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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  June 15, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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6:00 a.m., thursday, june 15 we're following breaking news. two people are injured as they sit in a car, police are looking for a driver who crashed into them so hard they took off, they were injured. jurors will try to reach a decision in the bill cosby trial tenses are running high as they begin a 4th day of talks. robert muller is looking into president trump for
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obstruction of justice. >> we have the treat of the week, here are david and karen. >> reporter: it's comfortable out here this morning, sun is up nice and bright, the humidity is low. take a look at satellite. we have sunshine early we have clouds sweeping in from the west. we'll transition to a sun and clouds mix. very nice to start out, 62 in philadelphia. reading and allentown, upper 60s. 64 in wilmington. 58 in trenton and millville. 64 in cape may. winds are light and cool and refreshing this morning. best of all the dewpoints are in the 50s just about everywhere across the region. that means we have dipped out of the humid range. as we look at temperatures today, it's going to be warm this afternoon, but comfortable as far as the low 80s go, 79 degrees as soon as noon. nice afternoon to have lunch on a park bench if you're getting out of work and have the opportunity. 3:00 p.m., 82 is the high, pleasant conditions low
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humidity, 76 degrees by 8:00 p.m. if you're working in the garden, it's a nice day to do that and get a workout in. we have humidity returning over the next several days, the weekend looks sticky and there could be drenching downpours every now and then. karen you had a car fire there, maybe the smoke is done now. >> reporter: we had the flames shooting up 15 minutes ago, now we have no smoke coming out. the fire crews have put out a fire an suv in south philadelphia. we have crews out there. you see the firefighters, police benefit dot blocking the right lane and right shoulder, two right lanes blocked on i-95. this is south philadelphia near broad street. as you're traveling northbound toward the walt whitman bridge you're slow coming off the girard point bridge, you might want to stick to the platt bridge instead. at least the flames are out, a touch of smoke coming out. they are spraying everything down, giving it the double
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check. we're not seeing the flames shooting out earlier. it was a dangerous situation so many cars traveling close to it. watch for this i-95 broad street northbound in south philadelphia. that car fire is out. house fire in nicetown, wayne he avenue. you want to watch for that, crews on the scene. phils play tonight 7:05 p.m., watch for extra congestion in south philadelphia. >> police are on the hunt for a driver who crashed into two people injuring them and took off from the scene. this happened before 4:00 a.m. on sewell road nearby berry road in the somerton section of philadelphia. two people were sitting in a parked car when another vehicle slammed into their car. the driver backed up an drove away from the crash scene. 23-year-old woman and 37-year-old man was transported to the hospital with multiple injuries.
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both are in stable condition. it is almost 6:04 a.m. 28 hours later, and we're still here with no decision, jurors is in the bill cosby trial will be back this morning trying to come to an unanimous verdict. it is clear they have having serious questions. jeanette reyes continues our coverage live at the montgomery county courthouse in norristown. good morning, jennette. >> reporter: good morning, tam, speculation is growing about what this means, that is a mystery. what we know this jury is exhausted they are going on 24 hours of deliberations. remember bill cosby a couple of days ago he was smiling and giving a thumbs up to the crowd. it seems now he is growing tired, as well. day three of deliberations, the jury in the bill cosby sexual assault trial had more questions and in the end no verdict. >> sometimes jurors have a
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point of view and they want testimony read back to approve to the juror on the other side of the argument you see what i am saying is true. >> reporter: bill cosby who was all smiles and even playing to the crowd a couple of days ago looked warn out. >> we're all exhausted and we'll get rest -- worn out. we're all exhausted. >> reporter: they heard the court reporter, reread the testimony of cosby about what happened in 2004. they heard part of the 300 page deposition from constan. >> seems like we have the jurors who want to get the facts right that's what's important right now they missed a parade for the penguins today they are still here fighting get it
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right. >> reporter: both sides, the defense and the prosecution are confident that the jury is taking seriously their oath to come up with a verdict. bill cosby if found guilty could face the rest of the his life behind bars. jen cren channel 6 "action jean. we're waiting for an update on steve scalise who remains in critical condition alongside matt mika. a gunman shot republican lawmakers they practiced for a baseball charity game yesterday morning. the officers were there with congressman steve scalise. james hodgkinson was critical of president trump on social media. the president and first lady visited the hospital last night. lawmakers decide to play
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the charity baseball game tonight as scheduled in a show of solidarity between republicans and democrats. the washington post report said special counsel is investigating president trump for possible obstruction of justice. reports indicate robert muller will looking into his interactions with fired fbi director james comey. muller will speak with their top intelligence officials director richard ledgeit. current nsa director mike rogers and dan coats. >> we know that president trump called dan coats and mike rogers on the phone and asked them to come out and say there was no evidence of collusion. >> the spokesperson for the president's personal attorney condemnedded reports --
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condemned the reports. commonwealth court upheld the beverage tax saying it does not duplicate the state's sales tax this follows a decision by the municipal judge last year. it adds 1 1/2 cents per ounce on sodas and other sugary drinks. it has brought in $25 million since taking effect. it will fall short of the $46 million the city hoped to take in. >> if you have a bad experience on a flight recently you want so far as to complain about it. you are not alone. maribel aber describes why travelers can't get no satisfaction. >> customer complaints against airlines soared, the department of transportation fielded 1,400 complaints in the months.
