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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 23, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, the health care battle raging on capitol hill. republicans seeking more support for their newly revealed plan as protesters make their case. we're live in washington with the details. cindy's aftermath. the storm left behind damage and flooding along the gulf coast. now other parts of the southeast are getting soaked. we have the forecast ahead. caught on camera, a child in a car seat flies out of a moving vehicle and into a busy intersection. and a stuffed cow is getting credit for saving a little boy's life. hear why the 3-year-old's family is very thankful he was holding his favorite toy. made it to friday, everyone. good morning. we'll start with the immediate opposition to the latest plan by
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republicans to repeal and replace obamacare. >> the congressional budget office is now evaluating the new senate bill that among other things would slash medicaid and end the requirement for most americans to have health care. enough republican lawmakers already oppose the bill to sink it but they say they're willing to negotiate. >> abc's janai norman joins us from washington where it's been a busy week. >> reporter: good morning. now we all knew the debate over health care wasn't over and it's just ramping up again as republicans don't have the votes they need to pass that new bill despite hoping for a vote by the july 4th recess. the senate republican health care bill drawn up in secrecy and kept under lock and key finally revealed. >> obamacare is a direct attack on the middle class. >> reporter: but it was met with chaos on capitol hill as angry protesters, many in wheelchairs argued americans like them are the ones under attack by the new bill. president trump called the house version of the health care bill,
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quote, mean but democrats say the senate plan is meaner. >> the president said the senate bill needed heart. the way this bill cuts health care is heartless. >> a little negotiation but it's going to be great. >> reporter: under the became americans would no longer be required to have health insurance and could buy coverage with tax credits based on level of income and some could end up paying a lot more for less. it also proposes major cuts to medicaid. rolling back obamacare's expansion. right now the program covers one out of five americans. wealthy americans on the other hand come out winners. they get sizable tax cuts. >> the only reason these cuts to medicaid are in this bill at all is to pay for tax cuts to the wealthiest americans. >> reporter: the senate bill would also give states the ability to drop the requirement that insurers cover essential services like maternity care, drug and mental health treatment and emergency room visits. their bill allows states to opt out of requiring insurance
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companies to cover those with pre-existing conditions. and republicans can only afford to lose two votes to still pass the bill but already more than that have said they can't support this health care plan in its current form. kendis and diane. >> some of those senators are saying they wouldn't mind teaming up with house republicans and starting over from scratch. so we could be far from the end of all of this. janai, keeping you busy at least in washington. thanks so much, janai. >> reporter: after playing coy for weeks president trump says he did not tape his meetings with former fbi director james comey. >> the president tweeted i have no idea whether there are tapes or recordings of my conversations with james comey. but i did not make and do not have any such recordings. this, of course, comes six weeks after the president's cryptic tweet hinting of tapes. >> comey testified that that tweet prompted him to leak his memos about their conversations, which in turn led to the appointment of a special counsel prosecutor. >> the president is taking aim
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at rob and appe-- at robert mue. he complained about mueller's relationship with james comey. >> he's very, very good friends with comey, which is very bothersome, but he's also -- we'll have to see. we'll have to see in terms -- look, this has been no obstruction. this has been no collusion. there has been leaking by comey but there's been no collusion, no obstruction and virtually everybody agrees to that. so we'll have to see. i can say that the people that have been hired are all hillary clinton supporters. >> we should point out mueller is a registered republicans. the attorneys he's hiring must meet the same standards as career justice department officials. cindy no longer a tropical storm but that's not stopping it from bringing bad weather to a large part of the country.
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>> it's moving into the central appalachians but affecting most of the southeast now as well as the ohio valley. cindy leaves behind flooding in low-lying areas along the gulf coast and residents of the birmingham, alabama, area will be cleaning up after a moderate tornado destroyed several buildings. now for a closer look at your weather. tropical rainstorm cindy moving off to the north and to the east. still some breezy conditions for around 20, to 25 miles per hour but by far the big concern is going to be from the rainfall. again, we've horror will widespread flooding over the deep south and notice here as we work our way through time we're going to be looking at heavy rain lifting off to the north. even into the greater ohio valley, flash flooding and travel disruptions as we start the start of the weekend. kendis, diane.
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>> investigators say the man accused of stabbing an airport police officer in flint, michigan, was a lone wolf attacker and no indication that amor ftouhi was involved in a wider plot. according to the fbi ftouhi unsuccessfully tried to buy a gun after arriving in the u.s. from canada last week. the injured officer, jeff neville is said to be doing well this morning. an investigation is under way in los angeles into what appears to be an accidental police shooting that kill aid 17-year-old boy. authorities say a sheriff's deputy fired his gun at a pit bull that had already bitten another deputy. a bullet ricocheted off the ground and killed the teenager. a deputy who was bit by the dog was also hit by a bullet. that ricocheted as well. he's expected to be okay but just a mess out there with that incident. north carolina man dubbed the pizzagate shooter has been sentenced to four yearness prison for firing an assault weapon inside a washington, d.c.
