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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  June 7, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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what he did but they are impressed with his act of bravery. violence erupted at this wawa at cross keys road in camden county. i suspect with a gun and mask storms inside and orders all employees to the ground and before the suspect could reach the register a good samaritan tackles him. >> he is a hero in my eyes, we have ladies working at the wawa young ladies working the overnight shift and i'm sure they were scared to death. the would be robber pistol whipped the victim in an attempt to escape. we learned that the good samaritan goes by the name of darryl. he does not want to go on camera or release his name and described what happened in the wawa. >> put the gun to the back of her head and said open the register now, he was so focused on her, i would not advise anyone to do what i did. but in the same token have you
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to look out for the community. >> he was thinking about the employees and the fear in their eyes, he knew he had to act. >> the lord put me in that store for a reason at that time. and it just so happens it was for that purpose to break up this robbery and save somebody if possible. and everybody can go about their business. >> the suspect identified as alexander ray, within minutes they awrested the suspect. >> he hit me a couple of times with the pistol but again -- i'll take the bumps and bruises if it means i was able to save a life or whatever the case may be. i'll take tie few lumps and bumps. >> back you live we can tell you that police say when they recovered the handgun used in the crime. it was not loaded at last check that suspect is still in the hospital recovering from his injuries when is he released
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from the hospital he faces a long list of charges. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> all right quite a story. thank you. radnor police made three arrests during a weeks long drug investigation at a chipotle restaurant in delaware county. the main suspect identified as rob effort lane worked at the restaurant in lane. 24-year-old and a female were also arrested in connection with the investigation. detectives released photos of a toilet tank inside of the restaurant's bathroom loaded with drug paraphernalia. >> i turned to my left and see someone being tackled on the grown and being arrested and it caught me off guard and a come came in and said everyone get out now. >> we were like whoa what is happening and the dogs came in started to sniff everything and it was crazy. >> the restaurant was shut down
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today so the health department could assure the conditions were okay for food service. the officials expect the restaurant to be back only tomorrow. in delaware officials say they busted a complex drug scheme run by one of the biggest cartels in the world and three men stashed drugs and cash in oxygen tanks to smuggle them from mexico into delaware and used a home with an underground bunker to fill it with marijuana. more than a million dollars in cash and assets were seized. we are following a developing situation in southwest philadelphia where a young girl lost her foot after being hit by a train. chopper 6 hd was over the scene at 58th and grays this afternoon. right now she is in the hospital in severely critical condition. annie mccormick is at the scene with more details at 5:30. in washington today capitol hill
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is braces for former fbi director, james comey to testify in front of a senate committee. today several current top intelligence officials were in the hot seat. sara bloomquist is live in washington tonight with a look at what comb yes is expected to say tomorrow. >> reporter: monica, good evening. this afternoon the senate select committee on intelligence released the opening statement former fbi director, james comey is expected to read tomorrow. it's fascinating. the president asked comey to end the investigation into michael flynn and described the russian investigation as a cloud that he hoped that comey to lift. the testimony that america is waiting to hear as james comey testifies in front of the intelligence committee. we now know that comey will describe multiple conversations with the president a private
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dinner at the white house on january 27 and that made him uncomfortable. comey, the president says i need loyalty and i need loyalty. i did not move or change my facial expression in the awkward silence that followed. we simply looked at each other in silence. the president asked him to back off the investigation into michael flynn. and will also testify that the president called him on march 30th and described the russian investigation on a cloud and impairing his act to act on behalf of the country and had nothing to do with russia and not involved with hookers in russia and always assumed he was recorded when in russia. and asked with what we can do to lift the cloud. they grilled law enforcement officials if the president asked any of them to stop the investigation and they mostly sidestepped the question. >> i never was directed to do
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anything unethical or inproperty. >> the president made a stop after announcing his pick for fbi director, christopher wray. a man of integrity and experience and a good person to lead the fbi, he will help them get back to their mission and instill a sense of confidence in the people that they are doing the job they are designed to do. >> reporter: james comey's testimony here is set to begin tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. then he is suppose to testify privately for the senators starting at 1:00 and some here think his public testimony could last well beyond that. live on capitol hill. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. back here, andrea constand the primary accuser of median, bill cosby was back on the stand in norristown.
