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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  June 23, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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montana wilderness and the owner of an ice cream shop is arrested for secretly videotaping girls. next. "action news," delaware valley's leading news program, with jim gardner. ♪ >> it is friday night. the big story on "action news" tonight is the end of the severe thunderstorm watch, but that doesn't mean the potential for downpours is over. if you are an early riser, you
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may be knocked over by oppressive humidity. let's get the latest from storm tracker six and adam joseph. >> we have a cold front and remnant low of what was cindy now in west virginia. we have pop ups to the west of philadelphia. in the view, only one lightning strike. we are not dealing with severe weather but pockets of heavy rain. we are seeing one band here east of lancaster, approaching 176 through reading all points to the south, heading toward pottstown, no lightning with this. no strong winds, but it's pockets of very heavy rainfall briefly passing through. >> we continue to see the scattered showers, downpoursened a rumble of thunder or two.
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there could be a ru rumble of thunder. quick rising waters because of how heavy the rain can be at times, passing through 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., but it's out of here first thing in the morning, sunshine returning, hot afternoon but humidity is lowering as we kick everything out of here. we have the seven-day forecast coming up. >> remember greg hall and chris sowers are on saturday morning at 5:00, tracking the downpours as they move in tomorrow. >> new developments about the hiker from bensalem missing in the montana willedde wilderness. he has been found alive after four days. 21-year-old eric walked away from camp and hadn't been seen since. he was taking part in a back
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country expedition program designed to teach outdoor camping skills. a local paper said he was tired and dehydrated but otherwise in good condition. >> firefighters had to evacuate an animal hospital tonight. the fire broke out on route 47. the fire erupted in a storage area and smoke was invading the hospital building. all of the animals are expected to be okay. >> police have arrested an ice cream store owner. >> for residents in vineland, the cool breeze ice cream parlor was a cool place to go on a summer day. the owner routinely hired
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teenaged girls. he had a dressing room where the girls changed their uniforms. >> he hired teenage -- like my niece, 14 or 15 years old. >> the girls didn't know he had a hidden camera in the dressing room. customers gasped when we told them what police alleged. >> he had a hidden camera in the dressing room. >> he had a sign saying he had cameras on the property, but he didn't tell anyone he had one in the dressing room too. >> you have to be a predator. >> she felt he was weird, like a weird old dude. >> police identified five victims all said to be female
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juveniles. >> scary. that's not a good thing. >> not coming back. >> police worry there may be other victims they have not been able to identify. larry bostick is being held on five counts of child endangerment. >> a mix up at a buck's county gas station may be costly for those that bought gas there. the gas station in levitz town. several customers complained they thought diesel and regular got mixed up. >> there could be a mix up in the delivery, possibly, or an underground delivery system problem. if the tests come back that the gasoline is mixed, mechanics say
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the repairs could run thousands of dollars to the vehicle and the cost will be up to shell or the gas station. >> surveillance video captured two crooks rummaging through a home. detectives say the thieves stole keys to the homeowner's business and used the keys to open the shop and stole even more. >> they look familiar. i think i have seen them inside my store as customers. >> police believe the suspects may be part of a larger crew with several other victims all of whom run family businesses. >> a man was arrested on weapons of mass destruction. bruno has an explosive device in his car with a detonator.
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he had dangerous chemicals in his home 300 block of jacksonville road. this was reported when police respond today a domestic assault may 17th. >> now there are five. five republicans will not vote for the replacement to obama care. rand paul, ted cruz, mike johnson and senator lee all will not support. hiller says he can't accept the cuts to medicaid. >> i cannot support a piece of legislation that takes insurance from 10s of millions of americans and nevadans. >> mitch mcconnell has a tough task getting this through next week. if more than two republicans vote against it, it will fail.
