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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 13, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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it's june 13th. time for new viral videos "right this minute." the train's chugging along, but one toddler -- >> can't seem to contain himself. >> a lucky escape after he tries to hitch a ride. a skydiver notices his buddy's goggles are on a free fall adventure. >> go get 'em. >> see if he can pull off a smooth recovery in the sky. it's a video stealing hearts on the web of a father interviewing his daughter on -- >> the first day of every school year -- >> now meet the sentimental dad and the star student who's all grown up. >> so are you going to follow her to college? we've got christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle breaking down the best on the web including the stuff that ride share drivers can't stand.
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>> hi. >> do they cover people eating in your car? >> oh, gayle. >> why that's just scratching the surface of the horrible habits. >> oh, god, no. >> oh! when it comes to transportation, a lot of accidents are avoidable, but you're going to see in this first one that this wasn't an accident. this was on purpose. you see this woman walking by a gas station and a white car has passed by. everything seems okay. but she's walking in the middle of the roadway. and something happens when that vw comes back around. >> wow. >> oh. >> that was deliberate. >> yes, it was deliberate. but as you can see, it was caught on cctv footage and sent to police. police were able to track down the driver. they did say the person was arrested, the car was confiscated and they're keeping it to investigate this case. but police have not released what the motive was in this. as you could see, she is laying
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there for awhile but she does move her head. when the hospital was contacted, they say surprisingly this woman only sustained minor injuries. >> what? after that? >> after that. now, this incident happened in kazakhstan. you've got some little kids on a train having a good time. i want you to notice the little boy who can't seem to contain himself. he's going to run right into the tracks. >> no, no, no, no. >> oh! >> okay. see, why isn't there a fence around that ride? kids are going to be like i want to go on that and don't understand the danger. >> the owner of that train says he will now put fencing up. >> how is the little boy? >> it's reported that the train did keep moving while he was underneath but he only suffered some bruises and scrapes. if you've ascended to the level of wing suit pilot, you've
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got some skills. now, nate here doing a little bit of training over brazil. nate is right there. he's got those really cool and expensive yellow goggles on. not going to have them on very long. did you see them? poof! there they go. the loose strap and the wind caused them to fly off into the air. >> can't he just fly back around and go get them. >> nate didn't, but yarno can. he pulls his canopy. poof, there it goes. now he's got a little bit more control to get himself down. again, his hawkeye vision kept track of the goggles. going to catch them. >> he does? does he catch them? >> he just missed it. >> oh! >> a little too low. they zip right on by. but he banks around and tries to go for them again. the whole time he's trying to catch up with these goggles, he has to keep in mind where he's going to land and all the dangers below.
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>> i was just joking when i said could he grab them. but go get 'em. >> instead of landing on the airfield, he lands on the median on the highway. >> the drivers think what's going on here. >> gathers up his canopy and bingo there they are. sadly he didn't catch them in midair because when he picks them up, they've got scratches on them. >> adds character. >> the lens can be replaced. but gosh, so close. so what's today? >> school. >> this is 6-year-old mckenzie back when she was starting her first grade. and in this jukin video, her dad kevin interviewed her. then he did that the first day of every school year since then. check this out. >> next to the girl that makes the silly face in the pictures. >> she just changed between
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first and second grade. it's huge. >> it's gnarly to see that come together in this video. but it's adorable to see what she has to say after the first day of every class. you can see she's starting to become a little lady. and then of course every time you change schools, it's a huge deal. the first day of middle school. the first day of high school. are you kidding? >> what grade are you in this year? >> ninth grade. >> which makes you a? >> freshman. >> and here's the last one. her first day of 12th grade. >> what are you looking forward to this year? your senior year. >> prom. >> prom? >> and graduation. >> and graduation, okay. i love you, sweetie. >> i love you too. >> this is the best part at the end of every single interview -- >> i love you. >> love you too. >> love you. >> i love you. >> love you. >> i love you. >> love you. >> i love you. >> love you. >> to tell us more about this really beautiful effort for so many years, we have kevin and
