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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 7, 2017 4:00am-4:29am EDT

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making news in america this morning, breaking right now, gunmen storm iran's parliament. this is a shrine for the country's revolutionary founder also coming under attack. we have details coming in. countdown to comey's testimony. this morning insight into what the former fbi director is expected to tell the nation and why was comey uncomfortable around president trump and why he didn't want to be left alone with the president. the big scare at the america's cup. one of the boats capsizes tossing crew members overboard. hear why they blame themselves for what happened. talk about red hot. a baseball player's run with history. and we do say good morning to you, ev
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it is turning out to be a busy one. we'll start with that breaking news overseas. deadly attacks in the capital o attackers stormed the nation's parliament building in tehran l eight people. all entrances and exit gates at parliament weres c and reporter ordered to remain in place inside that chamber. >> and about ten miles away, at least one person was killed after gunman and suicide bombarh khomeini. a security guard was killed in that attack and a woman under arrest. it's not phone if they're linked. no group immediately claiming responsibility. but you will note in the last 48 hours tensions among the gulf states have been at their the g war. we're going to continue to keep an eye on the situation there in the middle east. meanwhile, keeping an eye on the big headline out of wa details about what former fbi director james comey will reveal when he testifies for the first time
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fired. >> president trump appears to be focusing on other things heading to cincinnati to promote his infrastructure plan. this while deputy attorney general rod rosenstein faces questions on capitol hillri. and as comey prepares to testify, there's word he told the attorney general jeff sessions he did not want to be left alone with the president. >> sources say comey will talk about having an uncomfortable relationship with president trump and describe repeated encounters that made him uneasy. abc's lana zak has the latest from washington on this. busy day for you,indeed, kendis diane. it's going to be a busy week in washington already gearing up for it especially with those hearing that starts today with rod rosenstein, remember, his memo was initially held up by the white house as the impetus for comey's firing. when fired fbi director james comey testifies before the senate on thursday -- >> the truth and nothing but the truth. >> reporter: -- a source close to comey says he intends to
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directly contradict the president on this claim made repeatedly in an interview with nbc news. >> i said, if it's possible, would you let me know am i under investigation. he said you are not under investigation. >> reporter: but on the more troubling question of obstruction of justice in the flynn investigation, comey is expected to offer no judgment. >> the real world implications of this although great for scoring points for the democrats are really not that high in terms of actual effect on the administration. >> reporter: the testimony is highly anticipated for both democrats and republicans. >> i think that comey being here in public is something that's very important to the country. >> reporter: but inside the white house, the president is blaming attorney general jeff sessions' decision to recuse himself on russia for many of their current problems. sources tell abc news the situation has gotten so tense that sessions has offered to resign. press secretary sean spicer even refusing to say if the president still has confidence in sessions. >> i have not had a discussion with him. >> reporter: the president offered up another public
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message. >> ahead of his testimony -- >> i wish him luck. >> reporter: kendis, i know you understand this town and how it takes but to give everybody else a sense of what a big deal this is in washington, several bars are actually opening early in advance of comey's testimony. some are even offering some specials including $5 on russian vodka and a special covfefe cocktail, we understand. >> i know where we'll be doing "america this morning" next week or tomorrow. let's hope they're open early enough. a typical d.c. thing. >> lana zak live for us in washington. we hope you enjoy a little of that coverage. fbi agents raided the home of the government contractor accused of leaking a top secret nsa document on russian hacking. >> 25-year-old reality winner had criticized president trump and his policies on her own facebook page. winner is an air force veteran and her family says she believes in always doing the right thing. now, top democrats condemn the leak but cited the report as
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proof of broader election meddling. >> this was russia, this was not, you know, some hacker in -- at the university trying to screw around with one individual state. this was an international attempt to impact the elections of the united states of america. >> the document reportedly shows a russian military intelligence tried to hack the software used for u.s. voting machines in the days before the presidential election. it's not clear, though, if they were successful. hawaii is now the first state to officially adopt some of the goals of the paris climate accord. governor david egay put them in effect. one increases hawaii's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. the other measure establishes a task force to capture and store carbon dioxide. less than 24 hours after an attack outside the notre dame cathedral.
