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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  June 16, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> good morning it is 6:00 a.m., friday, june 16 we're following developing news. >> fire leaves a suburban home badly damaged, a man is rushed to the hospital. >> still, no decision in the cosby trial, the jury told the judge they were deadlocked, he told them to keep trying, they are back in morning. o for rain and lookingather's for. matt pellman isrphy has trafficd asmoe look at satellite, there'e gestion you
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he your windshield. west very light.ia. 67 in wilmington, 63 in trenton. 64 in allentown. when you look at in philadelphi, it was just whereo talk about humid air, doesn'tow. as you go toward m and higher ig more humid. as we go through the day, it will warm up, the humidity will rise up from the south and make things more uncomfortable. 66 degrees and nice today. 77 by noon, a bit more humid there. during the afternoon, high of 82 and more humid as we head through 3:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. tonight. you want cool drinks if you're heading to the ballpark or heading out on the town or doing something outdoors. matt pellman the possibility of pop you are showers today, the weekend call it will be on the humid side this weekend. >> reporter: i can get on board
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with cool drengs for a friday -- drinks for a friday night for sure. good morning, everybody, we're looking good on the roadways and the bridges. overnight construction on the ben franklin bridge that starting pointed in the afternoon, we had big delays in the afternoon rush. this morning we have four westbound lanes open heading into center city. you should be good to go, and good to go on i-95 southbound direction, we expect delays in a little bit, they have not formed yet heading toward center city. in center city everything is open on the vine expressway. overnight construction is long gone. there are no delays yet. do keep in mind the 22nd parkway on-ramp to the westbound vine remains closed it will be closed through the 4th of july. on the big picture watching that fuel spill in upper darby along landsdown avenue at state road. fire crews are on the scene by the cvs and the mickey d's. fire crews on the vehicle fire
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he will roy road at fair grounds road. earlier crash in gwynedd has cleared. it's firefly weekend in dover. extra traffic along route 1 and route 13 and closures aoak tree road. a quick-moving fire injured one person. flames were shooting out of this home on east gulph view road in ardmore. it started in the garage and spread to the main house. the fire is under control. if at first you don't succeed, try try again, that is what a montgomery county judge instructed the jury in the bill cosby trial. jurors told him yesterday they were deadlocked on the 4th day of talks. their deliberations have gone to 40 hours this week. jeanette reyes is live at the courthouse in norristown.
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>> reporter: matt, how long this should go on, depends on who you ask. the defense is asking that the judge declare a mistrial. the prosecution is saying this should go on indefinitely as long as the jury wants to deliberate. the judge is looking for key words, hopelessly deadlocked. on day five, the public and legal experts are asking themselves how much longer can an exhausted anticipate sequestered jury deliberate. members of the jury were bussed in from pittsburgh away from family and friends and jobs even. yesterday they told the judge they were deadlocked unable to come to a unanimous decision on any of the three charges. the defense asked the judge to declare a mistrial. the judge denied the request and instead reminded the jury of their duty to do all they could to try and reach a verdict. they were sent back to try again. >> tippicly in a -- typically
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in a lengthily and complex case, the judge will send them back two times when when they say the deadlocked. i think the judge will let them continue to work sloks they feel they can -- as long as they feel they can make progress, once the word "hopelessly" gets in there they will not be sent back. >> reporter: the judge is aware of the incredible resources a trial takes up, if there's a hung jury, the d. after that may want to -- d.a. may want to try this again. reporting live at the montgomery county courthouse in norristown, jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> indeed, jennette, the action "action news" team will stay on
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top of any developments we'll bring you the verdict on air and surveillance video captures an attack in the city's mayfair section at earlier this month. the suspect followed the 82-year-old woman and throws her to the ground abbey takes her purse and runs away. >> happening today, president trump will be in miami to announce changes to america's policy with cuba. the president is expected to reinstate travel restrictions and block business with the country's military changes to the to the previous obama policy. flights and crews ships will not be restricted. deputy attorney general rod rosen stein is warning americans
