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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  June 21, 2017 5:00am-5:28am EDT

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so now that you ow what do you think? that it's time to think about jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. and get to the heart of what matters. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this matt o'donnell is off. jeanette reyes is here. >> explosives investigation this morning. law enforcementring dangerous explosives inside. >> also new this morning, the search is on for a schuylkill county man accused of killing his own father. what police are telling people to look out for this morning. >> and pennsylvania driver's licenses are getting a new look and added security. see what your new will
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look like. >> if they could cut down on those lines i would be happy. first up let's look at your weather and traffic. we've got dave murphy and karen rogers to help with that. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. we're off to a somewhat sticky neighborhoods satellite shows sunshine on s in southern delaware and extreme south jersey. warm. 72 degrees as you head out the door in philadelphia. just 60 though in allentown and 62 in rea those northern and western suburbs. and the dewpoints especially in the southern portion of the region are still fairly high. 70 in millville indicates oppressive humidity early on and close to that in dover and cape may. like yesterday we expect those humidity levels to drop off. 72 degrees by 7 o'clock. 84 by noon. 87 at 3 o'clock. that's our high and it's not all that humid. 85 by 5 o'clock and by 7 o'clock, 78 degrees and it's happened, folks, the summer
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solstice has arrived. it officially came in at 12:24 in the morning a few hours ago. this is when the sun's direct rays are over the tropic of cancer and that means we have our so-called longest day and what do i want to say, karen rogers also has been talking about how the longest days,, no, seriously, the longest day is alzheimer's -- >> i knew exactly what you were thinking. >> i was trying to think how to say the. but anyway there's a lot of activities going around nationally today. >> that's why i'm wearing purple today for the longest day honoring alzheimer's. well said dave murphy. >> not really. >> schuylkill expressway at montgomery drive construction here has just cleared from the left lane. traffic is moving a lot better this morning so no here on the schuylkill. vine street expressway is in good shape. it did not shut down for overnight construction so we're looking good this week with the open. chadds ford delaware county 202 at baltimore pike we had earlier construction.
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it has since cleared. traffic is moving nicely.rythins green but when this clears in a second you'll see at terminal avenue we have constructi o some really big delays expected so you'll want to watch for that in wilmington. today it's on i-495 southbound near terminal avenue that yesterday it was northbound. also the ramp from i41 northbound to 295 northbound shut down for construction, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. this morning investigators than 12 hours later after dangerous chemical explosives were found inside a bucks county home. overnight the shelter-in-place order however for nearb the action cam is there live now on the 8700 block of easton road in ottsville. bomb teams and hazmat crews worked throughout the night to dism weapons and explosives. our dann cuellar was filing a report when this happened. >> reporter: it was unclear the. >> whoa is right. it's pleased that believed that
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officials were performing a controlled detonation you a sense of what they may have found in that home. katherine scott joins us in our satellite center. >> reporter: good morning, tam. the house is still taped off but nearby roads have opened back up. it's unclear at this point if any charges will be fil scene in ottsville bucks county. this all started yesterday on the 8700 block of easton road when authorities were serving mt warrant on a 70-year-old man. that's when officials uncovered chemical explosives and a large number of weaponsn e property. you could see responding units wearing protective gear to ha explosive materials moving some of them to the back of the property. they removed weapons boxes of mu explosive liquid chemicals. you can hear periodically
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controlled detonat is. some neighbors say they were told to shelter-in-place. >> my dad called me, he told mel to stay inside don't go out. >> a little nerve wracking. i don't know what's going on but we need to get out of here. >> reporter: this morning state police remain on the scene. authorities saying they're still -- there's still work left to do today. we're live in theellite center katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> katherine thank you. new this morning, the search is on for a schuylkill county man accused of killing hisnnsylvania state police issued a warrant for the arrest of 37-year-old michael marchok. they say he was last seen driving his parent's gold ford fusion. his father gary was found dead in his home on monday and police have not said how he was killed. an autopsy is that scheduled for today. we are working to get an update on the victims involved . the two cars collided last night in horsham township mo over the scene as
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rescuers worked to free the two victims trapped ieckage one. this is the intersection of county line and keith valley road. both victims were rushed to area hospitals. it is now 5:06 and an a nure will be back on the stand today to testify against philadelphia district attorney seth williams. after opening statements, kathleen defrees took the stand. she was asked questions about money williams allegedly spent on himself instead of his mother's healthcare. williams is accused of taking more than $20,000 that was actually meant for his mother. he faces 29 federal criminal charges including bribery reason corruption. his defense argues that williams has made mistakes but d constitutes criminal activity. we could learn the identurieors involved in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. this morning a judge will that decide whe public or not.
