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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  June 6, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it is 6 o'clock on this tuesday june 6 and we are following breaking news. >> an argument leads to deadly gunfire overnight. now police are out there looking for a killer. >> montgomery county prosecutors try to present a witness to prove bill cosby had a pattern of predatory behavior. >> fog and rain across the region this morning. we're helping you through what's going to be a damp and dreary commute.
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>> with heavy rain nearing philadelphia let's turn to meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers. good morning. >> it's arrived here at the station as we have a driving rain right now on the terrace. take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan and i've got this focused in a little bit. there is the band of heavy rain popping through from west to east and it looks like this is headed pretty much right now into southwest philadelphia, certainly here at 6abc. center city in about a minute you'll get the heaviest stuff andalusia bridgeport south philadelphia and there you see the live update, south philadelphia probably about nine minutes past the hour and two of these areas in the blue box are already getting rain but it's the heaviest rain we're tracking and in some cases because of the uneven line it's already there. camden just about to get in in the next 15 minutes or so, edgewater park about 6:15 as well. we have a lot of cloud cover around and in some cases where you don't have the active rain you've still got drizzle on the windshield from low lying cloud cover and today does look like it's going to stay mostly cloudy and at times a
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bit damp. there's the visibilities. down in wildwood we've really seen a drop with that fog getting a lot thicker. it's fairly bad around the ac airport. where it isn't raining you've got drizzle. temperatures are cool. 61 degrees right now in philadelphia, 60 in allentown. similar numbers across the region and as we go through the day it stays cloudy and cool with a high of 66 at 3 o'clock. i'm posting a chance of an additional shower at any time during the day. today is not a washout. after we get rid of this morning's rain some spotty showers. we'll track this rain a little more closely on storm tracker6 live double scan coming up karen. >> all right dave, the rain in conshohocken, still see it out here on the blue route approaching the schuylkill. it wet, it is slow. that's northbound traffic slowly moving towards the schuylkill right now. we've got an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound approaching willow grove. it's blocking the right lane so watch for that new accident on the pennsylvania turnpike. also in norristown an area where we saw that heavy rain
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move through arch street at east main street we've got an accident here partially blocking the roadway. in abington this water main break continues to be a problem. edgehill road shut down between bradford road and tyson avenue. stick to east on avenue as your alternate. that's that huge water main break happened yesterday afternoon. they still have that road shut down now. we'll go to the vine street expressway. you can see how dark it is right now with that heavy rain coming through right now on the vine. that's your westbound traffic headed towards the schuylkill. the vine was shut down overnight for construction. crews will come back again at 9 o'clock and shut the vine down matt. >> thanks karen. breaking this morning an argument between two men turned deadly inside a north philadelphia home. it happened along the 3000 block of north percy street at 10:30 last night. family members tell police a 29-year-old man and a 26-year-old man were fighting when the 26-year-old took out a gun and shot the 29-year-old in the chest several times. the victim was taken to the hospital where he later died. the man with the gun ran from the scene but police say they know who he is.