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about leaks around russian officials and trump campaign. on wednesday there was reports that special counsel robert mueller is investigating the president himself for obstruction of justice. he released a statement saying, americans should be skeptical about anonymous allegations. the department of justice has a long established policy to neither confirm or deny allegations. troubling news coming from nike. maribel ask live in time square with more on that. >> niek -- hike nike is cuttin% of it's workforce. the restructuring is to sell directly to consumers cutting back on smaller retail shops and focus on online business as part of the strategy. they will focus on a sales and
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shopping trends in tokyo and new york and london. stocks closed lower. futures are pointing to are a higher open. reports on housing starts an consumer sentiment are due out today. spending on father's day is expected to hit $14 billion from gift cards to tickets and exporting events. it breaks down to $136 per dad. my dad taught me to find the funny in everything and the value of compound interest. >> that's a great lesson, compound interest, maribel. >> reporter: i pretty much blew it on that, maribel. >> you have everything you need. >> you have a tie. >> reporter: my kid is going with me to the phillies game. storm tracker 6 live double scan, and we've got mainly dry
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conditions, if we go in tighter the western suburbs especially around lancaster we're looking at pop-up showers that are giving you a downpour. there's more to the reading and allentown. we'll see if that inches towards the east. looks like reading might get clipped by that one. sky6 live hd a lot of clouds around this morning, eventually we'll return sunny breaks into the picture. it's fairly comfortable through most of the region currently. 66 in philadelphia. 67 in wilmington, 64 and 65 in allentown and reading. warmer down south. the farther south you go through south jersey and delaware, the more humid it feels. in philadelphia so far you're okay. future tracker 6 shows you the possibility of sprinkles around during the morning and afternoon. later this afternoon and evening, a couple of downpours are possible here or there, even those are very spotty. the models continue this morning want to push this off to the north and west of philadelphia. that would body well if you have plans to be out and about in the
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i-95 corridor, but we have to allow for a spotty shower. in the lehigh valley, high of 78. clouds and sun, growing humid as the day goes on. a shower can't be ruled out. in fact in the lehigh valley and berks county you have a better chance of one later this afternoon and tonight. clouds and sun at the shore, humid, we can't rule out a shower, but there's a good chance you're dry at the shore today and tonight. 74 is the high. in philadelphia, clouds and sun, humid more so as we go through the day into the evening. a shower can't be ruled out at times. for the ballgame tonight it will be on the humid side bring along cool drinks or plan on buying some. bring a poncho in case a shower hits the stadium. hopefully that doesn't happen. 80 degrees first pitch. 672 in the 9th inning. arizona is in town. in the poconos, over the next few days, today, 67, clouds and showers likely in the poconos.
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sun maybe a late thunderstorm on saturday, 78 and humid with another thunderstorm on sunday, 81. at the shore over the next three, 67 in the water swim near the lifeguards there could rim currents at times, cloudy, 71 today. 74 clouds hang on on saturday, 77 and humid on sunday with sun there. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, in philadelphia, 82 today, growing increasingly muggy. 86 tomorrow, humid spotty thunderstorm possible in the afternoon. sunday, hot and humid, 90 is the high. spotty thunderstorm possible in the 70s and maybe up to the low 80s for the gary gary papa run in the morning. monday is the big ticket day to watch. cold front comes at us, high of 86 downpour producing showers and strong gusty thunderstorms that's on monday. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, look fine. summer arrives officially on wednesday. >> 6:11 a.m. take down in tennessee, the
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escaped inmates accused of killing two prison guards are in custody thanks to a hero homeowner. >> if you're a person who realizes you run out of milk or eggs when it's too late, amazon feels your pain and they have a way to help. >> reporter: henry avenue overpass, traffic is moving well. we've got construction coming to 422 today. we'll talk about that when "action news" continues on this friday morning. life. intelligent technology can help protect it. the all-new audi q5 is here.
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intelligent technology can help protect it. the all-new audi q5 is here.
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look, can he commodore barry bridge, 6:14 a.m., 66 degrees getting up to 82 degrees and showers could be part of the picture. >> trying to wrap up the workweek, matt. >> reporter: commodore barry bridge will be busy as people head to the shore for the weekend. today is national flip flop day and national fudge day, two things you can take advantage of at the beach. yes, indeed head to the shore this afternoon, but expect company on the way there. starting to see company on 422 just beginning to tap the brakes in the eastbound lanes approaching 23. the normal morning delay just beginning to form. they are expected to block of eastbound off-ramp from 23 to 10 to 1:00 p.m. they are going to block two lanes on the westbound side between 23 and and this point at trooper road.
