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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  June 20, 2017 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: good afternoon sara, before a hushed courtroom this morning opening statements from both sides presented opposite pictures and profiles of seth williams. the defense says he is an honest public servant with rich friends that lavished him with gifts with no strings attached. >> and the prosecution says he was on the take for the accept years as district attorney. never missing an opportunity to line his pockets. the embattles district attorney arrived today knowing the prosecutor would spend an hour outlining five scheme as ledgely used by essential williams to commit bribery and fraud. the jury was told that he was bribed by a businessman muhammad ali, who paid for expensive dinners and airline tickets and a couch for pressuring police to
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allow ali through airport security without the proper screening. in all the cases by ali and others were not bribes but loans and gifts by friend, after 7.5 years in office no cases were compromised by seth williams. rick, the first prosecution witness is scheduled to take the stand later this afternoon. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news" at the federal courthouse in center city. >> vernon thank you. a chester county family is set to return home to find damages of last night's storms. estimates at $250,000. fire officials say that the lightning hit the chimney and went down into the basement and the first floor of the house, neighbors spotted the bolt. >> we saw the huge lightning flash and instead of coming to a point it was like toward bars of
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the whitest lightning i have ever seen. >> fortunately the homeowners were out of town at the time the woman that was house sitting made it out safely. tushing to our accuweather forecast. the conditions have improved as the storms moved out and humidity is heading down. lets look live from sky 6 hd showing you bright skies over the talon energy sentner chester. the only concern outside may be the sun today. be sure to grab the sunscreen. david murphy is outside with the details. >> it feels comfortable out here today the humidity has plunged. look at the storms last night and yesterday afternoon. it started at 3:30, philadelphia seeing a little bit by 5:00 in the afternoon, boom right through the center of the region i was in delaware county looking at heavy rain not a lot of super strong wind or thunder where i
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was. some got knocked though and at 7:00 we were looking at that off the coast and overnight we. >> reporter: dying down. satellite showing you the improvement the cloud cover off the coast clear skies for the most part just a few fair weather cumulous clouds around and down south in delaware and areas close to cape may not too bad. temperatures have come up and it's too warm. 84 in washington and 82 in philadelphia and 80 in central park, a pleasant day in new york city as well. we look at winds, just a little bit breezy, winds running 15 miles per hour in philadelphia and i can see them going up to a 20 miles per hour breeze every now and then. on the breezy side and warm and most importantly lower humidity. we go for a high of 86 this afternoon. this model has close to that. and 81 by 6:00 you are still
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kind of warm we tumble a bit. at midnight 71 degrees, in the upper 60s in philadelphia overnight. and speaking of overnight of course we have the summer soltice arriving tonight at 12:24 a.m. it's really tomorrow morning that will be the official arrival of summer and that means tomorrow the sun rays are over the tropic of cancer and that gives us a long day tomorrow. as compared to the rest of the year. and certainly compared to winter. right? right. when i step inside we'll talk about howl the pattern lefts. and we look ahead toward the weekend when the humidity looks to be coming back. >> all right it doesn't take long thanks. this reminder no matter what is happening in the skies you can get the latest forecast and stormtracker 6 live double scan any time on your phone or tablet. the 6 abc app is a free download for your mobile device. philadelphia police identified the man killed if the northwood
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section of philadelphia. he is kenyon childs shot in the head at bridge and oak wood streets after 11:00 yesterday morning, childs was lying in the street when they arrived and he died at the scene. detectives are working to determine a motive. two terror attacks within hours of each other in paris and london. a man ran a van into muslims in the park. and updates on both attacks including the arrest of one of the suspect's family. >> two terror attacks two cities and two different motives both fueled by hate. in paris a man sets light to his packed car and has guns and gas canisters and a rifle. but his attempt fails only his vehicle is engulfed in flames and dies of burns in one of the
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world's most famous streets. and more ammunition and guns found in his home. and in london another vehicle used as a weapon. this morning we learn more about the man that drove the van into worshipers outside of a mosque. 47-year-old father of four, darren osbourne, unemployed and living in a tent. it's understood he broke up with his partner, not racist but a troubled man. >> we are massively shocked and has not really sunk in. his family said in a statement. >> using the islamic state tactics for which he blames all muslims. >> two forms of extremism, one anti-western and one anti-muslim. you can expect to see a big increase in security on the streets. some members of congress are now proposing a travel ban for americans to north korea after
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the death of an american college student. 22-year-old otto warmbier died yesterday six days after returning home from north korea. he was in a coma and suffered from severe brain damage, three americans remain in north korean custody prompting south korea's leader to speak out. >> condemn the actions by north korea, there are korean nationals and american citizens detained in north korea. i urge them to return them to their families. >> warmbier's family says he was terrorized and brutalized overseized but at peace when he rushed home last week. this was the scene at the harbor seafood garden as rising sun avenue. it's not clear how much of that restaurant was damaged or how it started. nobody was injured. new affordable housing for seniors coming to the point
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breeze section of philadelphia and they broke ground on the third phase of of the anthony wayne senior housing project. dozens of housing units will rise on the lot of south 28th street. a convenience store clerk decides to fight off a robber instead of allowing him to get away. >> and tiger woods tells his fan he is getting help after his dui arrest.
