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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 13, 2017 2:35am-3:59am EDT

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>> it's not a or d. italian-- alessandra mussolini, b. final answer. >> that one you just whipped through. yeah. you got it. >> laughs] [cheers and applause] >> $3,000. next stop: $5,000. it's also that first threshold you can get to. >> okay. >> so here it is. what actress was apparently "pitch perfect" on broadway in the 1998 musical "high society" earning herself a tony nomination at the tender age of 12? >> well... i really think it's a, but i don't want to guess, and my audience today looks
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really smart and knowledgeable. um... i'm going to ask them. final. >> okay. final. okay, audience, we could use some help here. if you would, pick up those keypads; enter your vote now. [percussive music] [chuckles] ♪ >> [sighs] >> kaitlin figuring out this is tougher than any final exam she's ever taken before. >> yes, 'cause those, i get to study. i know what's on it. this test, i have no idea. >> well, you get to cheat here with the audience. hopefully they can help us out. >> oh. >> 75% say it's c, anna kendrick. >> that's a really large percent. glad i didn't go with amanda seyfreid. uh... i'm gonna put my faith in the audience, and i'm going to say c, anna kendrick. final answer. >> who is, indeed...
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the star of "pitch perfect." that is right! [cheers and applause] >> thank you. thank you. >> kaitlin, you got to $5,000. [cheers and applause] all right, you can relax now for a second. we're gonna take a break. we're coming back. more teacher appreciation "millionaire" right after this. [cheers and applause] at paris las vegas, you'll find world-class entertainment, exciting nightlife, and dining from celebrity chefs like gordon ramsay and steve martorano. enjoy the romantic side of the strip at paris las vegas. i accept i take easier trails than i used to. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter what path i take, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus had less major bleeding than warfarin.
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you fuel the wag with our premium recipes who saved all 15 of her students du back in 2012. kaitlin roig-debellis has gotten up to $5,000. [cheers and applause] it's good to have you here. >> great to be here. >> and you're finding out what every contestant finds out; it's difficult under the lights. >> very difficult. >> um, h--when did you know you wanted to be a teacher?
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>> oh, my entire life. my earliest memories-- three and four, acting out being a teacher with my stuffed animals. at five, i asked my dad if i could babysit our neighbor who was three. i was told no, which was very discouraging. i started out as a mother's helper at 10. literally held every job imaginable until leaving for college. got my masters in elementary ed and-- >> so you had blinders on? just like, this is what you were meant to do. >> i had tunnel vision 100%. >> you were meant to be a teacher. >> absolutely. >> well, we are all the better for it, and glad you're here today. >> so happy to be here. >> i'm glad you're doing so well at $5,000. you only used one lifeline. you still have two left, and you can only add to that bank now. >> okay. >> so let's do it, and let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ $7,000 question. >> okay. >> which of the following types of cloud would you find not in our atmosphere, but millions of miles away surrounding our solar system?
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>> well, my gut instinct is altostratus. stratus-- uh, stratosphere, uh-- i don't know, it just sounds like that would be not in our atmosphere. i know it's not cirrus. i do not believe it's cumulonimbus, 'cause that is in ours. i have no idea what an oort cloud is, so it could also be that. >> you do have the lifelines. you have "50/50" and "plus one." >> let's, um... i mean, let's-- let's do "50/50." >> okay. final? >> oh, yes. final. >> okay. i'll take away two incorrect answers. see if this clears it up. [crowd groans] >> this is what happens. >> so... >> so... >> it's c or d. >> oh, gosh. here's where they say, "are you going to"-- >> well, here's-- here's the good news: you're going to go for it because you can't lose any money. >> right, yes. >> so the pressure's off as far as that.
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where the pressure is on is we want you to stay in the game and keep going. you still have your "plus one." >> [sighs] [tense music] ♪ [groans] ♪ i think... i think i have to use my "plus one." >> okay. >> i really don't want to, but i'm trying to... >> stay in the game. >> well, and--yes, i want to give as much money as i can to my nonprofit. >> right. okay. final? ♪ >> yeah. >> yeah? okay. all right, craig, come on down. [cheers and applause] how you doing? >> i am excellent. how are you? >> doing good. >> all right. >> how's it going? >> tell me you know about clouds. >> i know a thing or two about clouds. >> more than i do. maybe. >> all right. fair enough. um, all right, here's the story. >> okay. please. >> in any science class i ever took where we talked about our atmosphere,
2:43 am
i never heard the word "oort." >> me neither. >> i would say it's oort. >> [laughs] >> and, um, if it's not, i will give you my firstborn. >> [laughs] your wife is-- she's here, you know. [laughs] >> she's probably fine with it. >> she's okay with that, yeah. she's all right. >> oh, my god. okay. i--yeah. okay. wait, so which one are we going for? >> i would say oort. >> okay. d, oort. final answer. i can't watch. >> shh. let's all leave. let's just leave-- i was gonna have everybody leave while your eyes were closed. >> oh. [laughs] >> you got it! you got it right! [cheers and applause] >> thank you, craig. >> way to go, craig. stick around. kaitlin, you got there. $7,000. when we come back, she'll be going for $10,000. it's teacher appreciation week here on "millionaire." [applause]
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citizens bank student loans, you'busted tail.rd. and impressed the boss. maybe, it's time to be your own. transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it, america. [cheers and applause] >> welcome back to "who wants to be a millionaire" teacher appreciation week, and we are here with a teacher who saved all 15 of her students during the tragedy at sandy hook in 2012; kaitlin roig-debellis. got a little help from her lifeline and got to $7,000. [cheers and applause] guess what you'll be teaching next time you're in a classroom.
