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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 24, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EDT

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time for new viral videos on an all new show "right this minute." a helmet cam captures the evidence that -- >> people aren't paying attention on the road. >> how a motorcycle side mirror shows the drama unfold. >> oh! a safari lion takes a liking to a tire. >> it just took a bite into it. >> why there's a certain lady he wants to impress. >> he's like, baby, i'm going to get this doughnut for you. wedding guests are expecting a flower girl, but -- >> how about a flower man?
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>> the story behind the dude doing his duty. and we all know the gym rat doing -- >> the workout with the -- >> how some pranksters turned pain into gain. thank goodness good samaritans on the road like this guy in australia -- >> we got a broken down car. >> the rider of this motorcycle is going to pull over. don't worry. this rider is in okay shape. >> as a motorcyclist you want to stop people but you're so vulnerable. people aren't paying attention like you are. >> you are correct, nick. people aren't paying attention on the road. and someone is vulnerable. >> oh! [ bleep ]. >> holy cow. >> out of nowhere, suddenly there's a utility vehicle coming into frame on the right. now on the opposite lanes. >> that could have been me. >> i bet you that guy in the truck wasn't paying attention,
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didn't see the car stopped, crossed over the median. >> the guy's on the median because he doesn't want to get hit on the road. >> when i play it again, we will be able to see it in the rearview mirror of the motorcycle. >> oh, my gosh. >> wow. >> oh gosh. >> ooh. >> oh, wow. >> and you see the guy flying, crashing on the hood of the car before landing on the road up ahead. >> i like that the cars coming from the opposite direction saw what was happening and were able to evade hitting that man and running him over. >> the rider of the motorcycle gets off the bike and now goes straight to this guy who's on the ground writhing in pain. >> you all right, mate? ambulance. >> injuries while not life threatening were still pretty serious. he had multiple broken bones, a broken vertebra as well. it was just the perfect storm for this. now to the next video. you see a red car over here off in the distance waiting to make
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a left-hand turn. >> what are you doing? what are you doing? >> the cars collide. one of the cars goes off to the opposite lane and then you see the vehicle that tried to cross the lane. and its driver falling out of the door trying to get himself back up. it doesn't sound like there were severe injuries in this case. nevertheless, it was a very unfortunate situation. we all know canines like to chase cars. so do felines like this one. from jukin. >> ooh! >> they can't drive faster because it's got a little bit of an attachment happening right here. >> exactly, charity nap is a male lion in an autosafari in guatemala. the lion took an insane interest in that spare tire on the back of the four wheel drive and took a bite into it. and it's not letting go. >> that is insane that is lion's jaw would just deflate that
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tire. >> not letting go. >> look. he's got a lady with him. that's why. he's like, baby, i'm going to get this doughnut for you. >> well, the lady does come into frame and you see her following. >> you'd think he'd be tired by now. >> hate you. >> nobody saw that coming. finally he lets go and they drive out carefully. here's a picture of the damage done by said lion. >> only had a tire cover on there. this lion having its dinner. of course this dinner brought do you in the krueger national park in south africa. let's just say, this lion doesn't want anybody watching the meal. taken a couple of bites and then look at this sneer. >> he's just got something stuck in his teeth. >> you better hope it's not you stuck in his teeth after this happens. >> whoa! okay. i'm out. bye. >> oh. >> did you see that zero to 60 in a couple of seconds? >> that thing's quick. >> stops just short of the vehicle they're in and walks
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off. >> can we talk about that mane blowing in the wind though. i see you. >> that's the last thing you you'd do before he eats you. nice mane! this video got nethese peop in trouble. there were four people in there when they came upon this lion cub. this is in india. these men chased this lion cub for about 45 seconds. you could see they're not exactly going that slowly, but that lion finally runs out into the bushes, gets away. but those four men, arrested. authorities there never say how they found out who these men are who are taking the video but they seized the car and those four men were arrested for endangering the life of a lion cub. >> why would they the chase after it? what were they doing out there? >> they're still trying to figure out why these men were doing it. one person was allegedly heard to say hit it or run it over. but mercifully that didn't happen.
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in most weddings you have a ring bearer and a flower girl. but how about a flower man? >> i would own the heck out of if i got to be the flower dude. i. >> i could see you prancing down -- >> i'd be so flamboyant and have the best time. >> that's patrick and his cousin is the bride. he's friends with the groom. before they got married, he was like hey i want in. they let him do it. and he's owning it. and like most flower girls, this flower man is so meticulous about tossing his flowers about down the aisle. had to make his grand entrance. he said for the right price or airfare, he'd do it for any other couple too. >> me too. me too. >> we know. and it didn't end there. because here he is at the reception just throwing his flowers about. >> i have a feeling that patrick and i would be very good friends. >> i have a feeling that you and
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patrick would get on my nerves. let's move on over here where miss allison from mel borbor bourne is a flower girl in her granddaughter's wedding. look how sweet she is as she comes down the piaisle. her granddaughter said she was her something old. but in a sweet way, guys. >> i don't think grandma minded. >> i loved it. time to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. that's exactly what will is going to do. you can tell once he jumps out of the plane, instead of flying straight down, he seems to be flying straightforward. that's because he's equipped with a wing suit. not just one, got a few ideas. first one is coming up quick. >> hey, now. >> no.
