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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  June 17, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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will be back today to decide whether to convict bill cosby in his sexual assault trial. there's a new deal on the table for philadelphia teachers. get ready to sweat it outside, sky6 live hd giving you a live glimpse over center city. it's foggy out there, the humidity will crank up this weekend and back outside we go, meteorologist chris sowers is taking a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, chris, hot one in store, right? >> reporter: you know it's a shame, temperature-wise it's a shame it's so sticky out here, because the numbers are pretty comfortable as you look at the temperatures north and west. it's 64 in slatington and quakertown. lake harmony, 62 that's not too warm. center city, 66. long wood, 70 and kirkwood 69. south and east, same thing lots to mid to upper 60s.
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villas, 69. hammonton, 67. ewing 66. the issue is the humidity. unfortunately even though the temperatures look inviting it doesn't feel that way out here. here's storm tracker 6 live we set it in motion for you with all the humidity we're seeing pop-up showers and downpours, as well especially in kent county, delaware. that's where we'll make a zoom north of dover lifting into delaware bay should be bayside in the next half-hour. there's another downpour southwest of smyrna. that's the trend over the next few hours. we'll break it down hour by hour, lots of clouds, only peeks of sun this afternoon. you'll be lucky to see that. hit or miss shower or thunderstorm later on. 83 degrees is the forecasted high. we lowered that we'll lower it down to 38 because of lack of
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sun. term is better in terms of of sunshine, but a steam bath on father's day. forecasting a high of 90 with a feels like temperature of 96. there's the threat of severe weather monday, when i come back we'll have the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> thank you. 5:32 a.m., the jury in the bill cosby trial will be back at it again, deliberations have continued since the panel declared was deadlocked on thursday. the judge clashed with the cosby team which again called for a mistrial and objected to the jury's repeated request to review testimony. cosby in a rare move addressed the crowd outside the courthouse, the man once known america's dad thank the jurors for their work and his supporters. >> i want to thank the supporters who have been here, to the supporters stay calm, do
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not argue with people, just keep up the great support. >> deliberations continue at 9:00 a.m. this morning, judge steve o'neill reiterated there is no time limit for how long a jury can deliberate. >> fans, of course have been outside the courthouse showing support for bill cosby, "action news" reporter, chad perdelli talked to supporters and an expert who said no one should jump to conclusions on what the jury should decide. >> reporter: the jury has been deliberating for over 50 hours. legal experts say the jury has a difficult decision because there's strong points on both sides. supports of bill cosby made their voices heard. a former prosecutor with the delaware district attorney's office where he spent 17 years
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before going into private practice. >> i don't think either side should be confident after 40 hours and all the evidence they asked for, anybody who is walking around confident is mistaken. >> we love bill. >> reporter: as the trial dragged on, support for the 79-year-old comedian increased outside the courtroom. supports are calling for the judge to declare a mistrial. >> if it is a hung jury, it's a hung jury he is telling them to go back and give me a verdict. >> if you're going to ask a judge to intrude on the jury's providence and stop them when they have not asked to be stopped
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>> seven sailors are missing after a navy destroyer collide with a freighter ship. the u.s.s. fitzgerald was badly damaged. we know a container ship from the philippines that's four times the size of the navy ship hit the ship at night. the fitzgerald began taking on water at night, the three compartments have been stabilized. three people were airlifted to shore including the captain. thousands of philadelphian teachers are one step closer to a new contract. >> i'm proud to say we agreed to a tentative contract agreement. >> reporter: the announcement by the district superintendent was one more reason to celebrate at hill street academy commencement at lasalle university, the potential end to a four year stalemate bringing much needed
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stability according to dr. william hite. >> stability means we don't have teachers looking to go to other places. >> reporter: the last philadelphia federation teachers contract expired before these grads started highly in 2013. many educators in may took to the streets because of the impasse that started four years. >> we are facing serious fiscal challenges. >> reporter: a commercial reassessment will foot the bill for the contract. in a statement, the mayor said we've seen how the absence of the contracts jeopardize the hard won stability and hurt our ability to attract families. the difficult four year wait
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wasn't lost on relatives of the graduate. >> very excited that the teachers have a contract. >> whatever they ask for they can get. they are not only teachers, but in this society they are parents and social workers. >> reporter: the teachers said a major hurdle has been cleared, the members have to vote on it to make it official, that will happen monday afternoon. >> at district headquarters, jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> president trump is dismantling parts of historic diplomat break through laid out by his predecessor barack obama it included restrictions on travel to cuba and crackdown on its dealings. president trump has demanded that cuba return joe and --
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joanne chessimar who was convicted for shooting a state trooper during a traffic stop. she escaped prison in 1979. since then she has been living in cuba. steve scalise shows signs of improvement but remains in critical condition after being hurt after a shooting wednesday the baseball practice. doctors revealed the louisiana republican was near death when he arrived at the hospital. a bullet ripped through his hip and pelvis. there's no sign of two teenagers who disappeared in the ocean in atlantic city. thursday night, 16-year-old girl got caught in the rip current. her friend jumped into the water in an effort to save her, neither teen made it out of the water. the 15-year-olds of pleasantville are missing and presumed dead.
