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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 14, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking news, a massive fire engulfing this high-rise apartment building in london full of families. >> flames shooting out everywhere. people trapped inside using bed sheets as ropes to escape. this man desperately waiting for help. more than 50 people injured. hundreds of firefighters battling the blaze. we are live on the scene with the latest. massive new lawsuit. nearly 200 democrats now suing president trump over his business dealings with foreign governments. this as his attorney general gets grilled on capitol hill. >> detestable lie. >> jeff sessions faces tough questions about his meetings with the russians, the firing of james comey and what he refused to say about his conversations with president trump. overnight, the american
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college student held captive in north korea for more than a year finally home with his family. but mysteriously in a coma. landing in ohio hours ago carried off the plane rushed to the hospital. the secret talks that led to his release and his family's message this morning. ♪ and a dramatic rescue caught on camera. two women struggling in a dangerous rip current when a hero officer and surfers jumped in to save them. >> hold on to the board. we got you. >> the warning as you head to the beach. good morning, america. there is a lot going on this wednesday morning starting with that horrific scene in london. there it is right there, that london high-rise active search and rescue operation right now. >> horrific and scary scene at
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that, george. deadly fire erupted as hundreds of people were sleeping inside. witnesses say they saw people dangling from the windows and families were trying to escape. >> i know. when you watch these scenes like this, so hard and the smoke is stretching for miles. officials calling this an unprecedented incident. abc's james longman has been on the scene for us all night. good morning, james. >> reporter: good morning, robin. i'm about 150 yards away from the building. as you can see it's still smoldering. pockets of fire still ablaze after 11 hours and there's concern this morning about the stability of that building. we understand so far six fatalities have been confirmed but that number is likely to rise and there are still a number of elderly and children missing. this has been a catastrophic fire. balls of fire bursting from the windows. >> crazy happening. >> reporter: panicked calls for help from inside. >> let me out. >> reporter: and frantic acts to break away. residents dean dropping down
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makeshift ropes trying to estate. >> this guy is sending a rope. >> don't do it. >> reporter: more than 200 firefighters battling the raging inferno in this apartment building at least 24 floors high. >> we have now taken over 50 patients to hospitals across london. >> reporter: countless residents trapped inside the high-rise in the heart of london throughout the night. >> we could hear people screaming help me. >> reporter: one partially blind elderly man trapped on the 11th floor. cameras capturing him terrified as he waits for help and still others missing. >> your brother is trapped. >> we've gone around the hospital. >> reporter: hundreds of firefighters struggle to take down the blaze but the building is so tall, much of the fire is impossible to contain. >> please move back, everybody. >> reporter: firefighters pushing bystanders back from the scene. from here you can see debris falling off the building and they've moved the police cordon
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back because there's real fears it may collapse. thick black smoke towering high and far throughout the city. >> people were still sleeping on the higher floors and didn't have a clue what was going on. i'm not sure if half of them even got out. >> reporter: there's been no mention of terrorism as the cause of this so far, but no one really knows what started this fire but a number of issues around the safety of this building going back years so a lot of questions for the investigation going forward. robin. >> yeah, people want answers, james. boy, london has been through so much recently. >> they have been hit hard. also overnight the american college student otto warmbier held captive in north korea since last january returned home to the u.s. after diplomats learned he's been in a coma for more than a year treated at the university of cincinnati medical center and linzie janis is there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are still waiting on word from warmbier's family and from doctors here who have been evaluating him overnight. what we know is that his parents found out a week ago that their
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son has been in a coma for 15 months. how he ended up in that state is a mystery. overnight, the medevac flight carrying american college student otto warmbier landing in ohio. the 22-year-old in a coma and in urgent need of medical care after being held prisoner in north korea for nearly 18 months. members of his family hugging each other and crying after seeing him. warmbier carried off the plane by hand. an ambulance taking him to the hospital. a state department official saying they're aware of reports warmbier contracted botulism. but could not confirm what caused his medical condition. warmbier's release coming after secret talks between u.s. and north korean officials last month in oslo. then according to the state department, north korea revealing his condition to them last week. >> the president's direction the department of state has secured the release of otto warmbier.
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>> reporter: warmbier was on a tour of north korea in january 2016 when he was arrested after being caught on surveillance video allegedly trying to steal a political banner from a hotel in pyongyang. the regime parading him before cameras. warmbier breaking down as he begged for leniency. >> i have made the worst mistake of my life. but please act to save me. please, think of my family. >> reporter: instead, he was sentenced to 15 years hard labor in a north korean prison. his parents saying they learned just a week ago that their son had been in a coma since shortly after his televised sentencing in march of last year and in a bizarre twist the news of their son's release coming the same day as dennis rodman's arrival in north korea. >> just want to open the door. >> reporter: now, warmbier's
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family has issued a statement saying we want the world to know how we and our son have been brutalized and terrorized by the pariah regime in north korea. the family is expected to give a news conference updating us on his condition by tomorrow morning. >> you'll hear what they have to say. warmbier's release and the news of his condition coming at a time of heightened tensions, as you know, with north korea. let's go to martha raddatz. martha, with his release many are wondering how the u.s. will respond given that there are still other americans being detained there. >> reporter: there are, robin. like all of us, u.s. officials are outraged by the treatment of this young man and there is growing concern about the three others still imprisoned. two of them were taken just in the last couple of months. tony kim and kim hack sung teaching at pyongyang university, the third prisoner there for two years is kim dong chul, a businessman sentenced to ten years of hard labor and we
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do know from detainees who have been released in the past that prisoners are badly mistreated with stark condition, constant interrogations and the u.s. will continue, robin, to press for their release, more urgently now than ever. >> absolutely and as linzie mentioned we know that dennis rodman is back there in north korea. no reason to believe there's any relationship between his visit and warmbier's release, but the american authorities even realize that rodman was making this trip again? >> reporter: they knew he was there but right as otto warmbier was being flown out rodman was arriving and later seen watching a north korean women's basketball game and saying he was promoting peace. u.s. officials are making clear he was not on an official visit. a bizarre coincidence to be sure but perhaps he was invited to north korea because kim jong-un wanted to distract attention from the treatment of warmbier
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bermuda but that will remain a major issue as the u.s. tries to get north korea to halt its nuclear weapons program and free those other prisoners, robin. >> yes, it will remain a major issue. thank you. there is more breaking news out of washington. nearly 200 democratic congressional leaders are filing a lawsuit against president trump over his business dealings with foreign governments. it is the largest number of lawmakers to sue a president ever. this morning senate republicans wrestling with their version of obamacare repeal after meeting with the president when he called the house bill he once praised mean and urged the senators to make it more generous and the president celebrates his first birthday in the white house turning 71. all coming in the wake of the grilling of jeff sessions. questions on the russia investigation, the firing of james comey and his conversations with the president. our senior justice correspondent pierre thomas has all the details. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: george, good morning. sessions came prepared to fight what he called an attack on his
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reputation based on unfounded innuendo. he was defiant on a mission to clear his name. >> the suggestion that i participated in any collusion, that i was aware of any collusion with the russian government to hurt this country, which i have served with honor for 35 years, or to undermine the integrity of our democratic process is an appalling and detestable lie. >> reporter: he pushed back on whether he intentionally misled the senate during confirmation hearings about whether he met with russians. >> colleagues, that is false. my answer was a fair and correct response to the charge as i understand it. i was responding to this allegation that we had meet -- surrogates had been meeting with the russians on a regular basis. >> reporter: did he have a third meeting with the russian ambassador at the mayflower hotel in 2016? something he never fully
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acknowledged. >> i don't recall it. certainly i can assure you nothing improper if i had had a conversation with him and it's conceivable that occurred, i just don't remember it. >> reporter: at least one republican scoffing at the very suggestion of sessions as a russian spy. >> have you ever in any of these fantastical situations heard of a plot line so ridiculous? >> reporter: some senators were frustrated he refused to answer questions about his conversations with president trump, especially about russia and comey. >> i believe the american people have had it with stonewalling. >> i am not stonewalling. i am following the historic policies of the department of justice. >> reporter: and more questions about sessions' recusal. the senator wanted to know if sessions did something else that worried comey. >> the question is, mr. comey said that there were matters with respect to the recusal that were problematic and he couldn't
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talk about them. what are they? >> why don't you tell me? there are none. there are none. >> reporter: but sessions did confirm he left comey in the room with the president alone after a february meeting that comey later expressed concern about. robin. >> all right, pierre, thank you. for more on attorney general jeff sessions' testimony and what the trump administration is saying we'll go to cecilia vega and, cecilia, what's the reaction we're seeing from the white house? >> reporter: robin, the president was traveling yesterday for most of his testimony so he missed it but they do say, the white house says what he did see he is pleased with. one question that came up during that testimony is whether the president would fire, might fire special counsel robert mueller. that, of course, came up after the president's close friend suggested that that is something he is considering. the white house, robin, now says the president has no intention of doing that but they're not exactly ruling this one out yet. >> something else they have to deal with, the president facing yet another lawsuit, this one brought on by democrats on capitol hill. >> reporter: yeah, nearly 200 of
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them in this suit that they expect to file today. this is believed to be the most members of congress to ever sue a sitting president. they say he is violating the constitution by profiting from his foreign business dealings, so far, robin, no comment from the white house but earlier this week when two democratic attorney generals filed suit they said it was partisan politics behind that one. >> cecilia, thank you very much. george. let's talk about it with dan abrams. let's start with that lawsuit right there. so the president facing lawsuits on three fronts all on the same issue from a civil rights group and businesses in new york and d.c. from those attorneys general in maryland and d.c. and now these members of congress. which one actually has the best chance of moving through the courts. >> well, i think the big question is, where is the harm? meaning which one of these lawsuits has the best chance of saying, the people who are suing have actually been hurt as a result of this argument that the president is somehow benefiting.