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clouds. all about clouds. [laughs] >> totally. not typically the first grade curriculum, but-- >> right. well, now you have a chance to get to five figures with this next question-- halfway to $1 million. you ready to jump back into your game? >> yes. >> all right, let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ $10,000 question. >> no big deal. >> in 2016, author elizabeth gilbert announced she was separating from her husband of 12 years, known to readers as "felipe" in what best-selling memoir? >> "in 2016, author elizabeth gilbert announced she was separating from her husband of 12 years, known to readers as 'felipe' in what best-selling memoir?" well, it's definitely not "how stella got her groove back." it's not "the bridges of madison county." she definitely wrote "eat, pray, love."
2:48 am
i don't know that she wrote "nights in ro"-- who wrote "nights in rodanthe"? did she-- would they put-- if i know she wrote "eat, pray, love," would they put two books that she's written up there? would they do that to me? [laughter] would you do that to me? you didn't do-- >> [laughs] >> [sighs] $7,000's a lot of money. "eat, pray, love", a. final answer. >> [inhales deeply] >> no, it's not. she wrote two books. >> you got it right! you got it! [cheers and applause] $10,000! >> oh, my god. this show is nuts. >> you know what's funny is, you're like adoringly sweet, but i got just, like, a glimpse of your stink-eye. i got just a little bit of your teach-- >> i didn't mean to. >> a little bit of your teacher stink-eye of, like, i was acting up and it was like, "shoomp." and it, like-- >> i didn't mean to. >> my inner eight-year-old just shut down. i was like, "i'm sorry."
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>> oh, time-out. >> "miss kaitlin." you got to $10,000. you are halfway to $1 million. >> oh, my gosh. >> now a chance to double your money... >> whew. >> and get to $20,000 with this question. [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ as it's a member of the genus oreamnos, and not capra, which of these statements is true? >> well, reindeer... aren't deer. [tense music] ♪ wildcats are definitely cats. ♪ mountain goats are goats. ♪ water buffalo are buffalo. you know--ugh.
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>> [chuckles] you're at $10,000. >> i know. i'm at $10,000, and that's way farther than i could have ever hoped to get. that money means a real lot to our charity, so... >> where's this money going? >> classes 4 classes. so i am going to say... >> that's your nonprofit? >> that i'm gonna walk. final answer. >> is that your final--okay. >> yes. >> congratulations. [cheers and applause] >> [sighs, laughs] oh. whoo. >> you were leaning towards d? >> yes. >> it was b. >> oh, thank god! >> so there you go. $10,000. >> thank you. >> thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> thank you for everything that you've done. >> thank you. thanks for having me. >> many, many blessings to you. >> thank you. >> hopefully this $10,000 will make a huge difference for her nonprofit. we're gonna come back. more teachers, more fun right after this. ♪ mmm, you know what that needs?
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hey, l'eggo my eggo. uh uh. not c-c-c - cause i have the and i - i. that's a lot. raisins. really? what just happened here? you know the rules. i make the rules. know the rules. keep your eggo. l'eggo my eggo. i'm doing this for you, dad. thanks son.
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>> here's your question of the day. if you only got a c+ on your c++ exam, your teacher probably thinks you're mediocre at what? providing first aid, editing newspaper copy, computer programming, or translating hebrew to english?
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>> the answer to that question was computer programming. [cheers and applause] welcome back. we're about to make one of our audience members very happy and give them a little taste of the "who wants to be a millionaire" experience, and hopefully give away $1,000 right here. [cheers and applause] i need melanie brelsford. melanie brelsford. where's melanie? melanie? [cheers and applause] hey, melanie. how you doing? chris. good to meet you. >> good to meet you. >> welcome to "millionaire." where you from, melanie? >> i'm from plano, texas. >> oh, no way. right up the road.
2:55 am
i'm from dallas. >> love it. >> hometown girl. what do you do? >> i work at a furniture manufacturer and i'm on the merchandising team. >> well, you could probably use $1,000. >> i could. >> here's how it's gonna happen: i'm gonna ask you a question. you get it right, i'll give you $1,000 cash right now. >> ooh. hope so. >> you ready to go, melanie? >> i'm--i'm ready. >> all right, let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] $1,000 question. an avid baseball fan, 19th-century inventor william gray developed "gray's patent body protector" to be worn by the player at which position? [tense music] ♪ >> c, catcher. final answer. >> $1,000 winner. that's right! you got it, melanie! way to go! i love ending a show like that! special thanks to our teachers-- all of the teachers out there, thank you for what you do. for everyone who's been a part of this one, i'm chris harrison.
