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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  June 20, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers ameteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morni it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday june 20th. here's what's happening. >> it looks like it's a done deal. after four years without one philadelphia too teachers could be working with a contract. >> firefighters battle flames inside a restaurant in >> the storms have as you take a live look the skies above tnklinbridge, that is sunshine that you see. it is indeed set to return. >> karen rogers following the roads and dave murphy looking for some peeks of sunshine outside. >> we got more than a peek right now. lots of sunshine getting ready to come up over the horizon. cloud cover over toward the east. you see that on satellite but it does look as though that cloud cover is going to continue to shoot off the coast over the next hour or two and most of us are going
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to wind up mostly sunny as we go through the day. now t-it is warm to start out in some neighborhoods. we're at 72 in philadelphia. 71 in wilmington, 70 in trenton. upper 60's now in allentown reading, mid 60's in lancaster and 71 in cape may. and for now the dewpoints are still on the high side. philadelphia has now officially slipped out of the 70's into the upper 60's. remember anything over 60 is humid. anything over 70 is oppressive and right now we still have very noticeable humidity from about philadelphia down south to the shore. but that's all going to change as the day goes on. 7 o'cloees. some clouds coast. by... 83e by noon go through the m afternoon. by 3 o'clock it's warm enough for drinks if you're working out ors going to be less humid. so more comfortable 86 degrees. when i step inside we are lookingractivity building its way back in tomorrow afternoon. i'll show youn future tracker6. karen, what you got on roadsearl>> i see that sunshine that you're talking about right and nice and bright here on i-95 at . this is your southbound traffic headed towards center
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city. moving pretty nicely at this point. we've got construction that's causing some real problemmiles an hour right now on 495 northbound between terminal avenue and edgemoor road. the left lanes a this is until 4 o'clock and you remember when they were doing all this construction on the southbound side and we saw big delays and now it's northbound that you've got it going on rigch for that delay this morning coming off of 495. in bryn mawr you've got a downed tree. i think that's going to be the big problem for a lot of people coming to work today debris and dow from yesterday. they've tried to clean up a lot of them, not all of the so this one on morris avenue still causing a problem. reduced to one lane because of that. they had to shut down roberts road in bryn mawr at markee terrace. stick to merion avenue instead. outside live on the ben franklin bridge all your area bridges looking good. westbound a little more volume than we saw a half hour ago but still nice and clear as people are coming into the city, matt and tam. >> okay, thank you karen. thousands of teachers in philadelphia have something bigger to look forward to in the coming days than the start of summer break and looks like they may well be on the verge of a new contract after four years of working without one.
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"action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live at the school district headquarters in spring garden with the latest on what we know. good morning jeanette. >> reporter: good morning tam. this is four years in the making. teachers and other staff voted overwhelmingly in favor of this contract and we did get quite a few reactions but in one word, they're saying finally. after more than four years of often tense negotiations, monday night philadelphia public school teachers votedpprove a tentative contract agreement with the school district. the three year deal approved by the philadelphia federation of teachers is worth $395 million and includes raises for the more than 11,000 teachers, counselors on ff. ends five years of impasse without a raise. >> i'm very happy to report embership of the ratified the tentative >> repcolin sharp says anontract but it's something. >> i'm reall i think it's not but i don't think it was ever going
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to be perfect but i think it're going to get. >> more had.e i'm happy for the younger children -- younger children -- for the younger teachers that haven't had a raise or step raise in four or five years. >> reporter: now the superintendent is saying one of the most important components of all of this is that it does offer some stability. it keeps teachers from going to other school districts. as far as that $395 million price tag, the district will have to turn to the city and state to try and fund that. if not there could be layoffs in the future. reporting live in spring garden jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." >> thanks jeanette. opening statements are and scheduled today in the corruption trial of philadelphia district attorney seth williams. a jury of 10 women, two of whom are african-american and two men were selected yesterday. williams faces 29 counts of bribery and corruption charges and could face up to 20 years in prison. the democrat has denied any wrongdoing. >> ♪♪ >> new this morning fire damaged a restaurant in the city's crescentville section. it broke out at the seafood
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garden at a strip mall on the 5600 block of rising sun avenue at 3 a.m. firefighters were quickly able to get the flames under control none injuries were reported. >> the former husband of a popular radio host who was murdered in 2012 will remain in an atlantic county jail. yesterday a judge denied bail for dr. james kauffman. during the hearing police released video taken from their body cam showing parts of the standoff with kauffman. police say the doctor brandished a handgun while investigators executed search warrants at his office last week. kauffman's attorney vowed to appeal this ruling. investigators say the raid has nothing to do with the murder of kauffman's wife april 5 years ago. >> the world's largest package delivery company is boosting its rates the time that santa comes. maribel aber has our market watch report. >> reporter: ups is adding fees to pack caps it delivers during the holidays. retailers will be hit with fees which range from 27 to 97 cents per package.
