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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  June 26, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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mentioned makes allowances for foreign nationals with family connections in the u.s., students already admitted to schools in the u.s. and workers with existing job offers but apart from that this temporary ban makes few exceptions. university of pennsylvania constitutional law professor says any way you slice it this is a victory for the trump administration. >> the streak agreed to hear the case which is a good thing from the administration's perspective. otherwise the blocks on the travel order would have stayed in place. the version of the travel ban that will remain in place until the supreme court reconvenes in there fall is less strict than president trump's original measure. it still bans people from six muslim majority countries from entering the u.s. but it makes exceptions for people with "any bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the united states." but professor roosevelt says even that introduces a new set of legal questions. >> what is a substantial enough connection. was this created joust let
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someone come into the u.s. which the court said wouldn't be allowed and they have set up some difficult line drawing problems. >> reporter: we speak with imam salaam who says his concern is even the perception that the supreme court would allow heel people from a specific faith to be kept from entering the u.s. >> this is my country. and i hate to hear the supreme court make the decision that they made because they should have said there's no >> and so many apart from the exceptions anyone from iran libya somalia syria sudan and all refugees are subject to the ban. the supreme court will hear the case in october after it reconvenes. reporting live from north philadelphia, walter perez channel6 "action news." sharrie. >> oh, walter, thank you. our coverage after speak's decision continues on there you will find more details on the ruling and video of president trump discussing the travel ban.
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>> philadelphia police officers were nearly mowed down by a hit-and-run driver. the officers were working a crime scene in juniata park when a black car came barreling toward them. they jumped out of the way just in time the car hit a number of police bicycles which then laid damaged on the ground and then took off from the scene of erie avenue and i street. this happened about 2:30 in the morning. the driver is still on the run this afternoon and you're asked to contact police if you know anything about this crime. >> philadelphia deputy police commissioner joe sullivan was on the stand today as a witness in the corruption trial against seth williams. sullivan testified that williams asked him to help get a friend through airport security quicker. the deputy commissioner said williams and his friend made the request again during a lunch at the union league which sullivan says left him feeling uncomfortable. sullivan says he then stayed away from the situation at the advice of the fbi and told williams to do the same. "action news" reporter vernon odom has been in court all day
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and will have the very latest coming up on "action news" at 6:00. >> investigators are looking for the person who brutally murdered a woman in north philadelphia. she was found stabbed to death in a park near dobbins high school this weekend. right now it's not known if she was targeted or the victim of a random attack. john rawlins live at the scene. john you've just got an update from police on this. >> reporter: that's right, we heard from the head of the homicide unit here. he said the victim had been with friends in kensington and somerset about an hour before the attack. then she and another friend took a bus here. they parted ways. then on video they can see the victim actually entering the park area behind me here. they say that is a normal way she would have gone home to a boarding house where she was staying. >> this time she encountered an individual or individuals who knocked her to the ground brutally beat her and stabbed her multiple times. we're asking for the public's help. if anyone has any information. >> reporter: it was about 2:30 a.m. saturday.
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police say the victim 31-year-old debra gull liver got off a bus at 21st and lehigh and can be seen on video entering this park adjacent to dobbins high school. balloons have been placed near where someone stabbed her 15 times with such force the knife blade broke from its handle. police can't say yet if she was sexually assaulted. >> we don't know. her pants were partially pulled down. we're still waiting for the medical examiner's report. we should be getting that sometime today or early tomorrow and then i can answer that question. >> reporter: three people called 911 saturday morning. two left before talking to police. >> we need to talk to them so if they see this, we need them to reach out to us and come in. they were in the park during the time probably of the murder or shortly thereafter. >> reporter: this photo posted today part of an effort to reportedly raise money for gull liver's funeral. a caption from a kevin gull level indicates his sister loved eatingd into being at the beach and rescuing strahle
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cats. the ferocious attack has some neighbors who live near the park on edge. >> my main concern is catch this guy, you know, so he don't do it to somebody else's child. you don't know if this guy sitting next to you or he's in church sitting next to you. this was a crazy killing. >> reporter: again police saying it's too earl to tell if this was a targeted or a random attack. they are not certain if there was one assailant or multiple assailants at this point in time and there is a $20,000 reward connected to the solving of this crime. live in north philadelphia john rawlins channel6 "action news." back to you. >> john thank you. and now to the accuweather forecast as we get the work week under way with beautiful blue skies and pretty much perfect temperatures. >> yeah, it's great outdoors. let's go outside to meteorologist adam joseph with more on the forecast today. hey, adam. >> we all like summer and sometimes that heat and humidity but a break is nice every now and then and that's what we're getting here to start the new work week as we look at the numbers. in philadelphia you're sitting
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at 80 degrees, 84 in washington, 81 in richmond. so, no 90's, no high humidity. pittsburgh syracuse right now only sitting at 70 degrees t satellite and radar we've got the sunshine right now but you can see the clouds bubbling up to our west and to our north and even some showers. there's a little spin in the atmosphere over the great lakes. that's going to be rotating through here tomorrow to bring us some scattered downpours and some thunderstorms. but until then, enjoy this evening. it is a beauty here for the end of june. 77 at 7 o'clock. 7:39 o'clock tonight. by 11 o'clock, with partly cloudy skies our temperatures already at 70 and we're dropping to 62 degrees in philadelphia and 50's for the suburbs and sharrie, when i come back with that four day at 4:00 forecast we'll take a look at those temperatures that will be on the rise once again once we get past tuesday. 90's on the board and pretty close to a heat wave. we'll have all those numbers coming up in that full accuweather forecast. >> cool and then a warmup. >> yes.
