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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  June 21, 2017 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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afternoon. there is no word on who may have been shot. it is believed that the taxi there with the door opened is involved in some way. two males were believed to have fled in another vehicle, reports of a shooting on the 2900 block of ogden street in the city's fairmount section. no word on who may have been hit by bullets, we are gathering this information now and we believe the taxi was involved and we'll keep an eye on this and gather more information from philadelphia police and bring you updates here on the air or online at we want to go back to the developing story out of south jersey where police remain on the scene where a person was found dead. calls to 911 for gun fire in the maple shade area, of burlington county went out at 8:30 this morning, police arrived here on east kings highway and found the victim behind the building that
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houses the brewery and the appliance store. the identity of the victim will not be released according to authorities, they have tentatively identified a possible shooter and are trying to locate the person and the public is not in danger. a nursing home executive was back on the stand to testify against philadelphia da seth williams, she was asked about money he spent on himself instead of his mother's health care. vernon odom is live now with the latest on today's testimony. >> reporter: sara and rick good afternoon. veteran defense attorneys call it dirtying up the defendant at a gut level right away before they put on the heart of their case that here involves alleged bribery.
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seth williams was carrying a bible. >> give me a prayer. >> and kathleen the director of the nursing homes for the archdiocese. she testified she spent months going after seth williams to collect a $20,000 balance far the care of his ailing mother. and never collected. the money was ripped off by williams allegedly to pay off debts. on the stand later, sylvia randolph who testified that her husband wrote him a $10,000 check to go to the account of his ailing mother at the saint francis nursing home money the prosecution says went into williams pocket instead. sara, exactly when we'll see the
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two businessmen that allegedly bribed williams already plead guilty and is willing to testify for the prosecution here. >> officials remain on the scene in bucks county after chemical explosives were discovered at a home in oxville. it started yesterday when authorities arrived at the 8700 block of easton road. they were there to serve a mental health commitment warrant on a 70-year-old man and found the explosives and large amount of guns and ammunition. it's unclear if the 70-year-old will be charged with any crime. >> a man plead guilty to the murder of his girlfriend. he says he was mentally ill when he shot my precious hopkins. he is being evaluated and treated at a state psychiatric hospital and will then serve the
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rest of his time in prison. turning to the forecast, still feeling warm outside and comfortable and dry across the region on the first official day of summer. looking live outside sky 6 hd showing you penn's landing at lunch time. accuweather says that the 90s could return this week. meteorologist, david murphy, outside on the terrace with the latest and humidity is returning as well. for the end of the week briefly moderately humid across the region and not so at all in philadelphia. and some areas down south stickier and the cloud cover sweeping through and radar also picking up a couple of early showers this morning. they are all off the coast and mostly looking at a mix of clouds and sun the rest of the way today. temperatures are zooming and up to 84 degrees and probably add another 3 or 4 to that. and 74 in new york city it's fairly comfortable and head down south into south jersey, and down to washington, d.c. that is where the humidity is still
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residing and take it closer there and take the cool sports drinks going. 10 miles per hour breeze may get breesier than that. and just a little on the breezy side. as we look at the numbers we'll go for a high of 88 and this model has 86 by 2:00 and you see how the temperatures tumble and holding 80 by 6:00 and that is what i'm forecasting and we get to 71 by midnight and most areas will be down to the mid to upper 60s by the time we wake up tomorrow morning. once again the summer solstice did occur this morning at 12:24 this morning and that was the moment when the suns direct rays were over the tropic of cancer and that features the the day with the most sunlight. we'll shave seconds and minutes off of that over the next months. cool drinks and sunscreen today, but if you are not in the southern portions it's comfortable without a lot of
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humidity. a chance of a shower or thunderstorm popping up today. i'll review that in a couple of minutes. >> this reminder you can get the latest forecast including detailed updates and storm tracker radar any time on your phone or tablet. the app is a free download. a tropical storm is taking aim at the gulf coast. it has prompted the governors of alabama and louisiana to declare a state of emergency. elizabeth herr has the latest on tropical storm cindy. >> all eyes are on tropical storm cindy with heavy rain on the gust coastover night louisiana and alabama in the state of emergency. >> it's a serious event bringing us rain and wind but bring us water. >> some areas could get as much as 12 inches of rain. the oil companies off the louisiana coast are getting
