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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  June 10, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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♪ ♪ action news delaware valley's leading news program. with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter perez. ♪ saturday night i'm walter perez we have developing news as firefighters battle flames in several homes in delaware county. we have the story of a local family using their part of the multi-million lottery wins to help others in the community. but the big story is the first
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of what promises to be several days of summer like heat. stay with the prelude with warmer conditions and sun, over the next few days, we're in for a presummer season heat wave. action news reporter, annie mccormack. melissa >> it was certainly a warm one day, but tolerable across the delaware and lehigh valley, we're coming in at 87 in philadelphia after high today of 88. 86 in lancaster, same in reading, poconos little cooler in at 75. at the coast in cape may coming in at 74 degrees. here is satellite 6 along with action radar. we got spotty showers moving across the poconos with the weak disturbance coming on through. but all in all. most of us should stay dry. if you're stepping out, it's mild, comfortable tonight. 7:00 p.m. we're in the 80's,
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9:00, 81, partly sunny sky, partly cloudy at 9:00. 78. 76 at 10:00 and 11:00 we've got a number of just 75. so the heat is on. we're set to sizzle as early as tomorrow. so this will be heat wave number two for the year here in philadelphia. and it starts out tomorrow on sunday, we're calling for a high of 94. the record is 95. monday high tying the record of 95 and 96 degrees on tuesday. the record is 95 set back in 1956. so we're tracking the core of the hottest air that moves in as we get to early next week, heats to keep in mind we're going from a drastic swing in temperature, details coming up in the full and exclusive accu-weather forecast. >> let's move on to annie mccormack joining us from the art museum. annie? >> reporter: that's right. they're soaking in the sun and now before it gets too hot later
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on i can tell you right now we're feeling those temperatures rise. the sun is strong behind me a had lot are dancing to a song from dirty dancing. feeble telling us they want the get out today. they want to get out this weekend and enjoy the sun. ♪ . >> reporter: hot weather has people breaking into salsa dances on the art museum steps, come mid week, the temperatures are expected to spice and steam up with predictions in the mid 90's. today >> perfect, 70 and sunny >> then it was time for little one-on-one on it's basketball court. a time for picnics and sunbathe, >> it's been nice. it's really nice and sunny. laying down on the grass over there a little bit. >> reporter: at the schuylkill river dog run, the pool is full and ready for the furry friends to get relief. these mountain dog owners know the drill about keeping pets safe and are preparing for the dog days of summer.
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>> taking him for shorter walks. making sure that we both stay hydrated. >> reporter: i can tell you once the sun goes down below the art museum it will feel like absolute perfection. as for what the city will do in the case of temperatures rising, they can enact a heat health emergency and a code red something they do for homeless people in our area, watch checking in with 311 and check with the website and twitter and facebook as well. reporting live in art museum steps, annie mccormack channel 6 action news we have developing news from delaware county, where crews have just declared a three alarm fire under control in darby borough. it broke out before 4:30 along the 400 block of main street, crews arrived to find flames rising from the roof of the home there. those flames then spread to the house next door. so far, there are no reported
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injuries. and no word how the whole thing started. meanwhile, the fire is also affecting trolley service through darby. the route 11 line is ending at island and woodland avenue. philadelphia police are searching for the driver of a vehicle that struck a 2-year-old before taking off. it happened just before 2:00 this afternoon near the intersection of somerdale and alcott street in the somerdale section. witnesses say there's came running, they were able to get partial tag number. the youngster was taken to saint christopher where. the driver was operating a light blue toyota high lander with tinted windows >> a 24-year-old student from the university of pennsylvania was critically injured on market street this morning about 1:00 a.m. the driver stopped and cooperated with police. investigators say the victim was crossing intersection against the light. three men stabbed early this morning during a robbery in the
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crescentville section about 3:00 a.m. along mayfair street. the victims were approached by two men demanding cash. a scuffle ensued and each were stabbed repeatedly, they're hospitalized in einstein. it was an emotional celebration as the philadelphia fire department honor fallen firefighter joyce craig with a dedication of a new mural. graces the side of the lawncrest free library branch not too far from where she was stationed. it's designed to honor her life, legacy and sacrifice. top city officials along with colleagues friends were also on hand. >> i didn't know joyce myself, but after joyce's passing, i asked a male firefighter, i said, was she that good? he went, she was that good and she was even better. >> joyce was killed in december of 2014 during a house fire in west oak lane.
