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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  June 9, 2017 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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operator was trying to repossess a minivan when the woman's boyfriend showed up with a gun and there was an exchange of gun fire and the boyfriend was shot twice and he late ever died. a dog in the area was shot during the volley of bullets and the tow truck driver is held by police as they try to sort out the details of of this deadly confrontation. chopper 6 hd was over a tractor trailer crash over i-295 in burlington county just a short time ago in the southbound lanes south of route 73 in mount laurel. crews re main on the scene of the crash and nobody was hurt and traffic is getting by and you should use caution in the area of 295 south in burlington county. the jury in the bill cosby trial heard more of the comedian's own testimony. part of a taped deposition.
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vernon odom is live at the courthouse in norristown with more on that. >> reporter: good afternoon rick, this jury chosen from an allegheny jury pool could have this case and start deliberating by sometime monday or tuesday we learned today. right now the prosecutor is trying to use some of cosby's own words from the past to generate a guilty verdict here. >> the prosecution hopes to rest later today. the most powerful moments in the presentation, when central accuser andrea constand took the stand describing cosby giving her pills and wine in '04. >> a cheltenham detective read to the jury parts of cosby's deposition from a decade ago. he said he was afraid constand
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and her mother may be taping the phone calls, to extort them. and offering to pay for constand's tuition in return for their silence so my wife would not know andrea and i had sex. and before they wrap up they plan to use his sworn testimony using quaaludes to seduce women. >> reporter: rick bill cosby has said he will not taking witness stand to testify on his own behalf in this trial. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. turning now to the accuweather forecast for your friday, we are in for some heat this weekend. get ready temperatures reach into the 90s by sunday, and it will be humid as well. as we look live now penn's landing at lunch time it's comfortable out there now, and the 90s could continue into next week and bring us a heat wave so
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get set to sweat. lets get the details from meteorologist, monica malpass outside on the terrace. >> nice and enjoying the sunshine in much of the area we have a bright blue sky. 5-in philadelphia and 76 in lancaster and 67 in the poconos and 68 degrees in beach haven. as we look at satellite 6 along with action radar it's dry and quiet and a westerly wind helps to warm our temperatures up and we have a mostly clear sky to enjoy as well. if you step out on the town it's a nice night to be out. temperature of 79 and 77 at 8:00 p.m. and we'll drop down into the middle 70s at 9:00 p.m. and a mostly clear sky and 73 at 3:00 and 11:00 p.m. we only drop down into the lower 70s. here is future tracker 6 because we do have changes coming as we get into the start of our weekend by about 8:00 tomorrow
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morning. numbers in the upper 60s and 70s across the region but the warmth continues to grow across the delaware and lehigh valleys by 1:00 tomorrow afternoon we are into the middle to upper 80s in a good chunk of our viewing area. the weekend calls showing you partly sunny and it's a nice day a high up to 86 and thunderstorm is likely north and west primarily in the poconos by tomorrow afternoon and set to sizzle by sunday, a hot day up to 92 forever the high and breezy and you'll notice an increase in the humidity and sunday is just the beginning as we are tracking the core of that hot air to move in as we get into the end of the the weekend and into early next week. we'll have the full and exclusive accuweather forecast coming up. >> with the extreme on the way use our mobile app to stay informed from tips to staying cool to stormtracker 6 live double scan live, it's a predawn
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load for your mobile device. in other news, philadelphia police shot and killed a man that authorities say the officer got into a violence struggle with, an armed suspect at the time. it happened just before 7:00 last night on the 4200 block of whitaker avenue. richard ross says that the officer was transferring several people to the department's special victims unit and saw a man on a dirt bike driving radically and stopped to tell the man to drive more safely. the officer grabbed him and as he did he apparently felt a weapon in the biker's waist band and he told him not pull out of his gun but he did and that is when the officer opened fire. donald trump's personal attorney is planning to file a client against former fbi director, james comey, according to a person the client is filed early next week with the justice
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department's inspector general taking issue that he leaked the private conversations with the president. and he has a scheduled joint news conference for later today with the visiting romanian president and abc news will bring you the special report here on channel 6 at 2:45. british prime minister teresa may is political wounded after a high stakes election gamble did not pay out. now there are calls for her to resign before problem why it negotiations are set to begin. here is the latest from london. >> reporter: america's closest ally is now in political turmoil after suffering a severe blow and losing the majority in parliament theresa may is clinging to power but barely. going to see the queen at buckingham palace to ask her
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permission to form the next government. >> i will now form a government. a government that can provide certainty and moving forward at this critical time for our country. >> may will be forming a government in partnership with northern island's small democratic unionist party to get enough to governor the country. she called the election seven weeks ago when she was ahead in the polls and expected a landslide victory but her campaign began losing steam losing touch with some voters. by contrast the labor party's leader jeremy corbin whose policy about free education resonated with core voters sending young britains to the polls and resulting in a much better night. >> politics has changed and it's not going back into the box
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where it was before. >> the prime minister may have suffered a bruising but make no mistake her message to the country is that they is still in charge. >> now lets get to work. >> what is next for the u.s.'s closest ally the fact that theresa may is still prime minister, not much will change than special relationship will likely remain intact. back here veterans are honored in bucks county this weekend, hundreds of volunteers gathered at falls township community park and planted flags for the veterans memorial in a demand shape and in the mid is a flag to honor those still missing. it's followed by a motorcycle ride on sunday. >> the 31st an out statewide torch run made its way through wilmington.
