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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 22, 2017 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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sometimes all it takes to ill lis sit an eye role from nick calderone is using the words fidget spinner. but hold that eye roll. >> i'm going to try to take one single breath and rap longer than this fidget spinner can spin before i need to take another breath. >> yeah. in some spitting fire competitive competitionnessness. >> i like this guy. but i don't think he can do it. those things spin for a long tile. >> my personal record is 77 seconds. let's try this though. >> okay. let's see it. ♪ [ rapping ] >> i can tell you before he started the video, he did the bioenergetic breathing technique how he filled with a lot of
2:41 am
oxygen. and it's working. [ rapping ] >> singers have learned to control their breath to have those notes. hat's off to you brother. >> no stress in his voice yet. takes until about now and you can hear it. [ rapping ] >> oh! >> almost had it. >> looked like he started to fidget at the end because he couldn't breathe. >> oh, it's still going. man, [ muted ] you fidget. but that had to be longer than 77 seconds, right? >> his new record 86 seconds of constant rap on one breath. >> bang.
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experts are sounding a new warning this summer for everyone using an air conditioner to try to keep cool. >> as the temperatures heat up, so are many house fires. david kerley tells us how to keep safe. >> reporter: it's the close call no one saw coming. this fire caused not by a kitchen fire or candle but by an air conditioner. >> i look out my window and the ac unit was on fire. >> reporter: while nothing beats the heat like a cool blast of air conditioning, there might be hidden dangers lurking in your home. when the temperature rises,
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experts say it could put strain on an air conditioner, and if not well maintained they can be fire hazards. >> if they are overworked and overheated or there's electrical issues it can catch nearby combustibles on fire. >> reporter: from 2010 to 2014, there were 2800 reports. fires from air conditioners. so what can you do to stay both cool and safe? first of all, make sure to change that filter, and ensure you have an adequate power supply. no extension cords or power strips. try not to share an outlet with other powered devices. >> when you start using extension cords, they can be problematic. they overheat and can cause a fire. >> reporter: get your unit checked one to two times a year and make sure it has room to breathe. >> make sure you're clear of certainly any combustible
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material. >> reporter: david kerley, abc news, washington. >> learned a lot. >> got to go home and clean your air conditioner filter now. >> mine has a filter and all i do is push a button. i didn't know you have to clean it. the light goes away when i push the button. >> you smell smoke, anybody? >> somewhere in the upper west side, there's an issue right now. coming up. from the toilet to the tap. oh. this is what a growing number of americans are drinking. question is, do they know it? >> tastes great. >> we're going to have our own taste test next. >> like the hudson river. or suffer excess mucus? left untreated mucus can build up causing further problems. treat mucus buildup early with #1 doctor recommended mucinex 12 hour. the bi-layer tablet immediately releases to thin and loosen excess mucus and lasts for 12 hours.
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♪ h ♪ hot fun in the summertime
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♪ hot fun in the summertime >> those are some great shots. loving the bumper. >> is that before the elevator race going in the wrong direction? many dog owners are aware that the toilet can be a source of drinking water. >> but it's not just for pets. kmbc's rob hayes caught up with thirsty tourists in hollywood to see if they would be up for the toilet water challenge. >> reporter: the temperature's sky rocketing. for folks in the elements, thirst comes first. >> i don't want to pass out. >> reporter: there it is, an oasis on hollywood's scorching sidewalks. ice-cold, free water. but like most free things, there's a catch. this give away is flush. with catches. >> the catchy headline is usually toilet to tap. and it gets your attention. >> reporter: yep, they were once a less-appetizing form of
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relief. the orange county water district for nearly ten years has been recycling wastewater. >> it mixes with native water and pumped up as drinking water. >> reporter: now the water district has no plans to bottle their water. they put up this stand to get people to accept the idea of recycling waste water. that is a tough sell. >> it's toilet water. what do i look like? a dog or something? i ain't drinkin' no toilet water. >> i got an extra bottle to take home. we're from georgia, and we don't do things like that in georgia. >> reporter: but for every -- >> ew! >> reporter: there were plenty of people ready to try it. >> doesn't look like lemonade. >> reporter: y >> you now where know where it .
