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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 6, 2017 3:15am-4:00am EDT

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we call it homepod. >> with pulsating music and slick video, apple showed off latest invention for the masses. a new smart speaker. apple says like ipod reinvented music in the pockets it wants to do the same for music in our home. >> break through home speaker with amazing sound and incredible intelligence. it will reinvent home audio. >> a voice activated speaker that uses siri. apple was late in introducing a speaker to consumers. likely to be comparisons to echo, and google home. home pod is different. >> focusing on music. putting apple music at the center of this. siri interestingly becomes a musicologist. >> one of many things unveiled. new larger 10 1/2 ipad pro promises to be faster introduced. apple showed its progress in virtual reality capabilities using macs, os high sierra. >> stop it right there.
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>> that was a close one. >> apple also wowed developers with a new platform to make augmented reality apps, this 10-year-old invented five apps showing them to tim cook. >> it was amazing. when i showed him my apps he was really astonished. >> 10-year-old invented apps, plural. >> i made a few apps by ten. >> few paper in a planes. that's it. >> fried calamari appetizer. >> did not make those at 10. >> true, touche, not as an adult. 3.49. $349. >> little more than $3.50. >> not bad if it is a good speaker. >> coming up most eligible bachelorette on television opening up. >> hear how she feels so far about her suitors. you are watching "world news
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a night of high drama on the bachelorette. last night seemed to bring out the worst in more than one contestant. >> which has a lot of viewers increasingly squg t increasingly asking are any guys marriage material. abc's nick watt. >> reporter: big dramatic repurr
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cursi -- >> part two, showing up. crashing the group date. >> man one of the guys like have two families. >> see that's not my type of guy. >> reporter: demario. booted. that was not on his application form. >> surprisingly, demarro did not reveal he had a girlfriend. living with her, intimate with her. right when he was on the plane. >> reporter: this season is breaking the mold. we have horseback riding rodeo drive. mud wrestling. it is about me. little fighting. this guy. waboom! also booted. rachel linsey is the oldest bachelorette ever. >> i am. i'm old in this world. >> practicing lawyer. smart. together. and yes, rachel is the first african-american batch lr or bachelorette in this the 34th cycle of the shows.
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>> there is absolutely pressure being the first. part of my hesitation in saying yes to being the bachelorette. >> she does find love. we know this already. >> rachel is engaged. >> i'm getting married. >> god, a weird show. >> so going to make a believer out of you. my fiancee makes me feel amazing. >> who is he? the clues to the final two. >> typically i have fund that i run away from the guy who -- has it all together. but i always run towards the one that's a little bit more challenging. so here i am left with two guys, faced with the exact same situation. when it came done to it, i was really only in love with one of them. >> reporter: who are the real contenders? there is brian. hot and heavy out of the gate. >> i didn't want to kiss anyone the first night. >> next thing you know she is having her face sucked off by brian. >> den who made that weird comment. >> i am ready to go black, i and i am never going to go back.
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>> who did she like first impression? first night? >> you know, peter. >> he was very nervous. i appreciated that. because i was nervous too. >> i know everybody likes chocolate. >> i don't like chocolate. >> as a heterosexual man. i found him the best looking. >> okay. >> peter is very handsome. >> josiah. >> i did notice her giving you the glad eye. >> she did. we made eye contact. sunny was smiling. she saw when i hit the three. >> he is an attorney like rachel. >> i would say he is flirting on the line of being cocky, i don't like it. i do appreciate confidence. >> nick watt, "nightline," in los angeles. >> i think jack's choice was brian. >> our man, brian. >> our man brian. >> which one did you think was the hottest? >> um, i don't know jury is still out. i need to see more of their personaliti personalities. many men can ruin that. in our next half hearing from
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so the summer travel season is here. as you know, and -- cheap has decided sold 11,000 airfares and best days to travel this summer in order to get a cheap fare. >> okay. >> day one. june 6th. >> thanks. >> thanks, cheap air. lit tool late ftle to late. today. july 4th. good day to travel. august 22nd. and, tuesday, september 12th. all of them tuesday by the way. just checked. a flight from new york to san diego on august 22nd. it is $50 cheaper on kayak if you dplfly august 22 than 23.