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>> they went from a speck to -- as he shot by. but he's not done. not long after the fly by, he pops his own canopy then goes back to find them. >> he joins the formation? >> good instincts. he comes up underneath them. watch this. that person there loops the feet around. now it's like they're driving. >> wow. >> after disconnecting from this formation, not done. everyone starts breaking apart, but look. you guys are over there. i'll come play with you now. flies over to this formation. does exactly the same thing. >> refere >> think about the trust he's built up amongst these guys. >> there's a good reason everyone seems to be on board the same page here. it's all part of this thing that happened the other day. >> is that a dance? >> no. it's an event over a couple of days where it brings together
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jumpers from different places to learn from the best all under one roof. it's where all the enthusiasts and experts can come together and do stuff like that in the air. when you get down, then you pop open drinks and have a good time. >> oh, i'm going to join. >> you will? >> no. i'll be on the ground with wine. >> all of those together in one video, nice work, will. brianna is graduating next year. >> and her sister seized the opportunity to get harry styles tickets for her. >> but she's not the only one that doesn't know what's going on. >> what's one direction? >> the way you think. and he's back. >> he's on his way to the san andreas fault. >> see what he's about to put his tongue on this time. >> nasty. [ sighs ] hey, i was using that. what, you think we own stock in the electric company? i will turn this car around right now!
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there's nobody back there. i was becoming my father. [ clears throat ] it's...been an adjustment, but we're making it work. you know, makes it easy for us to get the right home insurance. [ snoring ] progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents, but we can protect your home and auto. [ chuckles ] all right.
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because unlike antihistamines nasacort stops more of what makes you miserable. on oasis. when we think of an oasis, we have an image of this small spot in the desert where you can finally cool off. in the coachella valley of california, this is what a real life oasis looks like. >> oh! >> oh, no. >> what could he possibly lick out there? >> recognize this guy. >> yes. >> the licking guy. he has made many appearances on the show. where he just walks out to some crazy place and sticks his tongue on stuff. it's been awhile since we've seen the licking guy. >> he's done it before. >> he has snuck into our studio. this day, he's on his way to the san andreas fault. >> he'll lick it, get excited. suddenly will start to quake. >> exactly. that's what i'm talking about. >> before he even gets a chance
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to -- the licking guy claims there was a tremor. the drama mounts. it's time to get the move on. he's got to get his fix and quick. >> it's just the anticipation. the fault knows he's there and it's like -- >> here he is getting closer and closer to his latest girlfriend, andreas, san andreas. it looks like he just got out of the cat box. >> so nasty. >> and just as he's done licking the crack, it tremors again. that's enough to send the licking guy retreating back down the path. but it's okay. got his fix yet again. there's nothing stopping the licking guy. >> did the fault have a cigarette after? >> i don't think so. but california, you may want to go to the clinic after this.
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listen up. nicole has a very important question for her sister brianna. >> do you have plans the day after graduation? >> breeianna is graduating next year. her sister seized the opportunity to get harry styles tickets for her. apparently the tickets are impossible to get, but -- >> the guy from one direction with the nice hair. >> what's one direction? >> you know what? don't worry about it. >> the way you think. >> harry styles, kind of a big deal. so when nicole thought they had added another concert, she immediately got the tickets. and this is the moment sissy here is going to find out she's going too. >> you got tickets! you got tickets! >> and she turns into this interesting creature. but, whoa, i think she's
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excited. >> that's the guy now making teenage girls dry? >> it's no longer you, nick. >> oh. >> she's crying, but those are tears of joy. the concert's actually happening the day after she graduates next year, so it will be a cool little way to celebrate. i don't have to tell y'all not to try this at home, but i'm going to tell y'all not to try this at home. this is all part of his youtube series in which he attempts to hop on a train. as it heads on the second stop, he hops on. >> this is how people lose legs. it happens all the time on trains. the giant wheels are, like, giant deli slicers. >> i can't believe how casual this has become. like, we lost perspective of how dangerous this really is. >> in the other episodes we've
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seen him hopping the train cars. this time he's underneath the train close to the rails. and it's interesting that he got away with it without the conductor or anyone else seeing anything. >> the thing is they always say -- most human beings are like we won't do that. you're doing this, you're putting all the videos up. all you're doing is providing evidence for the time you do eventually get caught. you know? it's such a crazy sort of motivation really. >> well, he did it. and he lived to showcase it on youtube. so here we have it. >> once again, don't try this at home. >> don't. susan is up to no good. >> susan, be careful. >> but it doesn't end there with this troublemaker. >> susan, be careful.