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the extra cost and will in effect for the last two weeks of november and the week before christmas. ups is trying to cover some of the costs it gets hit with during the holidays when it has to add workers planes and trucks to meet the demands. stocks rally and tech stocks help lift the market with the dow and s & p 500 closing at record highs. futures pointing to a higher open. a report on trade due out later today. forget about waiting around for people to grab their carry on and get off the plane. southwest is letting some passengers use the back door. part of the test program at two california airports to see if using two exits can save time at the end of a flight. i think i did this at jetblue. passengers up front when they leave the plane through the front exit those in the rear go down a staircase to the tarmac. southwest is testing this strategy before deciding. game changer for missed connections because really who stays seated. >> not me. >> not this guy.
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>> thank you maribel. it is 6:07 and storm cleanup continues across the delaware valley this morning. and "action news" viewer sent us video of the storm's impact in an allentown neighborhood in the security camera video you can see a tree split in half across the street. it happened as the storm hit south whitehall township yesterday afternoon. >> and this is new on "action news." delaware electric cooperative posted this video online. the co-op says it was from a possible tornado or just very strong winds. the surveillance video was taken yesterday evening behind the co-op in greenwood sussex county. no one was hurt. delaware electric cooperative worked all night to restore problem to 1200 homes. >> today very different than what we saw. >> that looked like straight line winds to me because you could see the one object coming straight itself swirling. >> and you don't have any reports at this point of a tornado. >> offhand no. storm tracker6 live double scan right now strong storms, though in many parts of the region. yesterday matt and we always
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make the point that when you have a severe thunderstorm it can actually produce, excuse me, straight line winds that can do just as much damage as a small tornado. we're looking at mainly dry conditions a little bit of precipitation by cape may but sun coming up elsewhere. you can see the commodore barry bridge looking pretty good across the region and the sun coming back nice and bright. we are still dealing with one issue this morning and that would be not only warm temperatures, 72 degrees in philadelphia right now but the dewpoints are also still pretty high, especially from about philadelphia down to the shore so it still feels sticky as you step outside across much of the region but that's going to change. you can see all that dry air out to the west and as that filters in those humidity levels will drop and we are looking at more and more comfortable conditions as the day goes on. as well as a return of a lot of sunshine which we're already seeing across a good portion of the region. in the lehigh valley today then we'll wind up mostly sunny, already kind of getting
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there. less and less humid as we go through morning and the afternoon and a 83. down the shore today you'll start out with some of those coastal clouds you'll get the sun back. it will be muggy to start out but then the humidity drops as we go in through the afternoon in particular. 81 is your high on the beach. not too bad. and then 86 degrees is your high in philadelphia, still warm enough for cool drinks if you're going to be out there exerting yourself but with humidity levels growing less and less as we go through the afternoon it will get more comfortable overall. mostly sunny skies later, 86 is your high. for the phillies tonight cardinals coming to town for three and it looks like a nice night for baseball, 83 for the first pitch, 77 in the ninth inning. a few clouds. phillies last couple days been starting to hit a little bit better and we'll see whether or not we can get the ball flying over the fence tonight. 68 degrees is the overnight low. patchy clouds more comfortable than it's been the last couple of overnights. not bad. and then tomorrow we've got sunshine early in the afternoon, a couple of spotty showers and thunderstorms are possible but it's nothing like what we just went through yesterday and by the way there's a tropical storm out
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there. it's brett. it's down by the northern coast of south america. looks like it stays down there and falls apart. another area of precipitation and a possible tropical storm developing is right here in the center of the gulf of mexico. this looks like it could become cindy later today and would generally be a threat from about galveston texas over toward areas about halfway down the louisiana coast. maybe new orleans maybe not. 86 degrees, mostly sunny skies, less humid today t less humid as we go into the afternoon in particular after a muggy start. tomorrow partly sunny 85. it's the first day of summer. summer arrives before dawn and then we get a spotty shower. thursday is going to be hot but not that humid. if you're a real summer lover that's a great day with a high of 90. friday 90 and a late thunderstorm possible. looks like we're back in the 80's for the weekend muggy spotty shower but not a washout on saturday and sunday. >> thanks, david. 6:11 now. a soda giant needs a geography lesson. philadelphia ends up front and center of a marketing campaign that was actually intended for pittsburgh.