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complaints jumped 70%. there were high profile incidents that sparked the increase. do you closed at a another record nasdaq and s&p 500 slipped. futures are pointing to a lower open. report on weekly jobless claims due out today. back over to you. >> let's go over to david murphy. >> reporter: it's a nice day, the threat of rain is gone. we have a beautiful morning starting the commodore barry bridge, lots of sun early, we've had a few clouds around, i think it's going to be a general sunny start in most neighborhoods. we'll see clouds share the sun later today. 64 in wilmington. 58 cool and comfortable degrees in trenton. 69 in allentown and reading. 58 in millville. 64 for the early morning walk on the boards in cape may. as we look at satellite we have
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cloud cover out to the west of us, starting to get a little bit thicker, i don't think we'll get much of the day where it's total clouds but we're looking at a clouds and sun mix after our sunny start. the big story today is how much more comfortable it is out there. partly sunny, not humid in the lehigh valley. we've not low humidity, high of 80. warm enough for cool drinks, but not oppressive at all partly sunny and pleasant at the shore. cooler, 74 in atlantic city. down the coast in cape may, 73. low to mid 70s on the beach this afternoon partly sunny and pleasant in philadelphia, 82 degrees, humidity on the low side today. so definitely feeling more comfortable than it has generally speaking over the last four or five days. at the ballpark, a nice night for baseball partly cloudy and pleasant. 76 in the first inning. 64 overnight.
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a comfortable low, we'll feel the humidity rise overnights. there's a chance of a late spotty shower toward morning. future tracker 6 when we're on the air tomorrow at this hour, there may be something on radar trying to wing its way in the northern and western suburbs. as we head into the afternoon, a shower or an isolated downpour is possible. as we go through the afternoon or evening it's spotty precipitation, but there's a chance of something popping up here and there. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today is the day to get out there and get stuff done partly sunny and nice, 82, low humidity. tomorrow, clouds, more humid during the day, a spotty shower as you just saw, high of 80. saturday, clouds and sun, more humid you'll feel it on saturday, there could be a spotty drenching thunderstorm in spots, too, 86. sunday, hot and humid, high of 90. if we fire up thunderstorms later on sunday they will produce isolated drenching
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downpours. i think monday is the one that takes the cake, though, 86 degrees, very humid we have a cold front coming in. there's a better chance of showers and thunderstorms around at times, definitely downpours with possible treat flooding where they hit. on tuesday, the front is gone, humidity is down and we get more comfortable, tuesday, wednesday, and probably thursday. she was doing the wave thing. >> that's right, 6:12 a.m., two stolen police cars, two chases two crashes. the l.a. p.d. is in pursuit of their own cruiser. >> reporter: fire crews on the scene in south philadelphia, you can see the suv, the car fire is out, still have emergency workers out there checking it out, somebody on the scene thinking dear lord that's my car, i-95 northbound at broad street, two right lanes blocked,
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we'll check other traffic issues coming up. ♪ this summer in the state that invented the american vacation
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>> now that is beautiful, you're taking a live look there, the sunrise 6:15, 62 degrees out there, nice a little bit cooler than recent days. almost looks like a different planet for a few moments. >> reporter: a more beautiful planet, as if we could have one. it's nice to see the sun especially when it's not blazing hot. speaking of blazing, this was the car fire scene, breaking
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news, police were out here, what's not here, the smoke and flames are gone. the remains of the car fire here. they will tow it out, the fire crews are packing it up on i-95 northbound on broad street heading toward the walt whitman bridge. it's slow as you see the police blocking the two right lanes as well as the fire crews, no fire no smoke. vine street expressway, everything is clear the crews shut the vine down tonight at 11:00 p.m. mercer county, turnpike southbound approaching exit 8 an accident here and we are understanding blocking two left lanes, a big accident on the new jersey turnpike. route 1 is blocked in both directions, in mercer county. an accident investigation brought down a traffic signal. route 1 is a busy area in a little area, stick to 2 oh, 6 as the at -- alternate.
