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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  June 15, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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separate felony counts of felony assault each addressing a different aspect of the case and each alleged that he touched her without her consent and the second that they was unconscious at the time and the third deals with the drugs given to constand by cosby. this is the group that cannot come up with a decision. made up of five women and seven men. two are african-american one man and one woman. they argued that the comedian could not get a fair trial with montgomery county jurors. >> and tensions remain high outside where this is all playing out. monica malpass is live with all the developments. >> hi rick and sharrie this case as you know is about a celebrity is wealthy verse two women at
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least accusing him of drugging and assaulting them and still no decision inside and tensions really boiled over outside of the courthouse. lily bernard of los angeles a third alleged victim did not testify in the case but is here to watch the proceedings and got into an argument with cosby supporters and saying it's an injustice that an elderly blind man could go to jail. they told them to move off the steps and they moved off. bill cosby did not see what was happening. christie aleto has more on t deliberations. >> hey there monica, back to the deliberations after the jury told the judge they could not reach a decision on any of the counts that bill cosby is facing
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and that was after deliberating for more than 30 hours. he said go back and try. bill cosby walked into courtroom a to learn that the jury was deadlocked. judge o'neil said each of you have a duty to come to a unanimous verdict on any of the charges. >> the 79-year-old is facing three counts of indecent assault for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting andrea constand in 2004. his spokesperson says that the stalemate proves what the comedian is saying all along. >> he is happy to know that he has 12 people of his peers who understand that the facts of this case don't add up. >> it's not over until it's over
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and it's not over yet. >> civil attorney gloria allred says it's too soon to jump to a conclusion. >> they could reach a conclusion on some and not others that has not happened yet. >> what was going through your mind when they came back and said that. >> nothing, i was devastated. accusers like jewel allen is here supportling constand. >> i think they have a difficult job. it's extremely difficult -- >> now, jurors are still sift through the facts and deliberating and if they cannot reach a verdict then it's judge will declare a mistrial. back to you. >> thank you. it's not unheard of for a judge to send a jury back two and three times if they come back and say they cannot make a
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decision and we got word by the way that the jurors asked for water ice. they want aid snack so that shows us they plan to stay in there and they are following that instruction. >> earlier today we spoke to sherry and she is not surprised that the jury is taking so long they are hung up on the reasonable doubt standard and searching for solid evident she does not believe after 12 years and regardless of the outcome it's vindication for andrea constand. >> this trial and what is happening is hugely empowering. to me there say victory a courtroom and someone is up there telling her story even if the verdict is not guilty, she won and all of us who have been through this i feel like have
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won. >> in fact, she says she doesn't believe it will set the victims back if there is an acquittal or hung jury, just the opposite. she believes it will encourage more victims to come forward and be heard you can get the latest on our website at and on the channel 6 "action news" fuse app. monica malpass reporting live back to you. >> thanks monica. now to the latest on the baseball practice ambush outside of washington, d.c. that left five people hospitalized including one congressman who is fighting for his life. it happened while they were practicing for a charity baseball game and steve scalise is still in critical condition. the president and first lady visited scalise in the hospital and today the vice president also paid his respects.
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and he expressed concern after he has undergone three surgeries. >> he is in some trouble and he is a great fighter and will be okay we hope. >> investigators are pouring over the baseball field looking for more evidence. the shooter 66-year-old james hodgkinson of illinois was killed in a shootout with police yesterday. >> the charity game that the group was practicing for is still on for tonight. it starts in the matter of hours in washington national park. wendy saltzman is live with that part of the story. >> the doors at the stadium will open in about 30 minutes and the unity from across the aisle is excontrolly strong. from members of the public and congress people are showing up to show that violence won't win. >> as simply as sounds of gun fire struck fear in the hearts of congress, people came reslute
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that the game would go on. brian costello of westchester says he missed the bus or would have been if the line of fire. >> everybody has the same thing on their mind those five individuals and their families and it's a good reminder that we are all human beings and we are all trying to do good in this world even though involved in politics. >> dwight evans and republican brian fitzpatrick will sit shoulder to shoulder in their show of support. >> it's important to send a message that we are not going to allow what happened, the shooting stop us from what we will do. >> we are not afraid. nobody is worried about security tonight we are worried making a great showing and raising a lot of money for charity and doing these people proud. >> following the shooting the sales of tickets skyrocketed
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$500 an hour. and calls those injured heros. >> thank god for the capital police and their heroism and bravery. which really seems to have prevented a massacre. >> and representatives tell me that congressman scalise wants the game to go on and raise a million dollars for charity. and show that not only americans will not to fear. matt pellman has the traffic report. it's a busy thursday afternoon. >> always fun when the travel time on the schuylkill is 6 minutes and instead 51 on the eastbound side. from the roosevelt boulevard to this point at university avenue the whole way into the walt whitman bridge that is where we
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have a crash that is now gone and blocking lanes both ways, we are trying to recover and you still don't want to head to the walt whitman and heading into pennsylvania heading westbound you don't want to head for the ben franklin bridge we have construction here westbound taking out the right lane and it's jammed solid coming out of the tolls in camden, i think the betsy ross to the north is your best bridge option at this point. the pennsylvania turnpike from norristown to fort washington, delays are there. and a crash in harass ham at county line road and one in warrington and east of 611 stick with county and west of 611 you don't want to use that. we'll check it again in the next half hour. still to come at 5:00, a fiery scene at the u.s. open tour into wisconsin. the airplane crashed in a field sending one person to the hospital with serious injuries.