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we'll see you next time. >> all: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! [cheers and applause] ♪ closed captioning sponsored by: curing nail fungus could take my pharmacist said.. fungi-nail stops foot fungus fast before it spreads. fungi-nail.
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we've got new viral videos on an all-new show "right this minute." a dash cam captures a parent's worst fear in traffic. >> the stop and go scenario. >> the moment dad is stopped but another driver is going. [ screaming ] >> it's okay. it's okay. a strong bond leads to a strange bird sight. >> it is like his dog. >> the sweet story of a man and his condor. i see her from distance. like, she's beautiful. >> there's always his story, her story -- >> then what really happened. >> i think at that point he thought he had me. >> he's trying to read her lips.
3:00 am
and there's never been a perfect way to separate an oreo. >> until now. >> how a vacuum chamber leads to a curious phenomenon. >> just need an industrial vacuum. >> that's all you need. >> can we get one for the office? i just want that neck technology of accident avoidance to be available on all cars on the road. i think we could use it in cases like this. the stop and go scenario. this is in fresno, california. this guy has the dash cam. one pointed out front. another pointed towards the back. >> oh! oh, no, no, no, no. >> the young girl in the back immediately starts crying. i think more out of fear than anything else. but she calms down pretty quickly after this happens. a little bit of comfort from dad. >> it's okay, it's okay, it's okay. >> that person was just not paying attention. >> exactly, oli. sadly in this case their new
3:01 am
toyota was totaled. no serious injuries in that situation. let's head on over to maine where this driver was captured on her phone. >> i'm more concerned about the unrestrained child in the front seat. >> that's what got the person upset enough to record this video and share it on facebook. >> on the phone, kids unrestrained, and she doesn't have a seat belt on anyway. this is a recipe for disaster. >> this is the thing if you're stopped by the police, hand over your license. >> because it was on facebook, it got a lot of attention. everybody commenting saying call the police. this is horrible. well, the sheriffs in somerset county responded to everybody's calls for justice. and their response is classic. they start off, om-gosh. before anybody reads this, sit down, take a breath, maybe grab a glass of ice water. i wish i could read the whole thing to you. but essentially they say, yes, this is dangerous. but it's nothing more than a
3:02 am
traffic violation. no need to call the lynch mob on this woman. we are investigating this and you just simply don't know the facts behind the case. >> like what explanation could there be for that? >> perhaps she can't afford a car seat. >> yeah. we're quick to judge. based on that first video, we see how easily an accident can happen. you don't want that to happen to that kid. we all know that one person who's like, come on, give me a hug. right here. well, there's an animal version of that. of the avian kind. guys, that's a condor. >> oh cool. no. i want a condor hug. >> that is edgardo. he saved this condor when it was a chick. it had fallen and he nursed it back to health. there you can see how friendly and affectionate this condor is. it is like a dog. it's like a family dog. give me some hugs, pet me. scratch me on the neck. >> okay. so is this still a wild animal?
3:03 am
does it come back every once in awhile? has it not been rehabilitated to fly away? >> he could fly away if he wanted to and it's recovered. so yeah i assume it's one of those ones that comes back to say thanks every now and again. >> i am not a proponent of keeping wild animals as pets but my gosh do i want a condor. that is the coolest thing. >> walk around with it on your shoulder. just this jiend condor? >> yes. >> you can see in the next video, this condor does try to use its wings. then when it's called. >> my gosh. i've got a parakeet, i've got a parrot. oh really? >> come here. come here. coming. >> does he follow orders? like if a neighbor's cat is annoying you, you could send the condor. >> just to scare it. they're scavengers, not predators. keep that in mind. >> that's true. what you're seeing here is
3:04 am
essentially a vegas all you can eat seafood buffet. everybody's getting involved. you can see all those dolphins or porpoise, i'm not sure what they are. just in and out of the water. some of the birds are getting in on the action as well. because it's all the fish you could eat. s sushi. yum. everybody has one of those friends. just loves the buffet. about to show up. yeah. get out of my way, i got my eating pants on. time to get in that buffet. >> it's a whale. >> you can go to the front of the line, homie. >> did come up very close to the boat and they were able to get that on video which in itself was cool video. this fella fortunately isn't part of a vegas all you can eat seafood buffet because he is on his huge, gigantic, enormous fishing kayak. he's reeling in the fish. he's got someone to compete with. >> oh!
