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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  June 19, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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♪ >> good afternoon in the news this noon, several people have been rushed to hospitals following a serious collision in
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new castle county. >> and we're following an investigation into a possible attack in a famous shopping district in paris. >> but the big story on "action news" this noon is the chance for strong storms that could cause flooding. sky6 live hd checking out philadelphia international airport. accuweather tracking drenching downpours and the possibility of damaging winds on a very humid morning. david murphy has the latest from storm tracker 6 live double scan radar. >> reporter: within the last 45 minutes a severe thunderstorm watch was posted aacross southeastern pennsylvania. i couldn't be surprised if this drops into new castle county delaware and parts of south jersey, as well. up until 8:00 p.m. as we look at thunderstorms rolling in from the west/northwest and winding up down the shore later on in the evening hours. there's a likelihood of severe thunderstorms as is posted by
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the storm prediction center. this is different from what i showed you. the watch comes from the local weather service office this comes from the national prediction center. they are calling for numerous damaging storms that could produce strong damaging winds gusts and hail over by the shore. we have an outside chance of tornadoes probably less than a chance than straight line winds him you're looking at the potential for damage to trees, wires and roofs. there was a severe storm that produced a warning north of harrisburg and moving off to the north. all these storms are pushing past us to the west, but at the same time they are inching in our direction, after 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. we'll see this action into the lehigh valley and i-95 corridor after that. the wide view shows the wide watch box which extends into new york state.
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there's the burgeoning thunderstorm line that's starting to cook when we get into the afternoon convection period when you see that. any given area could get two to three inches of rain or more. look out for flash flooding that's a word to the wise for pedestrians and drivers. if you encounter fast-driving water or stagnant rising water or heavy water, you want to stay away from it, because of all the dangers you have if you venture into the fast-moving flash flooding type of situation. we could be in for that later in the day. i'll have more on future tracker 6 and in the seven day we have much better starting tomorrow. >> sounds good. with stormy weather expected get the latest detailed forecast updates and storm tracker 6 live radar at any time at any time on your phone or tablet. it's a free app for your mobile
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device. corruption trial for seth williams is getting underway in federal court. the top prosecutor is accused of taking bribes in exchange for legal favors. katherine scott is live outside the federal court house in center city with the very latest. katherine. >> reporter: rick, exactly how much gets done today depends on the timing of it all. the judge was hoping to wrap up jury selection today and begin opening statements this afternoon. jury selection is what's happening at federal court. it's going inside the ceremonial courtroom on the first floor which is right through those doors over there. this morning let's go to video from earlier, seth williams arriving to court, he said good morning to reporters reporters s around 11:20 a.m. when the judge came into the courtroom to begin jury selection. 9 potential jurors began
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answering questions. they need a jury of 12, plus four alternates. williams faces 29 federal charges accused of taking $100,000 in gifts and vacations in exchange for favors to two local business owners. he is charged with misspending $20,000 meant for his mother's nursing care. williams maintains his innocence and if convicted could spends 20 years in prison. right now he is still district attorney still accepting a salary and not seeking a third term. his law license has been suspended in agreement with the state supreme court. the judge is urging a speedy trial in the case. they estimate the case will take 3 to 4 weeks to try, as to what's happening it is not clear if they will get to opening statements, but today attorney general were told to be ready to present witnesses tomorrow.
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we'll bring you the details as we get them. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> a collision between two vehicles sent four people to the hospital in newark, delaware. one car overturned and the other split in half. two people and two children were injured. delaware state police are trying to determine what caused the collision glrchtion in atlantic county -- collision. in atlantic county, the judge denied bail for dr. james kauffman who was arrested last week during an armed standoff with police. police showed the body cam video which shows kauffman with the gun. kauffman is the husband of the murdered radio host april kauffman. the raid on his office was unrelated to his wife's murder. bill cosby case judge accepted a mistrial.
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a man claiming to be an alternate juror in the cosby case told a pittsburgh radio station he was ridiculously sick when he found out the jury was deadlocked. he probably would have chosen to convict the comedian. >> we're following developing news from paris when a man's car exploded after he tried to ram a police vehicle in a busy shopping district. france' interior minister said the attacker was killed. the incident happened on the famous champs elysees avenue, nobody else was injured. that attack came hours after another attack in london. a driver ploughed through a crowd outside a mosque. a 47-year-old man is in custody. we have more from london.
