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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  June 19, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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6:00 a.m., monday, june 19. tam is off, jeanette reyes is here, here's what's happening. >> we're following developing news out of london this morning. another terror attack this time the target people leaving a mosque after prayers. >> a west philadelphia man on house arrest becomes the latest victim of homicide in the city. the victim was sitting on his porch. >> accuweather is tracking the threat of severe weather for the start of the workweek. we're timing out when the storms will arrive. >> let's get you ready with david murphy and karen rogers, good morning. >> reporter: as soon as you step outside you'll feel how
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uncomfortably warm and humid it is across the region. there's a flood watch in effect across the region away from the shore counties. this kicks in at noon and doesn't end until later this evening, that's because we're expecting drenching downpour producing showers and thunderstorms to begin develop in the northern and western suburbs, probably after 2, 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. in the northern and western suburbs, it will plough through the i-95 corridor. we have severe storms with the line that comes through later today and this evening. the storm prediction center has the area covered in orange. that's the area where we could see numerous damaging wind gusts produces storms. the big issue are the damaging winds and hail and lightning and downpours there's less of a chance of wind damage down the shore. when you look at the isolated tornado chance. yeah, it's isolated, may or may
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not happen, but everywhere could see that. if you here thunder move indoors to lower floors if there's a tornado warning it's down to the basement. satellite and radar shows you a fair amount of sunshine later, we'll cloud up a little bit we'll see the rain to the west pushing east and getting more intense. ahead of that, we're warm and humid, 79 degrees, check out dewpoints, we're all the way up in the 70s that's oppressive humidity across the region. a quick look at the seven day shows we stay warm and muggy. 3:00 p.m., high of 87 and we're looking out for the storms. i'll show you the advance of the storms on future tracker 6 and look at the seven day. >> reporter: let's get you outside live looking at the blue route, northbound traffic heading toward the schuylkill expressway moving nicely. roads are clear and dry, but we've had a bunch of accidents
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and some of them serious, south 16th between fitzwater and cat cat -- catherine street in south philadelphia. a vehicle lost control and flipped on its side and hit a parked vehicle. look at that vehicle standing you mean on its side. you can see in it south philadelphia creating big problems be debris all over. south 16th is shut down between fitzwater and catherine street. royersford an accident montgomery county 422 eastbound approaching royersford this is new. an accident investigation for a fatal accident in hamilton township atlantic county it happened on the atlantic city expressway westbound as you're coming back from the shore you're hitting the traffic with the fatal accident blocking the right lane, also a single vehicle driver lost control, flipped over approaching route 40. a serious accident here, as well. live outside in new jersey, again you see the roads are clear, we'll see busy volume
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later on as more people heading back from the shore, matt. >> developing overnight a possible terror attack in london killed one person and injured ten others, a van plowed into worshipers as they left the mosque in the if i finnsbury pak neighborhood. teresa may said an emergency government meeting will be held today. london mayor is calling it a horrific terror attack. developing a 20-year-old man was shot and killed sitting on his front porch in west philadelphia. it happened in north philadelphia at 3:00 a.m. the gunman clearly targeted the victim shooting him multiple times as he sat on the plastic chair on the pomp. the man was under -- on on the porch. the man was under house arrest
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wearing an ankle bracelet. a car and suv collided in center city on market street at 4:00 a.m. accident investigators were called to the scene. philadelphia district attorney seth williams will be in court this morning, this time for his own trial. >> jury selection begins today for the democrat's federal trial on bribery and corruption charges. katherine scott is live outside the federal court house in center city. >> reporter: good morning, matt, jury selection is set for today in federal court. the pro -- prospective jurors come from nine southeastern counties for the trial. jury selection begins today in the corruption trial of seth williams. 50-year-old williams faces 29 charges a maximum of 20 years behind bars accused of trading
