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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  June 13, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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a a a. >> ♪ "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. good to see you. it's 5 o'clock on this tuesday june 13th and here's what's happening. >> closing statements are done and bill cosby's case is with a jury. jurors could be back with a verdict as soon as today. >> new information this morning about a deadly officer-involved shooting in hunting park. >> plus the heat wave, it's something else. it's continuing, it's going to feel even hotter. that's why the school district of philadelphia plans to dismiss at noon. >> let's get you ready with weather and traffic. david and karen, good morning. >> all right, guys, we did not have a heat advisory yesterday but we have one today. the heat is similar, maybe a couple of degrees hotter but more importantly the humidity is higher today.
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starting at noon today in the i-95 corridor, all urban centers covered by this, we do have a heat advisory and it extends until 7 o'clock. during that time you're going to have heat index values in the upper 90's. it's going to be pretty uncomfortable. we have another ozone action day, another code orange those of you in at risk categories want to limit your outdoor activity and exertion are during the afternoon hours. satellite also shows that you we're basically starting out with a lot of sun and a few scattered clouds. we'll probably see a little bit more cloud cover than we saw yesterday later in the afternoon. 75 degrees currently in philadelphia. 68 in allentown. 73 in wilmington t-low 70's in trenton and in cape may. and your dewpoints are higher this morning. yesterday we were in the low to mid 60's in philadelphia, now it's the upper 60's and you see some 70's starting to pop up in areas south of philadelphia. that's oppressive humidity. it is going to be stickier today. as we go through the day, 77 degrees by 7 o'clock. very quickly up into the 90's. we'll be there by about 11 o'clock this morning and by 3 o'clock, 96, that is your
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forecast high. if we hit it we'll break the existing record in philadelphia by 1 degree and you can see that as late as 7 o'clock we're still looking very hot and still very humid. things do get better overnight tonight and into tomorrow, karen, but for today, cool drinks and all of those heat tips leaving the ac aren't the fans on especially if you're among our senior citizen population it will be really important. >> dave good advice. the vine was shut down overnight for construction. we can see it's wide opened right now. everything is cleared so no problems here on the vine street expressway in both directions but crews will return again tonight at 11 o'clock tonight, tomorrow night and thursday night and shut the vine down in both directions. an accident in abington at old york road at the fairway so watch for crews on the scene there. outside live the blue route approaching the schuylkill, we're dry, clear, light volume. no accidents on your majors but on the turnpike westbound we have construction here blocking the left lane and that's between 29 and downingtown. we see the green traffic flow through the it's area.
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it's not slowing things down. northbound extension crews block the right lane between lansdale and lehigh valley. >> thank you, karen. this morning the jury in the bill cosby trial will be back at their deliberations. they worked for hours yesterday and had some questions about cosby's 2005 deposition. they could come back with a verdict as early as this morning. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live outside of the montgomery county courthouse in norristown with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam. the jury will be here in just a matter of hours to resume deliberations. this trial moved at lightning speed. it was days shorter than it was anticipated. deliberations, if anyone -- it's anyone guess with how long they'll last. this started off with a couple questions. they wanted to hear cosby's own words in that deposition testimony. the prosecution made it clear from the very beginning that perhaps their most powerful weapon in their fight to prove bill cosby was guilty of sexual assault was his own
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words. 2005 deposition testimony in which he calls the pills he'd given andrea constand his "friend." it was that section of the testimony that the jury wanted to hear again. the judge would only read the paragraph before and after. >> under oath in the civil deposition about his admission that he provides quaaludes or did to young women with the intention to have sex with them. >> that was a poignant question. you know, they want to see how the conversation went, how it led up to that, what she said to ask for him to give her those three pills, she claimed that she was having trouble sleeping, that she was under a lot of stress. >> after a week filled with emotional testimony and brutal cross-examination, bill cosby's fate is finally in the hands of a jury. deliberations continued today. the 79-year-old high profile sexual assault trial moved at lightning speed. monday the defense called just one witness, a cheltenham
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detective who was originally called by the prosecution. cosby chose not take the stand. they rested their case after just six minutes. >> no matter what this d.a. or what this judge try to do to distort the truth, mr. cosby will prevail. i'm pretty sure those jurors, i have confidence that they see the truth. >> reporter: and the jury is staying at a nearby hotel. we're told they'll arrive here at 8:30. deliberations will resume at 9 o'clock this morning. if cosby is convicted of the charges, he faces possibly the rest of his life behind bars. reporting live at the montgomery county courthouse in norristown, jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." tam. >> all right, jeanette, thank you and as soon as that verdict is reached we'll also alert you on the 6abc app and right now you can see a collection of photos and videos from the trial and read a time line of how we got here. >> ♪ >> new this morning, we have learned the identity of the philadelphia police officer involved in a deadly shooting last week. police say officer ryan ponal