7:14 am
personally from this activity. so i think that likely the answer would probably be the maryland, d.c. case but, look, none of these are easy. this did a whole new area of law and this issue of sort of showing standing which is this question of who can sue is going to be a difficult question, i think, in any of these lawsuits. >> the real vulnerability for the president, even if these lawsuits don't go all the way or don't reach a final judgment against him the idea that in discovery his tax returns will be -- >> right, see, the first question becomes does a judge allow the case to move forward at all. and if the answer to that is, yes, meaning as you point out discovery, that would allow the plaintiffs to get access to relevant information. and part of that relevant information could be his tax returns, which you've got to believe that in some of these cases the goal here may be we don't think we'll win in emoluments case, but, boy if we could get access to his tax returns that in and of itself
7:15 am
could be a big win. >> the senate intelligence committee made it clear they're not done with attorney general jeff sessions. he wouldn't answer so many questions saying i don't want to answer but didn't claim executive privilege. >> again, executive privilege is something for the president to claim yet the attorney general seems to be saying, i can't answer these questions because the president might invoke executive privilege at a later date. but that means there's an open question, the president either has to invoke it or not. >> dan abrams, thanks very much. amy with the morning's other top stories starting with this manhunt. >> there is a $70,000 reward being offered in the search for those two georgia inmates. donnie rowe and rickie dubose overpowered two guards, grabbed the guns and killed them. one belongs to a white supremacist gang and police are worried they will kill again. after stealing a car they were spotted 30 miles away and broke into a home to change clothes. meanwhile, in oklahoma
7:16 am
overnight authorities recaptured a murder suspect and another inmate who escaped through a ventilation system. the second escape at that jail. two others still on the run. the pentagon is expected to announce president trump has given defense secretary james mattis the authority to set u.s. troop levels in afghanistan. and mattis is believed to be leaning toward deploying several thousand more american troops to take on the taliban and isis. congress has approved the v.a. reform bill. it will make it easier for the veterans affairs department to fire employees and will give more protection to whistle-blowers. president trump promised to hold workers accountable after some veterans died waiting for appointments. and we have an update on a story we first told you about last month. american airlines is now canceling that plan to reduce legroom on some of its planes. it originally planned to cut legroom for economy passengers by up to two inches so it could add more seats on its new 737s but the airline says angry
7:17 am
feedback. >> really, angry? >> forced them to change course. can you imagine people upset about that? >> shocking. >> my knees are happy. how about that. >> thanks, amy. >> thank you, amy. now to an amazing rescue that was caught on camera. two beachgoers were caught in a rip current but saved by hero officer and surfers and abc's gio benitez is on the scene at rockaway beach in new york. good morning, gio. >> reporter: michael, good morning to you. incredible, the two sisters say they were going into the water to wash off the sand when a powerful rip current knocked them over and dragged them out to sea. panic on the shore, watch this cell phone video showing the dramatic rescue of two people stuck in rip currents in danger of drowning. but a 23-year-old nypd officer happened to be right there. >> it was all good timing. i'm down here for the summer. we have large crowds coming in all right billy lauria stripped off his belt and gun and jumped
7:18 am
in the water. when he realized there was more than one, he enlisted the help of surfers. >> we got you, stay calm. >> reporter: one of the rescued now speaking out. >> i panicked, i'm going to drown. i'm going to drown. he saved my life and my kids' life. >> reporter: this won't be the last rip current emergency. so experts remind us if you get caught up in one just don't swim directly to the shore. swim parallel to the shore and get out of it first. michael. >> all right, thank you, gio. boy, happy ending to that. good thing about it. ginger, we'll come to you with more on the weather. >> we've seen a lot of images like this. this is a fresh one from western minnesota. look at that debris. you can see that fly flying the and a tornado in western minnesota. 12 reported tornadoes from south dakota into minnesota and this is where it will move today. that cold front going to smash through parts of the midwest and great lakes bringing mostly damaging winds from nebraska or i'm sorry eastern kansas through missouri up to chicago.
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coming up, yet more trouble for uber. a top board member is resigning after making sexist remarks in front of thousands of people. this just as the company you know all the allegations of sexual harassment, the culture there, trying to fix it. ♪ [laughter] we all drive... some just for the fun of it. ♪
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spend it on anything! right now -- at kohl's. >> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. 7:23 on this wednesday p let's head over to karen rogers much she's starting with the schuylkill. good morning. >> we're looking live at the schuylkill expressway here at belmont and you can see some slow traffic right here and a disabled vehicle kind of stuck on the shoulder so this westbound traffic heading towards gladwyne pretty jammed from approaching the boulevard to gladwyne. a 36 minute jam westbound, 24 minute eastbound and you could see how gray it is there some of the roads particularly wet and we're get something heavy cells through new jersey with some good downpours and accidents in the wake of that. 70 just east of the new jersey turnpike the left lane blocked in both directions with an accident. one on 30 -- route 30 white horse pike westbound at new road and an accident involving
7:24 am
a school bus now right on 42 southbound at 676. we're hearing there are kids on the bus but there are no injuries. but nonetheless an accident involving a school bus right there. let's go live in new jersey. it's even brightening. a half hour ago it was torrential downpours right here. that's a little further south but still a 29 minute drive from the a.c. expressway to 295. it's a slow go tam. >> thank you, karen. we'll take a short break and come back to your accuweather. >> ♪
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>> good morning. we have lots of clouds around the region and storm tracker6 live double scan showing us a scattered collection of showers and thunderstorms that keeps seeming to want to redevelop around philadelphia and then push south and east toward the shore. if you get under one of these it may only take about five or 10 minutes to pass over. look out there could be
7:27 am
another one afterwards. temperatures on the mild side. 76, humidity in the process of dropping. tam. >> thank you david. we'll send you back to "gma" but see you right back here in 30. >> ♪
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welcome back to "gma." and you're looking live at the scene in london where that massive fire erupted overnight. flames tearing through this high-rise apartment building while hundreds of people were sleeping. some spotted dangling from windows trying to escape. >> yeah, i mean, what a frightening scene. dozens of people rushed to the hospital and a search and rescue operation is still underway this morning and, unfortunately, the number of injured keeps rising throughout the day. also right now, nearly 200 democratic congressional leaders are filing a lawsuit against president trump over his business dealings with foreign governments. the largest number of lawmakers ever to sue a president and, george, as you mentioned earlier, it's the president's 71st birthday. >> happy birthday to the president. first though here new trouble for uber. just as the company announced its ceo is taking a leave of
7:31 am
absence, one step to counterclaims of sexism and harassment a top board member has been forced to resign after making sexist comments at a board meeting. rebecca jarvis has details. >> reporter: those remarks made just as uber was unveiling its new policies to combat sexual harassment in the workplace including a ban on romantic relationships between managers and subordinates, limits on alcohol consumption and the addition of a second female to their board of directors. the astonishing comment in that context in particular creating an uproar among uber employees. listen to this astonishing exchange obtained bia hoooo at a staff meeting between uber board members arianna huffington and bonderman. >> there's a lot of data that shows when there's one woman on the board it's much more likely that there will be a second woman on the board. >> actually what it shows is that it's much likely to be more
7:32 am
talking. >> reporter: the backlash online brutal calling bonderman's response moronic. others describing the company as a literal frat house. overnight bonderman resigning issuing an apology calling his comments careless, inappropriate and inexcusable adding i need to hold myself to the same standards that we're asking uber to adopt. this is just the latest instance of turmoil at the company. uber's ceo travis kalanick apologizing in march after this video of him arguing with one of his company's drivers surfaced. >> some people don't like to take responsibility for their own [ bleep ]. >> i take responsibility. >> they blame everything in their life -- this year they had a series of pr setbacks from allegations of sexual harassment to the ceo berating a driver in the back of an uber to another e-mail that came out that talked about a party like culture so this is not a good thing for the company. not good timing. not good optics. >> arianna huffington says she appreciates her fellow board
7:33 am
member doing the right thing and stepping down but now uber must embark on the difficult tank of truly changing that company culture and it's not going to be easy with ceo travis kalanick on leave for an indefinite amount of time, and, guys, they are still looking for a number of new executives to put into this company. they do have a leadership deficit. >> how do they recover from all this? >> it's going to be a long road ahead and the employees, there are so many employees who want this to be a great company, they want it to be done for them. they want a better culture and also a good ipo next year which is part of the plan. >> that is. rebecca, as always, thanks so much. now to the verdict that could come at any moment in bill cosby's sexual assault trial. jurors deliberating this morning after asking to hear key parts of the testimony again on tuesday. abc's linsey davis is at the white house this norristown, pennsylvania, for us. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, robin. 16 hours of deliberations and counting. yesterday the jury deliberated from 9:00 a.m. until just after