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>> adam we'll see you in a bit. three homes are destroyed or damaged from yesterday's massive fire at the jersey shore. the cape may county fire marshal's office is still working to determine if the cause of the fire in wildwood crest. fortunately no one was hurt but the video here tells the story. two of the homes on park boulevard will have to be knocked down. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic talked with some of the neighbors today. she'll have full report coming up at 5:00. well, a fire also tour through multiple homes in chester overnight. it broke out around 1:30 this morning along the 1000 block of harrison street. the action cam was on scene as firefighters worked put out any hot spots. the fire started in one unit but spread to the homes on each side of it. no one was injured. the red cross is now helping a number of people who have been displaced. time for a first check of the "action news" traffic report on a monday afternoon. >> let's go live to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center today. hey, matt. >> getting ourselves set up for a pretty normal weekday rush brian and sharrie. looking live here in west
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conshohocken this afternoon. this is the schuylkill expressway close to conshohocken eastbound come the headlights and it's starting to get a little bit sluggish as you head in towards the conshohocken curve. we had midday construction on the westbound side of the schuylkill and you'll find more of those weekday closures during the midday against this week as they get ready for the big resurfacing project that really is starting to get under way. on the big picture, yeah, more slow speeds on 76, just 7 miles per hour on the westbound lanes by south street, 95 northbound has slowing as well. just eight there as you head northbound past penn's landing. we're watch something other issues like a broken down car along 422 eastbound near limerick linfield. a little slow patch there as you head towards royersford because one of the two lanes is blocked on 422 eastbound. over in that gloucester township camden county it's a vehicle fire that's blocking the westbound lanes of blackwood-clementon road. you can't get through there this afternoon n delaware a crash along route four ogletown stanton road. also watching a crash along
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highway one. it's the ramp from the northbound side of 299, the odessa exit. let's grab the ipad do the commuter report on this monday. crash north of the police precinct the seventh district. you see some slowing as a result. we'll check it again, brian and sharrie, coming up in the next half hour. >> all right, matt, thank you. next on "action news" at 4:00 healthcare changes. we have the very latest from washington as republicans revise their bill to repeal and replace obamacare. plus. >> it was all he said-she said and the real -- what it really comes down to who are you going to believe more. >> tense deliberations for the bill cosby trial. exclusive on
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>> healthcare show down continues today senate republicans issued modest revisions to the current bill. in this new package there would be a penalty for people who let their insurance lapse. gop lawmakers say this is to get healthy people who might not otherwise buy insurance to do so. in turn, they say, it helps insurance companies pay for less healthy customers who are more expensive to cover. president donald trump is still optimistic he says but he's blaming democrats for blocking the process. the president tweeted that it's not easy and perhaps he should just "let obamacare crash and burn." democrats, though, have been united against this new bill. >> we're doing everything we can to fight this bill 'cause it's so devastating for the middle class. >> now, it is projected to slash spending on medicaid by $800 billion. the white house though still insisting this bill keeps the president's promise.
