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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  June 19, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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4:30 a.m., monday, june 19. tam is off, jeanette reyes joins us. >> here's what we're following today, a developing story a driver rams into a worshipers stranding outside a mosque in london. an incident in south jersey >> looking out for storms later today, let's turn to david murphy and karen rogers good morning. >> reporter: all right, guys we're off to a warm and muggy start across the region. we have issues coming up this afternoon and evening. a flood watch kicks in at noon
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across the central portion of the region this extends into allentown and reading, as well. in the central areas we're expecting a line of drenching showers and thunderstorms later on. some of the storms this afternoon and evening could be severe and numerous in fact in the central portion of the region. these are the areas highlighted by the storm prediction center. any storms that form could produce damaging wind gusts and perhaps some hail and there's a slight chance of a tornado embedded somewhere in this wide, yellow region after the storms come through. the best chance of this is closer to dinnertime in the i-95 corridor, down the shore, later, 7 to 9:00 p.m. right now we don't see action out there, there are showers ahead of the front. the air in place is in uncomfortable and humid and there's a lot of energy to chew on when the storms come through. we're at 80 degrees at this early hour. that's pretty unusual.
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80 in allentown. 78 in trenton. 78 in millville. 71 in cape may. the dewpoints extremely high, just about everybody is over 70 that means oppressive humidity as you step outside this morning. as we roll through the afternoon, 80 degrees by 7:00. 84 by noon. 3:00 p.m., that's the high, 87 decrease and then the storms start to approach and the numbers begin to taper off a little bit, by 7:00, 84 degrees after that we'll be plunging into the 70s after the storms move through. more on the storms approach and what they will look like on future tracker 6 and nicer weather in the seven day. >> reporter: the morning commute is dry, but we're starting with several accidents coming in. here's one on i-95 southbound near the delaware state line. the right lane is blocked southbound toward delaware the right lane blocked with an early-morning accident. police on the scene there, as well. there's an accident on ridley
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park, route 13 at myrtle avenue watch for restrictions there, as well. center city, 11th and market street there's an accident involving a police car. watch for that in center city. yet another accident royersford main street at 5th avenue watch for an accident there, as well. live on the vine street expressway, no overnight construction last night, tonight through thursday night they will be shutting down the vine, matt. >> developing overnight a van driver slammed into a pedestrians near a mosque in north london killing one man and injuring ten others, it happened as muslims were leaving the mosque from ramadan prayers. molly hunter is in london this morning with the latest. >> reporter: overnight another chaotic scene in london. i can't describe it. >> reporter: police descending on a mosque after a ventricle ran over a dozen people.
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witnesses say the van turned down a one way street and accelerated plowing into a crowd of worshipers leaving evening prayers. >> he drove on the pavement coming straits toward the muslims. -- straight toward the muslims. >> reporter: here's the police barricade. police say it was a deliberate act. these dramatic moments bystanders wrestling the subject from the van holding him down until police arrived. 48 years old eyewitnesses described him as a white man with an english accident. >> it was not an accident or that the person was drunk and the van went out of control. >> this is being treated as a terror attack and the
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counterterrorism command is investigating. the mayor of london calling it a horrific terror attack weeks after a van ploughed into pedestrians on the london bridge. three london extremests who carried out the attack were killed by police. molly hunter, abc news london. developing news, a backyard party in south jersey landed two people in the hospital. state police were called to an incident on 6th road near minor lane in buena vista township. two people were flown to area hospitals. there conditions have not been released. happening today, jury selection begins in the corruption trial of district attorney seth williams who promised legal favors for cash
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give gifts and trips. katherine scott is live outside the courthouse in center city. katherine, good morning. good morning, jennette, that's right jury selection is set for federal court, the jurors come from southeastern pennsylvania county. the judge is urging a speedy trial and said they might get to opening statements today if time ray allows. jury selection begins today for seth williams who faces 29 federal charges. williams is accused of taking more than $100,000 in gifts and vacations in exchange for favorites to two local businessmen. he is charged with misspending $20,000 meant for his mother's nursing care. government officials say their evidence includes $200,000 documents audio recording and tax returns. williams has maintained his innocence. he remains district attorney and accepting his salary, but not
