry. >> he's so excited, he could cry. >> mason figured that out quickly. what was in there? >> the head bands. >> should have told me i have my mickey hat at my desk. should i go get it? >> sure. >> grab mine too. it matches my shirt. >> be right back. >> mason's pretty excited too. >> you're going to meet mickey mouse. oh, baby. >> that's the reaction you want. >> you'll notice here they did everything that you're supposed to do once you get to disney world, they took in some shows,
2:41 am
rode some rides, had a good old time at the resort, played in the pool. >> i would rather be there so much right now. this next little guy josh is about to get a big surprise also. they hand him this backpack and inside are bags and other clues. there's food in this one. >> why do we need food? good guess, but we're going on a road trip. >> inside the next bag is a toothbrush. >> toothbrush. >> why do we need a toothbrush? we're not going home. keep opening. >> i can see something. >> yep. >> oh, my gosh! >> what is it? >> oh, excited. so excited. >> look at him go. oh, he cracked.
2:42 am
i got daddy goose bumps. >> are you happy? thanks for watching, everybody. the next episode of "rtm" is all new.
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you know your heart loves megared omega-3s... but did you know your eyes, your brain, and your joints really love them too? introducing megared advanced 4in1... just one softgel delivers the omega-3 power of two regular fish oil pills... so give your body mega support with megared advanced 4in1. we have a new development to report in a fatal warehouse fire in oakland, california killed
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dozens last year. >> two men facing multiple charges. here's abc's danyabachus. >> nearly sex months after the fatal warehouse fire in oakland. >> today my office filed felony criminal complaints against derek amena, and max harris. >> reporter: two men facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. one for each person who died in the devastating december fire last year. the alameda county district attorney saying ghost ship warehouse founder and his associate max harris knowingly created a firetrap. >> with inadequate means of escape they then filled that area with human beings and are now facing the consequences of their actions. >> the da saying the men illegally turned the building into a residence and allowing this. >> endless clutter. floor to ceiling storage of flammable material. and make shift staircases lit and difficult to navigate. >> on december 2, 2016,
2:45 am
particularly, they actually blocked one of the points of egress leaving one way to got out of the second floor of that building. >> the da also saying almeda illegally used warehouse for music events and social gatherings. on the night of the fire nearly all the people who died wear tending a dance party on its second floor. almena and harris face up to 39 years in prison if convicted. several weeks after the fire, al mena's attorney said he did not engage in conduct. and responsible for not cracking down on code violations at the warehouse. diane, kendis. >> turning to a medical headline and babies where they should sleep. the sooner infants are placed in their own room the better they sleep. study find 4-month-old babies sleeping by themselves average 45 minutes more uninterrupted sleep. at 9 months babies sleep uninterrupted 40 minutes longer and 20 minut


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