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crews worked through the night to repair a ruptured water main in montgomery county. a 16-inch water main burst along edgehill road near tyson avenue in the roslyn section of abington township sending water cascading down those yards and driveways. it took crews nearly two hours to just simply turn off the water. 85 homes were left without service. crews had promised to return service at 5:00 a.m. this morning but it is unclear if that has happened yet. >> it is 6:04 and happening today, we will see what unfolds on day two of bill cosby's sex assault trial. the entertainer's lawyers went on the attack as that trial got off to a contentious start. katherine scott is live at the courthouse in norristown with the details on what has happened and what's expected to happen. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. and in day one of trial prosecutors said that bill cosby used his fame and power to prey on his victims but his
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attorney says that cosby is the victim of false accusations. >> we love you, bill. >> reporter: shouts from bill cosby's supporters as he left montgomery county courthouse after the first day of trial without comment. cosby who will be 80 next month is charged with three counts of aggravated indies sent assault accused of drugging and sexually assaulting former temple university employee andrea constand at his home in cheltenham in 2004. in her opening statement assistant district attorney kristen feden told the jury trust betrayal and an inact ability to consent is what this case is back. another witness said cosby pressured her to take a large white pill and violated her in a hotel bungalow. she's the only past accuser the judge is permitting to testify as prosecutors try to establish cosby had a pattern of drugging and molesting
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young trusting women. in cross-examination did he first attorney mcmonagel questioned johnson's credibility pointing to conflicting statements she's made in the past and said that johnson was just seeking a payout from the tv star. her attorney, gloria allred. >> to have to relive what she alleges that mr. cosby did to her was very, very difficult and she was crying part of the time as she recollected what she says he did to her. >> reporter: wife camille cosby was not in court but the comedian was accompanied by a member of his former tv family, keisha knight pulliam who played rudy huxtable on the cosby show. >> everyone is entitled to be innocent until proven guilty and i accept the verdict that is handed down but simply this is not the ma man that i've ever seen that i've ever known how he's ever shown up for me. >> reporter: now, there is a question over whether kelly johnson's mother is able to
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testify. prosecutors want to call her as a witness. the defense is opposed to that. the judge says he'll rule on that matter this morning. as for cosby, he is not expected to testify over the course of this trial. we're live in norristown, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. tam. >> all right, katherine, thank you for that. and also today a jury will continue deliberating the case against a bucks county man accused of sexually assaulting six girls. prosecutors say the girls' parents put them in peril gifting them to 52-year-old lee donald kaplan. the defendant claims that he and the parents considered the oldest daughter underage when she was sent to live with kaplan to be his wife. he also claims that he never touched the younger girls who have testified that he did. jurors deliberated for five hours yesterday. the prisoner who escaped in bucks county is still out there on the run but his father has been arrested. police say 65-year-old daniel selby sr. helped his son daniel selby jr. get away. the 25-year-old was originally taken into custody sunday night for failure to appear on a drug charge.
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investigators say he pushed a deputy and ran off in doylestown while still handcuffed. police accuse selby's father of picking his son up and dropping him off at broad and alleghenyly in philadelphia yesterday afternoon. >> president trump believes privatizing an essential part of airline travel will help reduce delays. maribel aber has the story in times square. good morning, maribel. >> reporter: good morning matt. president trump wants to privatize the air traffic control industry. his plan calls for air traffic controllers to move from the faa to a nonprofit that will be run by representatives of the airline industry. trump says privatization would help reduce flight delays. the airlines like the idea. they say it will make funding more reliable so they can upgrade technology but critics are worried about losing oversight. investors turned cautious. futures are pointing to a lower open. report on job openings is due out later today. and google is the world's most valuable brand again the
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overall brand value of the tech giant is up 7 percent over last year to $245 billion. it's the seventh time in the last 11 years it topped the ranking from brand z which relies heavily on consumerrer is perception. apple and microsoft were second and third. >> raining out there right now. >> heavy rain right here at the station and as you take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan there is that thin line going through the center of the region. a lot of area a lot drier where you don't see the rain you probably have some cloud cover across the region and it's low enough to give you some drizzle. but of course the big issue is that heavy rain and we are now tracking it close up for you. a line of heavy showers takes about a half hour for it to move the length of that red arrow so it will probably be a little more than 30 minutes in some of these watch box communities before you're out from that under the heavy rain and some of you in these spots are already seeing some lighter stuff but i'm tracking the arrival of that heavy stuff that's really going produce ponding and puddling and some temporary street
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flooding in some cases. mer chanville cinnaminson, cherry hill about 19 minutes past the hour before the brunt of the heavy stuff gets to you. and mickleton and maple shade and woodbury shortly after that. willingboro around 6:23 and moorestown around 6:25. atat this point this does look like it's going to hold together fairly well. i want to move this farther along the southern portion of this. you can see the movement there by the way pretty clearly from west to east. pennsville delaware city swedesboro mickleton areas about to get thumped although this portion of this line probably takes less than a half hour to get through. mantua mullica hill reason salem between now and... and salem between now and about 6:38. behind that rain you have lingering ponding and puddling on roads and maybe drizzle from the low lying cloud cover. let's take a look outside. we have the sky6 view of city hall or from city hall looking down at the rain falling in center city and you can see folks with the umbrellas up, no surprise there.