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construction scheduled for 422 today. berks county, pennsylvania turn right lane out of commission between morgantown and reading. no delays at this point. hatfield they are working on the vehicle fire by the madison montgomery, i would avoid he will -- elroy road at fair grounds road. monday they reopened did dubline bridge, they reopened the perkiomen creek. hill town township they reopened the bridge over morris creek on monday. fuel spill at state road. construction midday along 322 as the widening project continues one lane open there, stick with 202 pike.
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two inmates who escaped from georgia were arrested near nashville. they held an elderly couple hostage and stole their car. the pair fired at the police during the pursuit. they crashed the car and ran to a nearby house when a homeowner held the two at gunpoint until the police arrived. they were on the run since tuesday accused of killing two prison guards so they could escape. members of the royal family are with survivors of the tragic tower fire in london. this is queen elizabeth and prince william arriving. 17 people died in the fire, that number is expected to grow much higher as dozens of people are still missing. prime minister teresa may announced a criminal investigation is underway. there are questions about safety
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including why there was on one escape stairwell and whether the recently installed insulation and terror cladding cause the fire. a deli clerk is speaking out after being attacked by two men. two men you hurled avacados at e 21-year-old victim after a dispute over a food order. he suffered a broken jaw and bruised eye. >> they were throwing hard objects, heavy glass bottles. after i got hit, i kind of lost conscientiousness. >> police arrested a man and looking for the second suspect. >> reporter: in tech bytes, twitter's major overhaul. >> reporter: it's the the bigget redesign in years, profile image
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is round instead of square. him. >> reporter: twitter says it's faster and easier to use. amazon wants to change the way you by groceries. you scan a bar code and add it to your cart. space x founder is looking to inhabit the red planet. the goal to send people there in the next 50 years. >> would you live on mars? >> i'll let you go first. >> those are tech bytes. ays ch] like sangria. the taste will take you away.
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today's consumer tips, the heat is on you know what that means for the electric bill. keep your curtains and blinds closed. close off rooms that are not used during the day. before bed freeze a hot water bottle and put it at the foot of your sheets. set the ceiling fan to rotate counter clockwise that will make it feel cooler, too. >> counter clockwise, of course. >> reporter: i'm not sure which way my fan goes. i'm not sure. >> reporter: well keep thinking about that, keep the tips coming for the traffic in delaware. have you enjoyed not having lane restrictions by 12th street. the bad news, the restrictions resume next week. i talked to my friends at deldot they said monday night into tuesday, northbound restrictions and southbound later in the
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week. delays return next week along 49 are 5. mass transit is looking good, new schedules on the city, suburban and victory transit divisions start sunday. >> reporter: all right, matt we're comfortable on the bus stop, shorts and ts work same thing this afternoon. i'm gearing the kids with an umbrella. i'm thinking the far western suburbs are the best chance of that. that's only because the kids have a full day today. maybe a sprinkle around moving in from the west. 66 degrees a good morning for a workout as the humidity is on the low side. we'll see the humidity and the heat climb. 77 by noon. high of 82 it will be warm this afternoon. more humid and even by 7:00 p.m. 80 degrees and kind of muggy. there's a chance of a spotty shower most of it to the west. matt and tam. >> all right, thank you david. 6:23 see the close call for a police officer who was auto making a traffic stop. >> developing overnight a gunman opened fire on his target
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while bystanders are inches away, police described the chaotic scene coming up at 6:30.
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>> a florida sheriff's deputy nearly missed being hit by a drunken driver. she was helping another driver on friday afternoon. she pushed herself against the car to avoid being hit. the speeding car ripped the door off the stopped car.
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deputies stopped the speeding scar and arrested the driver. los angeles turned into got that got -- gotham city to honor adam west. it was how the police department and commissioner gordon summoned the super hero in the 1960s series. he died at 88. his wife and children attended the event. up next, an emotional tribute as lawmakers play ball and honor those wounded in the congressional shooting. developing overnight, what could be a major victory in the fight against isis. russia claims the terror group's leaders has been killed.
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>> developing now on "action news," a one man is shot in front of a chieb -- chinese
6:30 am
takeout place as others dodge the gunfire. two young swimmers lost at sea for 12 hours now. working through a deadlock, the jury in the bill cosby trial goes back for a new round of deliberations after trying to tell the judge we just can't agree. >> good morning, 6:30, friday, june 16. karen rogers is off, david and matt are here, everybody is working for the weekend. >> reporter: that's right, it's feeling good on the terrace right now. we have clouds around, but a cool, light breeze blowing. storm tracker 6 live double scan we have showers that opened up west of reading and some of them are producing a brief, but heavy downpour coming through the pennsylvania turnpike, south of reading, looks like it might be more or less moving towards pottstown and quakertown and the lehigh valley. so that's something to watch out for this morning. a few sprinkles hind that. that's about it on the wide view as everything else is falling a part.
