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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  June 14, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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walter you have the full story. what is the latest there? cell phone video captured the moments when the gun fire erupted this morning. during a charity baseball game pitting the gunman against the congressmen. five people were injured including louisiana congressman steve scalise the majority whip. capital police were there when it happened and returned fire and took down the gunman and the two special agents were injured in the exchange. and president trump praised all the officers on the scene. >> many lives would have been lost if not for the heroic actions of the two capital police officers who took down the gunman despite sustaining
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gunshot wounds. >> and two others injured a lobbyist for tyson foods and the other is a staffer for roger williams of texas. and paul ryan described the bloodshed on an attack of our country's way of life. >> we are united. we are united in our shock and united in our anguish. an attack of one of us is an attack on all of us. [ applause ] >> meanwhile there are two local lawmakers on that team and neither was there when the shooting took place. delaware county congressman pat meehan pitched for the gop and he squeezed in his practice yesterday and brian costello missed the shuttle bus by two minutes. >> if i was two minutes quicker with my life at 6:00 a.m. i would have been at shortstop with the second base man and third base man and the shooter
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firing shots at us. >> you become concern about the vulnerability and the sense that we have to stay connected with the people and you can't let this beat us. >> reporter: now, the other victim in critical condition is the lobbyist from tyson foods. talking to the officers here on the scene they said it was amazing it was not worse when you consider that 50 to 100 rounds were fired here along with their families and small children. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> walter, thank you. our coverage of the virginia shooting situation continues on the 6 abc news app. we have more on the gunman and more reaction from local lawmaker who by the way narrowly missed being involved and please stay with us for the world news tonight david muir is in virginia the full story of the shooting coming up next after
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"action news" at 6:30. now the bill cosby trial here in norristown. this jury has been very hard at work again today now in the 25th hour of its deliberations. we are joined tonight by "action news" reporters chad pradelli and sara bloomquist. chad, lets begin with you. they are on a dinner break right now but it is safe to say when they return they are going to get another answer to another one of think of important questions. >> reporter: you are right jim, it was relatively quiet here at the montgomery county courthouse and the jury had two questions for the judge, the most recent one they want to hear the testimony of richard schafer of the cheltenham police department. that was not yet trance scribed to the court reporter is doing that as we speak. >> bill cosby gave the thumbs up as he walked into court. and the jury had two important
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questions for the judge this afternoon. they wanted to hear andrea constand's testimony of the alleged sexual assault. cosby's team seemed more confident on day three of the deliberations of their chances of the acquittal. >> they want to get it right too, they missed a parade for the penguins. they want to get it right and we are appreciative. >> the case is for one alleged victim but another one that says they have experienced similar ordeals at the hands of cosby. >> most of them are trying to be optimistic and hoping for a verdict and they are hoping it will be a just verdict. >> so somewhat of conflicting statements from the cosby team.
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they were saying that the comedian was not getting a fair trial because some testimony was ruled inadmissible and now he thinks he is getting a fair and impartial trial and this team is getting much more confident as the deliberations move on. >> thank you chad. once again the jury is at dinner right now. i suppose it is safe to say that the verdict is not imminent will it happen here tonight before the third day of the deliberations. obviously anybody's guess joined now by sara bloomquist. >> we said this so many times over the last couple of days, impossible to read the tea leaves but the temptation to speculate and wonder and express opinions, is very strong. >> everybody is trying to perp tate meanings especially from the jury's questions. this jury has to find bill cosby
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guilty or innocent on all three. they think they will. that it will be all or nothing or a hung jury. the fact that we are still standing here on a third night with no verdict. one expert said he thinks it signals discord in the deliberation room. >> first it tells you that there is a divide within the walls of that courtroom. the walls of that deliberation room. clearly there is strong personalities there and dug themselves in and they plan on getting to the bottom of it. >> now, some interpret the length of the delib ration simply as this being a meticulous duty taking their duty very, very seriously. bill cosby turned 80 next month and if convicted he will spend
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the rest of his life in prison. >> a lot of people saying because it's a jury from pittsburgh so many wanted to get back to pittsburgh today for the stanley cup parade today. they are very diligent and taking this responsibility very seriously. >> dinner and then they tackle the sixth question after dinner. and if there say verdict tonight or tomorrow. we'll be here within seconds here on channel 6 and we'll break in on we'll post the information on the 6 abc news app. we'll put a flyer on the tree around the corner from your house you can rely on "action news" for the latest information on the bill cosby verdict here in norristown. that is it from here. >> thank you jim. a driver is dead after a crash that sent cars careening
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into a utility pole that to cars collided on ogontz avenue this morning. one car overturned and slammed into a pole after the initial impact and a second person was injured and rushed to einstein hospital in critical condition. hundreds of teachers at conestoga high school staged a walk-in today calling attention to the lack of contract negotiations as the school year comes to a close. conestoga teachers are under the contract. and they also expire that day. no talks have been scheduled . coming up on "action news" tonight. eagles mini camp continues and a live report of a workout today plus the eagle that just signed a contract extension. >> dr. james kauffman will romaine in jail over weapons charges and a detention hearing is set for monday. i'll nora muchanic i'll have
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reaction next. and we will talk about the return and heat and humidity and downpours and storms in the accuweather forecast. >> those stories and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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the husband of a popular radio host murdered in south jersey in 2012 made his first appearance today in court. james kauffman appeared on charges unrelated to the death. >> dr. james kauffman was brought into the courtroom in handcuf handcuffs.