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i did the same thing just a moment ago on the terrace when i was outside in this pounding rainfall. temperatures right now are cool. 61 in philadelphia. 60 in allentown. 63 in millville. 61 in cape may. and future tracker six shows you that the morning rain starts to push off to the east and by noon it's still cloudy, still somewhat damp with some spotty shower activity. that continues until 5 o'clock when there could be a couple more isolated heavier downpours and then later on by 10, 11 o'clock still fairly cloudy and still a little bit damp with some spotty showers. up in allentown we're going to go for a cool high of 66 degrees today with lots of clouds, spotty shower can't be ruled out. at the shore a little cooler, 64 degrees, lots of clouds, a spotty shower there as well. and in your exclusive accuweather 7-day, you see today's high in philadelphia is very similar, about 66 degrees, cooler than yesterday. clouds for the most part and not a total washout but some spotty showers at times. tomorrow i'm looking for some morning rain or drizzle and then probably some drier
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conditions in the afternoon, still kind of cloud deal. dee. a cool high of 65 tomorrow. then on thursday we'll remove the chance of a shower and start to transition to better weather. clouds should give way to some sun during the day on thursday. we bump that number up to 72 and friday still looks great with a high of 78, milder and nice. for the weekend sun to clouds on saturday, a late spotty thunderstorm can't be ruled out a high of 82. i wouldn't cancel my plans. head in if you hear the thunder. warm and starting to get warmer on sunday high of 88. hot and humid on monday, 90. >> thanks, david. fallout overt leak of classified material. a federal contractor is under arrest. >> nearly one dozen high school seniors were headed to harvard this fall and then the university abrupting revoked their admissions because of their social media posts. >> changes are coming to your apple iphone. we have details about new next operating software updates. >> karen a disabled vehicle
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stuck on the schuylkill eastbound past montgomery drive mostly off to the shoulder right now. you see howett, gray, miserable. we'll check the traffic and talk about some problems when we come back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 6:15. bright and sunny commodore barry bridge, reit? yeah, you've got some more rain moving across this morning. it's reached the delaware river area and it could mess up your morning commute. >> in fact karen you've already seen a couple dustups out there on the road. >> is it just me or does it
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feel like it's going to be dreary forever. >> dreary forever. >> now we're in it that's for sure. this is i-95 at 322 in chester and we can see the heavy rain that's coming down. 95 is all wet. you've got water all over the roadways. people are driving through the raindrops still coming down here on i-95 so slow it down a little bit. that's your southbound traffic headed towards delaware and you're moving okay. just slower than you normally would. we had a few accidents coming in. this one on the turnpike westbound approaching willow grove just cleared. a new one in conshohocken on conshohocken road and old elm street. watch for that. let's take a live who, at the ben which is now dark. you can see westbound traffic the rain is really coming down good. we have fog, we've got rain. westbound traffic slowing down. how about the travel times. we're not looking at any yellow or red. i think that's going to happen momentarily. still 95 schuylkill 42 no
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major accidents on any of the highways. they've been more in the suburbs but we have one in delaware just popped up. let's switch to the waze app with your commuter traffic report. highway one near christiana. on the live update you see everyone sporting on slow speeds on highway one in delaware. not going to rain this heavily all day t you can see it's kind of a narrow band that's moving through, right, it already moved through the lehigh valley moving through the city and hopping into new jersey, you can see heavy rain starting in cherry hill, in woodbury in gibbstown in swedesboro head towards glassboro and mount laurel. tam. >> days before the november election. a report leaked to the investigative news site the intercept suggest election related hacking penetrated a lot further than previously thought. the alleged leaker a federal