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newly released surveillance video shows a clerk fighting off a robber at a convenience store. it's suspect came if and demanded money and the clerk fought back and stabbed in the suspect in the stomach. o.j. simpson is learning when he will face a parole board
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to ask for his freedom. they will announce the date for simps simpson's parole hearing he was arrested back in 2007 after a botched attempt to recover sports memorabilia that he said belonged to him and he was granted parole on a few charges thanks to good behavior and it's more than 20 years since a jury acquitted him in the killing of his ex-wife nicole brown and ron goldman. >> there are new revelations about carry fisher's death. >> reporter: nearly seven months since carrie fisher's sudden death. the los angeles county medical examiner released the report to the media, saying she had a number of drugs including cocaine, heroin and ecstasy.
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listing the 60-year-old's official cause of death as sleep apnea and other undetermined factors, including heart disease and drug use and that they could not establish the significance of the multiple substances with record to the cause of death. >> okay fine yes, i am an addict. >> for years fisher strugglinged with addiction and mental illness, something she hope open up about. in her show. >> they say religious -- >> they asked me after i got sober initially they would say are you happy now? >> i would say among other things. happy is one of the many things, all the emotions i go through in a day. you are not just skipping around spouting hallmark cards but yes i'm in a much better place.
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known for her most iconic role as princess leia. fisher's only daughter billy lord tells abc news that her daughter ultimately died from her battle with addiction and menal illness and talked about the shame that torments people confronted by these diseases. i know my mom she would won people to be open about their struggles. >> cocaine would have been consumed within 72 hours of her flight. vanity fair ahead of the recent star wars installing, the last jedi. golfer, tiger woods gave fans an update after his dui arrest last month. that he is getting professional
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help to help with his medication. last month he was arrested in south florida after police found him asleep behind the wheel of his car and thanks fans for their support. >> 23 time olympic gold winner michael phelps retired from s m swimming before racing a great white shark. there are not many details about how it will all work but called the great gold versus great white. and part of discovery's shark week next month. >> okay. still ahead on "action news" another check of your forecast. >> looking live outside sky 6 hd showing you sunny skies over penn's landing and the delaware river at lunch time. meteorologist, david murphy, has your update from accuweather when "action news" continues in a moment.
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customers. they announced the problem on the company help twitter feed and they are working to restore full access as soon as possible and apologized to customers for the disruption of service and inconvenience. they are urged to go to the local bank branches to make deposits and withdrawals. >> think of it as an excuse to get outside. >> nice day today. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows you we are dry after yesterday and last evening's heavy rain and thunderstorms, as we take a look outside how about the beach a couple of people down there a bit a sea breeze and the flag is blowing and issues with rip currents over the weekend and of course as we head into the summer season officially tonight we remind you to swim near the lifeguards and pay attention to the flags on the beach. your dew point has plunged since this morning. the dew point is below the 60
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degree threshold. winds from the west at 15 breezy today and satellite shows you a couple of showers left over this morning and they are gone and the sunshine is taking over and we'll mix in occasional clouds today and generally speaking it looks pretty bright and the humidity is really dropping too. less humid and sunny today and 83 is your high in allentown and not much of a range in temperatures beneath the sun and 84 in reading and 86 in philadelphia and 4 or 5 degree spread from north to south. cape may sitting on or around 80 degrees, i believe we tipped up to 81 this morning and now the sea breeze is kicking in 79 to 80 the rest of the way. phillies great weather for baseball, cardinals in town and 77 in the ninth inning and comfortable. the rest of day warm and humidity dropping, 85 by 2:00 and 84 by 6:00 and then we'll be back down into the 70s at 9:00
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or 10:00 tonight. a mix of clouds and sun later today and in the afternoon a chance of a shower and even an isolated thunderstorm. not expecting it to be severe weather and with the lightning you want to take cover if you hear the rumble of thunder. and on to the tropics we go, tropical storm brett has formed far to the south along the northern coast of south america, that is where it looks like it stays and eventually falls apart into an extra tropical low and the second system is this area of instability in the gulf of mexico. this could become tropical storm cindy later tonight. and this would go to areas of galvest galveston, texas. we'll continue to watch that for you. your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast today's high is 86 and warm out there. but pretty comfortable and feeling better than yesterday.