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and president trump on the attack, the report on the russian investigation that has the president striking back on twitter. low humidity and breezy and it's not going to last. i am tracking the return of the muggies along with unsettled weather through the weekend. we'll explain in the accuweather forecast when "action news" returns.
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the pilot of an advertising blimp is suffering serious burns when the aircraft crashed in wisconsin. it happened in an open field at a u.s. open golf tournament. the blimp was smoking or on fire when it descended to the ground. the pilot was air-lifted to the hospital and the police asked the ntsb to help investigate. officials in london are looking for victims after flames engulfed the 24 floor complex in less than an hour leaving little time to get out. at least 17 people have been confirmed dead and many others remain unaccounted for. a cause is still under investigation. former homeland security
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sent jay johnson is testifying before a house committee as part of the russian investigation. robert mueller is investigating president trump for obstruction of justice. today the president lashed out against the report and said on twitter that the idea that his campaign worked with russian officialed to influence the election is quote, phoney. and stocks closed lower as tech shares went below. snap closed down 5% lower than its ipo price sparking concerns about the company's financial future. and the dow jones lost 15 points by the closing bell and nasdaq 29, and s&p 5005.5 points. and pre-k students in philadelphia finished today and they are officially on their way
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to kindergarten. the phl pre-k program funded by the sugary beverage tax. representatives from the american heart association were there today to show its support for the beverage tax. >> a golf tournament that benefits the delaware county fraternal order of police was held today. they teed off at paxton hollow golf club in media this morning. our own reporters, chad pradelli and bob brooks apparently golfers, a good time was had by all for a great cause. >> were they caddying? or golfing? >> putting there all right. still to come on "action news" on health check a special father's day event for our region on 6 abc and ali gorman sits down with kathleen papa.
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today, we spend a whole lot of time like this. so at citizens bank, we've created banking tools that fit how you're living today. from advanced atms... to online banking... to our award winning mobile app. and if you prefer face-to-face, we have that too. ask me, terry goggans, how our balance of technology and people can help you. turning to health check tonight. the gary papa run is this sunday aiming to raise awareness for prostate cancer. it honors our friend and colleague gary papa that died
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from the aggressive cancer four years ago. ali gorman talked to gary's wife about what the run means to her and her family. >> this was great to hear from her. it was gary's passion to raise awareness and encourage other men to get screened with the hope of others facing the same battle. >> it's a great group of friends. >> i met up with canal lean papa and their son, tucker and their dog. >> it's been eight years since her husband, our friend gary papa died from an aggressive form of prostate cancer. they are now 16 and 19. nathaniel just graduated high school and kathleen says they are happy and healthy ali this is many my grief lives i think about the kids to be a teenage boy and to have had gary as your
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father would have been outrageous, one adventure after another. >> but she says even on the tough days -- she is grateful for the time they did have together. >> kathleen and gary met on a bland date set up by retired "action news" anchor rob jennings. >> gary proposed four months after we met. he was impulsive. >> years later the phone call relating his diagnosis and pour prognosis was devastating and that is why she encouraged all men to get screenings. >> tomorrow is not promised to everyone cancer does not discriminate. and that is why gary spent so many mornings at the race. his legacy lives on. if he could have prevented one family from receiving the phone call he would have been happy.