3:05 am
>> see a big splash of water from the right-hand side. he's like -- making sure he's still inside his kayak. because he gets on the radio and said i just got a shark, bro. if you don't believe him, check out what's left of his fish. this is why oli hate this ocean in three, two, one. >> well, finders keepers, losers weepers. >> i'm going to give william swanson credit though. because not only does he just find the whole thing amusing, he just goes back to fishing. we all know when it comes down to it, there's his side of the story, her side of the story, then what really happened in the middle. this couple sat down. they're going to share the details of their romance. except while the one is talking, the other will have headsets on. let's see how they do. what was your first impression? >> i want to say he was playing like a marquis houston song. he did a few chords and the
3:06 am
walked out. i think at that point he thought he had me. >> look at his face. he's trying to read her lips. >> i had no interest in this young man. >> now his turn. >> i seen her from a distance like she's beautiful. i wasn't her type. at all. but i'm going to take this chance. >> on the count of three, can you tell me where you went on your first date. one, two, three. >> the movies. >> what? >> it was the movies. that was our first official date. >> now here's where things get really interesting. weird things about your mate. nick you'll like this one. >> this one time we were at outback steak house. she expelled gas and it ricochetted off the chair. it was so loud. i was like, i couldn't look at her for 45 minutes. >> of course a man would share the most embarrassing story. >> that's the thing though. she wasn't embarrassed. >> i don't get embarrassed by things like that unless i've offended someone.
3:07 am
and i did offend him. >> like i had a little gas, what? >> really? >> the next part of this is actually sweet. >> we've been through a lot of ups and downs and we've held hands through everything. so yes, i love her. >> she could tell he said i love her. you see those smiles. >> you see how i'm speechless? i want it to be like this forever. i love you because you love me. >> they've got an announcement. >> can we tell y'all something? we found out we were pregnant. >> they're having a baby. but there's one more thing they have to agree upon. how many children do you want? >> three. >> three. >> congratulations on this one. >> told us that day, she said always hold hands. no matter what. hold hands. and we've been holding hands. a call went out to police about -- >> a woman being assaulted in the park. the crux of it is a bunch of
3:08 am
people had a disagreement and the police are trying to get everyone to go away. >> but no one is listening and things get fired up. and he's about to put that drill to good use. >> we can see it is in working order. >> see where he's about to stick it. >> no, sir. i'm leaving you, wesley. but why? you haven't noticed me in two years. i was in a coma. well, i still deserve appreciation. who was there for you when you had amnesia? you know i can't remember that. stop this madness. if it's appreciation you want you should both get snapshot from progressive. it rewards good drivers with big discounts on car insurance. i have also awoken from my coma. ♪ it's called a nap, susan lucci. ♪ this is a payday bar. and there's only one thing you need to know about it. it has a truck load of peanuts surrounding sweet caramel. i mean holy... (drill sound) look at all those peanuts. best part is it helps you get through your day. payday.
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closed captioning provided by -- here's to the 99%. gold bond powder spray. anytime. anywhere. stay cool, america. you know, father's day is coming up. a lot of dads will be getting tools and tool chests. well, brad beyers is here. he doesn't need that. he shows us a drill, a power drill. we can see it is in working order. and guess where he's going to put it. >> in his nose. >> yes, he is going to put it in his nose next because that's what he does. he's going to make it disappear. >> this is the kind of guy you never tell you're congested
3:13 am
around. i'm good, i'm good, just going to breathe through my mouth. >> he puts it in his nose. >> come on. you're so screwed, pal. >> as you can see he turns it off, turns it on. wants people to know it's going in and out. >> come on. >> no, sir. >> this is the same kid shoving coins up his nose as a kid. legos. his mom is like stop, brood lad >> he's made the guinness book of world records. he can leave tools in his body. >> thanks for watching. what we're dealing with here is a complete lack of respect. this particular video is picking up after the fact. essentially a call went out to the police about being assaulted. a bunch of people had a disagreement and now the police are trying to get everyone to go away.
3:14 am
there's a lot of voices but you should listen to that police officer right there. i counted it, seven times in the first 20 seconds or so saying everybody go home. nobody's listening. i think that may have happened from whatever happened before. one of the guys behind the camera decides to have an opinion. it's a when the officer turns to the camera and giving the kind of look like he's had enough. you get the finger in his face. that is what's about to get lit. this is where one of the other officers comes back into the frame. we told you enough times to go home. now we're going to remove you from the park. now the officer is giving them straight out warning. you're about to get arrested. but of course it's just getting louder. the initial incident happens on the left side just outside of camera shot. you can see one officer has taken somebody down. you see that girl comes in, kicks the officer. immediately there's another officer right there and he
3:15 am
says -- another officer then comes in to sort of clear the people from around the guy on the ground. then that officer gets shoved by this guy. he comes running in. and he thinks he's far enough away to get away with it. another officer comes steaming in from the left-hand side taking that guy down to the ground as well. >> none of this had to happen. they were warned so many times. >> by this point in the video, you can see all kinds of kids now are on the floor being held. this video kind of got out there, ended up being on facebook. the police did respond. they said they were aware this video was on facebook but they ask people not to jump to any kk conclusions. people were arrested on suspicion of affray and there was a body camera on one of the officer there is. they'll be reviewing it. i think we saw they had every opportunity to just stop. and every opportunity to leave. it's because they didn't that this had to happen.
