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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  June 8, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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action news, matt identical atm will he edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist david murphy good morning, it's 6:00 a.m. on thursday, june 8th. jurors in the bill cosby truly hear hours of testimony from accuser and could soon be hearing from cosby himself new this morning, fire damage as home in manayunk. >> brand new, the power ball jackpot is approaching bank account busting territory. the multi-state drawing is poised to set new records.
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first up, let's talk about this beautiful tart to your thursday david murphy has accu-weather, karen rogers tells you about the commute lots of sun up over the horizon for the first time several morning, we're a little bit chilly, start you with satellite. you can see there's plenty of s disabled vehicle, penndot is
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helping out over there, good morning, we got a nice close-up view of you. this is the vine street expressway, we can do eastbound. starting to get slow at times
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heading towards the schuylkill, reopened but close again tonight at 11:00. we have this vehicle fire out here all morning in upper dublin at church street with crews on the scene, an accident on ocean city as route 9 shut down, the southbound block, you might want to stick to the parkway. i want to show you what's going on in wilmington, this is 495 southbound. you can see the construction, that's out there, once again, blocking two lane, that's going to cause big problems with your come out a little later on as it gets busy firefighters battle flames at a row home in manayunk. flames were shooting from the back of the home on dupont street. so far no reports of injuries. the jury in the bill cosby case could soon here from the comedian himself, even if cosby does not take the witness g insi
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suv on the 700 block of east sixth tuesday afternoon, the little boy remains in critical condition. and the gunman has still not been caught. a south jersey man is being hailed as a hero for putting his life on the line to stopped an
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arm robbery. they capture the the wild scene in sicklerville early wednesday morning, that masked man entered with a demanded employees to get down, then, the customer inside decides to fight back. the hero only wanted to be known as darryl. and didn't want his face shown. >> i don't advise anyone to do what i did but at the same token you have to look out for the community. the lord put me in that store for a reason in that time, and just so happens it was for the purpose to break up the robbery, save somebody if possible. >> i'll take the >> darryl ended up with cuts and bruises but otherwise ok, turns out the gun was was not loaded. police arrived and were able to arrest the suspect. brand new the power ball jackpot hit $423 million. grew overnight when no one won last night's drawing. the prize pace to be one of top
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ten largest in the lottery history. it could grow even more between now and saturday. it is 6:08. a woman who spent hours, chipotle claims the company is not paying her for the work. she's live at the nasdaq in time square, good morning, mary bell >> owes overtime pay to thousands of worker, employees entitled to the ot thanks to a new rule but it is being challenged by some states and businesses an court granded an injunk against enforcing it. lawyers say the injunction applies to the labor department, they contend the rules still took effect. let's talk stocks. investors waited for elections and former fbi director james comey in washington, looks like futures are pointing to a higher open, we got a report on weekly
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jobless claims, amazon shoppers went to the dogs, some shoppers trying to view product listings were sent to a page with a message. sorry, something went wrong, each page included a different image of a dog. no word from amazon on what caused the glitch. needless to say, it was a rough outage. >>. you're -- >> right? couple of little cats, coupleofe as we take a look outside, sky tracker 6 there's the upright sunshine other the commodore barry bridge, grab the shades on the way out and grab a jacket, because we're still off to another one of those chilly starts with much milder afternoon ahead, 55 until. currently just 52 in wilmington and still looking at the upper 40's in allentown and reading at
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this hour and close to that if trenton, 42 in millville, 52 in cape may, not much winds but a light jacket not a bad idea to start out. you see the sunshine building with a satellite showing you the lack of a lot of significant cloud cover across the region. notice how there is some additional cloud cover down to the south along with showers, this is all associated with an approaching coastal low pressure center probably going to be passing us far enough off the coast to avoid bringing us showers but as we get later into the morning and afternoon, it will spread clouds, future tracker 6 showing you by noon, high thin clouds but still cloud cover nonetheless and as the storm goes by it will be fairly cloudy. a chance at the western suburbs start to see sunshine later and will probably be into partly to mostly cloudy skies cloud cover. 75 is the high in the lehigh valley. sun mixing with clouds, bit milder than yesterday. down the shore, a lot of clouds on your way later this morning and this afternoon. but a high of 67 degrees and
