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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 27, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, a stern warning from the white house directed at syria threatening the assad regime over what the white house says is another planned chemical attack. the republicans' new health care plan takes another blow as overnight another republican senator says she's not on board with that plan. this comes after a new report finds 22 million people are estimated to lose coverage under the plan. we're live in washington with the details. >> the breaking news from the west coast raging wildfires in the west, new evacuations ordered overnight. as the flames creep closer to homes. people using their own pools to fight the fires. see the emotional speech after russell westbrook is named the nba's mvp. >> i said i ain't going to cry but -- i love you from the bottom of my heart, brother.
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i promise you. i appreciate -- >> why he broke down while talking about his little brother. couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. we'll get to that later. over night warning from the white house aimed at syria. >> a brief but opposite news statement claims that there's potential evidence that syria is preparing for another chemical weapons attack. you might remember an attack on a rebel held area in april killed dozens of people. the u.s. followed that by firing 59 missiles at a syrian air base. the white house is now warning another chemical attack will result in bashar assad and his military paying a heavy price. several military officials were caught off guard by the white house announcement according to "the new york times." some questioning the timing of all of this. the white house's motivation for releasing the statement is unclear but the public warning might have been a way to deter
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the bashar al assad regime from another strike. we'll have more on this on "good morning america." now to the scramble to save the gop health care bill. six republican senators are now refusing to sport it. the latest susan collins of maine to announce her position after learning 22 million americans could be left uninsured. some conservatives are criticizing the bill as too generous while moderates say it doesn't go far enough. >> it's a big challenge for the gop leadership falling short of the 50 votes they need. abc's emily rau has the latest from washington. emily, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, diane and kendis. potentially smaller premiums and a shrinking deficit. the republicans are making this case for the bill but the big question will it be enough? >> i will stop this bill. [ chanting ] >> reporter: as democrats gathered with protesters -- >> i'll tell you right now. this evil bill is not about going together. it's about leaving people behind. >> reporter: republicans continued last-minute
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negotiations. >> this is the art of the possible and the art of getting 50 votes. >> reporter: the nonpartisan congressional budget office revealing the senate health care bill would leave 22 million more americans uninsured over the next decade. 15 million more next year alone. >> unfortunately, the forgotten men and women remain ignored in both the house and senate bill and that's what i'm trying to press. >> reporter: ron johnson citing the working class americans president trump has called forgotten. >> save medicare, medicaid and social security without cuts. >> reporter: candidate trump pushing to save medicaid but the bill he supports would slash medicaid spending by $800 billion. >> i'm also very concerned about the medicaid cuts, what it means to our most vulnerable citizens. >> reporter: those concerns from senator susan collins now on the growing list of republicans who say they'll vote no on this
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bill. >> that puts a total of six in the no column when this bill can only afford two no votes to pass. kendis and diane. >> which is why the vice president is trying to turn some of those votes, emily, thank you. president trump is calling the supreme court decision to partially reinstate his controversial travel ban a clear victory for our national security. that travel ban was a signature trump campaign promise and now the government will begin implementing it on thursday morning. abc's terry moran has more. >> reporter: the supreme court ruling will allow the president's travel ban to go into effect but only partially. is this a clear victory for president trump? >> i would say it's not a clear victory for either side and strikes me ace compromise solution that hands both sides something of what they wanted but doesn't give anybody a clean victory. >> reporter: under the court's ruling some people will be banned. some not. the president's order blocked travel to the u.s. for 90 days by people from six pro-doom monthly muslim country, iran, syria, libya, yemen, somalia and sudan but the court declared
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that the government cannot ban people if they have a bona fide relationship a person or entity in the united states. that includes the court said family members of u.s. residents, students admitted to american university, workers accepting a job offer in the u.s., speakers invited to address an american audience and more. in the end, analysts say those most impacted will be refugees with no connection to the u.s. and that may turn out to be a relatively small number of people. terry moran, abc news, washington. a highly anticipated decision by one supreme court justice end up not happening at all. some court observers expected anthony kennedy to announce his retirement but he didn't and despite speculation he hasn't said publicly anything to suggest that he would be leaving the court any time soon. >> we have some think details what authorities believe caused the nation's largest wildfire. officials now say the so-called brian head fire started with someone using a torch to burn
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weeds. that fire in utah scorched more than 70 square miles in ten days and burned at least 13 homes. investigators say they know who was using that torch but haven't revealed the person's identity or what charges this he may face. the fire is only about 10% contained this morning. and officials say a single car accident is what sparked a fast-moving wildfire about 80 miles east of los angeles. the flames have burned across two square miles in just a matter of hours. that fire is still considered out of control and closer to l.a. residents and some homes used water from swimming pools to keep flames at a safe distance. air drops were also brought in to try to get that fire under control. now, let's take a look at today's forecast. good morning, diane, kendis. extreme heat eases however we're still very parched and dry in the desert southwest. add onshore flow and weak cooling from the north and becoming breezy in general and
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makes a parched situation more dry and more problems with the fire so looking for an elevated fire danger. now, another part of the country, there's a danger of thunderstorms erupting throughout the dakotas with severe afternoon, evening thunderstorms starting in the afternoon leaning into the evening hours with damaging wind, flash flooding and possible tornadoes. kendis, diane. >> still ahead, the summer's black friday. we now know what amazon is holding its annual prime day. another airline facing criticism. a mom says her infant's life was in danger after overheating during a tarmac delay. what the airline is now saying this morning. plus, a new battle of the sexes. serena williams responds to john mcenroe's comments after he said she can't compete with male players.