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>> reporter: just after midnight a frantic scene all too familiar in the streets of london, a white van i wouldn't i wouldn'ta crowd of people. >> why did he do that? why? innocent people. >> reporter: authorities saying the driver a 48-year-old white male deliberately targeted worshipers during the mon of ramadan. >> i never heard people scream of that nature. some were moneying -- moaning. >> this was an attack on muslim near their place of worship. like all terrorism in whatever form it shares the same fundamental goal. >> reporter: anger and anxiety spilling over as london copies
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with a spate of violence aimed at driving the city a part. >> the attack in manchester, london bridge, the attack on westminster bridge is all an attack on our shared values. members. muslim community managed to pin down the driver until the police arrived. >> we have breaking news from the north wood section of philadelphia. police are on the scene investigating a murder. 15th district police officers were called to the intersection of bridge and oakland before 11:30 a.m. there they found a man in his mid to late 20s shot multiple times. he was pronounced on the scene. you can see the police are there and the crime scene tape is up. the male victim has not been identified. so far no arrests. police continue to investigate. we'll bring you updates during the newscast and one of the president's
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personal attorneys said president trump is not under federal investigation. the denial comes days after a tweet from president trump complainingess e he -- complaing he is a target of a quote witch hunt. he insisted president trump has not been notified of any investigation. well, two people had to be airlifted to hospitals this morning, following an incident in atlantic county. police say the pair was injured during a backyard party on 6th road in buena vista township. it is unclear how they were hurt. both were flown to air hospitals for treatment. police are looking for a killer after a 20-year-old man was shot to death in west philadelphia. he was sitting on the plastic chair on the front porch when he was shot at 3:00 a.m. officials say he was under house arrest wearing an ankle monitor at the time.
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investigators are working to identify a suspect and possible motive. >> the philadelphia school district 1,000 teachers are set to vote on a tentative contract tonight. the district and the union reached a tentative agreement on friday. the teachers have been working four years without a contract. the contract would run through august of0 -- 2020. >> a man uses a ma chet -- machete to fight off intruders in his florida home. plus, david murphy has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. ♪
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authorities have launched investigations into the deadly collision of a u.s. navy destroyer and container ship off the japanese coast. not clear if the member were killed by the impact of the crash or drown in the flooding. the 30,000-ton container ship made a giant u-turn putting it on collision course with the u.s.s. fitzgerald 20 minutes
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before the crash. a raging forest flier killed 60 people over the weekend in portugal. the wildfire 90 miles north of lisbon is one of many burning across the country. water dropping planes from spain, france and italy are being sent to help the two thousand firefighters on the ground. a mall in massachusetts is closed because police believe an armed intruder is holed up inside. police responded to report of a break in in -- a dick's sporting good store. a mantua machete stopped five men who broke into their home. newly released surveillance shows the man grabbing the
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machete and fighting back. all five are facing robbery and other charges. new york city firefighters went beyond the call of duty for a boy juried in a bike accident. 9-year-old tyrice morris full off the handlebars and jammed into the upper leg and he had to get stitches. firefighters were so impressed how calm he remained during the ordeal. they went out and bought him a new bike. it was waiting at his house three days after the accidents. chris christie: addiction is a disease.