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a 19-year-old son an three-year-old daughter. it was a knitting send-off for three generations veterans in springfield delaware county. they boarded busses bound for washington, dc, first stop will be arlington national cemetery where they will honor brothers and sisters who lost their lives and tour other war memorials before being honored for their service. the group is comprised of veterans from several complicates drug world war ii, korea and the vietnam war. are you feeling lucky? if you are, you might want to grab a power ball ticket. the jackpot is worth 435 million bucks, the 10th largest prize in history, no one matched all the winning numbers since april 1st. the jackpot ballooned over time. if you win, and you take the cash payout you'll take home a cool 273 million bucks. the odds of winning are one in 292.2 million. a family from new jersey knows what it's like to win big,
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the smith family won $429 million in the power ball last year and they've been using the wealth to help others, they hoped a brand new community center in trenton. bob brooks has more. >> reporter: with that ribbon cut, trenton has a new place the community can rely on for help. it was the smith family foundation headquarters opening on west state street. you might remember them as the 2016 winners of the new jersey power ball jackpot. today, opening the center is part of the family's mission to continue their community outreach. ♪ . >> reporter: this is family matriarch perilly, she and her seven children were the recipients. but philanthropy and faith has always been a part of their lives >> the only thing i have to say to the world because they might be watching that it's the blessing to believe in our lord and savior jesus christ, and without him, all of this wouldn't happen.
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>> reporter: inside the center, the family unveiled what they hope will provide up to date technology that will help the community transform lives. one of their main goals is to help youth begin understanding the important world of finding >> thanking, business, teaching them to respect the system of money. how to save money. >> reporter: the mayor eric jackson said he couldn't be more happy for the city today >> the mayor, i'm delighted to have this family with the great values that they have. not only values, but now resources in our community do work and nonprofits to really get some real work done to raise the quality of life here in our city. no doubt the real winners generations of kids that will use the resources here for years to come. >> you guys having fun? >> yes. >> reporter: the main principles the smith family hopes to instill at the community center especially with young people, hard work, love of god and always give back to your community. reporting in trenton, bob brooks, channel 6 action news.
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we need more stories like that. much more to come on action news. it was a long journey, hundreds of dogs and cats arrived here find new loving homes. i'll tell you where you can find them. month of training came down to this. hundreds of athletes test their metal during the summer games of delaware's special olympics. lebron james and the cavs stopped the warriors winning streak and avoid a sweep, duces rogers has sports when action news comes back.
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after a very long and coast to coast flight the 200 small dogs, puppies and kittens are ready to find new homes in the delaware valley. wilmington airport this morning from overcrowded shelters in california and arizona. volunteers greeted the animals and helped get them to local facilities where they will be cared for. if you're in the market for new pet, these dogs and cats will be up for adoption at the brandywine valley spca mega adoption event next weekend.
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major grocery store chain reopened. former super fresh at 2nd and girard reopened but now it's acme. the original store closed nearly two years ago amid financial whoas involving its parent company, a and p. acme donated $1,000 to each the local police department, the firehouse and the school district of philadelphia. pennsylvania state police along with members of the norristown police department spent time to greet neighbors. they caming to outside the montgomery county courthouse to get to know each other a little better. officers demonstrated how to use their equipment. police motorcycle seemed to be a big hit as was the patrol car. it's part of the ongoing effort to build a relationship between police and the people they serve. over in kensington, some of philadelphia's finest joined kids. it was food for everyone after the game time was over, this too is part of a regional effort to build stronger bonds between the police and the community. also a nice day for a walk.
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over to the kimmel center to enjoy a free concert. ♪ >> think about that? the center celebrated the beauty of organ with a performance featuring performers from opera philadelphia. guests were given the opportunity to take a closer look at fred, the largest mechanical pipe organ in the country. i no longer live with
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headache and weakness. ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. competition was fierce in newark, delaware as hundreds of athletes took part in a special olympics summer games, competed in six sports, track 10 field, power lifting, botchy, softball tennis and swimming. there was a chance for athletes to visit the olympic village and learn about smart ways to stay
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healthier. ducis if for jeff, last weekend talking about a winning streak now >> today is not a good day for the phils. second base man caesar hernandez does not play he hurt his oblique yesterday. as for today's game, the phils made cardinal starter carlos martinez, third inning, freddy galvis tosses his bat at the ball. the bat lands in the dug-out. they don't want it. take that back. >> fourth inning, nick facing yorka. one more bisquit for breakfast that and ball would have been gone, goes for a two-run double. 2-0 phillies, later on, a balk. he gives up four runs in five innings. back to martinez, toss as complete game four-hit shut-out. strikes out 11 along the way. phils blank seven zip, lost four
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straight total in those four games. >> here's a look at the phillies future, we're in langhorne at dine nessty sports to sign autographs. they looked good at aaa lehigh valley, it's just a matter of time before the signatures are worth big bucks. >> the eagles will be back tuesday, beginning of a three-day mandatory mini camp. one of the stars of the earlier work-outs was derrick barnett. that us will contribute a lot this upcoming season, barnett earned the respect of one of the linemen he's been going up against in practice >> he has terrific bend, if you miss your hands, you're not going to break. if you don't have good trade, just his bend is incredible and he's some of those guys he had a great motor. he's a good guy in general. to the nba finals we will play at least one more.