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we're getting new details this morning about the moments before the deadly collision between a navy destroyer and a massive container ship. the captain of the philippine cargo ship said the "uss fitzgerald" failed to respond to his warning signals after veering into his path. according to reuters he said he tried to make a hard turn to avoid the crash, but it was too late. seven american sailors were killed. multiple investigations are now under way. a manhunt is under way in new orleans after a brutal attack on tourists in the city's popular french quarter. surveillance video shows four men jumping the two victims, beating them and then robbing them. one of those men was knocked unconscious. he's now in critical condition reportedly in a coma. both of the victims were with a church group visiting from boston. police have already made at
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least one arrest in the case. the family of philando castile has agreed to a $3 million settlement in his death. agreement with the minneapolis suburb of st. anthony came ten days after the police officer who fired those fatal shots was acquitted. castile was killed during a traffic stop after he let the officer know he was armed. his girlfriend posted the moments after the shooting on facebook live sparking outrage across the country. he had a license to carry that weapon. and we're learning good news. a u.s. program to fight malaria in africa has been shown to save lives the nearly 2 million children. a new study shows the pez's malaria initiative which was started by former president george w. bush has saved 1.7 million young lives since 2006 reducing deaths by 16%. a new study shows reports of beauty and personal care products causing injury more than doubled last year. that report in the "journal of american medical association"
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blames much of the increase on a swell of complaints about wen hair care products and the fda is investigating 21,000 contemplates of alopecia and scalp irritation and still remain on the market. for those of us who like to shop onlyneham son prime members will have a special day to snag new deals and get free shipping. it's slated for tuesday, july 11th featuring lightning deals, last year amazon featured those discounts as often as every five minutes. >> when we come back, now they're telling us if you're suffering from insomnia, it might not be in your head. how your genes could be to blame. and the nba mvp in tears, see russell westbrook's emotional speech as he accepts his award. thanks for the ride around norfolk!
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in the distance. can you see a waterspout on lake erie was spinning about 15 miles northeast of cleveland. wearspouts are rare this time of year. there was no word of any damage or injuries caused by this one. all right back on land let's check your morning road conditions. you can expect wet pavement in ohio and elsewhere in the northeast. same thing in the rockies and flooding is possible for the entire gulf coast and a lot of texas. if you're flying airport delays are possible in houston. united airlines is facing another customer complaint. >> a colorado mother claims united renewsed to let her off a delayed flight in denver as her infant son overheated during last week's heat wave. >> "the denver post" reports they were stuck on the hot plane for nearly two hours. crew members however reportedly let them step out for 20 minutes providing bags of ice. united says the pilot returned to the gate and called paramedics. the infant is now recovering at home. the co-owner of a
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massachusetts pharmacy behind a deadly menin jieting outbreak has been sentenced to nine years in prison. barry cannon's company distributed contaminated steroids that led to the deaths of 76 people. the pharmacy used expired ingredients and made those steroids in rooms that were not disinfected and had mold present. if you suffer from insomnia which, of course, many of us do your problem may not be just in your head. researchers in the netherlands have found that insomnia is driven not only by psychological factors by biological ones and identified seven gene linked to insomnia and hope they lead to a better understanding of new ways to treat it. it shows people who are not suffering from insomnia who are slopeing away. we're so jealous of them. >> i believe that because i get it from mom who for that reason is watching us right now. hi, mom. >> insomnia. time now for sports
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including the nba awards show. the dodgers finally lose a game. here's our guys at espn with the highlights. good morning, this is our second take. >> nba held its first annual awards ceremony on monday night in new york city and the league crowned russell westbrook its mvp. he got 69 out of 100 first place votes. had 42 triple-doubles during the season. averaged a triple-double for the season. he beat out james harden and kawhi leonard the other finalists for the mvp award so russell westbrook, nba's mvp. >> russell westbrook grew up in los angeles, went to ucla. guessing he's probably a damagers fan. that seems to be the norm for the locals. ricky nolasco giving up the most home runs in the american league and cody bellinger has been fond of hitting home runs. the angels got two on the board early after nolasco was able to get out of a bases loaded jam in the bottom of the first.
