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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  June 9, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> good morning everyone, it is 6:00 a.m., friday, june 9. here's what's happening. >> developing news out of the city's hunting park section. police brass have concerns about a deadly officer involved shooting. >> a teenager said three men grabbed her and assaulted in the frankford section. she managed to escape. >> changes are coming we'll tell you how fast it goes from sunny and cool to hot and steamy. >> reporter: we have shifts coming up. almost into summer it will feel like it. let's start you on satellite. mainly sunny skies across the region. that's what we're expecting.
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there's a sweep of clouds coming through, that's not a big deal and we're getting early sun. temperatures are starting out cool, 47 degrees in allentown. 54 in philadelphia. 46 in millville. low 50s around trenton. mid 50s in wilmington. winds not all that strong, it might be cool enough to throw a jacket on the kids, but man, they are not going to need it for long. accuweather says 56 degrees and cool by 7:00 a.m. noon, 77 degrees, 3:00 p.m., 81 high of 84 around 4:00 p.m. by 7:00 p.m. tonight, 79 if you ever plans to head out this evening, and do something out and about you're looking at a nice night for that. pollen forecast medium for the next couple of days, as the heat and humidity rises we'll see the pollen leaves rise as well. we'll talk about the heat coming in the seven day forecast just ahead. >> reporter: good morning, vinet
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expressway at the schuylkill expressway, no weat was shut don overnight for construction, but moving just fine right now. we have an issue in east falls right now you want to watch out. they have the traffic lights that are stuck on the red position henry avenue at schoolhouse lane you ha tay stop. in white marsh township in mont is reopened. we had an accident involving a deer that had shut it down,robl. let's go over to pottstown wilson and adams causing restrictions. in wilmington, a lot of people have been on twitteruthe construction, out there oncer again blocking the two left lanes, blocking the left lanes instea o lanes 495 southbound at 12th street. they say they will clear at noon to give you time to get out for
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the weekend without big pr morning commute, tam. >> a police officer is on leave o deadly police-involved shooting. the officer reportedly said he questioned a manslaughter on the shot -- questioned a man on a dirt bike when he gut him. but the video is challenging that. >> reporter: surveillanc gun. it's unclear what happened next, surveillance video shows one of the shots were a fired as the man was running away. police are looking for witnesses. they are looking for more surveillance video to see if they can learn details and see more angles about what happened. let's go to video from hunting park there's a gun on the ground and dirt bike nearby when police were investigating. it a happened at 6:45 p.m. on
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the 4100 block of whitiker avenue. the uniformed officer from the 15th district was transporting witnesses to the special victims unit. he spotted a biker driving recklessly. as the officer approached the dirt bike, the man started walking away, the officer grabbed the man's weights band and -- waistband and felt a gun. he told the man not to pull out the gun. the man pulled away from the sister and pulled out the gun anyway. the officer opened fire and police say video shows at least one of the shots was fired when the man was running away from the officer which the commissioner said gives him pause, friends and family rushed to the scene. >> he was shot twice, it is speculation at this point that one of shots occurred in this area immediately. and we believe that from the
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video that we were able to look at the other one happened immediately as the feals running away as he turns the corner -- male was running away, as he turned the corner there. >> reporter: the police officer has been taken off the street for the investigation which is split protocol. >> a 16-year-old girl tells police she was abducted and assaulted in the city's frankford section last night. the girl said three men wearing black ski maskses drove her to a -- masks grabbed her and drove her to an booeded house a mile away. no arrests have been made. a stepfather is facing several charges in the death of a one-year-old boy. investigators scoured the house on the 1700 block of south conostoga street where police found the body of the child late
