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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  June 19, 2017 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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give favors. the mayor of london calledded it a terror attack. a warning for all swimmers after a young girl was electrocuted in the new jersey lagoon. >> we have storms moving our way later today. accuweather says they could be severe at times. >> we're expecting heavy rain that could cause flash flooding. let's look live sky6 live hd looking at the commodore barry bridge. the sun peeking through from time to time it's humid out there, the change is coming in the wake of the strong storms. >> let's heads outside to david murphy on the terrace with all the details accuweather. >> reporter: it's very warm, very humid across the region right now unusually so, in fact, we're kind of setting the table for a potential for a cold front come in later today to chew on this high humidity and unstable air and get decent storms kicking. take a look as the severe storm
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watch has been posted by the national weather service across the southeastern pennsylvania and mercer county and trenton included in here. i wouldn't be surprised if this gets extended east and south into delaware and south jersey, as well as we go into the day and evening. the storm prediction center, this is the national outlook from the folks in norman, oklahoma. they have the entire central portion of the region and all the way back through the lehigh valley and the poconos in an enhanced area which means numerous strong thunderstorms possible. any storms that form could produce strong damaging winds gusts and hail. there's an outside chance of an isolated tornado. the bigger chance is straight lined winds. small chance of a tornado. i've got this pushed off to the
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north and west, out by harrisburg and pottstown you see storms pushing toward the northeast and getting closures toward poconos. allentown not yet, but later in the afternoon that's definitely a possibility of there's a little bit of a small isolated shower falling right here in philadelphia right now on the terrace. out to the west of us, that's the real action. now that we're heating up in the afternoon we're getting the thunderstorms popping. when these storms form, though, there's a second problem there's the possibility of flash flooding, look out for storms that form. not only could they produce dangerous wind gusts and heavy rain and flash flooding very quickly when they hit on roads and small, flashy creeks, as well. when i come back i'll show you how the storms progress through the region on future tracker 6 and better weather coming in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, in fact as soon as
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tomorrow. for now, getting humid and setting the table for storms. >> with stormy weather expected get the latest with the detailed updates on your phone or tablet. the 6abc app is a free download for mobile device. philadelphia's top prosecutor is set to go on trial or corruption charges. district attorney seth williams is accused of taking bribes in exchange for legal favorites. jury selection began in federal court in center city. that's where we find vernon odem with the very latest. >> reporter: good afternoon, sarah, so far only seven potential jurors have dislaird they dislaird -- declared they could not be fair. d.a. seth williams arrived at 8:30 a.m., but the jury screening process did not begin until nearly 3 hours later. the philadelphia d.a. could get
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20 years in prison if convicted. he is battling 30 counts of corruption in federal court. the potential jurors have been pulled in from counties in southeastern pennsylvania. among the charges against williams accepting bribes from a bucks county businessman in the form of thousands of dollars in gifts. the government said it was in return for a range of special favors. he entered a plea of not guilty. at age 50 he remains d.a. in title only. his law license has been suspended and his deputy is running daily operations. rick, the judge said this morning the trial could last 3 to 4 weeks. live at the federal court house, in center city, vernon odem channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. overseas london police commander said the van attack near the mosque was an attack on
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muslims. the evening worship turned to terror when the vehicle plowed into people when they were leaving. metropolitan police say a 48-year-old male suspect was arrested at the scene. a man was found dead at the scene. police believe the attacker acted alone. the death of a teenager in new jersey prompted warnings about an electrical shock warning. an 11-year-old was electrocuted while swimming in a lagoon this weekend. everybody has to be aware of this danger. >> reporter: a devastated new jersey family is planning a funeral for their 11-year-old daughter who was electrocuted over the weekend while swimming in the backyard. police say 11-year-old and two of her friends were playing with an inflatable raft in a backyard lagoon and swimming near a metal boat lift when they touched it.
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electricity from the lift wednesday soaring through the children into the water. the 11-year-olded died at the hospital. her friends were shocked, but not seriously hurt. >> back board and stretcher out to the back. >> reporter: the day before a similar heartbreaking tragedy in time in ohio a 19-year-old was electrocuted after he jumped in the water to save his dad and his dog who were being shocked by an electrical current. >> once that happened, the wife on the boat pulled out the plug that was connected to the boat. it's called electric shock drowning usually caused by a short at a dock marine or boat. we met jimmy and casey johnson last year, their 15-year-old daughter died the same way in alabama. her father and brother jumped in and almost died, too, they had not turned off the power. >> when i grabbed the ladder i
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couldn't let go. it's the worst feeling in the world not being ain't to move. >> reporter: pools have been just as dangers as seen from this surveillance video in florida in 2014, a problem with wiring electrifies this metal railing. the girl 2u67s -- touches it and goes lymph. the man who helped was also shocked. abc news. a large tree fell on top of an suv in east oak lane section this morning. chopper 6 hd was over the scene at cheltenham avenue. the cameras got as the vehicle was loaded on the tow truck. we're waiting to hear if there were any injuries in east oak lane. a philadelphia police officer suv was damaged in a crash early this morning. it happened at 3:45 a.m. at 11th and market in center city.
