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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 6, 2017 2:45am-3:15am EDT

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particularly, they actually blocked one of the points of egress leaving one way to got out of the second floor of that building. >> the da also saying almeda illegally used warehouse for music events and social gatherings. on the night of the fire nearly all the people who died wear tending a dance party on its second floor. almena and harris face up to 39 years in prison if convicted. several weeks after the fire, al mena's attorney said he did not engage in conduct. and responsible for not cracking down on code violations at the warehouse. diane, kendis. >> turning to a medical headline and babies where they should sleep. the sooner infants are placed in their own room the better they sleep. study find 4-month-old babies sleeping by themselves average 45 minutes more uninterrupted sleep. at 9 months babies sleep uninterrupted 40 minutes longer and 20 minutes longer overall.
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the study contradicts american academy of pediatrics which recommend, infants, parents share a room up to a year to reduce sids. scott mills is walking again despite a spinal cord injury five years ago. he fell 24 feet while building a tree house. no one thought he would ever walk again. well, now he is the first graduate of a program in north carolina that trained him to walk with a $95,000 exoskeleton. one place he plans to walk soon is down the aisle. >> good excuse. >> with his girlfriend. motivation for you. >> iffage agone of his big goa. >> girlfriend in the video. her name is tanya. >> very cool. the company is carolina rehabilitation in charlotte. very cool work. >> coming up. harvard is slamming the door on nearly a dozen incoming freshmen. their acceptances rescinded. that's next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ school's out for summer ♪ school's out for summer >> school's out. >> school's out. >> taking on different meaning for former harvard hopefuls, scrambling to find schools to attend this fall. >> the good news you have been accepted to harvard. the bad news, we're going to look at your face book page. yeah, harvard pulled back on at least ten incoming freshmen because of obscene memes they shared on a private facebook
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page, nicole burly of powerhouse station in boston has the story. >> reporter: the hallowed gates of harvard closed to at least 10 perspective students. >> social media lighting up after harvard college rescinded admissions offers to those incoming members of the class of 2021 for posting explicit messages and memes in private facebook group chat. >> made the decision to put their admission at risk. stand behind harvard's decision. think it is harsh. the harvard crimson outlining the content of the memes. some sexually explicit, others, targeting ethnic minorities. harvard releasing a statement, saying, we do not comment publicly on the admissions status of individual applicants. adding, harvard college reserves the right to withdraw an offer of admission if an admitted student engages or has engaged in behavior that brings into question their honesty, maturity, or moral character. >> i think it was the
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appropriate response. harvard is a safe community for everybody. this is behavior that has no place in our community. >> students now a days they don't realize what they think is private will become public. >> very happy that none of these things were around. >> ha-ha. >> like facebook. >> applying or in college. >> you wouldn't make it past the, the strict parameters of getting into bu. >> i went to bc. i know you just say that to annoy me. >> ha-ha. >> how was oswego? they were strict? >> it all depended on how much you can drink in a night. that was their parameters, state university of oswego. >> didn't have computers back then, you were in the clear. >> surprised we made it into tv. all we had, was the talkies. >> coming up watchful eye of big brother. in your pocket. >> oh, boy. those apps on your smart phone to cash in on great deals may be chipping away at your personal
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♪ ♪ >> there is a camera creeping on us right now. >> figuree where that was. it is right off to our right. >> what could possibly be more convenient than getting an alert on your smart phone about a great deal while you are in a store? >> very convenient. >> winning. >> great deals may be costing you a big chunk of your privacy. here is becky worley. >> reporter: have you received notification on your phone from one of your favorite brand. seems ridiculously well timed. >> all of a sudden, the gap, will pop up on my phone. saying i have a coupon the i can go shopping. >> every day.