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wednesday he was on the floor with no pulse and pronounced dead at children's hospital a half-hour later. doctors say the infant had multiple bruises and signs of sexual assault, but they are unsure hoe he died. the stepfather faces attempted murder and rape charges for now. >> testimony in bill cosby's trial may wrap up sooner than expected. today prosecutors are expected to focus on cosby's testimony from a civil lawsuit deposition made in 2005 and 2006. they are expected to include an exchange where cosby acknowledges uses quaahludes in his pursuit for sex. the civil lawsuit was setsed for an undisclosed amount while it remains to be seen how the jury
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will decide the criminal trial. officials in wilmington are apologizing to parents why they were not able to see their child's graduation. dozens of parents were locked out of the william penn graduation. officials locked the doors when they claimed they reached capacity. the school said tickets were intentionally limited to avoid such a scenario and the carpenter center admitted it was its mistake. while everyone else was focused on the comey investigation there was other action in washington on a bank regulatory bill. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in time square, good morning, maribel. >> reporter: house republicans decided to roll back the dodd frank act it grew out of the financial crisis. critics say it hurts smalled
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business and slowed the economy. the bill is considered a long shot and not expected to pass through the senate. stocks were little changed yesterday as investigators focused on james comey testimony. not seeing a reaction in the uk election results. they are pointing to a slightly higher open. reports on home inventory is due out today. brown bagging it can save you one thousand dollars. the average american buys launch twice a week at $11 a pop that adds up to 1,043 annually. take it into an investment account and 30 years later you would have $88,000 five hundred. that way you could have lunch where you want it. >> i have to admit my wife has been preparing my lunch for 18 years now. >> she found him is a potato
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chip holder that's called love. >> we started when she stopped working. i like it. >> reporter: i would too. >> i would too. >> reporter: i go to the wholesale club and get my stuff myself. whatever works for you, i have to have a talk with my wife about that, i guess. she does work, though. maybe not. storm tracker 6 live shows we're dry, as we head outside, we've sky6 live hd a lot of sunshine building across the region this morning. although there are high clouds filtering in at times. sky6 live hd showing us that, you can see sunshine building through the clouds this morning. temperatures are cool, 47 degrees in allentown. 54 in philadelphia. 46 in millville. closer to 50 in trenton. not much wind out there, chilly to start out. it doesn't stay that way today. there you see the cloud cover spinning away from us, that morning sweep 67 clouds looks like it's in the process of getting through the region and behind it there's not much else, we are looking at mostly sunny
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skies. up in the lehigh valley, warmer high of 81 degrees, sun and clouds, down the shore it's milder this afternoon with a high of 77 degrees, mostly sunny, warm, if you're using friday s.a.t getaway day to the -- as a getaway day at the beach it's going to be warmer down the shore. 81 degrees humidity low. if you have plans to head out tonight, keep the plans and have fun. 79 degrees by 7:00 a.m. as late as 11:00 p.m., 71 with lots of stars out a beautiful evening across the region. 63 is the overnight low. tomorrow when you wake up, it's not as cool as the last couple of mornings. 63, some suburbs in the upper 50s. yesterday, 72 you can see how much warmer it is. in the poconos, 72 degrees today clouds and sun.
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78 degrees a spotty thundershower can't be ruled out. sunday, 84 degrees. sunny and warm. on the beach, 82 degrees nice and warm. saturday, more pleasant. sunday, 82 and more humid. you can see the heat is coming. today, 82. saturday, 86. sunday, hotter high of 92 and humidity builds through the day. the big ticket day is monday and tuesday. the record is 95. i'm going 94 i could see 95. hot and humid both days, we have come out of the a comfortable cooler pattern, your body is not acclimated to this, keep the cool drinks handy and don't overdue it. thunderstorm late tuesday, 90 humid, wednesday, a thunderstorm. back in the 80s on thursday.