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seeking a third term. his law license has been suspended by agreement with the state supreme court. at a pretrial hearing last week, the subject said they could pick a jury of 12 and 4 alternates in one day and told prosecutors to be ready to present witnesses tomorrow. williams faces a maximum of 20 years hind bars if he is convicted. the trial is expected to last a month. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> a day of fun turned tragic for a ten-year-old girl from toms river new jersey, kayla maetos was swimming in a lagoon on saturday, she touched the electric rail of a boat slip that knocked her unconscious. she later died. >> it's a nightmare we're living in, it's just not real,
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not real. she was just a little girl, she loved the simple things and very excited for a dance that was coming up. it's very sad. she'll be truly missed. >> the little girl's two friends were not hurt. >> investigators in north wildwood are trying to figure out why a building under construction collapsed. it happened happened on the 400 block of west spruce avenue outside the bay. witnesses say it was windy near the water, but there's no official word why it happened. the neighborhoods in philadelphia hunting park section is dealing with that mess, a water main break before 9:00 a.m. yesterday morning at old york road and hunting park avenue. crews put a temporary patch on the problem. they will return today to finish repairs. in the meantime, the local recreation center there will not have water service. >> teachers in philadelphia
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will vote on whether to ratify a new contract. they have been working without one for the last four years. the teachers and the district reached around agreement. the contract would run through 2020. school superintendent william hite said getting a new contract was his top priority this school year. the current school year wraps up this week. >> 4:39 a.m., new on "action news," surveillance video shows a homeowner using a machete to fend off a group of robbers. >> a young boy is thank police officers for helping him after a nasty crash. >> reporter: it's going to be like it's in the 90s because of the high humidity. the big, afternoon thunderstorms some of which could be strong, i'll have more on "action news"
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coming up next.
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>> this year's gary pappa run has surpassed its fupped raising goal -- fundraising goal. gary started the run to fund prostate cancer and breast cancer health. jamie apody was leading the team at yesterday's run. >> there i am, see, i told you i was there. >> the weather was pretty good, it was a nice breeze. >> it was a nice breeze in the morning, i spent the afternoon at the phillies game, it was a long game, too. storm tracker 6 live double scan we are dry this morning, out to the north and west of philadelphia, there's a hint of
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precipitation building that will go into the afternoon and evening. outside we go, sky6 live hd we have sunshine coming up over the horizon over the commodore barry bridge. it is warm and muggy outside right now. the temperature currently 80 degrees, pretty unheard of we are at 80 at this point in the morning. 72 is the dewpoint. remember anything over 70 is oppressive humidity. you will feel it as you step outside this morning. winds out of the south/southwest at 10 miles per hour, breezy. probably between now and noon we're mainly dry, a stray shower can't be ruled out. wale to the north and west of philadelphia, thunderstorms may begin to pop. 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. this stuff gets closer to the area. allentown, lancaster, in particular you want to be on the look out for storms. 6:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m., a line of strong storms is coming through the northern and western suburbs
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and comes through philadelphia and wind up east of the city between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. these times are approximate anytime after 3:00 p.m. you have to look out for this. looks like it will begin to the north and west and wind up by the shore by 8:00. by midnight or so, we're done with all that. and it pushes off to the east. having said that we are as this comes through there are several threats. there is lightning and downpours out of the system. a flood watch is in effect through the evening. strong damaging wind gusts would be possible. large hail not out of the question, an isolated tornado i'm posting a low chance of that, but there's a chance. the idea is that these storms are serious, and you should take cover indoors on the lower floors when they come through. warm and humid, 81 by 8:00 a.m. 83 degrees by noon, 3:00 p.m.,
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87. high temperatures ahead of this, 84 in in in allentown. 9 in dover. on the beach, low 80s and probably holding off with the storms until the evening hours. watch what happens with the dewpoints, overnight when the storms come through, they drop. tomorrow afternoon, the dewpoints are out of the 70s and down in the 50s, 87 is the high, look for downpours and thunderstorms. other than that it's cloudy and muggy. less humid tomorrow, 86. summer arrives on wednesday in the wee hours of the morning we wind up with a high of 83. there could be a stray shower or thunderstorm in the northern and western suburbs most of us us are dry on wednesday. sunny on thursday, 88 degrees there. friday we build in the hot and humid weather, stray thunderstorm, mid 90s for the coming weekend.
