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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  June 27, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news mow gram with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning it's 5 o'clock on this tuesday june 27th and here's what we're following for you on "action news." >> breaking news. a police officer's injured while trying to arrest a woman on a rampage.
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she damaged several cars and homes before police could get her into custody. >> opposition grows overnight to the senate healthcare bill just as at budget offices releases its finding on the impact. >> some areas are waking up to temperatures in the 50's. >> let's expand on this right now with meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers. good morning to you both. >> nice to get a little break with these temperatures. feels good. >> i know, right and humidity low today, too right. >> satellite shows plenty of cloud cover out there across the region. what with the rain coming through but out to the west of us, we are going to see rain popping through and then some clearing coming in as well. there's that satellite image we're waiting for and we have that cloud cover and the related rain coming through right now. more clouds out to the west. another shower possible. but we are expecting to transition later today to a
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mix of clouds and sun. should be pretty good. here's storm tracker6 live double scan and we are showing you that rain that has cleared philadelphia although wet roads behind it, soming that might slow you down a little bit with some mist coming up on the windshield and as we take a look at the area still seeing the precipitation it does look like burlington county is the center of the action right now. we'll go in closer there and give you a better shot of that. wrightstown browns mills getting hit with a heavy shower and that's going to leave a little bit of ponding puddling on the roadway. taking a look at temperatures right now we are off to an okay start. we're at 65 degrees -- i should say 63 in philadelphia 66 in dover. in cape may and the airport in atlantic city mid to upper 60's. some of our reporting stations not coming in this morning because of maintenance issues with the national weather service. we're hoping that get that fixed later on this morning or this afternoon. 65 degrees by 7 o'clock. by noon 76 been and by 3 o'clock a high of 79 degrees
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today and the then 78 degrees by 5 o'clock and 76 by 7 o'clock. there's a little chance of a spotty shower today but most of the day is likely dry. a really nice one coming up tomorrow, karen, in that accuweather 7-day. >> all right, nice little streak going. right now it's a little wet as you head out with the roads like here on the vine street expressway. the ramp from the schuylkill eastbound to the vine had been blocked overnight for construction. they've reopened on the westbound side. they're in the process of opening the eastbound. process of getting that ramp back opened but crews return again tonight at 11 o'clock and shut that ramp down for construction so watch for those crews out there and this is a live look right now in center city at 11th street near vine street. we've been talking about this apartment building fire causing a problem this morning. if you're in this area watch for the closures right now of 11th street and you could use ninth or 13th to get around all the crews that are still on the scene working on this building fire. but other than that, as we look at the big picture not a whole lot going on. you can see the green traffic flow and speeds in the 50's on the blue route schuylkill i-95, pretty good shape. betsy ross bridge we have westbound construction
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blocking two lanes so that should be cleared momentarily. upper merion a disabled vehicle on river road at swedeland road so watch for that as you're traveling out. other than that that good to go, tam. >> thank you, karen. this breaking overnight. several people will wake up this morning to find their cars and their homes damaged. police were called to the 6400 block of tulip street in the tacony section of the city last night over reports that a woman was smashing car windows. they tried to get the woman in hand and that led to a scuffle injuring an officer's hand. police tased the woman and took her into custody for observation. also new this morning, a woman is recovering after being shot. she was surrounded by an unruly crowd when police arrived at the scene in the 2800 block of north lee street in west wednesday kensington. police did that find a gun at the scene but they don't know if it was used during the crime. investigators are still looking for the shooter and they have not said if this victim was indeed the intended target. firefighters were able to
