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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  June 14, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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today's ambush shooting. another black bear is spotted in buck's county. that's next. ♪ ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program, with jim gardner. >> ♪ >> it was supposed to be an early morning practice for tomorrow night ohse baseball game between democrats and republicans. republican members of congress were practicing in virginia but
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the sounds of bat and small smacking leather were overwhelmed in an instant by the sound of gunfire. wednesday night, an outbreak of political violence is not supposed to happen here. happen it did on a park field just after the sun came up. >> four people were shot and wounded. the most seriously hurt, house majority whip steve scalise of new orleans. he underwent surgery and is in critical condition. >> two officers returned fire and shot the gunman. also shot and wounded scabbing t
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bather and mike. >> it was obvious there was an active shooter. i got up and ran and dove into the dugout. when i got into the dugout i realized there was blood all over the place. it was not a good place to be. >> the gunman was identified as james hodgkinson, a 66-year-old home inspector from illinois that belonged to a facebook page called terminate the republican party. he reportedly asked if the players were democrat or republicans. he opened fire. he had been living out of his van for months. president and mrs. trump went to the hospital to visit scalise.
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>> we can all agree that we are blessed to be americans, that our children deserve to grow up in a nation of safety and peace and that we are strongest when we are unified. >> a pair of delaware valley congressmen might well have been caught up in the mayhem but fate placed them els elsewhere. >> ryan costello plays shortstop for the republican charity baseball team. he was supposed to be at the practice but missed the shuttle bus by two minutes. >> if i was two minutes quicker with my life, i would have been at shortstop with the shooter firing shots at us. >> the congressman went back to his office to catch up on the day's agenda. >> i heard on the television, baseball practice, shooting, congress. i looked up and it was the
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baseball practice field we play at. >> congressman costello is not the only local lawmaker on the team. patrick meehan pitches for the gop but was not at the cages today. >> yesterday there were four of us gathered at the cage. for the grace of god you never know on a particular moment something might happen. >> both lawmakers send their thoughts and prayers to the victims. they express concern about changing from ideas to resentment and anger. >> people can disagree with us, but that doesn't make us bad people. >> we fight for things. together we all care about the nation. we have to sto p the rhetoric. >> as of tonight the charity
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game tomorrow is a go, democrats v. republicans, and both will wear lsu in a show of support for congressman scalise who is in critical condition tonight. walter perez, wphl-17. >> thank you, walter. additional coverage on the "6abc" app including detail about the gunman and photos from the scene and reaction from other lawmakers. stay with channel6 for new reporting on "nightline" after "jimmy kimmel live" and "action news" at 4:30 tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> this is the scene as bill cosby left the montgomery county courthouse following the third day of juror deliberationses. still no verdict but many questions asked by the jury. christie ileto is at the
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courthouse. is it an inquisitive jury. >> that's right. they have asked six questions, two this evening wanting to rehear testimony from andrea constand and detective schafer. the question everyone is asking is what is keeping them from keeping a verdict. how are you holding up? >> silently bill cosby left the courthouse as jurors struggled to reach a verdict. >> we are going home to get rest. >> the defense team stayed positive as the jurors asked to rehear testimony from andrea constand. >> sometimes jurors have a point of view and want testimony read back to prove to the juror on the other side of the argument, you see what i'm saying is true. >> schafer's transcript was
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reread for an hour. >> so far the jury of five men and sevefive womenand seven mene to a decision. >> my gut is worried. my head is countering that saying they are just being contentious jurors. i'm hoping i'm right in that regard. >> now the judge told the jurors to go back to the hotel, rest and refresh before coming back tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. that is when deliberations will continue. live in norristown, christie ileto, "action news." >> commonwealth court upheld the
