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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  June 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> joe: hi. this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to offer the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including emily. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at >> emily: start saving to live independently today. at a massive tornado. and 911 lesson.
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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter perez. saturday night, walter's off i'm sharrie williams. in the news standoff underway in the lehigh valley after reports of shots fired at police. and a sexual assault, and murder of woman in her 30's outside a philadelphia high school. but the big story on "action news" is picking up pieces in the wake of violent early morning storms. how long wind, trees down, power outages and some very close calls with mother nature are on the mind of thousands of residents tonight in the delaware valley. and the buzz of chain saws, filled the streets of communities across the area. no where seems to be worse off then collinswood camden county
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numerous streets that have been growing there for decade, pulled up today. thinks how that backyard looked from overhead. chopper six spotted residents using axes to start the long clean up process. surveillance cameras in new castle delaware captured wild video of the storm blowing through. it ripped to shred the fence of cpg towing just along the 2,000 block of new castle avenue. in the aftermath of that wood and metal fencing pulled out of the ground, some sections ended up in the overhead lines meanwhile, the rite aide next door from the toe yard had its air conditioning unit blown off of the roof. browns mills, burlington county got pummeled. is there damage across the town. but one of the most dramatic scenes was along this road near broadway where fierce wind tore down a row of utility poles. national weather service investigators tell "action news" that most of the damage, they have seen, has been caused by straight line wind. but they are looking into the
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possibility of a tornado nearby in pemberton township. an "action news" viewer snapped this photo of an apparent funnel cloud not too far from fort dix. well, if you woke up late you may have never had known that severe weather had struck as we look live now on sky 6hd tonight, as a picture perfect summer day with sunny skies, and falling humidity. but, here's how it looks from sky six this morning, dark, ominous cloud looming over the philadelphia sky line at 6:15, and then torrential downpours sweeping across the city, until our camera, is completely obscured by rain. meteorologist melissa magee standing by now, with word -- >> my ear piece is not work. >> but first we will go to "action news" bob brooks if you can hear news collinswood new jersey who has the war of the storm, bob. >> reporter: well, sharrie lets start with the most important piece of information , that is no reports of any injuries, and again we are so rubbing i for that. there is damage all over the
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town, case in point, just behind me here. you can see this massive tree fallen thon nice couple's home i smoke with them. they have a long road to recovery, for their home and for their cars but they are so grateful no one was hurt. much of collinswood looks like this today, crews busy cleaning up from a storm that blew through town this morning it didn't last long but it was powerful, and it was destructive. >> we thought it was a tornado but there was just, there was just so loud, and so violent. >> the wind and debris was just flying every where, and we ran down the basement, and within second it was done. >> reporter: their home on stokes avenue is badly damaged now, a tree is on top of it. their cars also possibly totaled. >> i loved that tree. that was my favorite tree. would i take a picture of it every season. i'm actually grieving to lose a tree. that is so sad but i'm happy that we're all okay. >> reporter: many streets in
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town block off too many trees down. tracie willy had one fall on her home. >> it sounded like a train coming through. >> reporter: you heard the train. >> yes, the wind, it was so loud. i didn't hear any branches. the house shook. >> reporter: down the street big tucker had branches fall, his new red mustang. >> the one branch was across here, and then the other branch was across here. i bet you 10,000 at lee, between the body and the roof, got to be done. >> reporter: certainly will take a while to clean things up here and for damaged homes and properties to be repaired. but despite parts of the homes , cars, and fences, all being crushed, officials say no one was hurt. >> nobody got hurt, as far as we know. >> reporter: you have to be careful while the clean up process gets underway. >> big branches hacking off of trees, they call widow makers for a reason. they don't want, you cannot be near them. they can still go at every moment. in this part of the time they can do severe damage.