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mckenzie via skype "right this minute" all the way from washington state. welcome to the show, guys. >> hi. >> was this intentional, kevin? or did it just kind of sort of happen? >> actually, it was intentional. of course back when i started, i don't think youtube was around. it's just been a keepsake and something we've done. in two years, you'll see the follow-up video when her sister graduates from high school. >> so are you going to follow her to college or whatever the next is? >> i think it's cute, but i don't know if i want you following me to college. >> yeah, we're good. >> now it's put together, how does it make you feel? >> i like watching myself growing up. i appreciate it more now than when he was doing the interviews. >> this is getting a lot of attention. why do you think so many people are connecting with this video? >> you know, parents, we all kind of try to capture that moment in time and remember our kids when they're younger and being able to watch her grow through the years, if we can bring some joy to people, i'm
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grateful to be able to do that. >> are you surprised that it's gotten more than a million views and is one of the top trending videos on youtube? >> yes. >> mckenzie, what's the reaction been from your friends? >> a lot of them are like did you see you're on youtube. i was like, yeah, i did. they say did you see how many people have seen it. i said yeah it kind of scares me. i'm not used to getting a lot of attention publicly. >> now you're on national television. >> which is crazy. i think it's crazy to think about that. it's the battle of the wildebeest. it's all going down at the krueger national park. >> those this are cool looking. i love the stripes. >> the third guy is like i want in. and charge! >> that was like a sucker punch. >> yeah. initially i thought it was like wrestling, tag me in. it wasn't tagged in, it just
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went for it. >> you know there's a female nearby just watching this all go down. who's going to be the biggest and the strongest? >> or the dumbest and the wildest. >> she's not watching. that's the thing. she's like where's the baby? let me get the baby some water. >> the woman who filmed this said it lasted about five minutes. you notice the one just trots off and the others go their separate ways. >> because they're boys. because they can. let's wrus estle. >> that's how it goes down. just happens that way. catamaran flips over on the water. see why people are calling the jet border a hero for saving the day. >> no, no way! >> no! plus, these throwback pants are all the rage right now. >> like the '90s. the palazzo pants. >> find out how you can save some cash and make your own hip pair of pants.
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the clothes ♪ou love the most... this is an abc news special report. attorney general jeff sessions testifies. now reporting, george step nop plis. >> another high stakes hearing on capitol hill, today's witness the attorney general jeff sessions, james comey appeared last week and he will be facing a lot of questions raised by the comey testimony, about his contacts with russia, the attorney general admitted to two contacts with russian ambassador. the possibility raised last week of a third not disclosed before. also, what role he may have played in the firing of the attorney general james comey even though he recused himself from anything having to do with the russia investigation and of
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course president trump himself said he had russia on his mind when he fired james comey. you see the hearing room right now. our congressional correspondent mary bruce is there on the scene today and mary, as i said, you're going to be getting questions to the attorney general that were seated by james comey last week. >> any moment now we're going to see the attorney general sit down behind me at this desk and so many of the questions he's going to be asked today are directly linked to what james comey said in this exact same spot five days ago. jeff sessions recused himself from the russian investigation back in march citing those close ties to the campaign but of course comey hinted there was more to it. they want to know why comey said sessions' involvement in the russian investigation would be problematic of the they are going to be drilling down, get down to the meetings with the russian ambassador during the campaign. we know there were two meetings he failed to disclose.
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they want to know if there's a third meeting and also any role played in comey's firing even though it came after he recused himself from the investigation. it's worth noting that sessions was not originally going to be testifying here. he was supposed to be at another hearing across the way but decided he wanted to speak to this panel and openly in front of the american people to address these questions head on. the remaining question is how forthcoming will he be today? >> we saw richard burr greet attorney sessions along with mark warner, the ranking democrat on the committee, hug for general sessions' wife as well. i want to bring you in from the white house senator sessions the first senator to endorse president trump during the campaign candidate trump during the campaign but the president has been angry about the recusal from the russian investigation. >> reporter: there's been tension in the white house over this, george, the president not happy that sessions rekcused himself back in march.