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the questioning focused on her corresponded with cosby and why she called the comedian more than 50 times after the assault. she always returned his calls because of the power he carried at her place of employment temple university. in all she spent seven hours on the witnessstant. and back to accuweather a big change heading our way after a cloudy dreary week so far a blast of sunshine is heading our way. adam joseph is live with more on that. >> i think we are all about soak in the sunshine and going to want to do that over the next couple of days and we will. as we look at the temperatures it's cool the last couple of days, 69 yesterday and 66 today with that mainly cloudy skies 14 degrees below normal for today. should be sitting around that 80 degree mark. we had some pops of sun at times here as we went through afternoon hours but a lot of of clouds all inland locations but a wedge of sun has developed
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along the immediate shore if are you near one of the boardwalks or promenades right now you are saying it's sunny here while it is cloudy inland. tonight the clouds break apart and 63 at 9:00 and 61 at 11:00. and another cool night as the low temperatures drop to around 54 in the city and 40s in the suburbs but yes that sunshine will return here tomorrow and along with rising temperatures, and in fact, it will rise so quickly it will feel lightning the upper 90s in the seven-day forecast. i'll let you know when that arrives in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you adam. time for a check of the "action news" traffic report wednesday night. lets take it live to matt pellman in the traffic center and good evening on a mid-day. >> good evening to you guys, it's not a good evening on the roads. weather is cooperating but the traffic is not.
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schuylkill expressway eastbound side by the south street on ramp an accident involving this car and this truck. taking out the left lane but no emergency crews are on the scene yet. when they arrive they will block more of the roadway, it will likely get worse before it gets better and providence a fire location at 252 at 320, stay on 352 you'll be better off. a fire at the delaware memorial bridge. two lanes blocked there delaware bound speeds in the 20s and use the commodore barry bridge that is your best bet and get on 13 through wilmington 95 and 495 are still a mess although the construction on 495 has cleared but still jammed there. >> thank you. more ahead on "action news" at 5:00, a new health check shows 25% of americans are routinely skipping health care
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why adults are passing on a trip to the doctor. >> and a happy ending for one lehigh valley girl after she lost her beloved stuffed animal in an atlanta airport last month. >> and cecily tynan is live at the zoo with a tortoise it looks like. >> that is right. this is an african pancake tortoise and these are interesting because when you think of a tortoise you think of something really slow and these guys are super fast and their shell is flexible and if they have a predator running after them they can scurry and find a rock and kind of squeeze like a pancake and get in the crevice in the rock and hide from the predator and save their life. there is a lot of african animals here including the mere cats.
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this is video of the attack on the notre dame cathedral. he lunged at officers yelling this is for syria. the suspect a 40-year-old doctoral student from algeria suffered gunshot wounds after
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police fired shots at him a search of the home showed a declaration of allegiance to isis. and attacks in the middle of iran's capital city. isis is taking responsibility but some iranians think it's an entire country and not a terror group to blame. >> death and trucks in the heart of iran for the first time isis carrying out acts of terror in iconic locations at the capital. the attacks began at suicide bomber detonating -- at the same time the suspect blew imself up inside of the partment billing and at least 12 are dead and 40 others are injured after the two terror attacks, isis claiming responsibility and posting this video of the incident in parliament as it was unfolding. gunmen some dressed as women
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opened fire while they were in session while one did he detonated a suicide bomb. iran's revolutionary guard blaming saudi arabia. >> we see the tenses between saudi arabia and iran are escalating very, very fast but the doctor says -- >> the response will depend upon what they find out when it comes to was conducting this terrorist act and who was behind it. experts say it was a well court naded attack and call it a huge wake-up call for the iranian regime. >> health check tonight a new study shows one in four american households is skipping medical care because it's just too expensive. researchers at princeton university interviews more than 1,000 people by phone 25% of
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responders say that they or someone in their home skipped going to the doctor because of the cost and were somewhat worried about not having affordable health insurance in the future. and an update to a story last week, an allentown family offered up $100 for the return of this stuffed dog. 4-year-old kayla lost maggie the stuffed animal last month at the atlanta airport and one of our viewers recognized the stuffed animal identical to one of her old animals named trouble. and she contacted her mother and saw they were a match and sent it to her to enjoy. >> kayla was all too happy to take in the sister of her missing stuffed dog. >> very nice. still ahead on "action news" at 5:00. a celebration on the schuylkill that had local officials getting a little wet today. plus, the party if south philadelphia that got high school seniors excited about the next chapter in their lives.
