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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  June 22, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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mother is working as a delivery driver. and had the 7-year-old girl if her van. the vehicle was double parked out in front of the pizza place when it was repossessed with the girl is a sleep inside. >> there was nothing i could do. >> carmine had no idea there was a girl sleeping in the back of this minivan when he hitched it up to his throw truck and drove away with it. >> i could visibly see into the back of the car and there were no occupants of the vehicle that means i could take the car which i did. >> the 26-year-old owner of the car worked at this domino as as i delivery driver, she was finishing up for the night at the pizza place at 45th and chestnut when he drove away with her van. he switched on his body cam
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prior and searched from outside and saw nothing and did hear screams from the girl's mother and others when he left. >> you see that all the time, as a deterrent from me to stop. >> let me check the car. obviously i'm going to get out of the danger zone before i check. >> the bike officer pulled him over and still didn't see the girl inside of the locked vehicle and then at 15th and woodland they met up with police again and the officer spotted the child's leg and she was reunited with her mother and police will decide if charges were warranted. >> if it is believed that leaving the child in the car was a danger for the child. the appropriate charge would be endangering the welfare of a child. >> police let him go without charges and the girl is now in the care of other family members. her mother was taken into police custody. on a warrant for a camden county burglary. she has not been charged in
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connection with this case. live in west philadelphia. i'm sara bloomquist channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. two workers will recover after being hurt when the scaffolding they were on suddenly collapsed here in center city. chopper 6 hd was over the scene at 9:20 this morning in the 400 block of walnut street. the men were repairing the side wall when some of the bricks came loose and fell on to the scaffolding causing it to fall and witnesses saw it happening and called 911. >> one man was hanging on the side of the roof in a white shirt and the owner man was dangling from his harness. >> officials say an official investigation revealed a line supporting part of the scaffold also snapped under the weight of the bricks, licenses and inspections say that proper netting was in place and prevented debris from falling to the ground and potentially injuring anyone walking below. day three of the seth
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williams testimony, a wealthy businessman took center stage and the prosecution grilled him with the relationship with the democrat. vernon odom is live now with more. >> reporter: good evening. that star government witness spent the day on the stand but muhammad ali will be back here at federal court tomorrow. and back because he will have to undergo vigorous cross-examination by seth williams lawyer. >> seth williams entered the courthouse here on day four of his corruption trial and an old friend was arriving on the other side. muhammad ali of feasterville, a multimillionaire who plead guilty to bribery and tax evasion is hoping for leniency after the testimony against williams. ali admitted to giving seth williams thousands of dollars worth of gifts from 2010 to 2015
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a lavish vacation for example and cash and free airline tickets and expensive dinners and $8,000 couch and $3,000 watch. the defense calls them gifts and the prosecution calls them bribes. >> he said it's good to know people in power. good to know if you need anything you can call him. >> prosecutor, did you ever need him? >> yes, i asked him to do a couple of things for me. those included asking williams to intervene in the drug case with a center city disc jockey and he said according to ali he would look into it. and he believed he was being racially profiled at the philadelphia international airport in the secondary screening process and set up a meeting with chief inspector sullivan and thought the issue went away. they didn't know that ali was
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eyed by federal agents for possible international money laundering and no evidence of that was found an agent testified this morning. >> rick, throughout this case seth williams has maintained he has not committed any crimes and the defense he mowns will show that. live at the federal courthouse in center city, i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. in washington president trump says he did not record his conversations with former fbi director, james comey, in the days after president trump fired comey he eluded to the idea that he recorded their correspondence but the president said in a tweet, quote, i did not make or have any such recordings. the president did not end the controversy there, he has no idea if the recordings in question do exist. >> parts of the southeast are
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dealing with the effects of tropical storm cindy and it continues to spawn tornado warnings in birmingham alabama as it pushes further inland. that storm was blamed for one death a little 10-year-old hit by a log that washed ashore by a large wave. so far no reports of deaths or serious injuries. right now heat and humidity are the main concern for us here but as the remnants of tropical storm cindy make their way north we are in for a wet start to the weekend. adam joseph in for cecily tynan. >> of of the downpours and storms will try to race in late this evening and another round tomorrow morning and one saturday morning. all the moisture wrapping around the tropical storm cindy northwestern louisiana is still prompting flash flood and tornado watches and the amount of precipitation coming in from the gulf of mexico to the tennessee valley to the ohio valley and that will continue to lift north in addition to a front in the great lakes. so the two will kind of be
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squeezing across our area and we see the cluster of storms developing in central pennsylvania and we need to watch those this evening as well. the first round of real tropical humidity and tropical rain arrives tomorrow morning, 9:30 a.m. the tail end of the rush hour and more scattered stuff develops tomorrow afternoon and the next two days a steam bath friday and saturday a half inch to maybe more than three inches of rain locally prompting flash flooding and isolate the severe weather with the heaviest saturday morning. when we come back we'll look at future tracker 6 in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you adam. it's draft day for the sixers fans that are trusting the process hope that the trust will pay off tonight. philadelphia makes the first pick and jeff skversky is live inside of the barclay center in brooklyn where the draft begins in the matter of hours.