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delaware, firefly festival how exciting. extra congestion on route 1 and 113. the hawk will never die, 55 northbound in harass ton township -- harrison township. an accident. dewpoints in the 50s, temperatures 13 degrees cooler than yesterday's morning, high of 82 with sunshine, tam. >> i like it, thank you karen. a man and woman each stole a los angeles police cruiser and led officers on a high-speed chase. it's unclear how they were stolen. both pursuits came to an end when they crashed at two separate locations. police managed to arrest both drivers and no word of any injuries. we have new information about a deadly workplace
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shooting at a upstairs packing facility in san francisco. upstairs employee jimmy lamb who killed three co-,ers and killed himself, recently filed a grievance complaining he was working excessive overtime. he specifically targeted the other drivers he killed chasing one out of the building. other employees scattered trying to find safety from the hail of bullets, some ended up on the roof. a walenda will hang above niagara falls. today is the 5th anniversary of her husband's tightrope walk across the same falls. >> reporter: samsung galaxy s8 and plus, is better than the 7 plus good battery life and
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shoshanna with the "action news" fitness keep. are you ready, get up into that side plank, belly tight right on up, give me 20 lifts. i said 20, you'll hold it at the top, right hand behind the ear, rotate for 20. pull the knee into the elbow, 20, don't forego to do the other side, look you have no excuse get moving right now do this move it will work. >> it's working on me just looking at her. >> reporter: i need her to come to the house, though, she gets me so inspired i'm going to do that. this is i-95 at broad street. we have the two right lanes blocked, the fire crews have left the scene at this point. this is the big car fire we had. the fire crews left you can see from this vacant age points, the vehicle it's extinguished it's
6:23 am
out, they have done their job. traffic moving better i-95 northbound toward the walt whitman bridge. penndot panning back, somebody on the shoulder, not a big deal, residual slowing. >> reporter: we're dressing the kids in shorts and ts, it's a little cool depending on the neighborhood you're in. the nice change the lower humidity. great morning for a workout. 66 degrees by 7:00 a.m. noon, 79. luncheon a park bench, why not. 82 degrees is the high today, below average, warm, but a mix of sun arena clouds, lower humidity than what we've had the last several days. at the airport, looks like all green aircraft, no major delays, i'm not seeing any sign of precipitation in any of our travel destinations. >> the mega fight is on, floyd
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aweather will box -- mayweather will box connor mcgreger in 2017. a woman grabbed on to a car
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even as it took off in an parent road rage incident in southern california. this happened monday night. the woman got out of a white car and started pounding on the window of a black car. the cell phone video shows the black car we've running through
6:27 am
traffic. the -- weaving through traffic. she is dragged a short distance before she let's go. nothing is worth your life. we have a break from the heat and humidity, it won't last long, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast is up next. >> a local community can't shake its bear problem, we'll tell you about the latest backyard sighting. >> developing now on "action
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news," three women are hurt during a hit-and-run crash in wilmington. >> congress comes together in the wake of the ambush in virginia we're hearing from the pennsylvania lawmakers who just missed being at the violent scene. patience is wearing thin in norristown, spectators on both sides of the bill cosby is
6:30 am
anxious. >> let's go over to david murphy and karen rogers with weather and traffic. >> reporter: the humidity is down, the sun is up, satellite is showing you there's more clouds out to the west, we may transition to a sun and clouds mix. it feels great right now and feeling good this afternoon, too. 62 in philadelphia. cool and comfortable. up in allentown and reading, upper 60s. 58 in millville. 65 in cape may as you head out the door. best of all the dewpoints are in the 50s everywhere across the region. when we get into out of the 60s 60s -- get out of the 60s that means it's nice. warm by noon, luncheon a park bench particularly in a shady spot. it's a great day to get stuff done. great morning for a workout.