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contractor has been arrested identified 25-year-old reality leigh winner. she's charged with printing a classified memo and sending it to the intercept which post thed report yesterday. the white house says there will be no exertion of executive privilege as an effort to stop james comey from testifying to the senate intelligence committee on thursday. comey will almost certainly be asked about his meetings with president trump where the president allegedly asked him to end the probe into michael flynn and supposedly asked him for a loyalty pledge. experts say that trump undermined his ability to assert executive privilege here by publically discussing his dealings with comey in tweets and in interviews. "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist will be in washington for comey's testimony to congress. her live reports will start for you tomorrow. >> social media posts have reportedly cost 10 incoming students their prized admissions to harvard university. harvard's newspaper says the students posted explicit she
6:19 am
is matches and memes in a private facebook group chat. the paper says the content was sexual in nature and targeted ethnic minorities. a harvard spokeswoman is not commenting on the report but confirmed that the school can bar students for behavior that will brings into question the moral character of the university. >> in today's tech bytes it is one of the biggest events of the year for people who love apple and the company is vowing to take the lead in personal electronics again with new products and upgrades. >> new smart speaker the home pod is a voice activated device that uses siri. it will compete with the amazon echo and google home. >> it will cost two to three times as much at $349. apple announced major updates to all its mac book laptops. >> faster brighter and have more memory and storage. and apple 's also updating all of its operating systems. one big feature is in a map a. do not disturb while driving can tell when you're driving and will block almost all notifications. >> you can have it automatically tell those who text you that you're busy and will reply later. >> can i have it tell it even
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side and those legs are going to be nice and tight. >> nice tight and your floor clean. i like that one. >> good for her. >> all right. let's take a look outside and check this rain here. this is the blue route at baltimore pike. wow is is it a miserable start to your day. coming towards i-95 we see the low clouds. it is gray. everyone on social media is complaining and the roads are slow right there. let's take a look at mass transit. paoli thorndale line train 514, 20 temperature minutes late. market frankford line earlier equipment problems causing an issue there and dave that heavy rain really causing some problems in spots. >> it sure is. and it is slowly creeping to the east. philadelphia still underneath this. we'll be out from under the heaviest stuff pretty quickly but if you're in moorestown, it's going to be a arriving at about 6:23 sewnly so only a couple minutes down the road.
6:24 am
mount laurel a little bit after that and mount holly probably around 6:41. it's heavy rain. we're not seeing lightning. some of these areas already getting were the lighter rain or maybe just the beginning of the heavy stuff and this will be passing toward the east. after that you have low lying cloud cover around and drizzle. on the bus stop this morning it's been running around 62 down to about 61 at 8 o'clock, lots of clouds and damp and today's high is just 66 degrees. matt and tam once we get rid of the morning heavy rain band we are still looking at some spotty shower activity through the afternoon. >> thank you david. it is 6:24. and a massive watery mess. >> jeanette reyes is live in a montgomery county community where crews are trying to repair a broken water main. jeanette. >> reporter: hundreds of residents are still without water after a 16-inch water main burst yesterday afternoon when they could expect to have that water back on coming up after the break. >> ♪
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6:28 am
philadelphia. sounds like a good book. >> a lot of people around here will probably buy it. >> yes. >> 6:28 now. insurance dispute. comedian tracy morgan refuses to testify under oath about that deadly crash on the new jersey turnpike. >> the free and sleepy fugitive. a bear is captured after spending days roaming a local neighborhood. >> ♪
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from the time i was pregnant with him, had so much life and energy in him. he wanted out, and he wanted to conquer the world. right now, quinton's goal is to be a doctor.