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>> reporter: hey guys, markelle foltz expects to get emotional tonight when he hears his name called on this stage behind me as the number one overall pick by the sixes he is dreaming of this moment since he was a little kid than could become a reality in two and a half hours when the sixers are on the clock with the number one overall pick. foltz gets a sixers hat to add to his collection and showed up to the sixers workout wearing his own personal sixers hat showing the love for philly. foltz will have a front row seat for the nba draft and his mom and sister those sitting at his table. and only played one season at washington far an way the top prospect in the draft according to the sixers that is why they traded up with the celtics to get the number one pick. >> have been busy since i got here. i haven't got a chance to sit down and i am grateful for that. i don't think it will hit me
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until monday or sunday when i have get a chance to sit down. to be a professional basketball and do what i love. right now i'm just blessed. >> reporter: yes foltz already showing some love for sixers fans he says that philadelphia has great fans and they will love him back if he can live up to the hype. he has big goals to accomplish as a rookie and wants to win rookie of the year and mvp. not bad. sixers are on the clock in two and a half hour to take markelle foltz. jeff skverskying channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report tonight. >> lets take it live to matt pellman in the traffic center. to see what is rolling and what is not. >> jumping through hoops to try to get home and people are trying to start the weekend and trying to get home from the phillies games and people trying to get home from work. and lots of people are going somewhere here on the schuylkill expressway rick and monica eastbound side heavy the whole way from girard avenue into the
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walt whitman bridge and people are leaving the phils game for the weekend. and accident in hunting parka void whitaker near eerie at saint christophers hospital. and a broken down truck at long mill road by the fuzzy dice auto center. not far from where we see the downed wires from overnight and closed all day eastbound side by harleysville pike at the exxon station and a crash in bordentown near rising sun road. and 20 minute delays on the paoli thorndale regional rail line outbound. >> did you say pizza? >> his ears pricked up. >> much more ahead on "action news" at 5:00, a health care showdown on capitol hill. ahead the republican backed plan that has members of the gop turning away from party lines. >> but first trashing philadelphia's trash cans why the city's watch dog says that
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the multimillion-dollar project is a waste of money.
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philadelphia mayor jim kenney signed two bills today at city hall one is an
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anti-discrimination legislation for businesses that discriminate against their employees tenants or customers. if they are found to be breaking laws, they apply the cease operations orders. philadelphia city comptroller allen butkovitz says that the city's high tech trash cans are proving to be trash themselves. the big belly solar trash cans were made to reduce the number of times trash needed to be collected and he says his audit shows that the trash can's communications system is not working for months rendering them useless and this shows trash falling out of the opening and the trash can project cost the city $6.5 million. health check tonight it's summer but the recommendations are out for the next flu season. >> health reporter and
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registered nurse ali gorman is here now with the latest word. >> reporter: roll up your sleeves to get the best flu protection and a cdc panel recommended using the flu mist nasal spray, it's for people that don't like needles especially children but last year the cdc says it shouldn't be used because own protected 46% of the time compared to 66% for shots. and they urge everyone 6 months or older to get the vaccine. last year it was only 25% effective for senior citizens but cut hospitalizations down by a third. there are more families with more than two worker parents and grandparents are increasingly taking care of their grandchildren and they obviously have experience taking care of children but may not be up to date on safety regulations.
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>> bring them in with you to the pediatrician visit help share articles and if you have a grandma or grandpa that is not e savvy print them out for them. >> one area that changed is advise on infant sleep. in the 1990's doctors learned putting babies on the side or stomachs raise the risk for sudden infant death syndrome and babies should be on their backs. and if you are looking for ways to save your brain from dementia or alzheimer's, three interventions may work. if you like doing puzzles and mind teasers, new research is encouraging but no concrete scientific evidence. and the same goes for managing high blood pressure and increasing your physical activity. research shows they could also lower your risk but there is no strong evidence. >> because there is no strong
5:17 pm
evidence researchers condition launch a public health campaign encouraging people to do these things but people say that the public knows they should work and have other benefitted as well. >> thank you ali. much more "action news" when we take a break and be right back.