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more fears that kmart stores are closing in our area including our area. 66 stores will be closed in add
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is to the 180 that closed earlier this year. it will bring the company back to profitability they hope. one in clementon and one in new jersey and one at the rio grandy is on the closure list. one way to celebrate the schuylkill river is to get in and enjoy it. representatives of natural resources and members of the heritage area paddled today in royersford. this is the 19th year for the event part of pennsylvania rivers month. local college bound students celebrated their big achievement in south philadelphia today. ♪ ♪ demeanor a rapper pumped up the cloud at the wells fargo center for the third annual reach higher college signing day. they celebrated the next chapter in their lives and college superintendant william hite
5:21 pm
later addressed the group and it's a college event hosted by former first lady, michelle obama. >> charles chaput is in minneapolis county to honor high school graduates. he was at arcadia university. where the high school class of 2017 crossed the stage receiving their diplomas. still ahead on "action news" at 5:00 a check of the accuweather forecast. looking live outside at sky 6 hd looking at the center city skyline. not a bad wednesday evening. your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" continues in a moment. mothers, daughters, sisters, lions. and because together you roared so loud, i know my voice matters today. this summer, come celebrate new york state's equal rights history.
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time for accuweather at the philadelphia zoo. she will hold anything. >> hi cecily. >> this guy is beautiful this guy is togo a bald python you may remember visits in the zoo in the past. you remember lucille i usually hold her. she is close to 50 and officially retired. now we bring togo out. they are known as ball pythons because in african or the wild
5:25 pm
if they feel threatened they will curl up into a ball and put their head in the center and as you can see they can camouflage with their skin. they are a threatened species mainly do to the pet trade and the tribes of africa and using them for their skin but also for their meat. i think they are beautiful and everyones asks my why i don't mind holding snakes they are not slimy. they squeeze their prey to death when they want a meal. he is hugging my skin because the cold out there. -- again today a very cool day philadelphia currently 66 degrees and 65 degrees now we dropped 1 degree and the north carolinaal high for this time of year is 80 and wilmington 65 and
5:26 pm
cape may 62 and trenton 66 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we have been seeing a few breaks in the clouds, and i saw one around lunch time. and if you look around the shore you see that they are getting a good amount of sunshine right along the shore. but mainly for most of us it's a mostly cloudy skies and showers down to the south and as we zoom down to the southeast coast there is a wave of low pressure developing there. it looks like it could possibly just skirt the coast tomorrow. but the latest model shows it all heading out to sea. and that means we have nice dry weather on the way. tonight is a definitely cool night. 54 in philadelphia and normal low 61, and allentown 58 and cape may 54 degrees becoming partly cloudy and the day planner for your thursday you want to have a jacket in the morning and it will be cool at 7:00, 57 degrees and look at that we'll have sunshine at 7:00 and through the day it won't be
5:27 pm
completely bright and sunny for the past three days, 71 by 3:00 reaching a high of 74 degrees and comfortable by 7:00 with a high of 67 and it will be a dry day so you can put the umbrellaed away tomorrow. future tracker 6 showing on friday we have a nice warm-up. temperatures by 3:00 up near our high of 80 degrees and more warm and is building out to the west. and that will move in as we head through the course of the weekend. it looks like we have heat wave number two on the way. the five-day at 5:00, showing tomorrow a nice day on the cool side. mixture of clouds and sunshine with a high of 74 degrees, friday partly sunny and a high of 80 degrees and saturday it will feel like june 84 degrees in the afternoon high. and then the heat really keeps building and sunday starting what will be heat wave 90 degrees and monday hot and humid and 92 it gets warmer on
5:28 pm
