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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  June 8, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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grills his curious for hours as she takes the stand for a second day. comey on capitol, they get the first chance to question the former fbi director about firing and meetings and phone calls with president trump. clouds are findly making it's way for a little sun and there's a big warmup in store for the weekend. good morning, it's 5:30. >> before dawn we had the moon out there on sky tracker 6. enjoy the morning sunshine, you can see additional clouds well up from the south new york city with a coastal low that will be
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passing us. and through a good portion of the afternoon. 55, cool degrees on the bus stop until right now. and a lot of our suburbs are in the 40's, upper 40's in trenton, allentown, reading, poconos, low 40's. 46 degrees in millville, and down in cape may 52, wilmington also at 52 this morning, they're not a lot of wind, a lot of spots with big zeros on the map and that means calm in philadelphia, three miles per hour wind, chilly enough for a jacket but not horrific. 59 by 7:00. it does not stay cool, by noon, we're up to 73 with clouds sweeping up from the south and the east off the ocean from that storm. 76 is the 3:00 high temperature, that's not bad. little bit milder than yesterday. lots of clouds, by 5:00, 72 and by 7:00, we're down to 68. allergy sufferers getting kind of a break, we're in the medium range for grasses and oak pollen but you want to be on top of your allergy medications. looks like that warmup is still in store for the weekend and maybe even record highs by early
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next week. i'll have all of that coming up in the seven-day. let's hit the roads on this day, featuring sunshine out there. we're looking good in delaware county. this is the blue route approaching villanova, we had an earlier vehicle fire that was going on, were he had fire crews out there blocking two lanes all of that is cleared and now traffic is moving really nicely through the area. still a vehicle fire here with police and fire crews on the scene, ambler road at church street in upper dublin if you're headed out there watch for that vine street expressway reopened after the owe overnight construction is clear, we can do eastbound moving. crews will return at 11:00 and shut the vine down both directions, you want to watch for that. here's another look in delaware county, i95 near 320. overnight construction is clear, no problems as you're headed out right now. looking good. the jury in the bill cosby trial is hearing from the comedian even if he isn't taking the stand. a grueling day of testimony include the play-back of a recorded phone call between
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cosby and the mother of his curious. jeaneatte reyes follows the trial, good morning, jeaneatte. >> reporter: the prosecution's major witnesses finished 12ing, we could hear from an expert is the prosecution will bring forth, he will talk about the effects the drug that is bill cosby allegedly used on the women he dealt with had on those women. after several hours grilling andrea about the night of the alleged assault. they shifted her focus to her mother, she took the stand and detail add two-hour call she said she had with bill cosby about the alleged saw the the year before in january of 2004. >> her daughter had nightmares, that her daughter woke up screaming those nightmares. she was very concerned >> she said that in that call,
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with andrea on the line, cosby admitted to his actions and tried to say they were consensual >> she stood by her testimony and i think it was very compelling, she pressed him and demanded an apology, he allegedly apologized >> he said he would tell her what those pills were and he would mail her what the pills were. >> didn't do that. and in the second call again she inquired what about the pills? and again he didn't tell her. he did, however, offer to pay to for her education. >> reporter: convicted cosby could face up to 30 years behind bars. cosby turns 80 next month. reporting at the montgomery county courthouse in norristown, jeaneatte reyes channel 6.
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former fbi director scrams will testify on capitol this morning. a sweeping opening statement is already been released ahead of today's highly anticipated hearing. it offers early details on the investigation into contacts between the trump campaign and russia. action news reporter catherine scott is live with preview >> the opening remarks were released yesterday. more pointed more specific questions for the former fbi director. all eyes will be on washington today. >> it's been talked about and speculated over. today, former fbi director james comey is testifying before the senate intelligence committee. his opening remarks were released yesterday. he describes a one-on-one dinner with president trump at the white house on january 27th, the president said, i need loyalty. i expect loyalty. i didn't move, speak or change my facial expression in any way
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during the awkward silence that followed. he spoke about conversations with trump, including discussing former national security advisor michael flynn and his communications with russia. the former fbi director said he tried to explain the important of keeping the department justice department. president spoke of the investigation being a cloud that was impairing his ability to act on behalf of the country. he said he had nothing to do with russia. comey also addressed three times he told president trump he was not the subject of an open counter intelligence case. meaning he was not personally under investigation at the time. in washington, our sarah bloomquist spoke with representatives on both sides. >> i really believe this kind of a hearing will be more of a show. i believe the mueller investigation will be the way they get to the facts >> i would like to hear from the fbi director how far did trump's asking go? what else, if anything, the president in this white house