2:51 am
>> straight from above. >> straight from below. >> reporter: what are you going to tell your family and friends. >> here in hollywood, tasted excellent water. >> reporter: did you say excellent or excrement? you're going to hand out water in hollywood, shouldn't you hand it out at the hollywood bowl? >> it's good, i love that. >> reporter: would you stay's number one in your heart? >> uh. >> reporter: maybe number two? >> there's a reason why it's called h2o. >> there's a list of things i never thought i would do on television. we have to taste purified water first. >> which one's purified this one? >> this is the bottled water. >> cleanse that out. >> and then the toilet water. i'm going to use a straw. >> you're lady like. >> i don't know where this cup has been. >> all right, this is the toilet water. >> oh! >> you really like that, huh? >> that's awesome.
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>> not bad. >> this one i got from the hudson river. you want? no? anybody? takers? you won't see these folks at the post office.
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but first, let me take a selfie. ♪ >> our selfie, some of the faces. >> those are all really pictures that we took of ourselves. >> on our instagram. that was pretty sad. >> is national selfie day supposed to make you fieel bad about the selfies you've taken? it's national selfie day. >> every day is selfie day as far as we're concerned. but as everybody shares their mugs online, how about a history lesson. we think it's a new thing
2:56 am
brought on by the chain-smokers saying let me take a self e no, the first selfie. can you guess who it was? >> abe lincoln. >> no. good guess. >> not abe lincoln? >> it was robert cornelius in 1839. an amateur scientist who ran into a frame where he sat for a minute before covering up the lens again. 1839. good job, bob. >> so the first time the term selfie was used in written form was in 2002 on an australian news website. but the coolest selfie ever taken, my vote. >> and all selfies. >> buzz aldrin in space. how do you, you can't top that. >> drop the mic. had who knew that they were taking selfies back then. this is into his five and a half hour spacewalk during 1966. nice selfie. >> hey, jack.
2:57 am
the rock by the way, very good selfie taker, even though we're not bffs anymore, because he ditched me. he is a very good selfie taker, however. >> there was this great moment where he was in the middle of traffic. and somebody else wanted to take a selfie. >> this dude stopped his truck in the middle of the street. what's up, dude, come on. you're going to get hit by this traffic, man, come on, let's get it. >> all this traffic's coming right now. come on, brother. >> can i get one more? >> yeah, come on, dude, you can't get hit. >> oh, my god! >> he's losing his mind. that guy's about to get hit by a car, and i does not care because i will have a selfie with the rock. >> at least he will have an image. >> so i file -- >> diane loves selfies. >> we have to commemorate this moment, don't we? i forgot to put it on selfie mode. >> you're not very good at this. this i
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this morning on "world news now." an act of terrorism. >> that's what the fbi is calling the brutal attack on an officer in an airport in michigan. this morning we have new details about the suspect who shouted in arabic before stabbing that officer in the neck. and tropical storm cindy is bearing down on the gulf coast, raising flooding concerns throughout the region. the latest forecast ahead. and the death of otto warmbier is raising questions about why he was in north korea in the first place. and later in "the mix", laying low while on the air. the bbc news anchor who kept a low profile while technical difficulties sent his show into a tailspin. he managed to keep it all
3:01 am
together. but when did the show really start? it's time for our show, this thursday, june 22nd. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we now our cameras, we know we're on camera one right now. and that was camera three that we're on right now. >> we're not on yet. >> good morning, everyone, thank you for joining us here on a thursday. i'm kendis gibson. no? >> i think you're supposed to look down at your script and pretend -- >> and then just go up to the wrong camera. >> all right, well, we will have a lot more on that video that's making the rounds this morning from the bbc and check in on how that anchor's doing. but first we have a more serious report on an attack on an officer in michigan. amor ftouhi has made an appearance in court. >> he allegedly stabbed an officer in the neck. that officer expected to make a
3:02 am
full recovery. alex perez is in flint this morning. >> reporter: federal investigators hunting for answer at bishop international airport in michigan, on lockdown most of the day after the suspect entered the terminal with a 12-inch knife and stabbed officer neville repeatedly in the neck and back. the fbi now investigating the incident as a possible act of terrorism. >> when the subject went up to the officer and stabbed him, he continued to exclaim allah -- and made something to the effect you have killed people in syria, iraq and afghanistan, and we are all going to die. >> reporter: the fbi saying the suspect is amor ftouhi, approximately 50 years old from canada. he legally entered the u.s. through lake champlain, new york on june 16. the 911 calls were pouring in
3:03 am