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>> it's the apple of a tech fan's eye. a computer handled by steve jobs goes for a pretty penny at auction. karen. >> you'll have some sun glare this morning on the 30 bypass. pretty shots we're getting here though. this is the 30 bypass past 340 not causing any problems yet but we've got construction coming on the schuylkill and construction right now that's caused a major jam on a highway. details on all that of when we come right back. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look the blue beautiful skies there above
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center city. it is 6:14 and 72 degrees right now. >> really clearing out out there isn't it karen. >> it is. we've got clouds lingering in south jersey but those clouds have clearly moved out of the rest of the area here. we're going to switch over and check the blue route at route one and traffic there is moving okay right now but we do have issues on the schuylkill expressway. they're doing construction and schuylkill eastbound today between the blue route and city avenue, the lane closures are 10:00 to 2:00 and tomorrow and thursday it will be westbound and friday it will be both directions so major construction projects starting on sunday they're going to do milling and paving in the overnight and cause those closures so lots of construction beginning and today and tomorrow -- today it's eastbound and tomorrow and thursday it's westbound. it starts at 10 o'clock in the morning you'll see those delays kick in. already delays 6 miles an hour coming out of new castle on i-495 northbound between terminal avenue and edgemore road they've got construction blocking two left lanes so a major slow go and it's going to be out there all day until
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4 o'clock so watch for that one creating problems. i'm going to be out in moorestown on main street a pop-up shop from 7:00 to noon on wednesday so join us for the longest day not only the summer solstice but also the day we honor alzheimer's so we will be out there raising money for alzheimer's awareness and seeing what we can do to help so you can meet me on wednesday on main street and i'll be bringing cookies for everybody else. that's right. let's take a look right now at the commuter traffic report right now on the waze app. we found a couple people talking about a problem on i-95. you want to watch for that one, i-95 southbound and that's over here near castor avenue creating a problem not too far from girard, extra slow go traffic. how about the temperatures as you're heading out the door. today 86 mostly sunny less humid a beauty of a day matt. >> thank you karen. friends and family are remembering the american college student who died days after being released by north korea. otto warmbier returned to ohio last week but was in a coma.
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he was convict the of stealing a propaganda banner and had been sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in a north korean prison. the former university of virginia student was held for more than 17 months. the cause of death has not been released but doctors do know that warmbier suffered severe brain damage after spending more than a year in a coma. >> a special congressional election in georgia may prove to be an early at the time for president trump and the republican party. republican karen handel and democrat jon ossoff are looking to fill a vacant congressional seat in metro atlanta. now republicans have held this seat since 1979. tom price vacated it when he became the health and human services secretary. and the election is being seen as a proxy fight between trump and the democrats. that's why $50 million has been spent making this the most expensive congressional race ever. research says at the moment it's too close to call. >> new details on the death of carrie fisher. an autopsy reveals several drugs were in her system at
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the time the actress died. >> ♪♪ >> in today's tech bytes wall street opened in record territory this morning thanks in part to tech stocks. >> facebook netflix and apple will open higher. amazon hit an all time high at one point yesterday, this as several tech ceo's met with the president at the white house. >> if you subscribe to apple music a new option could save you money. the streaming service has added a $99 annual plan. >> that is about $20 less than what most people pay. if you have some old gadgets around the house you'll like this. a working apple one from 1976 sold last week at auction for $355,000. it originally cost about $600. >> the model by the way was hand built by steve jobs himself in his very own garage. >> we've seen it from the movies. >> i used to build things like that in my garage all the time. >> it's not worth 600 bucks. those are your tech bytes.
