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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  June 21, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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warning here for the next 15 minutes and winds nearly 60 miles per hour. as we look at it live on stormtracker 6 live double scan the storm in the southern part here near philadelphia down toward media, this is weakening here and the worst of the storm is from cherry hill from runnemede north to florence the times here 5:13 p.m., 15 lightning strikes in the last 15 minutes. we look at the velocity here what you want to see on this part of double scan live radar is the bright green that is the strongest winds from marlton and
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medford and mount holly, these winds 50 to 60 miles per hour. you see the stronger winds are starting to fall apart as with you go to southern parts of burlington county. you could have small hail as well. wind 60 miles per hour and most areas stay on the dry side. rick and monica when i come back we'll talk about the end of the week active as well because of tropical storm cindy. >> thank you so much. >> now to breaking news bill cosby sex assault case, lets than 90 minutes ago the judge decided that the names of the jurors that were deadlocked will be released but those jurors are banned from saying anything about the deliberations in the case. before deadlocking on all three counts against cosby resulting in a mistrial. kevin steele has vowed to retry the case. a murder mystery in south jersey. a 47-year-old woman was found dead in a swimming pool behind
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her home. and now we are learning more about how she died. "action news" reporter sara bloomquist live athe police station. >> they are assuring residents there is no immediate safety concern. investigators say they are making progress as they work to solve what is now being called a homicide case. 47-year-old michelle long was found dead in a swimming pool behind her home in swedesboro on saturday. today the gloucester county prosecutor announced that the autopsy determined she died of blunt force trauma, a young woman coming and going from the homemade it clear that the family did not want to comment. the online listing shows the home is on the market for $650,000. that michelle long lived here with her husband norman who owns
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long construction out of ben sail ex. and prosecutor sean dalton says the homicide is progressing and rell rant details cannot be released at the (time. however, all relevant information says there is no safety concern for residents. >> authorities are releasing no additional details at this time and anyone where information about the case is asked to call detectives with the gloucester prosecutors office. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> in the past hour, the burlington county prosecutor identified the victim in this morning's deadly shooting in maple shade. 26-year-old devon young of willingboro was found shot by the iron hill brewery. the immediate area was put on lock down and so far the suspect has not been arrested. police say that young was
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targeted and this shooting was not random. prosecutors focus on how philadelphia district attorney seth williams, allegedly spent money earmarked for his mother's health care. "action news" reporter vernon odom was at federal court in center city and filed this report. >> a key witness sylvia randolph a long time friend of seth williams mother. she testified that in 2012 her husband wrote a check for $10,000 to go directly to the nursing home for seth williams's mother care. it was said to be diverted for items like mortgage payments and presents for his two daughters. the balance was never paid according to the archdiocese saying she spent 10 months
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calling seth williams trying to collect the balance for his ailing mother's care. an auditor testified about the path the money in question took and so far no indications as to whether williams will take the stand. >> tomorrow the prosecution plans to call bucks county businessman muhammad ali who the government says will testify that he gave thousands of dollars of of lavish gifts to seth williams. and the government calls them bribes and ali has cut a deal with the government to testify against seth williams hoping for leniency when his sentencing day comes. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> right now alabama and louisiana are under states of emergency as tropical storm cindy continues to more through the gulf. the storm has killed at least one person. take a look. this is the storm it spawned a waterspout off the mississippi coast lasting for nearly a minute and from team all the way
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to florida cindy is causing damaging effects with more wind and rain on the way. elizabeth herr is tracking cindy all day. good evening elizabeth. >> monica, the storm is miles and hours away from making landfall but it's blamed for killing a 10-year-old boy and also the drenching rain in the area we are told it has forced the closure of beaches and the flooding of hundreds of streets. >> tropical storm cindy may soon be heading toward land. >> but already it is hammering some coastal areas with rain and wind and even waterspouts. leaving the florida beaches empty and prompting officials in louisiana and alabama to take action. >> this will be a severe weather event and primarily consist of threats of rain and flooding but also a potential for wind damage
