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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 26, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, decisions and deadlines in the nation's capital. will the supreme court act on the president's travel ban? and a self-imposed deadline is looming for republican senators trying to reach a health care deal. we're live in washington. breaking right now, wildfires are spreading in several western states. crews are trying desperately to save threatened homes. hear why the weather is making things worse. a midair square for travelers struck on a plane that was shaking like a washing machine. the pilot even asking them to pray. what the airline said overnight. hear the stunning claim. john mcenroe is making a claim about serena williams. we do say good morning on
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this monday and start in washington, d.c. where we're tracking developments on several fronts. >> first in the senate a vote is looming this week on the plan to repeal and replace obamacare. meanwhile, it's the last day of the supreme court session which means we could get a decision on president trump's controversial travel ban. >> so all of this adds up to a busy day for emily who is covering it all for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is quite the uphill battle for the senate health care bill. every moment counts for the gop senators trying to push it through. a catalyst for heated town halls and rallies over the weekend. >> get your conscience in order. >> reporter: impassioned debate on sunday morning tv, the fight over our nation's health care system is heating up. >> this legislation will cause devastating pain to millions of american families. >> reporter: potential cuts to
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medicaid a key holdup for many but the implications of the senate's 142-page bill are different depending who you ask. >> you keep calling them cuts. we don't see them as cuts. >> i respectfully disagree with her analysis. it's hard for me to see the bill passing this week. >> reporter: with democrats unified in opposition republicans can only afford two no votes. five gop senators now saying they do not support the bill in its current form. five more have big concerns. kentucky senator and physician rand paul does not support it. >> there is no way the republican bill brings down premiums. >> the plan in its entirety will bring premiums down. >> reporter: the congressional budget office could put out a score outlining how many may lose coverage as early as today and president trump telling fox news he's still hopeful. >> i think we'll get there. >> reporter: if mitch mcconnell has his way there will be a vote on this bill by the end of the
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week before the senate breaks for the fourth of july holiday. >> many will watch. also today is the final day of the supreme court's term so what are we looking for on that front, emily. >> reporter: two big things, the president's travel ban and possibly high court retirement. the justices are expected to issue a decision on whether to allow the trump administration to start enforcing that 90-day ban on visitors from six mostly muslim countries and then there are the rumors that justice anthony kennedy might announce his retirement today. if he does, that would pave the way for conservatives to take firm control of the court. diane. >> all right, emily rau from washington. thanks. sergey kislyak served as russia's top diplomat for ten years facing scrutiny into the alleged interference in the
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presidential election as well as meeting with trump administration officials including jared kushner. breaking overnight firefighters are battling intense wildfires across the west. there are close to two dozen wildfires in seven states near record temperatures aren't actually helping. a fire north of los angeles and santa clarita grew quickly after it was started by a car accident and destroyed one storage building on a movie studio back lot and a fire north of phoenix consumed about 1,000 acres. 30 homes evacuated there. the largest fire in the u.s. right now, though, is in utah covering a huge area. 67 square miles and is only 10% contained. hundreds of people have been evacuated. my cabinet did start on fire because we thought it was good. because the smoke had cleared and we didn't see much flame at all and didn't realize it was inside. >> came for these and photographs and got the back of my truck filled so i'm grateful
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i got them. >> can understand that. it's called the brian head fire, the one in utah. it was started by a campfire that wasn't properly extinguished. now for a look at your weather forecast. more extreme heat expected today in the west with high temperatures in the triple digits in arizona, parts of southern california and las vegas. there's no rain in sight for this area. although temperatures are expected to slowly decrease over the next week. the heat is being blamed for at least four deaths recently including two toddlers. one found dead inside his father's car in houston. another an elderly woman with alzheimer's. she wandered away from her nursing home and then died within 20 minutes. the company that made millions of exploding automobile air bags calling is its quits. takata has filed for bankruptcy in japan and here in the u.s.
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it plans to sell off its operations to a competitor. this by the way is the biggest corporate failure in japan since world war ii. more than a dozen deaths worldwide are blamed on the air bags. the problem forced the largest recall ever in u.s. history. 42 million vehicles. the dangerous bags are slowly being replaced. a group proclaiming support for isis claimed responsibility for hacking into john kasich's website. the group left a message warning americans that, quote, radical islam infiltrating the heartland and declaring a love for isis. the same hackers claimed responsibility for hacking government websites in other states as well. this morning crews are searching for dozens of people missing after a ferry sank in colombia. dramatic images of the boat are circulating on social media. at least nine died so far. not clear what caused it to sink. survivors say it was overcrowded with at least 170 passengers often board.