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6:31 am
dave murphy he's got the latest. karen rogers has what it means for your commute. good morning. >> a half hour ago it was coming down cats and dogs on the terrace. we were telling you how the heavy rain only takes about a half hour to get through and now we're down to just drizzle on the terrace. heavy rain pushing to the east of philadelphia and it is bearing down on places like barnsboro, mount laurel and somerdale in the next few minutes. mount holly around 6:41 and blackwood 6:43. the heaviest stuff is in the process of moving into some of those other communities. otherwise we are blocking looking at low lying cloud cover and drizzle around the region. satellite shows you a fair amount of cloud cover out there. there's a little bit of a break to the west. we're looking at mainly cloudy skies today and showers out of new york state and north central pennsylvania and pop through the region later on. fog is a little bit of an issue this morning. not super bad visibilities but those clouds are low enough to give you drizzle on the windshield even if you're not
6:32 am
in those areas seeing the active rain. and temperatures are also cool. 61 degrees in philadelphia. still 66 in wilmington. 64 in millville. 60 in allentown and a bit cooler over in trenton, 58 degrees there. and as we roll through the day it stays cool. a high of 66 by 3 o'clock. notice how i am posting a chance of a shower at any time today. that doesn't mean it's a washout. it just means that at times there could be a pop-up shower just about any time. we are looking at a warmup in the seven-day karen. i'll have those better numbers coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> it is wet, it is foggy. a lot of water on the road in some spots and that's why we have accidents like this one. look at this car kind of facing sideways a little bit smashed into the side there. this is the blue route southbound right near route 30. this accident here mostly off to the shoulder which looks like we've got another truck pulling up here. they've got a few cones set up to just kind of warn you to stay left a little bit. it's causing a little more slowing and you could see all the water on the roads. this is one of the spots on the blue route as you head southbound towards i-95 where you have that heavy rain that really came through and an
6:33 am
accident in its wake. another new accident right on perkiomenville road here in salford station road. a truck just kind of ran into a tree right here so a nasty accident here and again an area where you had a lot of rain moving in. in montgomery county that huge water main break from yesterday still shutting down edgehill road near bradfield road. stick to easton avenue as your alternate for that one. outside live it is gray, it is jammed on i-95. that's your southbound traffic here heading towards center city. now, a 32 minute jam from woodhaven to the vine tam. >> thank you, karen. breaking this morning philadelphia police are on the hunt for a gunman in a deadly shooting. it happened on the 600 block of north shedwick street in the city's mantua section around 12:30 this morning. officers arrived to find the 56-year-old victim with multiple gunshot wounds. he was rushed to the hospital but died a short time later. grief counselors will be at a delaware county high school today as students process and accept and mourn the death of a classmate killed in a crash on i-95.
6:34 am
three vehicles were involved in that sunday night crash in tinicum township. police say four teens from academy park high school in sharon hill were inside one of those vehicles, an suv. junior jaion smith died at the scene. friends held a vigil for him last night. state police have not said if they believe alcohol or drugs played a role in this crash. >> bill cosby's defense and the prosecution will that continue to argue over who can testify during his sexual assault trial. a woman testified yesterday that as the defendant claims in this case, she, too, was assaulted by cosby in 1996. prosecutors now want that woman's mother to take the stand. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live outside the montgomery county courthouse. >> reporter: day one consisted of opening statements and the prosecution's first witness. prosecutors called kelly johnson as they try to show that cosby had a pattern of predatory behavior. on the first day of the bill
6:35 am
cosby trial in norristown, the entertainer arrived to court with a member of his former tv family from the cosby show, keisha knight pulliam who played rudy huxtable was by his side to show her support. >> this is not the man that i've ever seen that i've ever known, how he's ever shown up for me, so at this point in time, i feel, you know, i can only go based on the interactions that i've had with him. >> reporter: cosby who will be 80 next month is charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault accused of drugging and sexually assaulting former testimony university employee andrea constand at his home in cheltenham in 2004. opening statements took place yesterday morning. after lunch the prosecution called their first witness, a different accuser kelly johnson. she told the jury in the 90's cosby told her to take a large white pill before violating her. she is the only past accuser
6:36 am
the judge is allowing to testify as prosecutors try to establish that cosby had a pattern of drugging and molesting young, trusting women. her attorney, gloria allred, said johnson's testimony is key for prosecution. >> when there's a pattern a plan, a theme, a design to sexually assault. >> reporter: in cross-examination, defense attorney brian mcmonagel questioned johnson's credibility pointing to conflicting statements she's made in the past. the assaults happened in 1990 and she went to his house in 96 for acting lessons. johnson cried on the stand saying she doesn't remember offering conflicting accounts. and there is a question over whether kelly johnson's mother is that able to testify. prosecutors want to call her as a witness. the defense is opposed to it. the judge said he would rule on the matter this morning. as for cosby he is not expected to testify during the course of this trial. we're live in norristown, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. tam. >> oh, katherine, thank you for that. and a neighborhood in