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relatives are hoping for closure. >> last night we were praying for a rescue, today we're praying for recovery. >> that's my little cousin. >> he gave his life to save her, he lost his life, so you could call him a hero, too. >> search efforts resumed after the fog lifted and choppy waters calmed down. 5:39 you could be paying more for alcohol and cigarettes in the state of delaware if democratic lawmakers have their way. the proposed tax hike is part of a budget proposal for the fiscal year on july 1. lawmakers believe it would generate $18 million next year and $21 million the next year. if passed.
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the increase takes effect in september. dinosaur show in center city has something dynamite for dads. what's the deal find websites where you can cash in, but nydia han has important advice on the leg work and the fine print. outside we go to philadelphia international airport, meteorologist chris sowers has a look at the weekend forecast a peek ahead to the start of summer and father's day, it's looking hot, hot, hot, we're become in just a bit. chris christie: addiction is a disease.
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waking up with us saturday morning, 5:42 a.m., 69 degrees, sky6 live hd is overlooking penns landing. kind of hard to see, right? because of all the fog out there. chris sowers is tracking the forecast for weekend, father will be hot. >> reporter: it's going to be humid, the humidity is through the roof. how would you like to be me, my central air just broke. probably the muggiest weekend of the year, my ac broke, i'll probably have to run to the store and buy a window unit and get me through the weekend. let's get you outside, we're down in cape may. off to the southwest we have showers and storms developing over the delaware bay.
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some of that could push inland in the next half-hour. double scan live a lot of showers and thunderstorms popping to the south. they are producing downpours as indicated by the reds. all this is lifting to the north, north northeast, this cell lifting out of dover should be over southern salem and cumberland counties shortly that will advance over the next 45 health -- minutes to an hour. 65 degrees, the humidity is extremely high. dover, 72. millville, 67 and 69 for the shorepoints, atlantic city, cape may and beach haven actually showing 67 degrees. dewpoints in the upper 60s low 70s. extremely humid, 65 is the mark where we start to consider the humid, you get into the 70s feels like houston or new orleans. look at the upper 60s and low 70s throughout the area. the numbers will increase
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throughout the day. watch what happens as we set it in motion. 74, 75 at some point this afternoon be by are 5:30 p.m. the modeling has us in the mid 70s that's off the charts. it gets warmer and more humid as we head into sunday. not a comfortable weekend unfortunately with all the soup out there, there's a chance of a shower or thunderstorm at any point today and still a threat of shower or thunderstorm as we head into father's day. clear skies to the west, that won't get in here until father's day itself, and then it will be mixed with a few clouds. showers and thunderstorms, not everyone sees them, everyone sees the clouds, only a handful see the showers and thunderstorms. we'll see the threat throughout the afternoon. late in the day, cloudy skies, warm and sticky, threat of a shower or thunderstorm. now, as we advance this into father's day, we'll wake up with clouds and patchy fog again,
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warm and soupy again throughout the afternoon him we'll see the chance of shower or thunderstorm increase, the coverage won't be as great as what we're expecting today. what you will notice over the next couple of days, 95 degrees. heat indexes even though we're forecasting a high of 90. we could shoot up into the mid 90s with all the humidity. 83 in philadelphia today. temperature-wise that's not bad especially for this time of the year. reading, 81. allentown, 80. 76 in cape may. trenton, 79. dover, 72. speaking of the jersey shore, the ocean temperature is starting to climb, it's up to 68. that's more comfortable. we have a moderate risk for rip currents, lots of clouds today, shower or thunderstorm, 76. clouds and sun tomorrow, high of 77. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, so, tomorrow is the hot arena steemy --
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steamy one. today, it'samy. tomorrow, 90 degrees feeling like 96. showers and thunderstorms on monday, 86. the rest of the week look nice temperatures seasonable in the mid 80s. it's okay, not terrible. >> you have to get the ac fixed. >> philadelphia zoo a hot destination for the family during the summer break. this season, the zoo is becoming the coolest spot in the city. cesily tynan gives us the snowy forecast from america's first zoo in "fyi philly." >> i feel like a kid whenever i come here. >> reporter: philadelphia zoo was a hot destination with 1300 animals to visit. >> the opportunities to have the amazing experiences.