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>> the race starts sunday at the art museum. 10 k at 7:30 and 5-k at 8:00 a.m. and register online until midnight tonight or you can register that morning we have all the details on and of course kathleen will be out there and many families that are affected by prostate cancer will be there and many people from the station will be there. >> in gary's memory. it's great to see the video. still to come on "action news" at 5:00 a check of the accuweather forecast. >> as we look at philadelphia international airport tonight, not a bad evening to fly in or fly out. meteorologist, cecily tynan, has your accuweather forecast. when we come right back. to my goal. lowers my a1c better than
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all right it's time for a check of the accuweather forecast. cecily tynan is here now with the cool details. it's a nice respite from all of that heat and humidity. >> gorgeous today and low humidity and bright sunshine and live on sky 6 hd taking a look at the ben franklin bridge seeing lots of blue upstairs. love it if we could keep the weather over the weekend. that won't happen joy it today because things are changing. temperatures are comfortable philadelphia 81 and allentown 82 and reading 82 and lancaster 83
5:25 pm
that is the warm spot the farthest away from the ocean a wind from the northeast and beach haven 73 and cape may 71 and wilmington currently 78 degrees. this is why it feels so good. dew points in much of our viewing area below 60 degrees that is a very dry air mass for this time of year and that is why it's so comfortable and unfortunately tropical air is moving in. the next four days dew points will be in the upper 60s near 70, you will feel the difference in the air mass. it will be humid and temperatures are climbing as we head through the weekend and it's also going to get a little bit unsettled. satellite and radar showing low pressure over the of valley and lifts to the north and bringing a warm front. there is activity in western pennsylvania and most of the that lifts to the north but it brings in clouds and showers and storms into the tomorrow and the weekend. tonight mostly cloudy and humid
5:26 pm
by dawn, 64 in philadelphia and allentown 62. and cape may 65. in the morning 7:30 the clouds are in place and we could see a little bit of scattered shower activity. not widespread and then as we head into the afternoon the building humidity we'll likely get some pop-up thunderstorms not everyone will get them but those that do will have to deal with very heavy downpours because there is so much moisture in the air. on saturday, down the shore mostly cloudy and humid and 74 degrees and philadelphia warm and muggy and perhaps a pop-up thunderstorm or two in the afternoon 68 degrees and sunshine with spotty thunderstorms late in the day and a high of 78 degrees. the five-day at 5:00 showing you we are getting tropical the next four days, muggy and cloudy with a few pop-ups again not everyone will see them a high of 82 and bump it up to 86 degrees on saturday, sunday 90 degrees and temperatures in the 70s for the
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gary papa run and happy father's day to all the dads and much more widespread activity on monday and cold front and heavy downpours and gusty thunderstorms and 86 and behind the front a breath of fresh air, we get back into the comfortable zone and lower humidity with a high of 84 degrees, the good place to be on the water. meteorologist monica malpass i am impressed on the standup paddle board in cape may. good job. >> yes, thanks it's a lot of fun once you get the hang of it, it's about core and balance and pretrending you are a ballerina or something. if you are in cape may you can do standup paddle boarding but if are you not in cape may we have a lot of fun activities down at the shore. we'll have the latest on that and the all important shore forecast when "action news" comes right back. sharrie and rick you guys want to try it? >> by the time i got down there
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it would be dark. we have to go see you later. >> "action news" at 5:00 will be right back. save big
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on great father's day gifts at bass pro shops. like red head 8-pocket shorts for under $15. mr. steak patio grills starting at under $350. plus, free catch and release ponds and giveaways this weekend. "action news" continues with
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meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again monica will be along with a few moments with the latest from the bill cosby jury deliberations in norristown and sharrie williams is joining me in the studio here is what is happening on "action news" this evening. jurors in the bill cosby sexual assault case announced they are deadlocked but told to keep working. live team coverage straight ahead. and a bad breakup leads to criminal activity and an arson suspect on the run. and jeep wrangler owners are put on notice tonight because thieves targeting their vehicles for a very specific item. we'll explain. >> and good evening i'm monica malpass reporting live from norristown montgomery county, the scene of the bill cosby sex
5:31 pm
assault case, jurors came back before lunch and said they could not reach a decision and the the jump sent them right back and continue deliberating he would like a verdict on at least one of the three counts. it's a hard case because there is no hard evidence after all of the years that passed and they must weigh what reasonable doubt means in this case. bill cosby himself arrived he was relaxed and we heard from his smoking person he is inside telling stories and jokes and had lunch and expected to order dinner. he is not as worried as people believe he should be or would be. he looked tired when he came to the courthouse today and his attorneys believe that with every passing hour it's a good outcome for them. and glory -- gray hall isly now
5:32 pm