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as well. >> the two states in the state of emergency where millions from texas to florida watching the storm's every move. >> i look at the weather map and what it looks like it's not good. >> getting ready for the wind, right now wind and tidal surge. business owners and residents are racing to protect their belongings and no new orleans crews are keeping busy building a levee. with the mayor warning the public stay alert. >> we have learned many lessons from many other storms and paid the ultimate price in some instances for not staying vigilant. >> right now forecasters say the biggest threat is flooding with parts of louisiana all the way to florida now also under a tornado watch. >> reporting live in new york. i'm elizabeth herr. >> in the southwest the concern
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was extreme heat on this first official day of summer. temperatures in the phoenix area reached well into the triple digits close to record highs this afternoon there. many local state and national parks were advising people against outdoor activity after okay a.m. time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report midweek. >> thanks in large part to the storms rolling in, the rain is coming in in bucks county along route 1 super highway and speeds are way down on the southbound side. the little bit of good news up ahead by route 13 in langhorne the bad crash is finally gone. the lanes are open again and the traffic heading into them on 1 is very slow. we got rid of the broken down tractor trailer on the vine eastbound to 95 northbound. doesn't matter, still jammed solid across town on the
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eastbound side of the vine, you get a sense of what we are dealing with right now. heavy storms around the city. broken down vehicle on the girard point bridge and fire activity on the mlk drive that is blocked at the falls bridge and stay on kelly to get around it. and county line road close to drexel is giving us problems. where the storms have gone through, we have downed trees like 724 close to pottstown and 22 westbound causing an eastbound gaper delay. a handful of issues and we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you matt. there is more ahead on "action news" at 5:00 tonight. more congressional testimony in the russia investigation. coming up at 5:30, what homeland security secretary, former secretary jay johnson had to say about russia's role in the presidential election. and one california hospital reaching out to an untapped
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new at 5:00 new jersey governor chris christie, says it's largest insurer failed the
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state's poorest people. christie lashed out at blue cross blue shield saying it failed its customer when it was fined $16 million. >> we need the greater transparency and additional management that our proposed legislation provides to the public. $16 million in fines in nine months could just be the tip of the iceberg. >> the insurance company says that the governor's comments amounts to retaliation, because they oppose the governor's tapping into the surplus to treat drug addiction. >> he is leading a mission to combat the epidemic. and tonight in health check more fish could make a dinner for sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis. doctors found that those eating fish more than twice a week had
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less joint pain than those eating it less frequently. rheumatoid arthritis attacks the joints and overtime causes perpnant damage. the fish had a big effect. a third of the anti-inflammatory power of an ra drug. and vitamin d is a key nutrient for bone health but americans are getting too much of it. some adults taking 4,000 units of vitamin d every day way above the 400 units. experts are not certain of the long-term affects of vitamin d but could cause excess of calcium in the blood. and a hospital has a plan to alleviate the growing doctor shortage. ucla picks the best immigrant doctors and puts them through
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rigorous training and puts them to work in places where they are needed the most and many stay longer than that. >> of the individuals graduated and went to work wherever they wanted to, 75% remained in the underserved community. >> to have someone that understands the culture makes a huge difference. >> and in california 35% of the population is hispanic only 5% of the doctors are and now the program train s doctors from cua and other latin american countries. and now a run to benefit the special olympics of delaware. it will only be open to emergency person ail. ems and police and fire and military personnel. >> it should be noted that aside from our daily operational needs no one has traveled over this
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bridge by foot since its construction in 1951. >> organizers hope to make the run a safe event with minimal impact on traffic and plan to keep one lane open for vehicles during the event. still ahead a big milestone that prince william celebrated today. and climate change could affect your morning cup of coffee. and follow us on social media for the latest headlines and breaking news and to communicate with us. facebo facebo facebook, it's it's time that we bring addiction out of the darkness
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and into the light. to everyone struggling in silence - addicts, family, friends - you are not alone. it's time we lift each other up, reach out, say something. addiction is a disease. don't suffer. don't wait. help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or go to the road to recovery starts now.