tuesday. i will be in the exhibit for the mere cats coming up in a few minutes. this guy is beautiful. >> we'll take your word for it. >> much more "action news" coming your way we'll be right back. that's comfortable long time. i don't want to buy new furniture every couple of years. it's custom made so you know it's good quality. i'm just speechless because it's perfect.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again here is what is happening on "action news" wednesday night. a young girl is fighting for her life after being hit by a freight train in philadelphia. we are live with details on this developing story. also, have you seen this man. detectives say he sexually assaulted someone in a wawa bathroom and president trump announces his choice to replace james comey for the fbi on twitter how both sides of the aisle are reacting to his choice tonight. we are following a story out of philadelphia tonight where a young girl hanging out with friends was hit and dragged by a train. annie mccormick is there live. >> reporter: monica according to
5:31 pm
police they say that the 11-year-old victim is currently at the childrens hospital of philadelphia. where she is still in surgery, authorities say that the train actually dragged her 500 feet after she was pulled under. >> the emergency call came out just before 2:00 this afternoon. here you see devastated teenagers comforted at scene one of four young girls runing along a csx train somehow became pulled under and the train dragged her to 58 and and grays avenue. she loses her footing and grabs on to a post and her legs goes under the train and one is severed and the other severely damaged. >> the victim who police say was 11 with was a group of three friends that had early dismissal at school. tamika's daughter was playing with the group and left to get water ice. >> she says that now they are
5:32 pm
trying to be there for the young girls that were traumatized. the victim is a good kid. >> she is very pleasant and in your presence, hello and how are you doing, very respectful and does well in school. for this to occur i just can't, i'm still trying to grasp it. >> and the victim does attend a local charter school around the area called richard allen prep a person that answered the phone confirmed that the victim from the train accident doesn't attend there. they say they have no comment and police are still investigating and at this point it appears to be a tragic accident. reporting live in southwest philadelphia. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> police released surveillance video of a sexual predator that struck in a wawa bathroom and take a good look at the video. taken at air mange oh avenue on april 18 and, the suspect
5:33 pm
followed a 23-year-old man in the bathroom and sexually assaulted him and left and got into a blue mazda sedan. in radnor police are warning reads about a recent phone scam telling people there is a warrant for their arrest and have to pay money to avoid going jail. >> to get a phone call like that, do not give out personal information hang up and call 911. 911 dispatcher will be able to verify that is an authentic call or another scam when you think ahead of a scam it's like a chess match and have you to stay one step ahead. most people would think it's legitimate and verify it by calling 911. police say there is two incidents in the last week. if you get a call about a warrant for your arrest. do not give out your personal information.
5:34 pm
following weeks of speculation and interviews. donald trump announced his choice to replace james comey as head of the fbi. i am nominating christopher a. w wray. president trump announcing he is nominating christopher wray calling him a man of quote, impe impeckib impeckib impeckible credentials one of
5:35 pm
his most high-profile cases the guilty plea of enron. and since then white collar and veinvestigation investigations. and recently served as chris christie's personal attorney during the bridge gate scandal. the announcement took many by surprise. and senator chuck grassley chairs the committee that will consider the nomination. he first learned the news from the president's tweet. i'm sure i'll get to my office and find out that he tried to get ahold of me this morning. >> even white house staffers were caught off guard. some doing google searches to get a background on wray. it took five hours until the president made the announcement before a statement from the white house. he still needs to be confirmed by the senate.
5:36 pm
republicans applauding the nomination, democrats not expressing opposition but they want to get to know him. tomorrow voters in the unite the kingdom head to the polls for a general election three years earlier than normal to strengthen her hand in brexit negotiations but they are taking a backseat now to concerns over terrorism. may vows to bring in anti-terrorism measures and more money into the police budget and all 150 seats for the house of commons is up for grabs. world news tonight with divide muir will have more on the upcoming uk elections follow that on "action news" at 6:30. including the internet airports and bars.