6:37 am
abington township was consumed by a rushing river of water after a 16-inch water main break. it created a waterfall and left 85 homes without service in roslyn, montgomery county. crews have been out there working through the night to try to get that water back on. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live for us now in abington township where these repairs are being made. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam. we were looking at 5 o'clock as the time when residents here would get their water back on. i just talked to crew members and they say they're getting there slowly but surely. they expect to have the water, in their words, pretty soon. take a live look behind me. they have been working hard overnight since overnight and yesterday afternoon working on a 16-inch pipe that burst and sent water gushing throughout the neighborhood. thousands of gallons of water gushed down the hilly abington neighborhood. the force of that water created some debris runoff in that neighboring backyards and a large hole on edgehill road. it took crews nearly two hours
6:38 am
just to shut off the water. aqua officials told "action news" that the century old pipe partly being worked on was already scheduled to be replaced in late 2018. the utility company put a boil advisory in place until water samples came back from the lab. >> very inconvenient, yes. no bath tonight. no showers tomorrow morning apparently. so, a big inconvenience, yes. >> our biggest concern out here right now is our customers, getting them back in water. >> reporter: and the crew here tells me they're going to fill up this hole here, this large hole and then a second crew will come in so in the amount of time that that takes to have done, that's about how long it will take for the water to come back on but hopefully that will happen soon. reporting live jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." matt. >> thanks for the update jeanette. a wanted fugitive in bucks county has been captured after days on the run. officials were finally able to get the elusive black bear into custody that's been wandering through several
6:39 am
communities. it wound up in a tree in feasterville behind the somerton springs swim club and stayed there most of the day mostly sleeping. you see him yawn there. an "action news" viewer captured last night's activity when wildlife officers tranquilized the one and half-year-old male. they estimate the bear's weight at 150 pounds. they plan to release the bear in another rural part of pennsylvania. >> new jersey voters can head to the polls. a gubernatorial primary is the big race on the ballot. christie has hit the term limit and will leave office in january. also on the ballot are many statewide and local races including camden's mayor atlantic city's mayor and the entire state legislature. so those polls they're now open. look for life election results on after those polls close isn't that david joins us and speaking of new jersey some people in south jersey getting wet right now. >> oh, yeah, they are. might want to hold off for that trip to the polls for
6:40 am
maybe another 15, 20 minutes. storm track sticks life double scan shows you how the line of rain of course it's not raining everywhere but where it is it's really coming down and it has pushed to the east of philadelphia for the most part but is now pounding through parts of south jersey and as we take a look at that storm tracker analysis you can see that it looks like the heavy rain pushing into mount holly in a couple of minutes, blackwood and marlton shortly after that, and we have lumberton, ewan pitman gibbsboro turnersville also on the map. i'm going to adjust this track slightly. we'll see if those times change. not a whole lot of change. pitman 6:48 and gibbsboro and turnersville a minute or two after that. medford closer to 7 o'clock along with glassboro and vincentown and again, it takes about a half hour for the rain to move the length of that red arrow i've drawn on the map so probably a little more than a half hour for this heavy stuff to pop through most areas and if we adjust the track farther to the south we'll pick up a couple of more communities that are going see probably
6:41 am
about a 20 to 30 minute round of heavy rain and that would include canton monroeville cross keys clayton and elmer and cohansey and i'll just leave you with that wide view. where you're not seeing active rain there could still be low lying cloud cover or drizzle on your windshield on the way in. let's track the clouds. well, this looks a little bit better at the commodore barry bridge than it did maybe an hour ago when the clouds were a little bit lower. still, some fog around the region and some drizzle on your windshield where you don't have those showers. your temperature currently 61. the winds out of the northeast at 8 miles per hour. not all that strong this morning. and future tracker6 shows that you once the morning rain is done, by noon we're still looking at mainly cloudy skies and some spotty showers activity. that continues off and on through the afternoon until about 5 o'clock where there could be a couple heavier downpours here or there. by 10:00, 10:30 tonight adam joseph and cecily tynan will probably still have something to show you on radar but it shouldn't be that bad. today is cloudy and cool with spotty showers.