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partly sunny and 85 the first day of summer and a late shower. thursday, great day for summer lovers. hotter and not very humid and a high of 90 and hot and more humid on friday with a high of 90 and we are looking at a shower or thunderstorm popping up late on friday. and then on the weekend 88 degrees and clouds and sun, and i don't think it's a washout. and partly sunny on sunday with a thunderstorm possible there as well. 85 degrees still sticky. on sunday sun and clouds may or may not be a storm on monday. tuesday we are dry again. summer arrives 12:24 is the official arrival and feels like it in the next seven days. >> will you be up for that? >> in my dreams. >> all right thank you. coming to theaters this weekend a movie about a woman who is abandoned in texas and taken hostage by cannibals, the
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bad batch features sookie waterhouse in the lead role. she walked the carpet last night and featured keanu reeves and jim carrey. alyssamalano says her former business manager left her in debt. she is suing him and his firm for $10 million. and formed her signature and put her into bad investments in a company he was an investor. the manayunk arts festival is kicking off the 28th annual garthing of artists from across the country this weekend and jeanette reyes has what you can find on main street this time. >> reporter: the manayunk arts festival draws a crowd. >> we get about 200,000 people over the course of two days.
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nearly 300 artists converge on main street with an ray of craftsman ship. local artists peter was a judge last year and now has his own stuff. >> i was impressed with the quality of work in the show and it would be great to be part of that. >> he is showing his ceramic works of art. >> and john is an emerging artist the last to years and this year adding real estate. >> you can create your own world in there. >> it's filled with his psychedelic artwork. >> it's about energy. >> it's amazing to see so many people come to this neighborhood to celebrate art and creativity. >> the food scene is abuzz for the arts festival. >> a lot of our restaurants come out and sell food during the restaurant. the thai restaurant dishes come
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together like a work of art. >> her pineapple fried rice combines fresh veggie and fruit and grilled shrimp. >> perfect for summer. >> this is my fourth year doing the manayunk arts festival. the teacher uses inspiration from his every day life for his work and sometimes his students are his muse. >> that is the energy and feeling i wish to show to the world. >> and sometimes a reporter gets the artist's touch. >> i love this. this was so sweet thank you. it takes a lot of people to make a good school day.
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>>joe: hi. this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to offer the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including jason. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at >>jason: start saving to dream bigger today. an adult female logger head turtle was discovered here.
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they believe she was estimated to weigh 250 pounds, she became disoriented be fell in the pool. the turtle hospital was able to net the turtle and deem it was healthy and is released off the florida keys. good thing there was a turtle hospital in the area. >> always nice. meteorologist, david murphy back now -- >> that was not very good. stormtracker 6 live double scan is showing you the warm numbers, mostly sunny and nice and low humidity and same story in the central part of the region. mid-80s for highs in the area. down the shore beautiful day on the beach low humidity and getting lower as you speak. may be sticky in spots and highs around 80 degrees, get out enjoy people it's nice. >> i like that. look now at the stories coming
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up this afternoon on "action news" at 4:00. backpacks for the digital age, this prototype looks unassuming but the fabric is the device. and she thought she won more than $40 million and instead all she got was a steak dinner, one woman's big beef with a new york casino. >> don't forget to join us today at "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> for rick williams and the entire "action news" team i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon. she's nationally recognized
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