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lots of clouds around, though, as we go through the day it will be a clouds and some sun mix. 66 degrees currently in philadelphia. as i mentioned, fairly comfortable. 67 in wilmington. 64 in allentown. 68 in cape may. i want to show you dewpoints because they are not too bad in the i-95 corridor right now. that 60 right where we begin to talk about, oh, okay we're on cusp of higher humidity. 65 in millville. 67 in cape may. 68 in dover that's more humid air that's on the way up north as we go through the morning and afternoon. so, here's how it rolls today. 66 degrees by 7:00. 77 by noon. lots of clouds, occasional sunny breaks, a spotty shower can't be ruled out at times, especially north and west of philadelphia. but the other thing about this, with the high of 82 is that the humidity will climb by the time we get into the afternoon and evening it will be more muggy. i'll show you future tracker 6's take on the showers this afternoon. we have the weekend call, it
6:32 am
looks warm and sticky, it is details coming up. >> reporter: traffic is rolling along i-95 not very quickly, norm delays have formed from bridge to betsy ross bridge into girard avenue. only a 4 minute delay on the southbound travel time, but it's busy at this point as we enter the 6:30 half-hour. not bad on the vine trees secret secret -- expressway, traffic moving well across town. schuylkill expressway 21 miles per hour on the westbound side in the normally busy spot by city avenue. they cleaned up the fuel spill in upper darby township landsdown and state road. we have a vehicle fire in hatfield township el roy road and fair ground road. down tree and wires restrictions 401.
6:33 am
horseshoe trail is the alternate. overnight construction on the ben franklin bridge has cleared, no delays between camden and center city, matt? >> thank you matt. developing right now, a group of people enjoying a late night by the to eat suddenly found themselves dodging bullets. philadelphia police say a gunman shot a 22-year-old man at pointblank range in germantown last night. this happened in front of a chinese takeout restaurant on the 5000 block of germantown avenue. the gunman had no regard for innocent lives firing multiple shots at the victim even though he was surrounded by at least ten other people. >> the many of bystanders runaway, some actually fall to the ground and just go for cover in order to not get shot. >> none of the bystanders were hurt, officers believe this was
6:34 am
a premeditated attack on the 22-year-old man who is fighting for his life. no arrests have been made, but the crime was captured on private surveillance. a search for two missing swimmers will resume in atlantic city this morning a recovery mission. the two jiewrve nice are feared -- juveniles are feared dead. they disappeared in the waters off martin luther king around 7:00 p.m. helicopters from the atlantic city police and new jersey state police and the coast guard took part in the search. >> the jury in the bill cosby told the -- trial told the judge we can't agree. he said keep are trying. they were sent home, but they will be back this morning trying to get to a unanimous mouse verdict. jeanette reyes more. >> reporter: good morning, tam, the jury has been deliberating for over 40 hours, it's taken just about as long going from
6:35 am
opening statements to closing arguments. kneesless to -- needless to say they are exhausted. day four of deliberations seem to drag on after the jury told the judge they were deadlocked couldn't reach an anonymous decision on the rag -- aggravated indecent assault charges. the defense's request for to declare a mistrial was denied. as deliberations approached 40 hours, the judge said quote you are exhausted, deliberations should be done with a fresh mind and bead. body, around 9:00 p.m. a fatigued jury was sent back to the hotel. bill cosby was seen leaving the course house and walking to the suv. the famed spokesperson pushed for a mistrial.