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>> these are not cuts to medicaid. this slows the rate for the future and allows governors more flexibility with medicaid dollars because they're closest to the people in needly. >> so again insisting there are not cuts to medicaid republicans can only lose two votes from their parties. five have said they are not on board five others have serious concerns. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is hoping to push the measure through the senate by the end of this week but even some republicans have said it is too soon. we're also awaiting that score from the congressional budget office which will put a price tag on all this and show us just how many americans stand to lose coverage. sharrie. >> all right, a lot more still ahead. alicia, thank you. well, philando castile's family has reached a 3 million-dollar settlement for his death. a minnesota police officer shot and killed castile during a traffic stop last year. the settlement avoids the long process of a wrongful death lawsuit. a jury acquitted police officer jeronimo yanez a manslaughter and other charges earlier this month.
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yanez is leaving the saint anthony police force. strong winds are hindering fighting efforts out west. crews are trying to get the upper hand on a fire burning in southern utah. it has already forced more than 1500 people from their homes and cabins. now weather had worked in their favor over the weekend but that's not the case today. the fire started almost three weeks ago when someone used a torch tool to burn weeds. it has become the largest wildfire in the country and so far has cost over $7 million. >> a juror from the bill cosby trial is revealing new details about tense deliberations that ended in amiss trial. he sat down with abc news. he's the first juror to do an on camera interview. the 21-year-old said there was one point where four jury members were crying, many struss frustrated with the deliberations which will stretched out over days. he still agonizes over the fact that the group could not deliver a verdict.
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>> i i had like regret i guess when we came to the final deadlock decision and it kind of has been in my mind like this could all be said and done. >> do you think there's something that could have happened differently to change the outcome? >> evidence. if we all said it a million times in the room, if there is other evidence, more substantial evidence we would have had a better verdict than deadlocked. >> now dugan says he personally thought cosby was guilty. he said other juror's arguments suede his opinion. district attorney kevin steele has vowed to retry cosby. >> affordable housing development coming. leaders kicked off the $17 million project this afternoon. the old outdated property will be completely redeveloped. crews will demolish the existing brick row homes to build new units an community
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center along at 300 block of linden avenue. well, you might have noticed by this point that things look a little different around here today and you're absolutely right. today we are debuting our new set and graphic look right here at 6abc. >> we're really excited about it. we took the bow off this project during our noon newscast today and we're so glad to finally share all of this with you. >> ♪ >> good afternoon. >> it's big, it's bold and it's brand spanking new. >> got it. >> this is the new home for our "action news" broadcasts. a stunning and state of the art backdrop to 51 hours of newscasts each and every week. >> you like it? i love it. >> our new set is the culmination of two years of planning and execution. first, mapping out the infrastructure to his the newest technology in news gathering and weather forecasting, then translating what's on paper into production. and, yes, it's a huge job.
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>> we have amazing group of people here from our studio crew that help in the construction to our brilliant engineering staff that figure out how to make all the technology work and to our really talented art department that created this fresh new stunning graphic look. >> the set is shot by nine high definition cameras and lit by hundreds of energy efficient led lights. it includes 52 monitors, all fed by miles of wiring and spread out over three enormous video walls. each area is that specially designed to allow us new ways to bring the day's news home to you in the most effective way technology now allows. but our goal was never to be simply fancy. first and foremost, it is to be function. >> for us it's all about the viewers, to be able to have all these video walls will help us use individual glow a better and more complete way and to be able to communicate better with the viewers exactly what the story is. >> for the last several days our news teams have been rehearsing newscasts here exploring every corner of this cutting edge set.