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pizzeria. edgar walsh was obsessed with the internet rumors that prominent democrats were harboring child sex is slaves at the restaurant. no one was hurt but the judge said he left psychological wreckage and sent a stiff punishment to send message to others. a mississippi law allowing same-sex couples to be refused service, it allows business owners and government employees to deny service to same-sex couples based on their religious beliefs. the decision reverses a lower court ruling. the law will likely not take effect while opponents are given time to appeal. a louisiana man free this morning after his 35-year-old murder conviction was tossed out. >> we're talking about john waucker, who -- or floyd. he had been behind bars since 1981 after beaing arrested. he was convicted on the strength of a confession. new evidence though shows that he was beaten into admitting to the crime. coming up, details about a record fine that could be dished
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out by the fcc. also actor johnny depp getting himself into some really hot water with comments that he made about the president. we'll hear what he had to say straight ahead. a kid in a car seat goes flying out of the back of an suv. we'll show you how it happened. ok, let's try this. it says you apply the blue one to me. here? no.
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it supports your heart, joints, brain, and eyes. and is absorbed by your body three times better. so one megared has more omega-3 power than three standard fish oil pills. new megared advanced triple absorption. we're back with a major court victory for one of the subjects of the netflix series "making a murderer." an appeals panel agreed with a federal magistrate who overturned brendan dassey's conviction last summer of the judge ruled his confession was coerced and that confession was featured on the netflix series. he is serving time for helping rape and murder a woman ten
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years ago. the state of wisconsin, though, is likely to appeal. actor johnny depp could also be in trouble for some comments he made at an arts festival in britain. >> the 54-year-old "pirates of the caribbean" star was talking about president trump at the arts festival in england. at first he asked if the president could be brought there. >> after the crowd jeered, depp said the audience had misunderstood him. >> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president -- i want to clarify, i'm not an actor. i lie for a living. however, it's been a while. and maybe it's time. >> depp acknowledged that his comments could be controversial. there has already been criticism on social media as we can understand. secret service says it is aware of those comments. america's obgyns are updating screenings for mammograms and should start no
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later until 50 and continue until at least 75 years. women under 50 who aren't at an elevated wink should weigh the risks against one. a florida based company is staring at a robo calling fine. fcc is calling for marketing strategy leaders, a people company to shell out $120 million. the company is accused of making 96 million robo calls. during just the final three months of last year. 90% went to cell phones. the company is blamed for overwhelming an emergency medical paging service as well. when we come back, the nba draft. the top choice and the reason he's getting lots of attention this morning. all because of a social media post after the draft. and saved by the cow. the little guy who was holding on tight at just the right time. i'm ryan and i quit smoking with chantix.
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a massachusetts driver is facing a couple of citations after driving with a dummy. literally. he was pulled over with a mannequin in the passenger seat. the problem is, he was using that mannequin to drive in an hov lane. well, looking at morning road conditions, there will be some humans who might drive in the mississippi and ohio valley, but we wouldn't recommend it. the roads will be wet or flooded all the way from eastern new mexico to the northeast. if you're flying, expect airport delays in memphis, detroit and new york. new overnight north korea says it did not torture the college student who died after spending more than a year in their prison. >> the news came hours after otto warmbier's funeral in ohio. hundreds attended the service at his former high school. warmbier's roommate on the trip to north korea remembered the last time he saw his friend alive. >> i was there at the end at the airport. i sort of laughingly said that's the last we'll ever see of you.
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at me. there was a huge irony in my words. >> reporter: he was sentenced to 15 years hard labor for stealing a propaganda poster and returned from north korea in a coma and never regained consciousness. doctors say he suffered a severe neurological injury. bill cosby aplans to address the issue of sexual assault as he awaits a retile. the 79-year-old is organizing a serious of town hall meetings to teach young people how their behavior can create legal issues. you heard me right. the news comes as we learn more about the deliberations in his case. jurors are describing the toll the trial took on them and cosby. >> i wondered if he was going to be able to finish because he looked really weathered. it would be a waste of money because the man has already suffered the loss of his career and earnings over the past 11
4:17 am
years. >> mistrial was declared nearly a week ago after 52 hours of deliberations. a juror told abc news two hold-outs prevented convictions on two of the three counts against cosby. police in texas are investigating after a toddler went flying out of of a moving suv dash cam video shows the vehicle making a right town in laredo when a car seat holding a 1-year-old flies out of the rear door. the driver was cited for having ang restrained child in the car. a boston area toddler who fell out of a second story window has a toy to thank for saving him. eduardo luis gomez never leaves home without his cow. when he fell out of the window the toy was right there along with him and absorbed most of the impact. after a night in the hospital eduardo and his cow are back home safe and sound. >> always know i fell out of a window when i was a kid. there was no cow that saved me. >> what saved you.