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the charges. >> reporter: filed again him as he pulled out a gun as they executed a search warned at his office tuesday morning. the former husband of murdered radio host april kauffman found shot to death in their home in 2012. kauffman's lawyer wanted it sooner but the judge wanted it earlier. >> we believe he is a dather to himself and others and we'll move to detain dr. kauffman. >> he is upset and feels he is unfairly accused of things and everybody has a breaking point. >> he says he has no idea what the fbi was looking for on tuesday. authorities will only say it's part of a wide ranging investigation not related to april kauffman's death. dr. kauffman's current wife was in court but declined to
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comment. >> he looks great in orange. i'm happy we are safe for another weekend. >> we checked and his office was locked up today. >> whoever it is and everybody has their suspicions i want to find out. >> dr. kauffman's detention hearing is set for monday at 8:00 a.m. the burlington county prosecutors office held a swearing in ceremony. today's ceremony was at rowan college and governor chris christie was there to deliver an address and congratulate the new appointees. officials in pottstown cut the ribbon on a new education arts center. the beach street factory is a mixed use development for 40 affordable apartments and the home of the art fusion community center offering art classes and
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activities and training. chester county officials cut the ribbon on these apartments today. 48 apartments exclusively for vets in need. in addition to rooms and a fitness center and community room there is prehencive support centers for residents. it was built at the former site of the whitehall inn. celebrations were underway at the betsy ross house today and 13 men and women became citizens here and they took the oath as visits and family looks on.
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ducis is here with sports at training camp with the eagles. jason peter gets a break from the front office and the birds left tackle is now one happy man.
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jeff skversky is live with more. >> reporter: ducis how many do you love your boss? eagles left tackle jason peters says he is best friends with owner jeffrey lurie they talk and text all the time and he is quite the friend and over in europe right now peters says he fought for him to get a contract extension. before taking the field at mini camp today peters signs a one year extension keeping him here until 2019 worth $22.5 million and 15 million guaranteed. likely allowing him to retire as an eagle. interesting this comes after the eagles asked peters to take a pay cut this season and he said no. peters bottom line he wants to win a super bowl. >> you want to win a super bowl or save money? it's their decision so i give us a good chance on the line to help out other guys to get where we are trying to go. the fans deserve a super bowl
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and get in the playoffs and get home field and go from there. >> got to love the sound of that. to prolong peter career he may slide into the guard point at some time. the eagles are doing everything they can to give went reps and protection. and as you can imagine he loves it. >> i love the big boys up front they are great for me. last year and now having jp back and now he is signed for a little longer now. it's great to know. it's great to know and those guys have the potential to be one of the best o lines in the league and i truly believe that. >> a possible sight of what is to come. carson wentz threw bombs to tory smith the new free agent receiver. and asked to assess his play, wentz said okay not as good as he wants to be the kid is a
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perfectionist and that will come in hand with his career. jeff skversky, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you so much. to baseball stumbling doesn't begin to describe the phillies state. they return home to face the red sox again while riding a seven game losing streak. miguel franco broke out of his slump and had four hits, it looks like it would break a 3-3 tie and then he threw out kendrick at the plate with a perfect throw. and the phillies lost the game 4-3. the sixers picked up the option on robert covington's contract on the upcoming season and the sixers work out josh hart. and remember rashawn sly the former temple receiver camping out outside of the practice facility no luck there but the
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soul will take a look. he was signed to a one day tryout contract for tomorrow. 650,000 that is the estimated number of fans that showed up to celebrate the penguins later stanley cup championship. it went through downtown pittsburgh and the penguins second straight stanley cup title. >> adam joseph and the accuweather forecast coming up next.