6:36 am
a noted defense attorney represents several of cosby's accusers she reminded the public there's no limit how long a jury can deliberate. >> that's how the system works, the jury can deliberate for however long they wish to deliberate. >> reporter: judge o'neill likely exhausted himself, he told the jury ten hours is enough, you can go back to deliberating, once he saw the mistake he made, he told the jury to go back to their hotels and rest. everyone is tired, today is friday, we'll see what the results are today, if there are any, we'll keep you posted. jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." tam. >> thank you for that jennette. >> stay with "action news" for continuing coverage of the cosby trial whenever a final announcement from the jury is made we'll bring you the breaking developments on air and
6:37 am and facebook and twitter. 6:37 a.m., developing overseas, russia has announced that its military killed el baghdady, the leader of isis. the russian airstrike targeted isis meeting in syria. anti-isis coalition said they cannot confirm the report. congressman steve scalise of louisiana remains in critical condition. his house colleagues paid tribute to him at the annual charity baseball game in nationals park in washington, d.c. steve scalise and three others were shot while practicing for the game on wednesday morning. in a final flourish bipartisan comrade for for the night, the democrats won and gave the trophy to steve scalise to put in his office. >> you look fear in the eye. >> reporter: the first family
6:38 am
was in attendance, president trump appeared on the jumbotron because of security concerns. the game raised $1 million for charity. >> let's look at the weekend. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan shows us we're dry, although as we look closer to the northern and western suburbs we're continuing to watch a series of showers push through reading and then moving in the direction of allentown and kutztown maybe clipping pottstown and quakertown, as well a little later on this morning, i would give it another 30 to 45 minutes. farther south around lancaster, lighter showers are beginning to pop up stuff by lebanon beginning to pop up, as well. it could be we're in and out of stuff especially in the northern and western suburbs through the morning commute. as we look outside, we have cloudy skies across the region, there's the airport, and we are feeling comfortable enough in philadelphia right now, that's going to change as we roll
6:39 am
through the day, the temperatures, 66 degrees, the dewpoint has reached the 60-degree mark that's at the beginning of the threshhold for humid air it doesn't feel that bad out there with the clouds and breeze out of the east at 8 miles per hour. a little more humid farther south this morning. as we look at future tracker 6, handling off and on showers up until 3:00 p.m. not a whole lot going on. later in the afternoon and evening, the model wants to place spotty showers and drenchers kind of what i showed you by reading hear and there into the evening hours. the model wants to push most of the stuff off to the north and west later this evening, that would be nice in the i-95 corridor trying to attend the phillies game or going out on the town, but i would keep my eyes out for a shower even in the i-95 corridor tonight just in case. it's going to be a warm one. 71 degrees by 10:00. noon, 77. the high 82 at 3:00 p.m. the other thing to remember with the clouds and sunny breaks is
6:40 am
that the humidity will increase as the day goes on. whether or not you get a shower you're looking at an uptick in humidity. temperatures low 80s i-95 corridor millville and dover. low to mid 70s down the shore. fair amount of clouds. dewpoints will rise as i mentioned. you can see from now to 6:00 p.m. dark green ups -- comes up from the south. we'll have dewpoints mid 60s and low 70s. arizona in town, it will be humid for the game. 80 for the first pitch, 72 in the 9th inning. we'll post the possibility of a shower, hopeful it stays to the north and west. not so good in berks and lehigh valley and chester county. we could be dry in the i-95 corridor. 78 tomorrow, thunderstorm. humid on sunday, high of 81 degrees thunderstorm. at the shore, 67 in the water,
6:41 am
look out for the possible of the rip currents, swim near the lifeguards, if the flags are posted you're cautious. 71 at the shore, 77 tomorrow, humid only sunday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, shows high of 82 today. more clouds and more humid as the day goes on. 865 late spotty thunderstorm on saturday, humid, hot and humid on father's day sunday, shower or thunderstorm possible in the afternoon. monday, big ticket day, cold front coming in takes a bite out of the humid air mass, we get thunderstorms and tuesday, wednesday, thursday look great. >> a man could be in serious trouble, but you could say he is above the law. a suspect tried to flee police, he is looking down at the officers from the roof. >> blimp comes down during a major golf tournament and it
6:42 am
erupts into flames. we'll tell you how the pilot is doing this morning. >> reporter: 30 bypass along 322 a little lighter this morning. a warning for the schuylkill expressway drivers big changes coming in the coming weeks. we'll talk about it when "action news" continues on this friday morning. 6:44 a.m., lots of people
6:43 am
6:44 am
going to work today. live look at the ben franklin bridge. center city traffic, everyone is zooming all around all over the place. >> are they zooming around all over the place. i bet there's places where they are not.
6:45 am
>> reporter: there are a couple of spots where they are zooming and where they are not zooming. here's a spot, where they are no longer zooming, the schuylkill expressway westbound side from past the boulevard through belmont out to gladwyn. here's the news on the schuylkill expressway. resurfacing work will start next week. 12 1/2 mile seven of 76 between king of prussia and city avenue in wynnfield. they will start with preliminary work during the day next week and tear up the schuylkill expressway the following week of the 26th. the paving about follow that. you will have a rough road over the next few weeks 76 the schuylkill expressway. don't say i didn't warn you. i-95 southbound side busy from bridge to girard. normal morning volume. getting word of a crash with the waze app southwest philadelphia island and lindbergh. watch out for that.
