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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 21, 2017 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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keys. >> but where? he's going to hide it in a tub of ice cream. he's got many, many, many tubs of ice cream. which he's then going to have to eat through. >> how is that a problem? >> he inserts the key inside one of the tubs and covers it up on top and makes sure all the others look like they've been tampered with as well. >> oh, my goodness. >> but then of course take the actual key and tape it to the bottom of the box. >> that's so wrong. >> so he locks it up, leaves a clue, and hides. as soon as he walks in the room, suspicion. he's like what's going on. he reads the clue. the first thing he asks, call my phone. prove it. >> it's ringing. >> okay. now he knows it's on. ends up finding up there and eventually goes to the fridge. >> never going to find it.
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>> he starts digging into the first one. i think you're wondering why doesn't he dump out all the ice cream. >> that's wasteful. >> there you go. he does do is ropes in his buddies. >> that's nice. she's sharing. sharing in the misery. >> further down the line you can see he doesn't look too good. >> i'm going to be so sick after this. eventually you can see it's a massacre of ice cream across the table. >> but then -- >> i think he's going to throw up. no. no! >> hey. >> finds the key. runs into the bedroom. he's so excited. but -- >> open the box. >> open it then. >> until eventually he's like, oh, wait. >> the third right here. >> oh, yeah. the third clue. >> oh, my goodness. >> video ends with what looks like a good beating. >> stop. stop. that's our show for today.
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it couldn't have been any easier and we both got the coverage we should have had for years now. mm-hm, with change to spare. (laughing) (colonial penn jingle) ♪ it's a cruel, cruel summer california. >> i knew we were doing a summer segment, but did we have to turn the heat up in here? >> depending on where you live, it's getting hot in here, the first day of summer, also known as the summer solstice. we fittingly have our shades on. >> yes, we do. and so does serena. >> yeah, we're joined by the lovely serena marshall. >> i don't know why you're sweating though. >> it's this spray.
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>> he's hot. >> no one could argue. >> keepin' it cool. what's going on? >> summer solstice. you might think memorial day is the first day of summer, but it is today. pop quiz. what does summer solstice stand for? >> it means sun's out, guns out. there goes -- is that gronk? >> it's when the sun reaches the highest point of the year, the tropic of cancer, it's when it hits the tropic of cancer and it happens at the same time every year, just happened 12:24 a.m. eastern. the same time all over the world. >> all over the world. in each team zone. >> 12:24. every time zone. you can see how long your day is going to be. any guesses on the time? >> how much daylight. >> how many hours of daylight are we going to have in new york? >> i'm going to say we're going to get a good 15 hours of
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daylight 689. >> it's exactly 15 hours, five minutes. stone henge, thousands of people turning out to watch the sun rise. it's a celebration of a pagan holiday. and one of those markers. you can watch the sun rise come up right through that marker every summer soltice. >> this is when the aliens come back, right? and that's where they go? >> no it's a celebration of the harvest time. it's all linked to food. really the rest of us actually eat, kendis. >> what else is there to do on this day? >> there's celebrations all over the world. but on the southern hemisphere, it's actually their shortest day of the year, and they celebrate it with an arctic plunge. of course these folks coming out and plunging nude. >> oh, wait, could we get a closeup? >> no, we're not getting a
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closeup. >> can we slow-mo this video? >> no. >> where is this? i need to make my summer plans. >> you can head down for your winter plunge. >> dear beyonce, dear beyonce. there we go. ♪ crazy in love ♪ it's a cruel, it's a cruel because your carpet never stops working there's resolve carpet care. it lifts more dirt and pet hair versus vacuuming alone. resolve carpet care with five times benefits
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family vacations can be costly, and if you give in to the kids' every whim, it may actually break your budget. here are some games to help kids become a little more familiar with spending. with us is our money expert. we can make this fun. >> you can make it fun. >> and not costly. >> that's the objective. >> how do we do this? >> trip guesstimates. this is the first game.