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as always, our goal is just to get it right and now we're ready. >> yes, we are ready but you know, here's the truth. we hope you like our new home as much as we do. but "action news" it's never about one single person or for that matter any high tech set its always about the story and your trust in us to tell it correctly. so, consider all of this just one more tool in maintaining that trust. but we are having a good time today. >> so much work has gone into this and we've seen the process behind the scenes so to see this today and debut it for all of our viewers it's wonderful. it's like bringing along another family member. >> it certainly is. adam joseph has a whole lot of fancy new tools over there. >> things just pop out of nowhere. you'll see it here but it helps to tell the story because we can use two different elements to explain things a lot better so it's pretty cool and i'm excited. >> show us. >> you want to see it. >> yes, we do. >> live on sky6 its a beautiful day to debut this as
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well. outdoors you can see on sky6 live here lots of blue skies, just a few puffy cumulus clouds here and there dotting the sky and low humidity as well. so, take a look at the temperatures right now. 72, we do have a sea breeze at the shore. 80 degrees in philadelphia. that's one of the only spots in the 80's. you look to the north and west temperatures there in the 70's but as we take a look over the next eight hours or so, you can see we start in the low 80's this evening here at 5 o'clock. then as we go into time here, as we get into the midnight hour temperatures will be sliding from the 70's into the 60's so pretty nice that we have this kind of atmosphere especially after all of the severe weather we had last week. dewpoints, that's the biggest difference. they are dropping big time. below that 60-degree threshold. any time they're in the mid 60's bust 70 degrees that is when you start to feel that oppressive humidity. so, satellite and radar here, there you can see off to the west there is a spin over chicago. that is what's going to bring some unsettled weather at times through tomorrow as that
4:21 pm
kind of drops through the region here. tonight it is quiet, just a few clouds, very comfortable, 55 degrees in the suburbs. were you ever those nights you want to open up the windows if you can, 62 degrees for center city with that west-southwesterly wind. future tracker6 as we start tomorrow morning again you see clear skies but what happens in the afternoon as that energy drops through, again, there could be this little downpour trying to pop to the north and west especially rumble of thunder, maybe a little hail, even some near dover and then that starts to swing through during the evening hours. association your forecast here for tomorrow, partly sunny and those popups here and there. not everyone is going to see them. what everyone will that experience is that well below normal temperature. lancaster coming in 77, 79 in dover t-even the city of philadelphia nearly that 80-degree mark. your four day at 4:00 forecast it starts a little on the coolish side at 79 degrees t-bright with a scattered thundershower at times. wednesday sunny pleasant much
4:22 pm
like today, low humidity really nation at 81. we start to crank it up a little bit, 88 degrees breezy much warmer on thursday. humidity still okay here but by the end of the week on friday, 92 degrees t-hot, more humid and maybe a late day thunderstorm and of course that is the beginning of the fourth of july weekend. we'll have that seven-day forecast coming up in the next half hour to expand it through the fourth. >> very good my friend and looking good over there as well. thanks very much. up next here on "action news" today former vice president joe biden goes back to his childhood roots. >> find out why he spent part of the day at a pool in wilmington and the see the remarkable gift that he received. >> and if you've been living paycheck to paycheck and you feel like there's no way out
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>> philadelphia parents now have some extra time to sign their children up for free pre-k. the school district is now
4:26 pm
offering exfended -- extended enrollment hours. they're accepting applications from 8:30 in the morning until 7 o'clock at night. to be eligible children must be at least three years old on september 1st. a number of documents will be required and you can find a complete list of what those are on our web site 6abc.comly. >> well, there is a new millionaire among us, all thanks to a winning lottery ticket sold in philadelphia over the weekend. the lucky powerball ticket was sold at this variety score on fifth street in olney. the ticket matched all five white balls in saturday night's drawing and is worth $1 million. the store gets $5,000 for selling that winning ticket. the winning numbers from this weekend were 10, 22, 32, 36, 58 and a red powerball number of 10. >> former vice president joe biden returned to his roots in wilmington today. he sat in the lifeguard chair as the brown burton winchester park renamed its pool in his
4:27 pm
none nor. it's now called the joseph r. biden jr. aquatic center to commemorate the summer biden spent working there. it was in 1962 when he was the pool's only white employee. he says the experience shaped his view on rise relations and he owes that that neighborhood for everything he learned. >> it's a great honor. thank you very much. and if i were still a lifeguard i'd say time to get in the pool. >> after today's pool dedication, mr. biden was also moved to tears as he was given a portrait of his late son, beau, created by artist kevin procter. >> what an honor an moment to go back to his childhood there. >> no question. >> great story. still much more ahead in the next 30 minutes of "action news" at 4:00 including a look at some money saving apps to help you end the paycheck to paycheck cycle. >> from restoring power to removing trees day two of cleanup in south jersey following the powerful storm
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪ >> it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with the toddler tantrum going viral for all the right reasons. what the child's father hopes to teach other parents about tolerance. >> plus, new details now about a frightening fall from an amusement park ride. officials explained what a delaware teen was doing right before she slipped out of a
4:30 pm
six flags ride dangling two stories over on the ground. >> and this woman was told to leave her own apartment's pool after her one piece swimsuit was deemed inappropriate. we'll show you the rest of the bathing suit that got her kicked out until she changed or covered up. >> but we're going to begin here at 4:30 with another day of cleanup in south jersey. 48 hours ago a strong line of thunderstorms swept through parts of camden county uprooting trees and knocking down power lines but as bob brooks discovered the community is quicking making progress. he's live in collingswood this afternoon. bob, you've got an update. >> reporter: yeah, brian, absolutely i was actually out here when this storm first hit on saturday, a ton of progress has been made but not for everyone like that home you see behind me here. some people can't really get in the full swing of things until they get their insurances down here to look over the damage. the first thing we heard after getting out of the "action news" van, chainsaws.