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for under $10. plus free family activies and crafts.
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the health care sector helped wall street come to a close notching the nasdaq into the green despite the republican backed health care bill the dow jones lost 13 and it's nasdaq gaining almost 3 and it's s&p losing one and change. nike made a deal to sell its shoes on amazon, letting nike take greater control on how they are sold. and making sure that knockoff shoes are not offered on amazon and nike already sells its foot wear on and katy perry is the first singer to have three songs reach diamond certificate equation that means 10 million song sales
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and streams in the u.s. the latest song is the number one single roar and dark horse and fire work are certified die mont and perry is the only female artist to have five number one hits on the same album in the u.s. >> the policea athletic league honored their best and brightest and the money will help the students in the upcoming school year and many generous donors were there at the ceremony at the union league today. jeanette reyes emceed the program and manager bernie prazenica was there. and 6 abc the proud supporter. of the pals program. still to come on "action news" tonight a check of the accuweather forecast. lets take you live now sky 6 hd showing you cape may new jersey and hazy and the sun is trying to do work. adam joseph has it's exclusive
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accuweather forecast next. it's time we lift each other up, reach out, say something. addiction is a disease. don't suffer. don't wait. help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or go to the road to recovery starts now.
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time nor a check of the accuweather forecast. meteorologist, adam joseph is in for sis cecily and he has it's forecast. >> humidity coming back up and sunshine and temperatures cooking and this is far from a quiet weekend, here we go again looking at downpours and
5:25 pm
thunderstorms blossoming near state college and pittsburgh 150 or so lightning strikes in this cluster in the last 15 minutes, watch these sinking to the south and east and models show they hold together as they push toward philadelphia in the 10:00 hour. 88 in trenton and 85 in wilmington and 87 in allentown and 86 in dover and 70s along the shore and a nice sea breeze there. in addition to the cluster of storms, we have a cold front north of chicago. that will help to bring in the remnant rains from cindy that is moving up from the south and west and the two will kind of merge here on friday going into saturday. for tonight we watch for the thunderstorms especially philadelphia to the north and west early in the evening the rest of the overnight it is warm and tremendously muggy and 75 in philadelphia. and 72 in millville and 73 in dover, here is the storms firing up at 7:00 one to the north and
5:26 pm
west of philadelphia earth another line in delaware county and bucks county at 9:00 this evening. and they fall apart as they work into new jersey because of a sea breeze stabilizing that atmosphere. and then the tropical humidity and downpours arrive tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. the first wave moves through and in the afternoon the sun breaking out and that develops scattered downpours isolate the severe storm tomorrow afternoon and the core of the cold front and the remnants had cindy will pass through saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. this is when we could have flooding downpours and torrential rain and that wipes away for saturday afternoon. the last place to clear saturday is the shore with rain and a thunderstorm. and it's sun could break out mid-afternoon hours and everything times right at 86 and poconos early rain and giving way to sunshine. the five-day at 5:00 forecast. 87 degrees and muggy tomorrow
5:27 pm
with downpours and storms in the morning especially and scattered in the afternoon. heavy rain saturday morning giving way to afternoon clearing west to east 86 and beautiful sunday and low humidity and comfortable high of 83 and duplicate that on monday. and cool for june on tuesday 79 and sun and clouds with a scattered shower. but the place to be it's thursday is down at the shore. meteorologist, melissa magee, are you making something or watching someone make something at tuckerton sea port? >> well both. i'm going to make something but i'm watching fred he is a decoy carver for 60 years here in tuckerton and sanding the top of a duck's head and this is how you make the process. fred can you help me out a bit. hold this for me. >> this is one of those tools from back in the day as they say. >> spoke shave. >> a spoke shave, i'm getting lessons today and i'm carving the duck and we'll have more on
5:28 pm
the duck decoys and more fun things to do down at the shore. you guys want to try it? >> you are doing good. >> looks like fun. quick break and more news when we come right back. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, rick williams and monica malpass. >> senate republicans unveil their universal health care bill and drawing fire from their own ranks as well as senate democrats. we are live with the very latest. a dirt bike rider makes a move on the philadelphia roadway and it costs him his life. we'll explain what happens here. and tonight is the night for the sixers to take center stage with the number one pick in the nba draft. and first breaking news to report from landsdowne, montgomery county chopper 6 hd is off the scene of an accident involving a suburban train here it happened just before 5:00 this evening. here at the pembroke station. on the 1,000 block of church road. details are sketchy but we are