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before you go on vacation, explain to the kids, we've saved up for vacation, we've got the vacation fund, this is where we're going, this is where we're staying, this is what we're going to do, this is what we're going to eat, any idea how much this is going to cost? >> you say this to the kids? >> you tell this to the kids and they write do you know their estimate. it's a really good lesson in showing kids, we budgeted for this, we planned ahead, and that's why this vacation is possible. >> so much for the impulse buys ahead. >> impulse buys are a bad thing. >> what's deal masters? >> deal masters. as you know, there's discounts on everything from the museum entries to the parks to discounted meals. this game, i would suggest you have the kids play also in advance, but they could probably do it on the road, too. where are the best discounts? how much are we saving? have them go to sites like
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groupon. and then once the kids come up with the best choices and options for the family, they get something. >> and that's, i guess that's one way of avoiding the budget busters. >> this is the impulse buys you were talking about. the budget busters. so along the road when you're stopping for gas, you're buying chips, soda, energy drinks. junk. >> sugar high. >> those are the budget busters. i'm trying to show the kids the impulse buys add up. some may spend $10, some $20. i would say the person who spent the least of the incidentals could get a portion of the one who spent the most. >> so you're basically playing mind tricks on your kids. >> it works. >> there's a little bit of a delayed gratification. >> right. so this is, i'm thinking
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airports here, kept dindis, bec you're sitting around, there's delays. the kids are antsy, bored, it could lead to buys at the airport that are not relevant buys. you're just buying stuff. from a family perspective, you say why don't we hold off on the buys here and buy something more meaningful when we get to the destination. here you are saying hold off on stuff you don't need, go to experience. >> in other words, bribe your kids. >> you are putting words in my mouth. >> what about the souvenir savings? >> they give kids dollar bills if you're not whining or beating up your brother. this is to show kids that money is something you earn, not just handed out. parents set a bad example when they hand over the credit card and say eh, get what you want. >> those are the kids who end up in debt in college.
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♪ music bumps there, all back to back. and we're back. we're kicking things off with an unusual parking job. >> or just an unusual accident. how in the world does this happen? the nevada highway patrol showing a picture of this abandoned car on top of a large rock. it's in the middle of the desert. and they said that the person who drove their car into a rock >> leaving a concert festival there. >> yeah, this morning, wants their car back.
2:56 am
come talk to the troopers to get it back. >> just imagine, though, you're leaving that carnival there, that show, and seeing this image. trippy. >> i think somebody may have done it as a prank. i think -- >> an art project. >> or art, yes. >> oh, my. >> abandoned car art. >> that is nevada's picasso. it's beautiful. >> i think they did it as a stunt, and then they jumped in their friend's car and went home. now to some crazy kids jumping into the world book of records. >> this is from a school in japan. this is not time lapse video. this set a new guinness world record for most skips over a single rope. any guesses on how many? 225 times in just 60 seconds. >> that is impressive. i could watch that for like ten minutes. >> it's dizzying. >> it's like a give.
2:57 am
>> a jif even. >> i call it a gif. i might be completely wrong. it's one of those things that you want to see over and over again. >> it's the gif that keeps on going. and that sound, man, that's not annoying. that's awesome. you have to check this out. you've heard about the guy that walks into a bar. >> mm-hm. >> how about a koala who walks into a diner. >> so a friendly koala has given diners a pleasant surprise when it strolls into a diner in australia. nobody was really phased by it. >> he's so cute. >> i would love to see a crocodile.
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this morning, southern comfort. >> the president tweeting his congratulations to karen handel, edging out the 30-year-old democrat who came very close to turning the traditionally red congressional seat blue. and the latest terror attack and the wave of extremist violence. an explosion at a train station in belgium. the suspect shot down at the scene. new details just coming in. the facebook live stream showing what happened after an officer shot and killed philando castile at a traffic stop. now with that officer acquitted of manslaughter we're getting a first look of what happened before those shots with fired. and the awkward hug.