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for the tax amnesty program in pennsylvania. individuals and businesses have until midnight to pay any delinquent taxes with no penalty and half the interest. an application and full payment must be received before the deadline. a new report is setting the record straight about coconut oil. many believe it is healthy to use when cooking. the american heart association says it's not true, the saturated fat leaves in coconut oil is higher than beef fat and butter and can raise cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. getting somebody to eat vegetables may be as simple as dressing up the name. a new study shows giving veggies certain labels cause them to eat
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them at lunch. many were put likely to put corn on their plate if it was described as sweet corn instead of just old corn. >> rich, buttery, sweet corn, wow. "action news" team is out working on these stories tonight beginning at 4:00 p.m. here's alicia vitarelli live in the newsroom with a look ahead. >> reporter: coming up on big talkers it's a big tisk tisk for beyounce's dad who spilled the beans on her twins on twitter. while many dream having summer off, some teachers like to earn extra cash. a4 we'll show teachers how to make money when school is out. why a denver area father
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circumstance on hand in northeast this morning as kensington high school held graduation services for class of 2017. the ceremony took place at holy family university on frankford avenue. an exiting day for graduates as they move on to a new chapter in be their lives. hundreds watch with pride as the seniors celebrated the end of their high school career. >> good planning there, they did that indoors, in case any showers hit. >> reporter: looks like they got
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it done early, this afternoon could be rock and roll around here. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows us we are dry for the most part locally. you might have a spritz or shower. as we go out to the northern suburbs you can see thunderstorms welling up in the very humid air mass. as i start this up, it is pushing north and east. not an immediate threat to the area, but at the same time the line is sliding toward the east. is as we get into allentown and reading you will have to be looking out for this, we've had severe thunderstorm warnings farther to the west. we'll have more of that closer to home later this afternoon and evening. as we look outside, sky6 live hd there's center city a lot of clouds out there, some occasional sunny breaks and very warm and humid. 89 degrees currently in philadelphia. the dewpoint is up to 70 what we consider oppressive humidity.
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winds out of the south/southwest 15 miles per hour. they pick up as the storms get closer. 86 degrees in allentown. 85 in reading. 85 in trenton. # 6 -- 86 in wilmington and millville. the dewpoints across the region are severe. a lot of you looking at dewpoints in the low to mid 70s. look at dover and reading on a millville and these spots excessive humidity keep the cool drinks flowing and take it easy out there. from now until 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., accuweather and future tracker 6 showing there's the possibility of a a little break away thunderstorm in the i-95 corridor by 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., the mass of this is coming through the lehigh valley as many as soon as 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. look at the heavy downpours the purple showing perhaps a little hail mixed in. that climbs through the region in the latest model run by 6:00 p.m. and by 7:00 it's
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barreling down to the coast. by 9:00 p.m. we're looking at showers around the region and by 11:00, adam and cecily might have more to show you on storm tracker 6 live double scan, even by 4:30 there might be an isolated shower leftover. keep in mind there are multiple threats from these storms today. they will produce frequent lightning heavy downpours participant of the package and strong damaging wind gusts definitely a possibility with any thunderstorm that forms. hail possible, an isolated trrn not -- tornado not out of the question. lehigh valley humid drenching thunderstorms on the way. later this afternoon, at the shore, clouds and sun, 81 degrees, late drenchers, holding off until the early evening hours. in philadelphia, hot high of 91 downpours at times, strong, gusty thunderstorms.
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all that ends overnight. tomorrow we winds up sunny, less humid and high of 86. summer arrives in the predawn hours on wednesday, the afternoon will feature just a stray shower north and west, otherwise we're dry, thursday looks dry and friday, saturday and sunday, the humidity is back and there's a chance of a pop-up thunderstorm each and everyday. i would definitely keep that accuweather app active on the phone this afternoon head indoors if you hear thunder. >> summer arrives what time tomorrow? >> reporter: 12:24 a.m. wednesday. >> i knew that i wanted make sure you new that. [laughter]. much more still ahead in the next half-hour of "action news" at 12:30, cars 3 is at the box officer featuring paul newman's voice 8 years after his death. a company known for pushing the bawnld -- boundaries for classical dance is closing out their season. karen rogers has more from
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ballet x just ahead. hello again, here are some
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of the stories we're following on "action news" at 1:30 p.m. district attorney seth williams is accused of taking bribes including vacations in order to
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give favors. the mayor of london calledded it a terror attack. a warning for all swimmers after a young girl was electrocuted in the new jersey lagoon. >> we have storms moving our way later today. accuweather says they could be severe at times. >> we're expecting heavy rain that could cause flash flooding. let's look live sky6 live hd looking at the commodore barry bridge. the sun peeking through from time to time it's humid out there, the change is coming in the wake of the strong storms. >> let's heads outside to david murphy on the terrace with all the details accuweather. >> reporter: it's very warm, very humid across the region right now unusually so, in fact, we're kind of setting the table for a potential for a cold front come in later today to chew on this high humidity and unstable air and get decent storms kicking. take a


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