just before 10:00 a.m. the officer was ambushed from behind. >> there was blood everywhere. it was crazy. >> reporter: passengers and airport employees evacuating to the tarmac and front terminal as authorities scrambled to detain the suspect. >> and they were taking the man in handcuffs down the other side. he had no, he was blank. he was just totally blank. >> reporter: bomb-sniffing dogs deployed to scour the airport as flint city hall and the police department were placed on lockdown as a precaution. that officer rushed to the hospital for surgery. that officer is out of surgery and in stable condition. the suspect remains in fbi custody and is being questioned. alex perez, abc news, flint, michigan. also breaking overnight, tropical storm cindy is lashing the gulf coast before making landfall at the texas/louisiana border. >> it is affecting a wide area from texas to florida. the entire region already seeing
3:04 am
very heavy rain and rough seas. >> and a 10-year-old boy was killed when a log crashed down on him as he stood on the shore. >> and there is flooding in new orleans with more expected. officials have been strengthening the levees and owner flood control systems for days there. let's get more detailed forecast now from accuweather. >> meteorologist justin povick is joining us. >> around 8:00 yesterday, it made its move to the north. then bending back to the north and to the east, gusty winds to tropical storm force along with isolated tornados. those are biggest concerns here. more so, it's going to be the heavy rain that's going to be causing flash flooding. that will ultimately be the biggest concern. we've already had reports of rain of eight-plus inches. downpours continue as cindy's
3:05 am
tropical moisture lifts off to the north and east. we'll still be concerned about more flash flooding. diane? kendis? justin thanks, and the fbi has released new details about the man who wounded steve scalise and others during a baseball practice. james hodgkinson acted alone when he opened fire on lawmaker last week. they say hodgkinson did not have any ties to terrorism. he was shot and killed at the scene. and doctors say congressman steve scalise is now fair condition. he was wounded in last week's attack and was in critical condition for quite some time, but the 51-year-old lawmaker is making good progress and started an extended period of rehabilitation. and crystal griner, the officer who was wounded, threw out the first pitch at the softball game. they played a team of female reporters, and mary bruce scored the first run in a 2-1 victory. go mary! >> way to go.
3:06 am
all right, we're going to turn to the middle east where jared kushner is attempting to restart stalled peace talks. the president's son-in-law and adviser met with benjamin netanyahu, a close family friend to the kushners, and they discussed potential next steps in the process, and --nkushner d a late-night meeting with abas. and here at home, there are growing concerns about kushner's security clearance. there are democrats who say that credible allegations should be enough to suspend his access to sensitive information. they're demanding to see the security clearance applications and all related documents from kushner and michael flynn. both men had failed to disclose their meetings with the russians. and we have new details now about russia's attempt to meddle in the u.s. election. the details coming out on
3:07 am
capitol hill as officials testified that russia tried to hack into election systems in nearly two dozen states, and the former homeland security chief defended how president obama handled that interference. >> reporter: talk from the man who was once in charge of keeping the u.s. homeland safe. >> at the direction of vladimir putin himself orchestrated cyberattacks on our nation. that is a fact, plain and simple. >> reporter: former homeland security secretary jeh johnson. >> i was very concerned about what i was seeing. and this was on my front burner all throughout the preelection period to encourage the states to come in and seek our assistance. >> reporter: but johnson said many states considered election security their issue, declining federal assistance. in a separate hearing, a current
3:08 am
dhs official told senators internet-connected election networks in 21 states were possibly targeted by russian hackers. >> do you have any evidence that the votes themselves were changed in any way in the 2016 presidential election? doctor? >> no, sir. there was no detected change in the vote. >> reporter: a point president trump has often made. johnson was asked if he saw any evidence of collusion between russia and the trump campaign before he left office. >> not beyond what has been out there open source. >> reporter: johnson deflected when he was asked if the trump administration was taking the russia threat seriously, but he warned that the u.s. shouldn't lose sight of the big picture, stopping cyberattacks on our democracy. millions of dollars was wasted by the pentagon on afghanistan's army uniforms, $28 million in unnecessary spending was discovered by the agency
3:09 am
managing the reconstruction. we have video do show you of a dog named maverick to show that he is the only sheriff in one particular town. >> this happened right outside of seattle. see the bear? maverick didn't like that very much. and off they went. >> this is my driveway. maverick is a 3-year-old labrador. he's not having it. forces the bear to turn around, and the bear left for good. maveri maverick uno. bear zero. the mother of all technical meltdowns. this is a nightmare for anyone in rc. see the news anchor who managed to keep a very cool head during a painful four-minimal function. that's ahead in the mix. but first, the fiery crash of an f-16 fighter jet in houston.