5:37 pm
the vote could take place in evening in the house of representatives. and support ofs of the legislation says it will bring in millions of dollars in additional revenue to help tackle the deficit and it's not clear if there will be support from state senators or governor wolf. a similar bill failed in the house last sum of. ymca facilities want preteens and teenagers to stay safe and they are giving them a place to do that for free. they announced the take on summer program and runs through june 25th, kids ages 12 to 18 that live if delaware can get a free membership this sum toward the y. having access to swimming facilities and pools and gyms and free lunch and other meals will be provided at some locations. terrific. time now for an update on the high wayses for your wednesday night. over to matt pellman. >> this afternoon commute is
5:38 pm
garbage and turned especially trashy. there is a load of trash from wolfston drive to go south on route 1 the super highway t. looks like they will start to move the trash out of the way and they may be blocking traffic from the ramp and the main lanes are slow and the ramp appears to be blocked now. elsewhere there is a crash at rite-aid. and on the big picture, a crash on the schuylkill eastbound by south street is gone and slow go from montgomery drive and a wreck on 95 by the walt whitman bridge and that luckily is off to the side. we have the fire location in delco along 252, stay on 352 instead and the fire activity is wrapped at the delaware memorial bridge but traffic is sluggish and in delaware itself it's
5:39 pm
worse than sluggish on 95 and 495, but the southbound emergency construction on 495 is cleared out of the way. >> thank you. see you tomorrow. it's that time of year graduation ceremonies are underway across the area. today the class of 2017 from pope john paul ii high school got their diplomas here in royersford and congratulations to the seniors as they head off to college and the real world. sciencives have discovered how long humans are on earth and michelle obama spilled a secret for all the two termed president obama was in office. what he reveals about one of obama's signature looks. cecily tynan is back at the zoo tonight. it's feeding time cecily? >> it is i'm not just at the zoo i'm inside mere cat maze because it's feeding time and i have a cup full of meal worms and super
5:40 pm
worms because they taste super to mere cats and i will spread them around and the mere cats are over there waiting for dinner time. i'll hide these and then release the critters in here and find all the worms, they are from african and like it warm and i'll talk about hot weather on the way in the accuweather forecast. hide it behind the rhino here. neighbor i'll cover some up. back to you. >> this should be fun. >> meal worms. >> tasty. looks delicious. sports phillies are suddenly red hot and jeff skversky will have much more coming up from them when "action news" continues tonight.
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new fossils are pushing back the first evidence of human life by 100 years, bones found in morocco are 3,000 years old that doesn't mean the species first appeared in morocco it's not clear when first in africa humaned did appear. the first known fossils were in
5:44 pm
ethiopia. when people had a face like our current face but more of a brain that was primitive. >> okay. time for sports tonight and jeff is here and too bad the phillies can't play the atlanta braves every night. >> that would be great. 5-0 against the braves this evening and won two in a row on the road as well. after everything the phillies have been through over the last month. the phillies are read hot and looking to win theirtive and straight in atlantic. the phillies bats came alive and more clutch hitting with 70 plate appearances and nobody is hotter than this guy herrera. nobody in baseball has nor doubles and then a little ball many herrera leading the phillies in this offensive explosion, they scored 28 in
5:45 pm
their last four games compared to 22 in their last 12. howie kendricks says they are locked in and focused. >> go out in situations and help the team win and that keeps you locked in. and not let one pitch or at bat affect the way you play the game. and just roll. guys are having good at-bats and the goal is to go out and compete. much of the talk is about what the sixers will do with the third overall pick in the nba draft in a few weeks. and they are trying to figure out what to do with the four official picks in the second round. they continue their workouts in camden including jordan bell a power forward from oregon projected as a first round or late send rounder that reminds them of dennis rodman. >> i think there are good scorers here already and if i come here do all the dirty work
5:46 pm
rebound and defend. and make the right passes. >> and golden state could take a 3-0 series lead in cleveland in the nba finals tonight. are the warriors beatable. dr. j. says that the sixers 83 championship team would find a way to beat them. will lebron james and the cavs be in this spot last year. in the same boat down 0-2 and come back to win the nba finals ending the drought in cleveland. >> it's something that i feel like is, that it's okay to go back and know that i can refocus, i can get my guys ready and get myself ready. you know you hate to continue to put yourself in these positions but at the end of the day it's still just basketball. >> just some basketball man on tv tonight warriors and cavs nba
5:47 pm
finals here on 6 abc coverage begins at 8:30 tip-off at 9:00 and watch on the abc app. "dancing with the stars" may be over but how about a new show? dancing with the bullpen? in chicago after every cubs home run the chicago cubs bullpen gets into a dance off last night here they go again as soon as the ball goes over the ivy they show off their moves on the mound coming up with a different dance every time. maybe give them a 7. he is tough maybe a 7. those dance moves are more like you. >> you don't want to see. >> take your pick. >> thank you. well, if you think you have what it takes to win a million dollars maybe you should have auditioned for the pop laffer game show seen on 6 abc today. people lined up for who wants to be a millionaire at the sugarhouse casino. if you missed the early edition, another audition is now until