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another car was involved. no reports of serious injuries. the cause is under investigation. a driver was injured in a crash that ended in front of the delaware county police station, this was the scene along u.s. 13 in ridley park at 3:30 a.m. the driver lost control coming on the curve in front of the ridley park police station, the car slammed into the traffic utility pole and the air bags deployed. it's not clear how badly the driver was injured. >> 6 new jersey towns have been impacted by a sewage spill that gushed from a manhole on lower landing road into big timber creek in gloucester county. as a precaution residents of gloucester, camden, runnymede, belmawr and mount ephraim are under not to get near the water in big timber creek and do not eat fish out of there or fish from there in general. drinking water always not
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affected because drinking water does not come from the creek. senator bob casey introduced disarm hate act in ardmore montgomery denying the sale of firearms for anyone convicted of a misdemeanor hate crime. >> i never thought in a million years i would be in a situation where my life was almost taken by a gun. and to see that you know i lost one of youngest victims at the pulse. >> according to the southern poverty law center 917 hate groups operate in the u.s., that's up 50% since 20000. a 2-year-old girl is ilive and well after falling out of
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the 6th story window of her new york city apartment. hear hardware amazing survival story. ballet x is ending it's season with a new performance, karen rogers will have that story when "action news" comes right back. oo, yeah. are you ready for a rush? yes, yes i am. you're in for a treat. fast play is the new way to play fast and win instantly from the pennsylvania lottery. pick a game,
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any planned surgery, and all medicines you take. if you recently had a heart attack, ask your doctor about brilinta. my heart is worth brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca... ...may be able to help. into the collision that killed 7 u.s. sailors off the coast of japan. a large container ship collided with the u.s.s. fitzgerald over the weekend. the navy released the names of the seven sailors who lost their lives. abc's kenneth moten has more from washington. >> reporter: today the search for answers in one of the worst u.s. navel disasters in years, seven sailors killed on the u.s.s. fitzgerald, one darrell martin's son. >> very hard my only child. >> reporter: the safely found in the mangled mid section of the
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fitzgerald, the navy destroyer off the coast of the japan saturday morning. several maritime tracker show the acs made a giant turn before slamming into the vessel. they are denying that it made the u torn. the most pressing question how did an islandize container ship -- island size container ship t-bone a navel ship. >> the water flow was tremendous, there was not a lot of time in the paces open to the sea. >> reporter: sailors fought to keep the ship from sinking. 19-year-old dakota rigby remembered by others. the fitzgerald suffered expensive damage, but the navy
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leaves it can be prepared. kenneth moten abc news washington. and awning saved a 2-year-old's life in new york city, the girl plunged out of an open window from the 6th floor in the bronx. her father described the moments. >> i was trying to climb up on the awning, the kid from the second floor apartment was getting her attention, so she got out and climbed out. >> the little girl was okay, her parents were in the apartment at the time of the accident. the window was opened by a cousin who wanted to hear the rain. the cousin left the window open. the girl at parents are paying for window locks. more than 1100 dogs and cats have new homes after a mega adoption event in wilmington. brandywine valley spca were hoping to place # 800 pets over
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the weekend they surpassed their goal. hundreds of dogs were flown in from arizona earlier this month. action cam was at charles martin memorial stadium in the city's rhawnhurst section where northeast high school held their ceremony. they filled the field wearing gold and black and plenty of proud loved ones looking on. sky6 live hd showing you cape may, look at the surf right now. meteorologist david murphy has an update from accuweather when "action news" comes right back.