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a man attacked a police officer with a hammer allegedly shouting, this is for syria. another police officer shot and wounded that attacker. now, the approximately 1,000 people inside the cathedral were told to put their hands over their heads and wait in the pews. priests then led them in prayer while police searched for other attackers. outside there was panic. >> we heard the two gunshots and then at that point my wife and i, we kind of grabbed each other and ran to the corner and then we turned back around. that's when we saw the police officers pointing their guns at a guy on the ground and he had blood coming out from his leg. >> the suspect is a 40-year-old graduate student from al jeer ya and reportedly claims to be a soldier of isis. they say this was an isolated attack. in london all of the london bridge is now open once again although some parts of borough market are still closed after saturday night's terror attacks. meanwhile, britain's prime minister says she will change the country's human rights laws
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about they get in the way of preventing future terror attacks. her opponents in tomorrow's election call that cynical and wrong. back here in this country let's take a look at your weather. well, it's going to be a wet day in the southeast from florida to the carolinas. you can see why. heavy rain expected to cross that area in the sunshine state where several inches of rain is possible in some locations. all that rain could produce more scenes like this. charleston, south carolina, flooding, up to 4 inches of rain falling there prompting these flash flood warnings. some of the heaviest downpours happening at the same time as high tide which didn't help the situation. well, they can expect more of the same today. former president obama and canadian prime minister justin trudeau have had another high-powered meeting. >> they had dinner in montreal last night and discussed
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developing the next generation of leaders. >> trudeau tweeted a picture with how do we get young leaders to take action in their communities. thanks @barackobama. >> president obama looks very relaxed and trudeau is like -- still ahead, more from the obamas including the surprising revelation michelle made about their years in the white house. the woman on trial accused of urging her boyfriend to commit suicide. the text messages she sent that prosecutors say contributed to his death. that frightening scene at the event called the america's cup. a crew catapulted into the water.
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back with breaking news overnight from los angeles. an lapd officer is recovering after a shooting that left a suspect dead. investigators say the officer was responding to a call of a man with a gun last night. police say the officer hurt one of his arms but they do not believe he was hit by gunfire. the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. the cause of death is still under investigation. bill cosby's accuser returns to the stand today following a day of emotional testimony yesterday. andrea constand cried as she told her story in public for the first time saying the man that she saw as a mentor drugged then sexually assaulted her in his home in 2004. constand testified she didn't tell anyone about the incident for a year because she didn't want to cause trouble. cosby's attorneys say the two had consensual sex. dish network has been ordered to pay a record $280 million fine for its robocalls. the justice department says the satellite television company violated the national do not
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call registry laws and a judge ruled that dish knew or should have known that its third party call centers were violating the law. the money will be split between the federal government as well as four states. one more business note, sears reportedly closing even more of its stores and expected 49 kmarts, 17 sears and 7 auto centers. all of this by september. sears will only have a little more than half as many stores as it had, say, five years ago. a report has several states in new england among the safest in the country. analysts looked at nearly 40 indicators including how safe people are in their car, hopes and workplaces. >> and found vermont to be the safest state in the nation based on those criteria. followed by maine, massachusetts, minnesota and new hampshire. according to the report, mississippi is the least safest state. least safe state. >> least safe state. when we come back history
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[ plays chord ] [ plays melody ] [ plays castanets ] [ melody stops ] scenes like this today forecasters say some areas could see a couple w ihich will cause street >> yeah, checking the morning road conditions all that rain in florida will stretch up into the carolinas as well. expect some wet roads for parts of the northeast and for a large part of the middle of the country as well. >> this travel alert from captain obvious. guess where you'll have airport delays possible due to weather, miami. a woman in massachusetts on trial for allegedly encouraging her boyfriend to take his own life. >> the young man's mother has already testified that she saw no signs that he intended to
4:16 am
harm himself. abc's adrienne bankert has more. >> reporter: 20-year-old michelle carter, accused of pushing the young man she says she loved to his death. prosecutors say carter at the time a high school discount pressured 18-year-old conrad roy iii to commit suicide in 2014. at the heart of the case, tens of thousands of texts between the two. carter repeatedly telling him, it's time and you need to just do it. cell phone records showing carter telling him to get back inside the truck when he has second thoughts. carter attorney blaming her behavior on the medication she was taking. >> it's a suicide even if somebody supports another individual in a suicide, it doesn't create a homicide. >> reporter: adrienne bankert, abc news, taunton, massachusetts. >> adrienne will have more on that trial on "good morning america." take a look. a spearfishing trip that went very wrong ends with a man in the hospital.