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>> reporter: the summer will give way to the brand new exhibit, winter. >> it's real snow. >> reporter: it's an inter active frozen tundra. >> you can throw a snowball or two. >> reporter: after guests cool down they can meet the newest animal to the zoo. a baby gorilla born on june 2. >> it's going to be fun for them watching them grow up together. >> reporter: the or oranguatan is is expecting a baby in july. out back outpost for kangaroos and her guests and wings of asia will get you up close and personal with exotic birds. >> we would like to remind you you can watch "fyi philly" tonight at 7:00 p.m. on 6abc.
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as always we're glad you're waking up with us. 5:50 a.m., the academy of natural sciences of drexel university is offering free general admission to dads today and tomorrow. dads will get into the dinosaur museum for free if they buy a child's ticket. the museum is open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. today and tomorrow. tomorrow is father's day, it's the gary papa father's run. it honors our former friend who died from prostate cancer in 2009. "healthcheck" reporter, and registered nurse ali gorman talked with his widow kathleen about the race. >> reporter: i met with up with kathleen and her son tucker and her dog hobarth.
5:52 am
gary died when tucker was 8 and hunter was 11. >> this is where my grief still lives, it is when i think of the kids to be a teenage boy and had gary as your father would have been outrageous. it would have been one adventure after another. >> but she said even on the tough days. she is grateful for the time she did have together. kathleen and gary met on a blind date set up by retired "action news" anchor rob jenningss. he proposed four months after we left. years later his diagnosis and poor prognosis was detective naight. she encourages all -- was devastating.
5:53 am
she encouragessed everyone to get screening for prostate cancer. that's why gary spent every father's day at the race raising awareness. >> if he could present one family from having received that phone call, he would be happy. >> the gary pappa run is sunday, there's a 10k and 5k race. you can signed up on site sunday morning we have more information at ali gorman channel 6 "action news."
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deal. many turn to the internet to sell their old clothes and accessories, but there are so many resale and consignment websites which one do you use. >> reporter: if you're hoping to clean out your closet for cash means consignment. as executive editor tell us me,
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volunteers had to do a little shopping. >> multiple items from banana republic were the same. >> reporter: they tried ebay, thread up and the real deal. looking to see how things would sell and how much and how easy for difficult the process is. >> reporter: thread up and the real reel will do everything for you, taking the photos and listing the pieces et cetera. >> posh mark you do the mark. you have to make your own ad. you have to fill the order as opposed to selling all your cloths. >> reporter: posh mark is less, 20% for sales, $15 or more, versus 45%. there are more things to consider. >> what you're looking for a lot of traffic, the real real
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does the best job gathering traffic and displaying your stuff well, that's an important things. >> reporter: if you have high end items to sell. >> i think the best results we had was the real real for the designer label items for the regular banana republic things it was posh mark and ebay. it's something you would buy for new, 60 or $70 would go for $6. designer label stuff something you buy for 200 goes for $45. choose the sites based on on the items you have and how much time you want to put in. nydia han channel 6 "action news." >> time now, 5:57 a.m., we have much more coming up on "action news" saturday morning. it's the super bowl for video game enthusiasts we'll take a
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you, 6:00 a.m., saturday, june 17 this morning we hear from bill cosby. >> i want to thank the jury for their long days, their honesty. >> the word watches for word out of norristown as the jury deciding cosby's fate gets back to work this morning. >> the search is on for seven u.s. navy sailors missing after a collision involving their destroyer near japan. thunderstorms may rumble through today. we'll tell you if you will get some of the rain. meteorologist chris sowers joins us with a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast to help you plan your weekend. what's in store in. >> reporter: a lot of humidity, you ever been to new orleans? >> went to college in new orleans. >> reporter: then you know what it feels like down there. welcome to the steam bath that's what it's feeling like around the delaware


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