3:16 am
a makeup youtuber. and, well, her man jason decided to play a prank on her. >> i'm going to facetime her saying a guy messaged you. >> he's going to call her on facetime and ask her a few questions. she better answer them correctly or else. >> who's that guy that keeps messaging you? i just checked your facebook and he messaged you again. >> i don't know. >> she doesn't know what he's talking about but she better figure it out fast. >> who is that? >> i don't know. >> so when she says she doesn't know, he decides to take it out on her makeup products. >> you sure? >> what are you doing? >> you're not going to tell me who it is? >> leave my makeup. >> that's expensive. >> what she doesn't know is that he's clearly replaced all of those products with these knockoff products.
3:17 am
>> you like that? you like that? tell me who it is. >> jason, stop it. >> whatever, whatever. >> he better watch out. because she might come in the house and start swinging, doing something before he can even say kidding. >> did you really break all my makeup? >>. >> she is mad. >> why did you break it? >> check the closet first. >> so she checks the closet and turns around stone faced. she's like, i'm done. >> it's okay. he can make it. >> diamonds, gold, platinum, silver, that's what i recommend. all of that. high above the clouds, off in the distance we see delta air lines flight 159 from boston to detroit. hear it rip on by. >> whoa!
3:18 am
plus, he had enough. >> and he started a journey. a year-long journey. >> see his impressive transformation. >> you wouldn't know that was the same guy. out of sunscreen, going on a targetrun need anything? watermelon! water please! z
3:19 am
3:20 am
z. promotional considerations provided by -- and get fast acting relief that lasts 10 full hours. that's the power of 10. cortizone 10®. curing nail fungus could take my pharmacist said.. fungi-nail stops foot fungus fast before it spreads. fungi-nail. how about a little bit of science high above the clouds. doing about 35 miles an hour. climbing up above 37,000 feet when suddenly off in the distance we see delta air lines flight 159 from boston to detroit. that's pretty cool, right? to see a plane out in the distance while you're flying
3:21 am
this weather balloon. the guys over at overlook horizon high altitude balloon said they had filed all of the flight plans with the proper authorities and filed all the necessary paperwork they were supposed to. flying here. they've taken all the precautions. neat though to see the plane out in the distance. 462 mile-per-hour that plane is flying at way off in the distance for only a moment. >> whoa! >> yeah. >> that was crazy. that's the sound of a jetliner going over at full throttle. >> imagine yourself when you have been in a plane just sitting there reading sky mall or whatever not even conceiving about how fast you're ripping through the air. yeah, watch it. perfect how the balloon just rotates around and catches the plane coming and then going on the other side. >> coolness aside, that's pretty dangerous. >> yeah. it was close. >> and has there been any issue
3:22 am
from this? because that's mental. >> no issue they were describing in their video. said everything went as planned. they were tiebl recover their balloon. these videos are important because they're inspiring. they often pick up loads of views. this one is over 3 million. there's a sense of if he can do it, so can i. essentially throughout his life, he'd been the target of bullying and things like that. he had just learned to absolutely hate the mirror. he felt like what he saw was just not a reflection of who he was. and he finally just went one day, that's it. i'm making some changes. and he started a journey. a year-long journey to basically take back control of his life. now, this is actually from 2015 but when he was about 18 years old, he posted a bunch of pictures he liked to live large. as the work starts paying off,
3:23 am
it paid off big time. as the photos continue, you can see as he sort of is starting to shrink but his muscles are starting to grow. >> his body is obeying what he's doing to it. >> he went from 330 pounds to a tight 198 pounds. >> you wouldn't know that's the same guy. >> that's impressive. he started out with some bulk but he turned that into muscle. now he's a big, solid dude. i'd like to see, though, the end pictures at the beginning he couldn't smile. at the end he's all smiles. what's your method for separating oreos? >> a lot of people love to take their oreos and tear them apart. it's never perfect. >> see the techniq it in the refrigerator for
3:24 am
3:25 am
3:26 am
3:27 am
two hours. then say charity, it's ready. >> i'm home. all right, friends. it's always a good day when you can start off with one of your favorite foods. i think the oreo is absolutely quite perfect. please take one. now show me how you separate it. you know, it's never perfect. i don't know why you would want to demolish a cookie like this. but you can never get the cream out perfectly. until now. our man james at the action lab shows us how to separate an oreo in the most perfect way possible. he puts the cookies into his vacuum chamber. sucks out all the atmosphere, it's hard to tell but you can see them expand without the pressure of atmosphere inside. then he lets the air back into
3:28 am
the vacuum chamber. when james takes the cookies out of the vacuum chamber, a very curious phenomenon happens. just like that. you can take the cream out of your oreos. i don't know why you would want to do that. but that's how you do it. get a jack consume chamber. >> you don't know why you would do that? nick calderone, are you crazy? pull out the centers then create a quadruple, a 20-stuffed oreo. you crazy? >> i see where you're going with that? that could be a good expeermrim. he's got almost all of them separated perfectly clean. >> the inside of the cookie expands a little bit. when you let the air back in, it happens quickly and it unsticks from the cookie. >> so it doesn't happen under the suction of the vacuum. it happens at the moment it goes back into the chamber. that's james' theory. i'm happy i get to eat cookies on tv.