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the cavs stated off limitation, the series is still three, one in favor of the warrior, featured a ton of trash talking, lebron james report another triple double. 11 assists, the cavs won by 21, after the game, games explained why the cavs were extra motivated. >> i didn't hear it. but some of the other guys heard it and told me that, you know, they wanted to, you know, they wanted to celebrate once the game, and they wanted to spray champagne in our locker rooms, and you know, i think it came from dray mo, which is ok. >> game five will be monday night back in oakland, you can watch it here or on on 6 abc or on the abc ap. coverage begins at 8:30. what an upset at the french opening.
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won the title. panko said she was nervous. but then felt quite free when stepped on to the court. she just celebrated her 20th birthday on thursday. nascar is in poconos this weekend. the sport they held qualify for this afternoon's xfinity race, someone crashes the party. a fox gets on the track. keep that away from me. the track eventually send its version of ghost buffeds to capture it. thankfully no one is hurt. as for the race this afternoon, a good finish, passes kyle larson on the final lap. what a bold move, he goes on the take. the checkered flag. finally between innings of last night mets braves game, a fan was given a 200 foot head start in a race as he was trying to beat a character they call the freeze. joe fan this is one, he hot dogs it. and loses. give the faithful a dirt an whole lot of ridicule.
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he tells him here, snipers hooking him up there in the final leg. don't celebrate till it's over. never over till it's over. up next, meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accu-weather seven-day forecast, but first, a look with what's coming up on world news saturday >> good evening, breaking news the protests turning into brawls here at home over islam. police rescuing a woman held hostage in chains by a serial killer and twisted romance, one of the strangist marriage proposals you'll ever see, after action news. islam
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gets hot tomorrow, this could be the start of a heat wave as we get into sunday and early next week, storm tracker 6 live double scan radar, dry for most locations if you look to the north of allentown up through the poconos you got on a spotty shower and a weak disturbance moving through. but most locations should stay drive the rest of this evening, it's all about the warmth. sky tracker 6 live, we're looking at penns landing on a beautiful saturday evening, we've got partly sunny sky and comfortable conditions if you're out and about. we're warming up in a hurry. this weekend. wednesday we had a high well below average at 67. thursday high 72, yesterday we maxed out at 83 in the city and today, 88 for the high. tomorrow, we will easily be in the 90's. we got the southerly winds at he 87 in the city, 85 in
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wilmington, the upper 80's for reading and lancaster at the coast in cape may 73, much cooler with the south facing wind. temperatures from beach haven end down through cape may are in the 70's. here's satellite 6. a lot of moisture starting to fall apart. we're tracking that spotty shower up in the poconos. for the rest of tonight, it's partly cloudy, mild. and comfortable, we'll drop down to 62 in the suburbs and 68 degrees in philadelphia for the overnight low with that south to south westerly wind. something to keep in mind for sunday, we've got an air quality alert for the i95 metro area, our northwest suburbs and all of new jersey. an ozone action day tomorrow. the air is unheather for sensitive groups, give yourself extra breaks especially if you suffer from any respiratory illnesses. but the heat will be building. as early as tomorrow into monday and tuesday, we got the jet stream lifting off to the north, a bermuda high essentially
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setting up across the region. we've got the southerly winds, 90's on the way tomorrow. it will be hazy, hot and humid. temperatures in the 60's just on wednesday, so what to expect as we get into sunday right through tuesday. dangerous heat on the way. highs will be in the middle 90's, starting tomorrow. heat indexes will be close to 100 degrees. so good idea to take it easy, and give yourself lots of breaks if you have to be outside, and keep yourself hydrated as well. the place to be over the weekend will be at the shore tomorrow. mostly sunny it's a warm day, high temperature coming in at 81 degrees. here's the exclusive accu-weather seven-day forecast. the heat is on. high temperature up to 94, hot, you notice the slight increase in the humidity. then records likely on monday, a high temperature in at 95 here in philadelphia. tuesday, the heat index once again up to 100 degrees. 96 for the high if we hit that, we will break a record by them. wednesday it's not as warm as the relief comes on through, a
6:27 pm
high of 84, showers and storms by wednesday, nice on thursday, back down into the 70's and at 75, partly sunny and getting humid again friday and 80 cloudy and muggy, we're set to sweat tomorrow >> keep on wondering where the heat was, here it comes. the extreme heat, use the mobile ap to stay inform from tips for staying cool to storm tracker 6 live. it's a free download for your mobile device. world news next, don't miss action news at 10:00 then back here on 6 abc at 11:00 for melissa magee-ducis rogers, jeff skversky and the entire action news team, i'm walter perez, we'll see you back here at 11:00.
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tonight, breaking news. the violent protests here at home over islam. demonstrations igniting into all-out brawls. the protests and backlash. one side warning about the dangers of islamic law. the other side calling that racism. russian contacts. the spotlight now turning to attorney general jeff sessions. new questions raised from comey's explosive testimony. disturbing discovery. never before seen video. police rescuing a woman held hostage in chains by a south carolina serial killer. tonight, inside the makeshift dungeon. summer danger. it's known as secondary drowning. the new warning for parents and children who love to swim in the summertime. what one family says saved their child's life. and, the original batman. saying g


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