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the runners stopped by police headquarters with a torch where there was a small ceremony and the flame has moved to the university of delaware's bob carpenter center where the summer games are getting underway. >> there is more ahead at 12:30, chelsea manning explains why she leaked government documents and how she fought for transgender rights behind bars. >> and aamanda bynes is now sober and wants to get back into the entertainment business.
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chelsea manning the soldier that came out as transgender is speaking for the first time since released from prison. she spoke for the first time about leaking record oz to wicky leaks in 2010. manner leaked 200 hundred,000
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documents in postal. she plead guilty to others and was sentenced to 35 years, that was the lodgest prison term for an american leaker. >> do you feel as though uh-oh the american public an apology. >> i accept responsibility. nobody told me to do this. it's on me. >> what made you decide to come out at trans after being sentenced? >> i had to be who i am. >> the military initially denied the request for hormones she says the fight for her right to change was so daunting she tried to commit suicide twice. and then they granted the hormones and then after seven years she got the gift of clemency from departing president barack obama. and amanda bynes ran into trouble with drugs and the law and now she is somebodier and wants to get back into the spotlight. here is the the story and her
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recent decision to go back to school. >> the former child star whose good girl image rocketed her to stardom. >> she was once a rising starlets. with big hits, like what a girl wants and she's the man. >> and like so many in hollywood bynes made headlines for all the wrong reasons, a series of driving violations and disturbing tweets and a series of psychiatric visits. >> it was the darkest time of her life was the reaction to her smoking marijuana and whatever hardship she was going through at the time and now the actress is speaking out with her first sit down interview in four years with diana madison. the 31-year-old bynes revealing she is drug free and has enrolled in fashion school with
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plans to launch her own collection. >> i am going to school. fashion school and i love it. i have learned how to sew and i make patterns and i want to start a clothing line in the future. >> but the biggest revelation bynes who retired from acting in 2012 shares she is ready to return to tv. >> i do miss acting i have something surprising to tell you i am going to start acting again, i want to do tv and maybe another guest role or one that i'm starring in. >> she is realistic, she knows she can't get back into motion pictures but take is step by step. >> a lot of people are asking does lebron james have anything left in the tank? game four is next in cleveland and the warriors lead the series 3-0.
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and have yet to lose in the playoffs by the way. watch it here on 6 abc or on the abcp tonight. coverage begins at 8:30. coming up another check of the forecast for you as we look outside sky 6 hd showing you philadelphia international airport. no problems going in or going out. melissa magee has the check of accuweather when we return. of a. it's more complete allergy relief of a. in a gentle mist experience you'll barely feel. using unique mistpro technology, new flonase sensimist delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances that cause your symptoms. most allergy pills only block one. and six is greater than one. new flonase sensimist changes everything.
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and that's it. keep it real. keep it tyson. how do you please the world's toughest food critics? with elegant decor and ambiance? nah. just serve up tyson crispy chicken strips. made with real 100% all-natural ingredients. looks like the critics approve. keep it real. keep it tyson. meteorologist, melissa magee is back fow you were at the shore yesterday and that may be the place to be this weekend. >> it's the place to be because temperatures are nice and comfortable and by monday the heat will be on. you can see it's dry right now no issues with precipitation, a good afternoon. we'll show you the picture outside. chopper 6 hd high above the skies and a sailboat in the water. if you have a boat you'll want to be in it this weekend. it will be nice and comfortable especially at the water.