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likely dry any time there's one of those coastal systems, i hate to say, well, there's no chance of showers as you might get clipped but it's mainly dry and 67 which is little better than yesterday. in philadelphia, sun mixing with additional clouds, 76 degrees, a bit milder, winds out of the east coming in from that coastal storm but not all that strong. boy six to 12 miles per hour. overnight, we're going to call it partly to mostly cloudy, 55 overnight. tomorrow we have basically dry conditions and a lot of sunshine if we do see showers, the best chance is up in the poconos, maybe something breaks free, but generally speaking, tomorrow looks dry and nice and tomorrow evening pretty good if you have plans, your exclusive accu weather seven-day. partly sunny tomorrow, warmer high of 82 and for the weekend, nice on saturday, 90 on sunday, hotter and growing more humid on sunday, then we cook on monday and tuesday with highs in the low to mid 90's, near record
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highs both days. and a thunderstorm possible tuesday. wednesday we might also just hold on to 90. >> we'll see, thank you, david. time is 6:12. following breaking news. attackers hit a u.s. embassy owe seas but miss the main target >> if you're walking around with a cracked iphone screen, apple wants you to get it fixed >> i spent three hours in the apple store yesterday mine is fixed now. this is chester county, route 100, we're clear, dry and see sunshine, check the schuylkill coming up.
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♪ what a gorgeous shot looking out there over the ben franklin bridge. it is 6:14, 55 degrees an nice day from the start here on this thursday. >> refreshing seeing like a little more than five minutes of the sun today >> it's going to be nice especially early on, hopefully can kind of soak it up as you walk outside. we're soaking it up now, looking good in this shot, better than the rain we started off with. this is the schuylkill expressway approaching girard as you head towards center city, a little bit of building volume between montgomery and girard, westbound near spring garden we had a disabled vehicle but it is cleared, had a little problem we can do. since cleared eastbound just building volume, no major problem just yet on the schuylkill and you see that reflecting in the speeds, we do have an accident in darby township in delaware county at ok wood drive. watch for that one, let's take a look right now at some of your
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other issues we have a disabled vehicle here in lower moreland on phil mon on red lion road, restrictions there and this vehicle fire has been here hours, i got to think the fire is out but the crews are here in ambler road and church street, let's go to wilmington where we've had a lot of construction and i know our camera cbo in and out but you can see the construction and it's been causing problems, two right lane blocking beginning to slow a little bit through this work zone, watch for that. i want to take you over to the commuter traffic report and the ways ap, we found people talking about a problem and 42 northbound in bellmawr not far from the what wa watch for something on the road. i want to show you temperatures we're talking about a warmer afternoon, at little cooler to start, low 40's in pottstown and quakertown, 46 in coatesville, 52 in malvern, 48 in media. 55 in center city, and suburbs in new jersey in the 40's in hamilton and glassboro, 51 in
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dover, lots of sunshine early, few more clouds, 76 for your high though. matt. happening today, fire former fbi director james comey will testify under oath in front of the senate intelligence committee. part of his prepared statement was released yesterday, he states president trump repeatedly pressured him for his loyalty and directly pushed him to declare publicly that the president was not the target of the investigation in the campaign ties to russia. we have more on what else is reveal in this statement. plus a preview of today's testimony coming up in next half hour. breaking news, someone thrown an explosive device into the embassy compound in kiev, ukrainian authorities say no one is hurt. they're calling it a terrorist attack, no suspects and no group has as of yet claimed responsibility. voters in the u.k. are at the policy, they called the snap election, had he conservative
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holds, the labor party ran a stronger campaign and challenge than men expected. the two recent terror attacks also offended the final day of the the campaign, the conservatives are expected to won't but whether or not may will get the additional seats she wanted is less clear. apple is making it easier for you to fix your phone >> sharing its secret repair memo denies sending its repairs machines to hundreds of shops, it will cost as little as $129 to fix a cracked iphone screen and it will cut down on weight times. china unveiled the first railless train, driverless and runs on electricity >> the train follows panted white lines with the help of censors and can travel more than 40 miles per hour and goes 25 miles an hour on a full charge >> back to apple. some apple history, sneakers with the company's old rainbow are available through sunday, they were only given to them in the 90's and you can own a pair of size nine and a half for a