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>> every time i go that way. >> ever get ads on your phone that seem to know where you are? >> absolutely. >> he says urban outfitters app has his number. >> when i come been like 50 feet, get, hey did you know there is a sell ending in a couple days. >> reporter: not just coincidence. shopping apps from macy's, urban outfitters use the phone's gps to access your location. >> they have technologies that can follow you as you walk through sectors of the store. and connect to your data. so, they know who you are. >> sure enough after i installed the app it pings me as i work into a store in philadelphia. in san francisco. it was all most a block away when the app lit my phone up with noteifications. it makes sense, their best chance to get me into the store is when i am close by. macy's notifications were even more interesting. they pinged me when i entered the store in philadelphia. just put my hand on the door handle. notification popped up, saying,
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welcome to macy's. they know i'm here. then again in san francisco, two timely notifications. not in a macy's store, get this while in other stores. sent me a 30% off notification while i was in this store, one of their direct competitors. they also ping me while i was in a small independent boutique. literally in the dressing room. in addition to gps, stores are using bluetooth, wifi and phone microphone to let them know where you are. selectively target you with ad. retailers hoping to keep your money in their stores and off the internet. >> make stores into the internet. >> yeah, essentially be able to track people in stores, like we track people online. and then connect the two. ♪ >> thanks to becky there. macy's told abc that its app send relevant stores to users who opted into location based communication when they are geographically near a macy's
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charged with giving top secret info about targeting voter information. does this signal the start of a larger crackdown. >> new information learning about the suspects in the london terror attack. the mayor speaks out about extremism and donald trump. >> we are breaking down the best days for the best travel deals of the season. which day is the cheapest. why that is a good thing as the summer holidays approach. >> okay, we know gas prices are rising, but this is just a little bit too much. going to find out exactly what is going on here. and perhaps an answer to how
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they will all get on that plane -- let's get to it. tuesday, june 6th. don't want to watch any more of that happening. >> you will love the story. for you. >> slithery. slimy. af everything you do not want on a tuesday morning. >> sure to get to that. start things off with the first criminal leak case under president trump. intelligence contractor charged with passing clagsified information to the media. >> the justice department says the 25-year-old, named reality winner, confessed to giving an online news outlet an nsa report on russian election hacking. winter had top security clearance at a facility in augusta, georgia. >> accused of mailing it to the intercept, and published the document yesterday. it describes two cyberattacks by
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russian military intelligence. it says hackers targeted a software company. >> there has been so much to the story, little bit convoluted. first off the report went live monday afternoon. within an hour of that, did we learn that, reality winner was charged. >> very bizarre. >> bizarre coincidence waecht have heard strong wording from president trump quite some time about all the leaks coming out of the white house, or about white house information. and, the determ nation to stop them from happening. so now the question is, is this sort of any evidence of a larger crackdown what ramifications that could have. >> we should say documents from the intercept, that website, they don't necessarily say that the russians had any success in actually hacking the u.s. elections. but they say, that they attempted to do so. and it is one thing that they were, worried what happened in 2016. but also poe ten sthal for 2018 and beyond. >> where it stand from this
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report no evidence that they managed to penetrate the voting machines or get hands on voter information. >> one more note before we move on. there can be so many jokes, reality bites. reality, i mean, the name reality winner. >> which means you know "the new york post" and the daily news headlines. >> my gosh. >> a real name. >> are going to be interesting. >> reality lee winner. >> had to read it few times. >> for real. more on that. >> it is a reality. >> it is a reality. and it bites this morning for some. the white house in the meantime, has confirmed president trump will not use executive privilege to stop former fbi director james comey from testifying before congress. >> comby set to testify thursday about his conversations with the president. it will be his first public comments since abruptly fired. abc's mary bruce has more from capitol hill. >> that blockbuster testimony from the fired fbi director is moving forward. the white house now says definitively, president trump won't try to block him. >> president trump will not
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assert executive privilege regarding jam co ining james co testimony. >> sources say comey is angry after being fired without warning. thursday he will get to tell his side of the story. front and center private conversations with the president. he is preparing to answer question as but the memos he wrote, detailing their encounters. >> what is your one key question for him? >> we have seen the reports attributed to comey, questions are about whether that's how it happened. no one heard directly. lawmakers eager to know did president trump ask comey to pledge his loyalty. did the president pressure comey to drop his investigation into fired national security adviser michael flynn. and did comey tell the president he wasn't under investigation as trump claims. hanging over the hearing, the biggest question of all. is there any evidence of collusion between the trump team and the russians? >> there is a lot of smoke. we have no smoking gun at this point. but there is a lot of smoke. >> no word yet on when we may
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see the memos. lawmakers reman hoin hopeful. members of the committee i talked with say comey is expected to detail the personal conversations he had with the president. mary bruce, abc news, capitol hill. >> mary there on the hill. going to be busy days there. reminder to tune in to abc, thursday, for live coverage of comey's testimony. starting at 10:00 a.m. eastern. >> president trump meanwhile accused of undermining his own administration with series of tweets about his stalled travel ban. the president now says his revietzed executive order limiting travel from six predominantly muslim countries is "watered down." he doubled down on the phrase diagnos travel ban after aide denied it was a ban. he criticized his justice department saying it should have stuck with the original order. kellyann skon way's husband, a conservative attorney says the president's comments won't help get votes for the ban in the supreme court. the president was back on twitter last night spelling out travel ban in all caps.