3:10 am
it forced the evacuation of nearby homes. what we're learning this morning about the pilot's condition. and do remember you can find us on instagram at abc wnn. you're watching "world news now."
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this was the scene in brooklyn. a run away bus barrelling down a street at high speeds in reverse. the bus was empty, and the driver, who was only on her third day on the job -- rough day on the job there -- had forgotten to set the parking brake. >> oh, no. >> uh, the bus flew down three blocks, struck several parked cars and injured a 27-year-old man. we hope that man's going to be all right. and investigators in houston are investigating what went wrong on board an f-16 jet that
3:14 am
crashed shortly after takeoff. the pilot ejected and nearby neighbors were evacuated as a team worked to secure the air to air missiles that plane was carrying. no residents were in danger, the pilot is hospitalized with minor injuries. the world's largest ride sharing ceo was pushed out. >> and what lid to kalanick's resignation. >> reporter: uber chief travis kalanick bowed to pressure from at least five investors who demanded his resignation from the ride hailing company, a business valued at nearly $70 billion. he released a statement saying i love uber more than anything in the world and at this difficult moment in time i have decided to
3:15 am
leave. it was kalanick who drove the free-wheeling start up to a behemoth in eight years, but an atmosphere of racial and sexual discrimination forced krfters' hand. >> they had a series of setbacks. to another e-mail that came out that talked about a party-like culture. so this is not a good thing for the company. it's not good timing. it's not good optics. >> reporter: a key moment came in february when susan fowler posted a blog about her year at uber, accusing them of turning a blind eye to sexual harassment. eric holder's firm was hired to investigate uber's workplace and found the male-dominated firm didn't have the most basic policies in place to protect workers. a month later, kalanick was forced to apologize after this video of him arguing with one of the company's drivers about pay
3:16 am
surfaced. >> some people don't hilike to take responsibility for their [ bleep ]. >> reporter: they are now considering selling stock to the public. no announcement yet as to who will replace kalanick as ceo. abc news, new york. and we have new information on a story we told you about. a controversial treasure hunt. >> forrest nfinn claims he's hidden $2 million worth of treasure. >> police want him to cancel the search. he's still deciding what to do. saving on summer travel. >> it's not too late to book that well-deserved vacation. we'll have tips on how and when to book. >> and packages to the most dangerous places in the world. is it too risky for thrill-seeking tourists? you're watching "world news now."
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the death of american college student otto warmbier less than a week after being released from north korea is raising a number of diplomatic questions. >> but it's shedding a new light
3:19 am
on the forbidden traveling, we're up all nightline with abc's dan harris. >> reporter: otto warmbier arranged his visit through young pioneer tours based in china. it touts itself as a budget operation, offering trips to places quote, your mother would rather you stayed away from. on twitter, they posted pictures of customers skiing in iran and visiting a weapon repair shop in erbil, iraq. our producer went to the office of young pioneer tours looking for answer on what went wrong on warmbier's trip. >> i'm with abc news. we've been trying to call for the longest time. can we talk to you guys? >> no. >> can we, can we talk to -- is there anybody available to talk
3:20 am
on camera? >> no. we've released a statement, and that's all we've got to say. >> are you seriously pushing me out? i just asked nicely. >> reporter: at the time of otto warmbier's trip, young pioneer tours described their excursions to north korea online as extremely safe. and answered this question, i'm american. is this a sflob wiproblem? with a chipper "not at all." from running the pyongyang marathon to observing daily life on the city streets. but earlier this week, the company told abc news in a statement that it will no longer organize tours for americans to north korea. there had not been any previous detainment in north korea that has ended with such tragic finality, and we are trying to process the result. now it has become too high.