6:46 am
had a fuel spill in upper darby lansdale and state they got that cleaned up. they cleaned up the vehicle fire in hatfield, montgomery county. elroy road. use that. west pike lynn chester county remains blocked. horse shoe trail is an alternate. expect the parade of cars heading down to firefly along one and 13. depending on the traffic volume at times, they may close exits 04 to scarborough road and 98 to little creek road. everything is open except these two. matt. >> police in southern california are locked in an hour's long standoff with a man on a roof. it started with a high-speed chase through los angeles. 30-year-old kidnapping suspect is accused of dragging his girlfriend in the street.
6:47 am
the man crashed into a pole and ran from the officers and ended up in a residential neighborhood and then on top of roof where he continues to hold police at bay right now. police describe him as a known gang mapembe sheet. a blimp the golf golf fans watch the bmet to the. it's not known what caused theo, he is in stable condition.
6:48 am
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on good morning. >> let's talk to robin roberts. i'm kind of in the mood for lumenairs. >> reporter: you're a renaissance man. >> that's one word for it. >> reporter: you should hear tam. >> reporter: i know tam. >> reporter: coming up the leader of isis may have killed after an airstrike in syria. we have the latest developments on that. we have the latest on otto
6:51 am
warmbie rs his condition is called unresponsive wakefulness. the jury deadlocked, bill cosby sex trial. the judge ordering them to regroup and deliberate again. our summer concert series coming up on "g.m.a." >> we're watching robin. thanks so much we'll see you in a bit. >> reporter: we're watching the 42 free away this morning as we head outside, northbound traffic moving okay. no big delays, no southbound delays if you're heading to the shore early. mass transit, patco running on a midday schedule. everything is normal david. on the day planner forecast we're looking at a warmup. 66 and comfortable by 7 p.m.
6:52 am
we're looking at an uptick in humidity. spotty showers could pop. no major delays and all green aircraft no sign of precipitation in our travel cities. >> new on "action news," two men driving a truck filled with goats and sheep led police in central pennsylvania on a chase. officers went out to check on the truck stopped on the suburban street. the owner of the struck and another man sped off. the high-speed chase went on for 34 miles before spike strips were put down. the men are behind bars facing aggravated assault and and cruelty. misnew jersey peanut continue in new jersey tonight. 28 contestants are vying for the tidal. karen rogers is -- for the title. karen rogers is a former first runner-up in the miss new jersey
6:53 am
contest. check out her facebook live posts throughout the competition.
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>> certain for two teenager swimmers off the coast of atlantic city will continue this morning as a recovery mission. rip currents pulled the teens underwater yesterday evening.
6:56 am
crews scoured the water for hours and called off the search for the night. jurors in the bill cosby trial will be back at the montgomery cot courthouse this morning. they will deliberate for a 5th day despite telling the judge they were deadlocked. >> reporter: broken down vehicle south of lansdale. watch out for a multi-vehicle crash some southwest philadelphia. island at lindbergh. >> reporter: comfortable in the 60s of course 82. humidity will build, it will stay that way this afternoon. gary papa run on sunday, 85 for the finish. warm and muggy. probably dry. humid this weekend so keep the cool drinks going. good news if you're waking up on saturday, we're happy to announce you can watch "action news" on saturday a half-hour earlier join gray hall and chris sowers at 5:00 a.m. i would like to take a moment to say happy father's day to you
6:57 am
and you, my husband and my dad to all the dads out there, and everything you do for your kids. i hope you get celebrated. >> dads are pretty good. >> some of them. have a great weekend from all of us here.
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good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air. the russian defense ministry claiming the leader of isis may be dead. the man responsible for the deaths of thousands. possibly killed in a russian air strike. what we're learning overnight. also this morning major reversal. president trump's big announcement about cuba now just hours away and the new fallout over his twitter tirade calling the russia investigation a witch-hunt led by bad people and still tweeting about hillary clinton months after the election. and a new twist this morning, reports that the business dealings of jared kushner are now being investigated by the special counsel. medical mystery. new revelations that the american student held captive in north korea now has extreme brain damage. his doctors


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