7:34 am
9:00 p.m. and during that time, bill cosby is also inside the courthouse waiting in what is essentially a small conference room and each night as he leaves the courthouse there are a handful of cosby akiers and also a handful of cosby supporters d and four questions for the judge the jury assault trial against bill cosb hear excerpts from civilveus a admitted to giving her benadryl so she could relax and graphically described what he calls a consensual sexual encounter saying he didn't directly ask constand for permission to touch her but she did not refuse his initial advances. >> we're confident these jurors are going to review the facts of
7:35 am
the case and they're going to make the right decision. >> reporter: constand accuses cost of giving her three blue pills and sexually assaulting her at his home in 2004. the jurors asked for the definition without her knowledge referring to a lack of constand's concept to sexual contact. and later in the day requested to hear the testimony of the canadian police officer who conducted constand's initial police interview when she first reported the assault. >> no matter whether this is a guilty or not guilty i think andrea has proven to everyone what she is made of and this is a woman who is poised, she's in control and i think that she was very, very credible. >> reporter: if convicted, the district attorney's office has said it would immediately move to revoke cosby's bail until sentencing which would happen within 60 to 90 days. each of the three counts he faces carries a ten-year maximum, but no minimum. legal analysts say that the longer the jury deliberates the
7:36 am
better it is for the defense. if the jury is unable to come up with a verdict today think could report back to the judge that they are deadlocked. in that case the judge would most likely send them back at least one more time to continue in their deliberations before declaring a mistrial. robin. >> all right, linsey, we know who to talk to about that. joining us veteran trial lawyer mark geragos. let's begin with all the questions that the jury is asking. what do you make of that, mark? >> well, it's always tough to read the questions, it's almost like reading tea leaves. you never know if it's a person trying to convince somebody to come along or is it one of the people in the minority who may be trying to convince or solidify their point. so the number of questions, i think, is more indicative of the fact that there is a split, somebody is clearly fighting for cosby's not guilty verdict, but as i think i told you yesterday morning and i've said since jury
7:37 am
selection in this case, this case has all the earmarks of ending up in a hung jury, not just because of the racial composition of the jury but i think also because it's -- when you have a case that is this old and basically you're fighting over whether or not there's consent, that can usually split people. >> you've been very consistent in feeling that way and others have said the same. if it is a hung jury, what does a judge do? if they come back and say they're hung. >> if they come back, if they come back and say we're deadlocked, we're hung, can't reach a verdict, anything along those lines jem what the judge does, he has two options. he can either give them an allen charge which is a dynamite charge basically tells those who are in the minority to rethink their position, if the judge does not want to do that he could give something more tame, send them back and say, rethink it but don't change your mind just to come to a unanimous
7:38 am
decision. generally, though, this is a unique situation and one of the other things that i think people have to remember is this is a sequestered jury. they're going back not only are they sequestered they're 200 miles away from home and he's very cognizant of that and wants to get them out of there. i don't know that he'll keep them there forever but i think we may hear something today in terms of that they're either deadlocked or something along those lines. >> you do bring up great points about being sequestered and they're 200 miles from home and that plays in, perhaps, into the judge's thinking? >> it does. i think the judge is very cognizant. he mentioned something yesterday about it and he's been very attune to the jurors and the fact that they're giving up quite a bit. i mean, you know to be sequestered is one thing but to be sequestered hundreds of miles from home is quite another and i think he appreciates that. >> oh, yes, all right, mark geragos as always, appreciate your insight.
7:39 am
we'll be talking to you. you take care. >> thanks, robin. >> coming up in just two minces as that heat wave spreads across the country paula faris is holding two things that could help save your child if they're stuck in a hot car. and carmax will hold it for you up to seven days, for free. you come in when it's convenient i know this because i'm from seven days in the future. now don't be frightened, seven days in the future is a glorious place. after all you had two good hair days in a row... perfect. right out of bed. and this car you reserved on is still being held for you, for free. pretty sweet. or as we like to say from seven days in the future... ah...we still say pretty sweet. it's basically the same. ♪ and now i'm sure it's more than a stroke of luck ♪
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with the heat wave across the nation the danger of hot cars in the headlines. a 5-year-old died monday after being left in a hot van in arkansas and "gma's" investigating ways to prevent these tragedies and paula faris trying out new technologies designed to save kids' lives. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. already 12 children have died in hot cars, it's not even summer. we have technology in our cars to remind us of virtually everything to remember our keys and turn off the headlights but nothing to remind us of our children in the backseat. some legislators are fighting to make child alert systems mandatory in cars. we're looking at three different technologies already on the market. these are the kinds of dramatic videos we see every summer.
7:42 am
toddlers and babies being rescued from hot cars. but experts believe these incidents are preventible. >> i can't think of anything more important in my vehicle than alerting me if a child has been left behind. >> reporter: now the children's safety organization kids and cars as well as lawmakers are pushing for all cars to be built with a child alert system. >> there are technologies that can prevent that kind of tragedy. we should just do it right away. >> reporter: with several devices or on the market "gma investigates" tried out three different popular technologies meant to help you remember your precious cargo in the backseat. a car seat with built-in technology and an alert system already in some general motors cars and a popular traffic app. for our demonstration i borrowed my producer's baby, ben. okay, ben, here we go. first up, sensor safe exclusive in evenflo carseats it goes
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right into the car's diagnostics. that receiver communicates with the car seat's smart chest clip letting the driver know through a series of chimes whether a child is still in the seat after the car is turned off. there it is. it works. it goes off just seconds after we turn off the car. next we look at general motors' rear seat reminder system, the feature uses back door sensors that activate when either rear door is opened or closed within ten minutes of the vehicle being started or while the vehicle is running. when you reach your destination you get a reminder on your dashboard. i'm going to turn the car off. rear seat reminder, look in rear seat but what happens if i make a stop along the way. rear seat reminder, there it is and restart the car without opening the back door. i got out to get gas. let's see if i get the reminder when i turn the car off. no reminder. gm says their feature is
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designed to remind drivers to check the backseat as they exit their vehicle under certain circumstances. and for our last technology we try out the popular traffic app wa seem e. it has a setting to check your backseat when you reach your destination you entered into the app but won't alert you during an impromptu stop. we have arrived. wow. i didn't even turn the car off and i have a child reminder. see. child reminder, check your car before you leave. one important thing to remember when using app based alerts. you have to make sure your phone is charged. >> the biggest mistake parents make is they really feel this can't happen to them. >> reporter: and, of course, having technology is just part of the solution here. two other tips for you, the first is before you embark on your journey put your purse or put your phone in the backseat. something that you know you're going to remember once you arrive at your destination so that when you go back here to
7:45 am
get it out, obviously it's unlocked but you go back there and retrieve your purse and your phone, things you know you won't forget. the second if your child is trapped in the vehicle, have this tool on hand. it's called a rescue me. i'll show you how it works. you position it in the corner of your window right here and press firmly press firmly. you can see i think the rain is having an impact but press firmly until it shatters the windshield then you can puncture it with your elbow or punch through with your hand and kids and company recommend you have one of these on your keychain at all times in any season, george. >> i got to get a better one and where did that rain come from all of a sudden? >> we were watching the demonstration but we were more amazed that it was raining and we didn't know about it. >> it's pouring right now. >> taking one for the team as always. all the great information you're sharing. >> thank you, paula. all of you can get more information and look at another system we tried on our website. >> we got our big board and coming up on our big board could
7:46 am
he be the next babe ruth? the yankees rookie phenom aaron judge is lighting it up with home runs. could he be one of the strongest hitters in baseball history? we'll talk about aaron judge when we come back in two minutes. took a hit this morning when frankie popped the alligator floaty. plus, the snacks and drinks are gone, people. and one of us used up all the sunscreen! i wonder who... . we're gonna need some reinforcements...quick. copy that. walgreens makes it easy when summer needs a little help. your summer base camp is just around the corner so you can get in, out and back to those summer shenanigans. walgreens. at the corner of happy & healthy®. this week, redeem balance rewards points and get a coupon for 10 times everyday points.