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ever had hepatitis b, a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv or any other medical conditions and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni can cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni include tiredness, headache and weakness. ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. okay back we go to the zoo. meteorologist, cecily tynan,
5:51 pm
with this week's outdoor adventure. >> hi guys i'm here with kristin we are in the seconder of mere cat maze part of the trail 360 and we have a whole bunch of mere cats ready to come in. tell me about them. >> they are always active no matter the time of day they are running through this trail system and get fed four time a day and you'll see them running through there with their tails in the air and climbing up in the lookout towers and looking for predators they are a lot a fun. >> they like meal worms and steph is here and they will unleash them to see if they find the meal worms. something interesting when kids come here they do some parallel play with them. >> one of my favorite spots, the parallel trail at the end of mere cat maze the kids can crawl
5:52 pm
along nose to nose. amazing. >> these guys are from africa, good at digging? >> yes, excellent at digging and there are elaborate tunnels underneath here, where you hide their food is part of the enrichment and they dig underneath and almost disappear. >> what else do they eat. ? >> they love their meatballs. >> carnivores. >> absolutely. while we watch these guys eating and digging and finding the meal wormed as we head into the heat of summer, it's interesting here at the zoo and turning into winter wonderland. >> it's snowing at the philadelphia zoo this summer all the way through august 20th we have the winter exhibit experience and go down a huge slide called snow leopard slope and frolic and play in the snow. >> as a meteorologist, i am
5:53 pm
skeptical. we have know here in the middle of summer. >> we are and see how animal as dapt and experience that yourself. >> and a huge event here the birth of a low land gorilla. >> and tickets in advance. >> the baby gorilla was born on june 2nd on friday, very significant for us, really amazing because it brought together our veterinary team and keeper staff. we had to intervene she was having difficulty in labor and we brought our experts from local hospitals here and we have a baby boy. >> thank you kristin. >> let me talk about the weather we are looking at african animals we have the opposite weather today on the cool side temperatures in philadelphia 65 degrees down from the high of 67, 13 degrees below normal and allentown 6 and cape may 61 and wilmington 65.
5:54 pm
satellite 6 along with action radar showing we are drying things out and plany of clouds. and on the coast a nice bubble of dry air and they are seeing sunshine and we'll see more sunshine towards the weekend. tonight will be a cool night turning partly cloudy, 54 in center city. 49 degrees in the cooler suburbs though another cool night the day planner for your thursday. we'll see a mixture of clouds and sunshine and temperatures finally in the 70s. still on the cool side by 2:00, 74 degrees and dropping into the 60s but we'll see a mixture of clouds and sunshine and it's going to be dry. >> now, i want to show you future tracker 6 this is the 500 millibar chart in the atmosphere the cutoff low in west virginia bringing us the gloomy warren and this weekend the low pressure departs and a ridge of high pressure is building and that means loads of sunshine and the heat will be here. we are looking at what is likely
5:55 pm
our second heat wave of the year beginning on sunday. so the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow a little bit on the cool side but a dry day with a mixture of clouds and sunshine and a high of 74 degree, look at the temperatures now they climb. friday 80 and saturday 84 and sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday temperatures in the 90s humid and a heat wave is on the way. in the meantime ep joy the cool weather while you can. nice evening to actually come here to the zoo. back to you guys, hanging with the mere cats, i think they like my cooking. finally somebody does. did you know that former president barack obama wore the sametum ead oh for eight years, michelle obama reveal that secret for eight years and she went through hours of carefully planning out her dresses and accessories and he just suited up in the same tux and shoes and nobody seemed to notice and he
5:56 pm
poked fun at her because it only too many him 10 minutes to get ready.
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"action news" at 6:00 is next have a nice evening. >> good night. >> for years, fios has been promising fast internet to small businesses. but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver?
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comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than fios. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. wednesday night and jim is off and i'm monica malpass it's nominees for new jersey governor get back to campaigning and the state trooper is injured in an accident in south jersey. but the big story is a drug bust
6:00 pm
at a main line restaurant better known for serving up burritos. offices convirgined on this restaurant in radnor township rounding up three people one an employee serving up marijuana to customers. this bust comes after a month long investigation? >> reporter: that is right monica, in the end a young woman was arrested on misdemeanor drug charges but the two primary suspects face felony drug charges and the main suspect suspected of using the restaurant as his main drug spot. >> officers moved in on the chipotle restaurant at noon today. >> they came out here with the intense of buying a significant amount of marijuana that happens the individual taken into custody has what we estimated a


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