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susan collins of maine is also speaking out against the cuts. >> the trump white house is cutting back on prse press brie, so cnn sent their sketch artist to the briefing room. today sean spicer was his subject. >> philadelphia's beverage tax is causing tension to bubble to the surface. jeff chirico was outside city hall. legislative hearings can often be dull but not this one. >> a state senate committee hearing was supposed to take place about the economic impact of this tax. tax supporters were relenlent
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leslie disruptive, the meeting was canceled before it was started. >> city hall sounded more like a sports arena, skins of relentless beverage tax supporters filled council chambers upset they were not included in the hearing. >> it seems like a lopsided meeting with 80% of speakers were speaking against the soda tax. >> councilwoman helen gin showed families benefit from the tax. >> when they wouldn't quiet, they canceled the meeting. >> they were silencing the voices of ordinary citizens.
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>> people are not coming in to buy sodas. >> this south philly pizza owner saw a 30% drop in traffic. >> less people are walking in. when less people walk in, less people need your services. less people need your services, you drop employees. after that, it's a ripple effect. >> gim says the tax is needed because harrisburg has forgotten the city. >> i would like to see funding for our schools and education. a full partnership around infrastructure investments. >> the senate committee will reschedule the meeting to take place in harrisburg. a date has not yet been set. jeff chirico, "action news."
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>> bill cosby has been stripped of another degree. at least 25 other colleges and universities have done the same including in our area, drexel, and franklin and marshall. >> a camden diocese announced con soconsolidation plans, six parishes will merge into three. all churches will remain open during the transition. still to come, an officer accused of killing a murder ends
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in a mistrial for a second time. >> an alarm to evacuate other high-rises tonight. and johnny depp's controversy. what the actor is saying about president trump. >> working in the northern suburbs, looking at double scan and the seven-day forecast where temperatures and humidity have dropped for the weekend. >> jeff skversky with something of a shocker as the traders have their second leading goal scorer. when "action news" continues. ♪ ♪
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>> it is the second mistrial for a white former university of cincinnati police officer ray tensing. he is on trial for shooting a black unarmed person during a traffic stop.
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the jury came back deadlocked. he shot samuel debose in the head after stopping him over a missing license plate. much of the trial focused on tensing's body cam video. >> i reached out as far as i could with my right hand and fired a shot. >> tensing initially said when he reached into d da bose's car, his hand got caught. >> the stef stating london high-rise fire was sparked by a malfunctioning privilege rater. this is the result of the investigation of the inferno
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that killed several people. the siding was found on hundreds of buildings across london. one has ordered the evacuation of 800 homes in several apartment towers out of fear the same thing could happen. >> actor johnny depp is apologizing for comments he made about assassinating donald trump. >> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president. >> depp apologized calling it a bad joke in poor taste. >> the congressman and four
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others were wounded after shots rang out at a baseball game last week. the lone gunman was killed by police. >> an investigation has been launched into the crash of a jet in ohio. the f16 ran off the rub wa runw. the pilot was hurt. the man in the cockpit was not. >> first the first time we see a plane that came close to a u.s. recon sense plane this week. it came in within five pete of the wing tip. it happened over the baltic sea on monday. the military released the images today. there are not enough homes on the market for people that want to buy them. the median sales price rose to
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$345,800 last month. part of it is due to supply shortage combined with low interest rates. >> police are sharing the story of an unusual rescue. it wasn't a person they pulled out, it was a deer. it was trapped at penn's landing near the chart house restaurant. they used a dog noose to get the deer on to the boat. it was shivering but okay. when it got to dry land, it ran off on its own. >> these ladies have gotten back on their feet and secured housing. the event was hosted to commemorate their achievement. this is the first comprehensive support program in philadelphia.
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it serves 650 families a year. proud night for those young ladies. i didn't mean to interrupt. >> okay. >> we have potentially wet weather coming in, in the morning. >> heavy downpours. another line in the morning tomorrow and clearing out tomorrow as well as we look at double scan to the western suburbs we go. you can see the line of very heavy rainfall getting one lightning strike in parts of eastern berks county, coatesville, downing town. the colors moving west to east 40 miles per hour along route 100 and as far as south of coatesville with downpours coming in. we have tropical humidity out there. the rain is heavy for a brief period of time.