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none of those who were there were wearing life vets. here at home gay pride events attracted people toties like new york, chicago and san francisco this weekend. >> this year many marches and paraded turned sharply political with many participants taking aim on president trump and in several cities black lives matter activists crashed parades, even temporarily halts festivi festivities. on new york first on broadcast tv on wabc. facebook is doing something it's never done before. that agonizing wait on board of a crippled plane. not some not so reassuring words from the cockpit telling people to pray. a young girl dangled from an amusement park ride then falls but here's why people told her to let go.
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spacex has successfully completed a weekend doubleheader. two successful rocket landings. one was in florida. the other in the middle of the pacific ocean. a sign that spacex may be able to accomplish its goal of more frequent launches and landings for that matter. to asia. an airbus a 30 started shaking so much the pilot turned around and went back to australia. >> it happened about an hour and a half in the flight no malaysia. it was like riding a washing machine. the pilot said there was a problem with one of the engines then told the passengers to get in the brace position for a hard landing. and pray. >> and also please, listen to
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everything. our survival depends on your cooperating. hopefully everything will turn out for the best. >> air asia says it hasn't found a problem with the engine but passengers say they definitely heard something. >> suddenly we heard like a bang noise and everything started shaking. >> it was like a small explosion almost from the left wing and the plane just shorted shuddering a lot and you could just tell by the cabin crew's reaction it was really bad. >> the airbus landed safely when it returned to perth. the passenger as mrauded and some even shook the pilot's hand. back in this country a flight made an emergency landing because of one of its passengers who tried to open the emergency exit midair. the southwest flight was on its way from los angeles to houston an off-duty cop tackled the passenger and it was forced to land and she was removed.
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an arkansas inmate is back in bars after escaping 32 years ago steven dishman was serving seven years for burglary and theft when he et cetera caped back in 1985 taken into custody at a home in springdale after more than three decades on the run and police got a tip about his location. he is now 60 and will have to complete his original sentence and may face additional jail time. facebook is ready to get into the television business said to be in talks about producing scripted shows with launching original programming by late summer. pretty soon. "the wall street journal" reports facebook would be willing to commit to production budgets as high as $3 billion per episode so competitive. stay tuned. when we come back majoritien spieth does it again. see how he claimed his latest tournament win. throwback night at the b.e.t. awards. if it isn't love i don't know
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there's a store in every neighborhood. find yours at idaho's largest sequoia tree is setting into a new home uprooted from its home to make room for a hospital expansion. the hospital paid to move that 800,000 pound tree sent to boise as a seedling more than a century ago. >> they moved it so quickly. it's merchandise. now for a look at our morning road conditions. drivers will find wet roads along the southeast coast and drivers should also watch out for slippery roads and possibly some flooding in texas and new mexico. if you're flying airport delays are most likely in miami. a teenage girl escaped serious injury after falling from an amusement park ride. >> abc's adrienne bankert has
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all the heart-stopping details. >> reporter: a day of fun turns terrifying. watch as this 14-year-old girl dangles more than two stories above ground happening from the sky ride gondola. panic onlookers assembled to break her fall. >> her neck is stuck. >> here's the heart-stopping scene from a different angal. >> oh, my gosh. >> the crowd tells the scene to just let go. >> they'll catch you. they'll catch you. go ahead. >> that's what she does. watch as she falls through tree branchs into the arms of good samaritans below. matthew howard and his daughter among those who rushed to the rescue. >> i was looking at her the whole time. just let go. i promise you i'll catch you. >> reporter: the teen was air-lifted to a local hospital. adrienne bankert, abc news, new york. >> an american tourist is fighting for his life after he was shot while on vacation in the caribbean.