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environmental summit. the meeting is put on by the camden collaborative initiative. they come together focusing on everything from air quality to waste management. >> the air was not as hot but an improvement. >> the numbers came down and the humidity slightly down today but a big break coming in tomorrow and that is my typical day get out and enjoy tomorrow before it returns on friday. looking at stormtracker 6 live double scan no precipitation we did start with a few downpours in spots early this morning and the clouds really locked in the day and the sun returned mid to late afternoon from the north to the south. highlights though the heat wave is of, three days like the first heat wave of the year 94 on sunday and monday it peaked at the record of 96 degrees yesterday and we bumped it down to 85 today and 11 degrees cooler than yesterday. still a bit above that normal of 82 degrees.
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we are also watching the dew point the measure of how much moisture is in the air. the meaning of when you step out the door. you say it's comfortable today and feels nice. and really humid when i step out. any time it's above 60 it's humid and back into the upper 60s starting friday and on the verge of oppressive on saturday and sunday and a humid weekend is on tap. temperatures in the 70s with the easterly wind off the water and cooler in south jersey, 83 philadelphia and 85 up in reading and 88 degrees right now in allentown with a few hours of sun right now that specificsed the temperature. and the front pushed to the south and we have the humid and hot air to the south and west near the front and you ignite the downpours and storms and that make a return starting on friday. but until then. enjoy tonight. 59 with lower humidity in
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allentown 62 wilmington and 60 in millville and less humid with partly cloudy skies and the front is behaving to the south and west and high pressure is in control with the win wrapping in from the east-northeast. with the low humidity and sun and clouds on thursday. then on friday the front comes back with a warm front throwing clouds our way and scattered showers and downpours especially friday afternoon with the temperatures settling in and future tracker show late in the day on friday. the eruption of the downpours and thunderstorms around and with the humidity coming back up any of these downpours could contain brief heavy rainfall. watch that to close out the work and school week. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow again a beauty. the pick of the week. 82 degrees with sun and clouds as we get into friday. it's get turning more humid and the warm front comes through and showers and downpours developing at 80. saturday it's warm and
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oppressively muggy and scattered storm in the afternoon. and it's not a washout 85 degrees and father's day gary papa run in the morning hot and humid and hazy sun most of the day and scattered storms will develop and a front closed in on monday. and that is the most active day right now. with numerous downpours and thunderstorms and again all of those downpours or storms could contain brief torrential rain of 88 degrees and behind that the humidity drops on tuesday a beautiful day 84 degrees. wednesday partly sunny and 84 degrees. and we get the little hits of heat and humidity and hits of cooler temperatures and kind of making everyone happy here who likes the summer humidity and opening up the windows tonight and getting fresh air in. >> a mixed bag. >> finally tonight folks marked the flag day with the battleship
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new jersey. people with their families came to learn about the vessel and brought tattered flags from their home to the ship for proper official disposal. this is how they do it. the battleship new jersey was launched in 1942 and decommissioned in 1991. so beautiful. abc world news tonight is next on channel 6 and "action news" continues at 10:00 tonight at phl 17 with brian, sharrie adam and ducis and join us for "action news" at sec here on channel 6. for ducis rogers jim gardner and the entire "action news" team have a good night.
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tonight from washington, the horrifying moment. new video of the gunfire on the ball field. members of congress the intended targets. the moment when the gun shots began. gunman opening fire on lawmakers and staff congressman steve scalise is in critical condition. two wounded capitol hill police officers taking down the gunman. president trump addressing the nation. tonight, what we have learned about the gunman. the 66-year-old building inspector, a husband and bernie sanders supporter. his rage on social media about the president also breaking tonight the deadly shooting rampage at u.p.s. an employee oni


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