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july 4th. fly out, about 45 cheaper. >> not saying wow because of the price difference. saying wow because investigative journalism during the mix. >> future member of the ross unit. >> bravo. kendis gibson. news you can use. >> yeah. brian ross is calling. >> on to one of the videos you have to decide, real or fake. we heard of trying to walk on water. how about just flying right across it. check it out. a guy going down the water slide. most of us land in the pool. not him. goes straight across. >> manages to get his shirt on. this happened, more of, morgan evick in jamaica. the video has 53,000 retweets. >> going with real. >> 91,000 likes. >> real? fake? >> uh. >> team? >> team real.
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team real. brian says fake. i think brian need company. fake. >> behind the camera doesn't help. maybe a little -- >> when you nod on the phone with someone. >> yeah. >> next. okay. this is really wonderful thing. this young lady, madeline terrin graduated from chino hills high school in california. congratulations to her. she wanted to do a throw back. this is her on her dad's shoulder, when mom graduated 17 years ago. and, little tbt in the future. today. there she is. >> that is awesome. 17 years later. mom at her own graduation. got to till you, mom and dad maintained pretty well over the 17 years. looking good. >> quickly get to a mom. solved a problem plagued women for centuries now. mother of boys. and this is her new invention. >> ha-ha. >> it's tough. >> can you
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this morning on "world news now" -- what the police may have known about the london attackers as british authorities id two suspects. what we are learning about the final days before carrying out the plot. >> the mayor of london firing back at president trump for criticizing his response to the attacks. could their feud be damaging ties between the close allies? plus the new backlash stemming from the president's pulling out of the climate accord. >> new this half-hour, wild crash that led to search-and-rescue mission. >> suv cuts off a truck, sending two vehicles on a nasty messy collision course. how this one ended though in a miraculous conclusion. >> and, yelling, arguing, tears, betrayals, even mud wrestling. >> this is our morning meeting. >> yeah. >> it all went down on "the bachelorette" we get highlights and lowlights from analysts in "the skinny" on this tuesday,
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june 6th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." those men are quite dramatic there on "the bachelorette." i will fell you, this has been a fantastic season there. >> the analyst is killing it. >> the analyst has all details coming up. we'll get to that in "the skinny." but we want to get to the new details coming out of london this morning and the terror attack of course. police conducted at least one new raid early this morning, but no arrests were made. >> also learning the 12 people already arrested on sunday have been released without being charged. also newly released security video shows a struggle in borough market. see an attacker keeps trying to push in the front door but is blocked. you can also see the restaurant manager and patrons barricading the doors and windows. >> 18 minutes after the attack
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began all three suspects were killed by police. more than 130 british imams are refusing to offer islamic burials to them. british police have publicly identified two of the men. and say they were aware of one of them. abc's brian ross with the details. >> reporter: authorities tell abc news the attackers, seen in this video, in the midst of their terror rampage, were led by a man known to police for years, as a potential threat. >> we ask ourselves what else should we have known? could this have been prevented? >> reporter: just last year that ring reader, 27-year-old khuram butt featured in a documentary aired on british channel 4 about a group that openly campaigns for strict islamic sharia law, praying before the black flag of islam and getting a confrontation with police. of the some 3,000 people, authorities consider active threats, this group is among the most extreme. >> members of the network which number probably in the hundreds are on the more dangerous end of the spectrum. second attacker identified as
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rachid redouane. of libyan or moroccan descent. both men come from this east london neighborhood, where police arrested at least 12 people who have all since been released. neighbors say days agopher, khuram butt father of a toddler and newborn of pakistani descent held a backyard barbecue that some now say seem like a farewell gathering. other neighbors told abc news they called police over the last two years to report the threats butt was making against non-muslims. >> in the name of allah, we believe, i am ready, if i have to kill my own mother if she comes against allah. >> authorities say the three men had been waiting for several months to carry out their attack. and that their decision to act was triggered by this message, posted by isis, just hours earlier. urging followers to attack during the holy month of ramadan with vehicles, guns, and knives.