6:31 am
7:00 p.m., 76 degrees. karen, the humidity starts to creep back tomorrow and definitely kicks in again for the weekend, i'll have the details from accuweather coming up. what you got on roads now? >> reporter: this was the scene of the car fire earlier. we're looking at the backup, a touch slow on i-95 commodor barry bridge off the girard point bridge heading northbound toward the walt whitman bridge. we had a car fire i showed you that earlier. if we turned the camera up ahead you can see the car too fire off to the shoulder. no crews out there, the fire is gone, the smoke is gone. i-95 at girard, northbound traffic again right here as you head toward allegheny. we have the accident, crews on the scene be looks like penndot and police there, the flashing lights, the cones set up, they are blocking the left lane and the right shoulder at this point, northbound on i-95, already heavy from the vine street expressway to girard with an accident already in right
6:32 am
now. we can see penndot police flashing lights, a truck there. kind of a mess on i-95. southbound you have a gaper delay coming woodhaven to the vine, 28 minute ride southbound. windsor township, mercer county, big problem there. we have an accident investigation also a downed traffic signal blocking route 1 in both directions. stick to 206. an accident blocking two lanes on the turnpike southbound approaching exit 8 you want to watch for that, as well, matt. >> will do. developing now in delaware, a driver struck three women walking across the street in wilmington and drove away. the hit-and-run crash happened on ashton street at 10:00 p.m. none the women have life threatening injuries, but are being checked out at christiana hospital. tensions are running high as jury deliberations in the bill cosby enter a fourth
6:33 am
straight day. the panel keeps coming back to the judge with questions and pouring over the evidence for 27 hours right now. jeanette reyes has more from the montgomery county courthouse. >> reporter: the jury will be arriving in a couple of hours to continue deliberating, they need doing that for over 24 hours. they have been asking a lot of questions we know they want to get things right. other than that what is the problem or what they are mulling over is a mystery. as for bill cosby earlier in the week he seemed to be in a good mood i singing at one point, he, too, is looking exhausted. a seemingly wary bill cosby left the court without a word to say to fans or the media. the jurors are still struggling to reach a verdict. >> everybody is working hard. we're exhausted and going home to get rest.
6:34 am
>> reporter: it's a ma meticulos jury that much we know. a total of 6 questions have been asked. they asked to hear portions of constan's testimony from the night of the alleged assault and listen to the testimony of a cheltenham detective's interview with the 79-year-old comedian. speculation as to why it's taking so long is growing. >> sometimes they want the testimony read back to approve to the juror on the other side of the argument what i am saying is true. >> reporter: and cosby's attorneys say they are confident this is going to work in their favor this is a sign, they might come out with a not guilty verdict, but experts say it could go either way, of course when we'll find out, we don't
6:35 am
know, as soon as we get the verdict if there is one we'll pass it along to you. jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> the "action news" team will continue to stay on top of any developments at the cosby trial we'll bring you the verdict organic "action news" and if and when it happens. >> louisiana congressman steve scalise remains in critical condition this morning, the third ranking house gop leader was shot when an gunman ambushed republican lawmakers and colleagues. the shooting happened at a washington, d.c. ball field. steve serve is the most seriously -- steve scalise is the most seriously hurt. two capital police were shot and they killed the shooter. delaware county congressman
6:36 am
patrick me honor pitches for the gop and wasn't in the pitching cages. both lawmakers are concerned that the political debate is moving further from a spirited, but respectful exchange in ideas and deeper into public resentment and anger. >> people might disagree with us, that doesn't make us bad people. let's us debate. >> the congressional baseball is scheduled to takes place tonight. >> 6:36 a.m., a police impersonator in the lehigh valley may have struck again. police released this sketch. they say he stopped a man on landis mill road. he was wearing a black shirt with the word police on the front when the driver asked for his name and badge number, the man ran back to his car and
6:37 am
drove off. police say he is suspected of similar incidents in lower salken and south white hall townships. another bear was spotted in a bucks county neighborhood. a homeowner in buckingham cap you you -- captured the bear walking around and finding a shady tree to take a rest beneath. this is the third bear spotted in bucks county. >> that bear will have nice weather as he makes his way around bucks county. >> reporter: good for him. he might want to go back up north for the weekend, it's going to be a little sticky for him. we're dry with sunshine building across center city. as we go through the day it will be a sun and clouds mix. the big story today, though, is much more comfortable it is. the temperature in philadelphia, 62. perhaps the more important number, the dewpoint down out of the 60s. it's not humid. winds out of the east/northeast
6:38 am
5 miles per hour. a light breeze. satellite and radar showing you the clouds to the west, sunshine to start, a little bit more cloud cover as we go through the day. generally speaking sun and clouds mix. with the low humidity, pleasant. 66 degrees by 8:00. 10:00, 76. if you happen to have the opportunities to get out of the office and have lunch outside at noon, find a shady spot, 79 degrees. 3:00 p.m., 82 degrees that's the high. if you want to get yard work done today today is a great day to get that done. high temperatures across the region, low 80s from allentown to the i-95 corridor. upper 70s in millville and dover. down the shore low to mid 70s. highs around 73, 74. phillies and sox, it's going fob a beautiful night for baseball partly cloudy, nice, 76 for the first pitch. 68 in the 9th inning.