3:29 am
thanks for watching. we appreciate it. we'll see you next time on "rtm." former nba star one of the
3:30 am
few outsiders to meet.
3:31 am
and the defense secretary issues a strong statement against the regime. what's rodham doing? >> still bracings get under way. first which star stole the show courtside. and the basketball thing was being played. that's coming up in "the skinny" on this tuesday, june 13. thoip from a >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> didn't mean to interrupt you. >> i want to mention what an honor to have spent all of this time with, with you. you are truly a blessing to all of the fans of wnn. >> thanks. should we get back to warriors >> feel free. >> big day for the warriors. >> absolutely. what a celebration. rocking in the bay area. golden state once again champions of the nba. >> check out fireworks over oakland'sk or al reena. after the warriors secured the second title in three seasons. and inside the scene here,
3:32 am
confetti flying, golden state players, hugging, high diving. just about everyone they could see inside. warriors lifted the championship trophy after finishing the post season with just one loss. absolutely amazing. >> so much bro mans going on. >> during the game, golden state had an 11-point lead at halftime. and lebron james and the cavs within six points. never got any closer than that. 129, cleveland 120. quite a moment though. watch kevin durant. he changed teams last year. and finally, won and check out how he celebrates with mom. >> kevin. just can't stop smiling. shares a moment with his mom. >> you hear me. you hear me. what nobody say. look at me. there it is. >> durant led the warriors with 39 points last year. his 70% shooting is now, last
3:33 am
night, rather. 70% shooting record. that is a record for the title clinching win. no surprise by the way. durant named the most valuable player of the finals. given all that. joined golden state under a year ago for just that reason of winning a championship. so, #mission accomplished. >> yes, quite a contrast from last year when we saw him running into his mom's arms in tears because they had gotten kicked out of the playoffs. >> this time it was celebration. >> you did. you did it. don't care what they say about you. >> cool. >> lebron can hang his head high. he gave his all. playing all but two minutes of last night's game. scoring 41 points by the way. afterwards. lebron said he left everything on the floor. and that he did. while he still has three championship rings on his career, that whole debate that has been going on, all playoffs a. b about lebron being better than jordan. on pause for now. >> he can walk away from the whole championship series
3:34 am
with -- a proud moment. unstoppable neefrmtly. >> needed bet scary part cast. >> looked good on lebron. things got heated in the second quarter last night. golden state's david west and tristan thompson got in each other's faces literally. >> i know, they're celebrating on the court. get a room. >> the internet had a field day with the incident. both west and thompson received technical fouls. but the internet was, was pretty excited about the close-up shot of them, coming, basically, face to face there. >> slow motion. >> slow motion. >> literally completely squashed up against each other's faces. >> wow. >> maybe just their way of making peace. >> great game overall. going to have little bit more about celebrities there as well. little later in the "the skinny." we want to move on to the other morning headlines. attorney general, jeff sessions set to testify on capitol hill today. >> sessions expected to be asked about russia and former director, fbi director, james
3:35 am
comey. could avoid tough questions by claiming executive privilege. more on that. and cabinet members taking turns praising their boss. >> reporter: cameras invited in to witness president trump's first full cabinet meeting where he minced no words declaring himself among the most productive presidents ever. >> i think we have been about as active as you can possibly be. >> then it was the cabinet's turn. one after the next. they went around the table. each lavishing praise on their boss. as he nodded approvingly. >> mr. president, we thank you for the opportunity and the blessing that you have given us to serve your agenda. >> want to thank you for getting this country, moving. >> and sent the exact right message. and being responded, the response is fabulous around the country. >> the last compliment from attorney general jeff sessions. and all eyes will be on him when he testifies before the senate intelligence committee. and investigating russian meddling in the election.