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adding that a politically correct term won't help us protect our people. >> fallout from the president's tweets this time following at take in london. tragedy led to more tension between the president and london mayor. sadiq kahn renewed his call for the british government to cancel the president's visit. hours after the president again tweeted about the mayor. kahn's post attacked comments, calling them pathetic. kahn said great britain shouldn't roll out the red carpet for trump. >> one of the things when you have a special relationship, is not different, no different to when you have a close mate. you stand with them in times of adversity. but you call them out when they're wrong. and there are many things that i wish, donald trump is wrong. >> the mayor also said, says that he doesn't have time to respond to tweets from donald trump. kahn called for the state visit to be canceled after the muslim
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travel ban announced in january. >> british officials have identified two of the three men who carried out saturday's attack in london. however, they have also released all 12 people arrested in the case without a murderous rampag in the identified as khuram butt, and rachidredouane saturday's carnage moments as a restaur hurrying them tried to get in. [ gunfire ] safe. >> italian photographer c officers fired 50 rounds assail. all threebes, a ply to ensure p would be forced to
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wounding nearly 50.he dead, 30- canadi died in her by the whit her chrissy sent you. at a vigil for victims. lond london's mayor, vowing his city will never bend to terror. >> as a proud, patriotic, british muslim, i say this, you do not commit these disgusting acts in my name. >> the london attack coming just days before the british election. security now top of mind as voters head off to the polls on thursday. diane, kendis. >> thanks to ariel there at london bridge. in the uk. learning new details about a deadly work place shooting back here in the united states. in orlando. the former employee, john newman, army veteran who want
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through the warehouse singling out his victims. killed five people before turning the gun on himself. fired from the company which makes awnings for rvs and in april. arrested in 2014 after an altercation with an employee never charged. we are get new england video from arizona where a car ended of in a pool in scottsdale. the firefighters were able to rescue the man who police say is disabled. no word yet on what callsed the crash. and in nearby phoenix, the desert heat took a toll on a car window. a woman was driving the car when the rear window shattered. at first she thought it was gunfire. but experts say the high heat that caused an already damaged piece of glass to shatter. >> wow. >> the high yesterday by the way was 108 degrees in fine tiks. >> meanwhile drivers at rural georgia gas station had a problem when they fund they had company filling up. >> kendis, take it away. >> inside the pump. was a snake. one of the customers came to the
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rescue. his name is brandon radkey. >> your voice cracked a lot less than i expected while you read that one. >> concentrating on the teleprompter. >> trying not to look at the screen right now. >> how is it going? >> great. >> see. >> carry on. >> do you need gas that much? >> apparently. brandon radkey did, yeah. so he apparently used the nozzle to move the snake. easy. grab the by the head. can't turn and bite you. appreciate it. no big deechlt he loves snakal. he loves snakes. he wrapped his hand with a shrt just to be careful. >> no, great news though. he released it into the wood. >> oh, it is still out there. >> still out there. >> appreciate that little add-on. >> despite the price tag or whatever. that is reason enough for me to got a tesla. ha-ha. get an electric car. that right there. so. >> see it, looks like the gas hose.
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>> yep, no. no thank you. >> never look at a gas station. >> gas up in new jersey. where ntheir do it for you or gt a tesla. >> noted. apple squares off against amazon and google. may be late to the game. apple's revealed home pod could turn out to bea game changer. will fans be turned off by the price? >> high drama on the bachelorette. how the show's first african-american star is handling all of the pressure. you are watching "world news now." there's a new essence
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michelle obama visiting silicon valley. >> join an open session of apple's annual worldwide developer's conference to discuss how they can empower people from all walks of life. >> crowd of apple fan lined up outside convention center in san jose for a look at new products. our san francisco stigs was there. ♪ >> absolutely beautiful.
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we call it homepod. >> with pulsating music and slick video, apple showed off latest invention for the masses. a new smart speaker. apple says like ipod reinvented music in the pockets it wants to do the same for music in our home. >> break through home speaker with amazing sound and incredible intelligence. it will reinvent home audio. >> a voice activated speaker that uses siri. apple was late in introducing a speaker to consumers. likely to be comparisons to echo, and google home. home pod is different. >> focusing on music. putting apple music at the center of this. siri interestingly becomes a musicologist. >> one of many things unveiled. new larger 10 1/2 ipad pro promises to be faster introduced. apple showed its progress in virtual reality capabilities using macs, os high sierra. >> stop it


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