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mom's in the barn keeping a watchful eye. i love how he's running through the mud. you know what happens after the kids go out, they run, they play, they exercise. right here is where he's like, that looks good. >> and i'm done. >> and they cut the video to another angle. and here he comes. >> i love the way he's just prancing around. he's going to be cute for a little while and then he's going to be a tank. >> well, he's kind of already a tank because he's 205 pounds. that black goat with the stripes, that's susan. i think she thinks he's a race car. here she is having a good time. >> susan, what are you even doing? susan! >> these things are just like little wrecking crews. they're jumping all over everything. >> oh, watch. >> susan!
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this is an incredible back to the future moment. marty mcfly is not going to sthoe up, but it's bringing something from our past and future and putting them together in something absolutely incredible. i lost my mind when i saw this video. you see he's dressed in a certain way. he blows my mind. >> no. >> great. no way. >> basically programmed this hollow lens to be able to in augmented reality -- looks like he's in central park maybe in new york. you are now able to play fully the iconic first level of sup super mario brothers. i mean it in every way. if the starts walking, the level we know by heart so many of us is around him. he jumps spoo one of these blocks to get the bonuses. and everything is as you
2:32 am
remember. you can even get the big mushroom that makes you bigger. it makes the world smaller. so now you're the bigger man. >> what is interesting is this would be great exercise. >> i don't care about any of that. because look. you are now mario. you could experience it as mario. even the gaps in the ground. there's a huge gap. you can look down into it. feels like it's real. >> your level of excitement here is exactly why developers are going into this augmented reality action. because everybody is excited about this kind of technology developing further. this is the future of gaming. >> gets all the way to the end. you remember how it ends? >> the flag. i'm excited. i want to be him. >> you will be him. sometimes you just got to let it out. [ yelling ] >> see how others react to their big loud n looks good.
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>> it works with his hair. >> thanks, sketchy andy. some of the most fun moments on youtube are win people collaborate. so the people at this youtube channel collaborated with that guy. is that dawson from big dog tv? yeah. you know this is going to be funny. you're going to get in a workout first. [ yelling ] >> that's five pounds. >> the workout with the -- the big loud grunt. [ yelling ]
2:35 am
here he is doing lunges around the pool. [ yelling ] >> the reason this is funny is because every gym has one of these people. [ yelling ] >> let's face it, that's how we feel sometimes when we push ourselves. >> there is that thing. no pain, no gain. these guys are going for it. making very loud obnoxious noises. >> can't even hold it together. >> i need you, i need you, i need you. [ yelling ] >> sometimes it helps to get that primal scream going. [ yelling ] >> i'm very much one of those people who are quiet in the gym. >> pretty funny. time and time again, they make ridiculous noises. some people flatout ignore them. [ yelling ] some people get into it with them and some people get a laugh out of it.
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>> we're just joking, dude. just like screaming in the gym. thanks for watching, everybody. has more fun content. we'll see you the on the next brand new "rtm." e work ♪ ♪ this is the way we play, this is the way we love ♪ ♪ this is the way (groans) excuse me. excuse me. officers. sorry. (clears throat) beautiful evening. is it? move. wow. what? nothing. good. ♪ this is the way he works, this is the way she plays ♪ ♪ this is the way ahem. (mouths words) aisle five. you go long. i'll cut him off. right. (man and woman) ♪ he helps you dive real tight ♪ he helps you get rearranged
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do i have barf on me? you might want to wash your hair. (car door closes) i really thought drunk guys puking on me would be over after high school. mr. lee! easy, easy. he's having a rough night. oh, he's having a rough night. we've got the smell of booze and barf in the back of our squad car. frank's gonna kill us. just as long as he doesn't make us stay late to clean it up, 'cause i got leo in the morning, and i'm taking him for dim sum. don't talk about food right now. gail, when you are a mother, and god help that child, you are gonna realize a little puke is not such a big deal. (groaning and mumbling) all right. let's go. wakey, wakey. one foot in front of the other. let's go. you... there we go, here we go. you're gonna have a nice, long nap in a cell. okay, mr. lee? aren't you just the mother of the fricking year? that's it, then? nothing else in your pockets? that's all i got. so, watch, belt, 40 bucks. and 40 cents. and what's left of my dignity. you robbed a bank and pistol-whipped a manager.
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we don't care about your dignity, blue guy. or your freedom... braveheart. (door beeps) (traci) excuse us. excuse us, clear the way. oh! that's disgusting! (gail) oh, you don't like the smell of barf? we picked this guy up on yonge street. he was kicking cars and screaming at pedestrians. yeah, well, he shouldn't be here. should be at the hospital. we didn't know how messed up he was until we got him in the car. (coughing) whoa. whoa! oh, my god. oh, my god. get his head. get him on his side. he's on his side, sir. good. call an ambulance, peck. (groaning) (siren wailing in distance) dos cervezas. epstein. you off duty? uh, swapped out my shift. what, you got a big date? hey, you got a big date. nice. she's cute. she's, uh, e.t.f. a bomb tech. we met while she was talking me off a bomb. well, hey, good strategy, dating someone outside the division. that way, when it all goes to hell, you won't have to see her face every day. right. good talk.


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