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his influence as the city's top prosecutor in $100,000 in gifts and vacations from two local business owners. williams has maintained his innocence. he remains district attorney and is still acceptinged salary but not -- accepting his salary, he is not seeking a third term. his law license has been suspended and his first assistant took over daily operations. the judge under a speedy trial he said he felt confident they can pick a jury of 12 and four alternates and squeeze in opening statements if time allows. the judge told attorneys to be ready to present witnesses starting tomorrow. live in federal court, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you, the former husband of a a popular radio host who was murdered back in 2012 will be back inside a mays landing courtroom. last week, james kauffman was
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arrested on weapons charges after he allegedly pulled out a gun during an fbi search of his egg harbor township home. it is not known what investigators were looking for. a judge could decide to release kauffman from jail. we are told this is not related to his wife's death. maribel aber is live in thyme square. >> reporter: today is the last day for the amnesty program they will have all penalties and half the interest waived. stocks were little changed on friday. futures are looking toward a higher open. cars three motors past wonder woman to grab the top spot 53 million in technicality --
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ticket sales, twables the lowest -- it was the lowest opening of any of the cars movies. wonder woman slipped to 4th place. a lot of people hanging with dad, not so much cars, i hope you had a great weekend. >> reporter: i was out in california in disneyland i got to drive the cars ride, it was a lot of fun, they were excited about the new movie and i guess a lot of people were this weekend. storm tracker 6 live double scan you can see showers well to the north and west, we'll probably wait until this afternoon until we see most of the action. we look outside, warm and humid this morning, it's a great looking morning on sky6 live hd at the commodore barry bridge, but it is sticky out there, take a look 79 degrees is the current temperature, the winds south/southwest at so miles pert 10 miles per hour. 72 is the dewpoint.
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we have oppressive humidity this morning. between now and noon we're basically dry, a pop-up shower here or there, but nothing to get too excite the about. later in the afternoon, you see the showers developing northern and western suburbs and drenching downpours 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., the model has the possibility of some of this in southern delaware and south jersey, as well. all of this converges as we get into the later evening hours and by 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m., the i-95 corridor is under the threat of this, strong drenching downpours producing localized flash flooding on roads and flashy creeks and streams. 9:00 p.m. it pushes to the shore, it clears philadelphia and clears the region after 11:00 p.m. or midnight tonight.
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along the way any storms that storm have a high chance of producing lightning and heavy downpours and strong damaging winds gusts and hail. i'm throwing a low chance of an isolated tornado this is not out of the question. indoors on the lower floors if you hear a rumble of thunder. 83 by 10:00 a.m., 84 by noon, humid by 3:00 p.m. you're topping out at 87 and holding 86 by 6:00 p.m. as the storms come through. the numbers will drop overnight after the storms are gone. 84 in allentown, reading and lancaster. upper 80s in the i-95 corridor, 90 in dover, low 80s on the beach and atlantic city and other shorepoints. later this evening, we're looking at high humidity it's starting to drop in the northern and western suburbs. 6:00 a.m. it's not as humid and tomorrow afternoon dewpoints back in the 50s and feeling
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better. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high, 8 # -- 87, very warm and humid. this afternoon and evening as you just saw downpour producing thunderstorms damaging wind gusts take cover from the storms. tuesday, humidity dropping high of 86. wednesday, 83 degrees with summer officially arriving at 12:24 a.m. in the morning. there could be a spotty shower in the afternoon probably in the northern and western suburbs. thursday, hot and humid, 88. friday, 90. there could thunderstorms friday saturday and sunday. 6:11 a.m., norm to run, dozens of people become trapped in their cars trying to escape a raging forest fire overseas. limited screen time there's a movement to put an age limit on who can purchase a cell phone. >> reporter: looking live at 422, traffic is moving okay king
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6:14 a.m., we're taking a live look at center city via our temple cam. i don't have to tell you this, you will feel it the minute you walk out the door, warm and muggy, 79 degrees. >> kind of soupy out there karen.