4:31 pm
it's a busy day in collingswood cleaning up from a storm that caused so much damage. >> it took two days to get the tree out of here. >> reporter: phil took us into his childhood backyard. his parents still live here. >> if it would have fell closer to the house it would have went on my mom's bedroom. >> reporter: crushed. >> we'll be without a car for awhile. >> reporter: while crews were busy removing limbs and turning trunks into logs campbell is going to go have to figure out how he's going to fix his roof. >> the roof is opened three to 4 feet and the chimney is knocked down. >> reporter: on stokes avenue the van meters are making progress. on saturday a tree fell on their home o they're staying in a hotel and want to thank this community for supporting them through this. >> this is just the best town. i mean, the first responders have been just amazing. >> reporter: out in browns mills what a difference a few days make. you would never be able to tell a storm blew through here on trenton avenue.
4:32 pm
almost every utility pole was knocked over. this was the scene after the storm came through here. the you'll poles and power lines in browns mills on the road but after crews worked 16 hour shifts, back to normal here. >> they get it together very short period of time. i was impressed. i thought would it take at least five or six days. >> reporter: definitely a community effort all over the place here in collingswood. the mayor asks that if you do have a tree down in front of your home, you don't touch it, that you wait for crews to come through and get it cleaned up. for now floral collingswood, bob brooks channel6 "action news." brian and sharrie, back to you. >> okay, bob, thank you. all right, turning more now to our forecast, the weekend was stormy at times. >> yeah. >> today beautifully. >> a winning start to the work week. meteorologist adam joseph joining us now with more on if we can stretch this out for a little bit, adam. >> it's a little iffy at times tomorrow but overall a nice week. if you want the heat and humidity it does come back towards the end of the week but today, man, it was a nice start to the week. in fact temperatures right now
4:33 pm
around the region only in the upper 70's as you look towards allentown, 80 in philadelphia right now, 76 in wilmington, 82 degrees in atlantic city and trenton your temperature pretty nice as well, only in the upper 70's and if we take a look at sky6 live there over the commodore barry bridge, there you can see some of those puffy clouds at times here this afternoon, low humidity, again really no complaints in the city of philadelphia right now. our temperature coming in at 80 degrees its that dewpoint last week when we had that tropical atmosphere come in, that was near 75 degrees. us it has dropped to 45, so that's crisp dry air a winds out of the west-west at 12 miles per hour. scattered thunderstorms tomorrow and the ocean temperature sitting at 64 degrees. we'll take a look at that seven-day forecast brian because if you like the heat and humidity and chance for storms and 90's it will be back before the holiday weekend. we'll show that all to you in just a little bit. >> all right, that's a tall order, adam. thank you.