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wow, that eight-foot shark took a bite out of parker simpson's right leg while he and the friend were in the florida keys. look again. you'll see it here in slo-mo. he said he thought the shark was going after fish on his line then it turned towards him. simpson lost more than two pints of blood. mother nature has played a role in the america's cup yachting competition in bermuda. half of the team new zealand's six-man crew ended up in the ocean yesterday. winds reaching nearly 30 miles an hour capsized their catamaran. three crewmen had to be pulled from the water. they're back at it today. the america's cup final races start on the 17th with the u.s. defending its title in all right. game three of the nba finals is tonight and the cavaliers are hoping their home crowd can help them get back in the series against the warriors. >> as for last night's sports action highlights from our guys at espn. good morning, it's "sportscenter" from los angeles. stan verrett, neil everett here. we had a guy who hit four home runs tuesday night in the major leagues. >> stan and i are talking about
4:18 am
our favorite tom petty sounds. scooter gennett, he won't back down against the cardinals. this is in cincinnati. this kid was born in cincinnati. that's a grand slam. >> pitcher says don't do me like that. >> exactly. it's good to be king. gennett is not really a king. near is lebron james but king of the night. that's his second. that's three, man. >> free falling. >> and a face in the crowd grabbed that souvenir baseball. >> i'm all out. i got no more tom petty. >> he hit four. he's running down a dream. i mean, you are so bad, scooter gennett. oh! i mean, we don't know how it feels to hit four. women's college world series, oklahoma and florida, best of three, oklahoma took game one so this is it. if the sooners win again, oklahoma's knighton was a hero monday night. has the cape on again and the sooners' wonder woman bringing everybody home with a bases l d
4:19 am
loaded. sooners go up, 5-3. top of the seventh. florida down to its final out. and page lowry is going to finish the job. oklahoma going back-to-back. third women's college world series title in five years. fourth overall as they take it 5-4. >> the hardest part about this job is? >> what? >> the waiting. >> okay. ♪ it's the hardest part >> those guys are freefallen right now. up next in "the pulse," george and amal clooney welcome twins. reaction coming in overnight. plus, see what caused hundreds of dollars in damage at a liquor store. >> oh, boy. on our facebook page mother under investigation after she said she intentionally allowed a snake to bite her 1-year-old. that's on of strok,
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♪ time to check "the pulse" starting with the very highly anticipated delivery. george clooney and his wife amal are now the proud first-time parents of a baby boy and girl. >> yes, the power couple just welcomed alexander and ella into the clooney fold. an e-mail from the couple's publicist read ella and alexander and amal are all healthy, happy and doing fine. george is sedated and should recover in a few days. ellen degeneres tweeted her congratulations saying she's now calling them ocean's four. this was the scene at clooney's liquor company. business partner rande gerber stacking up for a special delivery of tequila and topped off with a few boxes of diapers as well. >> i think he'll go for the tequila first no doubt. michelle obama made a surprising revelation about her time in the white house. >> so she was talking about all
4:23 am
those formal occasions when she wore designer dresses, each one carefully chosen. fashion reporters and bloggers scrutinized every look. >> okay, so she said while everyone was looking at her, they didn't notice that the president wore the same tuxedo all eight years, same tux, same shoes which she jokingly said was totally unfair. >> kendis hasn't changed a suit in like three years. >> this is the same, same thing. that is -- that's kind of funny. >> you guys can get away with it, we can't. double standards. what's likely the most unwelcome guest at a liquor store in southern california? >> one that's already drunk? >> or a peacock. >> here's why. the bird came in through an open door and then caused all kinds of commotion. listen to that. >> maybe he already had one too many. >> animal control officer used the net to try to restrain the animal. >> not successful for awhile but finally the peacock knocked