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>> reporter: already oppressive. already we have sunshine. as i stand in the camera, don't i look like an angel with that around me. in southwest philadelphia, we have a problem in south 16th street. it's blocked near fitzwater street. look at that vehicle flipped over on its side. the driver lost control and smashed into a parked van completely landed on its side debris all over the road in south philadelphia. avoid south 16th street. stick to 18th street as we watch they will get it back on its bottom there. they are trying to process that right now. the action cam showing us, there you have it, now it's upright, what a mess out there this morning. we have a bunch of accidents like that as well. garden state parkway southbound at new gretna an accident on the shoulder. live on the vine street
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expressway, construction shut down each night through thursday. 79 degrees the current temperature, the problem is the dewpoints in the 70s. once you hit 07 it feels oppressive. 76 in dover and millville. 72 in the city. the storms that are brewing to the west they they could effects this afternoon and evening they could be severe. >> firefighters in portugal are struggling to get control of a raging forest fire. 60 people died in their cars trying to escape. strong winds are making it difficult to get it under control it could spread, the flames further. the country has begun three days of mourning for the victims. >> this just in, police in london released a new figure from the huge apartment fire, 79 people are dead or missing. bells rang across the british
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capitol to remember them. authorities released pictures from inside the tower. families left homeless will receive seven thousand dollars to find a new place to live. experts think the exterior cladding which contained insulation held the fire spread quickly. >> we could learn more about the jurors who could not reach a verdict in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. judge steven o'neill declared a mistrial on saturday saying the jury was hopelessly deadlocked. the district attorney promises to retrial the 79-year-old comedian. >> in "healthcheck" a warning for anyone who switched to cooking with coconut oil. reachers saying it's not what it's cracked up to be. colorado wants to keep
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>> reporter: i'm registered nurse ali gorman this is your "action news" health tip. in the summer heat we talk about drinking more water to stay hydrated. foods can help, things like cucumbers, cellry and carrots and watermelon are some of the best hydrating foods. >> i eat that stuff. >> reporter: i do too, i always crave watermelon, it makes sense. i want to show you an accident on 422 westbound at 23. hard to see behind the sign. there's been a mess of accidents this morning there's another one on 422 eastbound approaching royersford. mass transit fox chase train
6:22 am
running late and two cars shot. expect overcrowding there. an overturned vehicle on south 16th street. bus route being detoured. >> reporter: it's warm across the region. 87 degrees by 7 -- 70 degrees by 7:00 a.m. 87 is the high by 3:00 p.m. the other issue we have showers and thunderstorms buildings in the northern and western suburbs through the i-95 corridor early evening and by the shore later. these are serious storms take cover as they roll through later today and tonight. at the airport, all green aircraft we have started to drop thunderstorm activity in dallas for fort worth. if you think coconut oil is healthy when it comes to
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cooking. you're wrong. fats are higher than in beef fat and butter. that's not good for most people because it can raise cholesterol. the study's lead author say it's great for hair and skin. so matt, some good news for you. >> there you have it. the trade that would give the 6ers the number one overall pick in the nba draft is expected to be announced today. the sixers will take markell fultz. they will give up their first rounds pick year and another first roundser, next year.
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a miracle an awning saved a 2-year-old's life in new york city after plunging out a 6th floor window in the bronx. her father described the frantic moment. >> i was trying to climb up on the awning and i couldn't. >> the nanny the girl is okay. her parents were in the apartment at the time of the accident. a cousin left the window open and left the room. girl's parents are paying for window locks. grandpa may have gotten too
6:27 am
excited about beyounce's twins arrival. he said happy birthday, they are here. the couple have not announced the bitter of twins. -- birth of the twins. many fans were not happy. beyounce announced her pregnancy back in february. it was the most liked photo ever posted on the social media site. >> you don't want to feel the beehive's wrath. a night of partying ends with a call to new jersey state police. we're gathering information on a suspected terror attack in london. a driver plowed a van into a dozen people who were leaving a mosque.
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news" a driver plows into people leaving a mosque in london. tragedy on the water, a family loses their little girl to a swimming accident if new jersey. what you need to know to stay safe this summer. >> happening today, seth williams is in court for jury selection as the federal corruption trial gets underway. >> good morning, june 19, 6:30, tamala edwards is off, jeanette reyes joins us. >> good morning, guys. >> reporter: it's warm and muggy this morning, you will feel it, the humid air mass is in place that will lead to problems later on. let's start out with a flood watch that's in effect. it kicks in at noon because of a line of thundershowers that will start coming down through the northern and western suburbs later tonight and wind up by the shore later this evening. it's in the central counties where we expect the rain to be
6:31 am
the worst, flash flooding possible. even though they start at noon, it's later in the afternoon and evening you see the drenchers. the thunderstorms could be severe in some cases. the storm prediction center has the center of the region, most of it in fact in the orange area that means chance of numerous thunderstorms where they hit could produce damaging wednesday gusts and hail and there's a slight chance of a tornado an isolated one popping up somewhere in the wide yellow s.w.a.t. can't guarantee it's here, if you hear thunder this afternoon or evening take -- swath, if you hear turned this there's rain off to the west, trying to get cranked up in terms of the thunderstorms with the early hour. it's easier to pop later in the afternoon. 79 currently if philadelphia. everybody in the 70s.