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beverage tax today. they ruled 5-20 that it does not duplicate the sales tax. the mayor hopes this means the beverage industry will end litigation. >> our kids need community schools and parks restored. >> the beverage lobby is not willing to let this go and plans to appeal. the axe the philly bev tax coalition says this has caused many philadelphians to lose their jobs and more are at stake. higher prices are forcing people to pay more or shop outside the city. officials say the taxes brought in more than $25 million since taking effect in january but thy
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the end of this is the night ofa bensalem to eliminate music other essenl services? and knows what's going on. what t jim, it's music and art for elementary school students. there was aportion but the boa r $8 million. >> there may deployment of resources and teachers and professionals, but we fought long and ard hard and were
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deliberate about what we are doing and how we are doing it. >> they face cost increases from pensions, charter increases and they need help from the state. >> they challenge us and take calendars and resources away from our kids. it's unsustainable. >> there was victory for elementary students, music and art on the chopping block are now back. there was concern over the restructuring over a number of programs like english as a second language and stem. >> the average household will be raised about $92, less than a price of coffee per day. i would pay that twice over, as
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a matter of fact. >> that's for the job cuts, the superintendent says people can reapply for their jobs if they have proper certification. there is no guarantee. the enrollment of programs facing restructuring, that is what affected their decision. annie mccormick, "action news." jim, back to you. the former husband of a popular radio host murdered in 2012 appeared before a judge in mays landing today but not on charges related to his wife april kauffman's death. kauffman was arraigned on weapon's charges tuesday after pulling a gung i gun in his eggr home. >> another bear has been spotted wandering through a neighborhood. a homeowner captured this video
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of a bear strolling through the backyard. it found a shady spot under a tree and lies down for a rest. this is the second spotted in buck's county. the first was captured you earlr this week. and what mueller is investigating about trump. >> and tower of terror in london. a mother dropped her baby ten stories to safety. >> and chris christie sets a record unlike anything this century. >> we drop today the 80s today. it was muggy but tomorrow, the comfort zone. don't get used to it. i explain it in the seven-day forecast. >> the phillies take their game against the red sox home at
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citizen's bank park. we have more when we continue tonight. >> chicken in outer space? why the colonel is sending one oof its sandwiches to space. >> we have out the door temperatures. wake up to everything going on, on "action news" morning. ♪ luis waited his whole life to celebrate his team being crowned champions. so our wellness coaches developed a plan, to keep him fit and healthy. and when his moment finally arrived, his knees were up to the job. aetna. you don't join us, we join you.
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>> the washington post is reporting tonight that president trump is being investigated by
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the special council for possible obstruction of justice. the report indicated that robert mueller is investigating actions with fired director james comey and trump's response to the russian investigation. trump testified that trump himself was not the focus of investigation but that is no longer the case. >> if trump meddled to get rid of sanctions, it hasn't worked so far. the republican led senate has voted against key sectors of russia's economy. the senate voted for sanctions 97-2. >> in san francisco today a ups worker opened fire on coworkers leaving three dead and five injured. the drives were gathered for the
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morning meeting when the gunman opened fire. the employees scattered some ending on the rooftop. the gunmen yet to be identified took his own life. no word on the motivate. >> a fire at a london high-rise leaves 12 dead with many more injured. officials were warned something like this could happen. the fire broke out while most were sleeping trapping families inside. some were seen dropping down the sides with bed sheets. a mother took an unimaginable gamble. she threw her baby. please catch the baby. the baby survived a ten story fall caught safely by a bystander below.
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tenants say they have been complaining for years but warnings were ignored. no word on what caused the fire. >> interest rates are going up again. it's a vote of confidence in the economy's future. the fed believes the u.s. is doing well enough that there is little risk of a recession. it has been a slow but steady growth for the gdp, job market and inflation. today's quarter point hike brings it to a range of 1.25%. the fed forecasts another rate hike this year and three more next year. >> chris christie has drop todao a 15% approval rating. the survey found 81% of new jerseyans disprove of the job he's doing.