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sessions in the wake of that had openly talked in the white house about the possibility of submitting a resignation that obviously has not happened. the president right now is on his way to wisconsin. he's in the air on air force one. the tvs on the airplane are on cable news. it's highly likely the president will be watching. i had been told he planned to watch this and carefully paying attention. >> we just heard the gavel from richard burr, let's listen in. >> attorney general sessions, appreciate your willingness to appear before the committee today, thank you for your years of dedicated service as a member of this body and your recent leadership at the department of justice. as i mentioned when director comey appeared before us last week, this committee's role is
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to be the eyes and ears for the other 85 members of the united states senate and for the american people ensuring that the intelligence community is operating lawfully and has the necessary tools to keep america safe. the community is large and diverse place. we recognize the gravity of our investigation into russia's interference in the 2016 u.s. elections but i remind our constituents that while we investigate russia, we are scrutinizing ci a's budget while investigating russia, we're still scrutinizing the budget and nsa 702 program and our nation satellite program and the entire ic effort to recruit and retain the best talent we can find in the world. more often than not the committee conducts its work behind closed doors. a necessary step to ensure our most sensitive sources and
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methods are protected. the sanctity of these sources and methods are at the heart of the intelligence community's ability to keep us safe and to keep our allies safe from those who seek to harm us. i've said repeatedly that i do not believe any committee -- that the committee does should be done in public. but i also recognize the gravity of of the committee's current investigation and the need for the american people to be presented the facts so that they might make their own judgments. it is for that reason that this committee has now held its tenth open hearing of 2017, more than double that of the committee in recent years and the fifth on the topic of russian interference. attorney general sessions, this venue is your opportunity to separate fact from fiction. and to set the record straight on a number of allegations
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reported in the press. for example, there are several issues i'm hopeful we'll address today. one, did you have any meetings with russian officials or their proxies on behalf of the trump campaign or as your time as attorney general. two, what was your involvement with candidate trump's foreign policy team and what were their possible interactions with russians? three, why did you decide to recuse yourself from the government russia investigation? and fourth, what role if any, did you play in the removal of then fbi director comey? i look forward to a candid and honest discussion as we continue to pursue the truth behind russia's interference in the 2016 elections. the committee's experienced staff is interviewing the relevant parties and having spoken to more than 35 individuals to date to include just yesterday an interview of former homeland security secretary jeh johnson and also continue to review some of the
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most sensitive intelligence in our country's possession. as i've said previously, we will establish the facts, separate from rampant speculation and lay them out for the american people to make their own judgment. only then will we as a nation be able to put this episode to rest and look to the future. i'm hopeful that members will focus their questions today on the russia investigation and not squander the opportunity by taking political or partisan shots. the vice chairman and i continue to lead this investigation together on what is a highly charged political issue. we may disagree at times but remain a unified team with a dedicated focused and professional staff working tirelessly on behalf of the american people to find the truth. the committee has made much progress as the political winds blow forcefully around us and i think all members would agree
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that despite a torrent of public debate on who and what committee might be best suited to lead on this issue, the intelligence committee has lived up to its obligation to move forward with purpose and above politics. mr. attorney general, it's good to have you back. i would now turn to the vice chairman for any remarks he might have. >> thank you, mr. chairman. i want to also thank the way we're proceeding on this investigation. mr. attorney general, it's good to see you again and we appreciate the appearance on the heels of mr. comey's revealing testimony last week. i do though want to take a moment at the outset and first express some concern with the process by which we're seeing you, the attorney general today. it's my understanding that you were originally scheduled to testify in front of the house and senate appropriations committees today. i know those appearances have been canceled to come here
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instead. while we appreciate his testimony, before our committee, i believe and i speak -- i believe i speak for many of my colleagues, that i believe he should also answer questions from members of those committees and the judiciary committee as well. mr. attorney general, it's my hope that you will reschedule those appearances as soon as possible. in addition, i want to say at the outset, while we consider your appearance today as just the beginning of our interaction with you and your department, mr. attorney general, we always expected to talk to you as part of our investigation. we believed it would be actually later in the process. we're glad to accommodate your request to speak to us today. but we also expect to have your commitment to cooperate with all future requests and make yourself available as necessary to this committee for as the chairman has indicated this very important investigation. now let's move to the subject of today's discussion.