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runway models on the runway? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money evan saved by switching to geico. i would not wear that lace. hmm, i don't know? fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. this is gloucester county route 55 near deptford center road. jammed to 42. you see lots of green because we've had so much rain. everything is blossoming right now. chester could it, 30 bypass at 322, we're going to go see sun glare delays out here and i'm not complaining. >> it's been awhile since we've had to worry about that. lots of sun early, cool this
6:22 am
morning, a jacket definitely is good idea for the kids this afternoon after school shorts and ts. 59 degrees by 7:00 under the sun, 73 as soon as noon. notice how the clouds get thicker as we go later into the morning and afternoon because of a coastal storm, nonetheless looks like we stay dry and get a nice high of 76 around 3:00. by 7:00, we're easing back to 68. at the airport, all green aircraft to major delays and right now we got no sign of rain anywhere across the big travel cities outside of orlando, where they've been having a lot of rain in southern florida. looks like they got more this morning. >> a reminder. before taking a new prescription medication, there are a few questions you should ask your doctor. make sure they know about allergies that you have, ask how many times of day you should take the medicine, and at what intervals. find out if it should be taken with food and whether or not foods and drinks actually should be avoided. also tell your doctor about all medications that you're taking, find out when you should stop
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taking the medicine and what you should do if you forget a dose and be sure to ask, are there any side effects? >> the phillies four-game winning streak is over with an exclamation point. jared eickhoff allowed four run, three earned and five innings against the braves, that was not the worst. the bull pen blue the game over after the exit and phillies lost 14-1. final game in the four-game series is tonight. the gold state warriors are one win away from sweeping their entire nba playoff schedule. the warriors have a three games to none in the finals, rallied in the fourth quarter for a 118-113 trialth over the cavaliers last night. lebron james walk you did off in deep frustration, i gave everything i had, win, lose or draw, you live with the results. >> game four is in cleveland tomorrow night. you can watch it on 6 abc or the watch abc ap.
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coverage at 8:30 >> james great player but durant and curry >> got to win one at least. we'll see. it's 6:23. it's raining so much down south, fish swimming in the street >> and we're not in kansas anymore. coming up at 7:30, why this tin man might need a brain to go with that heart.
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>> simpson said he thought the shark was trying to get a black grouper he was holding but the predator kept coming at him. part of the sunshine state are dealing with record amounts of rainfall, two-day hit more than 12 inches, some are finding a way to have fun on the flooded streets. that comes with an asterisk. people brought out floatys, masks and a motorcycle. wildlife like alligators and steaks have been spotted in water and that water can become contaminated it's 7:27. a look ahead today four in the bill cosby trial employees at a chipotle in the mainly were serving up more than just mexican. details on the dirty deals going on there.
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bill cosby's team grilled the accuser as she takes the stand. >> capitol hill, lawmakers get their first chance to question the former fbi director about
6:31 am
above average but not too bad. you can see how the clouds built in and that's because that system is passing us by along the coast. also looking at moderate, medium, pollen count for the next several days, enough to keep allergy sufferers going for the medication, not horrific. when i step inside we'll talk about that warmup we're expecting for the weekend, record highs possible early next week >> the sun looks good on your shoulder, and down on the highways, with the traffic not doing great. this is i95 southbound here at cottman as you try to head towards center city, you can see we're already jammed approaching cottman to girard, a 25-minute
6:32 am
ride from woodhaven to the vine, slowing on i95 kicking in. this vehicle fire finally cleared it has been out there hours all lanes open and ambler road at church street here in inner dublin, we do have an accident. watch out for emergency workers, this accident just happened in spring feel township, near smithville jackson road, emergency workers coming to the scene, they got route 9 blocked southbound in ocean city because of an accident past jfk boulevard. stick to the parkway instead of route 9 southbound if you're there in berkley township in ocean county. this is 495 at 12th, you see the cones set up. two right lanes bill clintoned on 495. a lot of construction on 495. out there again and this will cause problems through that work zone. the jury in the bill cosby trial is hearing from the comedian. a grueling day of testimony