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just about 6:12 we're following a developing story. a pick up truck slams into two officers on bike patrol in washington, d.c. leaving one seriously injured. >> a k-9 who failed police training because he was too nice finds a clear to fall back on. >> reporter: we're heavy on i-95, we'll take you there coming up. >> look at that beautiful city,
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the view from temple university looking out over philadelphia. 6:14 a.m., 54 degrees, sunlight has to improve people's moods today. it's been to squallish. >> reporter: init improves mine. today we'll see sunny skies, you'll see sun glare. yesterday was the first time in a while we had sun glare out there. i-95 near allegheny, southbound traffic heading toward center city. no accidents starting to get heavy from bridge to girard. watch for that as you head out on a friday morning. in east falls we have a problem with the traffic lights they are stuck on red position henry avenue at schoolhouse lane you want to treat it as a stop. there's the slower speeds on i-95. schuylkill expressway in the 40s and 50s, traveling nicely. is this accident has been on the
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ramble 422 westbound to limerick. we have problems in mercer county. one an accident blocking the right lane. there's a fuel spill on route 1 northbound at ridge road. a gas main break that's causing problems in lawrence township they shut down 206. that's right near carter road you have to stick to washington road to get around the scene there. lawn side camden county fairfield charleston avenue that's out there. let's talk temperatures as we switch over to the 40s. 54 degrees in philadelphia. yesterday's high, 72. we'll go up ten degrees from that. 82 degrees, mostly sunny skies, warmer than it's been, one degree above average. it gets warmer tomorrow. saturday, 86 partly sunny skies, slight chance for a storm in the poconos. sunday was dry, sunny, turning hot not terribly humid, 92 on sunday. matt. >> developing this morning, a
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pickup truck slammed into two washington, d.c. police officers and city employee. it happened while the officers were on bike patrol with the employee yesterday. the pick up truck was speeding when it struck the victims and slammed into an empty garbage truck. one victim is in critical condition. >> it's the last thing you want to do is come to the hospital when an officer is critically injured. >> the driver and passenger were taken into custody. police are trying to determine if the crash was intentional or due to impairment. >> this just in after day of silence on twitter president trump up and tweeting this morning. he gave his first response to jail comey's testimony on capitol hill. tweeting despite so many false states and lies, and wow, comey ask a leaker -- is a leaker.
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president is meeting with the president of -- he will depart for his golf club in bedminster, new jersey. >> a dog who flunked k-9 class gets a job overseas. yahoo is the second post popular e-mail service behind google. it is expected that they will keep the yahoo address. instead of paying $60 a year for unlimited data, they have two officers. >> a major surprise for fans of
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is not always good if you're trying to to be a police k-9. this german shepherd flunked out of training for being too social. the prime minister heard this, he is vice royal dog.
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>> he can say good day as much as he likes. >> reporter: and pant and get treats, good for you. that what matt did during commercial breaks. we have construction 495, the left lanes are blocked today. it's causing big delays each morning today they hope to wrap up by noon, stick to i-95 southbound instead which will be slow, also. mass transit we've had a few regional rail delays, watch for that. cynwood line shuttle busing dave. >> reporter: temperatures are ranging in the mid 50s around philadelphia down to the mid 40s in the suburbs. it will be cool enough for a jacket early, but shorts and ts in the afternoon. noon, 77 degrees, 3:00 p.m., 81. the high today 82 degrees around 4:00 p.m. low humidity and comfortable conditions by 7:00 p.m., 79 degrees, if you have plans to head out on a friday night across the region you're picking
6:23 am
a great night to have fun. we have all green and no signs of precipitation at our big travel destinations. >> a warning about a popular toy that become a choking horizon. >> scott so the is live -- katherine scott is live about a deadly officer involved shooting. >> reporter: we're learning more about the officer involved shooting all the details coming up at 6:30.
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>> a 14-year-old is expected in indiana court today to face charges that he shot a little boy with a bb that became lodged in the brain. he was struck in the head one week ago. the boy could have bled to death if the bb moved one millimeter deep. he is expected to make a full recovery. this x-ray shows a fidget inside a little girl. her father was a firefighter he dislodged it. the firefighter shared the photo to warn others about one of the hottest toys right now. >> first responders are trained for a lot of different situations, but officers in albuquerque had a first on their hands. earlier this week officer was
6:27 am
investigating the report of a stolen car. she saw a girl crying, the puppy had gone lymph choking on a piece of cheese. they looked in his mouth and tapped his mouth and dislodged the cheese. the video has been shared to show the police officer's compassion. >> a devastating blaze in bucks county was started by a summertime staple fireworks and police say this was no accident. developing on "action
6:28 am
6:29 am
news," a philadelphia police officer guns down an armed suspect and his boss reveals one of the shots ends up in the
6:30 am
man's back. we're live on the decision to use deadly force. >> look out below a woman goes head over heels in the worst way while she was using her phone. >> president trump accuses james come ofy lying while the white house digs in its heals any white house. >> let's go over to david murphy with weather and karen rogers has traffic go to work. >> reporter: good morning, we have high clouds pushing through, they are heading toward the northeast we have plenty of clear skies behind them. overall we're expecting mostly sunny skies. 54 degrees is the currents temperature. we're starting out cool in suburbs like allentown and millville. we're in the 40s this morning. not much wind to deal with, it might be cool enough despite the lack of winds to throw on the kids on the way out the door. noon, 77 degrees, it's recess outside.