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a 12 year veteran was on leave while the shooting is under investigation. david jones of germantown was shot and killed at hunting park and whitaker avenues on thursday. the officer stopped jones for driving a dirt bike recklessly and that jones pulled out a gun. part of the encounter was recorded on surveillance video which shows jones getting shot in the back while running from the scene. crews have pulled a body from a private fond mays landing atlantic county. a swimmer went missing in the small quarry off thelma of a last night. several departments and dive teams took part in the certain efforts. officials have not released the swimmer's identity. >> it is 5:06 and the remains of three soldiers killed in afghanistan have been returned home to the united states. last night there was a somber ceremony at dover air force base to honor these soldiers. vice president moss -- mike pence attended. theythe taliban has claimed
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responsibility. >> the delaware valley is heating up again in day three of this mid june heat wave could be the worst of it. the worst of this year. some school districts in our area are letting children go home early and some chose to cool off at swan fountain at logan square yesterday. even adults were trying to stay cool to. trying to find some shade out there. >> oh, my goodness, i had my feet in a pool yesterday but my head was baking. >> well, today it's going to bake a little bit more. we've got high heat similar to yesterday but higher humidity than we had yesterday. storm tracker6 live double scan shows us in the meantime that we are dry and as we take a look outside, there is some cloud cover out there but we do expect a fairly sunny start before the clouds get a little bit thicker later on in the morning and afternoon. 75 degrees is your current temperature in philadelphia. 73 degrees in wilmington. 68 in allentown. 74 in beach haven and 71 in cape may, new jersey and again, those dewpoints are starting to climb and it
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definitely feels a bit more humid on the bus stop and climbing into the car than it did yesterday. you can see a fair amount of sunshine early in the i-95 corridor. some of this cloud cover to the south and west will have a tendency to well in and some of that stuff from the north also headed our way later today and tonight. in the lehigh valley sun mixing with some increasing clouds through the day. it will be hot and humid and uncomfortable, a high of 94 degrees in the lehigh valley today. down the shore also warm and humid, 86 degrees, a mix of sun with some more clouds as the day goes on. and in philadelphia we're going to go for a record breaking high of 96, the old record is 95. sun, some clouds but more importantly the humidity is higher today. winds out of the west at eight to 16 miles per hour. you won't get much relief from that. across the region we are looking at dewpoints in the 65 to 70-degree range and that's what we consider very humid and the high end of that dewpoint scale it might even start to feel oppressively humid for some of you, particularly south of philadelphia. and then 74 is the overnight low, some clouds around, a spotty thunderstorm can't be
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ruled out but that's mainly up in the poconos tonight, maybe some of that spills down closer to the lehigh valley. and then tomorrow a frontal boundary is down to our south and things really change for the better. a high of just 85 degrees. lighter winds. and we do have an end of the heat wave and that higher humidity being shoved to our south as well. so, today we're going for a high of 96, hot and humid, very uncomfortable, record heat. you want to keep cool drinks going. the ac's important if you're going to be inside if you don't have that, crack the windows, fans, all that of good stuff. then tomorrow not as hot, a high of 85 degrees. good news since the union and phillies are home and the fans will enjoy more comfortable conditions for those contests. partly sunny and nice on thursday, 78. 76 on friday and there's a possibility of area shower there. and as we go into the coming weekend we're still looking at the 80's. 84 on saturday, clouds and sun, a spotty late thunderstorm possible and for father's day it looks warm and a little bit more humid for the gary papa run in the morning and the union and phillies contests later in the
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day, 88 the high on sunday. 89 and still warm and humid on monday. >> okay. thanks, david. 5:10 now and we have video of a rather unusual police chase. see what the driver used to try and escape. >> prosecutors in a case against 18 former penn state fraternity brothers unveil a key piece of evidence. what it reveals about the night that a pledge died. >> a director is standing by his controversial play which depicts president trump as julius caesar. hear what he told the audience before the opening show. karen. >> and live on 422 approaching trooper that's your and eastbound traffic headed towards kop moving pretty nicely right there. we'll take you to exton chester county coming up. >> ♪ club
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>> ♪ >> 5:13. good morning. commodore barry live on sky6. good news, bad news about today. bad news, going to be the worst yet of this heat wave. the good news, it's going to end. >> eventually. >> today, today. tomorrow will be better. >> let's go over to karen rogers to take a look at your traffic. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. yeah, one more day to suffer through at least. let's look outside live and this is exton chester county. we're looking good here. route 100 at commerce drive coming in from phoenixville or chester springs. no problem here. roads are dry. today we're dry and clear although hot but we had a ton of accidents. i'm not sure. today try to focus out there, okay. looking at northeast philadelphia, this is woodhaven road westbound between academy road and the boulevard. we've got that overnight construction restricting two lanes of traffic blocked from