6:42 am
here's how the numbers go. 61 degrees by 8 o'clock and by 10 o'clock and we really don't move very much, 63 degrees by noon and your high of 66 by 3 o'clock, a chance of a shower at any time but not a total washout and your high temperatures across the region today, 64 in trenton, 66 in allentown and philadelphia and a little milder the farther west you go. a you believe cold front couple spots getting closer to 70. 66 is today's high spotty showers. tomorrow i could see morn drizzle maybe even a pocket or two of rain around and a high of just 65 in the afternoon with some gradual gradual drying. on thursday that's our transition. clouds to sun 72 in the afternoon. 78 milder and nice on friday. and saturday 82 with a.m. slight chance of a spotty storm in the afternoon and the humidity starts to tick back up there on sunday along with that high of 88 ticking the numbers up. hot and humid monday with a high of 90. >> thanks, david. 6:42 now and the feud between president trump and from london's mayor is escalating. >> and why comedian tracy morgan is refusing to testify in a trial related to his
6:43 am
horrific 2014 crash. >> gas station surprise. see what a driver found wrapped around a pump. karen. >> surprise. not really. jammed on 95. this is 95 at girard. that's your southbound traffic headed towards center city. really jammed from woodhaven to past the vine. it is a slow go with the roads being so wet. we'll check on that accident on the blue route coming up. >> ♪
6:44 am
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6:46 am
>> all right, karen, so how are the roads shaping up because of this? >> not good. a bunch of accidents out there. not a lot of them on highways, though. so we'll give you that. this is one accident we have on a highway. this is the blue route southbound right near route 30 and as you can see here radnor township that vehicle kind of sideways almost, smashed into the guardrail there so watch for this. only partially blocking the right lane. they've got some cones set up with penndot on the scene so this is the blue route southbound, really jammed right now as you head towards route 30 trying to head towards then i-95, a jam on the blue route with that accident. and some heavy rain has moved through that area but the roads are still wet. here's an accident on the turnpike northbound. it's been out here all morning. look at the speeds now 11 miles an hour on the new jersey turnpike. that's a major highway to be crawling around 11 miles an hour past hightstown. that's exit eight. the outer roadway of the lanes are being blocked and they're pushing everybody off onto the inerode way and that's why you're seeing just 11 miles an hour. here's a live look in cherry hill camden county. you can see how wet it is here. this heavy rain coming down
6:47 am
route 38 at church road and the roads really wet as you're moving right now towards route 130 so watch for a slow go. let's check your travel times and your majors. we're now red everywhere. all of your majors are slow. 95, a 39 minute jam from woodhaven to the vine, schuylkill eastbound 42 minutes and do you have that vehicle stopped on the shoulder here near montgomery creating an extra jam that's extra heavy on the schuylkill. westbound schuylkill 31 minutes. 42, 19 minutes. slow you the commuter report with the waze app. another accident i-95 southbound and tara we're calling it a major accident near wilmington so i-95 southbound. i want to take a quick look at storm tracker to show you this heavy rain its a rather narrow band. the trouble is the roads are so wet from this rain that already moved through the city and now in new jersey, matt. >> thanks karen. london mayor sadiq khan has called on the british government to cancel a trip by president trump. it comes as trump continues to
6:48 am
criticize kahn's handling of the terror attack. he said i don't think we should roll out the red carpet of the president of the u.s.a. in the circumstances where his policies go against everything we stand for. >> comedian tracy morgan says he will not testify under oath about the deadly 2014 crash that left him severely injured. last week morgan wall was ordered to testify. wal-mart's insurer ohio casualty wants morgan to sit for a seven hour deposition because they claim he exaggerated his injuries. morgan's friend died in the crash on the new jersey turnpike and morgan suffered a brain injury and broken leg and ribs. a judge is expected to decide later this month what's going to happen. >> ♪
6:49 am