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get an electrical fire under control in less than an hour. the fire started at an apartment inside a building on the 300 block of north 11th street in the city's spring garden section. no injuries have been reported. >> the senate bill that would repeal and replace the affordable care act is in that trouble. a growing number of republicans say they are now opposed to the bill as it stands right now. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live in the satellite center with that story. katherine. >> reporter: matt with the democrats unified in their opposition the republicans can only afford to loss two votes yet there is a handful of gop senator whose do not support on the legislation. their concerns vary. some see it as overly punitive. others believe the bill doesn't go far enough. negotiations in washington as senate republicans push to get their bill through to repeal and replace the affordable care act by week's end. >> this is the art of the possible and the art of getting 50 votes. >> reporter: a new score from the nonpartisan congressional budget office estimates the senate healthcare bill would leave
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22 million more americans uninsured over the next 10 years. with 15 million more uninsured next year alone. democrats rallied with protesters last night. >> it's not about going together its about leaving people behind. >> reporter: their concerns about the bills plan to cut spending on medicaid by $800 billion something that would especially impact the elderly and disabled. but republicans are pointing to this, the score indicating the bill would cut the deficit by 321 billion by 2026. professor robert field from drexel university's kline school of law an the dorn's life school of public health. >> medicaid is going to be chopped dramatically. we're not talking about going back for obamacare, we're talking about going back before 1965 when will medicaid was created. >> reporter: nearby pennsylvania senator pat toomey's philadelphia office last night a group representing the disabled protested. toomey released this statement. the congressional budget office's coverage estimates are based on dubious
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assumptions such as millions of americans for going free medicaid. bob casey responded. despite the deliberately misleading statement from the back roots of this legislation it is now clearer than ever that this proposed florida and would decimate medicaid. president trump system apparently optimistic. he's been on the phones trying to drum up more support. we're live from the satellite center katherine scott channel6 "action news." matt. >> thanks so much katherine. there is $20,000 reward for the arrest and conviction for the person who stabbed a north philadelphia woman to death. 33-year-old debra gulliver was that found dead in a park outside dobbins high school saturday morning. gulliver's mother believes her daughter died trying to fight off her killer. >> she's 5-foot. there was a lot of defensive wounds so she definitely put up a fight.
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>> family and friends plan to hold a vigil tomorrow. investigators do not yet have a description of the suspect. they are checking surveillance video in the area so anyone with information is asked to call police. >> it is 5:08 now and today entertainer bill cosby could find out if he'll be back in a courtroom soon but this time in california. there will be a hearing today to set a trial date in a lawsuit accusing cosby of sexually assaulting a teenager at the playboy mansion more than 40 years ago a the hearing comes less than two weeks after a pennsylvania jury deadlocked on criminal charges against cosby. representatives for cosby say he is now planning town hall meetings a move that they say will somehow restore his legacy. cosby has maintained his innocence. >> the prosecution is expected to call more witnesses today in philadelphia district attorney seth williams' corruption trial. bar own or michael weiss took the stand in federal court yesterday. he testified that he bribed williams with lavish gifts so that williams would write
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letters to help resolve his liquor license problems for a bar he owns in san diego. philadelphia deputy police commissioner joe sullivan also took the stand. he testified that williams asked him to help get a friend through airport security faster. >> time now to turn to accuweather and you really heard it overnight. that rain woke you up. >> rain coming down heavy in some spots. fortunately it's beginning to move away from us. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you the showers that are heavy at times highlighted in yellow and even red around browns mills and wrightstown but this is pushing away from trenton and starting to move out of the area. behind it you'll have some wet roads. the only other precipitation we have is well out to the west and if i leave this up looks like some of that lighter rain might try to push into areas like reading and allentown a little bit later this morning. as we take a look outside, we have sky6 this morning and over on the delaware river in chest we actually have some breaks in the clouds and we are expecting to transition to partly sunny skies as we go through the morning and through the afternoon.