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>> ♪♪ >> hi everybody it's shoshana with "action news"'s fitness tip. strong is beautiful and so are you. let's get even stronger. grab a chair, we're going into a standing plank. getting those heels up belly is tight arms are nice and straight and strong. pull that belly tight. knees together. get ready, this is going to get that heart rate up. going side to side. i want all the weight in those arms. you're working that upper body, you're working that core. keep the belly tight. 20 reps. go faster if you can. go faster. you can do this. stronger is beautiful. >> i like that stronger is beautiful. >> stronger is beautiful. >> great saying. >> she is a living example of that too. let's take you i don't it side on i-95 right now.
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this is approaching allegheny. southbound traffic pretty heavy already from cottman to girard where we have a report of an accident there. some downed wires in north wales causing a problem on dickerson road at industrial drive blocking a lane and the route 15 trolley that will be shuttle busing for a few more weeks now dave. >> all right karen. on the big board we have 73 degrees by 7:00 a.m. still kind of muggy across much of the region early. but as we go through the day the humidity drops temperatures go up. we get a high of 86 at 3 o'clock and we're still holding 83 by 7 o'clock but again, after yesterday's oppressive humidity, yeah, we're starting out humid but it's going to get better and better that way and we should wind up with mostly sunny skies through most of the day. see if we've still got rain on the big board in some of our travel destinations. looks like we have some in boston. still raining in atlanta. things are getting better at j.f.k. a couple spots with light rain but pretty decent travel conditions overall tam in thank you david. going to health check we've heard the saying that time heals all especially a broken heart. the research shows that's not really the case.
6:22 am
that emotional upset could actually have some lasting impacts on your health. researchers at the university of aberdeen in scotland followed 52 patients with what they called broken heart syndrome. that's a rare condition caused by intense emotional or physical stress. they discovered the syndrome actually stuns the heart muscle and causes the left ventricle to change its shape. in most cases the broken heart syndrome occurred after the death of a loved one. for many patients your heart function actually goes back to normal after about four months but you never lose that scarring. we'll be right back. >> ♪♪
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>> billy lord actress carrie fisher's daughter is talking about her mother's death. this comes after an autopsy report reveals fisher had traces of opioids in her system. fisher's official cause of death has been ruled asleep apnea. after all of these revelations lord issued a statement to people magazine saying my mom battled drug addiction and mental illness her entire life and she ultimately died of it. lord hopes that by talking about this rather than staying silent that she will highlight her mother's struggles and help other people get help as well. carrie fisher was 60 years old. golfer tiger woods gave fans an update after his arrest late last month. the golf legend tweeted last night that he's getting professional help to help manage his medications. he says he's taking them for his back pain and a sleep disorder. last month woods was arrested in south florida after police found him asleep at the wheel of his car in the middle of
6:26 am
the road. he also thanked fans for their support. >> most companies use social media to hype their products and that can quickly backfire if they make a glaring mistake. that's what happened on coca-cola on sunday. today's forecast in pittsburgh record heat followed by an ice cold wave of ahh. the problem is as you see the map had a picture of philadelphia on it. >> whoops. pittsburgh was nowhere in sight. twitter users called the company out including pittsburgh's mayor bill peduto. coca-cola apologized to both cities. >> maybe they meant to do that. we're talking about the ad on the news. >> you may be on to something tamala edwards: she reads a lot of books you know. >> it's 6:27. happening today both sides make their case about whether or not to release the names of the jurors in the bill cosby trial. >> later a hung green line rodent comes out of hiding to steal a bag of old food right before someone eyes and
6:27 am
camera. >> ♪♪
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>> now on "action news" the jury is set for the corruption trial of philadelphia district attorney seth williams. we're live as opening statements are set to begin. >> happening today a major update to pennsylvania's medical marijuana program. 12 applicants will be awarded permits to grow and process pot. >> a funnel cloud threatens berks county and a lightning strike does major damage to a newly renovated home. we are following the cleanup from the storms. >> good morning out there. it's 6:30 now on this tuesday june 20th. let's find out about today's weather. dave murphy has that and karen rogers is helping you with traffic. good morning. >> well, obviously lots of bright sunshine up over the horizon. the farther east you are through the region the better chance you have of dealing with a little early cloud cover. you can see that on satellite. but even at the shore the clouds are quickly moving off the coast and as we take a closer view on storm tracker6
6:30 am
live double scan a couple lingering sprinkles around cape may and sea isle city. shouldn't be around too much longer over the next half hour or so and you should be done with that. what you have down there is pretty light. 72 degrees if philadelphia in the upper 60's in allentown and reading, 70 trenton, 71 wilmington and 71 in millville and cape may. for now anyway your dewpoints are still running kind of high from about philadelphia south and east you've got a lot of numbers in the upper 60's and low 70's. that's an indication of pretty significant humidity but as we go through the day we expect that to drop off. 73 degrees still muggy by 7 o'clock. by noon, 83. less humid. and by 3 o'clock your high is 86 degrees with that humidity level continuing to drop. we had a few showers popping up again in tomorrow's forecast. i'll show you those on future tracker6. karen what you got on the roads right now. >> i've got sunshine out there and dry conditions. but, yeah, lots of volume, too. we're looking live on the schuylkill past south street and you see westbound traffic head towards center city.