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let's start with the campaign. you were an early and ardent supporter of mr. trump and march named charnl of the national security advisory committee. you were much more than a surrogate, strategic adviser who helped shape much of the campaign's national security strategy. no doubt, you will have key insights about some of the key trump associates that we're seeking to hear from in the weeks ahead. questions have also been raised about some of your own interactions with russian officials during the campaign. during your confirmation hearing in january you said, quote, you did not have communications with russians. senator leahy later asked you in writing whether you had been in contact with anyone connected to any part of the russian government about the 2016 election. you answered i believe with the definitive no. despite that fact -- despite that, the fact is as we discovered later, you did have
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interactions with russian government officials during the course of the campaign. in march, you acknowledged two meetings with the russian ambassador. yet, there's also been some public reports of a possible third meeting at the may flower hotel on april 27th. i hope that today you will help clear up those discrepancies and we also expect and this is very important, that you'll be able to provide the committee with any documents we need to shed light on thissish w issue, such e-mails or calendars. then there's a topic of the firing of former fbi director comey. last thursday we received testimony from mr. comey under oath he outlined his very troubling interactions with the president as well as the circumstances of his firing. a few disturbing points stood out. first, mr. comey who has decades of experience at the department of justice and at the fbi, serving under presidents of both
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parties, was so unnerved by the actions of the president that he felt, quote, compelled to fully document every interaction they had. mr. comey sat where you're sitting today and testified that he was concerned that the president of the united states might lie about the nature of their meetings. that's a shocking statement from one of our nation's top law enforcement officials. we also heard that director comey took it as a direction from the president that he was to drop the fbi's investigation into former national security adviser mike flynn. finally we heard from mr. comey that he believes he was fired over his handling of the russia investigation. the president himself confirmed this in statements to the media. this is deeply troubling for all of us who believe on both sides of the aisle in preserving the independence of the fbi. we have a lot of work in order
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to follow up on these alarming disclosures. mr. attorney general, your testimony today is an opportunity to begin the process of asking those questions. for instance, again, know others will ask about this, you recused yourself from the russia investigation and yet you participated in the firing of mr. comey over the handling of that same investigation. we'll want to ask you about how you view your recusal and whether you believe you complied with it fully. in addition we heard from mr. comey last week that the president asked you to leave the oval office so he could speak one on one with mr. comey. again, a very concerning action. we will need to hear from you about how you review -- viewed the president's request and whether you thought it was appropriate. we'll also want to know if you are aware of any attempts by the president to enlist leaders in the intelligence community to undermine this very same russian investigation. most importantly, our committee
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will want to hear what you are doing to ensure that the russians or any other foreign adversaries cannot attack our democratic process like this ever again. i'm concerned that the president still does not recognize the severity of the threat. he to date has not even acknowledged the unanimous conclusions of the u.s. intelligence community that russia massively intervened in our elections. the threat we face is real and it's not limited to us. the recent events in france give a stark reminder that all western democracies must take steps to protect themselves. i believe the united states can and must be a leader in this effort but all require our administration to get serious about this. finally in the past several weeks, we've seen a concerning pattern of administration officials refusing to answer public unclassified questions about allegations about the
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president in this investigation. we had a hearing with this subject last week, i want to commend the chairman who at the end of that hearing made very clear that our witnesses -- it was not acceptable for our witnesses to come before congress without answers. the american people deserve to know what's going on here. thank you, i look forward to the witness's testimony. >> thank you. attorney general sessions, if you would stand, i will administer the oath to you. raise your right hand if you would please. do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god? >> i do. >> please be seated. thank you attorney general sessions. the floor is yours. >> thank you much -- very much chairman burr and ranking member warner for allowing me to publicly appear before your committee today. i appreciate the committee's critically important efforts to investigate russian interference with our democratic processes.