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could say it was a happy meal for mcdonald's as far as wall street was concerned. they saw a spike in sales after new digital ordering kiosks they will replace cashiers in 2500 restaurants in the united states. they are up 27% this year and making them the second best performer trailing only behind boeing. >> global warming could be
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messing with your cup of joe. a new study finds that ethiopia could lose farming land because of climate change. ethiopia is the fifth largest producer of coffee in the world and low rainfall and rising temperatures could have substantial effects on the coffee growing areas in the country. the festival kicks off in rodney square. the clifford dew point jazz fest runs through saturday and kicks off tonight at 6:00 by starting tonight by the clifford brown band and get the schedule right now on the duke of cambridge in england is celebrating a milestone. prince william's 35th birthday. it's it's gib beginning of a transition for the prince set to
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take on royal duties full-time upon the retirement of his granddad prince phillip. happy birthday. a check of that tricky forecast out there. actually looking live right now you see what we are talking about cloudy skies above and sky 6 hd showing you the ben franklin bridge. adam joseph has it's five-day when we come right back.
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an insurance group in south jersey invited a weather expert to take part today meteorologist, chris sowers talked about the currents hurricane season and how it affected the company's clients and talked about past hurricanes and the damage they caused and the outlook for this season. >> we have a lot in store besides sunshine and humidity. thunder boomers are out there here is adam joseph. >> one area really intense thunderstorms that turned severe in montgomery county pulled wires and trees down and through philadelphia county and that is in the clear and camden and burlington county and ocean county in a severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 6:00 win as head of it rushing to near 50 to 60 miles per hour. you can see it goes from
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georgetown to wrightstown and browns mills and arcs towards berlin and medford lakes moving southeast at 35 miles per hour. there are the towns and times, crossing 536 that is when you'll see the most intense part of the rain and the lightning and thunder in chads worth and see the bow nature to it here. that is basically the arc of a bow as you pull it out and the arrow shoots out that shoots out the strongest wind from medford lakes to chads worth and speed well. you see the rainfall rates in addition to the intense lightning anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of rain per hour. it doesn't rain for an hour it shows it as blinding rain as it passes through. we slice it vertical and towering and the 1,000 foot level than is the core of the heavy rain that is tapping pretty high in the sky. as we look at pictures, speaking
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of the sky getting into the facebook and twitter pages this from michelle, here is center city swallowing up the city heading east towards the ben franklin bridge, ominous looking as that storm passing through. 70s where it is rain cools and 80s ahead of it. a weak boundary passing through and that continues to sink to the south during the early evening hours and most of the overnight stays on the quiet side. temperatures 59 in allentown and 56 millville and 66 philadelphia and the stray storm early and otherwise partly cloudy and quiet. as we look at temperatures into your thursday, sun and clouds and more humid tomorrow and a high of near 90 degrees in the afternoon. but tomorrow it will be quiet compared to today. the five-day at 5:00 forecast, we look at temperatures in the 90s tomorrow and hot and more humid and oppressive on friday with scattered storms in the morning and afternoon as pieces of what eventually will be the
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remnants of tropical storm cindy start to roll through and same thing on saturday morning starting with downpours and 86 degrees and clears in the afternoon and low humidity the second half the the weekend we'll have the forecast coming up in the next half hour for you. >> ahead in the next half hour of "action news" at 5:00 countless attempts at middle east peace trump's son-in-law tries to stop the log jam. and also we'll tell you about an amazing chain of amazing acts of kindness that connected 167 cars. that and much more on "action news."
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. a former homeland security chief says he has no doubt that russia tried to hack the presidential election and explains why it almost happened. the fbi says that the stabbing of an airport police officer may be a lone wolf terrorist act and
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nurses and other hospital workers make the call after an attack in side the hospital walls. and now this is what rush hour drivers along the schuylkill expressway saw a while ago. torrential downpours and lightning made for a slow drive but the storms fortunately are moving fast. lets check in with adam joseph. >> they are releasing a tremendous am of rain and wind and stormtracker 6 live double scan showing it's past philadelphia and trenton but all the lightning strikes are white lines you see here close to 100 or more in the last 15 minutes, within the last 10 minutes it weakened a little bit but still powerful as it is pushing through burlington county and ocean county and southern parts of camden county and northern atlantic county. the severe warning in this area until 6:00 and winds near 60
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miles per hour. a closer look at stormtracker 6 live double scan show a lot of lightning here especially from wrightstown and georgetown in towards jackson mills, and goes down to medford lakes less lightning down there but dangerous as it heads to crest road village at 5:43, that is near the split of 70 and 72. and we take off the radar and stormtracker 6 live double scan shows the velocity this is showing the wind in the storm as it pushes through and you see the brighter greens here on the border of ocean and burlington county. this is where we have winds of 50 to 60 miles per hour. moving from wrightstown and browns mill and heading toward crest wood village that is where we see the most destructive wind as the storm passes through. we'll have more coming up we have to talk about tropical storm cindy. we'll see heavy rain from that at the end of the week. lawmakers on capitol hill
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investigating the russian meddling into the american election. jay johnson says that it came from the top of kremlin but in states did not take that seriously. kenneth moton is live with more on that. >> reporter: good evening rick, the election interference came under the watch of jay johnson and the senate commit einvestigating this matter says the goal is to make sure the feds work better with the states to stop it from happening again. >> blunt talk from the man once charged with keeping the homeland state. >> direction of putin himself orchestrat orchestrated cyber attacks on our nation that is a fact plain and simple. >> that is the latest official to tell the panel that russia meddled in the 2016 election.