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i love the conversation we were having. amy in the break. back with the big board and baseball has a new breakout superstar. we're talking about the yankees 25-year-old rookie sensation, aaron judge. you know him, 22 home runs. but they're towering shots and he's nearly leading the triple crown of baseball stats, second when it comes to rbi. one sportswriter, come on, even comparing him to baseball legend babe ruth. >> that's a lot of pressure. >> no pressure there. espn's jessica mendoza, love it when she joins us on the program. and he's played less than a season and these comparisons to
7:49 am
babe ruth. is that fair? >> no. it's not fair at all. i mean, and to his credit this is the biggest baseball player we have ever seen. so at 6'7", 280 pounds there has never been someone that height and that weight. he can bench 450 pounds. i mean, he is ridiculous but, guys, what impresses me too, yeah, his size but how athletic. michael, you can appreciate this. i mean how he can move. he's the second best right fielder in the game right now according to defensive runs saved. he steals bases so, someone, yes, he can crush the ball but he can move too. >> i tell you what, baseball off-season i got another sport that will pick him up with those stats. he's hitting tape measure home runs. he is launching the ball out of the park. how hard is he hitting the baseball? >> there it goes. deep to left. >> it's ridiculous. when you think about the sexiest stat right now in baseball it's called exit very lossty. this guy, he can hit the ball so
7:50 am
hard, 121 miles an hour. we have never seen anyone hit the ball this hard especially since exit velocity has been measured but to put it in perspective the average major league guy, all legit hitters is 86 miles an hour and it's not just the towering shots but he hits base hits too which is incredible. >> he is a good guy. i know you talk to him from time to time. good guy? >> super humble. he's adopted. i mean his story and watch how his teammates gravitate toward him. it's awesome. >> he has a gap in his teeth so i'm a big aaron judge fan. there you go, young man. keep it going. >> i'm a big fan of jess mendoza. see jessica cover the yankees taking on the angels tonight, 10:00 p.m. eastern on espn. coming up demi moore revealing she lost two teeth because of stress. dr. ashton will explain. come on back. [ bell rings ] fun in art class. come close, come close. [ moans ] when your pain reliever stops working,
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>> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. 7:56 here on this wednesday much let's head over to karen rogers. been a busy morning on the roads. >> it's been a busy morning especially with the downpours east of the city. brightening skies in delaware county but this is the blue route. look how jammed we are northbound. we have an accident that's now off to the side but that northbound traffic here jams from i-95 to route one. southbound jams approaching route one to past baltimore pike. slow in both directions. an accident off to the side northbound creating heavy delays right there, the blue route at baltimore pike. an accident in springfield township in delaware county on baltimore pike at woodland avenue. hearing there are injuries on the scene. you'll see ems workers coming to the scene right now. switching over to i-95 at the commodore barry bridge you see the flashing lights. we've got ambulance, police penndot on the scene if delaware county. southbound as you head towards the delaware state line an accident kind of in the gore
7:57 am
point there but southbound jams from 420 to the bridge and northbound is heavy from 452 to the blue route so some problems out there and downpours in new jersey, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. let's go over to sky6 taking a life look there down the should are in cape may. you see the rolling waves there but an empty beach. let's go over to dave murphy to take a look at your accuweather. >> sun starting to break out from behind the clouds on the terrace. storm tracker6 as karen mentioned shows a scattered collection of showers and thunderstorms most pushing away from philadelphia down through south jersey and there's another batch just to the south of wilmington delaware crossing from new castle county into salem county. temperatures right now are still warm, 76 degrees in philadelphia. but this afternoon will not be as hot and even though it might feel a little muggy this morning to you we're expecting the humidity to drop as well. today's high 83. tomorrow beautiful, 80, tam. >> all right, thank you david. philadelphia police are looking for two to three suspects who busted their way into a north philadelphia home overnight and shot a pregnant woman in the leg. police say the men broke into the home on the 3000 block of
7:58 am
north front street around 3:00 this morning. the woman was shot after she opened the bedroom door and was confronted by the suspects but she is expected to be okay. back now to "gma." we'll see you back here in 30. >> ♪ heroes will rise. bonds will be forged. and memories will be made to last a lifetime. new york state. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer trip at
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>> announcer: this is an abc news special report. now reporting, george stephanopoulos. good morning, we are coming on the air because there are early reports of a shooting at a park in alexandria, virginia, where members of congress were playing baseball. we have video right now showing police coming in on the scene. that is the -- there are the helicopters coming in. reports of a shooting. one report the gunman is down. all the latest from our senior justice correspondent pierre thomas. >> reporter: well, george, we're trying to get additional information from law enforcement and rescue officials, again, early reports about a possible shooting at this baseball practice. again, we don't have additional details at this point but we are making additional calls trying to get some information. but based on that helicopter
8:01 am
there, there's something going on at that park. we're just trying to get additional details. >> our congressional correspondent mary bruce, as well. mary, there are tweets from members of congress suggesting that a high-ranking member of congress, steve scalise might have been shot. >> reporter: yes, we're just seeing reports coming in, which members may have been injured, we are still working to confirm members of congress, of course, are learning about this just as we are. we should note there are several congressional teams in the area. usually a great team building opportunity, a chance for lawmakers to spend some down time together outside of the halls of congress. but, of course, this morning it seems that some kind of practice here went terribly wrong. >> one of the tweets coming in reports that my former house colleague steve scalise has been shot and others injured as well. praying for them and their families. i want to go to ben childers. what did you see? >> i was sitting in my apartment this morning and heard shots and
8:02 am
ran downstairs because we saw the congressional members running off the field. there were three members that were kind of headed over towards our apartment so we ran down and got them into our apartment and they could shelter in place. they also said that steve scalise had been shot and was on the ground in the baseball field. you know, they just practice there a couple mornings a week for the last couple of months getting ready for their baseball game which i think is tomorrow and -- >> so, ben, what time was this when you brought the members of congress into your apartment? >> sorry. what did you just say. >> what time was it when you brought them into your apartment? >> i want to say maybe 7:15, 7:20. i don't have -- i can look in my phone to see when i called the police. >> and do you know which members of congress you were talking to? >> i'm not sure if that would be
8:03 am
appropriate to say who they were. there were -- yeah. >> but you're confident they were members of congress. you're confident they were practicing in that park and they told you that congressman scalise had been injured. >> i can confirm, yes, they're definitely members of congress because we called their offices and were trying to call their chief of staff to let them know they're okay. i can confirm that they were practicing baseball because i've gone over there to talk to them while they're practicing baseball over the past couple of weeks and i can confirm that they said that steve scalise was laying on the ground. they were not able to say whether or not he was -- he had passed away. a helicopter did just come and did have to life flight somebody out. we're not sure of the condition there. >> do you know if anyone else was injured? >> i don't know anybody else who would be injured. >> okay, well, ben childer, thank you very much. you're saying you just were seeing another helicopter come in right now?
8:04 am
>> so, a helicopter came in about 15 minutes ago and then one just touched down, i didn't see anybody get into it and then left. >> okay, ben childer, thanks very much for that information. now to cecilia vega at the white house. learning anything, cecilia. >> reporter: no response yet from the white house, george. but here's what we do know. the alexandria police have tweeted they believe a suspect is in custody. they are warning people to stay away from the area asking people to let emergency vehicles through. you can see that police presence right there on the scene. the big concern police say right now is getting assistance to the victims that are on that scene. george, this is about 7 1/2 miles away from the white house in alexandria, virginia. a number of people in washington live and commute -- live in that area, commute into the city. congressman adam schiff was just saying in an interview he hasn't heard directly about this incident but that he is extending his prayers and, of course, he is -- this is for him and for, of course, many members of congress bringing back horrible memories from 2001 when
8:05 am
gabby giffords was shot. we don't know what's happening but a very real fear for members of congress and we're waiting for details to come in. we know this congressional baseball game for which we're told these members of congress were practicing took -- is to take place saturday so wouldn't be unusual for them to be playing and practicing this early in the morning before they head to work out here on the hill again not that far away from washington. >> annual tradition. mary bruce, steve scalise, the number three ranking republican in the house of representatives right behind the speaker of the house paul ryan and the leader kevin mccarthy. >> reporter: scalise is the gop whip. key member of republican leadership. you often see him standing there next to the speaker and another republican leadership at all of these events. it's been a key player in every major republican fight, of course, over the last -- during this administration. he's a constant presence up on the hill, the key player in the health care battle recently.
