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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  June 18, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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it's happened again. a vehicle slams into a group of pedestrians in london. next on action news. ♪ >> action news. delaware valley's leading news program with meteorologist melissa mcgee. jeff skversky. sarah bloomquist. and walter perez. sunday night, and the big story on action news is breaking news from london where once again a vehicle has slammed into
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a group of pedestrians. and police say there are casualties. >> happened within the past few hours near a mosque. one arrested, police are not saying what the motive may have been. several hundred people were in the area after attending prayers as part of the holy month of ramadan. police called to the scene just before 12:30 a.m. london time. >> they are tight lipped about this like others in london. they declared the crash, quote, a major incident and closed much of the area to regular traffic. but the muslim council said that the injured were worshipers who just had prayers at the mosque. >> it's just two week was a three i.s.i.s. supporters rammed a rented van into pedestrians on london bridge and rampaged through restaurants and bars. they killed eight people and wounded several dozen others as well. the attackers were shot to death
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by police. stay with 6abc for continuing coverage of this breaking story from london. an update at when we get new information. turning to accuweather now. could be a messies start to the workweek. a good chance of severe storms throughout the day. melissa mcgee has the first check of the accuweather forecast. >> yes, sarah, quite active across the delaware and lehigh valley tomorrow afternoon and especially in the evening. part of the reason is you have the building heat and the humidity. it's going to act as a trigger as a cold front moves through tomorrow. it feel like 88 in philadelphia. 88 in wilmington. still humid at this hour with the southerly flow of moisture. 89 in dover. cooler from beach haven in cape may, in the 70s. this is what we're watching. storm tracker 6 live double tracker 3d. storms across new england, across the great lakes and the ohio valley. this swings through, and there's
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a lot of moisture associated with it. so future tracker 6 showing you that line and a wall of water tomorrow evening just in time for the evening commute from the i-90 corridor down across the mid-atlantic region as well. so because of that, the storm prediction center placed us in a slight and enhanced risk of finding some severe weather. widespread showers and storms for the orange-shaded counties here. and scattered showers for the yellow-shaded counties. what to expect tomorrow, it's hot. stays oppressive. gusty thunderstorms on the way, possibility of hail. brief, heavy downpours likely. and the potential of localized flooding with a flash flood watch in the i-95 metro area. a closer look at the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. back to you, sarah. >> be sure to check in with 6abc as you start your day in the morning. the latest accuweather forecast and the updated timeline of when that heavy rain is expected to rave. >> moving on to a disturbing story. a 10-year-old girl electrocuted
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in tom's river playing in a lagoon with friends. she was touching the boat lift that was energized by an electronic current. bob brooks has more on the story and how it can be prevented in the future. bob. >> reporter: walter, nobody expected that to happen over in tom's river. a similar incident happened over the weekend out in ohio. that's why we are here at the penn's landing marina. we spoke with the dockmaster here. he said first and foremost, the staff at marinas have to be on top of things. and around the water, need to be observant. she was just 10 years old, little kayla maddows, swimming behind friend's house not far from us. >> a female electrocuted, unorganization. breathing. >> reporter: she was electrocuted and passed away this morning at the hospital. >> it's like a nightmare.
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and it's just not real. just not real. she was just a little girl. you know? she loved just simple things. and she was very excited for her dance that was coming up. and it's just very sad. she will be truly missed. >> reporter: police say around 8 p.m. yesterday kayla and two girls were near this metal both lift in the backyard. parents and other adults were watching them, but kayla upped it the lift and somehow was shocked right away. the equipment of the live, energized. a neighbor says. >> you have to watch water and electricity. that's all i can say. it's a dangerous thing by water. >> reporter: also in ohio at the famous put in bay, a 19-year-old electrocuted and died at a marina near his family's boat. the policy here. >> we don't allow anybody in the water. whether they be tubing or row boating. can't sit on the dock and dangle your feet in the water. >> reporter: he says here nothing electrical is exposed.