3:21 am
young pioneer tours announced it will no longer bring americans traveling on u.s. passports to north korea. meanwhile, the u.s. state department is now warning americans to stay away, citing serious risk of arrest and long-term detention. and officials are considering banning all travel there for u.s. citizens. back here in the united states, ots owe's funeral is scheduled at the same high school in wyoming, ohio where just four short years ago he delivered this inspiring, yet prophetic graduation speech. >> but there is also a different kind of good-bye. a farewell to something larger. i wish there was a way to know that you are in the good old days before you've actually left them. >> and of course the scary part of all this is we still have other americans in north korea in captivity. so there's a large concern over what is happening and will happen to them. >> many of them were there for work but ended up as the situation happens, in captivity in that country. coming up, a grandpa schools
3:22 am
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time for "the mix." >> yeah. any day now. >> we are paying a tribute, if you will, to our friends at the bbc, because our first "mix" story today is this lovely number. this is actually what happened on air. that is anchor hugh edwards attempting to start the show. but this graphic keeps rolling the whole time poor hugh is on camera. >> this is like a massive communication break down in the communication business. so he's supposed to have something in his ear where
3:26 am
producers are yelling at him and saying -- >> say this, say that. >> you're on tv. that ain't happening. he's just sitting thayere oblivious. this went on for a while. you want to check back in with him? >> i looks like he's deep in thought. let's check in and see how he handled the rest of that crisis. >> year' goiwe're going to move. the last time we saw two robots fighting, it was pacquiao and mayweather. this got in a lot more hits. >> oh! >> oh, my god. these are japanese sumo robots clashing. >> sumo wrestlers do not move that quickly. >> no, nor are they that small. but these guys are like, woo. it's a compilation. that one, i usually have my dollars on that one. >> it sounds like they're screaming. >> they're preprogrammed autonomous bots and radio controlled by some human on the
3:27 am
side. >> the battle to the finish. speaking of battle to the finish. who's winning right now, the anchor or the editors at bbc? now's working on the mouse, the computer mouse. looks like he's hard at work. >> are there no monitors at the bbc? i know they had cut backs. >> say something? no. okay. guess not. he's not going to say anything yet. all right, onto grandpa over in detroit. this is nfl player anthony spice adams, his grandfather there, his father, playing against his son in basketball. >> he's got moves. >> his son not doing so well up against gramps. >> grandpa totally traveled at one point there. >> i think adams has a career in sports broadcasting by the way, oh, oh! >> hugh? >> hugh, anything? >> this went on for four minutes. >> must come first in
3:28 am
♪ lysol max cover kills 99.9% of bacteria, even on soft surfaces. one more way you've got what it takes to protect.
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this is thursday morning. on "world news now," tropical storm cindy is whipping up wind and there are states of emergency in several states. see who is in the cross hairs right now. plus, the president in campaign mode. he appeared at his fifth rally in five months, taking aim at the democrats and rallying the gop base, but hear what he said about the border wall that he's never said before. and new this hour, new revelations coming from inside the bill cosby jury. >> and what led to the mistrial in that case. and george clooney's billion dollar booze, his tequila company that he started with one of his buddies for fun sold for a bargain price. how their late-night research paid off heftily.
3:31 am
on this thursday, as we say, tequila. >> tequila! their from abc news, this is "world news now." >> tequila! >> as we say good morning to you on this thursday morning. i forgot about the dance, the peewee herman dance. we'll get into that. i am sure they probably had a shout or two. >> they're probably doing a lot of dancing. we're going to start in the gulf coast and tropical storm cindy battering more than a half-dozen states. >> the effects extend far inland. >> this is a waterspout in pensacola, florida. it's a whirling column of air and water mist that moved across the water, just offshore. forecasters also warn isolated tornados are possible. >> and there's already some flooding in areas. many roads are closed. lakes and streams are overflowing.