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the leader of the london group that the attacker belonged to is now in syria, playing a prominent role with isis. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> and the tragedy, the london mayor says the state visit by president trump in october should be canceled after the mayor was criticized yet again on twitter by president trump. mr. trump tweeted mayor sadiq khan telling london residents there was no reason to be alarmed was pathetic. the mayor was referring to extra police presence on the streets nowadays. now the exchanged prompted abc's john carl to ask deputy press secretary sarah sanders if the president is picking a fight. the president dire >> i don't think that's actually true. i think the media wants to spin it that way.ou think the mayor saying there was n alarmed by an attack on his city. >> look, i think the point,
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there is a reason to be alarmed. creating issues with the administration. the u.s. need the travel ban. he use executive order isn't a ban. attorney george conway, mind you of white house counselor, kellyann conway won't help get vote for the order in court. >> aed and charged with leaking classified information about rugave a top secret nsa report to the of the report. and the article says before last year's election, russian intelligence infiltrated a software company that handled voter related information. there is more backlash over president trump's decision to withdraw from the paris climate accord. acting u.s. ambassador to china has quit over the issue. david rank reportedly told staff his conscience would not allow him to implement the decision.
3:36 am
in the meantime, some of the nation's prestigious universities say they're committed to fighting climate change, harvard, yale and stanford, are among those pledging to uphold the deal. >> a new abc poll finds most americans oppose the president's decision on that. our poll found 59% oppose the move while 28% support it. 32% agree with the president's argument that leaving the accord will boost the economy, 42% disagree there. a majority of those polled say the president's action will hurt u.s. leadership around the world. >> last, last half-hour, we told you, reluctantly about a snake hiding in a gas pump. it is safe now. we have a bear playing the piano while on a food binge. >> at least entertaining us. >> this was the discovery after a break-in at a home in colorado. the kitchen and window apparently had been left, left open. so the bear decide to help itself to some food from the freezer, then wandered around the house. >> then the homeowner examined the security video and, well
3:37 am
this is what she found. ♪ >> oh, my gosh. can you imagine. >> he's not very good. someone get that bear some piano lessons. >> the vail police said the chord captured on video were unbearable and the tune was equally grisly. >> maybe we should pause and listen to it again. >> paws, ouch. >> think it was bearable. >> well done. like how carefully the bear is walking around doesn't want to ruin the carpeting. >> it's awesome. >> got to work on piano lessons, buddy. coming up, winning the snore war, for those who sound look a bear. a new high-tech device you tuck under your pillow could help restless nights be nothing but a memory. >> halle berry, her message to her haters. that's in "the skinny." first, here is is today's forecast. message to her haters. that's in "the skinny." first, here is a look is today'
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this video from china this video from china a good reminder why you don't want to cut off a driver especially if it is a large truck. >> yes. >> you can see the truck tipped over on to the audi, suv, spilling gravel all over. burying the car. then the truck itself also falls on to the suv. all this happened behind, a tanker truck as well. workers helped the suv get out of the vehicle. luckily. they got out just fine. everyone was okay. >> yeah. two men have been charged with manslaughter in that deadly oakland warehouse fire. the prosecutor says ghost ship warehouse founder and his associate max harris knowingly created a firetrap. the prosecutor saying it was illegal for them to use the warehouse for music events and social gatherings. you may recall 36 people died in the fire during an electric dance party in december. >> day two of bill cosby's sexual assault trial set to get under way outside philadelphia today after emotional start
3:42 am
today one. >> the comedian once known as america's dad had plenty of support. here is abc's linsey davis. >> bill cosby entered a pennsylvania courtroom flanked by former tv daughter in a show of support. the famed comedian was charged with felony aggravated indecent assault, stemming from an incident at his home in 2004 where andrea constant, a temple university employee says he drugged and sexually assaulted her. prosecutors say the case is trust, betrayal and inability to consent. while cosby accused by more than 50 women of drugging and/or sexual misconduct. jurors are hearing from one other accuser in the case, former assistant to cosby's agent cried as she painstakingly testified he made her take a pill before sexually assaulting her. >> the judge determined the other allegation was close enough to this one, such that it could show a pattern and practice an mo by bill cosby.