3:36 am
and any possible collusion with team trump. sessions will be asked about several issues raised in that blockbuster testimony of former fbi director, james comey. for one his role in that now infamous meeting in the oval office, between comey and the president. comey says trump asked sessions and others to clear the room so they could be alone. >> my sense was the attorney general knew he shouldn't be leaving which is why he was lingering. and so i knew something was about to happen that i need to pay close attention to it. >> reporter: then that comey says the president asked him to drop the investigation into former national security adviser mike flynn. after that meeting, comey claims, i took the opportunity to implore the attorney general to prevent any future direct communication between the president and me. sessions is also likely to be asked about his meetings with the russians. he recused himself from the russia investigation, after reports that he met the russian ambassador twice during the campaign. but failed to disclose those meetings in his senate
3:37 am
confirmation hearings. comey said, that's not all. >> we also were aware of fact that i can't discuss in an open setting. that would make his continued engagement in a russia related investigation problematic. >> the white house would not say whether sessions would limit his testimony and invoke executive privilege. >> i think it depends on the scope of the questions and to get nigh hypothetical at this point. would be premature. >> the trump white house is eager to turnt page. this week, ivanka trump in the spotlight talking job training. on fox news, she came to her father's defense. >> there is a level of, viciousness. that, that, i -- i was not expecting. i was not expecting the intensity of the experience. but this isn't supposed to be easy. >> while first daughter ivanka out there defending her father. first lady, melania trump moved into the white house. her first day.
3:38 am
officially, baron with them too. spent the day with staff and getting her son settled. we should note that abc news will have live coverage of the sessions hearing on capitol hill 2:30 eastern time this afternoon. in the mean time. a legal blow for president trump's revised travel ban. an appeals court ruled against the executive order that blocked travel from six predominantly muslim countries. the three judge pauchbt the ninth circuit found the ban violated laws discriminating against people, based on nationality. they say the administration failed to show how their entry would hurt american interests. the president is hoping for a victory in the supreme court. >> the pentagon identified three u.s. servicemen killed in comb battle in afghanistan. >> sergeant william bay's corporal dillon baldridge and eric houck. the taliban claimed responsibility for the insider attack by one of its fighters who infiltrated afghan army. >> the body of the soldiers arrived last night at defer air force base in delaware.
3:39 am
for that dignified transfer ceremony. >> breaking overnight. dennis rodman in north korea yet again. former chicago bulls star says he hopes to open a door. he says he has no plans to talk to the north korean leader, kim jung-unabout four americans detained. one of four americans that have met kim. he believes president from is happy with his visit. his fourth. a top state department official says the u.s. wishes rodman well on his visit. just yesterday the defense secretary, james mattis called north korea the greatest threat to u.s. national security. >> north carolina woman thankful to be alive after attacked by a shark. snorkeling in the bahamas, the shark attacked taking her arm. the mother of three kids says she didn't realize what had happened. >> wasn't in pain. just felt like i bumped into something. i casually turned to my right. he had my, my whole arm in his mouth. >> the shark took a clean bite
3:40 am
into her arm. that shark was believed to be a tiger shark. she has had three surgeries and has another this friday. her husband, j.j. says tiffany remand positive thoughment and says that tree maining calm and her faith in good are why she survived. >> aren't tiger sharks the calm ones. >> no. no, no. tiger sharks, you don't want to run into them. nurse sharks are okay. the ones. like puppies. you can pet. >> not a tiger shark. >> catfish. big catfish. >> prison break in cinematic style. >> four inmates on the run after bursting out ofatrie plot. show you the just released paid the world. beyonce. but who was on top?ouguess is c. first a look at today's nice lo.
3:41 am
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3:43 am
so i know how important that is. a police chief in northern
3:44 am
maine capturing the moment a volunteer fire fighter sent flying after a propane tank near him exploded into a ball of flames. that sheathe then coming to the rescue of the fire fighting pulling him to safety. the fire fighter suffered first and second degree burns to his face. since released from the hospital. >> now to the urgent manhunt for four inmates and accused killer who escaped from an oklahoma jail. not the first time prisoners wereblmore. >> reporter: a desperate manhunt.n oklahoma. one charged withmurder. hrough a rities, all too ventilation system. two of them did t march. >> area wall, they're able to jump over to an air vent. surveillance vi front march first leaving a mid
3:45 am
cell. then climb couple of them got in a fight. so everybody was the fight. never saw theme looking into reports that inmates stole roof. crews are fixing trs used to escape. authorities telling rid vigilan those escapeesillip mena, abc n chandler, ok t one of them, ac the game last ghhe skinny" is n. do you often wake up with chest up causing further problems. or suffer excess mucus?ated treat mucus buildup early with #1 doctor recommended mucinex 12 hour. the bi-layer tablet immediately releases to thin and loosen excess mucus and lasts for 12 hours. learn more at treat excess mucus with mucinex 12 hour
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and enjoy living well.
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♪ ♪ skinny ♪ >> so, your tuesday skinny. going to start with the most star-studded event of the
3:48 am
evening. the nba finals. sadly, rihanna wasn't there. we did see snoop. diddy. see diddy. chris rock. aaron rodgers. courtside before the game. >> snoop, a fan favorite. tons of people picturing him, dancing. court side. he at one point stopped to pose with abc commentators. some people said his outfit made him look like a wizard. >> the dance moves. caption being when the cush starts hitting you. >> warriors last night. >> it was probably past bedtime. riley curry was there to celebrate with dad. and nothing was stopping her. oh, she is amazing. not even the fact that dad was in the middle of an interview. >> doesn't care. >> not at all. >> charlize theron.