3:32 am
houston officials say everyone in that city needs to be prepared for flooding. >> reporter: high surf, floodwater, heavy wind and drenching rain already hammering coastal areas across five states. the governors of louisiana and alabama each declaring a state of emergency. the area also under a tornado threat. the leading edge of the storm filled with funnel clouds. families watching water spouts come ashore in mississippi. more than half a foot of rain drenching the state. hundreds of roads there submerged. by friday, forecasters expect rain totals of up to 12 inches possible in some spots. in new orleans, this pond is full of water out of lake pontchartrain. this levee all that's keeping it from flooding that nearby neighborhood. and lake charles, an area that knows hurricanes well. >> it's been hit by large hurricanes in the past. and with these coastal marshes, definitely get to higher ground. >> reporter: in texas, the
3:33 am
bolivar peninsula is under a volume unl -- voluntary evacuation. >> we're planning on losing electricity. bolivar is notorious for losing electricity. >> reporter: meaning the elderly or those with medical conditions are on the way out. and sadly, cindy has claimed one life. a 10 year old killed on a beach, storm surge knocking a log onto him. here in galveston, we have a lot of tourists on the beach, watching the gulf. as the storm comes closer, everyone here on galveston island watching the forecast closely. wind and rain are going to be picking up overnight. and that means for galveston island, power outages. in some cases those will last a while. everyone here hoping cindy stays far away. tracy clemons, abc news, galveston, texas. let's get a closer look at tropical storm cindy and how much damage it might do.
3:34 am
>> justin povick is tracking it all. >> kendis, diane, thanks and good morning to you. cindy approaching the coast will make landfall around daybreak. but the heavy rains have already occurred. we've had reports of over eight inches of rain. before it's all said and done here along the gulf coast, upwards of a foot are possible along with tropical storm gusts. heavy rainfall will continue through the weekend as tropical moisture lifts its way off to the north and off to the west. kendis? diane? >> it's going to be wet in the south through the weekend. it will be another day of scorching heat in the southwest and that makes battling wildfires much more difficult. about a hundred homes have been evacuated because a fire. the golden fire has spread to about 40 acres in the center of the state, about 25 miles northeast of albuquerque. and while death valley california set a record yesterday with 128 degrees, they were skiing only 140 miles away. this is in mammoth mountain in
3:35 am
the north. the snow base is 35 inches at the lodge, 165 inches at the summit. in fact, resort officials say they have so much snow they're staying open till august. that's amazing. >> what a contrast. and president trump is back at the white house after holding a rally in iowa where he revelled in the gop victories and took aim at democrats. >> but a paper posted an open letter to the president, saying basically, the campaign is over and now it's time to governor. serena joins us with more on that. serena, good morning. >> reporter: it is the president's fifth campaign rally in the five months since he took office, and he used it as an opportunity and a victory lap, lauding those recent wins in georgia and south carolina and also telling this crowd of more than 5,000 people in iowa how good it is to be out of the swamp, calling them american patriots, but not losing the opportunity to hit back at washington.
3:36 am
>> history is written by the dreamers, not the doubters. and they've been unbelievably nasty. really nasty. they're obstructionists. we wouldn't get one democrat. the dishonest media corporations who will say anything and do anything to get people to watch their screens or to get people to buy their failing papers. >> reporter: and the president also spoke about some campaign promises, including that southern border wall, where he proposed putting solar panels on it in order to help make up the funds, and he also proposed possible legislation that would include changing immigration laws to bar immigrants from benefitting from welfare. now the president also told this crowd that he's not beholden to special interest groups, but it should be pointed out next week he will be holding a fundraiser at his washington hotel blocks from the white house. >> and that fundraiser, just
3:37 am
more than 100 days into the new presidency. all right, serena, thank you. and the president also said he hopes to deliver a new health care plan, quote, with heart. the senate is working on its version of the plan behind closed doors set to be released today. congressional aides say it will drastically cut medicaid and penalties on people not buying coverage and block federal funding to planned parenthood. unlike the house measure it keeps obamacare subsidies on income rather than age. a house has been raided in montreal. neighbors are shocked that the man allegedly stabbed the officer in the neck while yelling "god is great" in arabic. the fbi is looking into the incident as an act of terror. jeff neville is listed in stable condition. and police say these were the weapons a 28 year old man was carrying when he was arrested at