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9 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. it's going to happen both tonight and tomorrow night so watch for that installation that they're doing of some sign structure they're putting there. people on twitter have been complaining about this one. it's going to be an overnight closure again tonight. old york road at the fairway an accident in abington partially blocking the road. lighter volume come up from deptford or turnersville. yesterday you were really stuck in it with people coming back from the shore. we don't expect that to be the case today so for now 42 is looking good. let's check your commuter traffic report before you head out the door and we have someone as dennis 1219 on 295 southbound in lawnside talking about a vehicle stopped on the road right there. how about the temperatures as you head out. that's the real story today, isn't it? the temperatures and the humidity. it's already 68 in bethlehem, 69 in coatesville, 75 at this hour in center city. 69 in browns mills but 73 in hammonton and delran.74 in dove. today is hotter and more importantly more humid than
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yesterday with a high of 96, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. new this morning, a controversial play in new york city opened to a standing ovation. the public theater's new free shakespeare in the park production is julius caesar but people have criticized the play because its caesar clearly resembles president donald trump wearing a suit and tie and reddish blond hair with an eastern european wife like melania trump and the assassination scene is quite critics say at play encourages violence against the president but the director argues that is not the case. >> shakespeare in public theater, couldn't possibly advocate violence as a solution to political problems. [applause] this play only warns about what happens when you try to preserve democracy by nondemocratic means. >> over the weekend both bank of america and delta airlines
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pulled their funding. julius caesar will close as scheduled on sunday. a suspected rapist and kidnapper took police in tennessee on an unusual chase. the james perkins hopped in a backhoe and barreled down several roads. he did manage to elude police for a bit but a tip later led to perkins capture. an accomplice who was not in the backhoe was also caught earlier. >> golden state warriors are nba champs getting redemption over the cleveland cavaliers. it looked like a mosh pit outside the warriors arena following the win. new warriors star kevin durant field his finals m.v.p. by scoring 39 points last night. the warriors lost last season's finals to the cavs. lebron james made history in a losing effort this year. he was the first nba player to average a triple-double in the finals. he did his part, right? the phillies have lost 20 more games than they have won this
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season. the latest debacle involved waisting a four run early lead in boston. red sox rallied to win six to five in 11 innings. the series continues tonight in boston. the phillies have lost 10 of their last 12 games at fenway park. the eagles open a mandatory mini camp today in south philadelphia. carson wentz and company will run drills through thursday. the team returns in late july for training camp which will include public practices at lincoln financial field. >> 5:17 now and golden state warrior kevin durant may have gotten the m.v.p. award but see who is getting the real credit online. >> new research suggests frequently dining on french fries is not only unhealthy, it could increase the risk of death. details in this morning's health check next. >> ♪
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>> good tuesday morning, everybody. >> right back at you. >> doing great. >> thank you very much. let's check southwest philadelphia looking live at the platt bridge right at the mid span. no problems on your westbound traffic on your left head towards the airport moving really nicely. let's check mass transit. had big problems yesterday. so far everything is running on time, dave. >> all right, karen, on the bus stop this morning, mainly clear, little bit muggy out there, 74 by 6:00, 80 degrees by 8:00 a.m. and definitely getting hot later on. 93 degrees by noon. we're going for a high of 96 degrees at 3 o'clock. that will be a record if we hit it and the heat index values will be up close to 100 this afternoon. straight through this afternoon and up to about 7 o'clock a heat advisory in that effect and we want you to make sure you pay attention to all those typical heat tips, taking breaks in the shade if you have to work outside checking in on seniors and being careful with your pets. tam. >> thank you david. yes, we know fringe fries are an unhealthy treat but could eating them on a regular send you to an early grave. a new study just came out in
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the american journal of clinical nutrition. the eight year study found people who ate fried potatoes more than twice a week more than doubled their risk of death. researchers did not find an increased risk when the potatoes were not fried. maybe a good remind to be aware of just how much fried food that you're eating and how often. >> some people in our area are finding rodents inaug -- gnawing away under the hoods of their cars. >> reporter: critics say these car parts are supposed to be environmentally friendly but instead it's giving rats and rodents something to chew on. >> i don't even think there was anything left. everything was eaten. >> reporter: why this costly and potentially dangerous problem isn't covered under most warranties. >> it can be a life safety hazard. >> reporter: and the details of a class action lawsuit that is trying to get car manufacturers to pay up. >> it's a design defect which is has affected a lot of people and cost a lot of people a lot of money.