6:39 am
tomorrow, we'll get a high of 80 and more clouds building in with a frontal boundary pushing in. more humid during the day, as well. and scattered showers. 6:00 a.m. we have the chance of something, every now and then a heavier downpour, excuse me as we head i don't know what's up with me, but i've been doing that lately. we have by 6:00 p.m. showers around we and we get into the evening hours and most of the stuff ties down. we have spotty shower activity tomorrow through the evening. the pick of the week today, high of 82 degrees and low humidity. friday, clouds, a spotty shower can't be ruled out as you just saw. isolated downpour, 80 is the high. for the weekend, 86 degrees, humid on saturday, if we see spotty showers or storms they could produce localized
6:40 am
downpours. hot and humid on sunday, 90. spotty shower or thunderstorm could be a drencher. as we get into monday that's the day that the frontal boundary is coming at us, it's really steamy and isolated downpours and thunderstorms. highhigh of 86 on monday. cooler next week. >> death toll from a raging fire at a london highrise is continuing. a high school football a few years away from making high school variety has a chance to play. >> reporter: an accident up ahead in norristown, we'll take you to the accident scene coming up.
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>> 6:43 a.m., we have a traffic alert heading up to new york city today, this is the new jersey turnpike we're getting this feed from wabc in new york city. they are showing a map where is at. this is the new jersey turnpike southbound approaching exit 8. we have a crash there and traffic is building. might spill over to the new york city, as well. >> let's go over to karen rogers and get a look at traffic around here. >> reporter: yeah we've been talking about that, as i show you the map of the area, southbound heading on the new jersey turnpike approaching exit 8. it's involving property damage. it's hard to see from the shot they are blocking three lanes, looks like debris all over, looks like they ran into the guardrail, as well.
6:44 am
that's new jersey turnpike southbound approaching exit 85 big accident there. we have a big one here route 1 is blocked in both ways, traveling ten miles per hour leading to the site washington road they have an accident investigation and downed traffic signal blocking both ways of route 1, it's a big deal traveling on the turnpike, southbound near exit 8. let's go around to the other parts of the region. i-95 this is at girard, the accident is still out here at this point, northbound toward allegheny you're dealing with the accident blocking the lane, blocking the shoulder, you can see northbound is slow in the area because of it, from the vine street expressway to girard. southbound is heavy you have a gaper delay from woodhaven to the vine 30 minute ride southbound. as you look at the big picture, slow speeds unusually so northbound southbound heavy as well because of the accident scene. meanwhile, we had a car fire earlier that was causing big problems, now the car fire off
6:45 am
to the side, everything is cleared out i-95 northbound near broad street. schuylkill expressway 13 miles per hour approaching the boulevard to belmont. let's go to the temperatures throughout the area. 62 in philadelphia lowering humidity, 82 for the high, as you go to the facebook page, a lot of viewers have concerns, of course it doesn't want to work. >> british prime minister teresa may made a private visit to the site of the deadly tower fire in london. the number of dead has jumped from 12 to 17 people. the search for more bodies continues. it is expected to take weeks to clear the building. crews have extinguished the last pockets of flames 24 hours after the inferno broke out. tenants say they have been complaining about safety for years. five michigan officials are
6:46 am
facing involuntary manslaughter charges for the flint water crisis nick lions failed to alert the public to legionairs outbreak which was linked to poor water quality. 12 people died saturday 15 people were -- died as a result. 15 people were included in the indictment. cell phone video shows a car veer into on-coming traffic. the car ends up on the shoulder. by standards rushed over to help the driver who appeared distraught and began yelling at them. they were able to put the car into park and shut off the engine. police described the incident as a medical emergency. the woman behind the wheel was taken to the hospital. this is not what you want
6:47 am