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d.a. kevin steele says he fears releasing the names could have a negative lawyers for several media outlets argue that the jurors' names should remain public to te judicial process. >> dave murphy is here with a look at your weather. it's the first day of summer and i'm liking it so far. a nice start in most of the region. there's a little bit of shower activity off the coast but that's it. as we look outside we have a lot of sunshine beginning to build over talen energy stadium and the approach to the commodore barry bridge its a little bit muggy in some areas across on the region particularly in southern areas, parts of south jersey and delaware w-but, but that's going to subside like it did yesterday. 68 degrees in wilmington, 60 in allentown, comfortable in the northern and western suburbs. in philadelphia just slightly humid but again, those humidity levels overall should maintain fairly low
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conditions. so, this morning we have somepee southern portion of the region but future tracker6 shows you through most of the day we're partly to mostly sunny as thoseds move out to sea. later this afternoon there is the chance of a pop-up shower or a thunderstorm in places like allentown, the poconos, maybe berks county and there's the chance that some of that makes its way down to philadelphia by about dinnertime so through the afternoon and ear spotty shower or a thunderstorm. after that, by 10 o'clock it looks like most of that is getting off the coast. up in allentown taytly sunny any pleasant overall with a spotty thundershower this afternoon. down the shore we're looking at a fairly pleasant day, partly sunny, 82 degrees and yes, a shower may know later in the evening hours down th pho partly sunny skies not very humid today, 87 degrees is your high. it will be warm and a little bit breezy with winds out of the west at eightur tonight for the phillies and cardinals, looks like it's mainly dry. we will allow for a spotty
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shower at times so bring along a poncho to prepare for that just in case. inning 73 and i expected them to play baseball tonight. we'll just seamount there's whether or not there's a passing shower during the game. an early shower or thundershower tonight. otherwise it's partlice 68 the overnight low. to the tropics we go and we have tropical storm cindy thate. it's degenerated into a low. this is one we're keeping our eye on as it is pushing closer to the gulf company. hour winds this will probably maintain tropical storm force as it comes in perhaps thursday, wednesday into thursday around an area between houston and new orleans and then the moisture from that spreads up r to usmemphis as we head into by saturday but it doesn't look like that has a big impact on our weather, not the way things are tracking do you. 87 partly sunny today for your first day of summer which did arrive overnight and then tomorrow hotter, not very humid, a high of 90 degrees,
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though, so cool drinks and on friday, hot and more humid with a high of 90 and there could be some showers and pop-up thunderstorms around. improvement for the weekend. we're going tore for a lingering shower or thunderstorm on saturday morning now but sun comes back in the afternoon with a high of 86.dry on sunday dry there w, 85. a nice stretch of weather as we roll into sume ke that. >> thank you. a new look is coming to pennsylvania driver's licenses. next find out the added security features and why you still may need to getouple year. >> also today brings the start of summer and with it comes an increased risk of fires inside your home because of your air o know to stay safe. karen. >> looking outside in exton, this is 202 where traffic's moving really nicely. we're going to take you to bucks county talk about some midday delays coming your way when we come back. >> ♪
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>> welcome back. taking a live look here in the early morning hours. 5:13 at the battleship new jersey as gorgeous as it can be sitting there on the delaware. it is 5:13 again and 72 degrees. >> it looks so serene and calm out there. hope it's the same on the road. >> you know what, so far it is. we don't have any major accidents at this point. we had some construction you're going to wonder about here. this is bucks county i-95 past the scudder falls bridge. everything is opened but expects with construction. and that's going to cause pretty big problems on the bridge. you may want to stick to route
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one soubo the turnpike connector westbound instead of that scudder falls bridge. in cheltenham we have a water main break. they've had to shut down mount t stick to jenkintown or glenside avenue. on the northeast extension northbound north of lansdale construction blocking the righ l in both directions. on the waze app animals near the road on the a.c. expressway westbound near hamilton so watch for that one this morning and how about the temperatures as you head out? doesn't feel too bad but it's going to be a warm one. 72 degrees right now in philadelphia. only 60 in a millville. comfortable humidity so that's nice but a warm high of 87 under partly sunny skies and just an isolated chance for a thundershower in one or two spots. >> thank you, karen. parts of the west are already dealing with some r temperatures in phoenix hit 120 degrees and that's
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expected to last through sunday. the hot weather is also causing flights to be canceled. jets have to be grounded when temperatures get above 118. that just hurts to think about and the nea -- heat in california has strained power friends and family will remember the teen attacked and murdered as she walked to a mosque. nabra hassan was killed sunday. she was targeted because of inc. however, civil liberty advocates are urging police to investigate the killing as well as a possible hate crime. police have arrested darwin martinez torres. they say torres hassan to death then dumped her body in a pond. investigators have learned torres w illegally. members and leaders from philadelphia's muslim jewish and christian communities gather hold a vigil for hassan and condemn hate across the country.