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such interference can never be tolerated and i encourage every effort to get to bottom of any such allegations. as you know, the deputy attorney general has appointed a special counsel to investigate the matters related to the russian interference in the 2016 election. i'm here today to address several issues that have been specifically raised before this committee. and i appreciate the opportunity to respond to questions as fully as the lord enables me to do so. but as i advise you, mr. chairman and consistent with longstanding department of justice factors, i cannot and will not violate my duty to protect the confidential communications i have with the president. now let me address some issues directly. i did not have any private meetings nor do i recall any conversations with any russian officials at the mayplflower
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hotel. did not attend any meetings at that event separate. prior to this speech i attended by the president today, i attended a reception with my staff that included at least two dozen people and president trump, though i do recall several conversations that i had during that pre-speech reception. i do not have any recollection of meeting or talking to the russian ambassador or any other russian officials. if any brief interaction occurred in passing with the russian ambassador during that reception, i do not remember it. after the speech, i was interviewed by the news media and there was an area for that in a different room and then i left the hotel. but whether i ever attended a reception, where the russian ambassador was also present is entirely beside the point of this investigation into russian interference in the 2016 campaign. let me state this clearly,
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colleagues. i have never met with or had any conversation with any russians or any foreign officials concerning any type of interference with any campaign or election in the united states. further, i have no knowledge of any such conversations by anyone connected to the trump campaign. i was your colleague in this body for at least 20 years, at least some of you, and the suggestion that i participated in any collusion, that i was aware of any collusion with the russian government to hurt this country, which i have served with honor for 35 years or to undermine the integrity of our democratic process is an appalling and detestable lie. relatedly, there is the assertion that i did not answer senator franken's question
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honestly at my confirmation hearing. colleagues, that is false. i can't say colleagues now -- i'm no longer part of this body but former colleagues, that is false. this is what happened. senator franken asked me a rambling question after some six hours of testimony that included dramatic new allegations that the united states intelligence community, the u.s. intelligence community, had advised president-elect trump, quote, that there was a continuing exchange of information during the campaign between trump's surrogates and intermediaries for the russian government, close quote. i was taken aback by that explosive allegation, which he said was being reported as breaking news that very day, in which i had not heard. i wanted to refute that
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immediately. any suggestion that i was part of such an activity. i replied, quote, to senator franken this way, quote, senator franken, i'm not aware of any of those activities. i have been called a surrogate a time or two in that campaign and i did not -- didn't have -- did not have communications with the russians and i'm unable to comment on it, close quote. that was the context in which i was asked the question and in that context my answer was a fair and correct response to the charge as i understood it. i was responding to this allegation that we had met surrogates had been meeting with the russians on a regular basis. simply did not occur to me to go further than the context that i may have had with russians in routine situations as i had had many routine
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situation -- meetings with other foreign officials. so please hear me now. and it was only in march after my confirmation hearing that a reporter asked my spokesperson whether i had ever met with any russian officials. this was a first time that question had squarely been posed to me. on the same day, we provided that reporter with the information related to the meeting that i and my staff had held in my senate office with ambassador kislyak as well as the brief encounter in july after a speech that i had given during the convention in cleveland, ohio. i also provided the reporter with a list of 25 foreign ambassador meetings that i had during 2016. in addition, i provided supplemental testimony to the senate judiciary committee to explain this


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