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>> trash heap. >> fell into a giant pile of garbage. you wish someone had moved it. >> let's move on to sports. so the nba welcomed its newest members last night and we get some details now on that and baseball from espn. good morning, america. i'm scott van pelt. thursday night nba draft from brooklyn, markelle fultz number one overall pick spent a year at washington playing his professional basketball in philadelphia. the bulls trade jimly butler to the timberwolves. on the diamond, seattle taking on the detroit tigers and from the reaction, cano thought he missed it. he did not. that's his second homer of the night. his 11th career grand slam and seattle knocks off detroit. meanwhile, arizona taking on colorado. a couple of good teams both looked like playoff teams, goldsmith, the power on display.
4:19 am
looked like he missed that but the opposite way, his 18th and the snakes bully the rockies for the second day in a row. 10-3 winners there. the dodgers, though continue to be every bit as good out in the national league west. jock peterson, a tie game in the bottom of the seventh. knocks it deep in chavez ravine and the dads out there are going to say this is awesome because dad holes on to his daughter and makes the catch. whoa, look at me. mom and i'm guessing that is mom says give me my child. i'll let you all determine whether that was a heroic or idiotic move. enjoy your friday. >> mom was not happy about that one. up next in "the pulse," a fashion state being issued by some english school boys. we'll have details on what they were saying. when does getting a close-up mean you're just too close?
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♪ time for "pulse" and start with the top pick in the draft. markelle fultz is heading to philly. >> woo. so, he put that 76ers hat on as he got on stage wearing a pair of orange shoes that were made out of basketball. nice. but fultz is also getting attention mostly for an instagram post. >> this one was probably a mistake. the post reads excited to head to parentheses city and join the parentheses team name. so, yeah, he probably forgot to
4:23 am
fill in the city and team name before he hit send. glad he was thinking ahead. >> well, the good thing is, philadelphia sports fans are so forgiving and loving that they'll be welcoming of him no matter what. >> ah. some teenage boys have figured out how to skirt the issue of not being allowed to wear shorts in school. >> yeah, some of the guys at an academy in southwest england wanted to wear shorts when the weather warmed up. >> but the school actually prevents boys from wearing shorts, so a few dozen got creative and decided to wear skirts to school instead. >> yep, they got them from their female classmates and the academy is not considering a change in the position. this is something that we have been a part of a campaign that's called -- it's called the hashtagfreetheknee going on -- >> i'm going to do it for the rest of the segment. free the knee. finally this may be all the
4:24 am
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>> good morning i'm tamala edwards, it is friday, june 23, coming up on "action news," imrab -- grab the umbrella and get ready to sweat. heavy rain is moving our way, as well as humid air is settling in. he pretended to be santa, but he is not he is under arrest in delaware county. another top pick is joining what they call the process, i'm looking forward to the championship. controversy around actor johnny depp and what he asked about president donald trump, "action news" is up next. lenit work-related with during the past week busy in washington.
4:28 am
>> all politic, all the time. here now this week's "friday funnies." today is the summer solstice. which is the longest day of the year. or as the white house calls that every day. >> president trump sent his son-in-law to meet with the leaders of israel and palestinian. that's normal. a lot of people are saying jared kushner isn't qualified but actually he has been in israel before on a high school trip with his mom so they're wrong. kushner thinks real progress will start once both sides stop laughing. why is he there? >> i don't know. >> who is he? >> i have -- i have no -- >> he was an intern on our show a week ago. >> i know. >> the president says if jared kushner can't bring peace to the middle east he'll find ivanka a husband who can. >> i read that mitch mcconnell wants to force a senate vote on health care before july 4th. yep. because if there's one day you
4:29 am
want to take away people's health care is the day when they get drunk and set off fireworks. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is rushing to put the bill together in what's being described as a frantic scramble. which is always the best way to make your health care decisions. honey, what do you make of this mole on my thigh. oh, my god, cut off your leg and burn it in a pit. >> marco rubio giving ivanka trump a very awkward hug went viral on the internet yesterday. look. is that marco rubio or a guy h disappointed tinder date. look at ivanka's face. that's not how you react when someone hugs you. that's howe waiting for a bumblebee to fly away. is not how i recontact to a bumblebee. >> oh, run. >> is that not what you're posed to do. >> i think that's normal. >> i think i read that somewhere. well, >> good morning it is friday
4:30 am
june 23, matt o'donnell is off, jeanette reyes is joining us. >> here's what we're following this morning. we're watching the weather, the stormy stuffy start to the weekend is brewing. >> those are not good words. several children from a south jersey school are taken to the hospital after falling i will. >> there he is, the newest sixers markell fultz is heading to philadelphia. >> i loved what he had


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