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>> reporter: another live look at some of the immense damage here. we saw through video all over collinswood, what it looks like here, again, so fortunate that there were no injuries, here. "action news"'s trish hartman was also here earlier this morning when the storm first hit, and this is what she saw, let's take a look. >> take a look at this enormous tree and marry marker 's backyard. wind were so powerful it up rooted a tree taking part of the garden witt. it sent the tree, crashing in the back of the home and damaging their back porch and crushing their deck. >> i have heard this big boom, and then my husband who was already up just yelled get downstairs and we ran downstairs and we immediately saw the tree, through the windows, there wasn't a tree before. >> reporter: collinswood officials say quick moving storm hit hard in small pockets of the boro. neighbors say it is a morning they won't soon forget. >> i thought to myself i think this is a tornado but i don't
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know. my son sleeps in the attic bedroom. i jumped out of the bed and called for him to get downstairs because i thought tree might hit the host are house. >> my windows were fogging. all you could see was just leaves, and the rain, and then i heard a loud bang which could have been one of any number of trees down or a street. >> reporter: reporting from collinswood, new jersey, trish hartman channel six "action news". look at this video from howell, new jersey, in monmouth county. witnesses had their cell phones out as a funnel cloud game down on the parking lot of the home depot on route nine. >> this is tornado, guys, we're going inn side. >> there were no reports of any injuries but the storm, caused outdoor planted plants in the parking lot. national weather service will determine if it was, indeed a twister. well, it has been quite a day for weather watchers and we have left overs of tropical
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storm sinned toy thank for it all. meteorologist melissa magee joining us now with the details on how the rest of the forecast is shaping um. >> hi there medical list. hi, sharrie a weise look at storm tracker six double scan radar 3-d thinks line we were tracking earlier this morning that did trigger tornado warnings for burlington, camden, mercer county. the national weather service has confirmed, not a tornado but a micro burst for browns mills, and burlington county. so we'ree sectionally dealing with straight line wind and talking about, micro burst, it was issued, around 7:05 this morning. max sustain wind at 75 miles an hour and the path length was this micro burst was 1.18 miles. so it had debris that is moving in the same direction and then we get that rush of wind in the end that spawned that debris outward. difference with the tornado that is debris is moving in every which direction. dew points are certainly coming down, in the wake of the cold front we had earlier today.
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earlier we had dew point numbers in the 70's. right now dew points are in the 50's. if you are stepping oath side on the town it is nice and comfortable with lower humidity. temperatures for the most part will be in the 70's and 80's. we will take a closer look with the full and exclusive accu weather forecast. >> all right, melissa, thank you. flash flooding overwhelmed streets in montgomery county, like here in upper moreland where the water was up to the guardrails at pioneer and byberry road. police officer spoke with the driver, stranded in the street , that had turned into a creek. other drivers and pickup trucks, splashed their way, through the high waters, at philmont and red lion in huntington valley. that is when a van, a driver was trying to get in the parking lot a van as well. well, is there still much more to come tonight on "action news", hunt for a killer. police describe details of sexual violence and murder, a woman, slain outside a philadelphia high school, the latest, is coming up. and they have gone to the end of the road and now this section of the broad street gets renamed after
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philadelphia's iconic group, boys two men. meteorologist melissa magee returns with a beautiful outlook from accu weather. plus jeff skversky has new details on the flyers and sixers draft picks when "action news" continues. shocking a quiet community. residents urged to stay behind locked doors for their own safety. pass pass pass pass my belly pain and constipation?