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we had severe weather early on in the evening, montgomery county, berks county. the severe storm was pushing in. you can see the clear sky here. dark clouds, strong winds with it. you can see the rain falling from the clouds on the far right part of the screen. cool shot by ray. as you look at the heat index, 8 88, 11:00. 87 millville as well as wilmington. the atmosphere is fueled with heat and humidity as we approach a cold front to the north and west. tropical storm cindy to a tropical depression. now nothing more than a cold front. you can see everything is falling apart. things are not going to last long. late tonight, early tomorrow
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morning, 5:00 a.m., bulk of rain to philadelphia. 7:30 a.m., a small line. again, it will be intense briefly, gone off the coast by 10:30 tomorrow morning. lingering clouds and sun in the afternoon tomorrow. when that happens, with a westerly drying wind, we go back to the upper 80s tomorrow afternoon. humidity is lowering throughout the day. sunday, mostly sunny and 84-degrees. if you are down the shore, you may have to entertain the kids for a few hours. the sun will come out in the afternoon, 86. sunday, gorgeous, 82-degrees with low humidity. brief heavy rain tonight, tomorrow morning giving way to a great weekend. 90-degrees tomorrow afternoon. gorgeous sunday, 84.
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monday, tuesday, sun in the morning, clouds in the afternoon. the atmosphere is unstable with cooler than average temperatures, upper 70s to low 80s, isolated showers, cool humidity, 81 wednesday, and we heat it back up end of next week, right before the fourth of july weekend. thank you. have a good weekend. >> you too. >> some youngsters were usher today the 12th police district in southwest philadelphia and settled in for a showing of the movie "sing." the event is part of the cops and kids program fostering communities with law enforcement. life.
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>> have you seen the moves on zola? viral video from the zoo shows the 14-year-old gorilla having a grand old time splashing in a kiddie pool. someone added the music from the movie "flash dance." can we just watch this for five seconds? maybe in this case, it's splash dance. you can do the sports cast and i'll go home. >> a lot going on for the flyers and sixerses. busy night for the flyers.
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not only the second pick many the draft but they trade brayden schenn for two first rounders and a veteran. this is how their night starts. >> philadelphia selects nollan patrick. >> nollan patrick says it's an honor to go to the flyers second over all, the number one ranked skater in north america. he was limited last year in junior hockey because of injure i didn't say. flyers say they are not worried and he is now healthy. >> for me, it's two way centering to play against top guys. >> he thinks if you can get a centerman with size and skating ability, proto typical power for match up play, we are excited to have him.
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>> the flyers trade brayden schenn for a conditional first rounder next year and 27th over all pick tonight. they select morning frost. ron hextall says he has an elite hockey sense. >> markel fultz is so confident he tells "6abc" he feels sorry for the other teams that play when the sixers start winning. fans get their first look at fultz in the summer leak i leaga few weeks. >> the future is bright. that's all i can say. >> is that legitimate to be a playoff team next year? >> i'm serious when i say that. i think we can do that. >> you want them feeling like
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that. often times, you circle back. you have to own it. you have to practice like that. you have to be that. it's not just words. >> ben simmons and joel embiid are healthy and may not be on a minute restriction. >> if that could happen, that's amazing. to set our sights on that, being reality is ambitious. >> can't wait to see them run the floor. phillies trying to avoid a bad road on the road. (man) hmm. what do you think? ♪
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>> phillies hit the road to start a nine game trip in arizona. they could be without halle kendrick for a while.
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former temple star throwing out the first pitch along with josh jackson. you know who can throw? herrera. what a play at third protecting the 1-0 lead. right now phillies up 1-0 in the seventh. major league debut in the first ever start dealing right now. >> "jimmy kimmel live" live next on channel6 followed by "nightline." "action news" continues at 5:00 a.m. with gary hall. for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. have a great night.
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tonight jimmy has on diane keaton, music by phoenix. go dubs! ♪ warriors ♪ warriors >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, diane keaton, snoop dogg, lonzo and lavar ball, and music from phoenix. and now, put it this way, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome to the show. hi. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to you guys for coming.


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