5:31 pm
told that a person may have been struck by the train early this evening. medical personnel are on the scene and police are on the scene. and we do know that the train was on the landsdale doylestown line. church road has been shut down in that area. and i want to ask the producer again tell me that? >> someone was choppered to the hospital from the area. we know that one person was injured and life-flighted as they say to the nearest hospital. at least one person is injured in this accident. this is in landsdale montgomery county. we'll keep an eye on the sitsation and bring you more information as it becomes available to us. the president says that the senate bill needed heart, the way this bill cuts health care is heartless. >> senate democrats characterizes the new health care bill a wolf in sheeps
5:32 pm
clothing. >> republicans believe we have a responsibility to act and we are. for our constituents and our states and for our country. >> senate republicans are firing back saying the affordable care act is failing and time is running out. >> and in the midst of that debate on capitol hill a group of disabled protesters staged a die-in and many were carried away as you see in handcuffs. despite opposition from key republican senators on the initial proposal. they say they are confident that they can come to a resolution. the scene on capitol hill today but the reactions are still pouring in from an on this new senate gop health care plan
5:33 pm
nearly 50 people were arrested today protesting that bill. capitol hill protests. -- over the newly revealed senate health care plan capital police dragging demonstrators and blood was drawn in the struggle to remove protesters some in wheelchairs from in front of mix mcconnells's office. >> obama care is a district attack on the middle class. >> attempting to overhaul the affordable care act. it allows states to apply for waivers and maternity and drug abuse care and protects preexisting conditions and deeper cuts to medicaid and defunds planned parent hood. >> and we would love to have democrat support and they are obstructionist and won't get
5:34 pm
support no matter how good it is. >> and jumping on the comments that the house bill was meaner. >> this is a nasty bill. and they are trying to cover it up. with little things here and there. >> if the bill passes it's back to the house. >> so sad mr. president, heartless, mean and heartless, this is the same thing all over again. >> want them to pass the bill so we can all get on with keeping our promise. >> the republicans don't have the votes to get this bill passed they can only lose two votes but several gop senators have already come out against the plan. kenneth moton channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. bringing you the reaction to the senate gop health care bill on the 6 abc app and read the full text of the bill at the battle in congress continues. a man was killed riding his dirt bike in hunting park section of philadelphia this afternoon. chopper 6 hd was over the scene
5:35 pm
of whitaker avenue at 3:00 p.m. and detectives tell us that the rider was going south while he tried to pass a box truck and the man lost control of the bike and slid under the truck. he was rushed to the hospital but did not survive. authorities are trying to determine his identity. >> chopper 6 hd was over the crash in langhorne bucks county in the northbound lanes of i-95 at the route 1 interchange. not clear what led up to this one but the driver ended up in a wooded area on the side of the road and the tow truck was brought if to get the car out of the ditch. well, there is a group in the kensington section of philadelphia that say their streets are not safe for children to play. and so today they delivered hundreds of needles in glass jars to officials in city hall. the campaign is called need a little help. the group behind it includes families and clergy members and people recould having from drug addiction and city officials joined into the conversation today and will work together
5:36 pm
with the community to address the situation. >> a bucks county man is missing in the remote section of montana. he was training to be a tour guide at a wilderness outfitter school. he walked away from cam and and was carrying a limited amount of food and has little survival experience and they have eye search team fanned out in the area. time again to see what is going on down the shore this weekend. >> it must be thursday. melissa magee is live in tuckerton with more tonight. >> reporter: hi there guys. can you hear me? theplying is on we have got decoy shop that is taking place right now, we are inside of the shop it has been around for many years here at the tuckerton sea port you see the showcase of ducks right now. we have fred who has been here for 60 years carving ducks and we could say an estimate of how
5:37 pm
many ducks? >> 6,000. >> 6,000 ducks roughly hundred duck a year. there is a lot to see here at the tuckerton sea port. the bay man seafood festival taking place this weekend but if are you not in tuckerton and not where we are there is a lot taking place in weekend down at the shore. >> park in ocean city and pull up to 6th and asbury avenues to check out the vintage vehicles and watch them cruise the boardwalk more than 300 cars for your viewing pleasure this saturday. >> celebrate the alien american heritage for the annual festival in north wildwood and enjoy authentic food from vendors. and meatball relay races and liveent ent entertainment. it runs through sunday.