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there's routine checks daily. he says the main thing to focus on here, the electrical connection to the boats. >> before you connect this, make sure that the breaker is off. once they plug this in, throw the breaker on and make sure there is power. if you see this out, make sure the breaker is off on the pedestal. >> reporter: begun, you're asked to be observeant in marinas. if you see anything that's dangerous around electricity and water, tell someone. bob brooks, action 6 action news. >> bob, thank you. in glouster township, a sewer pump issue caused thousands of gallons of sewage into big timber creek. annie mccormack is live from the scene with the story from there. annie. >> reporter: and, sarah, officials are stressing that the drinking water has not been effected. there's no boil water advisory in place. this afternoon about 28,000
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people did receive robo calls warning them to stay away from the water in big timber creek. cell phone video captured sewage spilling out of the man hold at a thousand gallons a minute. spilling into the stream into big timber creek. residents received robo calls soon after. >> i got notified by the phone. said there was a sewage leak and pumping into the timber creek for 90 minutes. so they recommended not to use the water. >> reporter: camden county officials tell action news that a power outage put the regional pumping station out of power. it is next to the waterway. thousands of gallons did discharge before crews were able to switch it off. now, they back online. officials are warning residents to not swim, fish, eat fish, or drink directly from the creeks or surrounding waterways for at
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least 24 hours. spokesperson says drinking water is not affected because it does not come from the creek. and camden county officials just released an update a short time ago saying which towns are affected, glouster, camden city, otobon park. the new jersey department of environmental protection was out tonight along with numerous state agencies, they will be monitoring this for several days reporting live, annie mccormack. >> quite a messy scene. thank you, annie. investigators at the jersey shore trying to figure out why several homes under construction in north wildwood collapsed. it happened at about 4:30 this afternoon on the 400 block of west spruce street. witnesses say it was windy down near the water, but no word why this happened. jury selection begins
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tomorrow in the corruption trial of philadelphia district attorney, seth williams. accused of promising legal favors in exchange for cash, trips and gifts. and accused of using campaign money for legal expenses. he has not resewned and continues to draw his salary of more than $172,000 a year. his law license has been suspended. he's agreed not to run for a third term. after a judge declared a mistrial in the cosby trial, they are weighing in. cosby's attorney says he's concerned about the client's health. the montgomery county d.a. vowed to retry the 79-year-old cosby. the judge would hear a petition to release the names of the jurors. they will have to figure out which specific issues hung up the jury which deliberated for five days without a verdict.
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cosby's attorney says the trial took its toll. >> i have been greatly concerned for his health. i don't know that i will see 79. but if i do, i don't know what i will survive what he survived this week. i have been trying cases for 30 years and it has been difficult for me. i have no idea how he managed to sit in a room and endure while strangers were deciding his destiny. >> cosby's second trial could take place within a few months. cosby remains free on $1 million bail. teachers in philadelphia vote tomorrow whether to ratify a new contract. they have been working without one for the last four years. the district and the teachers union announced friday they have reached a tentative agreement. terms have not been announced pending ratification of the deal by the union's 12,000 members. contract would run through 2020. superintendent says getting a new contract was the top priority this school year. current school year wrap up this
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coming tuesday. the u.s. military has, for the first time, shot down a syrian war plane in syrian air space. incident took place after the syrian jet dropped bombs on syrian democratic forces, a group supported bit u.s. military. the plane was an assad regime aircraft backed by russia. u.s. multiofficials say they're focused on defeating i.s.i.s. and they will not hesitate to defend themselves and their partners in syria. >> one of president trump's attorneys say he's not under investigation in the russia probe. saying friday's tweet by the president was merely a response to news reports that he was the subject of an expanding russia investigation. >> that response on social media was in response to the washington post piece. it's is that simple. the president is not under investigation. >> he says the president has not been notified of any investigation. washington post reported last week that special council robert mueller is looking into whether
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the president obstructed justice. in the meantime, the supreme court could take up president trump's travel ban this week. the court asked attorneys to file briefs by tuesday at noon and asked the trump administration to do so by noon on wednesday. the order bans travel from six muslim majority countries for 90 days and halts the refugee program for 120 days. it's now struck down by two separate federal courts. much more to come on action news tonight. the navy identifies the sailors killed during a collision between a destroyer and a cargo ship as officials launch several investigations into what happened. and later, a cherished tradition on father's day for philadelphia and for us on 6abc. to this year's gary papa run along the parkway. and a major deal for a young player with serious skills. jeff skversky has sports when action news comes right back.
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in great britain officials launched engine checks of 2500 high rise apartment buildings across the country to see if they have exterior clatting like the tower. it may have been banned. experts believe it helped spread the flames at the 24-story tower. london police released video of the devastation inside. at least 58 people died last week. but it may take weeks or more to identify the remains. at least 62 people have been killed in a raging forest fire in central portugal. the blaze went through a wooded area last night faster than people could escape. fires are still burning across the hillside areas there. officials believe that a lightning strike from a thunderstorm lighted the blaze. the portugal president declared three days of national morning. a gunman attacked a resort
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popular with tourists in mali. two were killed, but 30 others escaped. three attackers were killed, a fourth got away. the first attacker arrived by motorcycle yelling allah akbar. a visiting french soldier wounded one with his own gun. the state department warned of possible attacks in mali. the u.s. navy released the names of the seven sailors who died on the uss fitzgerald. all men most in the early 20s with the youngest being 19 and the oldest, 37. they were killed in their sleeping berths when the cargo ship abruptly made a u-turn and slammed into the side of the destroyer friday night off the coast of japan. it's not known why that ship turned around. there are now four separate investigations under way. three from the u.s. military. and one by the japanese coast guard. outrage tonight over an ad in a hotly contested kohl's race
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in georgia. the ad uses the rampage targeting members of congress to elect the conservative candidate. >> reporter: tonight the final push in the most expensive congressional race in u.s. history. the tight battle for georgia's sixth congressional district, seen as a potential indicator of things to come in the 2018 memories. >> time for fresh leadership. >> reporter: in the atlanta suburbs ahead of the election. >> we appreciate everything that you have done for us. >> reporter: against republican karen handel. the two neck-and-neck in the traditionally gop stronghold. this weekend getting help from big political names. georgia congressman john lewis for ossoff. >> committed and dedicated. >> for handel, the health and human services secretary. >> we have to have a crazy high turnout for election on tuesday for karen handel. >> reporter: the two parties spending nearly $40 million on the race which turned ugly this
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weekend. this disturbing ad from a conservative pac capitalizing on the mass shooting at a gop baseball practice. >> now the unhinged left is applauding shooting republicans. >> reporter: the alleged gunman denounced the gop candidate in a facebook post before the attack. the spokeswoman calling the ad disturbing and disgusting. ossoff also calling the ad shameful, demanding it be pulled before tuesday's election. abc news, new york. >> much more to come on action news tonight. u2, at the link tonight. some of the highlights coming up. and meteorologist melissa mcgee with the exclusive accuweather seven day forecast when action news comes right back. over 200 products no antibiotics ever.