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on board and another person rushed to the hospital from that scene. the f-16 thunderbird accident at an ohio airport, flipping over on the runway, trapping the pilot and his crew member. >> unaudible. >> that is radio call from an officer in pursuit in lehigh county around 12:00 o'clock this afternoon. a situation that started asiana tempted traffic stop has turned into a standoff in upper saucon. police say a man and woman who were in a kia are now
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barricaded inside a home on li n port pike. police say at one point during the pursuit the suspect fired guns at the officer, people in the area being asked to stay inside of their homes and to lock their doors and windows until further notice. investigation is underway into what one official calls a savage murder after a woman's body was discovered overnight on the ground of dobbins high school in north philadelphia. police say that the 34 year-old victim was repeatedly stabbed, beaten over several parts of her body, and left only partially clothed. an official says that there may have been a struggle but it was brutal. >> her condition shows an awful experience that she must have gone through, somebody really wanted to make sure that she suffered and that she was killed. >> the woman's body was discovered overnight by someone out walking their dog. pope lease identified her
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based on personal items they found near her body, however, they have not yet released her name. philadelphia homicide detectives also have another murder mystery on their hand tonight. a 49 year-old man was shot once in the stomach in the middle of harold gate park in the kensington section. that is at tioga and kensington avenue this happened around 1:20 this morning. there is still no word what spark the fatal shooting. and camden county police are also looking into deadly gunfire, at east camden, late last night. a man was struck several times , in the intersection of the vitamin and river road at 11:40. the authorities have not revealed victim's identity or a motive for this killing. motorcycle rider is code after his bike collided with a car, this afternoon in newark, delaware. woman driving the cartels police she was trying to make a left from old baltimore pike , on to audi drive when the crash occurred. the biker was pronounced dead there at the scene. well, it is an incident
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that remains a controversial part of the philadelphia's modern history but today the move bombing is getting a place in the cities history nonetheless. historical marker was unveiled during a ceremony this afternoon on osage avenue and cobbs creek parkway where the move accident community lived until they with neighbors were bombed in 1985. the marker is as a result of two years worth of work, by students, at the jubilee school. well, a big honor today for philadelphia's native son and rbi icons boys two men. a part of broad street has been renamed in their honor. section between christian and carpenter street is now known as, what else, boys two men boulevard. nate, michael, sean and juane were on hand for the big unveiling. part of the street is home to philadelphia's high school for creative and performing arts where all four members of that group attended school.
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>> is it here? >> no, sir. >> reporter: but shortly after well, jeff skversky is here with sports and talk about a shake up for the flyers. >> yes, brayden schenn is gone flyers say they were not shopping him, this came out of no where with this trade with st. louis. flyers struggled to score so why trade brayden schenn last night. second leading goal scorer, even schenn is surprised but flyers say they have way too many centers and they like first rounders they got in return, so the flyers rebuilding. >> well, no, no. we're getting younger. yeah, we're rebuilding, absolutely not. we have young players. at some point here we have to open up an opportunity for them to play. >> but i'll tell you this... >> hextall makes another trade to move up in the second round trading three draft picks to arizona for 31st and they take
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isaac rat cliff with a giant, 6-foot six, hockey scout, rat cliff had a first round grade. so, he is expected to be a fourth with the flyers one day and he is excited. >> i have been around a few guys in the organization, trav i can konecny who i have known for a while and other guys hoff gone through the same, process and even being in that city as well, going to and growing up and visiting that city a little bit as well. so, being in this organization , being in this city, it will be awesome for my future. >> here's the flyers, future, their draft board today they fishing up a russian goalie in the third round. hextall says that finding a veteran now to go with michal neuvirth is now the priority, and by the way, steve mason is still, in the mix. how about this the flyers trade their seventh round pick to montreal who ironically used that to select the son of the former flyers captain keith primeau. kay den primeau a goal friday
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voorhees, new jersey, goes to the canadiens in the seventh round. keith says he is an emotional wreck today. >> no audio. >> that is not keith primeau that is complete darkness. all right. moving on to baseball, wins have been hard to come by so can you blame the phillies for the way that they reacted when rookie mark leiter, junior won his first career start last night. phillies attacked lighter with quacamole, mayonnaise, and ketchup. um. mark leiter, senior on hand watching his son first career win on hand in arizona where he never won. he allowed only three hits, no runs in six innings. he says it is something he will never forget. dad wants to make sure he does not forget getting a picture on his iphone. tommy joseph with a ball wide open, and, grew up in the phoenix area, hits it in the hang out and watch games as a kid. phillies won their second straight. they open three in a row, tonight, show time tonight.