5:38 pm
looking for seafood? head to tuckerton, new jersey, for the annual seafood festival and music. fresh clams and scallops and shrimp. the festival is 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. $10 for adults and $5 for kids ages 5 to 12. a small price to pay tore an event of fun. hope to see you this weekend down at the shore. >> reporter: i did this all by myself. without fred. fred what kind of duck is this? >> a red breasted male common in our area. >> there is a lot happening down at the shore and this is a family fun place you can go with the entire crew and see a lot of things and preserve the history. the rich history here at the
5:39 pm
tuckerton sea port. the beach and shore about a mile away from the shore we'll have more on the accuweather forecast. it's an interesting one as we head into the weekend. details coming up in just a little bit. >> this isn't bad. >> did a great job. >> won first place. >> who fits the bill for that? get it bill. >> ducking the answer to wing that one rick. >> okay. we'll edit that out. matt pellman is in the traffic sentwer an update tonight. >> there fits the bill for a nasty ride home. landsdale regional rail line temporary suspended because of that accident by the pembroke station that you told us about a little bit ago involving the pedestrian. the train is halted and they had to shut down power on that line because of the emergency activity there. and as a result church road is also blocked off and the train is blocking church road where it
5:40 pm
had to stop. broad street through landsdale is an alternate. also, just getting word of a vehicle that doesn't want to run on the northeast extension and disabed truck in harleysville is gone but we have the downed wires from last night blocking the eastbound lane at harleysville pike by the exxon station. that is the case all day today. and newtown square a bad crash at goshen road at the latvyan lutheran church and no shortage of slowing on the schuylkill and 95 it's busy the whole time because of phillies traffic and people heading down the shore. and there is the walt whitman bridge jammed solid heading into new jersey. >> all right matt thank you. still ahead tonight ducis rogers has a big night for the sixers in new york city. >> monica we are tracking
5:41 pm
showers and downpours near state college and they are headed to philadelphia. we'll have more on the remnants of cindy.
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5:44 pm
ducis is here with sports tonight the sixers pick first in the nba draft and we have been waiting. picking high on the nba draft and now they have to get them healthy and on the court. we are talking about washington guard markelle foltz he could be a difference maker. jeff skversky is live in brooklyn new york with the preview. >> reporter: so what kind of difference maker can markelle foltz be when asked how long til you can help the sixers start winning? >> he said when i get there it's been five years since the sixers last playoff win.
5:45 pm
markelle foltz expects to come in and win right away. the highest scoring freshman in the entire country. high expectations for the overall pick and foltz wants to win rookie of the year and mvp and down the road multiple championships. after one year in college foltz condition believe he is the number one pick tonight. >> any opportunity i get a chance to play basketball i'm happy so in fab i get a chance to play basketball and hopefully be the number one pick that is the dream from when i was younger. >> there is part of me that doesn't believe it will happen yet. and i won't be satisfied until i hear my name called i'm just sitting here waiting. i can hear it in the back of my head and like i said i'm just excited. >> foltz expects to get
5:46 pm
emotional when he hears his name called. he was dreaming of this moment since a little kid and although he is expected to start right away foltz says he will earn the minutes, he is used to fighting for his time. was recruited high coming out of high school. we are live in brooklyn at the nba draft. jeff skversky channel 6 "action news." >> what a journey for the young man thank you. >> we invite you to join us at and on facebook tonight. sharrie williams and i will talk about the big moment for the sixer as they make the number one overall pick, join us online while you watch the nba draft. phillies wrapped up their series with the cardinals avoid the sweep and a five game skid. herrera had a rough game after blowing through a stop sign at third and gets picked off today not good. they were able to overcome that, tommy joseph his 11th homer of
5:47 pm
the year. and aaron nola is stellar on the mound 7 and one-third innings. they take this one 5-1. >> one thing i complained about is that starters were not giving us length, the last we are getting six and seven and now into the eighth inning and we played three extra inning games in a row. i was hope that didn't happen today. when you have starters going deep into the game it gives us a chance to win. >> phils head out on the road and take on the arizona diamondbacks tomorrow and the nba draft at 7:00. >> who goes number two? >> that is a good question. probably alonso bowl to the lakers. and the girl scouts are getting into cyber security there are 18 cyber security
5:48 pm
badges they can earn next year and how to find out about career opportunities in cyber security. currently women own make up 11% of the cyber security workforce. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. now with our new fios gigabit connection, you get amazing download speeds up to 940 megs, 20 times faster than most people have. and the price is amazing too for $79.99 a month online for the first year you'll get our fastest triple play with hbo included for 2 years. leave cable's slower internet speeds behind. so hurry up and switch to fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo and multi-room dvr service for two years all with a two year agreement.