to see as your plane is about to head into the skies. concern passengers spotted fuel gushing out of the wing this was aboard a united airlines jet. it was taxing the runway at newark international. the pilot turned around canceling the flight to venice italy. united is investigating. about ten minutes away from
6:48 am
6:49 am
6:50 am
good morning. >> we're checking in with robin roberts i know you'll follow up on the terrible shooting incident in washington, robin. >> reporter: new details on the congressional baseball shooting what we know about the shooter and what may have triggered his rampage. we'll be joined by the coach of the gop team congressman roger williams who was there a and his aid who was wounded during the shooting. a sit down with gabby giffords have who is a message of hope. london highrise tragedy authorities search for what sparked the blaze, a fire chief is joining us live with all the
6:51 am
information you need to know to keep you and your family safe coming up on "g.m.a." >> thank you so much. we'll see you in a little bit. >> reporter: check the traffic as you head out the door, we have not looked at 422 this morning. past oaks eastbound traffic heading toward king of prussia heavy from oaks to 23. hopping into new jersey on 42 we'll check out new jersey for you, 42 at creek road, northbound slow from lower landing road to 295 dave. >> reporter: all right, karen, we have shorts and ts on the kids this morning. it might be cool enough in spots to put a jacket on them. generally speaking we'll warm up quickly. the big story, the low humidity it feels nice out there. 79 degrees by noon, good for lunch on a park bench. 82 degrees is the high. 6:00 p.m., 76 degrees, if improve been putting off outdoor chores today is the day to get it done with the low humidity. >> new on "action news," a
6:52 am
young man is on 50 state grass cutting mission spreading the message of giving back. "the graduate" student from alabama has traveled across the country he cuts grass and inspires others to make a difference in their community. >> back in 2015, i saw a man struggling, i decided to do it for the elderly, and disabled and single mothers and veterans. >> more than 100 young people nationwide have joined the program to cut grass and help others. he completed his 49th state, alaska, he heads to hawaii today. a football star has been offered a scholarship. he thinks he'll end up playing
6:53 am
for the warriors because his mom wants him to stay close to home. his father who is his coach, he said recruiting is a grueling process, so when opportunities knocks, you have to take it.
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6:55 am
>> welcome back here the top stories, philadelphia police say a man and woman were sitting in a park car in the somerton
6:56 am
section when another vehicle slammed into the back of the car. the driver backed up and drove away. the man and woman are in stable condition. a driver hit three pedestrians and took off in wilmington, delaware. they are expected to survive. the jurors in the cods -- bill cosby sexual assault trial will be back in deliberations today. we have an accident on i-95, northbound at girard you can see traffic is extra heavy northbound jammed from penns landing to the girard, southbound you've got a gaper delay, that's extra heavy from woodhaven to the vine, 32 minute ride. if you're traveling in mercer county, southbound approaching exit 8 on the turnpike blocking two lanes. >> reporter: we have sunshine, karen in the eastern half of the region. high clouds to the west.
6:57 am
it's nice out there. temperatures in the 60s, low humidity, can i get a little yea! >> yea. >> reporter: we have low humidity today, it starts to change on the weekend. >> i didn't know you could do that. >> it might have been somebody over there. "g.m.a." is next. see you later!
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good morning, america. breaking new details about that terrifying baseball shooting. targeting congressmen. the new video capturing the horrifying moments. that top member of congress in critical condition. >> the next thing i heard was run, he's got a gun. >> the heroes, two wounded capitol police officers taking down the gunmen. >> i need medics in the dugout. i have one injured. >> new details about the shooter, 66 former bernie sanders volunteer angry over the president's election traveling from illinois to virginia and a yahoo! right by the baseball field. what triggered the rampage? overnight, president trump and the first lady visiting congressman steve scalise sitting by his bedside and now another of the shooter's victi


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