6:31 am
moving okay at this point. little building volume but not a major delay. major delays here though in delaware on i-495 construction construction blocks the two left lanes crawling only 5 miles an hour. it will stay out there all day until 4 o'clock this afternoon so big problems there in delaware. downed wires causing a problem in north wales at dickerson road and industrial drive t they're looking one of the lanes and i think this is going to be a problem as you travel through your commute just the damage from yesterday's storms. we see downed wires here, we see downed trees in other spots like here on roberts road they've shut it down in bryn mawr at marquee terrace. stick to merion avenue as your alternate t95 in delaware county and we can see southbound traffic here headed towards delaware moving okay at this point. northbound showing some building volume, matt. >> thanks, karen. opening statements will get under way today in seth williams' trial on corruption charges. the sitting philadelphia
6:32 am
district attorney faces 29 counts but denies he did anything wrong. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live outside the federal courthouse in center city to set the scene for us. katherine. >> reporter: matt, the judge says this case will take between three to four weeks to try. opening statements are set for this morning and then prosecution will call their first witness. philadelphia district attorney seth williams will be back at federal court this morning for opening statements in his bribery and corruption trial. williams faces 29 federal charges accused of taking more than $100,000 in gifts and luxury vacations in exchange for favors to two local business owners. he's also charged with miss spending $20,000 designated for his mother's nursing care. williams has maintained his innocence. jury selection took one day eight hours to whittle the jury pool of 137 people from nine southeastern pennsylvania counties down to 12 jurors and four alternates.
6:33 am
the jury is made up of 10 women and two men. two of the women are african-american. williams played an active role in the final selection process. while williams remains district attorney and is still accepting his salary, he is not seeking a third term. his first assistant took over daily operations. his law license has been suspended by agreement with the state supreme court. and if williams gets convicted, he faces a maximum of 20 years behind bars. we're live in federal court katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> thanks, katherine. a judge will hear arguments today related to the bill cosby case. prosecutors are fighting a request by media outlets to make the jurors' names public. judge steven o'neill declared a mistrial on saturday when the panel declared it was hopelessly deadlocked on each of the three sexual assault charges. prosecutors plan to retry cosby and they say releasing the names of the jurors could make it more difficult to select an impartial jury in the next trial. >> the remains of the seven sailors killed in the crash of
6:34 am
the "u.s.s. fitzgerald" will arrive at dover air force base sometime today. the navy destroyer collided way cargo ship off the coast of japan on saturday. four separate agencies are now looking into the crash. in particular authorities want to know why it was nearly an hour before the incident was reported. an off duty officer has been killed in a crash in new jersey. it happened on the 2700 block of nottingham way in hamilton township yesterday. investigators say the officer was driving an suv and ran into the back of a van. the van driver was not seriously hurt. the mercer county prosecutor's office does not plan to release the officer's name until its investigation is complete. >> just about 6:35 and happening today we will learn more about pennsylvania's medical marijuana program. a law legalizing the drug for medical use was passed last year. it permits patients to take the medicine in several forms but not in a way that can be smoked. the department of health will announce today the recipients of the first 12 permits to grow and if distribute medical
6:35 am
marijuana in the state. >> a chester county family will be returning home to find some major damage from last night's storms. it's estimated at more than three-quarters of a million dollars. the lightning strike is being blamed for igniting a three alarm house fire in pocopson township last night. fire officials say lightning hit the chimney and went down into the basement and first floor of the home. neighbors along osbourne circle spotted the bolt. >> saw a huge lightning flash and instead of coming to a point it was like two bars of the whitest lightning i have ever seen. >> the homeowners were out of town. the woman who was house sitting made it out safely. and this is what it looked like as the storm rolled through strauss town berks county last night. travis sent us this video of a funnel cloud appearing to form. fortunately there were no reports of a tornado touching down. >> let's turn now to accuweather and meteorologist, david murphy and i've been noticing more and more that we're seeing more and more sunshine out there. >> yeah, we are sunshine's
6:36 am