3:43 am
>> cosby's attorney pounced. pointing out multiple inconsistencies in her story. cosby tweeted this photo, thanking keisha knight pulliam, who played rudy huxtable, support. >> the defense argued andrea constant changed her story multiple times, told detectives she never contacted cosby after the incident but says that phone logs indicate she called him 53 times. linsey davis, abc news, norristown, pennsylvania. >> bob dylan can scratch off last requirement on nobel prize checklist. might remember he skipped official ceremony in december. then accepted the prize in a private ceremony. in order to cash in on that prize though he also had to deliver a mandatory lecture. well that was due in four days. dylan recorded his 26 minute talk in los angeles sunday. he won the prize for literature, emfa sized his art was something
3:44 am
much different. >> my songs are alive in the land of the living. the songs are unlike literature. they're meant to be sung, not red. shakespeare plays meant to be acted on the stage as lyrics and songs are meant to be sung not read on a page. >> well fine then. >> sound very dylanesque. isn't it. that would be a great song right there. to be. new nobel prize release. >> yes. at first, he didn't even acknowledge winning it. and that took several days. >> got the message. >> then finally responded he didn't show up at the ceremony there in scandinavia, sweden. and then here, got around tight. >> busy washing his hair. can't you tell. >> he by the way finishes the requirements which means now he can cash in on $900,000 which i am sure. >> he really need. >> would have been there well before the ceremony. hey. >> just got to work on winning the nobel prize then. >> exactly.
3:45 am
when we come back, the high drama on the bachelorette. we will hear from our analyst. >> why halle berry is asking can a girl have a steak and fries? "the skinny" is next. my sweetheart's gone sayonara. this scarf all that's left to rememb... what. she washed this like a month ago! the long lasting scent of gain. now available in matching scents across your entire laundry routine.
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♪ skinny so skinny >> uh-huh. >> so much in this action-packed "the skinny." starting with the action-packed episode three of "the bachelorette." >> a lot went down. chief national bachelor analyst breaks it down for us. jack. >> rachel's journey to find love. >> we have an uninvited guest. >> you are kidding me. >> what the hell is demario doing here. >> yesterday i completely [ bleep ] up. i want to let you know i can't let you go. >> yesterday that was a boy.
3:48 am
i'm looking for a man. i'm glad you have realized you should move forward. but i need you to move forward isn't that way to the mansion. forward is outside of it. >> that didn't go so well. there was a group date. >> i'm going to give the group date rose to eric. >> so, eric. >> got to thin out the crowd a bit. >> i am just not feeling the same way that you are. i'm sorry. >> whatever. >> i don't know if, if like it's a crush on me. the other night, like, you know, he was, over my bed, you know, peeling a banana and he was like licking the banana like this. >> uh-huh. >> i woke up. i was like, why, why is this? >> is this real or a joke? >> that happened. >> one of those is for sure not true the i don't eat carbs. i am on a ketogenic diet.
3:49 am
i don't eat bananas. >> okay. >> rose ceremony time. honestly didn't expect this. it is unfortunate that i was in the same category as -- that drama. i know. i get it. >> i feel like if you weren't here i would have had a real shot of getting to know rachel. but because you were too busy, making a joke out of this experience, i'm going home, you win, lucas. >> one guarantee, the most emotional season of the bachelorette yet, continues, next week. analyst out. >> i do love that. after all that story. his biggest contention was, how dare you accuse me of eating carbs. >> ha-ha. i didn't know bananas were a bad thing. that was his take away. no, i was not licking a banana in a wrong way because i don't eat carbs. >> that was bizarre.