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we take some unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. for example, thyme. it's part of our 100% veggie diet and helps support their immune system. perdue. over 200 products no antibiotics ever. people with disabilities got the thrill of a lifetime today. they went surfing in wildwood crest, inning. it was made possible by a
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program, life rolls on which brings together volunteers and medical experts such as those from moss rehab. together they useed adaptive surf boards and wheelchairs to make surfing possible. isn't that great? >> really nice. >> really nice. the ocean probably felt good today. >> i bet it did. very warm today, guys. a high of 90 in philadelphia. that humidity sticks around tomorrow. showers and storms. talk about the details. here is storm tracker 6 live double scan radar. dry in philadelphia. but a little bit of precipitation off to the north and west up in the poconos and also to the north of that region. so we'll track some moisture that will move on in here as we go throughout the overnight hours. show you the picture outside. sky 6 life in hd. looking at the commodore barry bridge. warm and sticky right now. again, the high was 90. look at the heat indices across the region, still in the upper 80s, lower 90s. feels like 88 in philadelphia.
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89 in dover with that southwesterly wind. 88 in reading. at the coast in cape may, numbers in the lower 70s from beach haven down to cape may. the reason it was so humid. the dew point. any time it's 70 or higher, it's quite oppressive. that's from the poconos down into the city, into cape may. and the humidity is going to fuel and trigger some showers and storms in combination with the cold front off to our north and west. satellite 6 along with action radar. partly cloudy, dry. showers and thunderstorms across the interior new england, eastern great lakes and the ohio valley. so this will move on through tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. and in anticipation of the wet weather that we're tracking, a flash flood watch already posted along the i-95 metro area. goes up at noon. lasting right through midnight tomorrow. localized heavy rain is a big concern. and the green shaded counties here, we could find anywhere 1 to 2 inches of rain.
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a thunderstorm moving through and a brief burst of rain. locally higher amounts. future tracker 6, timing it out. 6:00 in the morning, partly cloudy, dry. damp, humid with a lot of low-level moisture, showers off to the west. into the lunchtime hour tomorrow, 1:00, showers approaching the poconos into allentown. but 6:30 tomorrow evening, a broken line of activity scattered all across the region. that's why the storm prediction center placed us in an enhanced and slight risk of finding severe weather. it's not off the coast until late tomorrow night. so as we assess for damage and the risk tomorrow, we could find some showers and storms as early as lunchtime with the things departing as we get into 9, 10 clock tomorrow night. concern for lightning, downpours. strong winds high on the concern. large hail, that's a moderate concern. and an isolated tornado, can't rule that out.
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humid tomorrow, severe storms before the afternoon. high 87. and in the wake of the front, turning sunny by the afternoon. high in at 84. wednesday, first day of summer. a pop-up rumble of thunder. looking good by thursday, sunshine and clouds. more humid on friday, a thunderstorm around. in at 90. saturday, it's cloudy with thunderstorms possible, 84. partly sunny next sunday, guys, with a high of 84 degrees. keep a watchful eye to the sky. especially tomorrow evening. >> thank you. >> there was a bit of a throwback vehicle at the u2 concert tonight at the link. ♪ i believe kingdom come ♪ in all the colors >> oh, yeah. the band stopped in philadelphia tonight as part of its modern day joshua tree tour. if that sounds familiar, the joshua tree was u2's landmark album released in 1987. that helped launch the irish
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band into mega stardom. >> beyoncé and jay z have reportedly welcomed their twins. no official confirmation on the gender of the babies or their names. family members, including beyoncé's father, have been tweeting congratulations. they are also the parents to 5-year-old daughter blue ivy. we'll be right back.
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hbo and multi-room dvr service for two years all with a two year agreement. jeff skversky has sports. in case you're wondering with the phillies are not good. >> we can rerack night after night. the same deal lately. they have lost 11 of the last 12 games. oh, phillies, it's run real. getting worse and worse and worse. the phillies off to their worst start in 20 years. today snake bit again by arizona thanks to a meltdown in the back of the bullpen. again. phillies need pitching. hey, how about vince velasquez's dad. how about the first pitch today with some heat? happy father's day. we throw to the sixth. breaks up the 3-3 tie, who else


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