3:01 am
senator marco rubio going for it here with ivanka trump, but does this picture really tell the whole story? >> no. >> how he responded on the first day of summer. it is wednesday, june 21st. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> it's a frame. it's just a freeze, it's like that right before she turns her head to go in for the hug. >> it was right before she completely rejected him. >> no. no. we're not going to start that. >> we're going to break it down a little later on. but first breaking news out of georgia, a significant victory for the gop in a congressional race that captured national attention and triggered a record-breaking, multi-million dollar advertising campaign. >> many expected a photo finish here, but it wasn't. karen handel defeated democrat jon ossoff in the race. it was largely seen as a
3:02 am
referendum on the trump presidency and a win for democrats would have rattled washington ahead of the mid term elections. we're covering it all. we're joined now from the dekalb county area. good morning. >> reporter: it was a nail-biter of a night here in georgia, but as you mentioned, it was republican candidate karen handel who came out on top. a historic night for republican karen handel. >> and a special thanks to the president of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: defeating democrat jon ossoff and securing her party's nearly 40-year stronghold in a hotly-contested atlanta suburb. >> this is not the outcome any of us were hoping for. but this is the beginning of something much bigger than us. >> reporter: many calling the race a referendum on the president's policies. trump tweeting three times in 24
3:03 am
hours in support of the republican candidate. and it seems his high profile help paid off. the candidates spending a historic $50 million on the campaign. >> now jon ossoff and his liberal -- >> reporter: ads rampant on atlanta-area air waves. a local race gaining national attention, considered a possible political bellwether for the 2018 midterm elections. and republicans are hoping that this win by handel will reaffirm their legislative agenda and reunify the party. >> kellyanne conway tweeting she's laughing her ossoff. >> ooh, very good. >> she may not be laughing for very long because these results are only going to stay for what, a year and a half? >> reporter: that's right. we know this was a special lek 00 to fill tom price's vacancy. he's now in the cabinet and this
3:04 am
seat will be up for grabs in 2018. >> thank you very much for reporting live. we're moving on to the next big story we are following. it is mother nature. quite a few things we're following on the weather front. let's start with the tropical storm named cindy heading for the gulf coast right now. >> a lot of people concerned. the storm is churning up the gulf of mexico. it's moving slowly, expected to make landfall sometime tomorrow morning. it has a high risk of flooding in mississippi. >> the surf is very high along the beaches and swimming is prohibited. local officials are warning of dangerous high tides and rip currents. >> levees are being strengthened in new orleans where there are thousands who have already lost power. many schools, camps and government offices will be closed today. in the southwest, record temperatures.
3:05 am
las vegas tied a record first set in 1942, 117 degrees. the heat wave is helping fuel the big bear wildfire east of los angeles. there are mandatory evacuations under way overnight there. >> a lot of my family is ready for it to cool down from those triple temperatures in california. turning overseas to brussels where a small explosion at a train station was indeed a terror attack. the suspect was killed at the scene, nobody else was hurt. terry moran has details. >> reporter: the city of brussels is on edge after shots were fired and explosions rocked the main train station at about 8:30 p.m. eyance withes a eyewitnesses are sharing images of flames. police took down a suspect immediately after an explosion inside the station. loud bangs could be heard. the suspect shot as police quickly secured the area, packed with locals and tourists on a
3:06 am
summer night. >> we saw the fear in their eyes. we saw that they were running so fast. there had to be something that made them run. >> reporter: within minutes, the station was locked down, swarmed by heavily-armed military troops and police. no reports of any injuries or deaths, but belgian officials are calling this a terrorist attack. this is europe's third attack in just three days. sunday night, a white man drove his van through a cloud of muslims leaving late night prayers outside a mosque in london. joori jo injuring almost a dozen people. and in paris, a man hoping to cause an explosion on the shaums degr champs de elysee. >> reporter: and this witness shouted "allahu akbar" before blowing up his explosives. we're getting a look at
3:07 am
newly-released dash cam video in the philando castile case. images were released days after the officer was acquitted in the killing. you recall the aftermath played out live on facebook. it shows yanez firing seven shots, less than 40 seconds after pulling castile over for a broken taillight. a warning, though, what you're about to see is graphic and disturbing. >> your brake lights are out. do you have insurance? >> i do have a firearm on me. >> all right. don't reach for it, though. don't pull it out. don't pull it out! >> you just killed my boyfriend. >> it is just so hard to watch. >> and hear. >> yeah. officer yanez told investigators that he thought castile may have been an armed robbery suspect. the audio was not played during the trial.