3:49 am
had the actress on the show. took her to the basketball court. hollywood boulevard. option to choose basketball or ball. >> dressed for the basketball court. she went with the ball and attempted a three pointer. she moved up to the free-throw line. with a traditional stance. you see there. just a complete miss. >> taking lessons. then went old school. granny style. and makes it. >> by the way. that shot. everyone in the crowd a pair of nikes. >> oh. nice. more granny style shooting. i say. >> like that guillermo was dressed as a basketball. hoping she would going to throw him. give him a big hug. >> gate kiss out of it. >> forbes in the meantime released their list of the highest paid celebrities. all 100. give you the top five. starting with the world's most overrated soccer player.
3:50 am
>> no, no. the world's best soccer player. >> cristiano ronaldo. earned $93 million in what was probably the world's biggest. >> no, no, don't have to explain further. leave it at that. world's best soccer player. >> world's biggest. >> ponzi scheme. >> number four. rapper drake. $94 million. came in higher than expected. go, drake. >> all residuals for degrassi. working out. third spot. author j.k.rowling. $95 million. returns to the list after three year hiatus. releasing a book. gifting a cut from fantastic beasts. where to find them. this surprised me. number two. queen b, took in $105 million, her world tour. and the release of lemonade.
3:51 am
>> does that not count jay z's cut. put them together. >> put them both together. it is like, you just bought a caribbean confruntry. top spot, banking $130 million? the one and only diddy. most came from selling part of his clothing line. and earnings from his ciroc vodka. >> guess that explains why he can afford the courtside seats last night. $133,000 a pair. >> didn't have to worry how diddy ended up courtside. the youngest person there was one of the jenners. off awe actor josh brolin re-creating one of his most iconic new reroles. >> no country for old men. >> no. >> true get. >> iconic. >> hail caesar. >> goonies. miky's older brother. he remembers the role. >> brolin is fond. attended an 80s party.
3:52 am
brought brad back with the bandanna and the chest expander. >> everything. >> look at the guns. >> done here it's our time. stains happen...
3:53 am
3:54 am
and they happen easily. the other side of this... is they can be removed... easily. spray and wash's... powerful formula... removes over 100 stains. spray and wash. better on over 100 stains. in new herbal essences it's bio:renew a blend of sea kelp, aloe and antioxidants that help bring your hair back to life.
3:55 am
new herbal essences. let life in. ♪ life is a highway i want ride it all night long ♪ ♪ if you're going my way i want to drive it all night long ♪ >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> little early for that. >> i like the enthusiasm though. good. >> get excited by the way. speaking of enthusiasm. because, cars 3 is coming to theaters this week. >>y, sat down with nick watt. i am pumped up as they get revved up for their day. ♪ ♪ roi >> reporter: here is the deals with "car 3" a lot of you haven't met each other before. >> correct.
3:56 am
>> like an awkward cocktail party. getting to know you. >> trying not to be awkward. you calling it out makes us feel so much better. >> that is crystala alonzo, cruz. >> lightning mcqueen's trainer. >> she knows she is good. need a pauush. >> jackson storm, right. great race today. >> wow, thank you, mr. mcqueen. you have no idea what a pleasure it ties beat you. >> reporter: new cocky kid on the block, storm. by armey hammer. >> nobody is really a bad guy here. just the best. really what it comes done to. >> oh! >> going to be a kind of love/hate, romance. >> how do cars do that. >> yeah, scandal's, kerri washington bringing r rated sensibility to an interview about a squeaky kids film. plays stats obsessed sportscaster. >> ability to hold the optimum
3:57 am
racing line every lap. >> lightning mcqueen getting older. >> mentor role. >> in the same way doc hudson was a mentor for him. >> i don't know. i got nothing. >> larry the cable guy, beating heart of the franchise. >> my why said watching mater is like watching me around the house. wouldn't say there is much difference. except weight, outweighs me by 200 pound. >> only 200 pound. >> only 200 pounds. >> i put on weight to do this, you didn't know that. >> this little cocktail party is coming alife. >> quick movie review, the 6-year-old i watched "cars 3" with loved it. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> his own kid there, nick is talking about. >> no, found a stranger. wanted excuse to see the movie. >> what are you doing? disney is behind cars 3. >> first one was great. got to see 2 now. watch 3 be caught up. >> i
3:58 am
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making news in america this morning, the warriors victorious. golden state taking home the nba championship trophy dominating lebron james and the cavaliers. the moment between mvp kevin durant and his mom. look at that excitement. plus, fans still celebrating right now. jeff sessions heads to capitol hill today to answer questions about his relationship with russian officials and the white house is firing back overnight after a friend of the president said he is considering firing robert mueller who is in charge of the russia probe. we're live in washington. record heat gripping the country. where the oppressive temperatures are today plus the powerful tornado caught on camera. check out this woman's seemingly relaxed while riding on the road of a car speeding down a highway. we have the details behind the


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