3:50 am
>> they mud wrestled. >> got intense by the way. >> it did. >> should have contract with wwe, bachelorette thing doesn't work out. >> then picked eric. gave him the rose. all the other guys were talking trash about eric. she was like, i don't know. there has been a lot of drama ma. >> drama. >> five guys. sent home. blake, jamie, lucas, and waboom. >> waboom. >> comedian. or, failed comedian. >> fred from texas. sorry. >> no worries. >> we saw demario. demario's big attempt at an apology and reconciliation. >> nice of him to try. >> good try. >> next to halle berry denying pregnancy rooms more. >> rumors reignited when the oscar winner stepped out at the butterfly ball in los angeles. >> the red carpet, silver form fitting dress. also sporting what many assumed
3:51 am
was a baby bump. >> yep. but instead, it was more like she ate a butterball turkey. rep denied pregnancy rumors. berry took to instagram, saying if anything that bump is a food baby. saying can i girl have some steak and fries. >> amen, halle berry. >> preach. >> cheeseburgers if she wanted it. >> some was because of the way sunny was caressing. >> that way is strange. we all get a food baby now and then. >> nothing wrong with that. >> speak for yourself. i wear my spanx every day. don't know about you. >> eat the cheeseburgers every day. >> keep it all high and tight. faith hill and tim mcgraw's private island oasis. >> private power couple, bought
3:52 am
the island 14 years ago hoping to replace a shack with their dream home. after a decade of construction what they got in the end is now featured in the july issue of architectural digest. the whole thing is breathtaking. >> eight pavilions, open air passage ways, describes it as the best place in the world for themselves and the three daughters. >> after ten years it better be. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. it's your glass of willpower that helps keep cravings... ...far, far away. feel less hungry with the natural fiber in clinically... ...proven meta appetite control. from metamucil.
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♪ you make me feel like i'm living a teenage dream ♪ >> dream being the key word. katy perry we can't sleep. the motto here on "world news now." >> sleep deprivation. forgot the name of our own show. >> ha-ha. so estimated 90 million people who are blessed enough to sleep, snore.
3:56 am
according to the national sleep foundation. >> but a new device promising to bring blissful, peaceful sleep to millions of couples waging their snore wars. here is paula faris. >> prentice gray is a chronic snorer. >> my snoring doesn't impact me. >> he might be in denial about his effects if you ask his wife, leslie. >> you know? >> they spent $3,000 on various anti-snoring tools from headphones, dental appliances. it's gotten so bad, most nights. leslie kicks him out of bed. >> i have a second bed over in my office. >> it is annoying. he is my husband. i would look to sleep with him. >> reporter: last month. leslie bought a kick starter campaign, this device is like nothing else on the market. makers of the device say it detects when you snore and and inflates an insert in your pillow that moves your head, changing head and neck position
3:57 am
to stop the snoring. >> sleep in any position or any part of the pillow. our patent pending design is effective. smart norah has not undergone studies. research shows changing the anything of the neck might help with snoring. it worked for prentice. >> best solution. >> when it works it works well. >> it is not perfect. leslie says not always consistent. often not fast enough to stop his snoring before she wakes. still, it's a huge improvement. >> i was excited. being able to have a good night's sleep and, wake up with my husband was a ream nice thing. >> thanks to paula. should mention by the way, that smart norah is a nonmedical device. the company doesn't make any claims about sleep apnea or medical conditions. >> you don't need a special pillow. use it with your pillow. works in any sleeping position. if that fails, use the actual pillow. >> there is that. wake up, you are snoring. >> keep it down back there, jack. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. there, jack. >> announcer: this is abc's
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making news in america this tuesday morning, a federal worker busted accused of leaking a classified nsa report on russia. is this the start of the white house cracking down on leakers? overnight, london's mayor says britain shouldn't welcome president trump and calls to cancel his state visit are growing after a series of tweets criticizing the mayor's handling of the terror attack. incoming freshmen as harvard revoked. it's all because of what they posted online. watch what happens after someone cuts off a dump truck. see what happens to what's inside. and how the driver survived. a good tuesday morning. we begin with the arrest of a federal contractor charged with


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