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temperature right now in philadelphia is 63 degrees. 66 in dover, 68 in cape may for the second straight day we have a little bit of trouble with some of our reporting stations not coming in. that's a maintenance issue. national weather service is working on that. but everybody in the 60's this morning for the most part. some outlying areas possibly in the 50's. there's the rain that came through earlier. it's now pushing away. by 9 o'clock we expect to continue to transition that clouds and sun mix. we're allowing for a pop-up shower or maybe a thundershower here or there as we go through the afternoon. this is the 2 o'clock view from this afternoon on future tracker6. so, it's not raining everywhere, not raining all at once and you're not necessarily getting a lot of rain but between now and all the way up to 6 o'clock or so there's that chance of a spotty shower. by 10 o'clock it looks like it's all over. in allentown dan -- dan the rest of the lehigh valley, a mix of clouds and sun, a spotty shower can't be ruled out o clouds and sun,
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78 degrees could be a little spotty shower coming through. i love that ocean temperature. it's popped up to 66. we were in the low 60's yesterday. in philadelphia a mix of clouds and sun mainly dry, a high of 79 degrees, winds a little breezy out of the west at eight to 16 miles per hour. and then overnight tonight a few clouds and comfortable. humidity levels today even with the spotty shower activity you're still okay and it should feel pretty good overnight getting do town 59 in philadelphia, some suburbs down into the low to mid-50's overnight and then tomorrow, it's kind of a repeat of yesterday. lots of sun, an absolute summer beauty with a high of 81 degrees, low humidity, not much of a breeze with that newspaper control so something to look forward to tomorrow. even today doesn't look that bad. today's high is 79, not as warm as yesterday when most of us got few degrees warmer mainly dry with a spotty shower or thundershower. then wednesday beautiful comfortable, a high of 81. humidity still low. on thursday it gets breezy and warmer. we'll bounce the number up to 88 degrees for your high there. could be a slight uptick in humidity as well
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although i don't think it's oppressive. the hot and humid weather kicks in on friday. it will get to 92 in the afternoon. there could be a stray pop-up thunderstorm in the unstable humid air and then on saturday it's more of the same, hot and humid with a high had of 92 degrees and another stray thunderstorm. looking ahead to the weekend, it really looks like sunday is the active day with a cold front coming in, it will still and the... it will still be hot and humid. monday the numbers begin to come down. >> thank you david. 5:12 now. on the run, we have video of an unusual chase. see what this sheriff's deputy is sprinting after. >> plus, the nba named its rookie of the year. unfortunately it was not popular sixer but joel embiid has a message for the winner. karen. >> little wet, little dreary. we look live at i-95 at cottman but no big traffic problems here but we have an
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accident that brought down a
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>> ♪ >> good morning everyone. it is 5:15, tuesday and our sky6 picture looking out to the northwest where there are some storms out in the distance in the state of new jersey. >> but that still means there may be some damp roads left behind and that could make for a rough commute. how is it looking karen. >> yeah its certainly the case isn't it. i heard the little rumble of thunder waking up early this morning and the roads are
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still rather wet as you're heading out. we're looking live in new jersey. this is 42. that's northbound traffic coming up from turnsville or deptford. you can see how wet we are in new jersey on 42. we have a problem in new jersey in cumberland county though so watch for that accident in cumberland county. it's right on 347 northbound at route 47. we're hearing this accident brought down a traffic signal so that's causing problems at this early hour right now. the right lane being blocked right there. if you're traveling in central new jersey, we have an issue here as well. this is an accident in mill town on new jersey turnpike heading northbound approaching exit nine. if you're driving up to new york this morning watch for delays on the turnpike with that accident. northeast extension southbound we had construction here. expect some temporary traffic stoppages because they're trying to move some equipment around on the northeast extension sound of southbound between lehigh valley and quakertown so watch for that one as you're traveling out right now. storm tracker6 live double
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scan shows we have showers moving through parts of the coast right now heading towards bellmawr, just east of trenton so currently dry. some showers out here near harrisburg as well look to miss us. so temperatures showing what a day. temperatures below average today, low humidity. it's 57 in quakertown 60 in media, 63 degrees right now center city. in new jersey t-63 in hammonton but 66 already in dover and today only 79 for your high. clouds and some sunshine, mainly dry and low humidity, tam. >> very nice. thank you, karen. a sheriff's deputy found himself in pursuit after a traffic stop in ohio but that's not a suspect he's running after, it's his cruiser. the traffic stop had started off normally until the deputy realized that his cruiser was drifting into the intersection. the deputy was able to get back inside the car and put it in park before it actually did make it into the that intersection. the sheriff says the deputy seems to have left his cruise intergear when -- in gear when e
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stepped out. >> the phillies open a two game series with the mariners. aaron nola will be on the mound. the phillies wrapped up their series in arizona yesterday. the phillies lose six to one. that's 16 loses in their past 19 games. the nba rookie of the year award did not go to a 76er. the honor went to to milwaukee's brogdon to. dario saric and joel embiid were both candidates for the award. he's the first nba rookie of the year who was not picked in the first round of the draft. embiid tweeted out his congrats say
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>> let's take a look outside right now on the ben franklin bridge. it's wet this morning there but no other problems as you're traveling between the tolls and eighth and vine. you're looking pretty good this morning out there. i want to take you over here to the burlington bristol bridge, though. we had some overnight construction. it just cleared and now traffic's moving a lot better right there with mass transit we do have a train that's 11 minutes late this morning on the fox chase line dave. >> some roads are a little wet. on the big board you can see storm tracker6 live double scan with heavy rain pushing away from trenton and burlington county. a little lighter stuff out to the west. partly sunny skies overall maybe clouding up through the middle of your afternoon. looks like it's going to be warm today t76 by noon. 79 trees is degrees is your high at 3 o'clock o just the slight chance of of a spotty pop-up our thundershower. most of you stay dry. at the airport all green aircraft. no major delays and no sign of rain in any of our big travel destinations right now. tam.