6:31 am
3:00 p.m., 81. mostly sunny and 82 around 4:00 p.m. that's the high today. and then even at 7:00 p.m. we're at 79. if you have plans to head out on the town, it's a nice evening to spend outside in the delaware valley maybe heading to and from a movie. the pollen count in the medium range the next couple of days, sunday and monday it spikes along with a good rise in temperatures and humidity. we're looking at a heat wave building in start sunday. karen rogers i'll have the latest numbers on accuweather on that coming up. >> reporter: it's that time of the morning we're jamming up on the schuylkill expressway looking live at city avenue. no accidents, just heavy volume, westbound traffic jammed from city avenue gladwyn and eastbound jammed from montgomery to girard. in pottstown we had an accident that cleared on wilson street. this one on the ramp 422 westbound to limerick linfield
6:32 am
out here on accident. 495 at 1st street. today construction blocks the left two lanes. they will try to wrap things up at noon. usually it lasts all day long. they did a live switch you can see how the traffic is slowing as you head southbound. stick to i-95 instead. garden state parkway northbound approaching 322 we have an problem an accident blocking the right lane. southbound construction blocks the left lane. problems in either direction. >> developing now, a philadelphia police officer opens fire killing an armed suspect and now there are questions whether the shooting death was justified. katherine scott is live at police headquarters with what the police commissioner is saying about the confrontation, katherine? >> reporter: matt, they are trying to determine that they are asking for witnesses, police would like to see more surveillance video to see if they can see more angles and learn details about what
6:33 am
happened. police commissioner has questions about what happened last night. let's go to the scene in hunting park you can see a weapon lying on the ground, a dirt bike nearby, investigators were on the scene. it happened at 6:45 p.m. on the 4100 block of when whitiker ave. a police officer was transporting witnesses to the special victims unit when he spotted a biker driving erratically, he stopped to tell the biker to drive more safely. as the officer approached the bike, the man started walking away, the officers grabbed the man's waistband and felt a gun. that's when he grabbed his service weapon and told him not to pull out his gun multiple times. according to the witness in the back seat, the man pulled away from the officer and got the gun out anyway. the officer opened fire and police say video shows at least one of the shots was fired as theman was running away from the
6:34 am
officer. police commissioner called it a violent encounter and said he does have concerns, family and friends showed up at the scene they were stunned. >> he is a goodbye, didn't bother nobody. >> reporter: he feels your -- he was your grandson. >> according to witnesses, he did pull out the gun, the officer discharged. candidly speak, it video shows the male was running away from one of the shots. >> reporter: as for the officer he has been taken off the street while the vacation continues which is department protocol. katherine scott which channel 6 "action news." >> now word from the judge is that the testimony in bill cosby's trial should wrap up sooner than expected. prosecutors plan to if he -- fon decade's old deposition. jury herd part of testimony from
6:35 am
2005 in which he admits giving pills to constan and touching her. >> he admits to the sexual touching after andrea ingested the benadryl that he admits he touched her. >> he said he will not take the stand in his own defense in this trial. >> washington is still abuzz this morning as james comey officially puts the trump administration on blast. the fired fbi director testified for 2 1/2 hours before congress as the nation hung on to his every word. this morning the president is up and tweeting about it. abc's lana zack is in washington with what happened and what happens next, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, tam. we understand that the members of the senate intelligence committee are going to want to see the notes and memos and talk
6:36 am
to bob muller all the begin of what might be a long process. the bombshell james comey testimony brought a new spate of headlines. >> i was concerned that he might lie about the nature of our meeting. asked the friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter. >> reporter: for two and a half hours comey painted a picture of an fbi director navigating murky waters recalling a meeting in which the president said of flynn investigation i hope you can get this go. >> i took it as a direction. it is the president of united states with me alone saying i hope this, i took it this is what he wants me to do. the president at personal attorney disputed much of his testimony. >> the president never told mr. comey, quote i need loyalty, i expect loyalty, close quote. >> reporter: while the republican speaker of the house came to president trump's
6:37 am