4:34 pm
>> all right. >> you can get the latest forecasts including detailed updates and storm tracker6 live radar any time on your phone or tablet, the 6abc app is a free download for your mobile device. >> police in north wildwood are asking for the public's help identifying a body that that washed up on the beach over the weekend. the victim was found between 24th and 25th avenues around 9 o'clock last night. well, police believe he's a hispanic man in his 20's between five-six and five-eight weighing 160 to 180 pounds. he had no tattoos but did have a 1 inch scar on his left shoulder. detectives giving as many details as they can to help identify the body. they also released this photo of the maroon polo shorts he was wearing when he was found. if you have any information contact police. well, philadelphia police are still looking for a man accused of ambushing his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend outside of her home. this happened along the 1000 block of harrison street in
4:35 pm
northeast philadelphia around 11:30 last night. police say the gunman was hiding in some nearby bushes. when the victim came out, he was shot four times. his girlfriend rushed him to the hospital where he remains in serious condition. a car was also struck by a bullet. the gunman, however, escaped. >> authorities say a delaware girl is partially to blame for her terrifying accident at a new york amusement ride. the 14-year-old fell off the sky ride gondola at a queensbury six flags on saturday. she dropped about 25 feet. fortunately she landed in the arms of bystander its who were right there ready to catch her. police say the ride was functioning properly and they now believe the teen's own human error caused her storm slip under a metal restraining bar. she was taken to the hospital in stable condition. today that ride remains closed pending an internal six flags review. well, we are just days now into summer and it wouldn't feel like the season without a mosquito bite or two or 2000. if you get bitten, there are
4:36 pm
ways to stop the itch. "action news" anchor monica malpass itching to tell you this story this afternoon. she joins us live in the news room. hey, monica. >> makes you want to scratch just thinking about the. experts say it's best if you don't get mosquito bites but we know that's virtually impossible. we're fixing out ways to help you get relief without scratching. ali gorman breaks down what you need to know coming up tonight in health check. also new at 5:00 paving a path to the future. how the city of philadelphia is helping young adults shape their lives while also keeping city streets a little cleaner. we'll have those stories and more in a little bit on "action news" at 5:00 sharrie see you then. >> monica thank you. wawa welcome america is celebrating 25 years and the festival is bringing back one of its original features. the sand scup cherry spectacular is back. it was part of the very first fourth of july event more than two decades ago. world renowned sculptors use 32 tons of sand to transform the rotunda at the shops at
4:37 pm
liberty place into a major artwork display. the hand carved scenes predict philadelphia icons and historic figures. it will be on display until july 31st. >> is that incredible or what. >> isn't it cool? talent to pull that off. >> yes, it is. >> a project two years in the making is finally finished here at 6abc. >> we can't build sand castles but we can do this pretty well. you might have noticed our new set on the air for the first time at noon today. it took one week to tear down the old one, another two weeks to build the new one and of course install the lighting. the changes are much deeper than cosmetic. we've got several brand new story telling tools here which will enhance the experience for you watching at home and while our look as changed, we have not. we are still the same "action news" you have grown to know and to trust and we thank you so much for watching. >> absolutely. we hope that you like it as much as we do. >> yes. >> yeah. >> still to come on "action news" at 4:00 a toddler's tantrum is going viral today not because of the actual
4:38 pm
public meltdown but because of the reaction. we'll explain in big talkers. >> and coverup or get out. that's what a tennessee woman says her apartment complex told her after seeing this swimsuit right here. we'll show you the rest of the one-peace that allegedly got her banned until she changed. >> plus, don't go chasing waterfalls or they might lead you straight into a police helicopter. see the raging river rescue coming up. >> and meteorologist adam joseph standing by in the "action news" weather center with a look at the "action news" forecast coming up. >> ♪ ♪
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4:40 pm
>> the family of a man mistakenly declared dead and given a $20,000 funeral is now suing the state of california. the orange county sheriff's office reportedly contacted frank kerrigan's family to tell them their homeless mentally ill son had been found dead. kerrigan's father thought they
4:41 pm
identified his estranged son through fingerprints but the family's attorney says they used an old dmv photo. the mistake was only realized when frank showed up at the home of a family friend 11 days after his supposed funeral. the sheriff's office says it's conducting an internal investigation after running the fingerprints again the officers reportedly matched them with someone else. >> the california highway patrol is forced to use a helicopter to rescue a swimmer who found himself trapped atop a waterfall outside lake tahoe. the man told police he had been relaxing in the emerald pools when he got swept away. he acknowledged grab ahold of a lone rock in the middle of that rushing river 10 feet away from that edge of the 50-foot waterfall. officers lifted him to safety using a bucket. authorities say the river is that especially treacherous right now because of record snow melt in the mountains. >> wow. >> quite the ordeal for that person. >> yikes.