6:33 am
included the play back of a recorded phone call between cosby and the mother of his accuser. jeaneatte reyes continues to follow outside the montgomery county courthouse in norristown. >> reporter: bill cosby made it clear he does not plan on testifying but his words could still be used in court. the prosecution does plan on using a deposition testimony from more than a decade ago in there, he said he admits to using quaaludes on women but still at the heart of the trial, is the issue of consent. >> after several hours of the defense grilling andrea constand about the night of the alleged assault. they shifted their focus to her mother, gianna took the stand wednesday and deal add two-hour call that she said she had with bill cosby about the alleged assault the year before in january of 2004. >> her daughter had nightmares, that her daughter woke up screaming from those nightmares,
6:34 am
and that was a different daughter, and she was very concerning. >> gianna constand said in that call with andrea on the line, cosby admitted to the actions and tried to convince her it was be consensual but he described himself as a perverted and sick person >> i think she came across a concerned mom. she stood by her testimony and i think it was very, very compelling. >> she pressed him about what kind of pills he gave her daughter and demanded an apology. he allegedly apologized. >> he said that he would tell her what those pills were and he would mail her those, what the pills were. didn't do that. and in the second call again, she inquired about the pills and he didn't tell her. he did, however, offer to pay for her education. >> reporter: and the prosecution can call on an expert it's a matter of when but the expert would elaborate on the incapacitating effects of those
6:35 am
pills on the women. bill cosby facing 30 years in prison if he is convicted. he turns 80 next month. reporting live at the montgomery county courthouse, jeaneatte reyes channel 6 action news. time is 6:35. former fbi director james comey will testify on capitol hill this morning, a sweeping opening statement has been released ahead of today's highly anticipated hearing, it offers early details on the investigation into contacts between the trump campaign and russia. reporter catherine scott is live at the satellite center with a preview >> it gave senators a head start to come up with more specific pointed questions for the former fbi director. and as you can imagine, all eyes will be on washington today. it's been talked about and speculated over. today, former fbi director james comey is testifying before the senate intelligence committee. his opening remarks were released yesterday.
6:36 am
comey describes a one-on-one dinner with president trump at the white house on january 27th. the president said, i need loyalty. i expect loyalty. i didn't move. speak or change my facial expression in any way during the awkward silence that followed. he spoke about conversations with trump including discussing former national security advisor michael flynn and his communications with russia. the ousted former fbi director said he tried to explain the importance keeping the department of justice independent. he stilts a phone call when president trump spoke of the investigation being a declared impairing his ability to act on behalf of the country. he said he had nothing to do with russia. comey addressed three times he told president donald trump he was not the subject of an open counter intelligence case, meaning he was not personally under investigation at the time. in washington, our sarah bloomquist broke with representatives on both sides of the aisle. >> i believe believe this kind of a hearing will be more of a
6:37 am
show, i believe. the mueller investigation will be the way they really get to the facts >> i would like to hear from the fbi director, how far did trump asking go? what else, if anything, the president in this white house did to obstruct the fbi investigation. >> comey's testimony is set for 10:00 this morning. we're live from the satellite center, catherine scott, channel 6 action news >> you can watch live on 6 abc and starting at 10:00 a.m. look for sarah bloomquist's live reports later today on action news. a row home that may have been you used by squatters caught fire in kensington. the fire broke out around 11:30 on the 1400 block of north hope street, philadelphia firefighters knocked down flames on all three floors. no injuries were reported. in an 11-year-old girl is recovering from a tragic train accident in southwest philadelphia. near 58th and grace avenue yesterday afternoon. police say the girl was running
6:38 am
along the tracks with friends when she lost her balance, was caught underneath a passing cstrain, dragged her two block, one of her legs had to be amputated. the other one severely damaged. the girl remains in the hospital in critical condition. a chipolte on the mainline is reopening for the first time since a drug raid. radnor police made three arrests at the end of a month-long undercover investigation. robert lane worked at the restaurant on lancaster avenue in wayne. they arrested 24-year-old kadeem act med show thes and a woman. they released photos of a toilet tank inside the bathroom loaded with drug paraphernalia while police stormed the restaurant. >> i turned to my left and i seen someone being tackled getting arrested. caught me off guard and a cop came in and he said everyone get out now.