3:38 am
a los angeles-area train station. in addition to the rifle you see there and a huge knife, the man had plenty of ammunition as well as a bible and a notebook of writing. no connection to terrorism has been found. the man's bag of weapons was found when he was arrested for urinating in public. now for an exclusive on the bill cosby trial. one of the jurors says two holdouts prevented his conviction. cosby faced three counts of felony aggravated indecent assault. a jury deliberated six days before a mistrial was declared on saturday. a juror who asked to remain anonymous tells abc news, ten members felt he was guilty on two counts, the two holdouts weren't changing their vote no matter what. prosecutors plan to retry the case. queen elizabeth's husband is spending a second night in the hospital. after being admitted as a precaution. buckingham palace says
3:39 am
prince philip is being treated for an infection stemming from a preexisting condition. the duke is said to be in good spirits. the hospital stay comes a month after he announced that he's retiring from royal duties this fall and missed a big event in london, the queen's speech. presence -- prince charles was there instead. and a statue of the 16th president is turning heads in chicago. >> this 9-foot-tall depiction of young abraham lincoln is getting, um -- >> hey, abe. look at his muscles. >> look at his -- yeah. so combined with the flowing hair and half-buttoned shirt. some are calling it babe-ra-ham lincoln. >> uh-huh, and since there aren't any photos of lincoln as a young man, the artist had to imagine what he looked like. i like it. i think it's a great piece of art. >> he looks great.
3:40 am
>> a house divided. >> he brought the house together there. swooping hair. >> we're united already. young abe lincoln. a total fox. a resident says he's definitely the hottest lincoln i've ever seen. >> with malice toward none! >> he's going to do the entire gettysburg address. >> i think we're good. >> you've got more than four scores. in the "skinny", rihanna's breakup advice. plus comments from prince harry, saying no one in his family wants to be king or queen. hear his promise to the british people about upholding british summer. and here's a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather brought to you by oral b. brought to you by oral b. i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans...
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so we got our new he washing machine but it took forever turns out it wasn't the machine, it was our detergent. so we switched to tide turbo clean. now we get way cleaner clothes way faster he turbo clean. 6x the cleaning power in 1/2 the time watch this dramatic rescue caught on camera yesterday in san francisco bay. less than five minutes after their catamaran capsized, a ferry was able to rescue one of these boaters. five minutes after that, the
3:44 am
coast guard scooped up the other two men. none of the men were wearing life jackets or proper clothing. all three suffered mild hypothermia. good thing that ferry was there and the coast guard. it's not quite summer without a little vacationing. >> if you're behind on your planning and get away before labor day, don't sweat it, as kayna whitworth shows us, you've got options. >> reporter: it's not too late to score summer vacation deals for some of the busiest travel days of the year, fourth of july weekend. for the cheapest flights, head out july 2nd and return the 7th. boasting average fares around $200. and for the rest of the summer? >> get away from sundays, because that's typically the most expensive day to fly. >> reporter: what's the best day to fly? >> tuesdays or wednesdays. >> reporter: and auto rebooks over and over until it finds the lowest price. for hotels never accept the first offer.
3:45 am
so you suggest calling the hotels. >> you can call the hotel, don't call their 800 number. ask for a manager. >> reporter: traveling light? no-frills basic economy flights are available on delta, united and american. by choosing basic economy on this flight from dallas to baltimore, we saved $20 compared to the main cabin rate. keep an eye on google flights or use the hopper app which can tell you when prices are predicted to go up or down. and can pin point the cheapest dates to fly. >> i got to write those down. every time we do those pieces i say this, and i go to book a trip and i have no idea what to do. >> go to the old stand by, kayak. when we come back, rihanna surprises a fan with a heartfelt message. >> and now it's kim and kanye's turn for baby watch. yeah, "the skinny" is next. or suffer excess mucus?