5:33 pm
and the top priority stopping russians from getting into the election machines. >> i was concerned about what i was seeing then was on my front burner all throughout the preelection period to encourage the states to come in and seek our assistance. >> but johnson says that many states considered it this irissue declining federal assistance and an official said that networks in 21 states were possibly targeted by russian hackers. >> do you have evidence that the votes themselves were changed in in way during the 2016 election? >> there was no detected change in the vote. >> a point that president trump often made and johnson was asked if he saw collusion between russia and the trump campaign before he left? >> not beyond what is out there open source. >> johnson deflicted if the
5:34 pm
trump campaign was taking the russian hacking seriously but warned that they should not take lightly, stopping the cyber attacks on our democracy. >> thank you kenneth. son-in-law jared kushner met with prime minister benjamin netanyahu video released by the prime minister's office shows him praising president trump. and kushner later met with palestinian president and the family of a soldier killed in a resenattack. in washington senators republican and democrat continue to complain that they don't know what is in their party's secretive health care bill even though it's coming out tomorrow. mitch mcconnell promises it will be better than the affordable care act but did not give
5:35 pm
details. >> angus made prevend he was looking for it on the floor. >> a bill that affects one-fifth of the economy going through the secret way and jammed through the senate and impacting every single american without one hearing, without one hearing -- it is outrageous. no hearing no vote. >> for everyone -- >> gop leaders say they want to vote next week no matter what. >> nurses and technical worksers at delaware memorial hospital -- met for critical issues, they want the hospital owner to invest in patient worker and visitor safety. they made the call after the recent assault a nurse. the former owner is suing prospect claiming they failed to pay 20 million there's as part of their 2016 purchase of
5:36 pm
hospitals. prospect tells "action news" that the safety of employees and patients and visitors is long a priority and they made proactive changes to assure safety and security at their facilities. the fbi investigating a stabbing at an airport in michigan deemed it was an act of terrorism. police say that an officer was stabbed this morning at the bishop international airport in flint, michigan. that the suspect made statements including saying ali akbar, the arabic phrase for god is great. the suspect a 50-year-old canadian was taken into fbi custody. >> this is an fbi led scene at the moment and we are working together with our local, state and federal law enforcement partners to assure the safety of all. >> the officer is in stable condition at the hospital and the fbi believes that the stabbing was an isolate the incidence and there is no further threat to the flint community.
5:37 pm
>> belgium authorities believed that the botched bombing was an act of terrorists. that the 36-year-old moroccan man that said ala akbar was also an isis supporter and a soldier shot the would be bomber to death. brussels put more security measures in place especially for big public events. >> in delaware a foundation pays homage to delaware industrial heritage. the new exhibit called the industrial powerhouse opened a half hour ago. and "action news" get a look inside before the official opening and features models and digital displays that highlights the 10,000 ships and 30,000 rail cars manufactured in wilmington. >> very nice. nice to see how nice the traffic scene might be. >> not nice matt pellman is back in the traffic center. >> our maps are not looking
5:38 pm
pretty unless you like lots of colors, this is the schuylkill expressway westbound side by the split for the roosevelt boulevard boulevard extension. a crash but traffic is getting by but doing so slowly and even slower on the eastbound side if you head into the phils game. here is the map with all sorts of different things going on fire department activity at the mlk by the falls bridge stay on the kelly instead. and a crash at cotman and frankford and flooding along 95 southbound at girard. and it looks like the water is receding but still high water to watch out for. in the lehigh valley 22 westbound at cedar crest a crash. and scores of downed tree, one in ambler at morris road and one at mermaid lane and springfield township, burlington county, downed tree 295 northbound blocks lanes there. not a good afternoon good luck getting home. >> thank you.