6:32 am
check in the 70s that means oppressive humidity across the region. karen when i step inside i'll show you the storms popping through. ahead of them 87 very humid and uncomfortable, a storm threat today. a lot going on especially with the evening commute. the morning commute is dry. we have a ton of problems, heavy volume on i-95 southbound approaching allegheny. we're jammed from past cottman to girard, 22 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine. no accidents on i-95, but lots of accidents everywhere else. there you see a vehicle sitting on its side. the driver lost control and smashed into a parked van and flipped on its side. this happened on south 16th street. they have shut that down, watch as the action cam was on the scene as they upright the vehicle. what a mess of an accident i
6:33 am
void south 16th in south philadelphia. stick to 17th street. they have the vehicle upright. they say between fitzwater and catherine. we have two on 422 one eastbound approaching royersford one westbound on the shoulder. a fatal accidents in new jersey. if you're coming back from the shore on the ac expressway, you'll be dealing with the accident blocking the right lane. police say it was a single-vehicle accident lost control overturned a fatality on the atlantic city expressway westbound approaching route 40. >> there's been another deadly van attack in london. a driver plowed into worshipers leaving a mosque. one was killed and ten injured in the suspected act of terror. molly hunter is in london with the latest. >> reporter: overnight another kay on the be scene in london. >> it was like i can't describe
6:34 am
it. >> reporter: police descending on a mosque after a vehicle ran over nearly a dozen people. witnesses say a van turned down a one way street and accelerated plowing into worshipers leave evening prayers during the holy month of ramadhan. here's the area behind there the white van turned on to the one way street before plowing through people in front of a mosque. this man said it was deliberate act the man under arrest was targeting muslims. and these dramatic moments bystanders wrestling the subject from the van holding him down until police arrived. he is 48 years old witnesses described him as as a white man with an english accident. >> it wasn't an accident it wasn't that the person was drunk and the van went out of control.
6:35 am
>> this is being treated as a terror attack and the counterterrorism command is visiting. >> reporter: the mayor of london called it a horrific terror attack. it comes weeks after a van plowed into pedestrians on the london bridge that killed 8 people and wounded many more. three muslim extremists who carried out the attack were killed by police. many say it was without a doubt a terror attack. the anger this morning palpable. state police rushed to a backyard party in south jersey where two people were hurt. the action cam found police tape around the home in buena vista township. two people were flown to area hospitals they are still waiting for an update on their conditions and how they got hurt. >> happening today, jury selection gets underway in seth williams corruption trial.