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he had no comment on the poll today. several democrats sued to block the trenton project saying christie went around the legislature to fund through a bond sale. a state judge dismissed the lawsuit saying its moot since the money has been borrowed. >> the casino industry is on the upswing. revenue jumped 4.3% last month compared to may a year ago. if you take the trump taj mahal out of the equation, the seven surviving casinos posted a 12% increase. online gambling jumping by 27%. >> the food and drug administration is postponing the updates of nutrition labels. they are supposed to stand out
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with bigger text making it clear what a serving size is and highlighting the added shoeing arse. the obama administration gave agencies until july, the trump administration is delaying this indefinitely. >> volunteers in medicine held an open house tonight. the clinic is designed to provide preventive care and services to those that are uninsured. >> let's get to accuweather and cecily tynan. >> tomorrow is the day to get ute side, nicest day of the week. double scan showing we are rain free out there. we had just enough clouds at sun set for beautiful photos. this is posted on my facebook
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page. this is from ron in pennsylvania. spectacular sunset photos, setting at 8:31. philadelphia 70 down from a high of 85. allentown, 76. wilmington, 71. cape may, 66. poconos at 56-degrees. humidity showing the dewpoint in many of the regions in the 50s. that air mass will be with us through tomorrow. tomorrow is the nicest day of the week by far. satellite and radar showing the back door front that slipped through last night is now across virginia. what happens toward the weekend? it returns as a warm front bringing the return of muggy air and also unsettled conditions with thunder showers and thunderstorms. tomorrow morning rush, you need
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sunglasses, 63 by 8:00. 67 through the day tomorrow, low humidity mixture of clouds and sun. temperatures close to where we should be, normal high 83. up to 83-degrees. it will be cooler with the on shore flow. temperatures in the 70s on the beaches. what happens? we get more clouds, scattered showers not really a wash out. this opens the door for high humidity levels through the weekend. temperatures are climbing. we get hot again for father's day. the seven-day forecast tomorrow just beautiful. mostly sunny to partly cloudy. low humidity, temperatures comfortable, 82-degrees. friday, more humid, more clouds with showers, not much activity, few shower in the afternoon, high of 80-degrees. saturday, warm and muggy with
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showers showers bubbling up in e afternoon. 85-degrees. sunday for dad, hot and humid with a high of 90. isolated thunderstorms late in the day. better chance with scattered downpours monday as a cold front pulls through, a high of 88-degrees and tuesday, humidity drops, partly sunny, 84. wednesday, 84-degrees. if you need to do exercise or cleaning up in the yard, do it tomorrow. it will be comfortable. not over the weekend. >> this is the 24th annual gelatin olympics. even captain america stopped by to take part. this event raises money for children's hospital. "jimmy kimmel live" is next after "action news."
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here is a preview of tonight's show. >> thanks, jim. hello, philadelphia. here's a look at tonight's show. don't overthink it. >> i said what's up? he said what's up fox? how you doing? (man) hmm. what do you think?
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gain respect from the red sox, they are not doing good. >> this shows how big the divide is. how will it end? with a win. when will it end? we don't know. the fanatics spot an old familiar face. this is jeremy hellickson -- struggling. second inning, bow gart singles the run. aaron altair 11th of the season, two run shot, phils down 5-3 but in the fourth, mookie takes hellickson for a ride. 6-3 boston. hellickson gives up five runs on nine innings of work. andrew tracking it. how about this grab? nice. this isn't. phillies lose 7-3, eight losses in a row. jason peters is one happy camper
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at minicamp. the left tackle gets an extension. $32.5 million with half guaranteed. he hopes to finish his career with the birds. >> i'm year-to-year. i feel good. i feel i have more than three years. it's a three year extension. i'm going to keep going. >> remember rashaun sly the temple receiver camping outside of the practice facility in hopes of a tryout, but the sole will take a look. they have signed sly to a one day contract to play tomorrow. >> still ahead, floyd mayweather junior coming out of retirement for another fight.
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>> the sixers will have another round of pre-draft workouts tomorrow. the nba draft is a week from tomorrow. robert covington is back with the sixers next season. covington arched 13 points a game this past season. >> the mega tight is on, mayweather boxing connor mcdavis. promoters working on this bout for two years. penguins celebrated the latest stanley cup championship with a parade through downtown, second
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straight title. they estimated the crowd at 650,000 people. >> how do they count 650,000 people? >> one, two, three -- it takes a while. >> opening of the delaware summer concert series in rose treat park. ♪ >> it is the seasonal series. one of the area's most popular events offering performances in everything from classical to cajun and all of the shows are free. "jimmy kimmel live" live next followed by night like. guests jamie fox, damon green and music from trace atkins. "action news" continues at 4:30. karen rodgers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers, the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪
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donald trump is a very nice person. i'm really rich. putin called me a genius. i know words, i have the best words. society loves me. i'm one of the smartest people in the world. i'm much richer than almost anybody. i've made billions and billions of dollars. i have so many websites, i have them all over the place. donald trump is maybe the best interview there is. i was the best golfer than all the rich team. i'm a smart person. i have a happy birthday to me. >> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight - jamie foxx. nba champion draymond green. and music from trace adkins. and now, without further ado, here's jimmy kimmel!


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