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>> happening today, president trump will be rallying his republican base in iowa. plans r kirkwood community college in cedar rapids. eventvening the president highlighting agricultural innovation and attend a makeall. >> new this morning changes are coming to pennsylvania driver's licenses. penndot released details about the changes that will take place this year. the agency says the new design has one or two security enhancements. it will feature a larger primary portrait and smaller ghost pour tape. it will be laminated way special pattern with the state's motto virtue liberty and independence. the id are not real i.d. compliant. the state will not be releasing those until 2019. offo help the phillies, losing continued against the cardinals at citizens bank park last night. both bull pens pitched well until the phillies imploded in the 11th
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the phillies loss eight to one. nick pivetta will be on the. kris jenkins worked out with the sixers in camden yesterday. jenkins says he hopes to play he wouldn't mind if he ended up with the sixers. the sixers hold t overall pick in tomorrow's nba draft. >> it is 5:17 and do you co nsid absolutely. be the, my dad is the >> after allegations of misconduct filming is set to resume in just a matter of days. what the investigation uncovered in that bachelor in para
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>> who doesn't like starting the day out with a treat, a sweet treat. it's like a, i don't know,
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maybe a cookie. karen rogers gave us some earlier this week and this morning ever since then she's been my favorite person. the proceeds go to alzheimer's association, the longest day. it's such a great cause. this, t days of the summer solstice it's a day to honor those who face the longest day every day, everyone with alzheimer's. i'll be on main street and whatever you do, you can kind of think of them today. everyone struggling with that. >> come out and buy lots of cookies. >> they were good, weren't they. >> yeah. [laughter] >> all right, let's take the roads for you right now as we head outside. this is the schuylkill at the conshohocken curve. traffic moving fine westbound between city avenue and 202. construction does block one lane from 9:00 until 3:00 but not yet as you're heading out. mass transit the only issue we have is that route 15 trolley still shuttle busing dave. >> karen it's a warm start ingh. in allentown you're only 60 right now. by 7 o'clock in philadelphia up to 72. not too bad of a morning for a
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workout, a little bit humid especially as you go down through south jersey and delaware this morning. by noon 84 degrees. humidity should be settling the. 87 degrees at 3 o'clock but humidity not too bad. 85 by 5 o'clock. 78 degrees by 7 o'clock. later this afternoon and this evening there could be a pop-up shower or thundershower. at the airport all green aircraft. no major delays and no sign of precipitation right now in any of our big travel tam. >> thank you david. going to health check researchers at kings college london found older fathers are more likely to have geekier so were smarter more focused and less bothered about fitting in with their peers. the study looked at the link between autism and age after father. scientists say some of the genes relating to geekiness and autism overlap and be more n older fathers. researchers are concerned people are taking too much
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vitamin d. resesochta found nearly one in five americans routinely take a higher amount than what's recommended and taking too much vitamin d can be bad for your health including a increased risk of kidney stones and certain cancers. people think they're doing a good job by bulking up on the vitamins but you have to take the right amount. >> musician john legend postponed his camden concerts but he's proseup to his fans. we'll tell you why. >> also drivers in texas found an unexpected stowaway while on the road. we'll show was slithered out from the hood of their truck. first up gam's first look. >> in this morning's "gma" first look this two alarm fir an apartment complex caused not by a kitchen fire nor a candle but an air conditioner. when the tempe experts say it could put a strain on air conditioner and if not well maintained, they
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can become fire hazards. >> if they are overworked and electrical issue it can catch nearby combustibles on fire. >> there were an average of 2800 reports of home structure fires involving air conditioners causing an average of 20 deaths, 140 injuries and $82 million in property damage a year. and coming up at 7:00 a.m., a live demonstration on what can happen when your air conditioner catches on fire. with your "gma" first look, i'm david kerley, abc news, gaithersburg, maryland. earning your cash back shouldn't be this complicated.
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. >> ♪ >> welcome back. we are taking a live look here at the center city skyline from our temple cam. it's the first day of summer. i can't help but think of that song ♪ summer, summer, summertime >> abc's latch bore in paradise will return this summer despite an onset scandal. production of the show had been suspended because of misconduct alleg two cast members. warner brothers says it's completed an internal investigation and determined that no misconduct actually amendment the company also said it will not release alleged incident citing privacy
5:27 am
concerns. it's not clear if the cast members who were involved one male, one female will be back on the show when fil going again. and actor daniel day-lewis says he's retiring. his publicist said day louis will no longer be working as an actor. in great films like there will be blood and lincoln. he's considered one of the best method actor its of -- actors of our time. the 60-year-old did not give a reason for his retirement but he lives in his native land of ireland with his wife director rebecca mailer and hisdren. >> john legend postponing two performances including a show on thursday in camden. he says it's because of an illness. to instagram to apologize to fans saying all tickets will be honored for a makeup show.e'e show at the bb&t pavilion
5:28 am
center injuly 24th. legend did not elaborate on his illness just saying he needs a few and rest his voice. >> i saw him here. he did the fourth of july concert one year. you want that beautiful voice. >> really. 5:28. a tropical storm is moving closer to the gulf shore. it's already creating some problems. >> plus an investigation after a police officer on the jersey shore is caught on camera >> and a family in delaware county has been hit by burglars twice. why police say the family was targeted. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪
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ing. >> an arsenal of weapons ammo and. one man found with enough weapons to mobilize a small army. >> police are searching for the crooks who not only stole too.this family's home but >> bracing for landfall. preps are under way as tropical storm cindy churns up in the gulf coast. it is 5:30 on this wednesday o'. jeanette reyes is joining us. a name like cindy just sounds so sweet. [laughter] >> it's not looking sweet. let's go over


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