8:06 am
you know, we are awaiting any response from gop leadership at this point. >> as the whip you're responsible for getting votes so one is well connected throughout the house of representatives. want to go back to pierre thomas for more on this. any indication about motive here? who the gunman may have been. >> reporter: unclear whether this is street crime or something else. we have information the fbi has arrived on the scene. that is not typical that the fbi would arrive on the scene for any sort of generic street crime so obviously there's concern that the congressman may have been the target of this alleged gunman so, again, we're getting additional information but we're being told the fbi has arrived to the scene. we're also reaching out to homeland security officials, who are trying to get additional information. >> pierre, stay on that. meantime, i want to go back to cecilia. you've gotten some comment from the white house press secretary sean spicer. >> reporter: well, george, sean is tweeting saying that both president trump and vice president pence are aware of the developing situation in virginia and i want to quote here, our
8:07 am
thoughts and prayers are with all affected. so clearly this is something that the white house is monitoring very closely. as i mentioned this is not that far away from the white house and, again, you know, a number of gop congressional members expected to be -- we believe were out there practicing for this baseball game. >> i want to bring back mary bruce for more on this. mary, we've seen other attacks on the capital as well. most thwarted. senior members of congress, the very senior most usually have security, usually their drivers but you wouldn't expect there would be security on the scene for practice at a baseball game. >> reporter: absolutely. they do have security but, again, this is outside of the congressional compound. this is -- i believe in a more residential area, a baseball practice. this is not, you know, where you would be surrounded by the normal capital police present in the congressional building in the capitol itself. scalise does have security, unclear at this point how much was with him but, again, this is an early morning baseball practice. this is, you know, a rite of
8:08 am
passage, a tradition here on capitol hill. there are many of these congressional baseball teams, it's really a fun opportunity for lawmakers to spend some time together outside of the halls of congress and clearly this has turned into quite a tragic incident if for those just tuning in reports of a shooting at a virginia park, alexandria, virginia, a senior member of congress, steve scalise has been shot. i want to go to our fbi analyst brad garrett, former fbi special agent and just learned from pierre, brad, fbi on the scene. what's the first thing they'll do? >> well, to make sure, george, you only have one shooter. you know, the biggest concern, you and i have talked several types when you have a shooting, is it contained or do you have other events planned by other people that may be coordinated with the shooter. it's going to be the real key to start with and obviously the very, very quick thing to do is make sure you've got medical emergency and medical personnel and paramedics at the scene to handle people seriously and minorly injured. >> we've seen overseas incidents
8:09 am
where there are multiple attacks in multiple areas. so far this does seem to be contained. >> it does. it sounds like a lone shooter at an event. we'll guess obviously there's got to be some targeting since it's apparently gop folks together. but motive is secondary. primary is contain the scene. make hour it doesn't expand beyond what they have in front of them and treat the people. >> and get it all contained. okay, brad garrett, thanks very much. i want to go quickly back to pierre thomas. what more can you tell us about who is responding at this moment? >> reporter: again, we know that the alexandria police are on scene and the fbi is on scene, again, that is unusual. they don't typically respond to local crime this way. obviously there's great concern that the congressman may have been targeted. again, we don't know motive yet but the fbi is on the scene investigating vigorously. >> mary bruce, i want to get you
8:10 am
back on the phone as well right now. we were just talking to brad garrett, the possibility of other attacks. no indication of that at all right now but can you tell us do you know of any activity in the capitol, any alerts going out to members of congress, their office, any extra security precautions being taken. >> reporter: george, none so far that we have seen but i would imagine there will be a heightened sense at the capitol, this information is coming in, everyone trying to figure out what is going on and on heightened alert but i would not be surprised if we see extra measures on capitol hill today. >> it is a busy time at the capitol right now. congress just back after its memorial day break as mary was saying practicing for this baseball game, a lot going on at the capitol on health care, dealing with the various other matters before the congress right now and seen all of these hearings also on russia and terrorism, but, mary, talk a little more again, nothing being done right now, but in recent months and years, the kind of security precautions being put
8:11 am
in at the capitol since both 9/11 and these other incidents at the capitol, all the visitors go through metal detectors. >> reporter: yes, all visitors go through metal detectors. there is a real heightened sense of security around the capitol over the last few years, in order to get into the capitol as a visitor you have to go through detectors, all bags are searched, all people are served as they go through those detect terse, even members of the press, every morning when we go in even though we are credent l credentialed, we have to go through. steve scalise and other leaders, of course travel with their own security, even within the halls of congress often, you know, we see the leaders walking back and forth going from their offices to the floor they are always surrounded by their personnel details, as well. this is a very -- it is a building that is stepped up in security in the last few years and, again, remaining questions about how close security was with those lawmakers this morning on that baseball field. >> cecilia, the white house being kept up to date? >> reporter: george, they are
8:12 am
and the president and the vice president are monitoring the situation closely and i can tell you it seems its business as usual here at the white house. typical level of security outside the grounds that i can see right over the fence here but, george, i do want to read to you an interview that representative mo brooks from alabama just did on cnn and described what he saw during this game. some pretty frightening details coming in right now. he says that he was on deck about to hit batting practice on the third base side. he heard -- he looked around behind third base and in the dugout he saw a rifle and he saw a little bit of a body. now i want to read this. at the same time i hear steve scalise over there near second base scream. he was shot. he said he took off his belt and another congressman applied a tourniquet on to the congressman to slow down that bleeding. brooks says the gun was semiautomatic. he interview he just did on cnn
8:13 am
and said this was a security detail, it appears perhaps of congressional members shot back at the active shooter. they do not know if the shooter was killed and they say there were about 50 to 100 shots fired according to brooks. at least five people were wounded. that does include congressman scalise of louisiana. he says two law enforcement officers did not know if one of them was local police or secret service. this interview was, you know, just coming in. these details are very fresh, george, we do want to caution, of course, that we always say in the middle of this breaking news this news is very fluid but this is from a congressman, mo brooks on the scene describing some harrowing details that took place on that baseball field. >> 50 to 100 shots. all just developing and probably started unfolding an hour ago. back to pierre thomas. we're getting some reports, as well, two officers from congressman scalise's protective detail were also shot.
8:14 am
>> reporter: correct. not only was the congressman shot according to our sources but two members of the security protective detail that was on scene perhaps injured, as well. again, fluid situation. but the number of shots potentially fired here is causing great concern. the notion that a rifle was also perhaps used in this attack. again, law enforcement officials descending on that scene, fbi there trying to get additional information. there is some information that the suspect apparently is in custody and that the situation is contained but obviously great concern about what happened, george. >> and it is clear from the volume of the shots, i shouldn't say clear but this would give some indication it had forethought. >> reporter: exactly, george. also you have the potential of return fire from the security detail that was there, so that might explain the number of shots involved but clearly law enforcement officials are all
8:15 am
over this. they need to know as much as they can about the suspect as brad garrett mentioned are there additional people that were in support of this act. is it a random crime of some sort, but, again, the fact of the fbi is on the scene investigating so quickly suggests that there is great concern that the congressman was targeted. >> and, brad garrett, i mean, yes, we know that this is a park as we learned from one of the e eyewitnesses, ben childers where the members of congress had been practicing fairly regularly. brad. >> i'm sorry, george. yes, i'm here. it is and think about two things, this is not going to be random. he knew that that group of gop folks were going to be there. he obviously took a long gun of some sort. i'm going to guess at least semiautomatic based on the number of shots fired. keep in mind, whatever law enforcement might be there, local police, maybe capital police in plainclothe, they'll
8:16 am
have handgun, some guy shows up with an ak-47 or ar-15, they're not going to be able to compete with him and then they go into survival mode and that's when many times in these situation the police get shot with everybody else. >> that's what we heard from the congressman brooks from the interview, he said this was pistol versus rifle. >> exactly and it's just one of those thing, kind of like taking a knife to a gunfight to a certain extent and so law enforcement, maybe is trying to protect but they're also trying to save their own lives which was, you know, an obvious thing and a normal thing for any of us to do. >> we're getting more from congressman brooks. >> reporter: george, just to recap what he's saying right now, we just need to go through some of these details. absolutely horrific scene. as many as five people could have been wounded. as you said, essentially bringing a knife to a gunfight, a rifle versus a shot -- a semiautomatic versus a pistol. 5 to 100 shots fired at this
8:17 am
baseball diamond. he describes a shooter inside a cylinder block dugout. congressman brooks was at bat and heard the shots fired and heard his colleague, representative scalise scream. they say he was shot, i mean, imagine this, george. two members of congress then rushing to his side to apply a tourniquet on this congressman to try to stop the bleeding. a semiautomatic weapon was used. they say a security detail tried to return fire and as we know from alexandria police from a tweet they put out earlier this morning that suspect is believed to be in custody. no official word on that suspect's condition yet and, again, george, just to caution no official word from police on the condition of any of the victims or confirmation on whether, in fact, any of those victims are members of congress but this, of course, is coming from one member of congress representati representative mo brooks who says five wounded. 50 to 100 shots fired. >> thank you.
8:18 am
jen ashton is here. mo brooks said one member was a physician and did seem like they were doing all they could in the moment. >> yeah, when you look at this tape, george, the thing that jumps out to me from a medical standpoint is the fact we're seeing footage of a medevac helicopter landing on the field. that gives you clue, either the severitity of the injuries is such they don't have time to go by road, by ambulance or the location of that park is such that, again, they don't have time to put that patient in a helicopter and -- in an ambulance and go by road. so, you know, that is significant because as we know, you don't just mobilize a medevac helicopter for any, you know, run-of-the-mill injury including a gunshot wound. the other thing that i want to take you to is possible scenes going on in these local hospitals. if there are multiple victims, i can tell you this is the time of day where routine scheduled surgeries are going on. i can guarantee you that has been put on hold. these hospitals go on disaster mode.