defense in a different way. >> he is new to government and probably not steeped in the long running protocols. >> reporter: comey said he assured the president he was not under investigation, but it did not save his job. >> it is my judgment that i was fired because of the russian investigation that's a big diesel. >> reporter: the president himself is keeping mum for now. >> any reaction to comey testimony any reaction at all? >> thank of very much. >> reporter: that mum silence didn't last for too long. minutes ago the president wrote despite so amoeba false statements and -- so many false states and lies, complete vindication, comey is the leaker. >> sunny there tends to be many tweets we'll keep an eye out and we'll retweet if the president tweets himself. you can see the clips of the
6:38 am
comey testimony and reaction from the lawmakers and the white house. >> happening today, police in bucks county will update an arson case that was sparked by fireworks. intense flames consumed half of the house on the 500 block of stevens road back on saturday. 23-year-old abraham keita is under arrest for torching the tomorrow with legal fireworks. nobody was hurt. >> let's turn to david murphy after dreary starts to the day, you need a sweater in june, get ready it will be sleeveless time. >> reporter: no sweater this afternoon. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we're dry on sky6 live hd we have a decent amount of the sunshine getting into the region early, an early morning sweep of clouds that will not be around after too much longer. 54 degrees to start out. winds light, not much of a breeze, cool, suburbs in the 40s. satellite shows you how yesterday's storm system is
6:39 am
wheeling past boston. a sweep of clouds, but generally speaking mostly sunny skies. 10:00 a.m., 70. noon, 77. we'll spend the majority of afternoon in the low 80s with a high of 82 at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. high temperatures across the region. 81 in allentown. low 80s from allentown to millville. if you're down the shore, looks like mid to upper 70s, warmer than yesterday, and nice. if you have plans to head out tonight, i would encourage you to keep them, 79 degrees by 7:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. in the low 70s. lots of stars out a beautiful night to go outside to enjoy the delaware and lehigh valleys. the heat will be building a little bit, low 80s and mid 80s on saturday. wealth of hot air from the southwest arrives. we're look at the potential of dangerous heat arriving highs in the mid 90s, monday and tuesday, even sunday, low 90s.
6:40 am
record highs possible in this period. humid from sunday through tuesday, our bodies are not acclimated for this, because we're coming out a cool comfortable parent. lots of cool drinks, ac breaks, shady breaks and wearing the right kind of clothing will be important the next couple of days sunday through tuesday. in the poconos, today no problem, 72 degrees, poconos 400 will be running this weekend. saturday, 78 a spotty thundershower could pop up. hopefully it doesn't hinder the racing. sunday, 84. on the beach cool ocean water, beautiful on the sand this weekend, 80 degrees today. 78 saturday a little more humid on sunday, nice with the high of 82. in philadelphia, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, shows 82 today. 86 tomorrow, sunday hot and gradually more humid with the high of 92. the big ticket days are monday and tuesday, i'm going for 94.
6:41 am
the record is 95. we could hit those records and both days will be humid and kind of steamy. tuesday afternoon or evening arc thunderstorm is possible. after that on wednesday, 90, humid, not as intense, thunderstorm around. thursday, warm and humid, back in the 80s with another thunderstorm. i could see mid 80s by friday. >> all right, thank you david. 6:41 a.m. cries for help it's a heartbreaking reality of the opioid epidemic children scream for help after their parents overdose. texting while walking could be just as detracting while driving. >> reporter: 422 traffic is getting heavy approaching trooper to route 23 eastbound on 422. we'll be talking sun glare and jam on i-95 when we come back. we just moved into this house
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visit your volvo dealer to take advantage bridge, live on sky6 live hd, 64 degrees, we'll try to pack as much as we can into your friday. may not be the whole time, but more than most recently. >> i think you'll get enough sun. let's go over to karen rogers and find out if your friday will include an easy commute. >> reporter: not most of the time. but it will include mostly sunny skies, i-95 no big accidents on i-95. it's volume that's slowing you down. this is southbound traffic near the betsy ross bridge. heavy approaching cottman to girard in spots, at least, 26 minute ride from woodhaven to
6:45 am
the vine. the big picture, you will see slower speeds near the betsy ross bridge. 16 miles per hour. we're having a problem east falls with the headlights they are in -- traffic lights stuck in the head position. route 1 northbound an accident has finally cleared, an accident and fuel spill. an accident lawrence township 206 near carter road. stick to princeton pike to get around a mass main break. charleston avenue this accident is out here. egg harbor township we have an accident on the parkway northbound 322. as you head southbound we have the left lane blocked with construction, so a few things going on there. let's show you the temperatures as you head out the door. cool to start you off in the