4:42 pm
>> time now for another check on the roads tonight. >> matt pelman is standing why in the "action news" traffic center to give us an update this afternoon. >> we're chasing traffic jams this afternoon and finding just a few brian and sharrie. as i step out of the way here's one on 95 starting to back up on the inner loop side where it so often does right underneath the ben franklin bridge. but the jam actually starts back around washington avenue, goes through this point up to the work zone at girard avenue and we'll see that jam with speeds like 9 miles per hour pretty much every single afternoon as we have for months and maybe 18 years now. meanwhile watching several demonstrations in the city as well today. there's one in olde city at second and chestnut, also have one right by jefferson hospital, the nurses are demonstrating at ninth and chestnut. you probably want to say a couple blocks away. there's one going on in mayfair this afternoon at harbison and levick by bella's pizza. watch out for that location as well. bethel township delco have a broken down truck giving us
4:43 pm
restrictions along falk road at garnett mine road. crossing over into the state of delaware in churchman's crossing watching that cross along route four ogletown stanton road at sam set drive. things not too bad along 95, 495, delaware memorial bridge also in the clear at this point and we had that crash earlier on highway one around odessa. that has been cleared out of the way. over in south jersey it's also a pretty typical afternoon. starting to see a red zone along 70. at this point it's not too bad along 42 or 55 if you're headed southbound towards gloucester county. had a vehicle fire in gloucester township along blackwood-clementon road. luck that just cleared so everything reopened there. brian and sharrie, we'll check it again in the 5 o'clock hour and alicia. >> all right, matt, thank you. and it is now time for big talkers the. we spoke with a woman in tennessee kicked out of her apartment buildings' pool because her bathing suit was too revealing the big question
4:44 pm
is was that swimsuit too revealing. it was a one piece bathing suit at the center of the controversy and that's a look at it there. her fiancee wrote a facebook post that has gone viral. he says tori was accused of wearing a thong bathing suit and was told there were complaints about the way she was dressed. she says a leasing office staff member approached her a few minutes after they arrived saying she had to put on shorts or leave. >> she just basically told me that if i didn't have kids i wouldn't understand. if her kids were at the pool she wouldn't want them around me in that bathing suit. how inappropriate i looked and then she told me that there are a lot of teenaged boys at the complex that i don't need to be exciting. >> she says she felt so degraded by all of this and she went roam -- home crying.
4:45 pm
the apartment complex says she was asked to cover up but never asked to leave the pool. parents you can relate. toddler tantrums, they are exhausting embarrassing and they can strike at any and all unexpected moments. we got a few ugh's in the studio. this viral video has parents all over the globe sharing it in solidarity because if you've ever had a toddler, you have probably been there. his wife emily captured the moment two-year-old maya just losses it in whole foods. there she is on the ground throwing herself down there crying while justin and his dad is kind of standing there calmly watching silently as shoppers pass by. well, he says they found that this is the best way to handle melt downs, being comfortable in the uncomfortable. he says toddlers are just trying to sense of a whole batch of new emotions and he lets his little one know it is okay that she feels deeply. they all know how deeply the toddlers feel and he also says
4:46 pm
let's not be embarrassed for our children. it doesn't reflect on you. there are no perfect parents. love that post. finally when it comes to having the final word, there's a brand new one in the latest edition of oxford english dictionary. from a to z you will find one with a lot of z's. it's a type of weevil zyzva. it's the last word. in case you're wondering zyzzyva dethrones zythum. it's a snouted beetle. not that cute. >> now we know. >> i need pictures of this. alicia thanks. >> meteorologist adam joseph
4:47 pm
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>> all right, meteorologist adam joseph joining us now with the accuweather forecast. we like today. >> yes, we do. >> low humidity. >> yeah. >> sunshine. a little bit below normal temperatures but still very warm out there. things will change, though, as we go over to the weather center and take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan because, yes, it is dry right now where we are locally but as we look here to the north and west, there is a spin in the atmosphere. that spin is an upper level low that will continue to drift through the region as we get into the day tomorrow sparking some scattered storms at times but right now 79 in trenton, beautiful in beach haven, 72 degrees. 80 in philadelphia and if to the north and west you could see temperatures there in the upper 70's and as we go through the evening planner here between 7:00 and 11:00 very comfortable. any of those clouds that you have out there will start to full apart once that sun sets near that 80 at 7 o'clock still. mid 70's by 9 o'clock and by
4:50 pm
11 o'clock there you can see your temperature coming in at a very nice 70 degrees. but as we take a look at satellite and radar, there you can see again some of those clouds that that continue to bubble up to the north and west. that is the introduction of some of that cooler air that continues to flow in. but there are no showers downpours or thunderstorms. they get closer tomorrow afternoon. for tonight look at this. 50's in most of the suburbs. it's one of those nights you want to open up the windows get free air conditioning here. 62 in dover, 58 in millville, 57 in that lancaster under a mainly clear sky. but again as we get into tuesday, low pressure over the great lakes heads into southern parts of canada and a trough will come through. basically that's just a little ripple of energy that will roll around that low pressure and as it passes by in the afternoon, sun and clouds and it could develop a pop-up here or there of a downpour or a quick thunderstorm especially north and west of philadelphia and since the atmosphere's a little cold above, especially
4:51 pm
in the higher terrain, berks county, lehigh valley, could even be a little hail in some of those pop-ups tomorrow and then on wednesday high pressure rushes in, lots of sunshine, limited clouds, low humidity, kind of a pick of the week here on wednesday at 81 degrees. so, down the shore tomorrow, partly sunny, low humidity and a low risk for rip currents, upper 70's from long beach island right down to ocean city 77 degrees, the ocean temperature pretty comfortable in the low 60's and as we head towards the beaches in delaware, upper 70's there, over the bay 76 in cape may and again, just a few clouds at times. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 79 for tomorrow, bright with those scattered showers and downpours in the afternoon. beautiful on wednesday, no complaints. equally as nice on thursday. it's breezy, it is warmer at 88 degrees but no chance for storms. we'll wait off until the second half or the weekend here as we get towards friday and saturday more humid and hot, low 90's both friday and saturday, some scattered storms in the afternoon and as
4:52 pm
we get into sunday, still humid. the better chance for some storms will be on the day sunday, more scatter more widespread and then it kind of moves out, sets up for a hot monday at 90 degrees, the day before the fourth of july, so kind of getting hot as it's coming towards the holiday weekend. >> all righty. >> thanks adam.