8:19 am
trauma teams are being called in. they have to have the capacity to run several trauma ors at the same time. blood bank is being put on disaster mode. and they are not bringing in your run-of-the-mill appendix or knee surgery while this is still evolving. >> of course, top level medical facilities in and around washington, d.c., alexandria, just outside washington. back to pierre thomas for more on this. we are starting to get the crackle from the alexander dry ya city fire department talking about one suspect in custody. calling for medics. five people down. any more details coming in? >> reporter: again, we are now getting some additional guidance, again that the suspect is in custody. at least two members of his security detail perhaps injured along with the congressman. again, clearly other people have been shot as well. this level of activity, fbi involved, dhs officials are scrambling to get additional detail because they need to alert the entire federal law enforcement community to make sure everyone knows what is
8:20 am
transpiring here, george. >> and, pierre, as they bring in all the law enforcement communities and bring in the fbi and as they bring in atf, are they getting any word at all from homeland security of any kind of information or chatter coming in? >> reporter: not so far and clearly this caught everyone off guard. and there will be questions about the level of security needed when you have members of congress congregating outside of the walls of capitol hill, george. that will be an issue followed up on to be sure. >> and, mary bruce, do we knee u. usually this is a bipartisan baseball game. do we know if this was simply the republicans practicing or this was a mixed group of republican and democratic members? >> reporter: george, we're still waiting to learn the exact makeup of the team but, again, these are games that happen, you know, regularly this time of year and these practices are known. members of congress gather, they usually practice once a week building up to a big game and i have to tell you we were at a practice for our own baseball
8:21 am
against some lawmakers next week when news of this broke and people know where these games are held. they though where people practice and usually it's a fun opportunity for lawmakers to get together. we are waiting to learn exactly who was at that game or who was at that practice. which members of congress, but it certainly would not have been a secret that this was an area where they would be gathering for what is supposed to be a really fun annual event. >> and you're looking at live pictures from the scene. that is the delray park in alexandria, virginia. where members of congress were gathered earlier around 7:15 for a baseball game and a shooter opened fire. apparently five people are down right now including a senior member of congress, steve scalise. there he is right there, the majority whip number three ranking member has been medevac'd from the scene. according to the first reports we have right now, members of his security detail, senior members of congress have security, were engaged the shooter with gunfire and want to
8:22 am
bring in brad garrett, excuse me, chief brown, former cheever of the dallas police department. now an abc news contributor as well. we see those police on the scene, active scene. you see all the police gathered there right now. we know that at least one member of congress has been medevac'd. what next will the police do on that scene, chief brown? >> good morning, george. we're trying as police officers to see how wide this perimeter needs to be to capture just where this suspect might escape to and looking to cut off escape routes if we can widen the perimeter enough and then we can close it in and fill in the gaps with responding officers. so that's the first thing is to -- after you tend to the wounded and get them medical treatment make sure your perimeter is wide enough to capture any escape routes of this suspect. >> and, you know, this was a different situation for most of these in that you did have
8:23 am
security detail on the scene at that point, the medevac was able to get there quite quickly, as well. cecilia vega, are we getting anything more from the white house. >> reporter: no, george. we're not. we know that the president and the vice president are monitoring this closely. vice president pence is supposed to be speaking to home builders in a little over half an hour. he will be leaving the grounds of the white house to do that. the president himself also is leaving the grounds of the white house today to head over to the department of labor. that is not until later in the afternoon. we've checked with secret service to inquire about additional security or whether any extra precautions are being taken in the wake of what's happened out there at that baseball park. no word back from secret service, george, but i want to circle back to something congressman adam schiff said right as this news was breaking, that this brought back memories of gabby giffords being shot back in 2011, certainly that is on the mind of every member of congress right now as they watch that scene unfold there and wait
8:24 am
for details on their colleagues to come back in. these harrowing details coming in from that baseball diamond this morning. >> mary bruce, we're getting encouraging information from a congressional source, one source saying that congressman scalise's injury is not life-threatening and one protective detail men was shot in the abdomen. another in the leg. any other details? >> reporter: the word coming in that not life-threatening is certainly a huge sigh of relief up here on capitol hill as we continue to try and get to the bottom of the extent of these injuries, exactly which lawmakers may have been involved and what members of their details and as you've been mentioning steve scalise, the republican whip, the third top ranking member on the house side, members of congress are waking up to this news, as well and wondering what more they may need be to doing to protect themselves going forward. it certainly will be a key conversation here today. >> mary, as i said earlier congress had just come back from
8:25 am
its memorial day recess and fairly busy time. what was planned today and what was the regular schedule in congress today? >> reporter: an extremely busy time for congress as they try to get as much done as they possibly can before they head out for the fourth of july recess and then after that their august recess. a lot of focus has been going on on the senate side on health care trying to see what they can do to try to finally get their health care bill done, what that would look like. you know, of course, the russia investigation taking up a lot of oxygen on capitol hill, a lot of discussion, this is an incredibly busy time as republicans try and push through their agenda, get things done over these next few weeks before they head off for summer vacation. >> back to cecilia vega with more from congressman brooks. the congressman was saying that the shooter from what he could tell appeared to be a white male. >> reporter: he says that he appeared to be a white male and, george, i have an update on that suspect. alexandria police are tweeting the suspect is in custody and
8:26 am
not a threat. that they say they have an officer who will be on scene shortly to share updates with the media and as congressman brooks said earlier this morning, five people were wounded. he heard between 50 own 100 shots fired on that scene there. he saw a semiautomatic weapon. he says a security detail fired back. we're getting from that brooks interview a few more names of congressional members out on that ballpark. no word on their status at this point so i do want to caution these could be members would were out there just playing, very well may be completely fine, ron dos santos, chuck fleischman, senator rand paul, jeff flake, a senator and a number of others, he said that brooks is adding more detail to what happened and said he held a cloth over the wound of what we believe to be representative scalise. saying that because he was bleeding so much, another congressman was getting scissors, we know they applied a tourniquet to help his wound.
8:27 am
no update on his condition at this point. these details are very fluid but, again, just to recap quickly, alexandria police say a suspect is in custody right now. and, according to congressman brooks, at least five people have been wounded on the scene out there, george. >> right, and one source saying that the congressman's woupzs are not life-threatening. back to mary bruce, from that list this does appear to have been a republican practice. >> reporter: it does appear that way, george. republican members of congress gathering to practice, you know, just outside of washington as we've been saying. early morning baseball practice. team building opportunity for members of congress. they get together and sometimes face off against members of the press in baseball games and happens every year about this time really afun opportunity to spend time together outside of the halls of congress. that will raise questions about security they need to have even when they are outside of their
8:28 am
formal roles, they're not in those marble we protected halls of the capitol and do have security wherever they did especially like leadership and steve scalise. we believe that some of his security detail or some security detail may have been injured in this process but questions about just how well protected they are outside of the capitol, how close that security detail is will certainly be raised here today. >> they certainly will. senator rand paul is joining us on the phone, senator, we just heard one report that you were there at the park this morning. >> i was. i was out in the batting cage in right field when the first shots came. the first shot was kind of an isolated shot and everybody kind of looks up and says, hey, what's that and i grew up in the south and it's not that uncommon to hear somebody hunting a shotgun and i thought i'm not in the south but in the city. before we could think too much. people didn't drop down with the
8:29 am
first shot. they weren't sure what it was and it was pretty loud and close but then after that, we heard a succession of shot, 5, 10, 15 shots in a row, steve scalise, representative scalise was at second base, so i'm way out in right feel and i'm outside of the fence, about a 10-foot fence where i am and outside it and so he goes down but is moving and is crawling towards the outfield. there was two staff members on the other side of the ten-foot fence and i'm behind a tree now right next to the batting cage and i'm seeing shots skipping off of the warning track right around these two. >> were the shots all coming from one place, senator? >> well, that's the strange thing. at first you're not sure. my instinct was they were coming from the third base line and couldn't see the shooter but i wasn't positive and standing on the right side of the tree or the wrong side of the tree and
8:30 am
looking to try to determine if there's one or two shooters and but the shots appear to be coming from third base line and then the more shots that were fired, there ended up being at least 50 or 60 shots fired and at that point people are dropping and at least one of the staffers may have been hit in right field and another one, i said do you want to try to get out and all of a sudden he was up and he was over the 20-foot fence in about two seconds and i never seen anybody climb a fence that fast in my life. and he came tumbling over the other side. we were behind the tree and the shots were continuing and i think he was reloading and at that point, you know, a burst of more gunfire came and so he and i were discussing, you know, what to do and i felt like he was moving and could move around the entire field and shoot everybody so at that point we decided to make a run for it and he was hitting the dirt around us out in right field, so it was
8:31 am
a risk to stay and a risk to go but we chose to go ahead and make a run for it and woo he had to climb a couple more fences at that point to get out. >> could you actually see the shooter or just seeing the sh shots? did you get a good look at who this person was? >> at first i'm seeing only the shots and i'm pretty far away. i'm in right field outside of the ballpark. this is guy is outside the ballpark near the dugout and using the dugout, edge of the cinder block as cover but everybody is saying he got a blue shirt. he's got a blue shirt. i can't say i ever saw him but it felt like he was shooting a rifle and people were saying it sounded like an ar-15 but so he had a rifle. he was hitting people from a long way away and -- >> and -- >> excuse me? >> senator, where did you go next? you made a run for it? >> well, we were there for
8:32 am
probably -- oh, i don't know, it seemed like forever, what we finally heard was the capitol hill police returning gunfire and these guys were real heroes and without them i think everybody would have been killed. >> my goodness. i mean, yeah, you did have the security detail there, normally you don't go with a security detail but it seems like had they not been there the shooter would have had free rein. >> well, steve scalise is in leadership and that's the only reason there was security detail there at all so it's -- you know, i'm sad that he was shot but he actually saved everybody's life by being there because he had the two security details and i am telling you i don't know what happens if no one is returning fire, because even with two professionals returning fire they were both shot, both the capitol hill policemen were shot and yet one of them, i'm told even being shot in the end was still
8:33 am
protecting scalise in the end. >> who was this practicing this morning? the entire republican team? >> yeah, we have a charity game we play, the republicans versus the democrats and there was probably 15 or 20 of us out there, mostly congressmen, a couple of senators and then the democrats do the same thing at their field and then we meet every year. we were supposed to play in national stadium. it's fast-pitched baseball. everybody wears the uniform of somebody like a team from their state, my city has a college western kentucky university, i wear their uniform and, you know, it's a great thing. my dad used to say it was always one of the best bipartisan things we do in congress is kind of getting together outside the legislature and, you know, playing america's pastime. >> well, sir, we're glad you're okay. we see there the video right there of congressman scalise being taken away on a stretcher. appears to be conscious right
8:34 am
there. we were told he was shot in the hip. were you -- senator, before i let you go, were you able to see if anybody as we do see congressman scalise being taken into the helicopter, anybody treating congressman scalise or had you left the scene by then? >> when the gunshots -- when the capitol hill police started returning gunfire and appeared the guy -- the shooter may have been advancing around behind home plate and coming in our direction, that's when we decided that without a gun we weren't much good. we were too far to help the wounded. the wounded were both in the dugout and inside a 20-foot fence and scalise was shot around second base and he crawled a little bit into the outfield but unfortunately we were too far away and there were still automatic fire coming towards us, so we at that point we jumped a couple of other fences and ran towards the street. >> senator, thank you for your time this morning.