with more. >> reporter: as you know all eyes are on the montgomery county courthouse, everyone waiting to hear back from the jury, they want a verdict that has not happened and we are in day four and no unanimous decision. >> 30 hours of deliberating the jury is deadlocked and they cannot come to a unanimous decision on any of the indecent assault charges against median, bill cosby. the judge ordered them to continue deliberating and they see the move in their favor. >> the deadlock shows the not guilty that mr. cosby has been saying the entire time. >> thursday things got heating on the steps of the minneapolis county courthouse on day four of the deliberations, cosby supers and an alleged victim faced off
5:33 pm
other supporters marched around the courthouse with signs and beating drums and the judge praised the jury's diligence as they weighed all the evidence. they asked questions and wanted to rehear testimony from cosby and his accuser andrea constand. centered around the 2004 deposition where he admitted to drugging the accuser. constand says it's all a lie. that the pills made her woozy and cosby took advantage of her and the jury heard all the evidence and arguments on both sides and everyone is waiting to see what they will decide. >> mr. cosby is innocent until proven guilty. >> this is not an vindication of anybody and not the end it's not over until it's over and it's not over yet. >> all right back out live, if bill cosby is convicted he could have to register as a sex
5:34 pm
offend. tonight no movement the jury is still inside deliberating and we could see deliberations go into day number five. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you gray, courthouse officials here in norristown are asked if this is the longest deliberation in a case in the history of this courthouse and their answer was they don't keep those kinds of records so even they don't know. earlier today we spoke with sherry a social worker an advocate for sex assault victim and she says the trial is empowering either way for victims of sex assault, we asked her if a hung jury or an acquittal is a set back to vict victims that may be reluctant to come forward. >> in the moment it will be heart breaking and disappointing but it will not put us back all the media attention and all the
5:35 pm
education we get from all the interviews. i think people will start to wake up actually. >> she points out that most victim do not report assault because they worry they won't be believed. in her opinion it's still a win for andrea constand and all victims. the the jury comes back and are still deadlocked. the judge who is strict could send them back to keep deliberating. we'll bring it to you instantly live. monica malpass reporting from norristown montgomery county. >> you can continue to follow the story at trial, you can see the post from the reporters and dozens of photos and videos from the courthouse. the man apparently angry over a breakup may have take ebb
5:36 pm
things too far and philadelphia police say he is wanted for setting his ex's house on fire. trish hartman is live in northeast philadelphia with more. >> reporter: well sharrie, police hope that the suspect john copes will turn himself in or hear from someone with information about this accused arsonist. police say this started out as a romantic relationship that turned into threats and then arson. police say that the blaze started at 5:00 a.m. tuesday in the 1700 block of brill street and when they arrived the back deck was engulfed in flamed. inside was four kids and three adults. the police officers and responding firemen were able to pound on the door and get the people out of the house, they were unaware that the rear of the house was on fire. now police are looking for 35-year-old john copes from the 3400 block of garret street. he was in a relationship with one with of the victims for a few weeks and when they broke up
5:37 pm
she told police he threatened to burn the house down and the fire was ruled arson when a gas can was found at the scene. >> they are fine but shookup. they are glad we got there in time and woke them up and got them out of the house. they are scared and that is another reason why we want to get him off the street. >> copes faces charges of of arson aggravated assault and other crimes. we are live in northeast philadelphia, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. it is that time again to see what is going on down at the shore this weekend. >> meteorologist, melissa magee, is live in cape may with more. >> hey melissa. >> reporter: hey there sharrie. i don't know you think this is so funny, this is my third time ever suping and if you don't know that is street talk for doing standup paddle boarding we
5:38 pm
are in the bay here in cape may it's easier not as choppy as it's ocean and something fun to do, we have the owners robert and beth behind me -- wave. they are giving lessons for five seasons now and you can stan yip and paddle board and they have yoga as well. on the paddle board. if you are not in cape may real have more on what you can do this weekend down at the shore. >> stretch out near the sand if wildwood and grab a towel and do yoga on the beach and the class starts at 9:00 a.m. and just 5 there's to find the perfect pose and namaste. and one lucky lady will be crowned miss new jersey in ocean city. the pageant kicked off yesterday on the boardwalk, hopefuls in the garden state are vying for
5:39 pm
the 2017 title and the preliminaries are friday and catch the finals this friday at 7:00 at the music pier our own karen rogers is the emcee for the event. >> smile in sea isle city and bring the family out for the skimmer festival a seaside craft market with 300 vendors it includes food and face painting and amusement rides and live entertainment. happy father's day and hope to see you this weekend down at the shore. >> yes guys this is a lot of fun, you guy can have fun. they give lessons all the time here, it's easy to do. you guys should give is it a try and have fun down at the shore. keep in mind a moderate risk for rip currents. keep that if mind.