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well, how about the carpenter cup. title game at citizens bank park between jersey shore and delaware north. jersey shore comes up, with some bic hits in the high school baseball tournament, jersey shore wins seven-two, it is their second title in four years. so, what union team will show up tonight, jekyl and hide, union started off win less, they won a team record four straight and then, they are back down in the dump again. union will try toned their three game losing streak tonight against d.c. united. watch the match right here on six abc at the top of the hour and then after the game there will be fire works on our air, if you want to watch some pre july 4th fire works. >> yes, why not. >> early start. >> hopefully fire works on the field. >> that goodies too. >> jeff, thank you. it was a great day to day a stroll and enjoy work of talented artists. twenty-eighth annual manayunk arts festival, returned to main street, and the festival features some 300 local and nationally known artists and
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crafters. if you missed to it day no worries the festival will be back tomorrow at 11:00 to 6:00
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taltz may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. well, melissa's back now. we will talking about this morning. it is beautiful now. >> we are seeing showers and storms earlier this morning, and then blue skies coming out for the rest of today. >> and lower humidity too, sharrie. we will show you is what going one storm tracker six live double scan radar. it is dry. no issues with precipitation. nothing like line of severe weather that we had that moved
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through earlier today. in fact, national weather service has confirmed a micro burst, in browns mills, that is in burlington county. so it was not a tornado but a micro burst. the difference between a micro burst and tornado when dealing with the burst you are essentially dealing with straight line wind and debris blown in one direction and then we will get micro burst that push of wind at the end, and it spawns out that debris. a tornado is when we have twisting in the atmosphere, rotation with those wind and debris is pretty much every which direction. so that was reported around 7:05 this morning as that line moved on through. right now in the wake of that, looking good, in philadelphia, 86 degrees. dew points in the 50's. humidity nice and low as well, lowering to the south and east millville 85. cape may 82. dover at 84. here's satellite six with action radar and we look closely there that is line of moisture that moved through today so we are starting to clear out and partly sunny skies, a few little spotty showers off to our north and west. these could move through to
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the north of the city, later tonight but all and all mostly clear with low humidity across the region. cool in the suburbs, we will jump down to 60 there. 68 degrees in philadelphia for overnight low. for second half of the weekend looking nice, mostly sunny, beautiful, a high temperature coming in at 84 degrees, plenty of warmth to enjoy with the westerly win. we will continue to dry out the atmosphere. if you are traveling to the shore, tomorrow, nice day, sunshine, cloud, sharing the sky with high temperature at 82. the ocean temperature will be in the lower 60's. up in the poconos tomorrow nice mixture of sunshine, cloud, bright, comfortable, lower humidity and high of 72. here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, no issues tomorrow, sunny, humidity, nice finish to the weekend. high of 84 degrees. sunshine, cloud on monday, high of 81. there could be an instability shower monday afternoon, mainly north of philadelphia, same thing holds true on tuesday, thinks cool for cool june standard high of 77.
6:27 pm
humidity stays low on wednesday, high up to 81 degrees, and then on thursday, it is sunny, getting hotter, up to 90 for a high. hot on friday and more humid in at 93. next saturday, humid with a thunderstorm possible and a high temperature at 91. we are rocking and rolling this morning but that humidity is clearing on out and blue skies for the rest of this evening, sharrie. >> it looks great. >> yeah. >> melissa, thank you. the city of havertown hosted its first irish festival, the celebration of all things irish was organized by kelly music for life. day long festival is, greeted with plenty of shopping, food, traditional and modern irish music and cute kid dancing as well. world news saturday is next here on channel six. don't miss "action news" at 10 on phl17 tonight. then we are back here again on six abc at 11:00. for melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter perez, i'm sharrie williams. we will see you again tonight
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tonight, president trump turning up the heat on his own party to replace obamacare. can they get the votes? plus, what president trump is now saying about russia's meddling in the u.s. election. buried alive. the deadly landslide, swallowing an entire village. destroying more than 40 homes. government hack. the cyber strike on british parliament, leading to an e-mail shutdown. are they now selling pass words? breaking news. armed standoff. suspects taking over a home after shooting at police. residents told to stay safe behind locked doors. nowhere to run. the customers trapped in a store, coming face-to-face with a massive tornado. and 911 lesson.


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