really breaking out over the region. one word to the weiss though it's still humid across a good portion of the region. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you we are virtually dry. as we take a closer look towards cape may sea isle city maybe in atlantic city before too much longer we're going to see a little light sprinkle or shower popping up from the south but over the next hour or so that should be completely off the coast. stepping outside and we have sky6 and there you see a little bit of a breeze blowing in center city. the flags of all nations on the ben franklin parkway whipping a bit in the breeze. your temperature right now is 72 degrees. your dewpoint is still up there at 69 and from philadelphia south through south jersey and delaware, we have a lot of spots with dewpoints that are still running around 70 and that's fairly oppressive humidity. so early on as you step outside you're going to sweat a little bit. winds out of the west-southwest at 10 miles per hour. again, a bit of a breeze blowing. but things are going to change for the better. you can see the clouds getting closer and closer to exiting the coast. a lot of clearing out to the
6:37 am
west. and that's drier air out there so not only are we increasing the sunshine as we speak but those humidity levels over the next few hours will have a tendency to drop. 74 degrees and muggy by 8:00 a.m. across much of the region, 79 by 10: ooh. by noon 83 with humidity continuing to drop and your high is 86 degrees. it will still be as warm but not as humid. your high temperatures across the region, everybody toasting up. 83 degrees in allentown, 84 in reading, 84 is today's high in trenton. mid 80's in philadelphia and wilmington and millville and if you're down the shore nice day a little cool in the ocean water for the toes but 81 degrees in ac and 80 the high on the beach in cape may. for the phillies and cards tonight a nice night for baseball. 83 for the first pitch, 77 in the ninth inning, low humidity, pretty nice. tomorrow we got some sunshine early, a few more clouds later in the dane during the afternoon probable... in the day and during the afternoon probably after 2, 3 o'clock we have a chance of a spotty shower or a thunderstorm. doesn't look like a lot but some of you are going to get
6:38 am
hit with that tomorrow. tropical storm hitting around trinidad and to be back go and also caracas before too much longer. this will be a tropical storm brett that will hug the coast and then degenerate as it gets down well south of most of the area where local folks go to vacation. not a big issue there. this could become cindy later today. it's not a tropical storm yet but it's this area of instability north of the yucatan peninsula and if it becomes a tropical storm it looks like it could threaten western texas from about galveston over toward the east and -- or eastern texas i should say and the western louisiana coastline. again, that's cindy. we think that may develop later today. 86 degrees, mostly sunny and lower and lower humidity as we go through today. tomorrow summer arrives in the wee hours of the morning with a high of 85 with some of that spotty shower activity late and for summer is lovers, thursday is pretty good one. a high of 90 if you like that hot weather, you're in great shape 'cause it's not going to be that humid.
6:39 am
hot and more humid on friday, 90 a thunderstorm. and for the weekend it looks like we're a little muggy highs in the 80's and a spotty thunderstorm at times late on saturday and sunday. >> okay, thank you david. it is now 6:39 and a few years ago new york gave social media the so-called pizza rat. now you have a friend with a craving and the ability to drag a trash bag across the sidewalk to get his own personal sized pie. >> the microphone stops working during a student's speech and it's not a technical difficulty. karen. >> heavy traffic on the schuylkill westbound as you head towards king of prussia jammed from city avenue to belmont. you can see we've got sunshine, roads are clear and dry but lots of jams. we'll talk about those jams coming up next. >> ♪♪
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>> 6:42. philadelphia international airport open for business as it always is and we have some clear skies out there for travelers this morning. >> yeah -- >> let's -- >> go ahead tam. >> i was just saying let's go on over to karen. >> that you my big cue. that's right -- you do have clear skies if you're traveling out there. not exactly clear roads though. we're looking outside live here at 95 at cottman and that's your southbound traffic here headed towards center city. already pretty jammed. it's a 31 minute jam from woodhaven to the vine so jammed from academy to girard on i-95 southbound. roads are dry though. that's not the issue but the storms left a few problems in their wake. we've got some downed trees downed wires. kind of peppered through the area. not very many majors affected except 422 eastbound the on-ramp from hanover. we've got a downed tree and that is shut down the ramp
6:43 am
right now so that's one of the ramps that's shut down. for the most part we're finding this problem is more of a suburbs, you know, your local roads that you're dealing with. we've got construction, big delays here. we're now down to 4 miles an hour. it's blocking two left lanes on i-495 and northbound between terminal avenue and edgemoor road. so as you're coming out of new castle you're just crawling along and they're telling us they're not wrapping up until 4 o'clock today. it's a long day with big delays on i-495. let's check your travel times. the worst delay right now is on 95. you see slowing on the schuylkill in both directions and on 42. nothing major just yet. you could see it's the area of yellow you're starting to slow down but the real jam is on i-95. tomorrow's not only the summer solstice but the longest day which is a day we honor alzheimer's wearness. i'll be on main street at a pop-up shop from 7 o'clock to noon in moorestown. i'll be in moorestown tomorrow morning. let's check the weather for you right now.
