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tv   Nightline  ABC  June 27, 2017 12:37am-1:05am EDT

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this is "nightline". >> tonight, judging cosby. a juror from the bill cosby sexual harassment trial revealing insider detailed after 52 hours of deliberations. >> there was four people crying in the room. just couldn't handle it. >> now prosecution demanding a retrial and the comedian remains a free man. >> i want to thank the jury. >> his big plans for what's next. plus model mom, our journal to see world renown beauty christie turlington, running to great lengths to bring matt e m
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health care to montms around th world. and lean back rapper reigniting with nicki minaj. with an on-stage dis, what she said and why this is real. but first the "night line" five.
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♪ good evening. thanks for joining us. tonight a juroror from the bill cosby trial takes us inthe jury room. why he feels bad it all ended in deadlock and the one piece of evidence he felt leaded toed guilt. >> some might call it the mistrial of the century, the sexual harassment case with bill cosby. >> sexual harassment trial of bill cosby ending this morning. >> moments ago the judge declaring a mistrial. >> tensions and tears from the jurors who endured 52 hours of
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deliberations. >> you don't want to be picked for something like that. >> 21-year-old was youngest on the jury and knew the comedian as dr. huxtable from the cosby show. after what he calls two agonizing weeks in the trial his view changed. >> i thought he was guilt ji. >> you didn't always feel that way. >> no. >> he was one of the 12 all tasked with cosby's fate. >> what purr situated y >>s what swayed. >> just people's comments. >> people were going stir crazy. >> you are stuck in a small room with 11 other people. one thing win person might do might drive you insane. >> did you feel the size of the room had impact. >> it got smaller every day.
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>> why deliberate every day. >> if we quick just like that he could be getting away with something. you want to be extra sure. >> the most intense moment i think was when there was about four people crying in the room, one was out in the hallway, pacing, visibly upset. she just couldn't handle it. >> on the sixth day of deliberations that jury was deadlocked. >> i want to thank the jury for their long days. their honest work. >> a mistrial declared in the 79-year-old comedian's case and he walked out a free man. the jury was told to only focus on the evidence presented bied but there's no denying cosby's presence still loomed large. >> i think if it was a regular joe wouldn't have taken that long. it was particularly stressful because there's an unusual
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situation where they were sequestered. it's unusual for the judge to allow that. they may be more or less influenced by their own emotional response whether or not they're aware of it. >> there's nothing to indicate so far that jurors ignored the evidence. in high-profile cases in particular jurors are very careful to abide by the law because they know the world is waching. >> do you think something different could have happened to change the outcome. >> evidence. if there was more substantial evidence we'd have had a better verdict. >> can you say one point that made you think boy he's guilty. >> he said in 2005 deposition when they asked when you use the word consent he said i wouldn't use that word. >> this reprieve may be temporary, prosecutors are
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vowing to retry the case. >> our plan is to move this case forward as soon as possible. >> by many accounts cosby had already been deemed guilty in the court of public opinion after more than 50ed women came forward accusing him of sexual misconduct and in some cases drugging them. but this was about andrea constand. >> this is the only case statue limitation had not expired. >> she accused cosby of giving her three blue pills and sexually assaulting her and they pointed out inconsistency in her statements to police and now another juror who wanted to be anonymous seemed to side with the defense. >> i don't doubt what she said happened but she asked for an apology and he gave her two apologies and she refused any
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other aide that he offered. >> the reason this is a tough case is because there are inconsistency in andrea constand's account. if prosecutors were able to call sfi 5, 10, 15 of the other women who had made allegations against bill cosby i don't think there's any doubt you'd have a convicti conviction. >> do you feel with a hung jury that you got resolution? >> well no, no. we're very, very upset. >> cosby was a cultural icon from his wholesome jell-o commercials. >> mom you know how kids love jell-o. >> to his cartoon. >> it's bill cosby coming at you with music and fun. >> when i sat with him, he refused to address the allegations directly.
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>> i have been in this business 52 years and i will, i've never seen anything like this. >> cosby's legal team has issued a number of denial and cosby insists he's the subject of a media fire storm. >> his career is essentially over. never going to mention his name again without mentioning these horrible allegations. it's going to be in his owe bit u airies. >> his long time wife by his side during closing arguments, head up, with a demure smile. >> she was here to show i will stand by my husband. >> after the trial his publicist announced cosby would host several speaking engagements, among those up for discussion how to avoid sexual assault charges. >> mr. cosby is going to go out
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and educate american ayoung men how to avoid this. >> gloria released a statement saying the best advice he could give ed to not drug and sexually assault women. >> i think he's better if he shuts up. i think ehrhoff day they don't. >> i is this every day they don't talk about him is a good day. >> his legacy tarnished but freedom in tact for now. for nightline, in new york. next a model on a mission in rural tanzania bringing to maternal health care to women who need it most.