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did to obstruct the fbi investigation? >> and comey's testimony is set for 10:00, live from the satellite center, catherine scott. channel 6 >> you can watch the testimony live on 6 abc and and look for sarah bloomquist's live reports later on action news. a row home may have been used by squatters caught fire in kensington, broke out on the 1400 block of north hope street, physical firefighters managed to knock down flames on all three floors, no injuries reported. 11-year-old girl is recovering after a tragic train accident in southwest philadelphia that has altereded her life forever, 58th and grays avenue yesterday. police say the girl was running along the tracks with her friends when she lost her balance. she was caught underneath a passing csxs train and dragged two blocks one leg had to be
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amputated. the other one severely damaged. she remains in the hospital in critical condition. coming up on 5:38. chipolte on the mainly is reopening for the first time since a drawing raid. radnor police made three arrests at a the end of a month-long undercover investigation. robert lane worked at the restaurant in lancaster avenue in wayne, delaware county and accused of selling drugs out of the parking lot. police also arrested 24-year-old tideem, act med shows and a woman. they released records of a toil to tank inside the bathroom loaded with drug paraphernalia when police stormed the restaurant >> i turned to my left and i see someone being tackled on the ground getting arrested. caught me off guard. a cop came in and said everyone get out now >> the restaurant was shut down yesterday, so the health department could insure the conditions were ok for food service. turning you no to david murphy, raining for so many days
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>> storm tracker 6 double scan shows you that, and as we take a look outside reenforcing picture on sky tracker 6. center city you see a sweep of clouds, but generally speaking, a lot of sun early and we'll be on the look-out for those clouds getting thicker as we go later into the morning and afternoon, 55 is your current temperature, cool as you step outside, jacket is a good idea. the winds very light. three miles per hour in philadelphia. satellite shows you lack of a cloud cover, there's a little bit of a sweep coming up, but the additional cloud cover is on the way today, as coastal low passes us by. future track 6 showing you while we start out sunny, we're probably seeing a lot more clouds, they could start out high and thin allowing some sunshine in but generally speaking the afternoon looks cloudy, and even though the model shows a little bit of a
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break, i still think there will be more filtering in later tonight. overall it's milder it will be a cool start, by 8:00, still 61 but as soon as 10:00 we have a shot about 68 and i think about 73 at noon with those clouds building in. good day to have lunch on a park bench. by 3:00, 76 is your warm afternoon high and down to 70 by 6:00 again those clouds taking over a bit as the day goes on, but really is a nice start. 76 in philadelphia. that's your afternoon high, look looks like mid 70's allentown, lancaster, 73 in trenton, as you get closer to the coast and to that on shore flow, you'll cool down a little bit, 71 in millville, 70 in dover and right town at the shore looks luke mid to on this matter 60's, and some cases we'll be up maybe three, four degrees over where we were yesterday. and then tomorrow morning, also looks fairly bright, there will be a few clouds around early. overall, we're looking at sunshine, mixing with clouds and
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there is the chance of some precipitation but really looks like most of that will be up in the poconos if we see a sprinkle dropping south it will be nothing to worry about, and for tomorrow evening, fairly clear and fairly nice in case you had plans to head out with your special one. your exclusive seven-day, sun and clouds with mr. building as the day goes on, a high of suffocate, tomorrow partly sunny and warmer, 82 most of the shower activity in the poconos. weekend 84 degrees, seasonal high, good looking and feeling today, on sunday, 99, a lull hotter, and we'll feel the humidity start to build up on sunday. sunday, that sticky change. on monday, hot and humid, a high of 93. only two degrees off the record high there. and 94 degrees is your high on tuesday and that is going to be just one off the record there. monday and tuesday close to record highs, and looks look we might still hit wednesday high of 90. somewhere in there, throw
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straight days of 90 appear likely. and that will be a heat wave number two for the year. >> shorts and sleeve less shirts. >> and cool drinks. >> and cold drinks. thanks, david, it is 5:42. some would be thieves thought they had the perfect plan. used a stolen backhoe to try to rob an atm. but they still did not get the outcome they wanted >> police in north jersey are under investigation because of this video. it appears to show them kicking an innocent man following a fiery crash. karen? . looking live here in the roosevelt boulevard approaching south and looking good. seeing a little sunshine out there chats ford delaware county coming up next. chats millions of you are online right now,
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bathed in sunshine, 5:45 at 55 degrees. >> yellow, mango. some slate gray. >> not much gray. >> no. >> more yellow. i don't want to think that. it's so true. i went outside of our building and watched the sunrise over target, which is not as exciting. it was nice to see that shot of