3:08 am
jurors did not receive a transcript. gut-wrenching. seven shots. a settlement has been reached in the police shooting that sparked the riots in ferguson, missouri. michael brown was shot by darren wilson. details of his parents' wrongful death lawsuit have been sealed. it is quote fair and reasonable compensation. robert mueller is returning to capitol hill to talk to members of senate judiciary committee. he's looking into allegations of russian election meddling and possible collusion. the leading republican and democrat described the meeting as productive. they want to make sure that their investigations do not interfere with one another. jared kushner, the diplomat. the president's son-in-law is heading to the middle east today, taking the first step aimed at hammering out a peace
3:09 am
deal. meetings are scheduled with benjamin netanyahu and mahmoud abbas. it is expected to be a lengthy process, kushner spearheading the effort with the president's envoy. >> middle east peace isn't easy. >> go figure, go figure it's going to take a long time. it's only taken thousands of years. >> exactly. back in washington there was an interesting moment. marco rubio wrapping up a one-day special investigation. >> it all started with this photo. rubio greeting ivanka trump at the capitol. >> he's going in big. >> here's the thing. it was declared awkward by many, but it literally is a snap-in, a series of snaps that went viral. >> rubio fired off a series of tweets, including, quote, new photo emerges providing more insight into alleged failed hug. faces blurred for security purposes. ivanka also got into it, tweeting fake news, marco is an
3:10 am
excellent, excellent hugger. >> i think it's good that they're poking fun at the fact that somebody is trying to make more of it is than what it is. i mean, literally, i saw that face, kendis. it's just a moment. >> uh-huh. it is a moment. but her hands are not going anywhere near the hug. >> do you know how fast those frames go on a camera with the paparazzi? >> we've seen him keep his cool in the past. he's a smooth operator as sade would have said. >> oh, oh. up down, all right. >> i have no comment. i've already said enough. all right, coming up, a mom having more fun at college than her daughter, and the pictures to prove it. >> this might be funny or weird to you, depending on what you think, we'll let you judge. but first, how you could go viral. >> it's a very 21st century goal and one that's not very easy to plot of course, too. but we are going to meet some folks who are doing good business launching the careers
3:11 am
of wanna-be celebrities. and after the break, the prison sentence one man earned for this photo. wow! >> what do you think about this? let us know on our facebook and on twitter at abc wnn. you're watching "world news now."
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a court in north africa has sentenced a man to two years in prison for this stunt. he dangled a child out of a 15th floor window of a building here in algeria and posted the picture on facebook. the caption said 1,000 likes or i will drop him. he was turned in by other facebook users. he claims the baby was never in danger and the pictures were altered. the baby's father urged the court to forgive him. now the mystery surrounding the death of a pastor. >> a tragedy now connected to a
3:15 am
legend that has grown over the years, captivating thousands of people and drawing them out in search of buried gold. clayton sandell with this story. >> reporter: officials believe the person found dead sunday in the new mexico wilderness is a colorado pastor. he disappeared while searching for $2 million in gold and jewels hidden years ago somewhere between montana and new mexico. >> it's full of emeralds and diamonds and rubies. >> reporter: by an art dealer. >> when somebody finds that chest, they're going to be shocked. >> reporter: fin's 2010 poem is a cryptic treasure map. >> take it in the canyon down. not far but too far to walk. >> reporter: the promise of riches, inspiring tens of thousands of amateur treasure hunters like cynthia meacham. >> i probably have been out at least over 100 times and probably over, oh, my gosh, over
3:16 am
50 or 60 different places in new mexico i've actually been to. >> reporter: but wallace is now the second man in just over a year to die looking for fin's treasure. a man was found last year. his family thinks it's all a hoax. the treasure could be hidden in steep, rocky mountain terrain like this here in colorado or in three other states, stretching more than 1,000 miles, and only one man knows where it is. fin insists that it is real. he says it's a terrible tragedy that pastor wallace lost his life and i feel deep compassion for his wife and extended family. meet the new hollywood industry of the viral agents. >> they're hoping the latest social media celebs make the most of their 15 minutes of fame. next. need parts i've never even heard of. and it's going to cost you a fortune. when life keeps you up...
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zzzquil helps you fall asleep in less than 20 minutes. because sleep is a beautiful thing.