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kevin newman is now in a medically induced coma. he was shot and robbed in turks and caicos while there with his wife and son. one of the bullets damaged his liver, a kidney and several arteries. police have not yet made arrests. a teenage girl from north carolina who has been missing for more than a year has been found alive at a home in georgia. a 31-year-old man has been taken into custody. the 17-year-old haley burns her name now reunited with her family thanks to a tipster who her parents say helped track her down. it's still not clear whether she was taken or left home on her own. tennis legend john mcenroe fired a volley at serena williams. >> innant interview he says serena is the greatest woman's player in history, but he feels, quote, if she played the men's circuit she would be like number 700 in the world. well, a few years ago williams said she would lose in straight sets if she played men's star
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andy murray because the men are faster. >> oh, no, he didn't. well, tiger woods won't be attending a pro golf event which he usually hosts in the washington, d.c. area this week. his publicist said he won't be there because of his ongoing treatment. >> the proceeds go to his foundation. he's usually there all of the week to do press and it's something that d.c. folks look forward to but sad he won't be able to. now for some people actually playing golf. >> the highlights from espn. >> good morning, america. as we show you what happened at the pga tour 73rd tour, daniel burger, majoritien spieth, he says end of the playoff. holes out from the bunker then threw his club, not sporting. his caddie through the rake. certainly against all etiquette
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rules. when you win your tenth and did it in sudden death you can make a mess. high fives. happiness and jordan spieth champ at the travelers. this guy is a rookie. cody bellinger. 21, homer, 23 on the year. he gets another chance and does it again, 24. l.a. won ten straight game, 16 out of 17. threw a whole bunch of fastballs and pitches. don't have time for that. bellinger is second in the majors for home runs. aaron judge of the yankees. >> he hit two more of those but five runs scored by past balls for the dodgers, the most since 1920. i wasn't here for that but bonds was and told me it was true in all the white house briefings off camera. enjoy the news. >> thanks for reminding us at 1:30, sean spicer. there was plenty of old school flavor at sunday night's b.e.t. awards. members of new edition, on hand
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to accept a lifetime achievement award. taking us back on this monday. it was like tvt. the popular '90s group xscape took the stage. >> reuniting after 18 years and other favorites, mary j. blige and maxwell, debarge paid a tribute. >> it was great. bruno mars opened. beautiful performances. up next in "the pulse," today's big harry potter anniversary. 20 years since we met the boy wizard. >> i feel old. the young youtube star who's been so successful with slime she just bought a six bedroom home.
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anniversary that might leave you feeling a little old. >> harry potter turns 20 years old today. it's been exactly two decades since harry potter we first met him, he brought his imaginations to millions of fans with the release of "harry potter and the sourcer's stone." >> facebook is celebrating. if you magic or comment on harry's name or any of, out pops a magical wand. >> those homemade slime videos featured on youtube apparently big business. one of the top stars karina garcia has nearly 6 million subscribers. >> 23 years old but he can earn up to $200,000 a month from sponsorship deals. bit so good she recently purchased a six-bedroom home and able to support her parents and siblings. >> she got started in the business after discovering there weren't enough recipes for making slime.
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>> good morning i'm tamala edwards, breaking this morning a deadly ambush takes place on a philadelphia street. it happens in front of the victim's girlfriend. it's a busy week ahead for senate republicans as they continue to rehaul the nation's healthcare system. we have a crowd telling a little girl to drop down saving the girl as she falls from an aamusement park ride. sunny skies stay with us for part of the workweek. "action news" is up next. south california. really interesting story because chris lawrence is proudly wearing a new uniform
4:28 am
but the injury that he suffered overseas nearly cost him that chance. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: a new beginning. but this moment this dream is also the end of a long journey for chris lawrence. >> being a dad, being a marine and now being a chula vista police officer the greatest of my life. >> reporter: at 20 he decided to join the marines but while serving in iraq he was hurt in an ied explosion. his lower right leg amputated. had is life forever changed. determined learned to walk again, learned to run and even learned to box. the former marine pushing forward with a new dream to be a police officer. >> i felt like he was the most able bodied person i ever met because it's what inside defines him so he's been challenged in his life and he's taken that and risen to the highest level so i just think he's inspiring. >> reporter: lawrence thankful for the opportunity to his
4:29 am
fellow vet who is inspired him. hopeful he can give back. >> no doesn't have to be the answer. keep putting in effort. make a plan and you can achieve your goal as and i figured out how i would do it. >> reporter: eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> he originally tried to be a member of the orange county sheriff's department but that didn't work out because they said with his injury he couldn't serve on that department. he found his way anyway, though. >> yes, he did. >> determination seems to be a common thread in his life. >> he will be very busy in that area. chula vista is a very diverse community but it has its issues but it's coming back and i'm sure they'll look at him and welcome him especially knowing his story. >> oh, yeah, he said officers have had a positive influence on him growing up and looking forward to having that same influence on the citizen sfwlsz good luck to him. the empire state building was aglow in the rainbow colors because of pride celebrations over the weekend. >> happy pride is >>
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>> good morning it is monday, june 26, matt o'donnell is off, jeanette reyes is joining us, we're following breaking news. a driver takes aim at a philadelphia police officer narrowly missing a police officer and taking off. and the republican senate healthcare bill is hitting road blocks as lawmakers push for a vote this week. we'll get to that in a moment, yesterday was a beautiful day, hopefully david murphy says we can have more of that and karen rogers is watching the


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