6:46 am
morning. in the 40s in allentown and millville. 54 in philadelphia. we're heading up to 82 ten degrees warmer than yesterday with sunshine. the weekend is looking nice, 86 on saturday, 92 turning hot on sunday. >> upper darby police are trying to copy with an opioid epidemic that is getting worst month by month. officers responded to a five heroin overdoses in a 24 hour period this week. one couple is alive because neighbors heard their children screaming for help. >> help me help me, he i said what's wrong. he said my mommy and daddy are stuck in the, can you help me. >> narcan revived the couple. we learning about the shooting rampage, police are
6:47 am
combing through the social media post of randy stair. he praised the columbine high school killers. he shot three co-workers at a market in wyoming county before turning the gun on himself. >> pressure is mount on -- mounting on teresa may to resign. neither party achieved a majority. may called the election in hopes of increasing the majority in parliament. even if the conservatives won all the remaining seats the party would fall short of the 326 needed for outright majority in parliament. >> cameras in north jersey captured the dangerous reality of texting while walking. she slammed into an open access door falling 6 feet down from the sidewalk. the woman is in stable
6:48 am
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>> it is time for a preview of goodor that we go over to amy robach for a look at what's owen
6:51 am
the show. >> reporter: president trump is accusing comey of lying. trump's former campaign manager joins us this morning. an abc transgender chelsea manning speaking out for first time since she was released from prison. we have the chain here this morning on our summer stage. hope you have a great weekend. >> let's see what it looks like in new jersey, we know you'll see delays on 42 heading southbound toward the shore, but ng at the northbound traffic, you can see it, it's not too bad in this shot, deptford township near route 41. slowing past the black horse to
6:52 am
295. mass t a few trains, but they are minor, but the cynwood line is shuttle busing. >> reporter: it's cool for kids on the bus stops, il we'll transition to shorts and ts weather today. 47 in allentown. 46 in millville. 50 in t noon, 77, 3:00 p.m., 81. and 82 is the high today around 4:00 p.m. even this evening, is looking great. we start at 79 at 7:00 p.m. 11:00 p.m. in the low 70s, matt and tam a great evening to met out and>> a paint store in thes had an unexpected customer last week. a deer jumped through the window startling a man standing nearby. this the gleeco point in30 poco. it found the front door and let
6:53 am
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and it's also a story about people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you
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philadelphia police say an officer shot and killed a man because the man reached for a gun even after the officer told him to stop. the police commissioner revealed the man took a shot to the back.
6:56 am
police are revealing surveillance footage that shows the man running away. a 16-year-old tells police she was abducted an assaulted in the frankford section. she escaped and ran to a relative's home. prosecutors are poke can you -- focusing on decades old testimony of bill cosby. heavier traffic will be here in wilmington, 495 southbound at 12th street, the two left lanes blocked with construction that's giving you headaches. you will see sun glare on the 30 bypass, 322 eastbound traffic heavy approaching 322 at 113. nice and bright. >> satellite and radar shows high cloud cover sweeping through the region, but high and thin enough to allow sun in. we're going for mostly sunny
6:57 am
skies, a high temperature that's actually above average by a degree. we'll go to 82 this afternoon. look out a heat wave is coming. sunday the heat and humidity begin to build. we hope you're off to enjoy a beautiful weekend for matt o'donnell, karen rogers, david murphy i'm tamala edwards have a great day.
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good morning, america. president trump lashes out at james comey. his first response just moments ago to that dramatic testimony. after the fbi director accused the trump administration of lying. >> those were lies, plain and simple. >> the major questions this morning. did trump obstruct justice? and are there really tapes of their private conversations? >> i've seen the tweet about tapes. lordy, i hope there are tapes. >> where does the russia investigation go next? president trump's former campaign manager here on "gma." breaking news, uk in chaos. the shocking election results just in. prime minister theresa may suffering a huge blow at the polls. now struggling to keep her job and the country together as officials demand she resign. may rushing to meet the queen, the global fallout this morning. caught on


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