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so we've all heard of the likes of colonel parker, jerry mcguire. fame famed agents. and now there are new agents making a name for themselves. >> they are dedicated to making your youtube dreams come true. >> reporter: meet rudy mancuso. over 2 million subscribers on
3:19 am
youtube. seven-figure annual earner. where are you? >> i'm trying to figure that out myself. >> reporter: and you're how old, 24? >> 25 now. i discovered acting and improve. >> reporter: and this is le-le. first person to meet 1 billion likes on vine. >> i just did it for fun. >> reporter: took it to the point where the first lady is photo bombing her. rudy and le-le among 12 stars in shots studios. >> many people laugh, you make people laugh, you win. >> reporter: they turned their six-second videos into viral, longer instagram videos, and now youtube. >> don't worry, man.
3:20 am
i'm super man. i've got you. >> this younger generation is very lonely, very depressed. and they want to be entertained. and they want to actually hope. >> reporter: creators make short, relatively low budget, funny, sometimes musical videos. >> it gives that young kid in the middle of america hope to say i could become a star one day. this doesn't look hard. >> reporter: justin bieber who was famously discovered on youtube, is an investor. anybody can post a video on youtube. >> youtube is kind of the foundation of revenue. that's what pays the bills. we work with fortune 500 brands. >> the more relatable the contempt, the bett content, the better it does. they're 15 to 25. >> reporter: who's catering to the 48-year-old age bracket?
3:21 am
>> mike tyson. >> reporter: tyson has his own youtube channel. >> i'll make you a sandwich. never believe it. peta bread and all. >> reporter: 20 years, 30 years from now, what are you doing? >> i have no idea. >> reporter: that's a good answer, actually. >> i don't know what i'm doing tonight, let alone 20 years from now. >> reporter: but the shahidis know what they'll be doing. >> we've got to make timeless material like charlie chaplin. >> reporter: so that 30 years from now, someone else's dad is watching this on youtube. >> i've never been this in love before. >> reporter: for nightline in los angeles. >> it's chaplinesque. >> no, it's not. but, i am so impressed with
3:22 am
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and enjoy living well. ♪ i don't like this one. >> it's a great story. if you're at home and you have something to drink, keep it there while i have this story. there's a bar in the yukon territory of canada, whereas part of one of these drinks, their signature drinks, there's a detached, mummified, blackened, nail and all toenail that's there. it's salty, apparently. >> it's a human toe in a drink. >> it's a human toe in a drink. >> a mummified human toe. i want to throw up in my mouth. >> here's the deal. there's an apb out, because somebody stole the toe over the weekend. police are looking for him. they're planning to fine the
3:26 am
person $2500 unless the toe is returned in tact, i'm not sure if that means attached to the person or whatever. this is the eighth time the toe has either fwogone missing overe years or -- >> he swallowed it. >> been swallowed. any way, moving on. mattel is coming out -- >> it's a mummified toe! >> i don't want to think about it, i don't want to think about it! i'll never get that picture out of my head. mattel has come up with 15 diverse male dolls, all kens. are you gagging about the male ken dolls or the toe still? >> they look like the abbey in west hollywood. >> one has a man bun. >> i like the man bun. >> yeah.
3:27 am
but the original ken doll was introduced in 1961. five more additional adolldolls. in all, there will be 25 ken dolls. >> you have hipster ken with his bike and. >> they should pay you for that. there's a mom who dropped off her daughter at school, freshman orientation, and then sent a photo, moments later, and this was the photo. >> this was mama. >> yeah. hey, i got to meet the texas state football players. i made some new friends. don't wait up. >> that is funny. >> that's pretty awesome. >> they were good sports about it and mama looks comfortable. >> they're shirtless. why would mama not be happy? >> i think she's rubbing it in. >> it's probably a flashback to her old college days or to just last week. >> maybe. that's the news. >>
3:28 am
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breaking overnight on "world news now." republicans pass the litmus test. the congressional race in georgia. it got close, but republicans pulled it off. storm preps now hopefully in place. from houston to florida, with new orleans preparing for extreme flooding. up to a foot of rain expected in some areas. the storm track ahead. a dean at yale fired over her yelp reviews. >> what she posted online about restaurant patrons and theater employees that cost her her ivy league job. and the reverend al getting a lot of attention, but not because of his strong political views but because of his weak selfie game. it's in the "skinny." it is wednesday, june 21st.