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or whatever stage of life you're in. we believe that when it comes to health. you don't join us. we join you. >> time to see what's next on "gma." >> for that we have amy robach in the "gma" studios live for us. good morning, amy. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you matt and tam. coming up next here on "gma" british police facing questions now over the latest terror attack in london because of reports that the ringleader was previously known to authorities and it has many people wondering if he could have been stopped much we have all the latest on that. then the harvard headline after 10 incoming students had their acceptances revoked over posting offensive memes online. we'll take a look at the question of free speech on social media and when it can affect you in real life. president trump's sons sitting down with our tom llamas
6:52 am
donald jr. and eric what they think of the team in the white house plus details on their new business venture. much more on that and then it's a big morning in the studio. we have kevin hart if you like to laugh and we have mario batali if you like to eat. i like to laugh and eat. all coming up next on "gma" guys. >> sounds good. >> not necessarily at the same time. >> you're not laughing when 82 your trying get to work today. miserable and slow. this is chester as we look at i-southbound at highland avenue. right lane blocked. you see the flashing lights. looks like the two right lanes have you jammed here dave. >> the big board on storm tracker6 live double scan showing you will the movement of rain pushing away from philadelphia but plowing through parts of south jersey on the new jersey turnpike or 295 you've got slow going there and these are the times approximately when that heavy rain is going to arrive. quick look at the kids. i'm dressing them with umbrellas on the way in. even where you don't have the rain matt there is drizzle an spotty showers possible later on with a high of 66 today. >> thanks, david.
6:53 am
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. here are your top stories. crews work through the night to repair a ruptured water main in roslyn montgomery county. service is expected to return this morning. it is day two of the sexual assault trial against bill cosby. the judge is expected to decide if the mother of a cosby accuser will be allowed to testify. the woman's daughter was on the stand yesterday. >> i think this shot says it all. even where the heavy rain has already moved through like here on the schuylkill it's just wet and gray and slow. you can see on the schuylkill eastbound a 42 minute jam from the blue route to the vine. westbound a 32 minute jam. a disabled vehicle on the side near montgomery isn't helping and the turnpike in new jersey crawling along northbound because of a big accident near exit eight, dave. >> and that may have to deal with the heavy rain that's coming down on the new jersey turnpike right now pushing to the east. those are some of the towns that are expected to see the heaviest of the rain shortly clayton atco and sicklerville among them. as we go through the day it stays cloudy and the cool, 66.
6:57 am
a chance of a spotty shower just about any time and the heavy rain coming down right now in south jersey in going to get really hot next week. we'll be lamenting for a cooling rain so enjoy today. "gma" is next. for karen rogers dave murphy tamala edwards, i'm matt o'donnell. have a great day, everyone.
6:58 am
goldman sachs was one of those companies whose illegal activity helped destroy our economy... vo: as a goldman sachs president, phil murphy made his fortune in a rigged system. now the jersey machine has lined up with murphy and his millions. leaders should stand for the people, not the political machine. as a prosecutor, at treasury, and as head of the brennan center, i've taken on the powerful - from the mafia, to the nra, to the dark money that poisons our politics. i'll be nobody's governor but yours.
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good morning, america. breaking news, a 25-year-old fitness instructor and government contractor charged with leaking a top secret nsa document about russia to the media. the first leaker arrested under president trump. this as fired fbi director james comey prepares to testify about his conversations with the president. breaking new details about the london terrorists. the brand-new images, one of them working in the subway known to authorities for years. did british police drop the ball? and this morning, the incredible new surveillance video, the restaurant manager fighting off the attackers saving himself and his customers. harvard dropping the hammer. the university now revoking admissions for ten incoming freshmen over what they posted online. the incredibly offensive messages now changing their futures and an important alert about


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