3:46 am
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♪ ♪ girls, they want to have fun ♪ oh, girls just want to have fun ♪ >> sorry, i need to bring it down a little bit. ♪ wanna have fun >> happy birthday, cyndi lauper. >> 64 years young. >> and looking 63. no, she looks amazing. she looks absolutely marvelous. and she's here on broadway. >> we still love grooving to you, cindi. you know what else girls like? tequila. we're uniting everybody with this story. george clooney, one of the most famous hollywood actors now may be even more successful in the booze business. >> he's best known as people's
3:49 am
sexiest man alive. so clooney and his pal randy gerber are fans of tequila, so much so that they started their own company named casa amigos back in 2013. >> meaning house of friends. >> oh, i didn't know that. you are so bilingual. your french is amazing. so the clooney and gerber matchup, by the way, he's married to cindy crawford. they would joke about what they're doing in mexico for their -- tequila! >> tequila! do we know what we're talking about anymore? this whole tequila side job worked out. because yesterday, a british company, deaggio bought casa amigos for $1 million. not bad for this business they
3:50 am
kind of stumbled into. clooney says he will still have a role with casa amigos, starting with maybe a celebratory shot or two. very active role. >> he has twins. he has two kids, and now -- >> more time on his hands, a few extra dollars in his pocket. >> speaking of kids, next to the power couple, kim kardashian and kanye west. and the reports, they're adding a third child to their family. >> a source close to the couple said they will employ a surrogate to carry the child. kanye who is 40 and kim, 36 decided to use surrogacy after kim's previous complications and a potentially life-threatening condition called placenta
3:51 am
accreta. >> no word on when the baby arrives but congrats, not only for the baby but for kim's new makeup line, selling out, get this, in under three hours. >> there's a lot going on in the kardashian-west household. they're busy people. here's to someone who's not so busy that she can't write to her fans. rihanna is sending some love to a heart-broken fan. >> many celebrities do publicly, not many do so privately. a fan sent her a direct message on instagram that asked for advice in how to get over a heartbreak. >> a direct response from riri herself. she writes, just believe that the heartbreak was a gift in itself. cry if you have to, it won't be forever. you will find love again and it will be even more beautiful. in the meantime, enjoy all that you are. >> that's really poetic. >> she should write a song about that. >> interestingly enough, we also get direct messages. >> mm-hm. >> guess what, frank's back. >> this is our dm, hey, haven't
3:52 am
seen frank in forever. i was sick yesterday, too. no messages about that. frank's back tomorrow, everybody. you can stop panicking.
3:53 am
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3:55 am
♪ as you know, there have been so many books written about the life and the death of princess
3:56 am
diana. and as we approach the 20th anniversary of her death, we've been hearing a lot from prince william about his personal struggle with grief. >> but now his younger brother, prince harry is opening up about his own pain and revealing something pretty surprising about his family. here's abc's dan harris. >> reporter: it was a moment of mourning nearly 20 years ago. the people lost their princess. and now prince harry revealing the pain of the public good-bye in an interview with news week. my mother had just died, and i had to walk a long way behind her coffin, surrounded by thousands of people watching me while millions more did on television. i don't think any child should be asked to do that under any circumstances. i don't think it would happen today. harry was just 12 years old when princess diana was killed in a car crash in paris. prince harry's fifth in line to be king and offering insight into a changing monarchy and a surprising revelation on those
3:57 am
in line to the throne. we are involved in modernizing the british monarchy. we are not doing this for ourselves but for the good of the country. is there any one of us who wants to be king or queen? i don't think so. but we will carry out our duties at the right time. he says they don't want to dilute the magic. the british public and the whole world need institutions like it. but unlikely to succeed to the throne himself, prince harry making it clear he would uphold the royal legacy. >> nobody wants the crown. >> nobody wants the crown. >> you take it. no, you take it. >> our thanks to dan harris there. prince harry says he sneaks away into the museum there in london and gets them to keep it open late for him and his girlfriend. >> i'm still imagining king kendis. it's terrifying. >> bow down. this is abc news "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. news "world news now," informing insomniac
3:58 am
ok, let's try this.
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making news in america this morning, tropical storm cindy pounding the gulf coast. forecasters are warning of high winds, heavy rains and flooding. we're live in the storm's path. president trump hits the road with a late night rally in iowa. his new plans for immigration and the wall along the southern border, plus, after the closed door meeting senate republicans will reveal their health care plan today. what we already know about it. the stabbing of an officer at an airport is now being investigated as a possible act of terrorism. what we're learning overnight as police raid the suspect's home. and out of the hospital and showing off her arm, the officer wounded at the congressional baseball practice throwing out a first pitch.


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