3:31 am
from abc news, this is "world news now." >> which one is he -- >> the infinity selfie. it's in the mirror, it goes on and on and on. >> the song that never ends. >> it's going to burn into your brain forever. we'll dig into what reverend al was thinking there. but we'll start with the breaking news in the south. the special election in georgia. the republican party has avoided a major upset, retaining the seat it's held for some decades. >> it's been talked about a lot in the political sphere. veteran politician karen handel edging out jon ossoff, a political newcomer seen as the symbol of the anti-trump movement, both sides pouring tens of millions of dollars into the race, much of it from out of say the donors. ariel has the latest from atlanta. good morning, ariel. >> reporter: karen handel's
3:32 am
victory was seen as a victory for the entire republican party. the sixth district of georgia has been held by republicans since 1979. the local race has been seen as a possible bellwether for the 2018 congressional midterms. republicans will likely see this as a validation of the president's agenda and momentum needed to move forward with tax reform and health care. >> and we need to also lift up this nation so that we can find a more civil way to deal with our disagreements. because in these united states of america, no one, no one should ever feel their life threatened over their political beliefs and positions. >> at a time when politics has been dominated by fear and hatred and scapegoating and division, this community stood up, women in this community stood up. [cheers and applause]
3:33 am
>> reporter: congratulations to karen handel, fantastic job. we are all very proud of you. it's worth mentioning that both candidates have tried to down play the national impact of this race, but also worth noting is how much each spent, both collectively spending $50 million, making this the most expensive congressional race in history. adrienne, kendis? >> there were so many controversial ads during this campaign. the funniest one was when they showed ossoff during his college days playing han solo as an attack ad. >> oh, i missed that. oh, my goodness. >> drunken days in college. as a 30-year-old, that's what you'd call -- >> not that long ago. >> last week. interesting election results in atlanta. >> well, much talked about, and again, you mentioned that maybe another year and a half we're going to do this all over again because this was a special election. >> 2018 midterms. we'll stay in the south, and to
3:34 am
the tropical storm. cindy is in the gulf of mexico and heading slowly toward land. >> looking at the radar, you can see drenching rains and winds slamming the gulf coast and stretching into tennessee. some coastal areas could get up to 12 inches of rain, making flooding all but certain. beaches are closed and crews are working to strengthen levees and other flood barriers. >> le's check in with accuweather for more. >> here's paul williams. >> here's the path of cindy. expect it to move a little closer to the coast on wednesday, and then moving right into the inland, along the texas and louisiana border. as we go into wednesday, friday, curving back to memphis and nashville as we go to the weekend. we're looking at widespread heavy rainfall. throughout the entire i-10 corridor. look at the amount we're expecting, between 8-12 inches of rain over towards pensacola. security is tighter than normal after another attack in
3:35 am
europe. this time in brussels in what authorities are calling a terror attack at the city's main train station. a witness capturing this image, fire engulfing a man after he detonated a suspected suicide bomb. the map was -- man was also shot by soldiers. no one else was injured in the incident, but the suspect did die at the station and the surrounding area, people were evacuated out of fear that the suspect may not have been acting alone. back in the united states, there is more outrage and grief over the death of otto warmbier the 22-year-old american who died just days after he was sent back from north korea in a coma. a candlelight vigil was held at the university of virginia where he was a student. after president trump said his preside predecessor was partly to blame for his death. a former aide came to president obama's defense saying we had no higher priority than securing
3:36 am
the release of americans detained overseas. these tireless efforts resulted in the release of at least ten americans from north korean custody. it's painful that mr. warmbier was not among them. some of the sentiments as well as president obama released a statement. now the trump administration is said to be considering banning american citizens from traveling to north korea. in the meantime, the president seemed to acknowledge that the strategy to get china to exert pressure over the north over its nuclear weapons has not helped. he tweeted, while i greatly appreciate the efforts of president xi, it has not worked out. at least they tried. >> there are increased tensions between the u.s. and russia this morning. a russian fighter jet yesterday came within feet of an american reconnaissance plane, and it that comes hours after the u.s. shot down a pro-syrian regime drone. here's abc's martha radatz. >> reporter: the jets were flying high over the baltic sea, a u.s. air force reconnaissance plane suddenly intercepted by a
3:37 am
russian fighter jet approaching from behind, coming just five feet from the wing tip of the u.s. jet, an encounter the americans called unsafe. >> it came in at such a high rate of speed and was seemingly out of control that it concerned the u.s. aircraft pilot. >> reporter: russian aircraft have buzzed and intercepted not only u.s. aircraft but warships in the last year. last summer during the training exercise, our fighter jet which flew wing tip to wing tip safely with u.s. jets was warned by russian pilots we getting too close to their border. we're flying over estonia right now. just over to the east, to the right is russia. the americans said the russians were just being provocative and continued the exercise. >> there we go. roll in left. >> reporter: while the u.s. intercepts russian planes as well, it has been within the safety norms. martha radatz, abc news, washington. ford will begin importing cars from china to the u.s. in two years.