8:35 am
we're glad you're okay and of course we're all praying for congressman scalise and back to the white house. cecilia vega there, we have a statement from president trump. >> it just came in, george. i'll read it to you. it says the vice president and i are aware of the shooting incident in virginia and are monitoring developments closely. we are deeply saddened by this tragedy. our thoughts and prayers are with the members of congress, their staffs, capitol police, first responders and all others affected. that is a statement from the white house that just came in. we are also hearing reports of increased security being tightened around the capitol and the white house, no direct confirmation of that from our end, george and just from my own vantage point on the north lawn i don't see increased security here happening at all but that's not to say it's not happening. it's just not in my line of sight here but clearly this is a tragedy that is rocking this city and this white house and the president is monitoring it very closely. >> we now have tape of the first
8:36 am
emergency communications that came in from the alexander dry ya city fire department. >> we got one in custody. we need medics. we got a suspect. >> we have another one down. a total of five down. tape off the whole field. >> we got some witnesses that are trying to leave. i'm trying to keep them on the scene. >> medics in the dugout. >> that was the alexandria city fire department right after the shooting about an hour ago, a little more than an hour ago. back on the phone right now the scene at delray park. what's happening there? >> hey, george, right now there were people in the dog park that were kept in lockdown by the cops while they were putting yellow tape all around the field. the people in the dog park have now been evacuated and they're now walking away. as far as the scene, it's very eerie, the field is actually -- it's a softball/baseball field and a lot of times high school
8:37 am
teams will play there. we see a few sports bag, equipment, all over the infield. they're abandoned. there's a lot of activity around the basketball court. lots of cops there, lots of folks on their phones. really just a lot of heavy police presence. there was a chopper flying over the field for several minutes and now the cops are telling us to move. >> where are they moving you, george? >> moving us to a staging area over on mt. vernon and monroe. real kind of very quiet residential neighborhood. lots of families, young children. there were a couple of schools already in lockdown by the time i got here. again, cops are really putting more and more yellow tape all around the field. right now police aren't talking to us right now. we're trying to get more information. >> a little more on the neighborhood.
8:38 am
i just got an e-mail from someone who lives near the neighborhood as well. saying hardly anything bad ever happens in delray. this did just a quiet community, not expecting anything like this. >> no, not at all, george, in fact, there's a very popular coffee place right across the street. we've been trying to get to some of those customers in there when the shooting happened but, again, this is something where i was dropping off my son at school and teachers came running out of the school saying we're in lockdown and had to give my kid away and then run over here to see what was going on. so, we're just trying to get some more detail. >> gather more details as much as you can. back to pierre thomas our senior justice correspondent and getting more information coming in. >> reporter: just talked to a law enforcement official who confirmed much of what the senator was telling you, that two members of the security detail responded to the suspect, multiple gunshots fired. the suspect is in custody according to the source.
8:39 am
has been taken to g.w. hospital because the suspect was injured according to this source, again, the suspect taken to g.w. hospital and, again, we're being told multiple, multiple shots fired but they are feeling some level of relief because they believe that they have one suspect in custody. he was injured and has been taken to gw hospital. >> any more on the condition of the others shot, pierre? >> reporter: again, the information is that the two law enforcement officers were wounded. the source did -- said one person was flown by medstar. we saw that helicopter was generally indicates some sort of severe injury. >> okay. and pierre thomas, thanks very much. want to go now we have one eyewitness on the scene. let's hear what that person had to say. >> it was a guy hiding in the bushes and he shot -- it was at least they said about 50 shots.
8:40 am
a semiautomatic rifle. and like five people were shot. that's all -- >> you work at the "y" that's next to this baseball field is. >> that's right. >> and can you tell me what this community is like? i mean, this is an unusual circumstance here. >> very unusual. it's just -- eighth a great community. no problems. very quiet around here. great people, so it's just crazy to hear something like that happen. >> want to go back to cecilia vega at the white house. cecilia, we're getting information coming in from jon karl as well our jon karl saying a member of the leadership is telling him that one staffer and one lobbyist also shot confirming the five people down. >> reporter: and, jon is reporting, george, that a senior member of gop leadership is telling him that scalise and members of his security detail as we know were hit. they say that scalise was hit in the hip and should be okay. of course, we saw those immanages of him right there on that stretcher after this
8:41 am
incident. so some of the details that we do know at this point we heard from others that were on that scene. five people were shot, we're hearing between 50 to 60 possibly as many as 100 shots fired out there this morning. security being upped around the white house and the capitol right now. as we know that suspect is in custody as per just reported being treated at the hospital. the details from what happened at that baseball diamond just absolutely stunning. the security detail that opened fire on a shooter who was inside the dugout with what we're being told was a semiautomatic weapon, senator rand paul crediting that security detail for saving their lives, that story of congressmen running for their lives from that baseball diamond to help steve scalise, representative steve scalise tying a tourniquet for him and they just say they would not be alive right now had it not been for that security detail. >> he said it would have been a
8:42 am
massacre. cecilia, thanks very much. we want to bring in ray kelly, former chief of police in new york city and, ray, you know, we've talked about this so many types before. we don't know anything about motive right now. all we know so far is that this was a single shooter. likely a white male in a blue shirt. but this is the kind of thing that we've been so concerned about. a single person can't be stopped. >> you're right. absolutely, particularly someone who obviously is willing to give his life. security detail is right there. they acted. the individual is still alive and we'll get the motive. we'll be able to execute warrants and go to his house, look at his computer work, that sort of thing but you're right, george, somebody willing to sacrifice their life, it's very, very hard to stop, apparently this game was or the practice was fairly well known in the area. >> ray, let me interrupt you for a second.
8:43 am
we have senator jeff flake who is on the scene is speaking now. >> i just batted and -- >> was standing watching some batting practice. and all of a sudden you heard a shot. a very loud shot. everybody thought sounded like a gun and then rapid succession after that. he had a rifle of some type and it was obviously a large gauge rifle and there were people in the field, one staffer was shot out in the field and he ran with his wounds to the dugout. a lot of us dove into the dugout and tried to get as many as we could but then at that point there was firing behind us from the security detail, the capitol police and i started yelling back, are you friendly, are you friendly. making sure that was our guys because we didn't know if there were other shooters that had us
8:44 am
surrounded and coming in the dugout so we didn't know whether to run or not but as soon as we found out we had a friendly behind us then we stayed and tried to keep down. i poked my head up and saw the shooter behind the backstop or behind the fence but he could see the line of shot -- a line of fire into the dugout. >> by firing through the fence. >> well, he was firing around but he still could have fired into the dugout. that's why we keep everybody down. joe barton's boy was here, 10-year-old shagging balls and stuffed him under the bench. joe barton is a congressman from texas. >> did this appear to be a coordinated attack? >> well, it looks like only one shooter, so you got to assume he knew what he was doing here. whether he was targeting certain members, we don't know. >> how long until he was down? >> it was at least ten -- it seemed like a lot longer but it was at least ten minutes in did you realize if there were
8:45 am
capital police officers armed with you here. >> yes. >> you knew ahead of time. >> we did. steve scalise is a member of the leadership team, the whip so he has a security detail. there are two of his detail were shot. one african-american gentleman shot in the leg and i believe he's the one that brought the shooter down. he ran around for quite a while with a leg wound returning fire and then after i got out -- i was the first out to steve and then brad, another member from ohio, who is a physician came out and we applied pressure on the wound. >> he seems okay to you. >> yeah, he was coherent the whole time. but, boy, he laid out -- he laid out there for at least ten minutes alone in the feel and we just -- we couldn't get to him while there were shots. >> right here. >> did the shooter say anything? >> not that -- there was a lot of yelling going on but to tell you the truth some of the other members had different angles so they may have heard him yell
8:46 am
something but i didn't. but the two security detail -- i think the woman was crystal is her name was shot, i think, pretty early and she went down and so the other gentleman was returning fire. >> what sort of -- >> female, yeah, capitol police officer wounded and airlifted. >> maybe shot in the head? >> no, there was i think a gentleman by the name of matt was shot in the chest and so he was taken i think by ambulance. >> what do you make of this? >> what do you make of it? just i have no idea. no idea. but i got steve scalise's phone and called his wife and i just didn't want her to wake up and hear the news and not foe what was going on so i talked to her. >> senator, what specific members do you remember being in the dugout with you? >> chuck fleischman, marty, the
8:47 am
photographer was there, i think mo brooks came in during that time you'd see more and more pile in. i think there were about 12, some staff, some members, maybe six, eight members in the dugout and but like i said there were people hiding behind trees. there's a dog park over there and i think there are always people over there so i think they were running the other direction. >> you said ten minutes to get the gunman down but you had security details. what took so long. >> he had a lot of ammo and must have been secured behind the third base dugout for awhile so it was tough to get to him. >> took a tactical standpoint? ? it seemed so. initially he was right out in the open. marty, our photographer saw him raise the gun, rifle, he thought why in the world is someone bird hunting at this time? just i -- looked like 40s, maybe
8:48 am
50. dark hair, white with a blue shirt on, i think jeans. my view of him was just quick behind the dugout and then when i realized he had a line of sight into the dugout with all the members there, then we obviously went back down quickly. >> there were reports of 50 to 100 gunshots. obviously that was because capitol police were returning fire. >> yeah, that -- 50 would be an understatement i'm quite sure. >> senator, we're being joined by a national audience. can you recap exactly what you saw? >> well, we were -- >> from the beginning? we were doing batting practice and there are a number of members and staff fielding, steve scalise was on second base, playing second base fielding balls and all of a sudden we heard a very loud shot, everybody thought it sounds like a gun and the gunman was over by the third base dugout with a clear view of the
8:49 am
field. >> okay, so you have been hearing -- >> we'll keep an eye on senator jeff flake but getting more details coming in right now and want to go to brad garrett. pretty chilling scene. described there. 50 to 100 shots. male in his late 40s, 50s securing himself behind the dugout and shooting for up to ten minutes while members of congress running for cover including their kids. this was a person who came prepared to kill. >> well, he may have come prepared, george, but he's not very good. i mean the idea that you could take a version of an ar-15, shoot 50 to 100 rounds and it doesn't sound like based on what you and i know at this moment you fatalities. you have people shot. you have two police officers probably with semiautomatic handguns return fire. it sounds like to me they must have hit him at some point.