6:36 am
the philadelphia district attorney is accused of taking bribes in change is for illegal favors. katherine scott is live outside the federal court house in center city. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, jennette that's right, jury selection is set in federal court for the seth williams trial. it is expected to last a month. the jurors come from nine different southeastern pennsylvania counties and the judge is urging a speedy trial. jury selection begins today for seth williams who faces 29 federal charges. williams is accused of taking more than $100,000 in gifts and vacations in exchange for favors to two local businessmen. he is charged with misspending $20,000 meant for his mother's nursing care. government officials say their evidence includes $200,000 documents, audio recordings and
6:37 am
dozens of witnesses and campaign financial reports and tax returns. williams maintains his innocence. he is still district attorney and still accepting his salary. his law license was suspended with agreement by the state supreme court. at a pretrial hearing, the judge felt confident they could pick a jury of 12 and four alternates in one day and told prosecutors to be ready to present witnesses tomorrow. to that end, the judge said they will try to fit in opening statements today if time allows. if convicted, williams faces a maximum of 20 years behind bars. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a day of fun turned into a tragedy for a 10-year-old girl if toms river, new jersey. she was playing in a lagoon with friends on saturday. during the swim she touched an energized railful a boat lift --
6:38 am
rail of a boat lift. it knocked her unconscious. the ppl performed cpr until medics arrived. she later died. the family ask stunned. >> the nightmare we're living in is not real. she was just a little girl, you know she loved simple things, she was very excited for a dance that was coming up. it's very sad. she'll be truly missed. her two friends were not hurt. >> happening today, teachers in philadelphia are set to vote on whether to ratify a new contract. the district and the teachers union reached a tentative agreement on friday. epps teachers were working four years without one. the contract will run through 2020. >> david murphy is here with the weather we're getting a double whammy, it's humid and we'll get rain later on. >> reporter: not just rain, strong gusty thunderstorms. i'm concerned about those. the problem as jennette said is
6:39 am
the humidity. the rain is off to the north and west. looking outside, it looks nice sun coming up, if this was an autumn day or spring day we would be saying great. 79 degrees in philadelphia. not so great. we don't see it this warm this early in the day this often. the dewpoint is up over 70. anytime we get a dewpoint over he 70 which is the best measure of the moisture in the atmosphere we start talking about oppressive humidity. you feel that as you get out there walking or jogging or doing physical activity. winds out of the west/southwest at 10 miles per hour. in terms of rain we're pretty much okay until noon. there could be a spotty shower around nothing to get too excited about up through the morning hours. as we head into the afternoon, by 3:00 p.m. there's a line of showers and gusty thunderstorms beginning to push toward the northern and western suburbs. we may see a line of this trying to pop up through the southern
6:40 am
areas. as we push up through 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m., we can see how all the convergence on the i-95 corridor we're seeing seeing potential flash flooding because of this. there's a chance of strong, gust request winds gusts ahead of this. as we push toward 9:00 p.m. it's pulling away from philadelphia and pushing toward the shore and moving away from here by 11:00 p.m. as late as 11:00 p.m., adam joseph and cesily tynan will have something to show you. it's not carved in stone, but it's a good planning purpose type timing we just showed you. when you hear thunder be careful because the storms could pack a wallop. lightning downpours and strong gusty winds out of any storm that forms. moderate chance of hail and slight isolated tornado.
6:41 am
if you heard thunder head indoors on the lower floors and take cover. 83 by 10:00 a.m. the high 87 degrees, warm animal humid ahead of the storms and the storms become the issue later today and tonight. the seven day,, high of 87 today. take cover for anything that forms later today or tonight. we could see gusty thunderstorms mixed in. tomorrow, mostly sunny, humidity lower, 86 degrees the high. summer arrives atmosphere -- at 12:23 a.m. friday, hot and humid thunderstorm, the coming weekend in the mid 80s a little humid and spotty thunderstorm. >> 6:41 a.m., fighting back armed men ambush a homeowner who is a mighty weapon of his own. badge of courage new york
6:42 am
city firefighters honor a brave child with a new bike. >> reporter: looking at city avenue, that's westbound traffic trying to merge. we'll check i-95 and the travel times there coming up.
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> all right let's get a look as traffic, karen, it's been a busy day. >> reporter: i've lot count of the accidents we've had, you look at the shot, the sun is shining out there, roads are dry, maybe it's monday morning we have a number of accidents with vehicles losing control. this is a live look of the blue route. we have heavy traffic southbound
6:45 am
toward i-95. as we switch to i-95 you can see heavy traffic here on i-95 in delaware county with the report of an accident on i-95 northbound near chester, so you want to watch for that northbound travel delay now 1 minute ride from delaware to the -- 12 minute ride from delaware to the blue route. slow speeds on the blue route, as well. two accidents on 422 one eastbound approaching royersford another westbound at 23 in in south philadelphia a vehicle flipped on its side, a single-vehicle accident shutting down south 16th street at fitzwater street. stick to 17 the street. this is causing a bus detour on the route two bus. travel time slow on i-95 and slow on 42. as we switch over to the waze app an accident on 42 southbound college drive passing the outlets there. extra volume on 42. temperatures, bad news continues
6:46 am
there, that's the seven-day forecast, 87 it's very warm this morning and already we have the oppressive humidity. you want to watch for strong storms later, matt. >> a group of masked men armed with weapons turned out to be no match for the homeowner because he had a machete. this is video from sarasota florida. he held one of the men until police arrived. officers took the other men into custody a short time later. new york city firefighters went above the call of duty for a boy who had a bike accident. he impaled himself when he took a spill. when firefighters arrived, they say he was not crying he was as cool as cucumber, his demeanor impressed them so much, after he got stitches, the firefighters
6:47 am
bought him a brand new bike. ♪ if you want a taste of freedom, keep going.