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workers off the rigs and in texas lifeguards are keeping a close eye on the swimmer. >> we can't take the chance for rescues because it's dangerous for us and then. >> i know it's not a good idea to be out here. >> back in louisiana storm prep includes new storm barriers. after hurricane katrina they spent $35 billion building the new structure. the great wall of st. bernard parish. some extend 200 feet underground and new state of the art pump stations so powerful combined they could fill the soup dome with water in less than 90 seconds. >> and forecasters say that right now the storm could weaken by the time is makes landfall tonight and we are told that the storm is so powerful storm
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warnings now stretch into georgia. well, the search is on for the person that wore a halloween mask during an attempted armed robbery in florida. video shows the suspect walk into the grocery store on the 1400 block of south street in philadelphia. once inside of the store the suspect pulls out a handgun and the employees begin to scream and then the suspect ran out without taking anything. anyone with information is asked to can't police. >> there is more ahead on "action news" at 12:30. queen elizabeth stopped by the new parliament to outline the united kingdom's government agenda. >> and vaccines are not just to keep babies healthy, older children need them too. important vac vacations for children ages 11 to 13. she's nationally recognized
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virginia baseball park that injures several people including a u.s. congressman. the shooting suspect, james hodgkinson acted alone. and congressman steve scalise is among the wounded remaining hospitalized in serious condition. hodgkinson was shot and killed by capital police at the scene. the 66-year-old from illinois did not have ties to terrorism. also in washington the race is on to repeal and replace obama care. senate republicans are determined to pass a bill next week but only a handful of people know what is in it. mary bruce has more. >> reporter: after months of frustration and concern americans worried about whether they will lose their health coverage. senate republicans say their plan to repeal and replace obama care is coming but no one seems to know what is in it. >> haven't seen it.
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i can't put my support behind it, i have been seen it. >> has the president read the bill? >> i don't know if he has seen the legislation or not. he celebrated when their health care bill passed. he told republicans the house version of the bill was quote, mean. >> he wants a bill that has heart in it. >> for once in the topic of health care i find myself agreeing with the president his health care bill is mean. >> for weeks senate republicans have negotiated behind closed doors no hearing and no public debate if thises with a bill greeted with great applause and joy and release and satisfaction by the american public. would you hide it? no. >> it's unclear what is in the bill and why the process is so secretive. >> it's bound to have a profound
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impact on the country. >> do americans have a right to see the negotiations? >> it's simply unsustainable. >> but do americans have a right to see this process? >> they plan to release a discussion draft of the legislation. but the big question remaining is will republicans have the votes to pass this? mary bruce, abc news capitol hill. overseas, today queen elizabeth ii gave a speech to parliament outlining the legislative plan to parliament after prime minister, theresa may promised humility following the withdraw from the eu after a disastrous election. the queen delivered with the less pageantry with the queen arriving into a car rather than a horse drawn carriage.
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former president, george h.w. bush made a surprise appearance at a golf tournament in his name. >> they were delighted to see the 93-year-old president and was all smiles when met with the group before they teed off. george w. bush was there as well. it raised money for gary's house an organization that provides families with a place to stay when their loved ones are in the hospital. former patriot players and actor patrick dempsey took part as well. still ahead on "action news" at noon another check of the forecast for you. stepping live outside sky 6 hd showing you down down wilmington. david murphy has the update when "action news" comes right back. i've tried enough laxatives to cover the eastern seaboard. i've climbed a mount everest of fiber. probiotics? enough!
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most vaccines are given in early childhood of course. but important ones for add lessens and teeniers in college.
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here is ali gorman with this week's kid health matters. >> reporter: sisters 15-year-old kira and 14-year-old anae share a love of literature. kira is a budding poet. >> i like love be something to boost people up. >> and they are up to date on their vaccinations. >> i like to keep up healthy and strong. >> the doctor at the childrens hospital of philadelphia. the first is t dap that protects against tetanus and pertussis or whooping cough. it's vital because whooping cough that can be deadly for babys on the rise and experts suspect two factors, a drop in vaccination rates and less effective vaccine.