3:38 am
it is moving production of the ford focus from a plant in detroit to china where it already makes the focus for chinese buyers. ford says it won't cost any u.s. jobs bha jobs because the michigan plant is being converted to produce trucks. a university dean who posted controversial things on yelp has been released. she referred to patrons of restaurants white trash and called theater employees barely-educated morons. she has since apologized, calling her comments insensitive. it's a story members of a texas gator squad will talk about for years. but not for the reason you
3:39 am
think. >> the squad raced to a houston home to save a family from -- this lizard. >> are you kidding? >> it's like a really small lizard. like the geico gecko might be able to beat up this lizard. >> the gator squad posted pictures of this non-monster on their facebook page. they posed the question, shall i charge a wildlife removal fee or not? oh, my goodness. what is wrong with -- no, i won't say, what were you thinking? >> they probably go to the emergency room for a paper cut. >> but, you know what? i wouldn't call the gator squad, but you know how when you have any critter in your house you freak out? i have a mouse in my house right now, and we've tried everything. we've tried humane means to get rid of the mouse. >> and now? >> we might have to call the gator squad. >> wow. all right. well, i understand that. or if you know how to help her
3:40 am
in the mouse problem. >> yeah. coming up in "the skinny", he's won three academy awards and countless other accolades so why is daniel day-lewis suddenly calling it a night? >> wow. and mark your callenders. o.j. simpson has been granted a date for his parole hearing, but first a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather, brought to you by liberator medical. because your carpet never stops working
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five people injured overnight when an underground steampipe exploded in downtown baltimore. the blast occurred about three blocks from camden yards, about an hour from the start of the orioles game. two nearby hotels were damaged and parked cars and injuries are nonlife-threatening. he's probably the most famous inmate, serving a 33 year sentence in nevada. >> now o.j. simpson is one step closer to possibly being freed. here's abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: a parole date giving o.j. simpson a date to
3:44 am
plead for his freedom. >> he's not going to try to retry the case. he's done a lot of positive things in prison. >> count two, guilty, count three, guilty. >> reporter: simpson's botched 2007 attempt to recover sports memorabilia he says belonged to him. he was sentenced to 33 years for armed robbery and kidnapping. simpson telling an earlier parole board he's a model prisoner. >> i've not had any incidents. >> reporter: it's been over 20 years since his infamous acquittal for the murder of nicole brown simpson and ronald goldman. for goldman's father and sister, the parade of o.j.-related products, from "o.j. "mamade in america" it still stings. but nothing like imagining him free. what would that picture look like to you? >> disgust. >> he did a horrible, heinous
3:45 am
crime, and i have no feeling except rot in hell. >> reporter: matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. when we come back, "bachelor in paradise" coming back. our senior chief bachelor analyst will weigh in. >> sort of. "the skinny" next. bachelor analyst will weigh in. >> sort of. the skinny next.
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny and, on your "skinny" this wednesday, we are starting things off with surprising news. daniel day-lewis has announced his retirement. >> say it ain't so. >> it is so. the 60 year old, a three-time oscar winner, didn't give a reason for the decision. >> he's considered one of the best actors of our time starring in "my left foot", "lincoln." "there will be blood", and "gangs of new york."
3:48 am
he would immerse himself in character, staying in character even between scenes. dedication. >> we thought we'd take a look at some of his best and most memorable roles. >> we are met at this chosen ground. to settle for good and all! who holds sway over the five points? >> i drink your milk shake! i drink it up! >> it is a self-evident truth that things that are equal to the same thing are equal to each other. >> i can imagine him walking around the set. >> or going to the grocery store, staying in character like that. that would be odd. >> or seeing him at shake shack saying "i drink your milkshake! >> thanks. it's going to be $10.80. go ahead.