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♪ you know, she happens to be the most photographed beauties and nearly lost her life after giving birth but was saved after modern medicine. tonight she takes us deep into africa where her life's mission is to help other mothers because in her mind every mother counts. >> it should have been one of the happiest days of her life. but for this world famous model it was almost her last. >> i had such a great pregnancy and was so ready for it and yet the post-delivery just bli blindsided me. >> your delivery almost killed you. >> i started to hemorrhage. it was crazy and also painful.
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i was so grateful to have people in the room that knew what was happening and were managing my care, i want that for every mother. >> which is why she found every mother counts helping other mother arnlds the world. >> the beauty is 98% of the deaths are preventable and 98% of the complications are preventable. >> at 48 she models for tiffany and calvin klien. and graced nearly a thousand covers and cemented her icon status in george michael's "freedom". >> was it fun being a super model of the 80s, 90s and beyond. >> i'd like if i said no, so much of it i'm like ew, but i
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can't escape it the job itself is not that stimulating. >> so 13 years later is here in tanzania pounding the pavement where down a dirt road we see her life's mission in action. s. >> is she dreaming? >> we're at the maternity ward, where 500 babies were delivered here last year alone thanks in part to christie's foundation. >> every time i have come it has grown exuponen marshally. grown exponentially. i'd would have like to give
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birth here. >> today she's here on her tenth trip. >> look at that. >> we see how the grant of fame is put to use. >> i see so this is a gift from every mother counts. there's soap. the pad. this is for the mother to carry the baby. >> it's very, very cool all these women for $2.25 they get the whole program, ultrasounds, lab works, they couldn't have afforded it without every mother counts. >> this doctor founded it with her 15 years ago. while we're with him a post partum advipart um visit goes very wrong. >> this women has post partum miopathy, couldn't breathe, blood coming from her mouth, if this happened at home she'd be dead. >> this is one of the eleven doctors who trained here.
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>> when you have a moment like this where you just saved somebody's life what goes through your mind? >> the family. just saving life of a single mother. >> a single mother. >> yeah it's like saving the family. >> so this is your baby. >> yes my baby. >> so small. what's his name? >> dennis. >> dennis. >> down the hall two severely premature babies, both under two pounds fighting for their lives. >> this one 0.84 kilograms. >> that one 0.81. >> the babies were delivered outside and then rushed here. >> he was a twin. >> how many hospitals have this kind of facility for premiumies? >> just this place.
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. >> six weeks later the babies were strong enough to go home. unthinkable had they not come here. just resources near by are forced to deliver babies in the dark. >> sure sometimes. >> which is why christie's organization is partnering with we care solar to provide more than 200 solar suitcases to held rj care centers like this one. >> is this is going to go on the wall when we finish the train zb. >> the energy they harness to provide light and medical tools. >> they're not afraid. >> yeah.
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>> today every mother counts provided more than $4 million in grants in 8 countries including ba bangladesh, haiti and the u.s. ♪ of course healthy pregnancies often mean educating future mothers like the girls at this secondary school who are fleeing a culture of forced marriages. lessons in reproductive health can empower girls like 14-year-old gloria. >> you speak in here. >> yeah. >> it's lovely. >> why do you want the to have an education. >> so i can grow up and help my community. >> is your family happy that you're here? >> no. >> no, how come? >> they want me to get married. my mom she wants but my daddy
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don't want. >> she said her sister follows her father's wishes now. >> how old is she? >> she's 12 years old. >> she's 12 years old and has two children? >> yeah. >> so to raise funds and awareness for mothers and future mothers all over the world, christie and her team cap off their trip by running the kilamajaro half mile marathon. motivated by these extraordinary women every step of the way. >> what do you think of the notion of motherhood. >> i think it's a sisterhood. capacity to carry a life unites women and girls, it's a powerful thing. >> you want all womens to survive pregnancy. >> survive and thrive. >> and for more about christie and every mother counts go to
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♪ and finally bronx rapper remy ma calling out her long time rival nicki minaj at the be terks awards.


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