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right now temperatures soaring into the 70s and even 80 in malvern and 72 in pottstown and media 74. lake harmony 67 degrees and down in new jersey, brigantine 70 and surf city 69 and inland 8:00 popping up for fortescue and millville. and down in dover, if the upper 70s. here is satellite 6 along with action radar moving out of new england the coastal storm is pushing away from the area and it's nice and dry with the south southwesterly wind overhead and another disturbance moving through and a lot of this drys out and some could squeak into the northwest suburbs especially the poconos into tomorrow afternoon. all in all a nice weekend just on the warm side. today mostly sunny and warmer than yesterday by 10 degrees, we are maxing out at 82 degrees in philadelphia with the westerly wind. and overnight tonight clear
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skies and a comfortable evening and dropping down to 63 in philadelphia with the southwesterly win at to 12 miles per hour. and we stay dry into our saturday. 86 in philadelphia and 86 in reading and cape may 79th toms river 86. and the thunderstorm is likely as the disturbance rides over the poconos rey. and north and west of the philadelphia could be a shower but most places stay dry. as you travel down to the shore nice and warm and a high temperature of of 80 degrees and pleasant tomorrow and a high temperature of 78. and sunday sunny and warm with a high of 82 and today a moderate risk of rip currents at the coast and that is something to keep in mind. and we have the poconos 400 taking place in weekend. a high of 72 and sun and clouds and a spotty shower could move through on saturday a high of 78 and sunny and warm in at 84.
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the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we have changes up ahead and mostly sunny and comfortable today and high up to 82 and saturday partly sunny and pleasant in at 86 for a high and still the humidity will remain low by tomorrow. on sunday it gets hot and more humid. you'll notice an increase in the humidity and a high of 92. hot and humid with near record heat on the way both monday and tuesday, the record high is 95 degrees both days and we are not acclimated to the heat take it slow if you have a lot of activities outdoors. we are set to sizzle into next week rick. >> thank you. lets talk food. iron chef jose garces has open the restaurants in atlantic city. i'm salivating already. >> this massive culinary venture by iron chef, jose garces takes
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us to two different continents. >> the always interesting culinary sperance starts in a coffee shop. >> things you won't see in a traditional candy store. >> traditional japanese candy, we give them a treat non-out. >> how cute. >> a secret door leads to the restaurant. >> this is so fun, i do not feel like i'm in atlantic city. >> not at all. >> add mammy and five spice ribs. >> there are larger bowls like the seafood ramen this is like a little bit of everything. >> local shrimp and scallops. >> and open kitchen serves as a performance area as they roll fresh sushi. >> it adds to the vibe. small dark and intimate. >> and more than 50 different types of saki. >> have saki and go have fun on
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the casino floor. >> we have fortunate to have a great late night crowd. and here we are in ecuador. >> on the main stage. >> and vintage style fans and 35 beers by the bottle and 30 on tap. >> a fiesta. >> inside -- >> gorgeous. every table faces the beach. >> and ocean views we brought them to south america for two hours at a time. and the menu is inspired by the namesake. >> a global experience for you. >> keeping it traditional but modernizing the place. >> the pie a yeah uses fresh clams. and what is this? >> meat on a stick. >> marinated pork belly served with sweet potatoes kabob style.
12:53 pm
>> and marinated meat on the beach. >> the trio is the iron chef's return to atlantic city after revel casino closed in 2014. >> he did not give up on atlantic city. >> no, not at all. >> wow. >> and go hungry. >> yes, absolutely. the views looking out on to the beach in atlantic city. you have been transported somewhere else. >> if you are hungry it doesn't matter. you have a beautiful vision in front of you. >> all right thank you. and this reminder fyi philly is tomorrow at 8:00. >> and diane keaton actors in hollywood gathered to honor the actress. she was given the life achievement award and best known for her role in annie hall.
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earning her the academy award. and has racked up 70 acting credits. the award ceremony will air later this year. it takes a lot of people to make a good school day.
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time to get one final check of the accuweather forecast. melissa magee has the details. >> a warm one but nice. 82 in philadelphia a warmer afternoon and high up to 81 in allentown and 81 in lancaster and 76 at the coast in cape may and 81 in toms river. we are looking at today and tomorrow the humidity stays in check but by sunday we are back up into the 90s and could go from cool spring to summer. >> right away. >> thank you. here is a look at stories coming up on "action news" at 4:00. freebie friday a jam packed list of give-aways including free pet
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adoptions and craft classes that won't cost you a dime. >> and an unprecedented gambling bill that makes its way through the pennsylvania legislature, if allowed you could see gambling allowed in airports and bars in the keystone state. >> that will it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for melissa magee, david murphy, alicia vitarelli i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon.
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