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we hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal. we must want our fellow human beings to have rights. stonewall means fight back. stonewall means fight back. discover new york state's rich legacy of equality. plan your trip to our equal rights destinations at
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preview of "good morning america." >> robin roberts joins us in nyc. we've been telling our viewers about what's going on in london. >> reporter: the breaking story out of london running over
6:50 am
worshipers outside the mosque leaving several injured. one suspect is in custody. this morning we'll speak with the hero who held him down until authorities arrived. bill cosby facing a retrial after jurors returned deadlock in his sexual assault trial. 50 hours of deliberations. we'll hear from cosby's attorney about the judge's decision and the future of the case. danger in the water, two young people shocked by electrical currents in lakes, what you need to know to keep your family safe. joining us live in the studio, hillary duff and mama durant coming up on "g.m.a." >> sounds like fun. >> reporter: always. >> reporter: i was talking with someone on twitter they are driving on 42 light volume not
6:51 am
the case, northbound traffic heavy because of an accident near college drive. likely growing with more people coming back from the shore. accident on the boulevard at rhawn street on outer drive police and ems there. west trenton line caned because of a equipment problems. fox chase lines running late and they are two cars short. >> reporter: 80 degrees by 7:00 a.m. noon, 84 staying uncomfortably humid this afternoon. high of 87. during the afternoon and evening we're looking four a line of thundershowers and thunderstorms. future tracker 6 showing you between now and 2:00 p.m. not a whole lot going on, by 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. look for showers and thunderstorms north and west and action to the south. 6:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m.
6:52 am
that ploughs through the i-95 corridor and winds up along the coast later this evening. take cover undoors during the thunderstorms extra -- jennette. >> new construction came down in north wildwood yesterday, no injuries were reported. crews plan to repair a broken water main in the city's hunting park section. the water main burst at old york road and hunting park avenue yesterday morning. crews put a temporary patch on the problem, the local rec center is waiting on a fix before the water service is restored. an interest group is fighting to overturn an new jersey law that prohibits people from selling home baked goose. goods, the home bakers wants to sell goods to earn a living or
6:53 am
make extra cash or pay to work out commercial kitchens. new jersey lawmakers are reluctant to consider the issue because of local health concerns.
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>> top stories at 6:55 a.m., a gunman killed a 20-year-old man overnight on the front porch of his west philadelphia home. the victim was on house arrest,
6:56 am
the killer is on the loose this morning. jury selection starts today in the federal corruption case of district seth williams accused of trading his influence for more than $100,000 in gifts and vacations. philadelphia public school teachers vote on a proposed contractment -- contract. they have been working without one for five years. this is 422 a vehicle ran off the road, scram on i-95 northbound. south -- jamming on i-95 northbound. a single-vehicle accident driver lost control flipping on its side. south 16th and fitzwater, still blocked. >> reporter: warm and muggy all day, high of 87 degrees. a couple of issues beyond the warmth and humidity. there's a flood watch that kicks in this afternoon and extends into the evening because of a line of heavy downpour producing
6:57 am
showers and thunderstorms out of the western suburbs. we have a chance of severe storms that could produce damage winds and hail that's later today and tonight. >> hope you have a great week for tamala edwards, karen rogers, david murphy, for jeanette reyes i'm matt o'donnell. "g.m.a." is next.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, terror attack in london. targeting muslims, a van running over worshippers near a mosque injuring at least ten people. police and emergency responders swarming the scene. the hero that held him down until authorities arrived. a suspect arrested. we are live on the scene with the latest. also this morning, shot down in syria. the u.s. launching its first air-to-air strike in nearly two decades and the major question here at home, is president trump under investigation? the white house sending mixed messages, his lawyer going on tv saying he isn't and then this -- >> and now he's being investigated by the department of justice. >> the new fallout this morning. hidden danger in the water. >>


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