6:39 am
>> the restaurant was shut down so the health department could insure the conditions were ok for food service. time now to turn to david murphy. what a nice thursday. starting out beautifully. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you no precipitation forechange, as we take a look outside, we have plenty of sunshine building across the ben franklin bridge and the rest of the region, that's really nice picture we've got there for you on sky 6. a little bit of cloud cover here and there but generally speaking we're going to go see a change with cloud cover getting a little thicker later this morning and the afternoon but a great start. 55 is your current temperature, at little bit cool as you head outside and there are suburbs like allentown and reading where you're in the upper 40's, millville 47, so a jacket a good idea, winds aren't all that strong. a lot of reporting stations showing calm winds right now, and at philadelphia international airport, only five miles per hour, so that's not really a big deal. here come the clouds, you can see them on satellite well up along with shower activity, pulling away from the coast of virginia and pushing into
6:40 am
maryland. this rain looks like it will stay off the coastal with a coastal low but future tracker 6 shows you how we're looking at the arrival of cloud cover. it will be with us most of the afternoon. there is the chance of late afternoon and evening clearing out to the west. temperatures are going to be milder today, 61 degrees by 8:00, 68 by 10:00. then by noon, 73. and we get a high of 76 by 3:00 with the clouds thicker but comfortable day. by 6:00 back down to 70 back into the 60's quickly this evening. here are your highs across the region, lot of mid 70's from philadelphia through wilmington and on up north through reading, allentown and towards lancaster. 73 is your high in trenton, as you get closer to the coast with the flow coming in off the cool ocean water from that passing storm, you're only up to about 70 or so in places like millville and dover and right down at the beach probably 66 to 67. that's your range. tomorrow it looks fairly bright.
6:41 am
also be milder there is the chance of rain but mostly up in the poconos, if we get a little sprinkle or shower, it won't amount to much and tomorrow evening also looks dry and pretty nice for your evening friday night plans. your exclusive accu weather seven-day, 76 giving way to increasing clouds and tomorrow partly sunny and warmer high of 82, saturday nice start, partly sunny and warm high of 84, change comes monday, not only do we raise that temperature to a high of 90 but the humidity will start to build and be more noticeable on sunday. on monday, sunny hot and humid, high of 93, that's two off a record high. 94 there with a late thunderstorm and wednesday, probably easing back to 99 but still sticky and still in the stability thunderstorm around, looks like we might get our second heat wave next week. >> thank you, david. it is 6:41 and if he only had a driver, the yellow brick road is badly for this tin man posing
6:42 am
for a mug shot sauce si way strange at the phillies braves game we got a new accident involving a truck on i95 at the vine street expressway, you see penndot police. we'll show you the backup coming up.
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:44, pennsylvania state police say four people are dead in a murder suicide in wyoming county near scranton. a man started shooting people inside the wise market in eaton township at 1:00 a.m. two women and a man killed and police say the shooter took his life.
6:45 am
police are working to identify the victims, three of whom were whites's employees, we will continue to follow this on air and at 6 good morning we got this accident on i95 just happened a few minutes ago. this is southbound at the vine street expressway and we can see it's involving this truck here, we got police penndot on the scene, kind of got the arrow board warning people get out on either side. we widen out, it's not looking too terrible. overall 31 minute jam from woodhaven to vine, you're heavy approaching cottman to the vine street expressway where you have this accident on the big picture we're seeing speeds just in the teens now, all along i95, because of that accident. i95 southbound near the vine street expressway, schuylkill starting to get heavy especially approaching the boulevard past belmont about 16 mines in darby township, delaware county we still have the accident on stratford road at oak wood drive. watch for that and train
6:46 am
concerts tonight. that should be fun, at 7:00th you'll see extra congestion there. live in wilmington, not so fun, traffic backing up with this construction zone i've been warning you about this, they got the two lanes blocked put. we can see the arrows out there, the cones out there and the slow moving traffic on 495 as they switch your camera view you get another look on 495. this is southbound here at 12th street, that construction zone is going to cause slowing out there right now. accident in burlington county, and this is oxmede road. it's still cool out there. some suburbs in the 40's. like 45 in quakertown and pottstown. 52 in malvern, 51 in media. 55 in center city. waking up new jersey, it's pretty with the sunshine, but only 48 in hammonton, 47 in glassboro and 51 in dover, tam a new york city man dressed