6:44 am
it's going to be a good one. still feels kind of sticky now at 72 but afternoon we'll see lots of sunshine, less humidity, it's still warm with a high of 86. so enjoy it today tam. >> thank you karen. police released surveillance video of an attempted kidnapping in southern california. it happened at a baby boutique in irvine saturday evening and you can see the man grab a store employee by her hair and try to pull her into a storage room. police say she fought and the screamed until he finally let her go. the victim is in her 20's. she was not physically hurt. the suspect ran off. and a driver who attempted a terror attack in paris is dead and overnight prosecutors confirmed four of his family members are now being held by police. the 31-year-old driver who wall known to authorities set his car on fire on the famed champs-elysees then he tried to ram it into a police van. the car contained explosives and weapons. police dragged the driver out of the car. he was severely burned and died on the street. no one else was hurt.
6:45 am
>> democrats are trying to draw attention to republican efforts to secretly craft a healthcare bill and push it through the senate. republicans are using closed door meetings to write legislation that would replace much of president obama's healthcare law. democrats lack the votes to block the gop efforts so they threatened to slow the senate's work last night with procedural motions and speeches. republicans hope to bring the bill to the senate floor for a vote as early as next week. brand new here. a woman in new york city recorded a rat dragging a trash bag across a brooklyn sidewalk and we of course are fascinated by this. lee connor says it happened last thursday morning. the video which she titled "pizza rat strikes again" shows the rodent pulling the garbage across the sidewalk and then i guess he gets tired so the rat grabs what appears to be a mini personal sized pizza and goes into a hole in the ground. neighbors in the brooklyn neighborhood say rats have been a problem. >> they was on my stove. definitely on my stove.
6:46 am
i'm like stomping doing everything. he's like what you want. >> if they dragging plastic bags what they going to want to eat next? >> the man who owns the nearby house where the rat went underground says he patched up that particular hole on monday morning. >> yikes. it is 6:46. and a preview of "gma" is up next. also a pennsylvania family has been putting up with a constant ringing for 13 years now, an alarm clock keeps going off and they can't stop it. david. >> we actually had something like that once. we put in it a drawer just shut it and finally the battery died. anyway, 86 today humid to start out not so much later on. i'll have your 12-hour forecast coming up next. >> ♪♪
6:47 am
it's time that we bring addiction out of the darkness and into the light. to everyone struggling in silence - addicts, family, friends - you are not alone. it's time we lift each other up, reach out, say something. addiction is a disease. don't suffer. don't wait. help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or go to the road to recovery starts now. >>joe: hi.this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to launch the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including erin. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at
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>> time for a preview of "good morning america." >> to help us with that we've got robin roberts. robin looks like they're ready for a show down 2.0 over healthcare this morning. >> reporter: matt and tam you said that right. the battle is brewing in both chambers of congress this morning as democrats launch a marathon protest overnight demanding republicans be more clear about the bill that they are drafting to replace the affordable care act. this while voting is under way in georgia's special election for house seat that could have a national impact. we're going to break it all down for you there this morning also ahead o.j. simpson up for parole. the former nfl star serving a 33 year sentence could have a chance to walk free. how life has been for him behind bars and we're going to speak to one of his closest friends this morning. an abc news exclusive the bachelorette star speaking for the first time about her
6:50 am