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got to be a 50/50 weekend wait for the second half. >> unbelievable here on sunday picture perfect for this time of
5:51 pm
year. but a lot to go through before that arrives. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan it is quiet and hot and humid across most of the area but there are downpours and thunderstorms developing north of pottsville. and we'll watch those during the evening showers for our pennsylvania counties as they slide in at 7:00 and 10:00 from the north to the south. but ahead of it you see the southwesterly win 88 in philadelphia and the high is 89 degrees and 88 in trenton and close to that in allentown and reading and a southerly wind it's oh so nice at the shore temperatures there only in the mid-70s. we are tracking though the remnants of cindy a tropical depression now meaning a much weaker low pressure center but still springing up severe storms east of that. you see the tornado watch box forever mississippi and alabama and all of that is lifting to the north in addition we are tracking a cold front than cold front in the morn part of the
5:52 pm
great lakes and chicago. as this sinks to the south it pulls in the moisture from the remnants of cindy and that is what will collide here as we get into friday and saturday. but before even that happens. here is the cluster of storms sliding in from the north and west at 10:00 for the i 95 corridor some brief heavy rain and gusty winds and thunder and lightning of course that fall as part into new jersey and 8:00 or so tomorrow morning that is when the first tropical rains move in and torrential rain at times and spiking the humidity it's like a steam bath around here tomorrow. breaks of sun in the afternoon not a washout but that develops scattered stuff friday afternoon and the core of the front, and the moisture from what was cindy will be passing through here saturday morning with torrential rain and we could see flash flooding as well. and then that push as way. during the day tomorrow there could be isolated severe storms
5:53 pm
and wind and hail would be the major threats, but before all of that lets talk about the good. down at the shore melissa magee enjoying herself down there at tuckerton sea port. you are making decoys and doing some put put. what was that? now what are you doing >> reporter: well, adam this is a forge welded joint that is what they did back if the 1800s and we have toby and we have steven and they are doing what they used to do to meld pieces and weld them together. a lot to see here at the ticker ton sea port we have the accuweather forecast into the weekend. right now into friday scattered showers and storms will be on the way. it's not a washout but it's not a nice weekend on saturday a high temperature of 80 degrees because of the remnants of cindy on saturday it's humid and downpours are likely and high temperature of 81 and sunday it is sunny and gorgeous into the
5:54 pm
second half of our weekend with high temperature of 81 and ocean temperature coming in at 63. it's cool what they are doing. and these are some of the things they have made they have a beautiful flower from welding things together. it's amazing what you can do. >> first of all i thought you were messing with me. get some marshmallows and make some smores with that fire. >> that is a good idea. >> if you need a blessing i got one. >> if you head up into the mountains looking good here at times, downpours and storms on friday and humid 76 degrees and morning rain saturday giving way to sun and sunday beautiful there and 73. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast again unsettled at times tomorrow and very muggy and 87 degrees and heavy rain saturday morning giving way to sun if the afternoon from west to east 76. sunday and monday perfect and low 80s below normal and sun and
5:55 pm
clouds and low humidity and tuesday and wednesday upper 70s and a shower on tuesday and maybe warmer come thursday at 83 degrees. >> thank you. >> had had to have the smores. this reminder you can get the latest forecast including detailed updates including live radar. 6 abc is a free download for your mobile device.
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right now jim gardner and the "action news" team standing by with these stories next at 6:00. a tow truck driver ran into complicate --
5:58 pm
all right those stories and more next. for adam joseph, cecily tynan, jaime apody, ducis rogers. i'm monica malpass "action news" is next at 6:00.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist cecily tynan, and jim gardner. thursday night one of the cosby juries speaks out today. and a splash to hope city pools today. but the big story a repo man
6:00 pm
turned unintended abductor. the repo man had no idea that the car owners 7-year-old daughter was asleep in the back of the minivan when he drove the vehicle away at 2:45 this morning. needless to say that set off all kinds of alarm bells. sara bloomquist is live in the 4500 block of chestnut street in west philadelphia. police hope that the surveillance video hopes to clear up what happened here last night. they believe that the child's mother was working as a delivery driver with her 7-year-old daughter in the minivan. the vehicle was double parked out front here last night when it was repossessed with the child asleep inside. >> it was unavoidable. in my eyes. >> carmino was doing think job when he hitched hi tow truck up to the


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