3:49 am
>> he apparently became a butcher's apprentice and listened to eminem records. >> that is serious dedication. >> that's old-school dedication. >> he only person to have three oscars for best actor. >> wow, interesting. i hope this next chapter is wonderful for you, mr. lewis. bachelor in paradise, they have completed the investigation into alleged misconduct on set and found that the film did not support the claim. >> so the two at the center of the controversy, corinne and demario will be back when they begin shooting again, soon. the show hopes to be back on air before the end of the summer, right here on abc. our senior bachelor analyst consultant, bachelor in paradise >> expert. bachelor guy. >> are we excited about this
3:50 am
news? >> i don't have anything to say about this one. way too many details. i'm going covfefe on this one. >> covfefe. >> forget it. >> he's staying away. >> that's why we pay him the big bucks. >> arm's length, baby. not even close. next? >> so what do you think? >> keep it movin'. >> we look forward to seeing more of jack's analysis of bachelorette. so the internet never misses a chance to make critiques. al sharp at any posted this photo on father's day, and people began calling him out for his mirror selfie game. >> here he is with the side workout shot. >> and afro pic. >> he's got the afro pic. that's a nice smile.
3:51 am
>> infinity. >> yeah, okay. and there -- okay, now you're not supposed to show your whole body in the selfie. kev on stage posting a rant about how a lot of people --? how he feels. >> why do old people never know how to take selfies. they always show the phone in the mirror. it's like they got to be around a mirror so they can see. the phone always be showing you. the front-facing camera, al. look at the snapchats. >> oh, my. so the picture is so confusing, it looks like a 12 year old going to recess is in the background. doesn't it? he's showing down his slimmed-down self. more than half his body weight. we can't help but throwback to the old g sharpton with the track suit. man. >> you've come a long way, baby. >> yes, he has. that's a good turn. that's when he needs to shut
3:52 am
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♪ american woman ♪ stay away from me ♪ american woman ♪ mama, let me be isn't lady liberty french? >> yeah, but lenny kravitz is always acceptable every day. no matter what. >> absolutely, i agree. >> we're talking about a true american woman, jackie kennedy onassis known for style and grace. it's no wonder people are so very interested when anything she owned hits the auction block. >> there's an accessory with a very special story. we are up all nightline. with our friend, byron pitts. >> reporter: the glitz, the glamour. first lady jackie kennedy. a woman of her time whose legend
3:56 am
remains timeless. now some of her signature style is up for sale. >> i've never been as excited. >> reporter: jackie's cartier tank watch hits the auction block at christie's. she received the watch from her brother-in-law to commemorate the 50-mile hike he took in palm beach. >> february 23rd, 1963. it has the time, 2:05 a.m., at the start of the hike and the end at 9:35 p.m. >> reporter: that hike, part of a trend sweeping the country at the time, a presidential challenge issued to americans nationwide. clint hill, co-author of the book mrs. kennedy and me. >> i had no athletic shoes to wear. i had no idea this was going to transpire. this hike. so i had to do the best i could. >> reporter: this isn't the first time jackie's memorabilia has been up for bidding. in march, a treasure trove of
3:57 am
letters sold for over $126,000. the first lady herself created this painting which is being sold along with the watch. the lot is expected to fetch up to six figures. but it's hard to say how much someone will pay for a piece of camelot. >> at the end of the day, when the gavel goes down, everything has a price. >> reporter: byron pitts. abc news, new york. >> i love history. >> it's a beautiful watch, apparently, it was given to her by her brother-in-law back in 1963, the range from $60,000 to $120,000 it could go for. i hope it works. >> who cares. it's jackie o's watch. >> if it doesn't work, is it really worth $120,000? >> yeah, it's jackie o. more updates -- this is abc news "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. abc news
3:58 am
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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, republican karen handel handling her race in georgia fending off the democrat in the most expensive race for the house ever, why it's seen as a big win for president trump. we're live with details. also, tropical storm cindy taking aim at the gulf coast. powerful winds and rain felt. we're tracking its path. >> a powerful explosion rocks a house. a gas employee being called a hero getting an elderly couple out of the home in the nick of time. presidential appearance. george h.w. bush making a surprise visit. we do say good morning on this


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