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more to come on "action news" tonight. nfl officials hope to convince the world's most famous soccer fan to become a football fan too. >> and a run away bus put a scare in a neighborhood in new york city. and we'll show how it happens and more on the sixers and the nba draft. ♪
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nfl hall-of-famer, warren sap is the latest pro athlete to donate his brain for medical research of of the 44-year-old former football player will go to the concussion legacy foundation after his death and is already troubled by behavior issues and has been arrested several times including a charge of domestic violence. pope francis may now be a fan of american football he met with reps of the nfl at the vatican and they presented him with a signed golden helmet and his own jersey and the pope hold them he is an avid follower of football in europe. that is soccer to us.
5:43 pm
ducis is here and the nba draft is tomorrow. >> the excitement is building and the sixers are about to make history. was the night before the nba draft. they pick first for the second year in a row. they are targeting market folk. he ranked six in the niece and first among all freshman and he seemed confidence and was asked about his goals? >> first of all to be the best young man and basketball i can possibly be and i want to win rookie of the year and i want to win mvp. i want to set the goals high and put in a lot of work. >> he worked out for the sixers over the weekend and by all accounts he impressed the team on and off the basketball court and sixers joel embiid was there welcoming folk with open arms.
5:44 pm
>> we want him on the team and if he were with us it would be excellent we need that point guard and i think he can be that for us. you know, we got me and rob and all the other guys, it's going be exciting time. >> the phils and cardinals go at it again after the phil his an 11 and inning melt down marking their 12th loss in the last 13 games. the phillies bullpen once again imploded. mainly casey teen giving up five runs and the phillies lost 5-1 and give pete mackanin some credit. >> i want to be positive but let them know we need to do betner every area. we need to work on fundamentals
5:45 pm
and just concentrate on that. >> you got to hit and you got to pitch. >> in better fuse the phillies agreed to terms with their first round draft pick, adam hazily get a $5 million bonus and the 21-year-old hazily was selected number one overall. and will report to williamsport. >> it's moving fast and trying to enjoy it the best i can and being up here the last couple of days has been fantastic and i really enjoyed being on the field today and you know meeting a lot of the guys and trying to you know experience everything. >> they are looking younger and younger. >> the nfl announced season openers, the flyers begin the 2018 campaign october 4th at san jose and the homeowner is october 24th against washington. >> and two weeks ago he got a huge contract extension, six
5:46 pm
years $27 million and he had 32 assists last season and you can imagine with the new found job security he is one happy fellow. >> it's awesome, you know to get a long-term deal and get the tenure and realize you are part of the future and part of the they say core, and it's awesome and i love philadelphia and i am happy to be here for the next six years. >> by the way the nhl draft is on friday. and incredible acts of generosity a woman that is a regular at the scottsburg at the drive through offered to pay for a meal for the family behind her and wish the dad a happy father's day. and that dad was so touched he offered to pay two more car's food and 100 became 167 people paying for each other's food from 8:30 until midnight the good deeds kept going until
5:47 pm
closing time. that is a super sized way to pay it forward. how sweet is that. >> very nice. par is take the plunge. trying to stay cool in the heat. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. now with our new fios gigabit connection, you get amazing download speeds up to 940 megs, 20 times faster than most people have. and the price is amazing too for $79.99 a month online for the first year you'll get our fastest triple play with hbo included for 2 years. leave cable's slower internet speeds behind. so hurry up and switch to fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo and multi-room dvr service for two years all with a two year agreement.