health scare overseas. what she is saying and what you need to know about the warning signs. that and a whole lot more coming up on this tuesday morning on "gma," tam and matt. >> we'll be watching. thanks so much robin. >> like to check the traffic for you. headed out we have lots of delays already. not too bad in new jersey. let's see what it looks like right now on route 42 like in that sunshine a 15 minute ride that's a little slow on the 42 as you head towards the walt whitman bridge. no major problems there. we have a new accident just popped up on the turnpike westbound at virginia drive in pennsylvania. the left lane is blocked and mass transit no big delays but the route 15 trolley is shuttle busing for a couple of weeks, dave. >> a warm start across the region. 72 degrees in philadelphia, 71 in wilmington, karen, 70 in trenton. still in the upper 60's in the northern and western suburbs and we're starting out humid this morning but that does change for the better as the day goes on. 73 degrees by 7 o'clock. by noon, 83. humidity levels in the process of dropping. lots of sun. and then mostly sunny through the rest of the afternoon with
6:51 am
that humidity continuing to dip. 86 is your warm high. we'll hit that at about 3 o'clock. tam. >> okay, thank you david. new here on "action news" a-high school valedictorian was delivering his speech in northeastern pa when he was interrupted. someone pulled the plug on the mic just as he was starting to criticize district officials. >> hopefully this will change. for the sake of future students -- >> (groaning). >> let him speak let him speak. >> he called out the wyoming area school district for its handling of the student government. aside from the mic cutoff he says the school district superintendent has agreed to a meeting to discuss his concerns. >> this starts with a soft beep beep, beep, beep, beep, beep and it gets louder and closer together. >> that is sylvia lynn describing the sound sound that comes out of her wall every night. lynn's husband actually put the clock in there 13 years
6:52 am
ago. he deliberately dropped it tied to a string through an air vent and set it to go off 10 minutes later so he would know where to feed a wire for a tv. the pittsburgh man thought the battery would just run out in three to four months. that was back in 2004. >> ♪♪
6:53 am
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back. here are our top stories. opening statements are scheduled today in the corruption trial of philadelphia district attorney seth williams. the jury of 10 women and two men were selected yesterday. the democrat has denied any wrongdoing. a judge will hear arguments today related to the bill cosby case. prosecutors are fighting a request by media outlets to make the jurors' names public. and philadelphia public school teachers have ratified a proposed contract for the school district having work -- workers having worked for the last four years without one. the three year deal will mean raises for teachers counselors and staff. >> big construction problems on i-495 5 miles an hour. two left lanes are blocked. this is going to last until 4 o'clock today between terminal avenue and edgemoor road. outside live on the schuylkill at belmont we've got fun construction news here, too. today they're going to have closures between 10:00 and 2:00 and you're going to watch for that eastbound between the blue route and city avenue. tomorrow and thursday they'll do it westbound. friday they're doing it in
6:56 am
both directions. troubles coming and going dave. >> you sound so excited. all right. a couple sprinkles down the shore but these aren't going to be around too much longer. give it another half hour or hour and that's not much. today's high 86 degrees. going to wind up mostly sunny. it's muggy right now but as we go through the afternoon the humidity levels will drop. so as i've been saying, maybe you put off your workout this morning and do it after work when the humidity isn't quite as bad. >> summer starts tomorrow, right. >> the whoo-hoo! >> 12:24 in the morning i believe. >> anyone want to have some parting words for spring. >> yes. >> later. >> tomorrow -- tomorrow we're going to be doing the longest day. it's not only the summer solstice but to honor alzheimer's. we'll do a leg something for alzheimer's. >> we're going to sell cookies. we had a preview yesterday and they were delicious. hot spring i will miss you and see is you next year. >> won't with the be like a new spring. >> ♪♪
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
good morning, america. wild weather coast to coast. severe thunderstorms sweeping across the east bringing torrential downpours. flash flooding and damaging winds all caught on camera. as a massive dust storm leads to
7:00 am
a deadly 25-car pileup in new mexico. the southwest now baking under historic heat bracing for scorching triple-digit temperatures already canceling flights this morning. also this morning, the election showdown. all eyes on the most expensive house race ever as voters now head to the polls this morning. president trump watching closely, already up early tweeting about it and the health care bill takes a turn overnight. senate democrats protesting late past midnight what they call secrecy. plus the moment that has many


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