4:53 pm
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4:55 pm
savingly. >> there's that kind of maybe mental barrier that, you know, i can only put $10 a month in it so why should i even start one and so we begin from the get-go that you're good to just start. start anywhere. >> she says many people never start because they're hanging i don't and to every dollar but small amounts will start to add up. >> anything. even if it's five dollars a week, a month, it's something. >> next, add to your own income. boost your bottom line that creative ways. we always say there's cash waiting to be found in your closet so sell, sell, sell. >> i would say designer items, that's personally where i've gotten the best return on my investment. >> all you need is a smartphone or internet connection to set up your own online marketplace and the resale industry is on fire right now. >> why not sell it, have that money to either pad an emergency fund or maybe put it toward a trip you've been looking forward to doing. >> garvin says the penny hoarder has tested declutter as a way to unload entertainment items like dvd's cd's and the like. while your pay back may start
4:56 pm
off slow. >> it can add up if you have a lot of entertainment items like that that you're just not using. >> and get your own money back. she recommends paribus a web site app that scans your e-mail archives for any receipts and then issues you a refund when the price goes down. >> if there's a price drop within say 30 days on your behalf they'll go to that same retailer and get you a price match, get you a price reduction. >> love it. more of the penny hoarder's tips to breaking that paycheck to paycheck cycle right now on brian and sharrie. >> alicia thank you. that will do it for "action news" at 4:00. for sharrie williams alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i i'm brian taff. join me along with sharrie adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> "action news" continues next at 5:00. new details in the fight to implement president trump's travel ban. the ruling from the supreme court today that has the white house declaring victory. >> the estimate of damage from
4:57 pm
the jersey shore today after a devastating and fast moving fire ripped through several homes over the weekend and how nintendo is turning back the clock to create the toy of the future and a gift that might be topping plenty of holiday
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> ♪ "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> it is a new twist in the legal fight over president trump's travel ban but tonight, a decision that the white house is hailing as a victory rather than setback. the u.s. supreme court now says it will allow a modified version of the president's immigration plan to take effect. monday night rick is off, brian taff joins us and the big story on "action news" is that decision handed down on the high court's final day of its term. >> now, this ruling is far from final. the supreme court says it will take up the entire case in the fall. abc's lana zak has more on what this decision means in washington. visitors coming into the united states without a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the u.s.
5:00 pm
can be turned away the supreme court announced supporting in part of the white house temporary travel ban. in a statement president trump called this a clear victory for our national security but the reality may be more nuanced. >> it wasn't a big win for the administration it wasn't a big loss for the administration. it really did split the baby. >> reporter: while the court decided to overturn the lower court's injunction against the travel ban allowing to it go into effect they provide an exception for people who have relatives in the u.s., students accepted into the universities here and workers employed by american companies. a move that prompted dissent by three of the more conservative justices thomas alito and the court's newest member gorsuch who wanted to allow the full travel ban to take place with no additional exceptions offered by the court. opponents argue that even allowing part of the ban to go forward is a setback especially for refugees from any of the six majority muslim countries that are identified in the ban. >> the fact that this is a temporary suspension gives us no comfort at all. our client's lives are in


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