4:18 am
bellinger swinging like some economy k. not his night, not the dodgers' night. that win streak, they won 10 out of 11. the angels win the freeway series. they even call it that even without mike trout participating. 4-0 over the dodgers. >> well, you know it had to end sometime. >> they were were not going to win the rest of their games. >> that's all we got. >> we have more but that's all you get. >> it took them two takes. luckily we have a little bit more on russell westbrook being named the mvp's most valuable player. >> after accepting the mvp trophy westbrook launched into what was an emotional speech. he thanked his mom and dad for supporting their family and he spoke directly to his little brother. >> you mean so much to me, man. you -- you're my role model. you're my role model. i look up to you, man. i truly look up to you. you're amazing, i'm so happy to have you as my brother, my
4:19 am
brother, man, he texts me every single game at halftime every game since i been -- he techs me every game at halftime. he don't got to do that, man. he does that because he has a kind heart and he looks out for me, man, i love you from the bottom of my heart, brother. i promise you. i appreciate everything -- >> it was such a moment. westbrook called being named the league mvp a true blessing and something he could never imagine, congrats to him. really too bad that he misses out on chest day at the gym once in a while supply don't think that's a problem. >> not at all. up next in "the pulse" some of us use this a lot. it's been around for a long time. turns 50 today. a great catch at the airport. hear what the tsa is saying about this massive live lobster found in someone's luggage. says.
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♪ it is time for your tuesday "pulse" and we're going to start with the shade that's being traded between tennis greats john mcenroe and serena williams. >> mcenroe said williams is the greatest woman to ever play tennis but if she played on the men's tour she would rank about 700. >> oh, no, he didn't. serena taking some time away from the game because she's pregnant but responded on twitter saying, dear john, i adore and respect you but please, please keep me out of your statements that are not factually based. she also continued saying i've never played anyone ranked there nor do i have time. respect me and my privacy as i'm trying to have a baby. good day, sir. >> good day, dear sir. >> just like that. >> boom. >> drops the mic and the tennis racket. today by the way marks the
4:23 am
golden anniversary of the invention that so many of us have depended on for quick cash at our fingertips. >> or depressing when nothing comes out. turning 50. barclay's bank unveiling it in london, 1967. used a paper sheet before debit cards came along. the scott i shall designer was inspired by a candy vending machine. >> another wonderful invention. >> yes. believe it or not one of the most popular users on instagram is the tsa. >> that's because the agency posts a lot of strange things that people bring on planes but we found a new winner, a 20-pound live lobster found by a tsa agent at boston's logan airport. it was actually in their checked bag. the lobster was allowed to travel to its destination by the way. >> good to know. the tsa recently posted this. someone asked if they can bring a banana shaped as a knife on
4:24 am
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>> ♪ >> good morning, everyone, i'm matt o'donnell. it is 4:27 on this tuesday june 27th. here's what's coming up on "action news" and breaking overnight, gunfire leaves a teenager dead. police say he tried to run from the gunman. we'll have a live report. a driver loses control and crashes into a telephone pole and a traffic light along the roosevelt boulevard. taking a live look from sky6. we have some showers moving through and accuweather is also tracking the possibility of a thunderstorm later today. it's all coming up next on "action news." stay with us. >> ♪ across the west, rain across texas and the gulf coast for that matter. sunny and pleasant for the plains and midwest. showers in the northeast where it'll be 77 in boston. finally this morning it's not often that inventors get to experience firsthand the joy
4:28 am
that their creations bring to the people who use them. >> well, this morning we are meeting a 17-year-old high school science inventor who's changed the life of a 4-year-old girl. these tom llamas. >> reporter: you're about to watch as 4-year-old miley's life is about to change. >> put your feet in here. >> reporter: it may look like a toy but this souped up power wheel may be her first chance to get around by herself. >> there you go. >> wow. >> whoa. >> look at you. >> reporter: miley is a shaken baby survivor and she can now move around by herself because of a high school science project. >> whoa. >> reporter: seniors at champlain valley union high in vermont. >> put this on the ground. >> reporter: built the mobility scooter in the robotics lab. >> she can't really walk and so this is going to be her first opportunity to move herself. turn it a little this way. less speed. do a lot of high-tech stuff here
4:29 am
and the big piece that this project tied in was empathy. >> reporter: a project that changed the life and those students see it up close. miley's therapist say by giving the little girl the power to move they'll help her with more than just transportation. >> kids who are unable to walk, if you give them the ability to independently move then their other motor skills increase. their social skills increase. it just encompasses everything if think give them that independence. >> look at the smile on her face. how excited is she? >> she's thrilled and a couple of great things about that that it's a young kid that invents that and able to change the life of a 4-year-old. at 17, i don't know that i was changing much. >> just think about it. if he's doing this at 17, i just wonder what he will continue to do. >> ladies and gentlemen, you future bill gate. >> that is what's making news in america this morning. >> do stick around for "good morning america." have a great tuesday.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 4:30 a.m. on this tuesday june 27th. >> and we're following breaking news. gunfire kills a teenager in south philadelphia. investigators are still on the scene trying to find the shooter. >> k-9 units and a helicopter crew search for the home invader who shot a man in delaware. >> protests continued overnight as another republican senator came out as a no vote on the healthcare overhaul. >> first up, weather and traffic. meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers joins us. good morning. >> good morning. i woke up with a rumble of thunder out there. >> yeah, and a little bit of rain in parts of the r


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