5:40 pm
it's cool and relaxing once you get the swing of things. >> rick said bring back the schedule for the training. >> i would rather be standing on one of those yachts behind you. time to talk about the traffic this afternoon. making waves on the highways tonight is matt pellman in the traffic center. >> we are not bored, rick and shory on the schuylkill expressway eastbound side stop and go more stop than go at this point. from the roosevelt boulevard to this point at montgomery drive at the walt whitman bridge and first a crash and now a broken down vehicle and both gone and delays in the wake of those events, heading the other way westbound of pennsylvania you do not want to head to the ben. construction out here for some reason this afternoon taking out the right lane and three lanes each way and a big jam out of camden to center city.
5:41 pm
betsy ross is your best bet. the vine street expressway with a crash off to the side by the ben franklin parkway and eastbound is jammed and the vine closes at 11:00 tonight for overnight construction. and mushroom country, look for an accident at 896 at the oxford valley bypass. and delays along faulk road and a big weekend in dover it's firefly weekend extra traffic along 1 and 113. >> thank you matt. see you tomorrow. quick break and more news when we return.
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5:44 pm
philadelphia police say there is a rash of robberies from jeeps, the thieves are stealing batteries. all the thefts took place in spring garden fairmount sections and they say that all jeeps only have latches to close the hood. >> it's something worth them paying a little attention to.
5:45 pm
they won't refabricate their jeeps but they could be aware of something or an accessory that locks the hood. >> police are now checking for surveillance video in the neighborhood to try and find the person responsible. jeff skversky is here with sports and the sixers doing what they can to get ready for the draft. >> malik monk is one of the five or six players. that could go one, two or three. before you know it the sixers are on the clock with the third overall pick, a week away and the sixers continue to work out potential prospects including malik monk. some consider the best shooter in the draft. he averaged nearly 20 points per game and monk says is he good enough but made a point today to say the sixers need him. >> i can play on the ball or off the ball and i think they need a shooter like this.
5:46 pm
anyone that can shoot the ball a perfect fit. >> there you go. also working out former villanova players josh hart and darryl ren olds that helped them win a national championship. hart is projected address a second rounder and the former nova star changed his shot to improve his chance. >> i wish i knew where i was going but i mean, the goal is to get your name called. no matter if you are here or top 10 or top 30 or 40, you want to hear your name called. >> eagles mini camp may be over but quarterback carson wentz is not saying good-bye for good. the corner back host a team bonding workout in july with skilled players to work on their game. darren sproles and the eagles wrapping up the mini camp with a
5:47 pm
lighter practice. wentz says his team is headed in the right direction and coach doug peterson had a departing message. >> remember what we have done this spring. >> they worked extremely hard. don't lose sight of that, i mentioned that training camp will be tough and until i want them to be prepared mentally and physically to come into camp ready to go. >> hopefully the phillies are ready to go tonight against the red sox. trying to end their losing streak. >> they need to play another team. >> can you throw a pitch? >> not at the same time? >> these three men are facing drug charges after a raid at a motel in townsend delaware. they were arrested after a two week investigate, they found more than 15,000 bags of heroin
5:48 pm
inside of hubbler's car and additional bags inside of gaiton's car. >> and now they are named national treasures. the announcement was made today at the historic henry f got house. to advance their rehabilitation and reuse of older buildings. introducing fios gigabit connection. superfast internet at an incredible price. with speeds up to 940 megs. that's 20x faster than most people have. and, it's just $79.99 a month online for 1 year. and only $5 more per month for the second year. get fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo for 1 year and multi-room dvr service for 2 years.