8:50 am
either altered his ability to shoot accurately or shoot -- to continue shooting so, you know, the suggestion here is, yes, he went and did what he wanted to do, however, wasn't particularly precise or accurate or maybe even driven. >> from this description from senator flake unlike some other situations we've dealt with in the past this was not a shooter who appears to have tried to protect himself anyway. he went behind the dugout but wasn't wearing any kind of protective vest, helmet, anything like that. >> no, this clearly, george, sounds like a guy who got fired up yesterday, last night about something and maybe he's angry at the gop for whatever. so he picked an easy location where there would be minimal security and that anybody could drive up, pick a gun out of the trunk of their car and start shooting so i want to also point out one other thing, george, this is another example of soft targets. where the reality is congressmen
8:51 am
like the rest of us travel around. they have security details. however, these things are almost completely impossible to defend against unless obviously you know in advance. >> that's right. back to pierre thomas as well as our senior justice correspondent. pierre, senior law enforcement officials say so far no indication of a connection to terrorism. >> reporter: that's correct, george. we're getting early indications no connection to terrorism but on the phone with a senior law enforcement official who said, again, it's way too early to make any final conclusions but that is the early look that they have. they are beginning to do a background check on the suspect. they will look at his computers and try to find out who he's been in communication with. that will take some time but the early indication, no connection to terrorism but a law enforcement official said they're just beginning to dig into this man's background. >> back to cecilia vega at the white house. >> reporter: george, the president has just sent out a tweet and says representative steve scalise of louisiana, a true friend and patriot was
8:52 am
badly injured but will fully recover. our thoughts and prayers are with him. we know that the white house is actively closely monitoring this situation. the vice president is scheduled, we don't know if this is supposed to still happen to speak at an event away from the white house in about eight minutes. there was a moment of silence held there by another republican congressman who was at that event at the start of that event. let's do a quick recap, george, to see senator jeff flake in that baseball jersey talking about these harrowing details, was a really -- he said 50 shots being fired on that baseball field is an understatement. we know from our jon karl's reporting four people were shot, one staffer, one member of steve scalise's detail, a lobbyist and representative steve scalise whose injuries are not life-threatening and believe he was shot in the hip. george, i do want to say we just got word -- we received word that the vice president's speech that was supposed to happen was
8:53 am
just canceled. we also know that one person who was on that baseball field, ohio congressman brad wenstrop, a doctor, among those who tended to steve scalise on that baseball diamond. >> we are awaiting -- we expect the police chief brown to be speaking shortly in alexandria. an eyewitness is on the phone with us right now. noah nathan. noah, tell us where you were, what you saw. >> i was in a dog park right next to the field and i was just going into the dog park, sort of like an entryway you go in. and when i heard the first shot and, of course, at first you didn't think it was a shot but some kid with fireworks and hear another one and then people running so i just like laid down on the ground and holding on to my dog to make sure they wouldn't run off because i couldn't close the gate behind "me before you" a-- and trying o
8:54 am
figure out where they were. you could see them flash off like the road like the little trail and hitting some of the tents and really when you try to get behind the trash can in there, and really there was nothing i could do and so get my phone out and started recording it, the police have that video so i haven't got my phone back so hopefully they can use it. >> what were you recording exactly? >> i was just trying to find out where the shooter was, i was just age around. i could see the shooter -- i don't know if it was by the snack bar or in the dugout but in that area and a lot of people running. there was from what i understand a congressman in the outfield was laying down. he wasn't moving. a lot of people were just trying to get out of the way and then police were returning fire, returning fire and took -- it took a long time, felt like -- i'm sure it felt longer than it was. and eventually, you know, just
8:55 am
all the shooting ended and they got him and everybody just got up, walk around and try to realize what happened. >> did you get any kind of a good look at the shooter. i know he was moving around and he was behind that dugout. any detail on what he looked like? not that i could see. i was trying to record it and that way they can do something with the video. maybe they can blow it up and use something. but with my own eye i couldn't see. but i was about 100 yards away. >> but and you saw only -- you didn't see the shooter but you were aware of only one shooter on the scene. >> correct. as far as i know. i could see where they were copping from and where the police were shooting towards. >> and -- >> i could see the police shooting back but i couldn't see the shooter itself. i could hear the bullets and -- ricocheted. >> from where you were could you hear anything. was the shooter saying anything? >> i couldn't hear the shooter say anything. i could hear the police -- i
8:56 am
don't know if they were trying to get him to lay his gun down and then some of the people that were people shot yelling just put him down. it wasn't the type of thing you expect before you have your coffee in the morning. >> not exactly what you expect at that park at any time. we've been told and you're there, i guess, every day. this is just a peaceful family park. >> yeah, well, it's a dog, pa. it's a nice dog park, dogs run around. get some exercise. so, but, yeah, every morning or at least most mornings the baseball team has been practicing so not a secret. sometimes there's secret service or protection with them. i guess maybe -- >> so it was pretty well known the members of congress have been practicing in that park. >> right, i think it's just the republicans, i don't know where the democrats practice but most mornings they're here practicing for the game and it's nice. you know, some of them will
8:57 am
bring kids like this morning there were some kids there, i guess they were out of school but there was a father and son, i don't know who they were but they were practicing batting in the batting cams and some kids in the outfield, i guess, but, i don't know who this guy is, i don't know anything about him but i don't know. >> it's just so hard to even contemplate that someone would want to open fire on a scene like that. noah, thanks very much for sharing your story with us but also sharing that tape with the police. we want to keep our eye on the scene right there. i'm bringing in jen ashton as we show what was happening to congressman scalise earlier. we're learning more detail about how he was treated on the scene. >> this is another opportunity to give a shoutout to the first responders, the paramedic, emts. what i want you to pay attention to is that the congressman has had his shirt removed. that is standard procedure when you have bleeding uncontrolled bleeding or something like a gunshot wound at the scene, the first premise of those responders is to expose the area
8:58 am
to get control of that bleeding above the point of entry. so if you have a hip injury, obviously you would need to expose the lower abdomen, the chest. they have to inspect the patient to find out if there were other entry wounds or exit wounds, and you know, first responders do not passion their very dwen credentialling exam without passing, is the scene safe, do they have their gloves on? we have to remember put yourself in these first responders' shoes. they don't know the scene is safe and being called in to give emergency medical attention to someone who is assumed to be hemodynamically unstable and suffered a gunshot wound and the footage, he has nasal oxygen, i.v. lines taped to his arm and ekg monitors. this is extensive, you know, basic trauma medical procedure done in the field. we have to recognize the skill and fortitude and composure of these first responders. >> you're right. when they go there, they don't
8:59 am
know. >> they have no idea and, in fact, it's so counterintuitive. any first responder, police officer, firefighter, paramedic, emt, we go in to help but you will fail your credentialing if you go into an area not secured. they have to make an assessment. the police would tell us this scene is not secure, you cannot go and help that patient yet you're seeing them do it and we have to remember to be clear this is not something that many of them may have ever done they deserve a tremendous shoutout. >> and we're getting information from one of the congressmen who was scene. he said, i felt like i was back in iraq but without my weapon, and he describes what they were doing. compression on the wound. doing what they call a sweep?
9:00 am
>> that's the premise of our emt or paramedic system. they just get that patient into an ambulance or a chopper and they get them to the hospital, so you have seen pretty extensive stabilization that was done at the scene, but for bleeding, anyone listening can do this themselves, you put direct, firm, continuous pressure on a wound. >> another point he makes is hydration. the congressman was saying he was thirsty, but this is the alexandria police chief. let's go there. >> once we have more information, we will certainly pass on whatever information we can to make sure that you have the information you need for your work. thank you very much. i'm going to turn -- i'm going to turn it back over to the alexandria chief. >> we're not going to answer any questions at this point because as the chief pointed out, this is an active, ongoing investigation at the crime scene. we


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