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the southwestern u.s. was not the only place beating the heat they were diving in the canals in paris. they posted signs but some could not resist the cooling water and they hope to reopen floating swimming pools in the canal in the next three weeks. stone hedge england while people celebrated the summer solstice the day with the most sunlight. and london residents are making tracks to their swimming pools and at the zoos they are spraying down the alpacas and other animals trying to keep them cool. >> back here alpaca the sunscreen -- >> i like that. but also -- i know the sun angle
5:51 pm
is the highest now and getting burned by storms now as they pass through here. and refiring in chester county as we close into stormtracker 6 live double scan showing a warning here until 6:15 p.m. the southeastern part of burlington county and all of ocean county including long beach island right now. folks there vacationing early you'll want to give them a ring because there is a nasty storm at chads worth heading toward surf city and old barney and the northern tip all the way down to beach haven. guilford park 6:02. and torrential rain and it sirngs to the east at 35 miles per hour. it is also bringing a really strong rush of wind. to the west this is where the storm first clipped in the northern parts of chester
5:52 pm
county. not severe but downingtown and westchester and norristown all of this sliding to the east and the city seeing sun and more setting in from the west. getting many pictures on my facebook and twitter page, i appreciate you sending them in. this from the oxford circle section. christina says on the hood of this parked car here and incredible damage and trees down from montgomery county and philadelphia don't. temperatures have fallen into the 70s where we have seen the rain and 80s to the south in millville and dover and sun is out in cape may at 78. a front that is passing through here and sinking into delaware and south jersey as we get into the next couple of hours, an early spotty thunderstorm and partly cloudy overnight and a big muggier tonight and 59 in
5:53 pm
the suburbs, 68 for center city. and as we look at temperatures tomorrow we are cooking in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees, cooler at the shore with the sea breeze and more humid tomorrow with a mixture of sunshine and clouds. tropical storm cindy is close to making landfall right on the board of louisiana and texas. winds sustained 50 miles per hour sparking severe weather from the panhandle of florida through new orleans and all of this tropical moisture lifting up to the northern and pieces of it will roll through here all the way from the gulf starting friday morning, heavy downpours at times and that can continue on and off into friday afternoon. that piece moves on and then we see a third of the tropical moisture saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. and moves on and out for the rest of the weekend. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 90 degrees and hot and humid tomorrow and a dry day. it's very oppressive here on friday. scattered storms and morning and afternoon and morning heavy
5:54 pm
downpours are possible and drying in the afternoon and beautiful second half of the weekend and beautiful low humidity on sunday and cooler monday and tuesday and sun and clouds and a shower around and turning warmer and 82 on wednesday so a couple more hours of scattered storms and dry through the day tomorrow. >> adam thank you. >> remember you can get the latest forecast including detailed updates and stormtracker 6 live double scan radar any time on your phone or tablet. the 6 abc app say free download for your mobile device. frightening moments in new york city this morning caught on camera. a run away bus careening down the street in brooklyn it hit several parked cars before crashing in front of a church. and the driver said she parked and got out and suddenly it started to roll backwards. police are investigating why the bus started to roll on its own.
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finally tonight one of philadelphia's top chefs, jose garces is partnering with pats steaks. being sold tore $10 each to spread the wiz foundation meant to demonstrate healthy eating habits with cooking expressions. "action news" at 6:00 is up next. have a good night see you tomorrow.
5:58 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers meteorologist, cecily tynan and jim gardner.
5:59 pm
it is wednesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is breaking news, the search for a missing swimmer is hamilton township mercer county. >> chopper 6 hd is over the lake near westcott avenue where rescuers are searching for a missing 17-year-old. we'll keep you up to date on this one. >> and we also have breaking news tonight from the presiding judge in the cosby trial. he has in fact released the names of the 12 jurors that ended up deadlocked on whether or not cosby sexually assaulted andrea cosby despite being told their identities would be kept secret. judge o'neil responded to a lawsuit issued by the philadelphia inquirer and later joined by abc seeking the name of the jurors. keeping an eye toward a retrial
6:00 pm
the judge put specific restrict s on the jurors they will not disclose anything that was done by their fellow jurors that would with indicate his or her thoughts or opinions and jurors will not disclose arguments or comments cast by fellow jurors during deliberations, despite the order there will be attempted to find out what the final vote was and who voted what. they are quick moving but they are done all but done. they have lots of win and water, major storms are rake agoing cross and tri-state area. downed power lines sparking on black line road firefighters were there to block off the area to traffic and fortunately nobody got


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