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all with a 2-year agreement. switch now at
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meteorologist, adam joseph here now calling today the pick of the week. >> you have sunshine and low humidity and a nice breeze out there. perfect temperatures for this time of year. for one day. like the pick of the weekend looking at stormtracker 6 live double scan no precipitation whatsoever. double scan will be very active at times, friday, saturday and sunday, monday and unsettled weather moving back in. not a washout any of those days through the weekend but at times it could be a little wet. 81 degrees in philadelphia. you can see the wind wrapping in off the water and the ocean up to 68 degrees right now. you have the easterly wind. it had rip concerns but pushed the gulf veal waters to the west and the temperatures went up and
5:52 pm
kept inland locations in the upper 70s and farther away from the wind we are in the low 80s in the northwestern suburbs, lots of sunshine here this afternoon and there is the dividing line and we have the humid weather starting to move in from the west that is a warm front that comes through overnight tonight. first thing tomorrow morning. so future tracker 6 as we wake up tomorrow morning it's cloudy and muggy and warm with scattered light showers around to start our friday. not much in the way of sun in the afternoon tomorrow. pops here and there. and that will ignite some scattered showers or a thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon but not a washout. same thing for saturday. and lots of clouds and muggy. and scattered showers around in the morning and again in the afternoon. there could be some of these downpours and thunderstorms that tend to develop here and there. both friday and saturday don't cancel the outdoor plans just be aware we have heavy hitters both afternoons at times, the heat and humidity combine again saturday and sunday summer like.
5:53 pm
86 for a high tomorrow and heat index up to 90 degrees and that boosts the heat index back into the upper 90s. and a great place to beat the heat is the shore. melissa magee is paddle boarding all afternoon and now she is exhausting, chilling in a boat in the bay. having a good time there? >> that is right. i'm having a fantastic time i wish you were down here with me. we have in the boat for paddle boarding if you are down here in cape may. supy this is our boat. you can have fun down at the shore this weekend. on friday a high temperature of 71 degrees, a mostly cloudy day down at the shore and as we get into saturday the clouds really hang on tough way high temperature in at 74 degrees. we are in the upper 70s as we get into sunday, it turns humid with more sunshine on the way
5:54 pm
and something to keep if mind is that there will be a moderate risk of rip currents today through the weekend. if you are in the ocean if you want to swim and if the lifeguards are present and on duty. the suppers are in the water. hopefully you have fun this weekend down the shore. they are having a good time. >> so serene there. you can get your yoga on. you can't get my hair wet because you are not done here. >> we have enough of this relaxing scene as they coast behind her there. getting to the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 82 and muggy and cloudy and a scattered shower or storm tomorrow afternoon, same thing for saturday. hot and humid and a decent amount of sun for father's day a late day storm of 90 and the most active day is monday heavy hitters both in the morning and afternoon. 86 degrees and we wipe it all away tuesday, wednesday and thursday. with temperatures in the mid-80s
5:55 pm
with sun and clouds. >> i can own look at that for so long. >> she is having a lot of fun but don't get her hair wet because she'll cut you. >> she will. "action news" at 5:00 will be right back.
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5:57 pm
right now jim gardner and "action news" team is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. insight into the jury's minute after they tell the judge they are deadlocked in the bill cosby trial. and the congressmen get ready to take the field after the shooting in virginia. i'm nora muchanic in pennsauken with a story of a south jersey food bank working to provide free meals to under privileged kids this summer. now for monica malpass, cecily
5:58 pm
tynan, jaime apody, sharrie williams and the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams "action news" at 6:00 is next. have a nice evening.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist cecily tynan, and jim gardner. seven men and five women from western pennsylvania have declared they are deadlocked over bill cosby and his alleged sexual assault of andrea constand and in fact they told the judge that today as if to say judge it's time for us to go home and that is when they were
6:00 pm
told to go back and try some more. it's thursday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is bill cosby's jury. is it deadlocked or hopelessly deadlocked? how many longer will judge steven o'neil tell them to keep trying to reach a unanimous verdict. anchor monica malpass is outside of the montgomery county courthouse. what is the situation there right now? >> reporter: well, good evening jim the question can 12 jurors come together and make a unanimous decision on at least one of the three charges against bill cosby. it's a complex case and points of view of what happened at his cheltenham home. that is where the rub comes in, celebrity actor bill cosby's legacy


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