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>> meteorologist david murphy is now back with a closer look at a somewhat soggy forecast. >> reporter: soggy and stormy, too. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing most of the action is north and west of the region. as i go into the overhead view
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you can see in this very warm and unstable air mass we are looking at the potential of some of some of these storms popping up out ahead of the main line that's what we got around reading and berks county. that's a drenching downpour, lightning producing thunderstorm. not reaching severe stature just yet always it is just forming. it will shoot off to the west of reading and head towards leesport and it maintains its current strength it will be a good downpour heading toward lease -- lees port. i'll leave you with the wide view. a cold front coming in from the west with the thunderstorm action on the other side of harrisburg pushing in our direction. can't rule out a couple of pop ups. let's goat you outside and show you the cloud cover that's beginning to develop over the ben franklin bridge. there's sun working its way
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between the clouds, that's almost worse because it's helping to turnover and churn up the atmosphere ahead of the cold front. it's warm an humid, 8 # -- 89 degrees. the dewpoint 70 degrees, oppressive humidity. cool drinks if you're out there ahead of the storms toiling. between now and up to 3:00 p.m., there could be a break away storm in the i-95 corridor. most of the action by 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. is begin be to push into into reading and allentown and lancaster from there into the heart of the i-95 corridor, could be there by 5:00 p.m., or 6:00 p.m., look at the heavy downpours, hail some of the storms, ahead of them, strong straight line wind gusts that could produce damaged wires or trees or that sort of stuff. if you hear thunders get indoors on the lower floors and ride them out. you got kids on the sports field be you hear thunder get them off
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the field right now. lose most of -- by 9:00 p.m., mf the main thunderstorms are off the coast. if you're out later this evening, check out adam joseph and cesily tynan later on. it's possible at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow morning, we could be looking at lingering cells. they will not be a problem, the big problem this afternoon and this evening. the storms will produce frequently lightning and heavy downpours and strong gusty winds better and better chance as we build into the afternoon and evening. large hail not so much, maybe some. an isolated chance of a tornado, as well. 91 is the high hot. downpours and gusty thunderstorms, as well. again you want to take cover indoors lower floors if the storms head your way.
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tomorrow, mostly sunny, less humid, 86 degrees, what a difference a day makes. summer arrives in the predawn hours wednesday, 83 is the afternoon high with a stray northwest shower. nice on thursday, 88 degrees, warmup and humid on friday. weekend spotty thunderstorms around. there's a couple of possible tropical systems developing one on the northern coast of brazil and the yacatan pin cars iii took in 53.5 million-dollar debut. if you were one of the thousands who saw the number one movie this weekend you may be wondering how it featured car neumann's voice 8 years after his death. during the production of the
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original 2006 cars he ab will i- adlibbed lines and it was lines they could use. ballet x is closing the season with never before seen works, karen rogers has 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: ballet x is known to push the boundary of classical dance, it's a diverse program featuring works by two female choreographers and two world premiers. the resident choreographer for the pennsylvania ballet. >> the piece was inspired by our current world leaders, he choreographed the dance before slengting music to compliment the work.
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actually taking a bit of a risk, but with the ballet x dancers i feel like i can try new things with them. >> the dancers take on the work by former pennsylvania ballet dancer jody gates. >> it's how to stress classical ballet and merge contemporary ideas. created for ballet x it's a commentary on the castrating of singers in spain. singers maimed in the name of art so their voices wouldn't mature. >> it's unusual and beautiful. >> reporter: the piece is in keeping with the mix of ballet x. >> it it has the sense of
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adventure we were heading on. >> reporter: ballet x performs july 12 through the 16th at the prince theater. we posted the tickets and shows at 6abc/6abc loves the arts. for 6abc loves the arts i'm karen rogers. >> busy afternoon for
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accuweather. >> reporter: yeah, and getting busy for a lot of us to the west of northern and western suburbs right now. two things i want to remind you about, the first thing we have a severe thunderstorm watch in the northern and western suburbs down to i-95 and might be extended into delaware and south jersey before we are done. a flood watch, it tells you that the storms developing out to the north and west, they are going to produce strong gusty wind and
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give you drenching downpours, be careful on both of those scores. should die down overnight tonight. >> elites look at the stories coming up on "action news" at 4:00 p.m. this pair allegedly sold cars that didn't belong to them, duping customers and other companies. details about the case today at 4:00 p.m. that will do it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us today for "action news" at 4:00 p.m. >> for david murphy, rick williams, and the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist. have a gamble. >> -- good afternoon. >> see you tonight.
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announcer: today we're saving you a trip to the drive through with an hour of feel good fast food you can make in your very own kitchen. mario's hanging with the hilarious larry the cable guy. and they're making a cheesy italian classic that'll really start your engines. then carla's serving up a perfect pasta packed with flavor. plus michael's paying a visit to a delicious new restaurant that's putting a twist on family recipes. and it all starts right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> good afternoon, and welcome to "the chew." thank you very much. [ cheers and applause ] if you cherish mealtime more than most of your friends -- if the idea of a warm slice of pie brings tears to your eyes --


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