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the can commodore barry. the overnight construction is clear, no other issues, dry, got sunshine, we're good to go this morning, except here, this is ambler road at church. we got upper dublin, police and fire crews on the scene with a vehicle fire, it's been out there awhile but the crews still out there awhile. this lower moreland on fillmont at red line, in cape may county they're doing paving near route 9 and 83, expect slowing there will be out there about another half hour. this is new castle delaware and we have airport road continue to be blocked with that ongoing flooding issue, common sense boulevard is your alternate. we're dry out there with sunshine, it is cool, let's take a look at these temperatures through the area. here's in the mid 40's in quakertown and pottstown and coatesville, only 46, 48 in media. a little cool to start us off,
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46 in hammonton, 45 in millville, 50 in dover, yesterday you were stuck in the 60's, today we're going to go see sunshine with that satellite image. mixing with clouds, noise high of 76, above average but better than it has been. >> a thief in maryland tried to use backhoe to pull off an atm heist. he drove the backhoe about five miles to a bank in capitol heights on thursday, and the video shows the atm though being ripped apart. all the man managed to do was destroy the machine and ran off without any cash. detectives believe the same man is also behind an atm theft in march of last year. newly released cell phone video shows police officers seemingly kicking and dragging an innocent man following a fiery crash in north jersey. it all started when jersey city police officers tried to stop a driver late sunday night. the driver slammed into a you don't want to poll during the chase, sparking a fiery crash
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involving 28-year-old miguel please. a bystander caught fire from the crash, they appear to show officers kicking him and dragging him away from the scene, he's in critical condition with severe burns to his body. a jersey city spokesperson stated they're working to identify the officers involved and plan to pursue termination and criminal charges. a new york man dressed in full tin man makeup were you arrested while driving intoxicated. his blood alcohol content was more than twice a legal limit. he had just left the annual oz strafe ganza over the weekend. he had been hired to portray the wizard of oz >> you were going to say the tin man is accused of adding too much oil to his frame 5:48. a massive tornado captured,
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if gravity's your we biggest fan, it's ok.le. we understand. there's a little klutz in all of us. that's why we made clorox splash-less bleach... splashless. shine on, klutzes. shine on. this monstrous looking tornado touched down in north dakota, the formal cloud did in the do any serious damage. the national weather service says the twister essentially spun right there in that spot and it's a rural area and no one was hurt. frightening and beautiful at the same time. >> yes. let's there can outside and check your roads right now for you. hey, see that? looking pretty bright out there. isn't it? this is wilmington it's a bad
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shot. 495 at 12th street. that's better now. construction blocks the two lanes you see the cones, it's not expecting a delay at this point. however, when volume builds that will slow you down, 495 at 12th street lanes blocked. people complaining about the construction. this is ocean city new accident popped up blocking route 9 southbound past jfk boulevard. mainly cloud and cool. 53 on the bus stop at 6:00 a.m. probably improving to about 61 by 8:00, but cool enough for a jacket this morning, winds are light. here's what's going to happen. we got the numbers, 55 degrees in philadelphia. 52 currently in wilmington, some of our out lying suburbs chillier with temperatures in the upper 40's. as we roll through the day, 59 by 7:00, 73 by noon. 76 is your high by 3:00, notice how as we get later into the morning and afternoon, we start
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to cloud up paw of a coastal low, staying dry but cloudier in the afternoon >> when we're not on the air go to 6 abc/weather and take a look at that seven-day forecast and storm tracker 6 radar. nearly two dozen horses escaped in san francisco's golden gate park, some horses found their way into a nearby dog park others seen roaming the green, it took them about an hour to wrangeled them earlier. none of the horses were injured. how they got loose wasn't immediately clear 5:53. parents told us not to waste food. an disneyland took that idea way too far >> way too far, plus the gut wren. ing moment when you drop your phone and it crack, apple wants to make it easier to fix it coming up at 6:00. flu
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at the ben franklin bridge from the camden side, 55 right now, a little cooler than normal. but we're getting a little bit warmer than we experienced recently. low 70's and we'll see sun today. >> what a beautiful view. going on to the news authorities
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in montgomery county are looking for this woman, lower providence township police say she used stolen credit cards at the king of prussia mall and in in philadelphia. officers sayrd were stolen from a parked car along the schuylkill river trail. contact police if you say i know her. a foul night's phillies braves game in atlanta led to something foul as well. the stray ball caused jeff is s sauce on his r man due point his chicken strip into the mess. he went for seconds. they offered barnes a new shirt and he tweeted thanks for the t-shirt barbecue was down my back too. >> it's st sauce, come on. you eat stuff off the floor all the time. any parent does >> i'm not going to your house
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action news, matt identical atm will he edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist david murphy good morning, it's 6:00 a.m. on thursday, june 8th. jurors in the bill cosby truly hear hours of testimony from accuser and could soon be hearing from cosby himself new this morning, fire damage as home in manayunk. >> brand new, the power ball jackpot is approaching bank account busting territory. the multi-state drawing is poised


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