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also on the list -- >> every teen needs to receive the hpv vaccine. it protects against a virus that can cause cancer and the first dose is usually at 11 or 12 years and the second six to 12 months later. the doctor says the third essential for teens is two doses of the vaccine for type a meningitis. >> two types of back teria that can cause meningitis and other illnesses. they can be in close contract playing sports or in dormitories. and also there are vaccines for the b strain of meningitis. >> many colleges require meningitis vaccinations make sure you check if you have a student heading off this fall. first day of summer and it feels like it. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan shows you we are dry across
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the region and a cell is popping up south and west of wilmington and may start to develop in the afternoon a couple of spotty showers and maybe something south of philadelphia popping down through camden county as well. take a look outside, we have the chopper 6 hd shot earlier. and the river, the bridge and lots of sunshine pouring through. there are a couple of spotty clouds around and in some cases it's a clouds and sun mix. but fairly bright overall and staying that way. your temperature currently 84 degrees, and dew point at 59 in philadelphia. not all that humid here. the farther south you go it's stickier and high humidity levels in extreme south jersey and delaware. future tracker 6 picking unthe rain story there is not a lot of it but every now and then an isolate the downpour. any time this afternoon but better chance later this afternoon and dinner time. spotty precip here and there on
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the model. and more this evening, but any given area may not see much or some see nothing. it gives you the idea you are outside you should be prepared. 87 in wilmington and 83 in reading and 85 in trenton and down the shore not a bad day. low 80s between cape may and atlantic city partly sunny and nice and again later this afternoon the spotty shower maybe a little bit of that out there right now. cardinals and phillies tonight at citizens bank park at 7:05, look for mainly dry conditions and i can't rule out a shower. 73 in the ninth inning and not enough rain to cancel the game and they will definitely play tonight. as we look at where numbers going, 87 at 2:00 and high 88 at 3:00 and 6:00, 80 degrees and uch by 8:00 and in the ballpark forecast down in the low 70s by 10:00. overnight the majority of the region will dip down into the
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mid to upper 60s. tropical storm cindy as you have been hearing for the last 24 hours has formed as of last night and is continuing to push its way more or less to the gulf coast. probably angling to the northwest. and it does look like the most likely landfall is thursday night into friday morning, right around that border line between texas and louisiana. that is the latest track and the most likely scenario on the red line goes over the border. heavy rain and because it's a tropical storm and not a hurricane it will not have as damaging winds. and the big issue there is a storm surge on the coast and mainly heavy rain and flash flooding related to that. you see how this quickly once it gets over land degenerates into a tropical low pressure center and swath of rain coming into parts of arkansas and then parts of tennessee. as we go through the weekend. 88 is today's high and partly sunny and a shower or thunderstorm in a couple of
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spots this afternoon as we welcome in summer. tomorrow hotter and not very humid but high of 90 and hot and more humid on friday with a late thunderstorm. for the coming weekend an improvement and clouds and early shower but the humidity starts to taper off during the day and wind up with more fine on saturday mid-80s. mid-80s on sunday and clouds and sun and monday and tuesday also look just great as a friend of mine named tony used to say. >> thank you david. topping the people scene, abc's bachelor in paradise returns this summer despite an onset scandal. warner brothers says it has completed an internal investigation determining no misconduct ever happened and the company has said it will no the release video tape of the alleged incident citing privacy concerned. it's not clear if the cast members will return to the show when filming started up again.
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actor daniel day-lewis will stop acting. he is retiring. you may remember him in lincoln. he is considered one of the best actors of his tame and the only actor to win three best actor awards at the oscars. he did not give a reason but lives in ireland with his wife and their children. and singer john legend is postponing two shows including tomorrow in camden because of an illness. the grammy award winner apologized to fans and says all tickets will be honor ford a makeup show and they announced the date for the rescheduled show monday july 24th, he did not elaborate on his illness saying he need a few days to recover and rest his voice.
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the quick action of a zamboni driver saved a man's life at a hockey risk. some of his friends started cpr and the zamboni driver, eric baker grabbed the rink's portable defibrillator. >> i grabbed the pads and turned the machine on and gave him a shock. his whole body came literally up in the air. >> this is the second time garcia had a heart attack at a hockey rink and saved by the portable defibrillator. his hockey playing days are now over according to his brother. right. so i want to show you stormtracker 6 live double scan there are a couple of light sprinkles and showers that have begun to pop up in newcastle delaware and parts of south jersey, heading down to the
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coast and there is more of that here and there in the evening and partly sunny and the thunderstorm cannot be ruled out. upper 80s in spots on the i 95 corridor and breezy and down at the shore low 80s and just about anywhere we could see something pop. >> thanks david. that does it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us for "action news" at 5:00, 4:00 and 6:00. for rick williams and david murphy i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon.
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