4:24 am
several bottles of wines and spirits to the floor apparently targeting the expensive stuff because about $500 worth of liquor was lost and eventually did get the bird out of the store, but not after breaking a few bottles. >> what is a peacock doing inside a liquor store. >> there's a joke here somewhere. trying to get to the other side. >> i don't know. well -- all right. >> more news after this. art att. but we are not victims. we are survivors. we are survivors. , -- all right. >> more news after this. -- all >> more news after this. all ri >> more news after this. all ri >> more news after this. ttack. we take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams... it affects how well brilinta works. brilinta helps keep platelets from sticking together and forming a clot. in a clinical study brilinta worked better than plavix®. brilinta reduced the chance of another heart attack. or dying from one. don't stop taking brilinta without talking to your doctor,... ...since stopping it too soon increases your risk
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>> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. it's wednesday, june 7th. coming up next on "action news," this morning a community is that pulling for a six-year-old boy who was caught in the crossfire. as many pray for his recovery, police are out there racing to find the triggerman. a huge day in the sexual assault trial of bill cosby as a key witness took the stand with her accusations against him. we'll look ahead at what's to come in the proceedings. plus we'll catch up with mary lee, the great white shark who apparently really likes the jersey shore. who doesn't? all that, accuweather and more to help you with your traffic. "action news" is up next. >> ♪ a 54-year-old wedding album in their own home. >> now they hope to get that book back to its rightful owners. we have the story now. >> i'm absolutely in love with
4:28 am
it. >> reporter: megan mesmerized and not able to stop flipping through this wedding album. >> walking down the aisle. >> reporter: embracing each moment this couple shared on their wedding day back in 1963. >> my absolute favorite photo is in the very back. >> reporter: humor from the bride and groom joseph and margaret, a couple megan has never met but serious about finding. >> if it was my wedding album i definitely would be very upset if i left it. >> reporter: the treasure of memories falling into her husband's hands unexpectedly. hidden in the roof of this hudson home the couple is remodeling for bobby's home. the first crack bringing down an alligator purse. >> as i was taking it off, the purse fell and hit me in the face. >> reporter: then looking deeper into the hole. >> i saw it was really, really old, okay, here, check this out and called her immediately. >> reporter: since the discovery friday. >> the most beautiful wedding
4:29 am
dress ever. >> reporter: megan's mission to get the album to its rightful owners. more than 50 years old she realized joseph and marguerite may no longer be with us. but they could have family. >> it's helped because, you know, it says her father's name here. >> reporter: she knows they got married in brooklyn and tracked down a potential relative in new port richey but led to a dead end. megan won't give up. her reason, reminding all of us life is about special moments worth reliving. >> they didn't have digital cameras in 1963 so this is all you have. this is all they have of their wedding day. >> reporter: serena fasan, abcn >> she figured out marguerite has remarried since then but still the mystery of where she is remain. >> that's what's making news i
4:30 am
. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning and good to see you. it's 4:30 a.m. on this wednesday, june 7th. >> we're following a developing story. a pregnant woman leaving a friend's house overnight is hit by a stray bullet. >> a community is rallying behind a six-year-old boy who is the latest victim of gun violence in wilmington. >> the woman at the center of the sex assault trial against bill cosby goes back to a montgomery county courthouse today to neff his sex assault trial. >> and what would a morning be without some rain? >> really. >> let's turn to david and karen. >> nothing like it was yesterday at least. you can see that most of the area is dry. we have aou


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