6:47 am
in full tin man makeup was arrested driving while intoxicated. police say nicholas sherman's blood alcohol contents was more than twice the legal limit. 31-year-old told police he had just left the annual oz extravaganza. he had been hired to portray the tin man. joanne
6:48 am
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. about ten minutes away, let's see what's coming up with amy live in the gpa studios. >> coming up on gma, all eyes on capitol hill this morning for former fbi director james comey's bombshell testimony, what didn't he answer and how will the white house respond to all of that? we're going to tell you who to look out for during the hearing, full team will join us with all of that and we'll have live coverage of comey's testimony right here starting at 10:00 a.m. eastern on abc. also ahead first on gam bill cosby's accuser back on the stand desperategrilled for hourr testimony may meaning legal analyst joins us and as your families head outside for summer and it's starting to finally feel like summer, we have new tick alerts for you this morning, how to avoid them and
6:51 am
inspect yourself and safely and quickly remove them, dr. jen ashton with all of those important details coming up next right here on gma, matt and tam >> something to do. >> pictures like. >> let's think about sunshine, why don't we? >> eastbound traffic on your left headed towards king of prussia headed from oaks to 23. sunshine causing sun glare mass transit 10 the ken wood line continues to operate >> check the hair and shoes. it's cool, got a jacket on the kids, some spots in the upper 40's, some of you in the 50's, this afternoon, we're heading to much nicer territory, we will line up with shorts and. weather, 55 in philadelphia, still in the upper 40's in allentown and reading, still 47 in millville, 52 in wilmington and down to 50 in trenton, a
6:52 am
little cool at the shore as well. as we roll through the day, improvement, sunshine by 7:00, still cool at 59, but by noon, 73. and a high this afternoon of 76 around 3:00. notice how that early sunshine is going to give way to increasing clouds as we go through the morning and afternoon. and that's because of a passing coastal storm. looks dry today. matt >> this is new, a foul ball last night's phillies braves in atlanta. led to somethings else, jeff barnes spilled barbecue sauce on his shirt and he let another fan dip his chicken strip on the mess, stranger went for seconds, they offered him a new shirt. tweeted thanks for the t-shirt. the barbecue sauce was all down my back too.
6:53 am
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jury in the bill cosby sexual assault case could soon hear from the comedian even if cosby himself does not take the stand. prosecutors are expected to show an earlier deposition in which cosby stated he routinely gave women pills and alcohol before sexual encounters. friends and family gathered to say prayers for a 6-year-old shot in the head by a stray bullet in wilmington. he remains in critical condition, and the gunman who shot him still not been caught.
6:56 am
and the pennsylvania house of representatives passed a bill to expand casino style gambling to the internet airports, bars and elsewhere. it's not clear whether it will have support from senators or governor tom wolf. >> heavy traffic on i95. you can see it right there, southbound as you head towards center city, is this at the betsy ross bridge. where an accident involving a truck, still kind of stuck there, and delays expected once again today in wilmington, 495 at 12th street making the camera turn green. but you see the construction there blocking the two right lanes, from edge more road to 12th street >> you notice in the pictures how much sunshine but future tracker 6 shows you we do start to cloud up because of a coastal system, enjoy the sunshine, we'll give way to a little bit more cloud cover, today's high 76, not too shall be with, a little above average, but better than it's been the last couple of days and despite the fact we
6:57 am
got a build-up in clouds, pretty nice, comfortable looks like the showers stay off the coast. good morning america is next, preview james comey's testimony on capitol. you can watch it on 6 abc or karen roger, matt o'donnell tamala edwards. have a good day. ♪
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>> he's become more famous than me. >> fired fbi director just hours away from his bombshell testimony. did the president obstruct justice and say he was trying to free himself from the cloud of the russia investigation. comey's opening remarks, their one-on-one encounters. comey saying the president asked for loyalty and revealing he did repeatedly tell president trump he was not personally under investigation. trump's attorney now saying the president feels totally vindicated. this after a tense day of testimony on capitol hill. >> i don't mean that in a contentious way. >> well i do mean it in a contentious way. >> top intelligence officials refusing to answer questions as the man at the center of it


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