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a couple of thunderstorms over there, as well. when storms are abound go to check out live radar to see when and where they are. >> new on "action news" a homeowner in florida used a machete to fight off five house robbers. surveillance video shows the homeowner grabbing the machete and fighting back. he managed to disarm one of them while the other four took off. the homeowner held one suspect until police arrived. officers later tracked down and arrested the other attackers. all five are facing robbery and other charges. >> new on "action news" a mother is in jail accused of assaulting her 11-year-old daughter. witnesses say appeared to be an.
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the girl was naked at the time of the incident. a good martian pulled the girl to safety. she suffered severe ear damage. new on "action news," new york city firefighter went above the call of duty when it came to helping a boy who was hurt in a bike accident. 9-year-old impaled himself on his bike handlebars when he took a spill. they jammed into the upper leg. firefighters had to cut a part the bike to help him. they say he was not crying he was as cool as cucumber. firefighters were not done, they were so imleez -- impressed with his demeanor they bought him a new bike. >> come home on tuesday, i see a bike. >> he said the firefighters deserve $1 million reach. >> your time, now, 4:47 a.m.
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sales, marketing, hundreds of jobs available at a fair today. home bakers in new jersey are fighting a law that bans the sales of their home baked goods that's next. chris christie: addiction is a disease.
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>> hey everybody we're looking live at philadelphia international airport, looking live and looking good. and it is not going to stay that way. we have strong storms that will affect the evening commute. enjoy the morning commute, weather wise while you can. looking live on 42 northbound traffic at creek road. light volume no big deal coming up from turnersville or washington township and looking dry. we have an accident that brought down a utility pole, that's cleared in montgomery county. keystone drive at progress drive not much progress being made on the drive this morning. outside live on i-95 southbound approaching the delaware state line. looking live, because we had a lane blocked with an accident. it just cleared the scene from our camera window, it might be hiding behind the trees, looks
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like the accident on i-95 southbound as cleared. matt and jennette. >> today is the last day for the tax amnesty program in pennsylvania. individuals and businesses have until midnight to pay delinquent taxes and have all penalties and half the interest waived. a 5% penalty will be applied after today. a group of people are fighting a law that prevent people from selling home state goods. it is the only state after the state of wisconsin concerns over public health issues has lawmakers considering the issues. home bakers want to sell their goods to earn extra money or have to open store fronts or pay to work out of commercial kitchens. futures are pointing to more gains this morning. coast to coast career fairs
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hosting a fair in philadelphia. hundreds of jobs are available law enforcement to insurance and more, at the four points by sheraton at grant and the boulevard. new video on "action news," a we get a firsthand view of a police officer's encounter with a bear, that's an interesting ending coming up at 5:00 p.m. >> a.m. the navy releases the pictures of the sailors killed in a collision between the u.s.s. fitzgerald and massive cargo ship that's next. ♪
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photos of the seven sailors who died during a collision of a mass irving cargoship, the youngest 19, thed oldest 37. it is not known why the cargo ship turned around. there are four separate investigations underway, three from the u.s. military and one by the japanese coast guard. the u.s. military shot down a syrian war plane in syrian aerospace. the incident occurred after the syrian jet dropped bombs on syrian democratic forces a group supported by u.s. military. the plane was an assad regime
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aircraft made by russia. am zone ceo is giving bill gates a run for his money. bezos is five million dollars short of being the richest person. he has a good shot as he continues to show interest in expanding his business. i think they will be okay though. >> he will. 4:57 a.m., today is yet another big daily for the future of the 76ers. the team is about to make a major deal to grab a young player with serious skills. big news with beyounce and jay-z, the bee high is not happy with beyounce's father giving news over the couple's twins. we'll be right back.
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>> good morning everyone, it is 5:00 a.m., monday, june 19. tam is off, jeanette reyes is here, here's what's happening. >> another terror attack, this time in london with people leaving a mosque after prayers. >> police are at a murder scene in west philadelphia, the victim was sitting on his porch. >> plus, accuweather is tracking the threat of severe weather for the start of the workweek. we're timing out when the storms arrive. here they come, let's turn to david murphy and karen rogers good morning. >> reporter: we're dry across as the region. we have issues we


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