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>> thank you david. in health check yet another warning for those of us who work the night shift. this time researchers think they've discovered why there's a link between working at night and poor health. they found working the night shift disrupts the body's natural clock which then keeps the body from repairing daily damage to your dna. that could raise the risk of mutations which could lead to cancer. they believe the effect could be caused by a lack of melatonin. >> goat gostisbehere goat get outside a little more. >> serena williams has a suggestion for a person who thought she was pretty good for a woman. >> how much less and how sooners if up here's "gma"'s first look. >> in this morning's "gma" first look ivanka trump ordered by a federal judge to testify by deposition these
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shoes about her namesake brand a knock off. high end italian designer in a suit filed last year blasting the first daughter in and her company for coping nearly every detail of its shoe. the famous footwear pick whichered here side by side. the head of the italian fashion house writing at the time you should know better. shame on you ivanka trump. ivanka firing back in a written declaration i had no involvement in the conception design production or sale of the heady shoe. my involvement was strictly limited to the final signoff. and coming up at 7:00 a.m. dan abrams weighs in on what could happen next. with your "gma" first look, i'm rebecca jarvis, abc news,
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look here. this is the view of course from sky6 of philadelphia international airport. it is at the moment 5:26. >> time for the morning buzz here at the big board. she's one of the most decorated athletes of all time is that not afraid to fight back even off the tennis court. john mcenroe questioned serena williams' talent. he claimed the tennis star
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would be ranked around 700th if she played the men's circuit. the 23 grand slam title champ responded with two tweets. the first, dear john, i adore and respect you but please, please keep me out of your statements that are not factually based. she followed up with, i've never played anyone ranked there nor do i have time. respect me and my privacy as i'm trying to have a baby. good day, sir. so there. this is the map that started it all. actually not really looking at it here. maybe it's coming up but the 1953 drawing of disneyland. there it is right there. the drawing, it just sold at an auction for $708,000. it's a map. the map was used to persuade investors to fund the theme park. it is the most expensive disneyland map ever sold because it is the original. tam, back to you. >> pretty cool. thank you, matt. it is 5:27. and too close for comfort. see how close a shark came to a group of beachgoers.
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plus, this looks like a lot of cash but police in delaware say it's all fake. find out where the counterfeit cash was being used. and breaking overnight an 18-year-old is killed trying to run for his life after someone started shooting. a live report is coming up. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪
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>> braking now on "action news," a young shooting victim losses his struggle to survive collapsing right in front of his family. >> developing overnight, police in delaware search for an armed intruder who opened fire on someone inside of an apartment. >> early rain has moved out. it's another cool comfortable start for the delaware and lehigh valleys but more storms could be on the way. >> good morning. it is 5:30 on this tuesday june 27th. let's go on topher dave over to dave murphy and karen rogers to find out more to you bow about when those storms are coming and going and your traffic. >> i was driving in the rain. that was a few hours ago. >> stepped outside with a


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