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>> reporter: the experts show us what you can do right now to protect your vehicle only on "action news" tonight at 11:00ly. >> ♪ >> it's always something, i tell you. rats eating your car. jeopardy gets in on the nba excitement while taking a little bit of a swipe at a popular player. >> a girl says she saved her friend by using a tip she learned from the "hunger games" book. that's coming up at 6:00 a.m. first up "gma"'s first look. >> in this morning's "gma" first look the criminally charged frat brothers packing into the courtroom monday. >> you guys have any comment. >> not right now. >> watching dramatic and disturbing surveillance video from inside the frat house showing 19-year-old tim piazza and other beta theta pi brothers. >> some of them actually admitted we were more concerned for ourselves than him. we were worried we would get in trouble. some of them just said it. >> the video capturing the nearly 12 hour ordeal. >> you got to remember geo
5:23 am
this is not somebody who has a gaping blood wound. he had some internal injuries. probable physical looked like just another frat kid. >> and we'll have the latest on the case coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your "gma" first look i'm geo benitez, abc news, belfont, pennsylvania.
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i can more active. >> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look here down the parkway. it's going to be another scorcher. 5:26, 75 degrees. get out the shades and the sun hat. >> get ready to sweat. in the morning buzz, golden state warrior kevin durant won the title of nba finals m.v.p. while the internet believes the real internet is his mom. durant shared an emotional moment with his mother wanda after the warriors beat cleveland. wanda durant made sure to get his undivided attention even as her son was doing a postgame interview. >> you hear me. no matter what nobody say. look at me. you did it. >> durant's mom received national attention back in 2014 when durant accepted the league m.v.p. and tearfully said to her you're the real m.v.p.
5:27 am
>> jeopardy had a very timely theme on 6abc last night before game five. the game show featured an answer about durant. after a loss to the warriors in the 2016 western finals this thunder stud didn't beat him, he joined them. >> as you know, the question is who is kevin durant. he generated criticism from his defection to the warriors during the off season but look at him now. >> he says look at them now. a group of volunteer firefighters saved a couple's wedding daily. >> in the hot seat. >> new overnight a pilot suffered minor injuries when his small plane skid off a runway in new jersey. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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>> now on "action news," bill cosby's fate is in the hands of the jury. we are live at the courthouse awaiting a verdict. >> happening today, another blockbuster senate testimony attorney general jeff sessions will face his own colleagues and a lot of questions about
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russia. >> prepare for our third straight day in the 90's. the heat and humidity is forcing the school district of philadelphia to dismiss at noon. >> good morning out there. it is now 5:30 on this tuesday june 13th. i guess it's a good thing we start work in the dark. otherwise, -- let's go over to meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers for your weather and traffic if good morning everyone. we didn't have this yesterday because the humidity wasn't high enough. today the combination of heat and higher humidity is kicking a heat advisory in across the region. this starts at noon and doesn't end until 7 o'clock this evening. in urban centers in the i-95 corridor we'll see heat index values climbing up into the upper 90's maybe getting up close to 100 at times this afternoon and we also have another code orange ozone action day. those of you in at risk categories have poor air quality to deal with today and you want to limit your outdoor exertion and exposure during the afternoon hours. it's best not to fill the car in the aftno


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